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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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11 a.m. one of hollywood's most known marriages is over. angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. >> they've been a couple since 2004 had they costarred in mr. the lawyer says the decision to divorce was for the health of the family. the couple has six children. loveland pass closed as crews looo to clean up a mess. a beer truck overturned on the run away ramp down loveland pass. three people transported with serious injuries. highway 6 closed in both directions. the fbi is asking for your help finding this woman who
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did it all wearing a wig. the fbi has nick named her the wicked wig of the west. she's been targeting safe ways,l albertsons grocery stores. she has threatened a gun, but never shown a weapon. we have a warning for people living in the city of boulder. take a good look at your water before you drink it. make sure it is not cloudy. the city says construction at the treatment facility sent some sediment into the water. crew morning trying to flush it out, but say you need to do the same inside your home. if it is cloudy as it comes out of the faucet, don't drink it until the water runs clear. new at 11, the other of a 17-year-old boy has been formally charged with child abuse. the longmont times said vanessa hall appeared in front of a judge yesterday. the father already was charged. the boy weighed only 88 pounds
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hospital near death. his mom telling police he survived on severe weather today n to eight sowed's -- seven to 8 sodas a day and crackers. and this assistant basketball coach behind balls accused of making threats towards a utah elementary school. christopher craig ttld the school to evacuate, said the trunk of his car had explosives in it and he was going to set them off. the school was placed on lock down ande custody after a short standoff. no weapons were found. if y were hoping for fall weather, it doesn't look like today is going to be the today. >> not today. fall officially starts thursday. you'll have to wait until then to see the fall like temperatures return. today across the front range, upper 80s to low 90s. similar temperatures, but the big difference from yesterday, more cloud coverage across the front range and the state.
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cooler weather, friday and ask a will be about 20 -- friday and saturday will be about 20 degrees cooler. this is the low that's bringing in moisture to the southwestern part of the state. we'll continue to see mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day today. right now in downtown denver, we're already at a temperature of 82 degrees. humidity at 14% and winds rather calm from the west, ssuthwest at about 5 miles an hour. here are our high temperatures for today across the front range. upper 80s in 90 degrees in highlands ranch. parker up to 87. castle rock at 85. lower 90s across the northeaatern plains. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast in just a bit. a suspect from the weekend bombing has not been cooperative so far, but they do plan to talk to him a little later today. >> right now he's in critical but stable condition at the new jersey hospital and this morning
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father contacted the fbi in 2014 saying his son was a terrorist, but later retracted the statement. >> the neighborhood is now trying to regain normalcy. here's maggie with the latest. >> reporter: the man believed to be responsible for this bombing in new york is now known, two bombings in new jersey, and the man hunt that ended in a shootout with police. he's this man, 28-year-old naturalized american citizen born in afghanistan. school yearbook in edison, new jersey and worked at his family restaurant, first american fried chicken. >> everybody is very calm here, quiet, peaceful, nice. >>reporter: now he's being held on charges of attempted murder for that shootout with police as authorities build their case against him. >> there were pipe bombs using black powder, pressure cooker bombs. where did he get these materials?
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>>reporter: and the other big question. what exactly happened during his recent year-long trip to afghanistan and pakistan. >> they're going to look at where he said he went, does it match? or did he go off to a rogue mosque or hook up with somebody that could have trained him to become a terrorist. >> most of the worrers we talked to -- new yorkers want to get back to normal. >> we we're not broken. we're happy to be back open and grateful to everyone in our community. >> reporter: things are getting but authorities are working to make sure he really was working alone, searching social media accounts and trying to find out about the trip to afghanistan. as of now, the suspect is still not cooperating. the search intensified for this mother and her 2-year-old
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danger. if you know anythingg call police. this woman is missing and could be in danger as well. she was last seen sunday afternoon. she was wearing a number 58 broncos jersey and denim sports. she could be driving a 2004 mercedes s l5 that could be blue or gray in color. if you know anything abouu her whereabouts, call police. this lafayette woman has been found safe. she went missing yesterday afternoon. police were worried about h had wandered off..3 she was found about 8:45 this morning and returned home. this morning the dakota ridge wildfire is now contained. we brought you this fire yesterday as breaking news at 11. it broke out between lions and carter lake reservoir. firefighters from multiple agencies worked to contain the blaze. they brought in a slurry bomber, which made several passes in an effort to protect homes.
