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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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breaking news this monday. police want you to take a look at this picture. this 15-year old girl and four- month old baby are missing. they disappear last night. it's especially important police find them because the baby needs medications for seizures. >> avenue. we have some good news this morning in this missing person's case. police have located the 16-year old. police were worried because he has a traumatic brain injury. he's now home and safe and sound. cu boulder police are warning you to be careful. a man is on the run who tried to sexual assault someone. police describe the suspect as
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an average build and small shaggy beard and mustache. it's 4:30 and we're seeing a sunny day across the front range and state. high pressure building into colorado keeping us dry. mostly sunny skies but a ool start to the morning. a frost advisory is in effect for much of northeast colorado so temmeratures are cool to start the day. 35 in evergreen. lo area. 45 in castle rock. temperatures warmer than yesterday. right around average for this time of year. 76 our expected high in denver. the foothills it's 60s and 50s. here's your first alert things are getting warmer. work all around town
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25. no delays there bbt some on i- 25 from avans down to hamden for that paving operation. -- -- evan. evans.. some delays along federal down to i-76. that closure as they were doing road work in there and also doing work on the bridge. 4:32 now. bowl of politics. tonight's debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is drawing a television audience of 100 million. >> that would shatter the debate for jimmy carter and ronl reagan which was 80 million back in 1980. it's going down tonight for 90 minutes. hillary clinton and donald trump will square off face to face at hoster university.
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you can see it right here on denvee seven starting at 7:00. the candidates are answering questions on three basic topics. those chosen by the moderator including america's direction, america's prosperity and securing america. abc news washington post poll clinton leads trump by two points ahead of tonight's debate. clinton 46% and trump 44% and the other candidates filling out the rest. political science experts say if you're looking for a policy debate set your exppctations low. >> i would be surprised how much more substance you will hear on issues. >> as far as here in colorado, a cbs poll has clinton up 1% over trump. a new cnn poll gives her the same margin, one percentage point over donald trump.
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here on denver seven we'll have represent sent tives atives from both parties answering questions what to expect from their candidates tonight and what undecided voters should tune in and look for. it's the democrats at 5:00 and republicans at 6:00 so stay tuned for that. reporting life downtown, i'm jason gruenauer, cbs4 news. you can join us news. police investigating deadly shooting near the rocky mountain arsenal. >> new details on what happened . this is the block of randolph police. police haven't released who the
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suspect in custody but we spoke with a neighbor last night who was just arriving home when she heard a couple shots. she went outside to find her neighborhood outside suffering from injuries. that person she says later died on scene. neighbors tell us there was one bhan who suffered gunshot wounds and died. the investigation continues and we're following developments as the morning continues here on this 16000 16000-blocc of
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a victim taken to the hospital and the suspect was caught. police are not releasing names and no word on what led up to the stabbing. a suspects serial arsonist is on the loose in castle rock. the fire chief thinks the fire were intentionally set. the most recent fire happened over the weekend we were 15 seconds away from a catastrophe. when it gets to that point i paying attention. >> so the fire chief wants where you to look for and report anything suspicious. right now police are looking for a couple vandals trying to destroy nature at a local park. police released these photographs of graffiti along the trail in morrison. the jefferson county sheriff's office says four trees and five rocks were spray painted. if you have information you're urged to call police.
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bengals bringing home another win. >> the broncos win 29-17. trevor siemian throw two touchdown passes. the broncos remain undefeated. some sad news this morning for the sports world. . golf legend arnold palmer has passed away. he won seven major championships and was 87 years old. the sports community also mourning the death baseball star, jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident in florida. two others also killed in the accident. new details release on the pulse nightclub shooting that killed dozens of people. president obama and leonardo dicaprio are joining
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president says is one of the biggest problems facing the
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. welcome back. today the suspect in the burlington washington mall shooting is facing a judge. >> he's pected to be arraigned today, can accused of
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macy's store on friday. the suspect was taken into custody saturday neither. police are still working to figure out his motive. he's now facing five counts of first degree murder. new transcripts released on the pulse nightclub shooting revealed new details about omar mateen. the shooter told the a negotiator "you have to tell america to state of mind bombing syria and iraq, they are killing innocent people". the shooter also roughers to bombs outside of cars that can take out a whole block. officials in charlotte, north carolina are lifting the city's curfew. it went into affect last week following the protests over keith scott. relatives say he didn't have a gun but a book but authorities say there was no book founn at the sce of the shooting. it led todays of unrest in the
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in tennessee a 12-year old toddler. ccidentally shot by a - >> the #20d ler opened fire after taking the gun from the door pocket of a family membee's car. >> i heard a "bang". it then after it sounded like ten kids screaming bloody murder. in new york three people are collide midair. no one on the ground was hurt and we're not sure what caused this. the ntsb and faa are investigating. yesterday the eu rayly
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clinton and then donald trump and they discussed military security. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off tonight at 7:00. president obama is turning to the star to help fight climate change. he will join leonardo dicaprio's new documentary "before the flood". the film is presented by national geographic. >> nice and quiet. katie has our first alert forecast for this monday. it was boufl this weekend. >> yes, very cool and nothing too wild. a lot of sunshine and perfect fall weather. it's getting warmer so won't feel quite as cool today and tomorrow. clear kies across colorado to start this monday.
