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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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alice left her house this evening near 100 -- 108th and since. she is at risk, endangered, and needs medication. just back in august, she also went missing after going to a dog park and was later found at a hair salon in superior. if you see her, please call police. a teenager nearly kills a 71-year-old boulder county woman. this happened at lefthand canyon . the run. jennifer kovaleski is live at 3 the hospital. you talked to the neighbor who called 911. >> reporter: he says she is a tough lady who lived by herself in a remote part of lefthand canyon just east of ward. deputies say she was just trying to be a good neighbor to a 16-year-old when he attacked her. along this winding mountain
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woman is assaulted by a teenager and nearly killed. >> there is a 70-year-old woman who was supposedly attacked. all he knows is there is a pool of blood. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says she picked up three teenage her crackers on their way home from camping. >> they were supposed to arrange for family members to pick them up. >> reporter: a 16-year-old boy, who wanted to steal her car, violently attacked her. >> she had multiple laich reasons, massive head, and fractures. >> reporter: investigators say the two other teenagers ran to a neighbor to alert police. we talked to the neighbor who called 911. he didn't want to go on camera but says hitchhikers or comment on this rural stretch and people often pick them up. he says the 71-year-old was renting the home and had lived there for about a year. >> it is tragic. somebody who really wanted to help someone in need, and two
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were paid from being assaulted, trying to be a good neighbor. >> such a tragic story. >> reporter: the 71-year-old is still at boulder community hospital fighting for her life. deputies are still looking for the six -- for the 16-year-old suspect. they are not releasing his name because he is a juvenile but he was last seen getting into a white hatchback. they believe he may have hitchhiked from the scene. degree murder charges. call police if you have any information. reporting live, jennifer kovaleski denver 7 a night of shopping at home depot turned terrifying tonight. two armed men ran into the store trying to get away from police. they both ended up getting arrested. one officer who was hurt in the chase has minor injuries. a memorial for a life cut short. just hours ago, we learned
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crash this morning not far from her high school. marc stewart spoke to those who knew her. i can't imagine how tough this is. >> reporter: shannon, this is just horrible. it's a horrible story to tell. what happened at this spot not far from castle view high school is touching students and strangers. take a look at this memorial. it has been growing since we got here late this afternoon. there are flowers, stuffed animals, balloons. one way the community is girl who passed away in a car accident earlier today. as the sun set and castle rock, a sea of candles lit up the stands at castle view high school. a way for students to show love and support for keira connelly and her family. >> she was such a sweet girl. she was honestly the best person you could meet. >> reporter: police say she was driving on the wrong side of the road on better view
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truck. the truck was owned by the school district. the driver, a district employee, survived. as emotional hurt grows, so does this memorial n her honor. students of all ages stopping by to lend support to their classmates and her family took >> i just want to provide support if anybody needs anything. we are all here. >> reporter: her death is a loss for the entire community. among the people stopping by, strangers, who share the pain felt at the school. >> i felt compelled been my granddaughter, my daughter. i don't know her but i love her because she is part of the community. >> reporter: heavy emotions tonight and also this weekend. it will be homecoming and there is no question. her death will weigh on the hearts of many students. live and castle rock tonight, marc stewart denver 7. >> thank you, mark. a thornton family's emotional plea, looking for
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killed at a house parry after the thornton high school football game last friday night. what makes things harder for the family is how much she had already survived, fighting and eating leukemia. >> two years ago, we were happy, celebrating the cause she beat cancer and now here we are. hurting because we lost her to a senseless crime. >> police are still looking for the shooter. no arrests have been made. we put the suspect description and the family gofundme acun on our denver 7 app. new details pouring it about the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings giving us a closer look of rahami -- ahmad khan rahami. today, his father admits he called the fbi on his own son two years ago. true. investigators are now looking into one of rahami's notebooks. he talked about terrorism in
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the boston bombers. an armed robbery ends with a police officer killing a man in westminster near to schools just before kids went home. one man is dead and four people on the loose and liz gelardi joins us from westminster. lays? >> reporter: and during that robbery, the suspects punched the victim in the face and pointed a gun at him. so, police knew they were dealing with potentially dangerous and violent suspects when they ran into one here just a few blocks away. >> i knew something was going on. it didn't look like a traffic stop. >> reporter: on the run, ver the radios, police heard a description of the suspects after a violent robbery at this home. one got away on a motorcycle. >> the cop car was following behind him and looking like he was trying to get him off the
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crashed and the man took off running through this complex. >> i was talking to my neighbor. she came out and said she saw the suspect run through there. the cops kept asking him to stop and he didn't stop. >> reporter: police blocked off a large area as crime scene investigators combed through two scenes. 121st and huron and the home where the robbery happened. four other suspects got away. police think three men and a woman are in a silver chevy malibu filled with stolen items including a bicycle. >> i saw a show up, some with three big guns. removed from the windows. >> reporter: residents are glad no one else was hurt, this all happening near school dismissal. >> usually around 3:30 pm, there is at least 10 or15 kids out here playing. it was really upsetting to see them chasing through our neighborhood. >> reporter: a lot of neighbors out here caught off guard this afternoon.
