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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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your faucets until that clears. in the meantime, don't drink that water. thee don't believe the sediment they're seeing in the water is actually affecting or impacting the water, but it's more of a precautionary warning. this is a sample of water taken a few blocks away. as you can see, it's pretty clear. about 15 minutes ago we tried out this faucet and it was pretty cloudy. i have a picture posted on my twitter page comparison of the two water samples we collected. i'm sure as i'm pouring this now, it will be all clear. hopefully not so we can show you just the comparison between the two water samples. again, this all comes after 3 crews were preparing for construction at the facility in that they mixed some of the sediment and that's what we're seeing. we're seeing the sediment coming through. you can see just a little bit
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we found a few blocks away. so this is what you'll be seeing this morning. some residents are posting on facebook saying they're even seeing some brown in that water. don't drink it. we'll be live this morning, looking at the samples here, and hoping to speak with some of the businesses out here. there are restaurants and coffee shops that use a lot of this water as well. the morning. live in boulder, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> you have the latest, shaping up to a nice day. good enough to climb a 14er perhaps. there's a group out there called wish of a lifetime and wants you to climb a 14er today, so call in sick and post it on social media. >> let's check in with liia. that's a tall order.
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40s, 50s in the mountains. 61 in denver now. we are going to see a few storms, but mainly across southwestern colorado and not until tonight. send the kids still with sunscreen. high clouds today. hot again, by the time they're heading home we're at 88 degrees with a little more cloud cover than what we saw yesterday. upper 80s to near 90 with llttleton at 89. castle rock you're at 84. longmont today, here's your first alert 91. that's a sweaty temperature. especially for a big guy like me. taking a look at the drive, and at least for now we have this section of 96 closed down between i-76 and railroad tracks, where state patrol has been investigating a seriouss accident there. 104th to the north, 88th is a good way to get over to highway 2. i-76 starting to fill up, as is 270. very typical for this time of day. starting to see more traffic into downtown. otherwise, you can see on the
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southbound i-25 at colorado boulevard. all the overnight paving is done. still a little bit rough down to hampden right now. just in, a u.s. embassy construction site in norway has just been evacuated because of some ind of suspicious object found. a bomb squad is on-site now. the other major terrorist story we're following, a new investigation into the nice bastille day attacks. believed they are linked to the truck driver who rammed through the crowd. these eight men are said to be tunisian and french. they were arrested in southeastern france. 86 people were killed and more than 400 were injured in that attack in july. we'll update you about any new information we learn. all clear this morning, that's what police at cu boulder say after they were called out to investigate a suspicious package. this is in the parking lot near campus. when police got there, they
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out of it. bomb techs took it off site and discovered it was a harmless bottle of detergent. this assistant pastor of a thornton church resigned after being accused of sexually assaulting a girl. investiggtors say robert duane wyatt started abusing ler when she was 12 years old, she is now 14. the church believes the abuse didn't happen on the ground of the church. the apartment owners who hanging could pay up to $184,000 in fines to the city. they're accused of illegally splitting two bedroom nits into four bedroom units by using swinging book shelves. a fire rages through this apartment complex in arapahoe county. 24 units destroyed here. our jason gruenauer on scene this morning at yale and ulster with what people are having to do this morning.
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being assisted by the red cross, and fire crews are actually still trying to figure out what caused all of this, this massive damage. you can see all the construction. many people who lived here lost everything. but not everyone. rescue two cats. we want to show you the video. this is cleo and patches pulled from the smoke and flames of the apartment yesterday afternoon. two residents, including the were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but all are expected to be okay. no one was serious injured. that's surrrising seeing the amount of damage here. many of these units completely gone now. % 24 in total either damaged or destroyed. we are going to be reaching out to fire investigators to try to figure out why this apartment complex went up so quickly. when they arrived, flames were three stories high.
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just about 5:36. thousands of peopleeacross our state are slowly dying from hepatitis c. they can't afford the medicine they need. that's what the aclu says in a new lawsuit filed against colorado. new treatments for the liver disease have more than a 90% cure rate. the cost, though, significant. $40,000a person. the aclu says private insurers cover the treatment, but it's not what he hhs hepatitis c and said medicaid would only pay for it if it were more advanced. >> we're sstting on this because of money. >> the medicaid says restrictions were recently relaxed. colorado comes in second in the country for prescription drug misuse. now our law officers have a new
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which is buying 2500 drug overdose kits. in the past decade overdoses have killed nearly 7,000 people acroos our stat the money for the kits came from pharmaceutical settlements, not taxpayer dollars. kari chopper was a mother, grandmother and a wife, and was just laid to rest. here's a look at the mourners. she died lasttwwekend after crashing her bus at the bus was carrying the legacy football team. a teen is okay after crashing her car into an elementary school. thankfully no one was inside. parents, you can use this as a teachable moments. police in grand junction say this happened after that teenager zoomed off mad at her boyfriend. she had only had her license for 10 days. a fast moving wildfire between lyons and carter lake, here is video.
