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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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6:00 a.m. denver7 your source for breaking news on i-70 now. this live look. his backup on >> this wiil be a problem for some time, so let's go straight to denver 7's daryl orr live at the scene for us now. daryl. >> reporter: we're standing on the eastbound side of i-70. as you saw from the helicopter, traffic both direct backed up. what's happened out here is a motorcyclist was travelinn westbound on 70 here at the monaco exit, and the rider apparently fell off the motorcycle. the rider behind him ran over the rider of that motorcycle. the person has been transported to the hospital. serious injuries. we do not know anything more than that noo. we understand the person that hit the rider of the motorcycle did stay on scene. as you can see, this is where
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are turning some of the cars around back east to get them onto the ramp to get out of this traffic mess, because the traffic is backed up quite a distance. accident investigators are on scene now, trying to figure out exactly what happened and how this motorcycle rider fell off his motorcycle. it's definitely causing a lot of traffic jams. to get around this we're going to send it in to jayson luber. the highway for some time. we're looking from the camera at 70 and 270 westbound. police pushing everybody off the ramp at quebec, it's where traffic is being diverted. most folks heading south to mlk and heading west to colorado boulevard and back closer to downtown. from there, they can go north. traffic lights at 35th aren't working right. this is the area here, we can expe a lot of traffic, gridlock almost situation in and around here because there's
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onto the surface streets that it's not able to handle a lot of that traffic. westbound backed up to peoria. it will affect 225 as well. i think colfax or 56th avenue, if you need to make your way to the west and will be choosing i- 70, you'll sit there for some time. if you need to make your way to the airport, you can do that, i- 70 heading east is open. it will be backed up though in that area. thanks. denver7 also your source for breaking news out of lakewood. it's where an attempted car theft turned into a happened just a few hours ago. >> the shooting suspects are still out there. eric lupher is live where this happened at alameda and garrison. what do we know about the victim? >> reporter: we know the victim is going to be okay. shot by the suspects here, who were trying to steal a truck. police, something i have never heard in my career, but they don't want us to show the truck that the suspects tried to steal overnight. obviously we don't want to
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but we do have video for you now of tow trucks that arrived about 15 minutes ago. two trucks, in fact, they're going to take away obviously two vehicles that were involved in this case. listee to this, it's really crazy, a neighbor came outside around 12:30 this morning, noticed people trying to steal a truck. he confronted those suspects, that's when he was fired on. multiple shots were fired. we're not sure if it was from multiple guns or one but that man was hit and taken to the hospital with nonlife- the susppcts didn't get awaa with the truck they were trying to steal, but another vehicle, no description. police have a lot to work with, trying to gather as much evidence as they can. eric lupher, denver 7. more breaking news this morning, this time in littleton, where a stabbing suspect is on the run now. littleton police say the person stabbed someone at about 1:00
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complex on bellevue near broadway. >> the victim is in the hospital, but should survive. the suspect is described as a black man in a hooddd sweatshirt. if you know anything, call 911. right now from the first alert desk we are tracking hurricane matthew, now a category 2 storm and gaining strength. this could be a major hurricane by the end of today. now it's hitting the carribean. we have video from the island of st. vincent where you can this had winds maximum sustained winds 100 miles per hour. it could hit florida, so we're watching this closely. now lisa hidalgo for what we can expect here. late summer, early fall, the watee obviously warm in the atlantic. here 50s this morning. scattered showers developing in the mountains, this started yesterday. this is a weak storm rolling through the state. we have a little more cloud
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morning. that's a live look from akron, our viera wireless camera. will be a pretty sunrise with some of that cloud cover. little cooler today. we'll be in the upper 60s to low 70s by 12:00. chance for a few storms through the afternoon and early evening. 77 for a high in denver today. here'ssyour first alert we'll stay in the 70s from today through monday, then quite a cooldown. temperatures on that coming up in a few minutes. breaking overnight, protests turned violent in south carolina, or rather. that is where police fired tear gas and pepper spray at hundreds of protestors after the protestors blocked the interstate and started throwing glass bottles at the police officer. the protestors want video released of a man shot and killed by officers tuesday. there is an open investigation into his death.