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their guns but the suspect did not fire his weapon. reporting live, liz gelardi denver 7. >> thank you, lives. we have should knew this man's picture beforr. he was wanted for a hit and run of a cyclist in the denver country club. police now think he may have left the country. if you think you know where he is, police really want to hear from you. we are just 49 days from the election and hillary clinton picks up surprising support from hw bush. the republican says he plans to vote for clinton. members of the trump campaign will be across our state. mike pence and donald junior springs and grand junction. ado- ivanka trump willlalso be in denver at a fundraiser. mayor wellington webb is in the hospital for a digestive disease. he will have to spend a ew
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be home by the end of the week. taking a staad for medical marijuana. today, patience and advocacy groups joined forces, claiming the state and local governments are trying to restrict use. some of the changes being sought are no more plant count limits, and feeer restrictions for doctors. a mother, spoke out weeks after her son's death. >> like many of you, i had no idea the power of medical marijuana and in fact i doubted >> jack had a rare muscle disorder and because of him, we have jack's laws to ensure that children who need it have access to medical marijuana at school. tonight, highway 119 is back open. it was a stinking mess today. the semi was carrying treated sewage. it hit a lightpole and flipped over at j road. hazmat had to come up and the
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beer but drivers cried when the spilled beer resulted in loveland pass being shut down for almost 10 hours. the driver of the semi lost control, lipped over carrying michelob ultra. the driver had never driven that passed before. we're just getting started on denver 7. officer involved shootings making headlines and top nfl players are letting their feelings known beyond taking a knee. and changing mile high up -- mile high. and into what stinks in lasalle. we are getting down to what is
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yone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats
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to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. we have breaking news. alice has been found. westminster police just called to let us know. we are still waiting on more details about exactly happened. happening right now, protests are erupting in charlotte, north carolina. here is a live look right now. i know this ii hard to make out but you can see a fire in the center of the picture. weehave been watching this video coming in. we have ssen a lot of police and some tear gas. we saw protesters standing on cars yelling at police in riot gear after a man was shot and killed by police as they came
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just one of several controversial officer shootings this week including one in tulsa where video shows an unarmed black man with his hands in the air being shot by a police officer. and it's not just protesters speaking out. adam hammond finds oot who else is upset. >> reporter: several nfl players are tweeting out about the officer involved shootings % just as many of them are getting attention for protests during the national anthem. you are taking a look at cabrini bids -- capri bids tweeting that that man doesnnt get to go home today. there is no explanations, just a dead body. also, we have a philadelphia eagles player calling some heat for throwing up a fist during the national anthem during monday night football in protest of police brutality. he tweeted: the first step to fixing a problem is admitting there is one. don't ignore injustice. % #terence crutcher. we also have saints running
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this is mark ingram. he tweeted. people are outraged by colin kaepernick and others taking a stand against these continuous invest this is -- injustices. brann marshall, a bronco, claims he is taking a stand by taking a knee as you see in this video. we caught up with marshall ?oday as he visited fourth- graders at a and he says he is trying to go beyond taking a need to create real change in the community like today's school visit. >> it's really saddening, especially to hear that somebody in a helicopter said that looks like a bad dude. how does that look like a bad dude? you are way up in the air. that is something that is disturbing. but that is exactly the reason we are protesting. >> reporter: marshall has been documenting all of this right here on his twitter page. here is a shot of the
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he met with the denver police chief last week. marshall says he looks forward to training at the shoot or don't shoot simulator and doing a right along with police to better understand the challenges officers face on the streets. >> adam hammond tonight. thank you. -? the broncos appear closer to selling the naming rights of mile high stadium. whoever controls the name will need an update. the broncos bought riihts from sports authority during the bankruptcy last month. today, thhy got approval to pay in installments while they look for a buyer. >> i think a quarterly payment is in their estimation. they would like to make only one payment. >> the stadium is old almost $20 million. the money for naming rights will go toward upgrades at the stadium. we found out what some of those upgrades miggt be. today, the architect gave a state of the staaium assessment
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fixed and how to keep mile high relevant with so many new stadiums being built across the league. >> reporter: mile high stadium is 15 years old. 11 other stadiums have been built since. atlanta open summer 12 next year with 62,000 ft.2 of video monitors. >> sports authority field is now 20th in the league in terms of total area of video display but we are 12th in the league >> reporter: the senior architect for new mile high is trying to keep the stadium relevant. >> some call this the arms race of the nfl. it's bigger, bigger, bigger. >> reporter: the stadium got a once over from will be connectors to cement, to 6000 seats needing replacing. >> the projector we have right now is over three seasons starting at about four years.