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roberts using a backhoe trying to beat back the flames. when firefighters got there they used a plane that made several passes, protecting the homes. witnesses say a blown transformer sparked that fire. >> we heard a loud noise outside and the trrnsformer was arcing and it fast. within two minutes it as out of our control. it was coming down the hill pretty fast. a slurry bomber came and he nailed it. >> neighbors say it was difficult the transformer blew, knocking out power to their homes and cell phone service spotty in that part of the county anyway. a job fair to help veterans in larimer county today, representatives from many fields. though anyone is invited to attend, only veterans will be allowed in for the first 30 minutes. this runs from 3:00 this afternoon until 6:00 this evening. it will take place at the
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loveland. it's 5:38. we want to remind you, download our new pod casted. we are recording it now. >> it will feature the 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. portion of our newscast. it will be available to download in about an hour from now. >> you can get it from the pod cast store. search denver local news, denver 7's morning pod cast. a former colorado lawmaker in the headlines this morning. what he says his gun give away has to do with muslims. a lunch stand. how she says students across the country shame students and she's tired of it. you can see more of the cloud cover this morning. here's a live look from our ccmera in sterling. clouds streaming in from the southwest. we'll also see wet weather. details coming up. at 5:40 we're looking at a stand commute, starting --
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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5:42 now. this denver woman is in trouble. investigators say they repeatedly molest -- she repeatedly molested a girl only 8 years old. this goes back to 2008. the victim only recently told police what happened. this woman also in trouble, accused of sexually assaulting
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garfield lake park. % gets worse. investigatorssay she had two children with that teenager. she was 29 at the time investigators say, he was 14. sometimes this presidential election has become a side show, and the latest sign of that today is this tweet from donald trumpp jr. that's making the internet go crazy. he tweeted yesterday with a bowl of skittlessin the picture, this image says it all "if i had a bowl of skittles and kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syria refugee problem ." skittles is out with a response. the parent company has put out a statement saying "skittles are candy, refugees are pele. we don't feel it's an appropriate analogy ." president obama is trying to keep the country calm and confident after bombings in new york and new jersey, as well as that possible terror attack in
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counterterrorism leaders are working around the clock to prevent attacks and keep us safe and he's got a message about what you can do. >> mommnts like this i think it's important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people, but they also want to inspire fear in all of us. we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure we don't succumb to that fear. >> for now, president obama says there is nothing york and new jersey are connected to the one in minnesota. next week president obama will be on cnn for a military town hall meeting. the president also will answer questions from active duty service members as well as veterans. there's a lunch lady in
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stand, quitting her job. >> she says school shaming happens when schools refuse hot lunches to students who can't pay, and are given a cold cheese sandwich. >> it was too la, he had his tray. his eyes welled up in tears. requires her to throw away the hot lunch after taking it away. the schooo tells the parents more than 300 parents owed lunch money. as of last money that number went down to 66. they're not out so much money, but kids are out a hot meal. >> it's sad to see the kids -- >> it's not their fault. >> they suffer.
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warm. yesterday we were near 90. today again, moreeupper 80s, but we drop into the 70s by friday. you're also going to find a few more clouds today. i'll show you why in just a minute. by saturday, we're a good 20 degrees cooler. there's a big drop on our seven- day forecast. radar. watching and tracking this is what's coming onshore due to hurricane paine. we have avier rain through the desert southwest. some flood concerns there in through and looks like new mexico, arizona the of days. ?ere at home we're going to see an increase in clouds across southwestern colorado due to that, and even in denver you're going to fine more high cloud cover throughout the day. we tay pretty dry today. better chance for storms and showers and some of that rain moving into colorado by tonight. you can see around 10:00 grand junction, montrose, telluride, all with a chance for some rain. it's going to spread farther north, closer to i-70 and into the central mountains by late
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could be picking up a few showers, more cloud cover and a chance for a few scattered storms and showers throughout the day. it will be few and far between wednesday afternoon. but there is a slight chance. temperatures today 70 to 75 early on, around 9:00. ouu normal high today is 77. we're going to hit that beeore we get to the lunch hour. upper 80s by 3:00. close to 90 with more clouds, and then partly cl again tonight. denver today a high of 88. keenesburg 90. parker and aurora 87. look at our foothills. bailey 77 and evergreen 81. still near triple digit heat across southeastern colorado. mother nature not disappointing. the last few days of summer feels like it. fall officially starts on thursday, and that's when temperatures will start to drop a bit. not only are we tracking this wet weather from the southwest, but we have a cold front, and
