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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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. >> and while northern around western colorado are covered,
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colorado springs with a message directed to the large military >> we're in a battle against radical islamic terrorist and isis and we need a president of the united states who is willing to take the fight to the enemy. >> now we checked his website and mr. trump does not have stops planned for tomorrow. he'll be in virginia this weekend. >> i regret doing this. >> hillary clinton headlines today for making jokes. coming up, what clinton said she'll do if trump wins. >> teenager jeffery collins is in police custody. he's accused of beating an elderly woman. >> he's an open kind spirit and i don't think she has an enemy
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things greg would like to say to the teen who nearly killed his mom. >> it just building and builds. >> reporter: this might be the most important. >> you know what you did and what you did is wrong. you need to step up and be a man. >> reporter: for his mom, greg says his remote home was her happy place. >> that was like her sanctuary and now that's been taken from her. >> reporter: it was here yard where 16-year-old jeffery collins hit her with an iron fire pokeer. >> the side of her face was swollen shut. a lot of blood and stitches. >> reporter: it started when she picked up three teenage hitchhikers and offered to take them back to the house to wait for a ride >> reporter: two other teens
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to alert police. >> i owe them a debt of gratitude. >> reporter: greg says his mom is doing beter but is still in the icu. he now just wants to know why. why would you do that to someone, especially an old woman who is trying to help you. >> also the family set up a go found me page to help pay for -?medical expenses. in one day they've $15,000 and they're headed to a $20,000 goal. >> have you seen this? time magazine has chosen colin kaepernick to be on their cover. you can see the headline, the perilous fight. broncos player, brandon son marshall says he joined the protest is what happened in
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holiday. brandon marshall said he was handcuffed and the officers threatened to please tuazon him. he's the only bronco to take a knee this season and we heard from vonn miller. >> for me personally, i have a huge respect for the flag and everything and, you know, soldiers and all of that stuff but i'm with those guys 100%. i think it's great. it creates discussion that needs to be had. decideing to kneel or not each week. >> inseptember drivers shot at with a bb gun in boulder county. denver 7's mark stewart is live. mark, police recovered some key ?vidence. >> shannon, not only do they have some in custody but they found the car today.
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and then the window just cracked or whatever you want to say. >> reporter: cab drive errey chard key is driving a loner. his window shattered. shot out your window. >> reporter: late today this blue car was pulled from a ditch in lafayette. police say it was stolen in denver. onst across boulder county, likely using bb gun. right now police are trying to find them. >> very scary for the drivers. they don't know what it is. thee're pointing at somebody with a firearm. >> reporter: richard key is planning to return to work, thankful that he is safe. >> it's rather shocking and i'm sure the others were feel the
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confused. >> reporter: it's important to stress there has been close calls but no one injured. police please want to find the others involved. we are live in erie tonight, mark stewart. >> smooth sailing tonight on i- 70 after this semi carrying ice cream caught fire earlier today. it closed i-70 directions near georgetown. nobody was hurt but the ice cream did not make it. >> we're just getting started here on denver 7. this time a hit-and-run. >> it was on a bike trail. the message from those who share the space. >> and you don't see this everyday. new video of a tornado touching down in tah. first alert is tracking the storm because it's headed our way.
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. acitywide curfew in charlottee has ne into effectt this is the third night in a row that protesters have taken to the street. what are the streets like right now? >> reporter: well, i can tell
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of demonstrators out in the street. they've been making loop around part of the downtown. they seem more widely dispersed at this hour.. police have chosen to continue allow the protesters to walk in the street despite the curfew. we'll see how long they intend to permit this, a flagrant violation of the curfew. right now everybody is peaceful what's happened in the past two nights. >> what happens if they choose to enforce it and people are still out? what do they do with them? >> they could simply jail these folks overnight depending on their capacity. ill's just a substantial number of people. they have the national guard line the streets as the back-
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strength so hopefully the violence that we've seen previously won't continue. at some point you have to see what happens when the police have had enough. that point has not come. >> stacy cohen live in charlotte, thank you. >> this tulsa police officer could spend the rest of her life behind bars. officeer betty shelby shot and killed terrence crutcher last court documents allege thad she reacted unreasonably. you may remember the video showing him walking away with his hands up in the air. >> a national emmy award winer. alex lane dow created a story about what happened. >> i asked them if i could see a warrant before they
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grabbed me and began to hit me in the face. i could hear addison in the background. >> he sueed the city and received a nearly $800,000 settlement. one of the officers was later fired. >> it's one of her most memorable interviews yet. hillary clinton wiih zach through the hilarious interview. >> when he's elected president and kid rock becomes secr arctics? >> i'm going to stay in the united states and try to prevent him from destroy the united states. >> she was asked what asked wwat she's going to wear next
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>> we're live to see what happened adam. >> that person will face felony assault charges. they were last seen riding their bike on this trail even though the sign clearly says no bikes allowed. people say once the guy is caught he's going to face backlash from them. the 86-year-old was walking the trails one morning last week. tonight but he said he heard a bike coming behind him and he moved off the trail. the cyclist hit him with his shoulder throwing him to the ground. the cyclist never stopped but shouted are you okay. he kept going even though he said no. >> it's best to make sure the guy is okay and help out if you
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getting down or call rescue or whatever. just leave the scene is a little harsh. >> reporter: the altercation goes against what the bikeing community stands for. >> everybody is trying to look out for everybody for the most part. >> it's best to share the trail and alert somebody when you're coming up from behind them. look out if you were here last saturday morning. they're looking for a guy in his mid-20s wearing dark clothes and a baseball cap. well, what can we say? we all get this. this poor drive never oregon loses control and flipped it when a spider dropped down from the rearview mirror.
