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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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viral videos and pictures and now a nationwide drug epidemic is in colorado. deputies say they now have lifesaving tool. it is being called the super bowl of the political world. we will preppre you for the first presidential debate right here on them for seven tomorrow. spraying legend arnold palmer has passed away complications with heart problems. he was one of the greatest and most popular players in the history of golf. he 17 major championships. he was 87. a scary situation in arapahoe county part 2 people overdosed on heroin in a moving car. deputies say they gave the couple narcan. jennifer kovaleski spoke with the deputy who helped save their lives. the sheriff's office just started carrying biscuits? >> they only had them for about a week and already the kids have saved lives. this all happened just before
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it is right next to newton middle school. the deputy said he is grateful school was out for the day. he says this shows how bad heroin epidemic has become. >> just because it's arapahoe countyydoesn't mean it's not happening. it's happening all over. >> reporter: the national spot month the spotlight shining brighter than ever. , ohio where these shocking photos show a mom and dad passed out from here when with their young child in the back seat to massachusetts where overdosing in the middle of a toys "r" us. >> we call the ambulance. >> reporter: now we have our own case in colorado. >> i have been to overdoses before but not where it was like this. >> reporter: the deputies say they arrivee on the scene to find a man and a woman passed
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heroin in a moving car. >> she was clutching teering wheel and he was passed out, his head was down. >> reporter: curry shs us how he was able to get them narcan. >> you push halfway in, take it out, put it up the other nostril and halfway in. >> reporter: these new kids now ?ept in patrol cars. he says he is glad no one else was hurt expected it happened right in front of a school. we're lucky the kids weren't out >> reporter: he hopes the couple gets the help they need. >> it is getting worse. they are starting to ecs heroine with other drugs. >> >> reporter: the man and woman were both taken to the hospital. the sheriff's office tell us this is an ongoing criminal investigation and they're not releasing the names of the suspects. >> to mark er doctors at swedish medical center will discuss different methods to treat pain without painkillers. they say many peoples
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painkillers. swwdish medical center will be the first top does hospital to have a opioid free emergency room. >> sixth avenue is open after a serious motorcycle crash earlier today but that happened along westbound sixth avenue near knox ct. police say the person injured is in very critical condition. denver police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened on randolph place in green valley rancc. details are limited at the moment. no word on what kind of victims there may be. denver. this happened on s. columbine st. right near eest asberry. the victim was taken to the hospital. the suspect was caught. no word on who the people are or what led up to the stabbing. it's your voice and your vote ahead of tomorrow just tomorrow's first presidential debate. a new abc poll shows support
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the poll has clinnon 2 3 percentage points ahead of donald trump clinton please in the same poll has shrunk from eight points in august. mary bruce has the latest on tooorrow's debate you will see right here on denver seven. >> reporter: the stage is set in the expectation game in full swing on the campaign trail. >> what we areeconcerned about is there might be a double standard. >> i don't appreciate campaigns thinking it's the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact checkers. >> reporter: clinnon and trumps campaign trying to set the ar on whawi watched lyrical showdown in american history. the clinton campaign hammering the trump does that truck needs to be called out on myspace pick all we are asking is if donald trump lies it is pointed out. >> reporter: trump says he expects the moderators to be harder on him, the most power those powerful republican congress, paul ryan, hopes trump issdoing his homework. >> hillary clinton is the consummate pro. this is new for donald. i think he should over prepare. >> reporter: decide to push the
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started. first clinton's campaign invited mark cuban. the republican nominees responded by saying perhaps i will put gennifer ffowers right alongside of him. flowers, the woman affair with bill clinton decades agoo reportedly she said yes i will be there. >> why did he send out that we? >> he wants to rrmind people that he is a great counterpunch or. she has not been invited by thh campaign. >> reporter: mary bruce abc news in washington.>> some people are comparing to the super bowl. it is expected to draw a television audience of 100 million. that would be shattering the old record of 80 million who tuned in for the debate between ronald reagan and jimmy carter in 1980. experts say don't expect a lot of substance tomorrow. >> i would be surprised how much more substance you will heee on he some of the issues. >> join us here on denver seven, the first presidential
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a. at 10:00 will break down the next dose the night's biggest moments. one of thh big topics that could be discussed is the current unrest happening in charlotte north carolina after a deadly police shooting. yesterday policc released dash and body cam footage of the shooting. the mayor of charlotte has now lifted the curfew that went into effect thursday. protests were not violent outside the carolina panthers football game today protesters rallied outside the game. their protests today before their game against the bengals. brendan marshall nailed during the national anthem today in t.j. ward put his fist up and protest. it was all business on the field today the broncos. they beat the cincinnati bangles 29-17 this afternoon. sports director why not be in the know is live. the broncos just the broncos are off to a three minus 2 star.>> you are right.
