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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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claiming to be an owner and threatened to get john elway. deputies arrested 36-year- old core dell robinson for trespassing. he got in the media room and refused to leave. he yelled at a security officer i will get you and elway and obviously he didn't. the case of a local student could rewrite national law. attorneys for a family with autism will argue before the u.s. supreme schools did not provide their kids with appropriate free education. mark, you are finding that this is a big uphill battle for many families. >> that's right. they balt to find out that their individualized program for the important iep is being carried out and planned by the schools. after reading this petition, the nation's highest court will determine how high the educational bar is set for special ed students. >> at the center of this 26
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court on behalf of the highland ranch family whose child has autism is one argument. >> we are dealing with these children with disabilities to invest all of this money for an education and with no greater expectation than basically nontrivial benefits. jack robinson represents the family that argues that during their time from kindergarten through 4th grade at summit ew son was not taking any steps forward. >> there is academics and social abilities. there is evidence that all of those factors that make up an education for drew are regressing. >> several lower courts have ruled that courts provided drew with a minimal education and
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a specialized autism school. those in special education communities say that parents have a fight every day. >> because there is an iep doesn't mean it is happening and that is where the breakdown is coming. i think there are steps being made towards appropriate ieps for kids but i think we have a long way to go. >> now the case is headed to the u.s. supreme court where they will determine just where education students nationally. >> and robinson says the oral arguments in front of the supreme court will be in january with a decision coming a month or two. mark boyle denver 7. this is what is left after a commuter train plowed into a train station. a woman in hoboken new jersey was killed this morning.
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hudson river from manhattan. more than 100 people were hurt in that. investigators are not saying why the train failed to slow down the engineer was just released from the hospital this afternoon and police say he is cooperating. a crash like this likely would not have happened on rtd's new commuters lines because that is because unlike new jersey our rail system has something called positive train control and that slow speeding trains. only a third met to install that technology. the government has extended the deadline for a couple of years. a headline getting national attention. two sisters from the u.s. found dead while vacations in an upscale resource in a tropical african island. one lived inndenver. questions of what could have happened. we have a closer look. reporter: these are the sisters ann and robin corky and we are learning more.
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assistant at jp morgan in. police found them dead in their resort villa last week. their mother and brother traveled to the island demanding answers. police say they have found no signs of any violence on their bodies and u.s. embassy has extended its condolences to the family. the island of sayshells are 800 miles from the east coast of africa and the cost $2000 a night. chipotle pays up nearly 8 million-dollars to a former employee sexually assaulted on the job. the victim says her manager down in houston regularly touched her inappropriately. she was just 16 years old at the time. the jury decided chipotle was liable. authorities believe the manager accused has fled to mexico to avoid criminal charges. a former leader denver police officer once sworn to protect and serve is a focus of
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the denver da charged hubert hanover with several felony drug counts including intent to manufacture and distribute marijuana. he was fired a couple of years ago and this investigation started over the summer. and denver man will in 2014 while his wife was calling 911 and, detectives say you could hear her screaming and the sounds of a gunshot in the phone. seeeral people robbed a key bank in littleton this afternoon. the man got away with money and left with a lollipop.