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on her hand. >> thank goodness. here is a tornado touching down north of salt lake city utah today. mike has your first report and this is coming our way. >> tornadoes are rare in utah. this will one hit with $170 99 million in damage and one you have to go back 150 years and they've om had two fatalities in the state of utah. we had thunderstorms today. in the denver area just partly cloudy skies. a little hazy and a pretty sunset. the utah storm is moving into the mountains. some of the mountain areas will pick up snow tomorrow night and early saturday with the storm
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after a high today of 76. 62 out at the airpor wipeds out of the northwest at 14. they'll be stronger than that tomorrow. some scattered showers down to trinidad. the storms that hit burlington are diminishing p into it's all being caused by a cold front pushing into colorado tonight and tomorrow. the mountains all the way down into the san juan's by morning. we should be dry here in denver and across the plains. 3 the winds are going to pick up late tonight and early tomorrow morning. morning lows, 55 in denver, 41 at leadville and 650s over the southeastern part of the state. showers and thunderstorms expected in the mountains.
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winds. the system loses a lot of moisture as it comes off the mountaiis. only a few isolated showers as the front goes by but cooler weather will come in after that front passes tomorrow night into saturday and you'll see some of the activity out into the plains. 90 over the plains, 46 for high tempprature at telluride and tomorrow night, as the front continues to push off, here comes some of the rain and snow, especially above 10,000 feet. i don't think we'll see much down here on the plains except cooler weather heading into saturday. forecast tonight calling for partly cloudy, mild condition, low of 55. tomorrow a windy day and a few showers possible as the front
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southwest winds 15-30 miles per hour. saturday cooler weather, breezy, 68 for a high. nice early autumn weather monday through thursday of next week. highs in the 70s around 80, lows in the 40s. northern and central mountains could pick up 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow night. >> here we go. >> 3-5 inches. the man behind the one of the thieves ho snatch add practice helmet.
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. bia is going to get a facelift. the plans are coming in. there are three company ms. the running to do the running on the main terminal. going to call. look for a decision on this in the next six months. >> a new option to get to the broncos game if you live in fort collins. you can take the bus stain on october 9th and 30. it will cost you $30 for a round trip ride. >> now who would steal a helmet
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>> i don't know. >> police found one. it was taken during training camp. they're still looking for the other man in the picture us. ?> up next, brock osweiler in primetime on thursday nighand it was laughable.
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welcome into sports xtra. broncos inching toward their sunday fun day with cincinnati. to michael jackson's bad made vonn miller good. he said appearing on abc's dancing with the stars helped prepare him for this season. he has four sacks in two games.
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point? >> if i get up here and said some of the things that i expect of myself i would shock you guys. my goals i try to keep to myself. >> reporter: defensive coordinator wade phillips will say it. he said vonn miller should aspire to be defensive player of the year. he said he should be in the mmp it's only been done twice by allen page and [ inaudible ]. when gary kubiak's offense is at its best it has a double play. it could be john phillips starting but jeff is ready to make his debut. >> it's about time. -?he needs to get in there and make some plays and help the
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with the guys. >> bengals 9-1 in the last 10 in september but the broncos won 78 straight dating back to the last season. >> is that a bill belichick smile? jacoby, first black quarterback to start for the patriots in history. he torched 'em. he helped new england to get 3-0 without tom brady. cavs open camp. patrick roy retire this had year. after finishing 6th in the central, jared says the turn around begins now. >> if we put in the work and
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right habits and are paying attention to detail we'll get the results we want down the road. >> rockies in la, dodgers magic number is five. this scores carlos gonzalez. the rocks lead knit the 7th, 4- 2. >> what's your philosophy on winning hockey, anne? >> put the puck in the net with the stick. you can try to kick it in.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, comedian pete holmes, snoop dogg. this week in unnecessary censorship and music from rae sremmurd and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you all for coming. very nice.


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