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overview. decisions will be made later. standing room only options like at coors field. ideas to avoid asking the public for a new stadium. atlanta $1.5 billion an $2 billion stadiums elsewhere. marshall zelinger, denver 7 neighbors in weld county say it just stinks. heartland biogas plant which %- converts maneuver and food waste into natural gas. residence say they were told the plant would be built older. county commissioners are finding a solution. this is just a test. snowmaking guns have been enough yet. there is a fall like change in the air. mike elson is tracking cooler temps for us. >> it's on the way but not quite yet. in an average summer, we have about 37 days of 90 degrees or
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that is the all-time record. the second place, 61 days in 2000. in 1994, 60 days, 56 days in 2002 and today was the 55th day of 90 degrees or better putting 2016 in fifth place for the all- time record. but, that record of 90 degrees today was not a record high temperature. take a look at our daily data. that was 94 degrees in 2010, 60 degrees was our low this morning. that is well below average but on this day, somebody might remember 1995, here in denver and 100,000 people lost power due to tree damage causing those lines to go down. a different story tonight. 73 degrees top of the hour, 70 degrees attdia, winds from the south at 8 miles per hour and 16% humidity. there are some very light showers in the central mountains and a surge of moisture coming in from the southwest. that is what is left of hurricane paine. now, just a tropical
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two bringing moisture into the southwest and high clouds for the planes. this cold front arrives later this week bringing a much bigger change to our weather. tonight, showers south and west. 60 degrees in denver and greeley, 66 degrees and la junta, tomorrow high temperatures still warm. 85 degrees for denver, 83 degrees fort collins, ow 90s down in the south and 59 degrees at leadville, 58 degrees in telluride. they will have clouds and showers but very little of it will work its way out to the eastern plains. we stay dry under a partly cloudy skies. scattered showers mostly over the mountains and southern sections of the state. even with that, it won't amount to a lot of moisture. looking at a quarter to a half inch of rain but as that cold front arrives later this week, there will be snow coming into the mountains. tonight, mild, dry and 60 degrees. tomorrow, warm and the last
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cloudy, high thin clouds and showers day in the mountains. looking ahead, spring begins at 8:22 am thursday. maybe a sprinkle of rain and 80 degrees for a high. the showers arrived with a cold front on friday. friday night into saturday, three to 6 inches of rain possible in the mountains above 10,000 feet. down here, a cooler weekend. highs only in the mid to upper 60s with scattered showers saturday and sunday and check out th into the low 40s by early next week. the last of the red hot forecast. >> this is when i start making faces that you. >> you have been making faces at him since i got here. going on. cyclists will stew will soon have the streets to themselves racing through denver. the big plan to bring racers
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when you see a volcanic ash cloud like this, no surprise planes get grounded. it wasn't just one eruption in costa rica but several. it sent ash 13,000 feet into the air. this, people who live at the base of the volcano still have not been told to evacuate.
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told. enough business and community leaders have come together to start a new pro- bicycle race. the race will start next summer. the last bike race pumped $100 million into the state economy. i am leah -- lionel bienvenue. the numbers are not so great for trevor siemian but the
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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ports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun. >> welcome to 7 sports extra. broncos players were off today, back to work tomorrow for the bengals sunday in cincinnati. still lots to talk about. the broncos re-signed shiloh kayo and released carl petco today and demarcus ware tweeted out this picture, going home after surgery on his broken
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prayers, surgery was a success. the hard part begins." he is talking about rehab. cj anderson busy, introducing his new breakfast cereal in highlands ranch, mile high crunch unveiled at a king soopers this afternoon. it's the breakfast of super bowl champions available at denver area stores. we know the broncos defense is all right. is the kid alright? %- trevor siemian, two games into his career, 31st in the league in passer rating, 28th in the league in pass yards per game, tied for second for most interceptions and the broncos are 26 in passing offense. gary kubiak told as well numbers don't lie, sometimes they don't tell the whole truth. >> i think he played very good. he has one play he would like to have back and we are working on those type of things. that is very much similar to what happened against carolina
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game. >> reporter: now to the ice. the avalanche open training camp on thursday. this thursday. without patrick roy, sunday is the burgundy white game at du. this is happening fast. the world cup of hockey tonight. usa-canada, eric johnson and matt duchene against detailed -- each other today. logan couture popped out to dutch and duchene scored two canada beat the u.s. and the americans are eliminated from championship consideration while canada moves on. the cardinals and the rocks at coors field. stephen biscotti, that's going to go, the cards up 5-0 in the 4th. de la rosa, leaving the field and what might be his last start of the season and last ever appearance for the rockies.
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rick martinez off the bat of andrelton immons behind his back. sometimes you just stick your glove out there and see what sticks. double-play the hard way for the rangers. >> i liked his reaction. behind your back is good but it's always when it comes at your head. >> that is one you want to make sure you get. changes coming. i got a call from my wife cindy who said i said spring begins on thursday. iimeant fall begins at 2:30 am. but allo happens to be our
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- denzel washington from "speechless," minnie driver and music from usher. and now, by the per vested in me -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very kind. i'll say something. there are a lot of important and life-threatening and world-changing things going on


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