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he one thousand laptop. he snatched the laptop hidden under his jacket. something has to change following the violent attacks on the 16th street mall. the homeless man running around hitting people with a pipe. today the downtown denver partnership talked about security. they say private security and more police are helping but denver police say they know panhandling is a problem but they don't want arresting people for being homeless. >> unbelievable, the warm weather. 87 is the high temperature in denver. one of the warmest readings around the area. there are clouds and showers starting to pop up and this is the beginning of what is a series of weather changes coming our way. upper air disturbance moving
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coooing trend that brings snow to colorado next week. your first alert forecast is coming up. colorado does it again using muscle to breakthrough a mountain and this time the mission is to save a portion of fort collins drinking water. denver 7 russell hawthorne, this really is monumental. >> feat of engineering. the tallest building in downtown denver. they broke through the other side this morning. they did so with what is called a tunnel boring machine. this project was necessary because two years ago a mudslide ttok out a portion of
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it has been a long night and a long four months for these crews to finish before the snow flies. we are in a race against time. we have been very fortunate with the weather. we had a little bit of snow last weekend but ten thousand feet and a little above ten thousand feet and on borrowed time for october. we are looking at another four to six weeks to finish this thing and more than likely it won't be nice so take a look at this. coming up at six, we will explain the significance of this. it has important and significant -- it means it is very imptant and significant to the crews up here. we will explain that coming up at six. for now live in the pewter canyon, i'm russell haythorn back to you. every day 67 colorodans
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country set up in the steps of the state capital. you can see the silhouettes symbolizing the people that have died with cancer. a poll found that a majority of thoughters in swing states like colorado favor more funding for cancer research and the thin blue line is turning into a large pink ribbon. authority police and city workers create this human ribbon about 30 minutes ago in honor of breast cancer awareness month. officers next month will wear pink robins and socks all through october and they plan to donate to someone in the city that has been affected by breast cancer and needs financial help. and this, look at these superheroes going above and beyond for the tits at children's hospital in aurora. these stories. they have to bring a smile to your face. members of the s.w.a.t. team dressed up as spiderman and superman and iron man and
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few and the pictures shared inside the hospital, you can see just how much it means to the young patients that are the real heroes. >> they will never forget that. nice job, guys. for the first time congress overrides president obama's veto and now a day later, they are not really convinced it was the right call. a big win for military veterans. the va doing something it hasn't done in decades thanks to one couple's fight to a family. more millennials are sticking with mom and dad as they are working longer towards retirement. a new space at the denver somewhere. where you can meet her. beautiful color in the mountains but things are about
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up. the va will pay for decades. >> and the couple that played a big part. >> to put things in perspective the pentagon covers infertility for active personnel. but if you have been injured you are responsible to pay for your own treatment and they don't come cheap. >> for adaptive sports therapist and her husband tyler it was a love at first site.
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started working together, he hated me. >> and the hate turned to admiration. >> she want me to be a better person. >> wounded in afghanistan and in rehab trying to strengthen his body with crystal's help. >> i was shot four times and the first of which paralyzed me. >> i understand you have a bullet inside you. >> yes. i still have a buetlln my t10 ve they fell in love and wanted to start a family. >> with tyler wounded he was paralyzed that led to a discussion that he couldn't have children naturally and that ibf was our own option. >> the average ppocedure cost $15,000 but in crystal and tyler's case it cost 44,000 and they thought the va would help. >> it is one hundred percent
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was no coverage. >> tyler was in disbelief. >> you feel betrayed and forgotten. >> the wilson knew it was literally going to take an act of congress to change things. -?they started the treatment in january and through to the nation's capital. >> we went directly to the people that could change it and put tyler in front of them. >> and they got very good news. >> we have 22 more weeks to go and we get to meet our little guy or girl. >> congress listened to them and just passed a bill this week allowing the va to cover ibf costs. >> it has been a barrier to a lot of veterans that have the same sorts of issues and wasn't able to do so. >> it is why the soon to be parents will continue their fight for a permanent solution. >> make sure that any veteran that is in tyler's situation in the future doesn't have to fight the same night.
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putting something together. >> exactly. remember the baby's name shannon works great for a boy or girl. the senate voted to override the veto from the president it now sounds like the top republicans have some regrets. the override will allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the saudi arabian government where a majority of the attackers came from. senator mitch mcconnell says nobody thought about the international effects of law and that could put u.s. troops and diplomats at risk for troops abroad. >> i hate to blame everything on the president and i don't but it would have been helpful that we had a discussion about this earlier. >> in the house.
