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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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tracking breaking news out of arapahoe county. deputies looking for 15-year old jasmine oliver and her four month old son dante. they were last seen yesterday leaving a foster home near him leia street and quincy avenue. someone is dead after being national refuge. police are not saying much. amanda de castillo joins us >> reporter: police are no longer on scene at this hour but we know they were here yesterday evening into the early morning investigating a shooting. that investigation quuckly turned into a death investigation. now police aren't releasing any details about the victim or ssspect but neighbors we spoke say it may have been a family
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0. >> to see a guy still alive on the ground and then gone, just like that -- it is traumatic. >> reporter: jackson says she has to have a tough conversation with her children about what happened evening but we'll hear more from her in the next half hour being removed from the home on randolph place. . another big story this monday morning is tonight's presidential debate. it's the first time hillary clinton and donald trump square off on stage. >> before we get to that, let's
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lasalle. >> it's a cool start and frost aavisory in effect. satellite and radar clear and quiet across colorado. early on this morning be aware you will want a jacket before you head out. 35 in sterling and 49 in greeley and denver and 45 in the metro area. no frost advisory but still chilly. leadville at 26 ddgrees. high temperatures for today, a saw this wwekend. mid to upper 60s for denver. high lands ranch near 77. across the north eastern plains mid to upper 60s. throughout the course of the week we're in the low 80s. i'll have your seven-day coming up. low 8's right now in driving speed. this is the southbound side colorado boulevard. right before colorado to hamden, still waiting for lanes to get picked up.
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after evans down to hamden and this is the resulting traffic jam coming from southbound colorado boulevard to loop around and join southbound 25 is also closed down. take a look at the map. this is the area we're talking about in here. we saw a big traffic jam coming through there. everything else in town pails in comparison. 5:33 now. trouble in the air this morning. both here in the u.s. and smoke just forced a philippines air flight to japan to turn back. the smoke was coming from a vent inside the cabin area. the flight did make it back safely. the cause still under investigation. in charlotte, north carolina the faa just issued a ground stop at douglas international airport because of the weather. you see the rain on the streets they had rescues they had to pull off.
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tonight hillary clinton and donald trump will be debating each other for the first time. even if they usually skip the debates you will want to tune in for this one. jason gruenauer researchers what topics these candidates are going to cover. good morning, several are on the docket from the moderator of tonight's debate -- it should be an interesting face off and much more on that, representativessthanks for joining us this morning. i want to ask you what are you expecting out of tonight's debate. >> donald trump has turned the presidential debate into a ba reality television show and tonight is no different. he will come forward in entertainment form. for hillary she's laying out her values and vision for the country and what she wants to accomplish on behalf of americans.
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percentage point in the swing state of colorado, how do you think tonight's debate and the otherrtwo moving forward could impact voters? >> hillary clinton will win colorado, making sure families understand what is at stake this election. she has the right values and vision for our country. she has a plan to make sure as we see economic recovery it doesn't impact those at the top but all coloradans. >> we have seen some back and fireworks and probably expecting some tonight. do you think it's more about policy or fighting back and forth? >> hillary is going to talk abbut her policies but there's a lot of unanswered questions that donald trump needs to be asked. where are his tax returns? how does he explain the trail of unpaid bills to american small businesses? what are his connections with russia? i hope the moderators are well prepared to fact check on the %
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that is untrue during this campaign and it's time that the american people know the truth. >> we will be doing fact checking later on. at 10:00 we will have a full recap of the debate. we have heard from the democrats and now it's the republicans term. we're speaking to a party representative at 6:00. reporting live downtown, i'm jason gruenauer, back to you. if you don't mind, some rise home. % of people are likely to watch the debate tonight with 27% still thinking about it. but will the debate impact your vote? 46% think it will hhve an impact but impact. . you can take denver7 news
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app. two people found overdosing in a moving car. the deputies safed the car thanks to the heroin antidote narcan. this happened near colorado boulevard right next to newton middle school. deputies got the call. someone dialled 911 saying there's a driver swerving. >> she was clenching the steering wheel and he was passed out and his head was down. at >> the couple is lucky. they only had the narcan kit for about a week now. today emergency room doctors at swedish medical center are doing their part to help cut down opioid addictions. many addictions begin after getting pain pills at the er. swedish medical center is the opioid free emergency room.