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manslaughter later today. she's accused of killing an unarmed black man during a traffic stop two weeks ago. she said she was afraid for her life. two armed men are on the run after a bank robbery at the compass bank at east colfax. that same bank was taeted tuesday. police have not released any description yet on thee suspects. we'll keep you posted. different robber hit the key about noon. jefferson county deputies have releasee surveillance photographs of that suspect. here they are.. there is a reward for information leading to an arrest in both of these bank robbery cases. if you know anything, call the search continues for this 14-year-old girl, her name is alice caver from westminster. she wandered away from home, and she is autistic. officials are calling off the search for this missing
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leaving for a hike. police have been trying to find him, but have not found any sign of him. seven minutes after 6:00. investigators are still trying to figure out why a commuter train crashed into a new jersey station. more than 100 people who were injured still ecovering this morning. the engineer at the controls of the railroad, is a railroad veteran, is cooperating with this investigation. we have a picture of the woman killed when the train crashed. she had just dropped off her 18- month-old baby girl at train for work. the train hit her as she was waiting on the platform in the station. the train industry is trying to make sure something like this never happens again. in three months trains in new jersey will begin testing an automatic speed control system which will be installed nationwide by 2018. it's something called positive train control. you often hear ptc. it uses gps or wi-fi and monitors the tracks. shows a train's position, shows its speed.
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the system will automatically hit the brakes. it can even activate the brakes if the train is going too slow or too fast. >> if this train had positive train control all the way into the station, could this accident have been avoided? >> the nttb has been recommending positive train control for 40 years. sowell look at that. >> investigators with ntsb are hoping to get their hands on the train's data recorder soon, that may give them a better idea of your vote, we are getting a look at the latest poll numbers in the race for the white house. as you can see, donald trump holds a 5-point lead over hillary clinton. he has 47, hillary clinton has 42. trump is coming to colorado next week. his trip. ded a second stop to - he'll be in puebloomonday afternoon, before then traaeling to loveland for an event on monday night. super pac supporting hillary clinton is planning to
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they will be airing here in colorado and other several key states. clinton is in the middle of a midwest tour now. yesterday she blasted trump for his business dealings and said there was no chance for the third matter candidate to win the election. new details about congressional investigation into the va hospital in aurora. we told you yesterday that the pages of documents about the - hospital, which is a billion dollars over budget. docuuents. they only turned in a quaater of the documents that congress is asking for. congressional leaders say this is proof that the va is trying cover up their mistakes. construction on the hhspital should be finished by 2018. a former denver police officer now faces several felony drug charges. he was charged yesterday, he was fired a couple of years ago after several incidents of
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complained about the way his house smelled. here's your first alert that you have a dry commute this morniig. but it's going to be different this afternoon. we've been tracking this weak storm rolling through the state. here's what our futurecast looks like. early on we've got a few showers up and through the northern front range mountains and more cloud cover here in denver this morning. we're under a partly cloudy sky through midday through lunch. and by this afternoon, around 4:00 to about 5:00, we'll start to see a few storms roll through town and some light snow on the mountain peaks. overnight skies will ccear. highs today in the 70s. it gets a lot cooler next week. we'll talk about it coming up. the big problem is westbound i-70 closed down at quebec. you're lloking from airtracker7 at the highway closed down. and this is quebec where denver police are blocking traffic trying to get onto the interstate. look how badly traffic is backed up on both sides, becoming a gridlock situation.
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accident on the 270ffllyover that goes east over to i-70 and that's backing up traffic also in this area. a big mess of ugliness happening over here. 11 minutes after 6:00. dog is rescued from a coyote attack, but now it's in danger of being euthanized. state agencies are blaming this on protocol. we'll explain after the break.
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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6:14. breaking news from airtracker7 high above i-70. those are the westbound cars just sitting there because i-70 at quebec closed because of an accident. jayson has some ideas how you can avoid this. first we're going to check in with nicole at our breaking news desk.
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on the two american sisters who were founn dead in africa at a luxury resort. one of them lived in denver. the autopsy results show that the sisters both had water in their lungs and brains when they were found unresponsive in their hotel room beds. they were both found there with no visible signs of any other injury to their bodies. investigations show that the two had been seen drinking and were helped to their by hotel personnel the night before they were found dead. but we are looking into this autopsy report.. we'll update you later this morning. the thornton teenager thought she had saved a dog's life, but the dog is going to have to be put down because of state protocol. >> justine haynes and her mom saved the dog from a pack of coyotes over the summer. they took the dog to the adams county animal shelter for treatment.