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with sanders and thomas. trevor siemian had one to shop has, three interceptions in the first two games. today the frustration. just elation, celebration. simeon had a breakout game. you have seen highlights but bengals shut down the broncos rushing attack, forcing him to throw. row he did. 4 touchdown passes. 312 yards. sanders had 117 rd dt had the game clinching touchdown pass in 100 yards receiving. simeon had a very happy locker room and a game ball afterwards. dt said he knew it would come together at some point. that point was today.>> i think we're the best in the game . we showed it today. >> i think it is a testament to our team. i think we have a really good team a really brazilian group. i am really proud to be part of
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group. i'm really proud to be a part of the team. >> today in the fourth quarter he came in and took command of the huddle. he was confident. even though it was a deep ball to do various he said we are about to go for the gusto. what a day for him. four touchdowns, 300 yards, that's amazing. >> go for the gusto. coming up that's what we're going to do. more in the broncos with inside and woody paige will be here well at 10:35 tonight. we will see you then. right now police in florida are still investigating after a boating accident killed a rising baseball star. miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident in florida early this morning. the 24-year-old was one of the rising stars in baseball. to others were also killed in the accident. some quick thinking neighbors may have saved a woman's life in malls county. deputies were called out to
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she is in critical condition. residents hit the suspects with gardening tools and held him down as a called 911. that man is in jail. see you boulder police want you to be on the lookout for a man who allegedly tried to sexually assault a woman on campus. this happened right near back -?to auditory. the woman thought the suspect off after he pulled herrto thee ground. police described the suspect as a college-age black man with an shaggy billiard just beard and mustache. news alerts. greenlee police way to be on the lookout for this 16-year- old. they say white hubbard led to some yesterday around four clock. he has not been heard from since. police are worried because wyatt has a traumatic brain injury. he had on a blue sleeveless shirt, navy blue sweatpants and red and white nike hightop shoes. we are just getting started. something that makes you sick to your stomach the search tonight for people vandalizing colorado's beautiful nature.
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queen. one local student gave it all up for some very special classmates. how so much can change in 22 hours. we may have just started fall but mother nature is already we have some amazing pictures. throughout western colorado we have had a nice warm up. between fifth teen and 20
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being crowned homecoming royalty is just about every high schoolers dream. in douglas county one student did the unthinkable after being crowned king. denver 7's mark boyle explains why one >> reporter: it's all because of the selfless act of 17-year- old brad cooley who was named homecoming queen does king only to strip himself of the title the next day. 17-year-old megan bailey has a smile that will liggt up a the douglas county high school senior lives with a form of cerebral palsy that prevents her from speaking on her own.>> by her side at last night's homecoming dance is ian brennan who is quite the personality himself.
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like that before? >> yellow. >> he likes grounds. >> reporter: they made the perfect pair for their first date. a date that won't ever be forgotten. arthritis homecoming game megan was crowned homecoming queen and brad cooley named king. brad didn't hang onto that title even 24 hours. >> somethhng didn't feel right to me. it didn't feel like i s it. i don't know. there was something in me that was like i just feel like it would be better deserved for someone else. >> reporter: in a surprise turn of events the dance saturday night brad found megan's date in. selflessly, he handed over his title. >> it made me cry. it was amazing to have the sweetness of sharing that moment . it was really amazing.