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fire. >> we heard a loud noise and the transformer blue and was arcing. within two minutes it was out of it as coming down the hill pretty fast. nailed it. >> neighbors say it was difficult to call 911 because the transformer blew which knocked out power to their homes and cell service in the area is spotty. dozens of people woke up away from their own beds morning. an arapahoe apartment complex had 24 units burned. it took 75 firefighters to put this out. no one was hurt, buu a who lived there went to the hospital after breathing too much smoke. crews were able to save several pets, but dozens of tenants lost everything. listen as a mom described not knowing what happened to her daughter. >> i couldn't find had her, saw
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fine, smoke inhalation. >> i looked outside and saw flames out of the unit next to me. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started this fire. this morning leaders of this thornton church are stunned after an assistant pastor is kusaed of assaulting a young -- is accused of assaulting a young girl. he resigned from his role at the church. he's accused of sexual assaulting a girl for about two years. that girl is now 14. a church leader tells denver 7 he ddesn't think contact happened on church property, although the girl and her family were members. he said the church called police as soon as the allegations surfaced. the denver da charged this woman with sexual assaulting a boy. she had two children with the teen. she was 29 years old at the time. he was just 14. it took six dui convictions and the death of a local woman
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jonathan cordova was sentenced to 22 years in prison. he hit and killed a woman ccossing the street. his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit and on probation for his fifth dui. you may have noticed z a man in did -- noticed a man in a white costume cheering people on. he has a name and a story. >> amanda has all the details. >>reporter: cd i he has a name you can't forget. he was here much of the morning making jokes with all the peeple crossing the street this morning, but he was here focusing on pedestrian safety. >> good morning everybody. feel free to use the crosswalk at any time. it's there for you whenever you need it. there is no limit. great job on that crosswalk, guys. beautiful. nice safety. that's nice. >> i'm a pedestrian. i'm reminding people that the
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street. pedestrian with prideeat the front, basically. heck of a stop you've got. i like your gait. >> we're trying to basically enjoy safety. the city is exploding with population and activity, which is wonderful, but we've got to make sure all the drivers and all the people crossing the street are safe. >> well done, thank you for not beiig on your phone during the crosswalk. great choice. ittlooks great on you. >> stay in the crosswalk. if you're people. they have fragile bodies. i have no eyes or mouth, but a lot of feelings. stay in the crosswalk. be aware of drivers and pedestrians whether you're driving or walking. women are on the ball about using the crosswalk. men get a little crazy. dude, crosswalks are sick. stay in between the lines. look at these guys. could you be any more fashionable? -?it's offensive.
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they're enjoying the day and the crosswalk. >> fred is a very big character, but he was here for a very serious reason and that was focusing on pedestrian safety. let's take a look at statistics. cdot says that as many as 1,300 people were involved in auto-pedestrian crashes last year alone. of those people, 60 of thooe crashes ended up fatal. and a majority of those crashes actually happened in non intersections. and if you didn't here in front of union station this morning, he will be outside of broadway and coal fax later this evening. reporting outside of unioo station, denver 7. new developments in a story we continue to break news on. a judge has ordered this man to provide writing samples in a forgery case. as denver 7 has exposed in the last four months, there are three cases of forged signatures
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he was arrested earlier this month, accused of turning in forged signatures. denver 7 spoke with him on the phone yesterday. he denies any wrongdoing. jim carey is being sued this morning. why his ex-girlfriend's husband is blaming him for her death. what started as a call about a stalled vehicle turns deadly in oklahoma. police opened fire, killing a man who turned out to be unarmed. new video surfacing. new arrests just this
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. breaking overnight, a saudi arabia airline jet sound the hijacker alarm before landing in the philipines. tte plane was isolated for more than aanhour by police investigated. the pilot hit the alarm button by accident. no one was ever in danger. suspended all aid deliveries in syria after an airstrike hit a group delivering food. it destroyed 18 trucks full off3 food even tended for tens off3 thousands of people who had been cut off by ongoing violence. that cease fire is now over. it lasted a week, but collapsed yesterday amid a surge of government bombing in syria.