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vaccination history aren't known, state protocol is clear. >> sadly, this dog will have to be euthanized bause of its potential exposure to rabies and the lack of documented vaccination. >> it made me really sad. i'm like, this dog had a second chance, and now he's, like, not going to have a second chance. >> but if the og's original owner comes forward, the dog will be spared. another settlement wells fargo. they will pay $24 million to sell allegations that they took advantage of military members. the justice department says wells fargo seized hundreds of cars without a court order, which is a federal crime. yesterday the bank's ceo, john stumpf testified before congress. lawmakers blasted him. >> borrowing a customers' money without permission is not a sales practice violation, it's sttaling. using customers' social
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cardsswithout their consent is not wrongful sales behavior, it is identity theft. >> stumpffhas agreed to give back millions in stock awards, but is rrfusing to step down. it will be a busy weekend for beer lovers all over colorado. denver beer fest kicks off today. >> and oktoberfest continues through this weekend in larimer square. and fall festivals in golden, lakewood, wellington. we have a list oo our web site. you can find the seven best things to do by downloading that free denver 7 app. if you're headed to the airport, you can check out the beer flights beer garden. this is the third year the airport has hosted the beer garden. only ten dollars for 10 beer samples. >> doesn't sound like a bad deal. >> i'd say put them in the tsa line, the samples. >> they should give them to you for free there. >> would be nice.
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that cloud cover is making for a gorgeous sunrise. here's a live look from our vierwireless camera in limon. you can see the clouds we're getting along the front range, from fort collins south to denver. the mountains are going to pick up a few more showers, we could get a light sprinkle across the plains early on. more cloud cover today than we've seen pretty much all week. by this afternoon, around 2:00, our foothills will see wet in denver for the evening commute and through the early evening. for all of the beer festivals, do keep that in mind. i'll show you what tomorrow's drier than today. ike. still a slight chance for a few storms. in the afternoon it's a little more isolated from fort collins south to the springs. then skies will then clear saturday night. % here's your cheat sheet. as we head into the weekend it will get a touch cooler.
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weell see a chance for a few showers and it will get much cooler next week. this weekend 70s. we'll be close to if not just above normal. 50s early on. city park 57. same thing in estes park right no and you're at 49 both in evergreen and conifer. those arr our currents. as we fade on our highs, we'll get about 20 degrees warmer this afternoon. -?denver and erie, 77. parker da a nice afternoon. temperatures just above normal with more 60s in the mountains. still 80s across southern colorado. pueblo, 83. trinidad today a high of 80. today through monday we're in the mid- to upper 70s. closer to 80 by monday. the winds are going to kick up it's going to be aagusty wind, which will then shift direction on tuesday and we get a big cool down. by tuesday we're at 60.
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and thursday. kids are going to need a coat at the bus stop next week. you don't need a coat tonight for the rockiee. it's their last series of the season here at home. we're looking at temperatures dropping into the 60s for the game. a few showers are possible. take a sweatshirt with you. next week jackkt early in e morning, look how chilly. wednesday, thursday, brr for sure. we have a big problem still on i-70. stay off i- stapleton to quebec, because of the closure of the highway. you're seeing from airtracker7, also flashing lights closer to peoria.. looks like there's a minor accident on the westbound side. in the backups we arr seeing problems. it all stems from an accident as you can see from the live picture from the eastbound side, heavy stop and go traffic. denver police are investigating motorcyclist that fell off his motorcycle, maybe possibly hit the guard rail and possibly hit by another vehicle, transmited
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no condition update on that person yet. westbound lanes over there all closed down. you can see that, i guess that's an suv sitting over there on the westbound side. but the eastbound side is also backed up. take a look at the map over there, heavy stop and go traffic as to be expected with everybody not only trying to get off the highway, quebec and smith road and mlk, all good alternates, but also jammed up. colfax, 56th avenue might be better options. 270 is a decent option to to i-25 and come back south. take a look at this accident, on i-76 coming in from brighton. heavy stop and go with that crash off to the right shoulder that's leaking fuel over the highway. >> that's an ugly morning. the federal government is changing the way you get emergency alerts on your phone. include linns. they are scrapping a 90 character limit on emergency messages so the new limit will be 360 characters.