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night and special memory. we are goinggto hold on the. >> the brennan's are holding this moment closer to her heart and cherishing this for her mother who can be there to see it. two months ago ian's mother died of liver cancer. >> she is myyhero. she was my hero before i was diagnosed.>> yes she was. >> now we can continue along with the whole team of other people the work that she did and make the world a better place for ?ot just for ian, buffer everybody. >> reporter: inclusion is all these scammers want for their children. inclusion in school and the community. both families believe these smiles are a sign of inclusion in progress that others recognize. we all struggll some, just a little differently. in castle rock with denver 7.
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probably get under your skin. vandals left their mark on mother nature now investigators want to find out who did it. authorities released these pictures along the trail in o'fallon park in morrison. the sheriff's office says at least 4 trees and five rocks were spray-painted. if you have any information about who was behind thh vandalism call police. arsonist is on the loose right now in castle rock. the fire chief says there have been six separate fires within other. achieve things they were set intentionally. heefound a lighter where the most recent fire happened yesterday. that we were 15 seconds away when it gets to that point i want the community involved in paying attention. >> the fire chief wants you to look for and report anything suspicious. >> the search for an experienced hiker conttnues near aspen. david cook from new mexico is lost your maroon bells. it took off from aspen on
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his stop on tuesday. this is a firsthand look at the problem with samsung galaxy note 7 bones. a man in indianapolis was charging his phone when it burst into flames. he quickly got the fire out and throw it away to make sure nothing else would catch fire. samsung has already shipped more than 500,000 replacement phones to carriers across the country. what a difference 24 hours makes. this picture was posted to rocky mountain national park's facebook page and shows a very snowy trail ridge road fast-forward to today. a much different site. look at those blue skies the sun is shining and you can even see some snow that is left over from yesterday. stacey donaldson with the first alert forecast. that's kind of how colorado weather goes. >> for sure. sometimes you never know when is going to strike. we still have on the peaks a little bit of the skillful left over. today it was warmed up.
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denver. it will be a nice cool, clear night for us this evening and a little chilly as well. very nice next week. very fall like forecast for us with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. aa this point mostly 40s and 50s for the front range. if you are in highlands ranch 48 degrees. 51 littleton. 49 liquid. 47 longmont. highs today only got into the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. tonight it will be extra cool denver and toward fort calling, sterling, burlington, cover your sensitive plans tonight. there is a frost advisory issued. that does not include the denver metro area. just on the outskirts toward greeley, kingsford, elizabeth, parker, castle rock will all experience cool temperatures tonight. high pressure is in control so we will see a lot of sunshine mild conditions for the next few days. it is so clear across the state
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cooling where in heat that has built up, the clear skies let it go out to space. you might see some frost on the planes this evening. overnight mostly around 40. tim's for the next few hours will be in the 50s in tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the mid-70s for the day. kids headed out in the morning will need a jacket. partly cloudy and only 44 degrees. 70 degrees going home with lots of sunshine. future cast, very quiet across the state colorado. a few high clouds tomorrow afternoon. clear skies tonight. 40 degrees. 20s and 30s for the higher elevations. anything shaded and purple from steamboat all the way to gunderson will have 30s and 40s across the plains tomorrow mostly in the 70s for the front range. it will be a mild afternoon. temperatures right around where they should be for this time of
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today with temperatures today only in the 60s. 70s for the western slope tomorrow. 70s and 80s for southeastern colorado. up into the northeastern part of the state temperatures close to 75 degrees. the seven-day forecast keeps us in the 70s for a day and then we get into the 80s tuesday and wednesday. these are the bright spots with sunny skies. a few showers showing up on thursday and friday. we really are going to change the temperature fluutuation we really are not going to change the temperature fluctuation that much. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. looking from one weekend to the next weekknd before the week has started we will have a 80 degrees on saturday and 79 next sunday. >> easing into fall now. it's a reunion five years in the making in pueblo. how a family was able to track down there missing dog over 00 miles away.