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trend is tread spreading. in georgia police arrested this man saying he scared people while dressed as a clown. witnesses say he was creeping around the store and jumping out at people and popped up next to people sitting in parked cars. back heee at home you may have seen this facebook picture here claiming that a clown was lurking around in denver's southern neighborhood. turns out there's no clown in town. this picture dates back to 2013 and was taken in a warning this morniig, be careful when drinking raw milk. 20 people have gotten sick from drinking milk from the ranch in pueblo county. in this case the milk was given to members of a preferred shared program which is an exception in our law. a developer wanting to tear down two single family homes in the north west corner of laurel
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they want to tear down the homes and build student housing. the plans still need approval by the city. good news this morning, a douglas county detective shot three weeks ago is doing much better. >> detective dan bright is now awake and communicating with his family. the man who shot him was killed in the shoot out. we have to show you this pig let born on a farm in working hind legs. despite his disability, the little pig is doing great. >> the first day he started walkkng on his front legs. he doesn't know anything is wrong with hip. he thinks it's normal. >> miracle, this pig let, is now the now looking for a forever home. >> i hope my wife is not watching. >> all the sudden now you have a pig in the house? >> no, i'm not.
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>> oh, not at all mitch. . it's now 5:39 and hings in charlotte are calming down. this reporter is meeting with protests who pushed him. >> i have something to give and i want to give it. give she does. find oot why our seven every day hero is called the encourager. expect sunshine across the state of colorado. today high temperatures getting it will feel great outside today. i'll have your extended seven- day coming up. denver tech center. at the look at the folks stuck here behind this one lane
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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a massive fire in saudi arabia arabia. . we don't know how this fire started ch we'll keep you posted as we learn more. this hero is known as the encourager.
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>> reporter: there was a day when little zenora didn't think must have of reading. >> their eggs were nice wut empty. >> reporter: then mrs. legressa came along. she's a good person the me and- teacher pulled me aside and said i don't know what you're doing in reading partners but i've seen a huge turned in students. student at a denver school. >> i try to give as much love and positive reinforcement as a can. >> 80% of the kids have tutors and improved their skills moderately or high improvement. >> reporter: there are dozens of tutors just like la gres sa who are part of the foster grand parent prrgram. if you're 55 or older you can do it too and perhaps learn -?something yourself.
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kids. they have taught me all the slangs. i know all the slangs so can't nobody pull nothing on me now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: most of all you have the satisfaction of bhaking learning fun. several times a week for the past two years. >> i have something to give and i want to give it. >> reporter: hi, i'm mitch from denver7 news, how are you? >> you guys tricked me. >> we did trick you. check this out. >> oh my >> reporter: denver7 news and the independent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you as a denver7 news every day hero for your tutoring and mentoring. >> thank you, oh my goodness. >> i think we surprised her. if you want to learn more about the foster grand parent program, i'll post this on our website. clickkon community on and you
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day heroes. you know it feels like fallout side. temperatures warmer this weekend it really felt like falll expect mid to upper 60s and a cool start to the day. a frost advisory in effect as skies are clear. throughout the week today, we're seeing very pleasant conditions. 70s and low 80s and ppenty of sunshine monday, tuesday and wedneeday. and satellite, not a lot going on. staying dry throughout much of the afternoon. all the areas you see in blue we could be seeing ttmperatures down into the freezing values and uu into the upper 30s. temperatures now near sterling 35. denver metro area not encompassed in the frost advisory but still want a light jacket when you head out this morning.
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thoifts in the 30s in the mountains. 76 in denver, high lands ranch 77 degrees and boulder 76. evergreen, plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon and high near 70. elsewhere across the state, 76 degrees in grand junction. pleasant temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s for much of the mountains and the southeast places like lamar and pueblo, low 80s. overnight tonight getting down to 42 degrees. mostly clear skies staying cool and not quite as chilly as this morning so we're looking at temperatures most cli clear and plenty of sunshine and great news here -- no inclement weather or severe weather warnings in the state for the
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sunny, dry, clear, beautiful, great first week of fall. overnight lows staying in the 50s and as we head throughout the end of the week, better chance for seeing a few more afternoon showers and a couple storms friday but overnight lows warming up into the lower 50s. we are finally opening the lanes of the southbound side of i-25 now. you can see the construction truck right here. -?this is where they are pickin up the cones as we work this is the area the traffic is not in and pick up the cones that open all lanes. right now it's closed from colorado boulevard to evans. take a look at the camera here at colorado boulevard. that ramp from southbound colorado boulevard is just open and you see the traffic now dumping in here making the traffic jam worst. this map goes back to university. the southbound side is struggling here. extra 5-10 minutes.