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summer. tte people were celebrating bastille day in july when they were hit. the men are said to be french and tunis ooishgs an. we'll -- tunusian and french. a koes and panic in las -- chaos and panic in las vegas last night. police blocked off the sixth floor of a parking garage at the airport in vegas where both victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. police say this appears to be a domestic violence issue. protestors in tulsa are hitting the streets with their arms up, showing solidarity with a man that officers shot there and killed. they shot him and he didn't have a weapon. new protests happening now that the department released the dashcam video. we're not going to show you the exact moment that the officer shot him, but you can see the man right here with his hands up. originally police say they
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car and said he wouldn't cooperate, even reached into his car possibly for a weapon. he walks back to the car and you can see him -- hard to see if he does go into his car. the officer who shot him is on leeve. the family wants her charged. this woman's husband suing jim carey claiming the comedian provided his wife with the prescription drugs that killed her. jim carey says the lawsuit is a heartless attempt to ex employed him and the oman h he said she had troubled before he even met her. a funeral home in texas is apologizing after a funeral director was caught taking selfies with caskets. david jones told them he was just checking his tie. >> very insensitive, a lack of respect for that time. we trusted him to respect this
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>> so the funeral home has apologized to the families. the commission says it could be considered unprofessional conduct and that carries anywhere from a warning to a $5,000 fine. >> that's a little creepy. >> kind of weird. >> i agree. if you've stepped outside, the clouds almost make it feel like is going to be cooler the until you feel the heat. >> exactly. feels like it should be a blanket, but it's keeping the heat trapped inside. we are going to be seeing temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s today. >> so motr letting us feel the last bits of summer before we're officially headed to fall thursday. we'll still see temperatures well above normal. more cloud coverage than what we saw yesterday. thick, dense clouds for much of the day today, but we will start for theestart of fall come thursday. by friday, temperatures 20 degrees below where they will be today. we are seeing moisture,
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colorado. this is remnants of tropical storm paine. looking at our planner for the rest of the day today, do expect temperatures in the upper 80s by 3:00 this afternoon. still staying very mild overnight. upppr 50s to lower 60s, our overnight low. our normal should be around 77, so about ten degrees above where we should be for today. looking at our highs around denver metro area, 88. 99 in brighten. 90s both in littleton and highlands ranch. much of the foothills sseing 70s and 80s for much of boulder and golden. across the state, mid-80s across the western slope, mid-70s for aspen. 81 degrees in eagle. lower 80s in steamboat and across the northeastern plains in the lower 90s, but near triple digit heat in lamar.
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to come in as we head into tomorrow. here's our future cast. as you can see, a lot of cover across much of colorado. we'll start to pick up shower activity down to the southwest. a little later this afternoon, a lot of that won't be ushered in until overnight. this is stopped at 3:30 in the morning tomorrow. we'll wake up tomorrow, more cloud cover, slight chance of a few more clouds and showers in the metro into the early evening before we start to clear up more for wednesday and thursday morning. tonight getting down to 59 degrees, even lower 60s in spots. and by tomorrow morning, a slight chance for seeing those showers, temperatures a few degrees cooler, in the lower 80s. here's the seven-day forecast. by midweek, low 80s. thursday, the official start of autumn.
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68 by saturday. chance for more showers and lower 70s at the end of the weekend. mother nature kind of knows fall is coming. >> she checks the calendar, knows exactly when it is. >> exactly. unusual in colorado, of course. but a bear in alaska tried to check into a hotel, at llast it looked that way. we have the video next.
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. denver broncos linebacker marshall is hoping to share positive message. he's challenging local studentsi several schools. jayson joins us lives from valvelde elementary school. >> yes, good morning to you. marshall plan.his part of the%- ever since he took that knee during the national anthem, the opening night broncos game, causing controversy online and things like that, he's
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community. today he talks to kids about getting attendance up, what better way to do that than offering a pizza party to the winning school. he took questions from the kids today as well, part of his new program called tackle change. we spoke to the bronco just a few minutes ago. here's what he had to say. >> i'm not just taking a knee. i'm doing other things as well. i'm actually doing the legwork. i'm actually coming out to schools and trying to talk to kids and help teacher and get good grades and be respectful. i'm trying to teach and help in all fashions. >>reporter: this school program is on top of his meeting with the denver police chief last week. he says he still has plans to go on a ride along with members of dpd and take part in training. he's pledged to donate $300 to charity for every tackle he makes this season.