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add pictures to the messages. when you receive an amber alert you would see a photo of the missing child. there's a new study that says a week off from the gym could do more damage than you realized. >> the survey followed dozens of active people. after 10 days of doing nothing, they had less blood flow to the brain, especially the parts associated with memory. they're digging to see how the % lack of exercise affects other brai headed to the supreme court. they say the school district cannot provide an adequate education for their son. as we head to break, it's 62:00. keeping an eye on that breaking news jason is talking about. westbound lanes of i-70 quebec
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good morning. it's 6:25. here's your first aleet it's gorgeous outside.
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look nice. weather wise no problems. mid- to upper 70s by midday today. midafternoon. we're looking at a high in denver of 77 today. bennett 76. castle rock you'll be at 72. here's your first alert we have 70s through the weekend, then winds will kick up. we'll show you how windy it will get and why coming up. denver police has closed i- 70 westbound at central park. they used to have it closed at quebec. which is here. these are the folks waiting to get off at quebec. beyond that here, under the bridge, is the ramp to go to 270 to go east on 270, or west on 270 that would take you to i- 25 and continue on freeway wide open. ause it's basically so these folks, if they're trapped, if you're going to call somebody and telllthem to go across central park, use the ramp to go to westbound 270, continue across commerce city
6:27 am
lot of time. but now, we believe i-70 is closed at -- westbound i-70 is closed at quebec, and central park backed up to at least pena boulevard. >> here's your first alert that jayson is riled up. >> leave early. it is not looking good out there. denver police tell us they still have not solved the urban traveler problem on the 16th street mall. we'll tell you what they'rr doing to try to make things safer.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. 6:30 now. breaking news on the westbound lanes of i-70. you can see people just sitting there. this is after a motorcycle crash has close the all the westbound lanes at quebec. >> jason gruenauer joins us with a work around. he'll join us in just a moment. first let's check in with daryl
6:31 am
i-70, where traffic, we're looking quite a distance towards denver and it's bumper- to-bumper. same conditions for the westbound side on i-70 coming up to this motorcycle accident. within the last hour a motorcycle was traveling westbound here on 70, right at quebec, and the rider somehow fell off the motorcycle. they then were hit by another vehicle traveling the same direction. that driver did stop and remain on scene just to the right of if you take a look at behind me, you can see at quebee the police have it shut down and there's also a traffic jam coming westbound heee. they're trying to turn a lot of people around, get them off there at quebec. it's also closed down at, i believe it's center parkway, about another mile down. quite congested out here. as for injuries for the motorcyclist, they're severe
6:32 am
jayson, what kind of situation are we dealing with? >> a bad situation, daryl. westbound i-70 is closed down at central park. it's where police have all traffic diverted. it's kind of silly, they're closing it down before you could use 270, but they close this ramp access because they think this wouud take you to we beeieve i-70 to eastbound i-70 to commerce city. i don't know why denver police has done this. this is the closure point at quebec backed up to central park. here's the closure point at central park, where they're sending the traffic here, which is a worse option than when they had it closed at quebec, because there were more options to get around this accident. this is what we're dealing with on that west side of town. up now to nearly pena backed %-
6:33 am
colfax, 56th avenue, even montview or mlk can get you around it. backed up and solid for a long time as denver police trying to figure out what roads to use to get around that crash. % >> that's a mess. thanks, jayson. denver 7 is also tracking breaking news out oflakewood, where one person was shot. they were trying to stop a car theft. this is at a home near alameda and garrison. >> now the suspects are ill on the run. the victim is expected to survive. eric lupher is to join us with a live report in about 15 minutes. this weekend you can help build the memorial for the victims of the aurora theater shooting. a 5k is being held saturday, all the proceeds will go towards that memorial. live look outside this morning, just about 6:34. beautiful start to the day right now. it'' 58 degrees as i stare at the temperature gauge, about 400 miles away from me across
6:34 am
hidalgo. >> look at that sunrise. it looks fake out there this morning. here's a live look from limon. can you read this, mitch? it says limon. >> temperature thing over there, it's the size of a checkbook print. >> hey, mitch just got inducted into hall of fame yesterday, so that means he's getting older. >> what are you saying? >> clear skies well off to the east. clouds. limon, mix of sun and we are tracking a weak ssorm that's rolling through we talked about this all week. it's bringing rain to the mountains now. the eastern plains are pretty dry. but we do have more clouds to deal with and a shot at a little bit of rain here in denver this afternoon. loww70s by 12:00. upper 70s bb 3:00. chance for scattered ssorms through the afternoon and early evening. then 60s by about 9 :00 tonight. here's your first alert that it is cooler. we're going to stay in the 70s through the weekend. jayson, we're tracking temperatures just above freezing next week.