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could see temperatures around freezing. be aware of sensitive crops and vegetation could be damaged. temperatures in the 50s and 35 in evergreen andests park only 29 degrees. right around average near the front range. a couple degrees where we should be. very pleasant and plenty of shiendz and 76 in boulder and broomfield. mid sterling and across the foothills. upper 60s and lower 70s across the western slope and low 80s so the southeast in pueblo and lamar and denver as well. head out this morning. as you - you definitely need sunggasseses and maybe a and a
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these temperatures warmer, 42 is the overnight in fort collins and same in denver. so for the most part, not a lot to talk about weaaher wise. no severe storms really until about thursday. so for the most part enjoy this first full week of fall. today we'll see temperatures warmer in the mid to upper 60s and plenty of sun sunshine to go around. this weekend we're staying in the mid to thursday increasing cloud coverage and slight chance for afternoon and evening showers. temperatures overnight warmer throughout the week. 40s and lower 50s. friday the best chance for evening showers but a warm, dry weather pattern for the week. >> a little chilly out there. now though. a paving operation is still
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traffic is so light right now. no significant delays because of that. i'll keep an eye on this to make sure they get it up and out of there. take a look at the drive going on around town including the paving around south 25 and yale. a ramp restriction coming off of i-70 to go south. it appears it's open now. getting out to dia, that looks okay as well. turning now to health news. national spotlight a lot lightly. >> arapahoe county sheriff's office says two people found overdosing on heroin in a moving car on friday near colorado boulevard on east arapahoe road which is right nooeks to newton middle school. the reports driver swerving a over the road. deputies arrived and gave the couple narcan. >> she was clenching the steering wheel and he was
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his head was down. at least they do save lives. >> the deputies have only had the narcan kits for a week now. today different medical center are being discuused to treat the pain without painkillers. they say many addictions begin after being in the er. . maternal mortality is on the rise talking death due to complications from child birth and pregnancy. between 2000 and 2014 the maternal mortality rate increased by 27%. that breaks down to 20 deaths for every one # 100 births00
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its first video viewing sunglasses. . snapchat has its own eye glasses called spectacles and they record ten seconds of video at a time by touching a button. they come in three colors and cost about $130. snapchat ceo admits they're still something of a toy. amazon's popular echo be facing competition from an apple product. >> apple hasn't finalized plans pr the device and could still scrap the project. google is getting loss lots of appreciation for its messaging app. it's been downloaded more than 1 million i don't knows. >> it uses machine learning technology to suggest replies. >> no more having to think of
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it will do it for you. . many high schoolers dream of being homecoming royaaty but in douglas county one student gave up the spotlight to do something for someone else. >> greg was crowned along with 3 special needs student megan daily. he found her date and handed the title over to him. brad says he didn't think twice about that. >> something didn't feel right to me was the one who was supposed to have it. i felt like it would be better deserved for someone else. >> the two families say they fight everday for inclusion for the children in school and the community. this proves our younger generation is taking a big step in that direction. a colorado woman making learning fun, a every day seven hero helps reading score rides.
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this week's every day seven hero ishero.
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>> tlfts there was a day when this little girl didn't think much of reading. >> reporter: then mrs. lagressa came along. >> she helps people like me and she's a good person. >> the teacher actually pulled me aside and said i don't know what you're doing in reading ?artners but i've seen a huge >> i just try to give them as much love and positive reinforcement as i can. >> reporter: it works wonders. >> 80% of the kids that our voounteers worked with improved their literacy skills either moderate or high improvement. >> reporter: there are volunteers part
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>> i've got so much from these kids. i know all the slangs. can't nobody pull nothing over on me now most of all you have the satisfaction of making learning fun like lagressa has. >> i have something to dwif and i want to give it. >> hi, i'm from denver7 news. >> you tricked me. >> check this out, denver7 news and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents froo colorado would like to nominate you as a news hero for all your effort. >> she got mad at me and cried and messed up her make-up. sweetie. if you want to learn more about
4:55 am and and i'll posted. today starting the day cool, clear conditions across the state. nice week ahead. 70s and 60s in the forecast and very quiet start to this mooday. not expecting much in the way of moisture at all. right now across state we're in the oup r upper 50s upper 50s in the western slope. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. they're wrapping up the paviig operations on c-470. still doing that right now on i- 25 on the southbound side near yale and hamden and also picking up the pieces around other places as well. like colfax and colorado -- looking nice. a lot of green out there innluding getting to dia. we know here in the tv business it can be tough to be
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comes to dealing with animals on live tv. -?>> this reporter at the zoo came face to face with afriendly baby gir ralph giraffe. >> reporter: one last shot. >> man, that's' lot of slobber. >> wow, where is this going? >>reporter: oh guy. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> they always children on live tv. you never know. >> privacy please. >> are you okay? >> that's awesome. very friendly giraffe. . here's a look at what we're working on at 5:00 a.m. tensions high in charlotte because someone brought a gun to a panthers game. plus, the clowns are back
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when this creepy clown db before landing himself behind % bars. -? a deadly shooting in washington state, we're putting faces to the victims killed
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rits it's 5:00 a.m. and breaking news out of denver. deputies need to find this 15- year old mom and her baby who needs his seizure medication. if you have seen them or know wh the morning the nation is remembering arnold palmer. he was 87 years old. he won four masters and 62 pga titles and seven majors. this missing teen we have been telling you about since saturday afternoon is now safe. he has a traumatic brain injury and we have just learned he was found and is fine. right now denver police are investigating a deadly


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