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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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election day is drawing near. ivanka and mike pence will be making stops here today. >> what we can expect from them today, jason gruenauer is live. >> reporter: if hissory is any indication a whole lot of attacking of hillary clinton. the latest poll here in colorado the democrat leads donald trump other polls have this race tightening so the response is a triple play of big name republicans. let's start with ivanka trump, she will be downtown for a fundraiser breakfast. a q and a audience will be experienced. we hope to get a sit down
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point. then mike pence will be hosting a town hall forum in colorado springs at about 2:00. he's used the float form to attack clinton and obama policies here in the past. donald trump jr. will be in grand junction tonight. the two ivanka trump events are private. the mike pence tickets and also the donald trump jr. event. we're less than a week away from hillary clinton and donald trump squaring off in the same room. the first presidential debate of the season is coming up. we wanted to know what we can expect so we spoke with jeremy add llr, a young republican who worked on the marco rubio campaign.
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with obama and bernie sanders. she's well equipped. donald trrmp has never experienced his. she can talk about the bad things about trump and talk about his negatives but if they go down a rabbit hole, trump is going to win. >> the debate airr right here on denver seven coming up monday night at 7:00. it's now 5:32. in less than three hours fall will officially be here. ok already ready. look at the gorgeous colors in the high country. this is what air tracker seven captured. the goal is filling the trees. looks like fall but does it feel like it? let's head to katie lasalle to find out. can we pull out a sweater? probably not yet but this weekend seeing cooler conditions with highs in the 60s and today expect temperatures in the upper 70s for much of the front range.
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mentioned a beautiful time to be there. this weekend, friddy night into saturday this is your first alert we could be seeing some snow on the peaks. boulder at 52 nd city park at 56. a very mild start to the day. you may want a light jacket as you head out the door. today temperatures will be warming up into the 80s across much of the denver metro area. foothills 60s and 70s and upper 80s as you head to the plains. right now i pretty smooth out there as we take a look at the construction. it's getting picked up here on the northbound side of c-470 so here just right after 5:33 they should be wrapped up for the 6:00-hour. we have that work that is getting picked up now. they should have been out three minutes ago so keep a close eye on them to make sure they get picked up. take a look at the overall drive. still a lot of green out there.
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right now the hunt is on to find a guy you see right over my shoull, he's only 16 years old and accused in a horrible crime. beating an older woman until she nearly dies, erika joins us from boulder county with how she found herself in the brutal situation. dale, she picked up a group of young hitchhikers on monday night including the 16-year old suspect, jeffrey collins. what he police really is tough to talk about. this is the kid's picture. police want your help to get him off the streets. they believe he is dangerous according to investigators, a 71-year old woman picked up collins and two other teens on lefthand canyon road. collins beat her with a blunt
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called police. they say collins may have hitchhiked from the scene there. the olderrwoman is still in critical condition witt very bad head injuries. her son posted on facebook last night saying she is improving so good news there. i'm in boulder, erika lupher denver7 news. it's 5:35 now. trouble escalating in charlotte as protestors turned to riots and one person they are recovering now. behind me you can see what used to be the normal downtown area turning into chaos. protests coming out to vent their frustrations days after the shooting in tulsa by a police officer. local media not safe from the anger as well. take a look at what happened to a guy during a live report. >> other people came in to try and grab them. >> it's okay. >> so the reporters are okay but
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officers have been injured in charlotte. the governor declaring the city a state of emergency sending the national guard in there to help diffuse the situation. >> we can't tolerate violence and destruction of property and will not tolerate the attacks towards our police officers. that is not theeamerican way. >> so again, this is just happening days after the police officer in tulsa shot and killed a man with his hands up. this is the video right it happened. you see the man walking back to his car. president obama reached out to the mayors of tulsa and charlotte telling them that the white house is there committed to helping them out. >> something maybe not everyone is going to expect for this. his name is officer pop si floyd and he's always wanted to be a tulsa officer but now his dream is becoming the target of outrage and hate. he said he grew up in an area
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and he's the first person in his family to become one and that's why he took to facebook asking people to become officers. >> you can always ask for change and demand change or be the change. and that's what we need more of. >> we of course will continue following the turmoil in charlotte and tulsa all throughout the day. if things change we will send you an alert through our free denver7 news app. this is going to make you angry. a new report that says the va ?ould have saved taxpayers $400 million on the new va hospital in aurora but it didn't do it. the report details what went wrong and how the former head of the va construction was warned about increasing costs but neverd to congress. this is our inspector general report says that heewas fully aware it wasn't true and gave false testimony.