6:35 am
the i-70 situation. there are a couple of other situations, including an accident with a fuel spill across i-76, 270. eastbound side of 270 is jammed heavy stop and go traffic not only there on i-76, but across parts of downtown, everything elss is nice and quiet. thanks, jayson. one person taken to tte hospital overnight after a rollover crash. pp the crash happened at about 2:00 this morning. ddnver police haven't said what led up to the accident. they are also lookkng into whether spped or alcohol may be factors. we have breaking details on an international mystery with a colorado connection. the autopsy results are just in foo the two sisters found dead at a luxury resort in africa. the sisters are annie and
6:36 am
sisters' brains and lungs. there are lots of things that could cause this, illness, exposure to toxins or certain medications and trauma to the chest. but the autopsy found there were no other signs of injury to either sisters' body. investigators say they were seen drinking and being helped to their hotel room the night but still a mystery. d dead. %- thorities in africa say they are treating this as a high shirt being beaten on the 16th street mall. this video is from june. yet the man still keeps coming back to walk the mall. he says he's noticing a positive difference. 3 but police say they have not solved the problem because urban travelers are moving to different spots. >> the problem hasn't gone away, so we do see some displacement. some of it has moved outside the city. we've heard from our neighboring cities. some has moved within the
6:37 am
calls for 16 additional officers in the area. the department wants to hear from you. they want to know if you see any issues on the mall or feel like some of the problems are moving to other parts of the city. later today this man, christopher hutchinson, will be sentenced for taking advantage of a 13 13-year-old girl. he used to work as a youth pastor in parker and littleton. there is no mandatory pr time for the charges he faces. it will be up to the judge to decide if he'll spend time behind bars. this man is facing disturbing charges in colorado. he is accused of sexual assault, kidnapping and unlawful termination of pregnancy. % the crime happened more than a year ago. the victim just came forward. police aren't releasing many details yet. the suspect, though, is behind bars this morning. denver police are asking
6:38 am
deal with the pot their confiscating from illegal grows. in 2013, before recreational pot was legalized, officers seized 500 pounds. next year the department plans to seize 11,000 pounds. officers aren't sure what's behind the increase. the money would pay for two new officers and new shelves. 6:38 now. a case against the douglas county schooo district is headed to the u.s. supreme court. a family with an autistic son says the dissrict couldn't provide an appropriate free the boy named drew, attended summit view elementary between kindergarten and 4th grade. his parents put him in a privaae specialized autism school. several lower courts have ruled the district provided drew with an adequate education. but special education advocates say it's a complicated issue. >> because inclusion is written into an iep doesn't mean it's happening in the school. >> so the supreme court will
6:39 am
we'll keep you posted oo what develops. trouble at broncos training camp. a man breaks in and threatens to get john elway. an ironman competitor is disqualified over chapstick. we're not kidding. another live look from airtracker7. westbound lanes of i-70 with cars sitting there. closed at quebec because of a
6:40 am
we continue to follow the breaking news of the closure of i-70 at quebec and central park. i messaged denver police via twitter to find out why they've closed it at central park and closed access to 270. this is the motorcycle accident. there is the motorcycle involved in this accident.
6:41 am
rail, hit by another vehicle. taken to the hospital in critical condition. this is where everything is % happened. they moved the closure here to -?central park. in doing that, they restricted access to go west on 270 from central park and i-70, which would have been a great -?alternate to go to i-25. until then traffic is backing up to pena boulevard. maybe colfax ii an option, 56 is an option. i' police to get back to me. staying home is an option. it is beautiful out there. we're going to get a bit of a break in that intense sun glare. live look from our viera wireless camera. beautiful out there. as you're walking out the door, temperatures in the low to mid- 50s. from aurora to denver you'll want the kids to wear a sweatshirt early on. few storms popping up today.
