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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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with community leaders some solutions in how to improve the relationship between the community and police that are supposed to be protecting that community. one of the big parts of this is trust. we also have bad news for that trust part of the relationship. a new investigation by the associated press released yesterday shows police departments across the country that misused and abused official information including police databases for personal use. check out the stats we found. between 2013 and to the ap investigation they 325 officers who were suspended or resigned because of improper use of informatiin and 250 received reprimands for improper use of databases. we could be talking about much more than just these numbers. some examples of what the ap found as far as specifics, one
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his ex-girlfriend and also home addresses of women he found attractive and one fact checked. it's another challenge for the deputy attorney general as she comes to denver. we plannon asking her about the investigation as well as potential solutions. forums held across the country. she's expected here around 8:00 to 9:00 this morning. we'll bring later on here on denver7 news. i'm jason gruenauer, denver7 news. today is not the day to feel guilty about having a second or third cup of coffee. >> we have even better news, we have gathered the best for you, all the freebies and discounts. the best deal is going to be at krispy kreme. you can get a free coffee and
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let's bring in lisa hidalgo will you have a hot coffee or cold coffee? the afternoon go cold. and in- i didn't set my alarm last night. luckily i woke up in time barely. this is my first cup. this morning temperatures in the 50s. you already see a change out west near grand montrose troes. here's the showers and thunderstooms rolling in from this weak system we have been talking about all week. it's not doing much to our weather here in denver today. we are still in the low to mid 70s by noon and ccoser to 80 by 3:00 so another day of 80s and very mild through the evening and 74 by 6:00. here's your first alert that
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five day forecast. >> you were reiding by drive you crazy page and it made you sleep. >> that's what i read in the afternoon if i need to take a nap [ laughter ] [ laughter ] southbound side of i-25 rough around hamden as they finish the paving down that way and the northbound side also looking niceeafter that overnight work. traffic su the pepsi enter at spear but other was a smooth ride across downtown now. breaking international news, an 11-year old boy is in the hospital this morning after getting hit while crossing mississippi in aurora. he was headed to school yesterday morning when it % happened. police say the driver had a green light and probably will not face any charges. now to breaking international news, at least
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been killed overnight. the two countries are fighting over territory and one coontry says the strikes were based on credible information that militants were planning to carry out strikes in ipd yan cities. this comes two weeks after 18 indian soldiers were killed. most of us are tired of seeing violence like this at 16th street mall. we are looking into a foruu happening today and taking place in the mall. good morning, we're hoping to get answers as to what's being done and if it's really helped along the 16th street mall. the forum starts at 7:00 this morning, so coming up here soon at the grand hyatt a few blocks off the 16th street mall. take a look at video this morning. we're seeing the extra added security and we have been talking about this for months now. this is one of the efforts to make it safer down here so
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down to the 16th street mall. there will be several panelists highlighting the event later this morning. this forum that includes eugene wade, they will update guests on safety and security efforts including downtown's private security teaa. private security was one of the major efforts we have been talking about. it's going to cost you money if you want to go to this forum at 7:00. it's going to cost you're part of the denver downtown partnership it will cost you only 35 dollars. $35. this morning we're waiting to find out this man's punishment for pimping out a 17- year old run away. a jjry found him guilty. he met the girl in lakewood two years ago and took her in. he said she would have to be a prostitute for him.
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and posting them online to lure men for sex. she was given probation. an aurora police officers' 28-year old son is under arrest accused of shooting inside a castle pines home. after firing the shot the man ran inno a neighbor's house and refused to come out. his father helped convince him to surrender and thankfully no one was hurt. take a look at all this weed. the feds agencies took in more than 22,000 pounds of marijuana in raids across the state. this video was sent from colorado springs. investigators think one large criminal organization was ttans porting marijuana transporting marijuana out of colorado into mexico. drones have all sorts of use.
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department get a better view of what they're up against. our country's lawmakers are going through construction cost of the va hospital in aurora. the hospital which is supposed to be finished in 2018 is expected to cost $1.7 billion. the va previously denied requests to send the detailed results of its internal investigation. if you're in boulder, get plastic bags. city council is consideeing you prefer that people bring their own reusable bags. the city implemented a bag fee back in 2013 reducing bag use by 70% in the first year. that number has stayed the same ever since. a new shooting rrnge is almost ready to be buult if all goes according to plan off of i- 70 in western colorado.