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temperatures down later in he week. slightly better chance for a few storms and showers. mid-70s on friday. and there's that 20-degree cooldown, from 88 today to 68 saturday. that's a nice change. that's a collrado ccange, when we can drop that much in a short amount of time. those colors are bursting in the high country. pretty in parts of the state. we're not seeing significant problems there. here in town we have a problem just off of i-76. it's 96th avenue between the that's the area, eastbound side is closed down for a bad accident. state patrol is investigating. 88th avenue to the south or 104th can get you over to highway 2 with no delays. rest of the right on the north side looks nice. they're still doing construction work here on the ?amp from northbound c-470 to go west on 285, and that's closed down, at least temporarily now. looks like they're running a little bit late. take a look at the drive on i- 25 here at colorado boulevard,
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more crowded. northbound side here is getting a little bit more crowded at 5:48, otherwise a standard commute. actor jim carrey is condemning a wrongful death lawsuut filed against him. we have the details. >> reporter: this morning's gma first look, a bombshell wrongful death lawsuit leveled against one of hollywood's biggest stars. claiming jim carrey is responsible for the overdose suicide of his on and off girlfriend, cathriona white. white, seen here in early 2015. the coroner ruled her death a suicide. now, white's estranged husband is blaming jim carrey for her death. according to court documents, he is claiming jim carrey used the bogus name arthur king to obtain prescription drugs to white. overnight the actor telling abc
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>> reporter: with your gmaa first look. a former colorado congressman is leading a gun give away to help protect yourself against radical islamists he says. >> islam really is, radical islam is almost redundant. so i don't know that there is a need to distinguish in that way. >> let me put it to you this way, i'm muslim. does that maaeme a radical? >> not necessarily.
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local wildlife officials say to better study deer, sometimes they need to kill bears and mountain lions and this is making a lot of people
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here's a question for you, should colorado parks officials kill some wildlife to save others? that's what could happen. they are considering killing mountain lions and bears to see if that will save the mule deer. parks and wildlife suggested a proposal to kill half of the mountain lions and black bears. this is in some parts of the
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some peoppe upset. >> it would be really unfortunate if we saw them starve to death because their mothers were killed. >> she understands the plight of the mule deer, but thinks we should limit the amount of male hunters that can kill. colorado parks and wildlife will decide on the final plan in december. 3 if you have a lego waffle, put it down. kellogg is recalling wheat waffles because of listeria contamination. no one has gotten sick. a travel ban lifted in the
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the zika virus. the u.n. admits it's been failing after five years war in syria, causing refugees to flee. the u.n. says 11 people have died every day over the past year because of this crisis. this is the first time the u.n. has held a summit to address large scale refugee issues. meanwhile, the u.n. temporarily stopped all humanitarian aid after a truck was hit. a couple has a rams themed wedding. >> this is michael and carrie. the bride wore a cheerleading top and the groom doned a jersey and signed helmet. >> what's moreeexciting, your wedding or the rams returning to l.a.? >> the rams returning to l.a. >> oh, over love? >> i'll say the rams winning
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>> yes, ma'am. >> but it doesn't matter, we would have been in love wherever the rams were, but it's a good thing they're here. >> friends and family celebrated withhthe couple, they even got a game ball as a -?wedding present. >> one way to get on tv. >> that's true, good point. >> dress up like your favorite team. >> the back of his jersey says rock star and the back of hers say mrs. rock star. probably cheaper than an average wedding. you want to see a gorgeous sunrise? >> it's pretty. >> check that out. this is our viera wireless camera near sterling. beautiful. you can see this is some of the cloud cover that's streaming in from the southwest. we're going to see more clouds today. mostly sunny in denver this morning. mid-60s. hot again this afternoon. upper 80s, more clouds today. this coming this from the southwess. ?e're going to see a better chance or storms and showers down there starting tonight. i'll show you hat that looks like coming up at 6:00. now we have a pretty good looking at least commute on he highways. we have this issue still
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railroad tracks after 96th avenue, 88th is an easy way to get around it. i'm seeing slower traffic on 225 approaching i-70. nothing significant theee. one accident in the denver tech center off i-25 near bellevue and monaco. three minutes shy of 6a.m. a local police department is becoming more transparent. how it's paying for hundreds of new body cameras. bad news for kmart. the chain is shutting down more stores. some here in our
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6:00 a.m. firefighters tell us at least two dozen apartments were destroyed in this fire. this morning, those people are looking for a place to stay. we're live on scene coming up in a few minutes. first, a news alert in boulder. residents are being told not to drink the tap water. >> you'll probably see cloudiness in the water. denver joins us with what is causing the problem. >> reporter: you could either see cloudy water or brown water. in any case, don't drink it, that's according to city leaders. we're here on pearl street mall. i'm going to start off with what we're seeing around here. this is a sample of water that was taken a few blocks away from here earlier this morning. as you can see, it's pretty clear. then about 30 minutes ago we


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