6:42 am
will be a cooler afternoon today. denver at 77. erie today 77. and in boulder a high of 76. here's your first alert that we're about 15 to 20 degrees cooler next week. details coming up. lisa, thank you. there is a new bike path along i-70, between genesee park and evergreen parkway. good news for drivers as well, because you won't have to dodge bicycles on the shoulder. we'll get you caught up on the big stories of the day, our morning sprint coming up. -?homicide in lakewood. one person in the hospital. police believe the suspects were trying to steal a car. we're live on the scene.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:44. time for your morning sprint. we're on the scene of breaking news in lakewood. a man is shot in the early hours this morning. police say he was trying stop a crime in progress. >> denver 7's eric lupher is live at the scene near alameda and garrison. what's he latest? >> reporter: multiple people were trying to steal a truck when that neighbor confronted
6:45 am
this cul de sac at cody street, which is just south of alameda, east of garrison, was blocked off. police have now left the scene. we have video for you of tow trucks showing up and taking away the truck that was involved. the truck the suspects tried to get away with. we purposely put that out of focus, because police don't want us to share the actual trucc the suspects tried to get away with, because they say it was sensitive to their investigation. this man walked outside, noticed the suspects trying to get away with the truck and that's when he was fired on. he was taken the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspects got away in another car. no description of that vehicle. we wait to see when police can get these guys off the streets. no description of the suspects either. we'll keep a close eye on this investigation as it continues.
6:46 am
place for a motorcycle accident just after quebec. westbound side has been cllsed at quebec. they moved the closure point to central park boulevard. you can see the backups on the eastbound side. if you're heading tt the airport or using i-70, at brighton boulevard the camera, heading east past havana, extremely heavy stop and go traffic. it's where daryl orr is now, along the eastbound lanes of i- 70 across from what's the latest? >> reporter: as you can see behind me the traffic is kind of picking up a little bit. but a lot of rubberneckers is slowing down to take a look at the accident. that is the westbound side. we believe this is the vehicle that hit a motorcyclist after he fell off his motorcycle. police are still trying to figure out how that happened. now, that rider has been transported to the hospital. he's listed in critical condition with serious injuries.
6:47 am
saying, westbound is shut off at central parkway. and an amazing feat happened out here in the last 20 minutes, they had close to 20 tractor-trailers here at quebec on the westbound side and they were able to back every single one of those trucks up and get them off on quebec street exit. all the traffic now is starting at central parkway. as for the eastbound side, you can see it's just bottlenecking up and like you were saying, if you're heading to the airport, you'll want to give extra time. back to jayson. let me show you the problem here. 3 this is a moment ago from airtracker7, where they have it closed at central park. they're also closing, there is the ramp to go westbound on 270. they have the ramp from central parking to we believe i-70 closed -- westbound i-70 closed as well. i'm not sure why. i'm asking denver police via twitter, because that would be
6:48 am
to me that would be one of the better ways to get around it. but they've closed down that access. colfax, 56th avenue other ways to get around it. westbound i-70 closed down and rock solid back to pena boulevard. a suspect is still at large after an overnight stabbing in littleton. one person, the victim, is in the hospital. littleton police say the person was stabbed at about 1:00. this happened at an complex near bellevue and broadway. at this point we don't have a very good description of the suspectt again, they are looking for someone. if you know anything about one man is in custody after busting into the broncos' training center. he said he was one of the owners and yelled he was going to "get john elway." >> arapahoe county deputies have identified this man, 36- year-old cordell robinson. they say he got into the media room and refused to leave.
6:49 am
stake in the team. he's facing a trespass charge. denver broncos against tampa bay at 2:00. yesterday von miller was named defensive player of the month for the afc. he said this is a team award and the entire defense should share in the honor. >> there's something special now. it's great to be a part of it. like i said, the locker room is the core of it. we have great leadership here. we come out here to work and practice, we really practice it's 100% football. it has to be the birth of some of the success we've been getting. >> this is the third time he has been named defensive plaaer >> he is just the cutest, i love him. >> right? tampa bay sunday, chance of storms. mid- to upper 80s. warm game. here at home 70s through the weekend. a few showers expected today and again on saturday in the afternoon early evening. then it's muchcooler next wednesday. by next week we're really going
6:50 am
today we've seen a few showers already in the northern mountains. quite a bit more cloud cover here in denver. aurora, boulder. you're going tt find a few showers, maybe a few sprinkles early this morning, with some of that cloud cover. then we'll be under a partly cloudy sky thrrugh midafternoon today. 1:30to about 2:00 we'll see storms building in the foothills, and a few of those rolling over the plains this afternoon and evening. footbbll games, could find wet weather. overnight skies will clear. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds to start. then there's a few more storms popping up by the afternoon and early evening. i'm going to show you this same futurecast zoomed in coming up in a couple of minutes, towards the end of our show. temperatures now in the mid- to upper 50s. winds shifting. it will be a little cooler. made for a beautiful sunrise, some of that cloud cover, and not as intenne, that drive, that sun glarr.