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million for the grant. they will lease the land and design and build the 2,000 acre shooting range. the range is expected to bring in 50,000 visirs every year and host training and competition events. here's some great news for deuce. he just got his bullet proof vest. the aurora police canine unit donated to help make this vest possible. >> he looks cute in that. >> fits him well. it's that time of year when ghosts come out and watches cast their spells. >> we're looking at different haunted houses and unof the country's best is right here in denverr >> that's creepy. the 13th floor haunted house in
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in the country. you can find the complete list on our website, take a look at this. does it look like a halloween decoration you would put up in your house? people in canada can't anymore. home depot is pulling the scary someone said it makes light of peeping toms but groo like this you can still buy it here in it hasn't been pulled from shelves yet. >> that's just weird. . >> seriously. . >> okay. too real [ laughter ] we want to shout out to mitch jelniker who is off this morning. he was up really late last night. he was being honored by his alma mater at cu.
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cu hall of fame. he's not watching because he's sleeping in. >> i hope. better not be watching, mitch. donald trump has oofended many people and now the u.s. army is offending him. why oor military is apologizing this morning. whether you like fracking or not, you will not get to vote on whether or not it stays in the state. find out why. here's your first alert it will be nice and mild today. sunshine this morning and take a look, this afternoon we're near 80 we'll ee aafew mountain showers today and that's the change and we could get rain here in denver. you can see on the north side of town as the camera freezes. the southbound side coming down through 84th avenue.
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new details of a massive fire in georgia. it's too dangerous for firefighters to go inside the building and the roof has collapsed so crews are using an airline ladder to drop water on it. the blaze broke out and fortunately no one has been hurt.
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you will not be able to decide on an anti fracking measure on the ballot. the 89,000 signatures were turned in but the secretary of state's office says they were forged or signed by people who weren't register to vote. the petitioners filed a challenge but ran out of the money so they missed yesterday's deadline to appeal. >> at some point it would have gotten enormously expensive. we ran into all kinds of problem i think at saying is the people who were planning on putting this ban on the ballot realized they fell short and didn't come up with the signatures. >> ballot measure failure coincides with news this week that opec is cutting production for the first time in years. . we continue following possible hacks of our election system this november. just how secure is your vote?
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bureau is getting to the bottom of possible foreign hacks of voter registration databases in illinois and arizona over the summer. he says there's been other atemps since. >> we're doing work through our counter intelligence investigators to understand % what mischief is russia up to in onnection with the election. >> this testimony comes a day after the department of homeland security told congress they are helping 18 states secure their election data from hackers. this morn is apologizing for this tweet, . that tweet was deleted quickly but not before people were able to screen grab it. a social media agent says she meant to post it on her personal account oofrnlt how racial division across the country is affecting this
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election. fewer than 3 and 10 say racial and ethnic minorities do not have enough influence in the country right now. 17% of trump supporters say that while 67% of hillary clinton supporters say that. self-driving cars are coming but are we ready to give more than 60 percent of people think roads would be safer if self-driving cars were standard but over half of us want control of our own cars. part of the concern is we may not know enough. six out of ten people in the survey say they know nothing about them. nearly all of us want the option to krooif ourselves and a majority of people say they
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self-driving cars. are you in the self-driving car or out, jason? in and out. in theory you could have an intersection where you have autonomous cars and they talk to each other so you don't need traffic lights. cars could go right past each other and you never crash because they're talking to each other. however, in bad weather how can they differentiate lanes and slide in the snow? computers don't have that. >> yeah, it's in theory, like you said. in a perfect scenario. >> yeah, if and buts were candy and nuts the world would be a sweeter place. so far a decent ride around town. we're walking to the green wall and you can see on the drive up
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another thing autonomous cars would be drivers to staa a certain distance between each other and traffic would flow smoothly all the time. you see a lot of green out there indicating a minor accident reporttd. i-25 near 180th avenue. nothing up there. the drive to dia is good. >> i'm in. that's an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning. out on the western slopes showers ne telluride. this is the next storm rolling in. not bringing much of anything to denver or the plains but mountains will pick up showers. loouf look from our vierless ?amera and you see things are cheer thhs morning and a lot of sunshine again for our morning drive. 50s early on. 58 degrees by 9:00. ten degrees warmer a few hours later and a high today in the low 80s here in denver.