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issues on the field. markus wear shattered his forearm trying to sack andrew luck this weekend. he's going to have surgery and get a plate in there. he'll be on the sideline for about a month, maybe less. von miller didn't have a sack dance on sunday. he said sometimes you work so hard to get to the quarterback, when you get there, all you want to do ii just we understand. von picked up three sacks against the colts. you can find the full interview on the denver 7 app. tim tebow is ttying his hand as major league baseball. he took the field yesterday with the new york ets minor league team. he's not on the roster yesterday, but moving plenty of merchandise. >> tebow's jersey, the number 15 right there, is the number 1
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sales chart in all of baseball. right now tebow says he has no plans to return to the nfl.% >> are they buying it because they think he'll be successful or because they think he's going to be there for only a short while? >> i bet he has people on both sides of that. still ahead, reports of shots fired at rose medical center last week. the york and new jersey bomb blaat is behind bars. this morning investigators are digging into foreign connections
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denver police are asking for your help to find this man. he's 37 years old and he's wanted in connection to a deadly hit-and-run that happened in june. heas time of the crash, but not been seen since. they think he may have even fled the country. a press conference is scheduled for 2:30 this afternoon. we'll have the details tonight on our late news and is denver 7 app. this man accused of bombings in new jersey and new york, that's ahmad khan rahami. he now faces attempted murder charges. investigators say he's not been cooperative. the video shows him being loaded on to the ambulance after the shootout with police.
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here's surveillance video. authorities ay they're investtgating possible foreign terror connections. he was born in afghanistan and a naturalized u.s. citizen. he traveled to afghanistan multiple times and was questioned every time he returned to the u.s., but was not on any kind of radar. he also visited an area in pakistan known for his taliban wife left the country just ahis couple of daysef attacks out east. thousands of officers were involved in the man hunt for that suspect. police september out a push alert -- sent out a push alert to people's phones. it worked. a bar owner found the suspect passed out in the hallway. there is a simillr push alert system set up in denver and they look a lot like an amber alertt3 or tornado warning. it's the easiest way to notify a -?large group of people of a situation.
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a stabbing spree at a minnesota mall over the weekend before being killed by police. he came to the u.s. from somalia 15 years ago. it's not clear why he went on the rampage, but a victim says he was emo and blank behind the eyes. isis said it was behind the attack. this man stabbed ten people. all of them survived. a minnesota restaurant owner is pretty upset over rampage. he's making his feelings public. he put up this sign that read, quote, muslims, get out. although he says he's facing opposition, he has no regrets. >> it's time that people started standing up, not worrying about the pc crowd and do what is right. i feel what we're doing is right. we are not targeting the muslims in general, just the extremists. >> he says he has no plans of removing the sign. presidential candidates are weighing in after the attacks and they're telling us how they
11:33 am
house. both donald trump and hillary clinton used the word vigilant. >> it's a terrible thing that's going on in our world and our country, and we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> trump wants all muslims immigrants taking ideological tests to see if might pose a threat. clinton wants intelligence offers to monitor threats in the country. it is 82 degrees outside. mother nature letting us know it's still summer. are we gging to get any fall temperatures? >> yeah, once fall starts. >> so thursday? >> right. thursday and friday a big cool down is coming. today, expect temperatures to stay summer like in the lower
11:34 am
tropical storm paine. still a very nice time to be in the high country, though. 60s and 70s in the mountains. near sterling, a partly cloudy sky. staying very dry across the eastern plains across the day today. in denver, as you said, 82 degrees at the airport. we're seeing upper 70s now, but expect temperatures to rise t the upper 80s, lower 90s. i'll have your extended forecast in just thanks, katie. back ere at home, we're learning the shots fired at rose medical center last friday were not shots. rose medical center locked down3 because of a possible shooter. now we learned no shots were ever fired. the nurses who reported it might have heard doors closing and locking. police were called out to out here.te a suspicious package
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they found a bag with wires coming out of it. bomb techs took it off, discovered it was a harmless bottle of detergent. a teen is okay after crashing her car into an elementary school. it's completely inside that school. parents, you can use this as a teach able moment. police say she zoomed off. she was mad at her boyfriend. she had her license only for ten days. this school bus driver has been laid to rest. chopper was also a mom and grandmother and a wife. coming out to say goodbye. this is yesterday. she died last weekend after crashing her school bus at dia. the bus was carrying the high school football team when it happened. some of the players came out to her funeral. this denver woman is in trouble this morning. investigators say she repeatedly molested a little girl who wass3 only 8 years old. this case goes back to 2008 when they met the young victim