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a reunion five years by making. the public family reunited with their st. bernard who was found in missouri. she was found last week in missouri with help of her microchip. a woman side facebook post about missy and decided to drive to missouri to pick up a dog to bring her back to pueblo. missy's owner is still in shock. >> i did not believe it. kidding me. i was -- i said that is great. she showed me pictures and i said that is our missy. that is our missy. the family is going to train missy to become a service dog to help their daughter who is
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rachel's story triumph over tragedy, an in-depth look at how the columbine tragedy led to a worldwide program inspiring a chain reaction of kindness and schools pick that is something -?the students from fossil ridg high school learned about all last week. they have been taking part in chain reaction days designed to show them will face challenges in our everyday lives. % challenges we share with each other. >> if you or close friends or family were ever a victim of violence because of your color, culture, religion ritage please cross theeline. >> we will take a look at how chain reaction days work and how the lesson is taught to elementary school age kids as well. colorado springs hired some temporary employees to help with weed control in bear creek regional park. overgrown weeds in the park. the goats will eat 2-3 tons of
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encouraged to go and check out the goats grazing out there. new destination to check out in the up and coming right now district of denver. the denver local market officially opened today. the owner hopes it will be a destination, especially with all of the development happening in that area. >> lounge but the is already a new owner moving in brickell have city oh city, a vegetarian restaurant in several other businesses are taking over. this week seven everyday hero is known as the encourager. she is the reason students readdng scores are rising. >> reporter: roy and silo had no egg to sit upon and keep warm -- there was a day when
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reading. >> their nest was nice, but it was a little empty. >> reporter: miss vanessa came along. >> she helps people like me and she is a good person. >> the teacher pulled me aside and said i don't know what you're doing in reading partners but i have seen a huge turnaround. she knows loves reading. >> reporter: vanessa is a volunteer tutor at denver's lenora school. and it works wonders. >> 80% of the kids that heart -- that our tutors and volunteers worked with improve literacy schools either moderate improvement or high improvement. >> reporter: there are dozens of tutors. if you're 55 or older you could volunteer and perhaps learn something yourself. >> i have gotten so much frrm these kids. they taught me all displaying. i know all of the slang.
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nothing over on me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: most of all you would have the satisfaction of helping make learning fun. >> i have something to give and i want to give it. >> on mitch from denver 7. how're you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> we did trick you. laughter ]>> the independent insurance agents of colorado, denver 7 for all of your tutoring and mentoring. congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> her reaction is priceless. to learn more about the foster grandparent program go to the denver and click on the committee section and seven everyday heroes. thousands of people that in city park in denver for a great cause. the 20th annual step up for down syndrome awareness walk by
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people enjoyed -- held there this morning. people enjoyed dancing and games. the group strives to serve the needs of those living with down syndrome and their loved ones and caregivers. as we get ready for october and breast cancer awareness month residents across the state came together to raise for a cu. it is the largest community fundraiser to help pay for local breast cancer care nash -- national research. thousands of people walked today which ended with a celebration at the pepsi center to pay tribute to local survivors. a very special piglet from
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up
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to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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you have got to see this video. a german shepherds great escape shelter was caught in camera ginger climbed over her cage different doors to the lobby. she walked right out the front door of the shelter. ginger was dropped off days ago . she was apparently trying to find her way back home. she still needs a forever home. maybe one with really good locks and gates. what you expect from a ginger? this might be the cutest in you will see all night. a piglet nam america was born on a farm in pain three weeks
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to properly work.'s owner says miracle has adapted just fine. >> it was amazing to watch. he doesn't know anything is wrong with him. he things this is normal. >> now miracles owners are looking for a forever home that can deal with such a different little guy head to colorado qt if you want to learn more. >> they are so cute. >> he didn't look like he was having a problem. >> i love a. and that german shepherd -- that is so funny. >> he actually pushes the doorr open. he is a smart dog. we have great-looking weather coming up. tomorrow 76 with sunny skies. we will hang onto the sunshine tuesday aad weddesday. tim's don't stray from about 79- 82 over pretty much -- temperatures don't stray from
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the next few days. we have a frost advisory in effect for tonight. make sure you cover your plans tonight. those plans to my. trevor siemian got a game ball for his outstanding performance against the bengals


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