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>> congressmen hike hoffman wants the former head to face charges for lying to congress. the total bill is now just shy of $2 billion for that project. more trouble for the va. and people who visited the air force academy's medical clinic. 300 patients might be at risk because a worker didn't clean an instrument. the va says the risk is low because they tested the in diseases. on tuesday night on county road eight just below the carter dam, authorities looking for a white souf. this woman and her son have been found. police are not saying where they were, only saying the two are safe this morning. denver police testing new technology in montbello aimed at
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spotter. it can pinpoint a shooting letting police know where it happened. police say it helps them respond faster and catch suspects. >> the community is not calling to 91 is and dispatch center so this is a way for us to get the information out to the officers and have them respond without having to wait for the communnty to call in. -- -- 911. >> police are saying this technology is helping them. the officer just more than half the time people do not call 911 when they hear a gunshot. in colorado springs police are changing how they keep everyone safe because of a staffing shortage. instead of going to homes to take nonemergency reports, they want everyone to call in and go online and fill out a form. this goes for crimes where there's not immediate danger and suspect information.
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to get teenagers to buckle up. last year 16 colorado teens not wearing a seat belt died in crashes. here's happy news this morning. a colorado family is getting ready to be reunited with their stole this dog from their front yard. >> we're talking about missy, the saint bernard. she turned up in missouri. people there tracked down her owners right here. you can imagine they were in shock. the family has two special needs and missy was a service dog for one of them. so five years later, unbelievable, turns up in missouri. they're supposed to get homeless people out of some places but where should they go? some neighbors say moving them can create a problem. the drug epidemic is real and happens everywhere. what is going on in this video.
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today expect windy conditions from west to east and across the denver metro area a mix of sun and clouds and pleasant by noon. a chance for storms, i'll have that coming up. police say c-dot is not finishing this work. they are not finishing until
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several complaints about homeless camps in jefferson county -- people say they were cooered in trash. some no trespaasing signs were posted and starting to clean up graffiti. >> from parks where do they end up? in some cases, they sleep outside neighbors houses. a woman who lives on east 7th avenue is seeing more and more homeless people outside her house and thinks it's because of the city's recent homeless sweeps. another man found a man passed out in herrbackyard. anotherrfound needles and feces on a blanket. these neighbors want something done. >> people have to check their
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their kids go out and play. that's an issue. >> we reached out to the city of denver. they're spending $50 million to address the homeless issue. look at this tragic video out of massachusetts. it makks you take a real look at the drug epidemic. the woman lying on the ground had overdosed passing out next to her two year old. fortunately emt's were save her but the video will be used against the woman to charge her with child endangerment. this billionaire investor is in trouble. he's one of the most respected names in the hedge fund world and now he's accused of insider trading. he says the fcc is wrong saying he has never brooe the law. he is worth over $3 billion. an sufficient dangling over
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austin just barely hanging on. we introduced you to the people who got the driver out. this morning we're hearing from him. >> there were thoughts going through my head like, i can't believe this is how i'm going to to die. today is my last day. everybody has been telling me stuff like, you know, god had your back on this one or i have one friend that told me god hooked you up, >> some people passing by heard screams. they were able to reach into the car and pull him out. he was eight stories above the ground. >> i would have been afraid to move. >> any type of movement you think you will snap and fall. >> yeah, you let go and down you go. >> yes, today we're seeing temperatures a bit cooler than yesterday but still not feeling fully fall like. absolutely. lower 80s and upper 70s and a shift in the weather pattern.