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developing tonight but still very mild earll tomorrow morning. we have been in the 50s and 50s each morning. 49 at at city park. we will likely see lows in denver that aae that cool by next week. highlands ranch highs at 83. parker 81. as you get further north closer to estes park, lariier and weld in the mountains but ten degrees warmer east. greeley today a high of 82. yesterday we had highs closer to 80 degrees near grand junction and montrose. today we drop into the 70s ith the cloud cover and the chance for scattered storms and -?showers. it's all west of the divide through early afternoon and then gradualll starts to slide further east.
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by this afternoon. overnight still a few showers outtwest. we stay dry across the plains today. a few more clouds by early ?ooorrow morning and you can see a shot at showers tomorrow afternoon here in town. so by about 3:00 to 5:00 is when we could get rain here if denver on friday. it's also cooler. from 80 to 75 tomorrow aad then the weekend looks good. soccer or football games, low to upper 70s and clouds next week we'll be tracking a better chance for showers and look at the cool down. on wednesday highs in the upper 50s near 60 and overnight lows above freezing oofrjs it's no wopder our presidential candidates say they want to do something about child carry. a new cost comparison will have you shaking your head. a health insurance company helping you pay for the apple
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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police in philadelphia say a man slashed his eight-year old son's throat and stabbed his 13-year old friend. he went into a friend's home and cut a woman. someone called 911 saying the man was shooting people. the man quickly withdrew his hand from his pocket so they shot him. families killed in the 911 attacks will be able to sue
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involvement in the attacks. president obama was against the bill because he was worried some other countries could sue the united states. this is the first time his bill had been overridden. shimon peres is being honored today. tomorrow he will lead a u.s. delegation to israel for his funeral. forget a college fund if you don't have kids yet -- a new report compares the cost of what parents pay under $96 a year to enroll a four-year old child in daycare full time. that's $200 more than the average in-state college tuition. donald trump and hillary clinton want to make child care more affordable. aetna wants to help people get healthy. they will help you pay for an apple watch to use several
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and the rest of the price would% be taken by the employee through monthly payroll reductions. pete rose is making another bid for the baseball hall of fame. his lawyers sent an eight page letter asking he be inducted. he was banned for betting on games two years later a rule was on in ineligible list. the home from mrs. doubt fire is on the mark now. it might be worth it to live where robin williams once roamed. it's in san francisco and
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million. >> the home has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms and this is odd -- the seller is a retiring surgeon who specialized in facial fem anization which is kind of what mrs. doubt fire was sort of about. >> interesting. >> i think it would beebizarre to live in a house such as that and have so many people coming by and laying flowers where he died. >> i went there and hunted down that house and the full house house. if you watthed us on facebooo you know it took us our hours to find that. >> was the mrs. doubt fire house easier to find. >> yes. here's your cheat sheet on this thursday. a beautiful day. one more day of 80s. you'll find mountain rain divide early on and tracking 60s here in denver by early
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today mid upper 50s for the kids at the bus stop this morning. they might want a light sweatshirt early on this afternoon. like yesterday, very warm and a few more clouds. >> smooth drive around town. the north side getting busier incllding i-76 and i-25 a minor accident near 84th. i want to remind you we have the section of mississippi closed near broadway and santa
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z24qjz zvpz
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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mutilation, sex assault and repeated abuse at a mental health facility. redetails in a moment. a donald trump supporter pushed around and harassed in a protests against police brutality, you will hear from the victim this mmrning. a warehouse fire near atlanta where crews say it's too doing rous to send anyone inside so they won't be fighting the fire inside. instead, since the roof collapsed they are using airline ladders to dump water on this. the warehouse is less than a thousand feet from the fire stations so they were able to get on it quickly. fortunately, no one has been hurt.


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