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today. he's accused of stabbing a 78-year-old woman repeatedly in the doorway of her home. he ii now facing charges of four people are in custody for that june attack. arvada police say the victim thought she was answering the door for the paper boy. an incident happened in july where denver police say the suspects were firing into a crowd, and the other put himself in the line of danger. investigation found the officer and guard saved lives by neutralizing that flet. -- that threat. ever since colorado legalized recreational marijuana, clubs have popped up left and right and were a place
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but the gazette in sea springs says the clubs were banned six months ago and the clubs filed a lawsuit challenging the crack 1,300 people were involved in auto-pedestriin crashes around the state last year and nearly 60 were fatal. >> today cdot is bringing the classic walk signal to life. here's amanda, introducing us to a fun character. >> feel free to use the crosswalk at any time. it's there for need it. there is no limit. great job in that crosswalk, guys. it's beautiful. nice safety. that's nice. i'm a pedestrian. i'm helping remind people that the city is growing and you've got to be careful. it's a pedestrian with fred at the front. great job in the crosswalk, sir. heck of a stop. i like your gait. we're just trying to enjoy basically safety at this point. the city is exploding with population and activity, which is wonderful, but we've got to make sure that all the drivers
11:38 am
street are safe. well done. thank you for not being on your phone during the crosswalk. great choice. it looks great on you. >> stay in the crosswalk. if you're driving, hey, there's people. they have fragile bodies. i have no mouth and eyes, but a lot of feelings. stay in the crosswalk. be aware of both drivers and pedestrians, whether you're driviig or walking. women are a little more on the ball about using the men get more crazy. dude, krooikz are sick. look at these guys. could they db krooikz are sick. look at -- crosswalks are sick. look at these guys. they're going to go home and enjoy a nice burr ooishgs to. -- burr ooishgs to.
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burrito. >> fred will be at broadway and coal fax this afternoon from 5 tt 7. you've been warned. the plague isn't some historical disease only. it's active in jefferson county. a cat was diagnosed wiih it. fleas carry the disease. denver approved an affordable housing fund that will distribute $150 million property taxes and developer fees. families in denver's poorest neighbors still say they can't afford to stay in the city and feel like they're being forced out. new taxes and fees would bring in $10 million next year and the city could contribute $5 million more. colorado ranked second in the country for prescription
11:40 am
-?overdose kits. nearly 7,000 people died in our state in the past decade from overdosing. the money came from pharmaceutical settlements. new jersey boys is coming to denver in a couple weeks and the lead from the broadway hit is in our studio. plus a heads up or anyone who likes waffles in the morning..3 why a company is recalling thousands of breakfast treats. we're going to see temperatures increase b afternoon. upper 80s, mostly cloudy skies. by tonight, we'll stay calm,
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington.
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even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow.
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and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. . it is an award winning musical that documents the formation and success and eventual breakup from the 1960s ro seasons. >> it's about frankie vall ooishgs e and the four seasons -- valle and the four seasons. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> what makes this so successful? it does so well. >> so many reasons. everybody already knows all of the music. it's fantastic, classic music much the story, once you see the show and find out the back story, it'sskind of like behind
11:44 am
>> do you have a favorite song. >> i do. i love begg ooishgs n. >> it's -- beggin. it's upbeat and i have to do some splits. that's not my favorite part. >> yeah, you need a different pair of slacks for that. >> there are so many great songs. you have walk like a man, big erybody knows. but there are so many others that you didn't realize you knew until you hear it. >> and then you say oh, my gosh, i remember that song. >> now you sang at the broncos game. >> i did on sunday. incredible. 75,000 people, jets flying over, jets coming in, parachutes. >> you're singing for the colorado rockies tomorrow. do you get nervous? >> i think you always get
11:45 am
doing it, but leading up to it your heart is pounding. >> that's not an easy song. >> it's not. it's only 75,000 people watching. it's a little easier when you're singing in your shower. >> got for bid you mess up thew. >> sure. >> but it's enjoyable and i love doing it. >> do you think jersey boys is good for the whole family? >> i would say under not. there is some authentic jersey language in the show, but otherwise it's a great play for the family. >> awesome. and you could do this as a holiday present. just before the holidays, november 9th through the 13th at the buhl theater. for tickets, go to denver tickets, they start at $35. it is really affordable for -- >> and six shows only. they'll go fast. >> thanks.