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system slowly make its way into colorado from the orth west. on radar and satellite we're having a couple watches and warnings go into affect. all the area you see here in yellow we'rr seeing winds primarily from the south. 20-30 miles per hour sustained gusts gusting up to 60 miles per hour in places. across much of the high country a high wind watch is in effect and we'll keep an ye on that for you today storms are developing along the western slope into the mountains. down to the south likes like pueblo and colorado springs, those gusty winds will stay dry down to the southeast and warm. here's our cheat sheet for today. a little more activity in terms of our weather pattern. we're seeing areas of patchy fog and gradually clearing skies partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon. a chance for a few showers and storms in the metro area but by
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wn taking a look outside at this hour, 55 in city park. 46 in evergreen. temperatures gradually rise to go the upper 70s to lower 80s and we have that slight 10% chance of a passing storm in denver. >> highs today 83 across the western slope. staying warm and 70s and 80s in% the mountains. lower 70s across the north eastern plains and staying warm. this is why we have the fire weather watch in effect down south. our risk for severe weather mainly across the western slope biggest activity and the main threat with these storms will be very gusty danling winds. here's our futurecast throughout the morning. you can see gradually clearing skies and by this afternoon a better chance for picking up a few passing showers and most strong activity will remain on the western slope. tonight in denver, getting down
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78 degrees. slightly cooler and throughout this weekend the big cool down is coming. saturday and sunday temperatures back in the 60s and overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. >> this is a little bury, they're working on the camera at the operation center. this is c-470 coming up to 285. some lanes have been closed down for the paving going on and they had a problem where they couldn't get the lanes open until now so just picking cones, they're starting to open up more lanes and still a traffic jam, a couple extraa3 minutes through here. they should have all lanes in less than ten minutes. if you're leaving the house by 6:00, it shouldn't be an issue but if you live right there and you're about to hit the highway, it will be a few extra minutes. a little bit of red going on the northbound side of c-470, the rest of the ride and the drive to the southwest looks nice.
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security wait time. it was over half an hour% yesterday. sit still -- it's something your mom probably yelled at you when you were young. turns out fidgeting might be good for you. >> at least that's what a new study says. it's something a lot of us do. some types could be better than others. researchers from the university of missouri recently say shaking -?your leg or while you sit could help. >> it gets your blood flowing which could help prevent damage to your arteries. . >> i think promoting an active lifestyle is the underlying message and i think even if you
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at your desk, you can walk and still enjoy your day. >> i used to anchor a newscast in a different state and my coanchor did that whole leg thing. >> oh, that would drive me crazy. >> yeah. >> glad i don't do that. the un is coming together to fight the biggest threat to modern medicine -- can you guess the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have
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i'm michael bennet, and that's
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the un hassen taken on aids, e bow la aad noncommunicable diseases. chipotle is struggling to get back after the e. last year. they are now apologizing. >> we failed to live up to our own food safety standards and in so doing, we let our ccstomers down. >> he posted that message on their website. chipotle also put this full page ad in newspapers convincing you the food is af to eat after the bbg drop in sales. another food company having issues. blue bell just recalled their
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cream because of listeria. you'll recall the massive outbreak last year. so an 9 year old chicago man who sold pop sickles to help his family is getting help from strangers. he just got a check for 384 thousand dollars. he and his wife are supporting their grandchildren after his daughter died. two men started a gofundme account to help and they were there to present a check. >> he is ecstatic and and wants to thank the whole world. him and his wife are overwhelmed the with the outpouring of support everybody has given. he said he will never forget this and he thanks everybody and
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>> 17,000 people pitched in to help raise money. that was his translator talking for him. >> this help just exploded. shows the love and kindness out there. >> a nice day to have a popcicle o our showing dry conditions bbt a high wind warning in effect for the western slope so a lot of winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour in some places. the high country expecting stronger storms later this afternoon. the slight 10-20% chance of seeing passing showers and storms and highs in the low 80s. by tomorrow we'll start to cool down and this weekend temperatures back in the 60s for our first official beginning of
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the northbound side of c-470. the traffic jam going up to 285. still picking up the pieces and trying to get lanes open in the next few minutes. they said they would be running late. the other problem is here on the west side of town, alameda between sheridan and wadsworth. an autoo edestrian accident rescue crews are heading to now. several schools on lock out,
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several officers wound up in the hospital after clashes with the protests. this morning the governor of north carolina is declaring a state of emergency and the national guard is going to charlotte to keep the peace. >> most of the protests cleared the street around midnight but did millions of dollars to damages in damage to buildings and the city. we are half an hour away from the sunrise. a few more hours left of summer before fall that's right. fall is coming.


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