6:51 am
and then a high of 77 by 4400. 60s overnight tonight. parker you're looking at 74 today. bailey a high of 66. boulder at 76. fort collins and boulder in the upper 70s today. still 80s across southeastern colorado. pueblo a high of 83. if you're heading to the mounnains today you'll still find clouds and a few showers. through the weekend pretty mild. 70s into the week. and then the cool down. -?70s, showers, and dropping a few degrees above freeziig early wednesday ann thursday morning. the kids will need a jacket, it will be cold at the bus stop. a former chipotle employee was just aaarded $8 million by a jury. she says her old manager touched her inappropriately on a regular basis. she was just 16 years old at
6:52 am
?anager fled to mexico to avoid criminal charges. we can not make up this next story. there is a local triathlete who was disqualified from a race because of chapstick. >> matt smith qualified over the weekend for the super bowl of the ironman but he took chapstick from his ring the marathon portion. >> the head referee caam up and let me know my results will be stricken from the record and i would lose the placing because i accepted ouuside assistance during the race. >> he did not fight his disqualification at all. as a coach he tells his athletes not to argue with referees. coming up, denver is oing to the ddgs this weekend. we're going to tell you where to bring your pup for a massive
6:53 am
on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
6:54 am
6:55 am
at five minutes before 7:00, continuing to follow the breaking news of i-70 closed at centrrl park. take a look at the backups on that eastbound side. eastbound is open, but it's backed up forever. westbound side as you can see from the map is backed up forever as well. i-70 was closed at quebec. now closed at cera hopefully they''l open it at 270. but until then, either colfax, 56th avenue might can get you around it. everything else around town heavy in the usual spots. kind of a tough day out there. check out this look at owntown denver with the sunrise this morning. almost doesn'' look real. >> looks like a painting. >> isn't that beautiful? great start to the daa. denver is going to the dogs this weekend. the dog fest walk and roll festival is happening tomorrow. will happen in centennial.
6:56 am
about 10:00. it's all free. download that free denver 7 app. that's the way to keep track of what's going on around town. we have posted a list of the seven best things to do in denver ooer the weekend. a lot offthem involve beer. which just says weekend, doesn't it? with all the beer festival stuff and doo, that's quintessential colorado. >> how will the weather be? >> pretty good. few showers this afternoon and early evening. here's your first alert today high of 77. same thing tomorrow. that is our favorite temperature at denver 7. we could also see a few isolated showers tomorrow in the afternoon, early evening. otherwise, temperatures are perfect. coerating through monday. cooler next week. it's the rockies' last weekend at home. we're looking at temperatures for the game to drop into the 60s. chance for a few showers. watch for that. otherwise, pretty mild when you compare it to early in the
6:57 am
freezing. before we go, in case you missed it, our own mitcc jelniker was inducted into the colorado state university media hall of fame. >> whoo! >> it was him and this is the two nights ago. obviously a huge honor. we thought it would be fun to take a look back. >> oh, jeez. >> here we go. >> from the past 20 years. you and anne trujillo. this is the oklahoma city bombing. >> yeah. >> you've reported for years. >> look at that awesome purple logo. >> seriously, you look the same. >> he looks the exact same. >> do you think? i can't see that far. >> mitch started here in denver 7 in july of 1995. you started hero, and you have not missed a hero in one week. >> that shows you hhw many people are volunteering. great state for that. >> congrats.
6:58 am
he'll be with us probably another 20 years. another 20 years. >> oh, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was bornn the united states or not.
6:59 am
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? good morning, america. deadly train crash right at rush hour. frightening new images from inside that new jersey station. >> we just heard, like, a ka-boom. the whole place shook. >> panicked passengers flee the mangled metal. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> one mother killed. after dropping off her toddler at day care. more than 100 injured. investigators trying to determine why the train didn't slow down. an exclusive interview this morning with the real-life superman. >> i was trying to help whoever i could. >> he rushed into the building when so many were racing out. "unfit for the presidency." the stunning headline from one of the biggest newspapers in the country. as the gop nominee sounds off, now saying the debate was fixed. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything i said. what a rigged deal.


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