11:46 am
>> i want to see if he's going to end doing the splits, though. >> i don't think so. >> katie, how about you? >> me, no. i'm such a fan, though. i really recommend the show. talking about the weather, we're going to be seeing temperatures well above normal, 10 to 15 degrees so. in the 80s and even low 90s across much of the front range. more cloud cover today than yesterday. expect mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon. cooler condion day officially of fall on thursday. our radar and satellite this morning, we are showing increasing southwestern flow. this is bringing in a lot of moisture that you see here affecting the desert southwest, due to the remnants of tropical storm paine. right now 77 degrees in city park. evergreen right now at 65. already 78 degrees in boulder and castle rock currently at 80.
11:47 am
today, do expect a mix of sun and clouds, mostly cloudy conditions, though, throughout much of the afternoon. by 5:00, we'll be at 87 and overnight tonight mostly to partly cloudd skies and temperatures very mild, staying in the upper 50s to lower 60s across the front range. our high temperatures this afternoon, still very toasty. upppr 80s in denver. 89 in lakewood. 91 in platville and brighten. do expect a very warm afternoon. highlands ranch as well expecting at 84. highs across the state, mid-80s in grand junction. still staying in the mid-70s across much of the high country, aspen. and then over to the northeastern plains, low 90s with near triple digits expected in the southeast. mostly cloudy today, peeks of sunshine by about 4:00.
11:48 am
southwest, telluride could be seeing moisture. we have a chance tomorrow morning seeing a few showers and storms in the front range and the denver metro area, but for the most part staying partly cloudy to mostly cloudy before thursday when we start to clear out a little more and see more sunshine. so tonight, getting down to the upper 50s, lower 60s, mostly cloudy, temperatures very mild. expected high for tomorrow. today is going to be the warmest day on the seven-day forecast come thursday, temperatures much cooler. lower 80s for tomorrow, upper 70s for thursday. a better chance for seeing showers and storms then. and then this weekend, upper 60s, lower 70s, so it really will start to feel more like fall. >> i'm ready to pull out the sweaters and boots. >> yeah. tall boots.
11:49 am
goes before a congressional panel and plans to apologize. the bank is paying millions in fines after the staff is accused of opening $2 million in fake accounts to meet sales goals. the bank was hit about millions in fines and 53 wells fargo employees were fired. heads up to anyone who loves waffles in the morning. kellogg's is recalling 10,000 cases of whole wheat waffles because of possible listeria contamination. colorado is one of the no reports of anyone getting sick. go to the website to see what waffles are affected, we have all the serial numbers for you. k-mart will be closing another 64 locations and one of those is in thornton, another in craig. two here in colorado. more than 400 k-mart stores have clooed in the past five years, a third of the p company's locations. the company has lost more than $1 billion over the past three
11:50 am
-?for your samsung galaxy phone tomorrow. ?he phone was recalled after dozens of them caught fire after charging. the problem is with the battery, not the phone. if you have a note 7, you should be able to get your free replacement from samsung or your service provider. we're pretty familiar with bear sightings here in colorado. i'm not sure i've heard of a bear trying to check into a hotel. this is video out of alaska. you see the bear, he's walking outside the hotel hanging out. peeks inside. to hibernate, but he scares the% staff and the only person who could have possibly checked him in. >> i was kind of excited to see him. >> i don't think i've been trained on how to kick a bear out of the lobby. >> they were excited he stopped by and then really excited he left.
11:51 am
moved him away to a new home that might be more safe. >> that's more bearable? sorry. >> it's a bear necessity? >> yes. the best small cities to live in the u.s., find out which colorado city made the list. a pennsylvania boy is not
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
. the list is out. what are the top ten best small cities to live in? the best city is colombia, maryland. but highlands ranch was also named to the list, coming in at number 6. a city in illinois the boy in pittsburgh is making course load look like child's play. he's a full-time student and only 9 years old. >> he's 9. not your average kid, obviously. he started speaking sentences at seven months. his dad said he was very good at and a half, multiplying at the age oo two. he plans to be an astrophysicist. he's 9.
11:55 am
crazy. today it's going to be very hot through much of the front range. cooler as we head into thursday,
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