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house could revisit this and could protect the servicemen overseaa. >> the millennials are living longer and living with their parents than at any time in the past 130 years. >> and a quarter of colorodans 18 to 34 still live at home. that's despite the fact that census numbers out show incomes are up and poverty rates are down. now on the other end of the spectrum more adults over 65 or staying in the work force. in fact a workers are past retirement age now. reasons include the need for the income and health insurance but a full third of them say they don't stop working because they enjoy what they do and they worry they will be board in retirement. here is why the first presidential debate on monday mattered so much. early voting opened in iowa. polls show hillary clinton trailing donald trump so she held a rally. station volunteers to direct people to nearby polling
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next monday, donald trump brings his campaign back here to colorado. he wwol stops. one in pueblo and at the budweiser event center. the chair says there is no more appropriate time for donald trump to visit colorado than october the bullying month. in denver 7 we have people that are important to what we do and you don't always get to wife polly anna. they got in front of the camera in vail and having a nice time. matt does a great job as one of the directors in the control room. and this is what it looks like. beauful. this is the camera at the westin hotel at beaver creek. look at the color. central and southwest mountains looking good for this time. starting to get winds and rain
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color. a warm day in the denver area. here is a view of our area. 77-degree downtown. 85 still out at dia where the high today was 87 degrees. humidity a dry 16%. winds from the west, southwest at 9 miles per hour. overnight we will drop down to the low to mid-50s. the normal low is at 43. tomorrow not quite as warm as today. normal high is at 73. we will be in the mid-70s tomorrow with showers in the afternoon. there is the scattered showers and showers starting to move into the western part of the state some along the continental divide staying dry in the eastern plains and there is an uuper air disturbance swirling around the four-corner area. weakening as it approaches.
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clear with cloud cover on and off through the night. the low temperatures mild in advance. 50s in denver and greeley and 53 in colorado springs. 38 at leadville and 40 at telluride. tomorrow as it moves across the state. showers and storms early in the day for the mountains and then during the day pushing up across the continental divide and in the afternoon they weaken a lot but there will be some scattered showe, about a 30% chance tomorrow afternoon in the evening. as this syst to bring us a very nice weekend although a few degrees cooler. if you are heading up the mountains. 57 in leadville and telluride and looking at 70s and 80s across the eastern plains. your front range showers. longmont 79 degrees and bennett 77 and greeley at 78 and metro tomorrow a good day. these are temperatures, a few
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in the 70s. some showers late afternoon to the evening. showers and 60s to the west and the mountains. tonight, partly cloudy and a low of 50. tomorrow a high temperature expected at 75 with scattered showers and ahead the week end looks good with temperatures in the 70s and put the bright spot at a nice 75. monday windy and warm with 78 and in advance of the next storm and put the first alert weather day tuesday wednesday of next week as the system comes through. it is early and i think the system will bring snow to the mountains and rain on the plains and much cooler weather by wednesday, 35. welcomed irenea. an orangutan.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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yesterday trevor siemian was name player of the week and now it is von miller defensive player of month. he is back to sacking. the quarterback, leading the nfl with five sacks and the third time he has been defensive player of the month. von says this is a team award.
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get it too. this team is 100% focused on football and winning. there is something special going on with the team right now and it is great to be a part of it. like i said the locker room is the core of it. we have great leadership here. we come out here to work and practice and we really practice and get it in. it is 100% football. and it has to be the birth of some of the success that this unbelievable moment from ryder cup practice. rory green being heckled and stenson got the heckler to come down. you try to make the putt. his name is dave johnson. rory mcilroy handed him the putter and dave stepped up and knocked it down and the celebration was on.
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that was dave's double pump. he got hugs and one hundred dollars signed. >> that is great. >> he was not going to be short on that putt. >> no way. he knocked it down. nice and harm but, man what a moment. >> what a moment. thumbs up to dave johnson.
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i first met mike on a fundraising event elp the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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washington is brok en. buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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tonight, the rush hour horror. the deadly train crash, and we have new images this evening, from inside the crash. the train from new york to hoboken, slamming into the terminal. >> we got multiple walking wounded. >> victims climbing through twisted metal, and new surveillance from before the crash. our reporting tonight on the engineer. the deadly police shooting. this time, a 6-year-old is killed. marshals firing at an suv. the boy with autism was in the passenger seat. at t, e new hurricane brewing. it could effect the u.s. and the major storm system, blinding rain in the east. donald trump tonight, sources inside his campaign now saying he was prepped for the first debate. but did not execute the plan. and the stunning moment here, third party candidate gary johnson, asked a simple question. you will hear how he answered.


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