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minutes and the traafic jam will get better. right now an extra ten minutes getting from downtown to the denver tech center. tense moments in charlotte when police arrested a man for having a gun at the panthers game. the man had a loaded magazine and unloaded pistol in a bag outside the stadium. they were able to arrest him without anyone being hurt. this morning things are calming in charlotte after previous protests. curfew since friday. keith scott had a gun police say but his family says it was a book. a gun was found at the scene. speaking of charlotte, you may remember this video showing a guy knocking off a reporter. well, the reporter reunited with the guy who wanted to say he was sorry. . >> so we have gotten to know
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you. i hope you're okay. it shows the compassion you have as a human being because most people wouldn't speak to me after thaa. >> life is short man. >> i knocked you down but you can get back up. we're all here but keith scott was not. >> the protests said he was caught up in the moment. the two hugged after and all is well. what the orlando nightclub shooter said to during the rampage. everything we need to know about hue movies but there's a new law censoring what the site
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today we're getting a clearer picture of the man who killed 47 people in ab-orlando nightclub. the shooter refers to bombs inside cars outside that club that night saying, "these bombs can take out a whole city block almost." but police did not find the bombs. there's a big crack down on mail fraud targeting older americans. we're digging deeper into the problem. >> mail scams follow a similar pattern. you get a letter claiming you
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claim a prize and you just send in money forrthe processing fee. >> senior citizens should be enjoying retirement, not funding a scammer's lifestyle. >> they said mail fraud is a major financial stress. it impacts millions of people in the u.s. and tricks them out of hundreds and millions of dollars. >> be suspicious of any un soly stited mail. big college football news, lsu defense coach now leading the team after les milessis has been fired. they said changes needed to
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miles has the second most wins in school history with 114 wins. the newspaper says says hillary clinton's experience makes her better qualified to shape u.s. foreign policy than donald trump. ups is testing out drone technology. the company is focusing on remote and hard to reach locations like this test taking place off the massachusetts. this shows the drone delivering an asthma inhaler to a child at camp. finding out how old your getting harder if you use imdb that is. there's a california law that says they need to remove birthday information if they are asked to do so. the screen actor's guild supports the law saying this
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discrimination but some say it's censorship that won't prevent anything. >> are they really telling the 3 truth how old they are? you can find the information not even on that website. >> yeah, just google it. >> i'm mer concerned abthe temperatures. temperatures around 76. so we can tell you that. if you're heading out to school today, 43 and mostly clear skies. you will want a jacket because it fe the day. mid 70s and plenty of sunshine. colorado throughout much of the day today. high pressure in control and expect a lot of sunshine. -?you will want glass when you head out the doorr plenty of sunshine monnay, tuday and wednesday andda better chance for showers thursday and friday and temperatures back in the low 80s. thankfully all the lanes are getting picked up colorado down to hamden.
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blocking off the far right ied and look at the traffic jam at university. rock solid like this back to downing. after ten minutes on the trip to the denver tech center, you can see it on the map. the heavy stop and go traffic and all lanes are picked up and traffic should start to impro. a dangerous man running around cu boulder and now police want to catch him before he strikes again. what they say he did.
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breaking news this morning. this 15-year old girl and her baby are missing. the baby needs seizure medication so it's important they are tracked down quickly. they were last seen near quincy. call 911 if you see anything. some people are dealing with a frost advisory this morning. >> it definitely feels more like fall. katie lasalle joins us now with a look at your first alert forecast. good monday morning to you. clear conditions across colorado night row so here's where the frost advisory encompasses. much of north eastern colorado. the denver metro area is not expected to see a lot of frost


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