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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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f0 our top stories noww first a good samaritan in the hospital after being shot in lakewood. a man stabbed at an apartment complex in littleton. the suspects in both incidents are still on the run. let's break down what happened. we'll st police say a man saw some suspects trying to steal a truck near center and cody. when he confronted thhm he ended up getting shot. we don't know if he also fired a gun. he has nonlife-threatening injuries and should be okay, but the suspects are still on the run. apparently they did not get away with that truck. police don't have any description of them. to the early morning stabbing in littleton, happened at an apartment complex on bellevue avenue.
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no word yet on a suspect description nor the condition of the victim. all new at 11:00, it seems the creepy clowns are continuing to haunt colorado. >> multiple threats appearing in the last 24 hours. jeffco public schools sent a letter home to parents saying they have found no credible threats of clowns coming to shoot up the schools. >> mesa county and say there is no direct threat to schools there. they also sent out an alert to paaents. >> fort collins police received reports of a possible clown at poudre high school. none of the claims are credibbe. and no one knows who is behind the claims.
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temperatures at this point both wednesday, hursday already in the 70s. now it's cooler. scattered showers, even a few farther north closer to fort collins. we have a bit of cloud cover now. here's a live look from the airport. mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon on most of our viera wireless cameras. dry in denver. mid- to upper 60s. we're about 5 degrees cooler estes park awe now. conifer 53. cooler afternoon. mild, though. low, upper 70s between 12:00 and 3:00. there will be a chance for a few storms and showers this afternoon through the early evening. i know a lot of people have friday night plans. we'll show you the timing and what it looks like coming up in a few minutes. there is a field bumper and
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the platform. >> there was this impact and it sounded like an explosion. >> passengers still recovering after the shock of the deadly ccash of a train in hoboken, new jersey. one person was killed, he woman on the left was killed by debris while standing on a platform. friends and family identified her as 39-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon. of the train's engineer. he is 48-year-old thomas gallagher, one of the people injured. 114 other people were also hurt in that crash. at last check, 15 are still in the hospital. all rail service is still suspended out of hoboken today. the crash is reigniting that debate over positive train control technology. here's abc's stephanie ramos with today's developments. >> i noticed that the train wasn't slowing down.
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haapened, he had already hit -- raa through the platform. >> reporter: the crash happening so fast at one of new york city's bussiest hubs. >> we had access to the locomotive. >> reporter: one data recorrer was found last night, but they're looking for a sec neer the front of the train, as well as cameras. >> people were running every way. >> reporter: the most severely injured were found in train car. many trapped, trying to get out any way they could. who lost her life. >> i just tried to comfort her as much as i can. i said, miss, i'm not going to leave you. if you're going to die, you're >> reporter: 34-year-old fabiola bittar de oon, a wife, daughter and young mother had just dropped off her baby girl at day care.
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she wanted to do everything she can for her dauggter. >> feel like -- [ inaudible ] -- her whole life changed for a few hours. >> reporter: why didn't the train slow down? that's what ntsb investigators want to know. they've requested an interview with the engineer who has been released from the hospital. they want to ask him about the last 72 hours before the accident. stephanie ramos, abc news. a motorcyclist is fighting for his life after being thrown by his bike this morning. denver police say he was speeding when he lost control and then he was run over by another car. this happened on westbound i-70 near quebec. the freeway was shut down for three hours. the driver stayed on scene. another person in the hospital after a bad rollover crash, this happened around 2:00 this morning at 39th and fox in denver. police are still trying to figure out what caused this. some breaking news now out of south carolina. the 14-year-old gunman in the elementary school shooting has
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count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. police are still trying to figure out why jacob hall went on a shooting rampage. bullying is a possibility. police believe he shot and killed his father before opening fire on a play ground. a teacher and little boy were shot. that 6-year-old boy who was shot is still on life support. overnight protests of a deadly police shooting in el cajon turned violent. three people were arrested. you can see the police in riot gear. they had to use tear gas on people. about 75 people took to the streets. this marks the third consecutive night of protests in that city. the tulsa police officer involved in that deadly shooting of an unarmedlack man pleads not guilty this morning. officer betty shelby faces a
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shooting and killing terence crutcher earlier this month. if convicted, she could spend four years to life in prison. denver police are making sure they're prepared for any encounter, especially if they're confronted by a violent suspect. today the department is revealing their newest training tool. >> it is a video simulator. eric lupher live at the denver police training academy experiencing -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: we're talking simulator and it's on the other side of this tent. members of the media are going through it. i did a few minutes ago. this allows for enhanced officer training. this scenario, the officer is trying to talk down a man who has a woman hostage and a knife at her throat.
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is a full-on experience with audio and video. four officers can use it simultaneously. the realistic scenarios include active shooter situattons, building searches, interactions with armed suspects and traffic -?stops. as we come back here live, when i was inside we did a scenario where there was a man actinn oddly and he had a baby in his arms. i failed miserably. you'll see it coming this is a $283,000 simulator and thanks to donations, this is how this was purchased. a big donation, $100,000, coming from wells fargo. i'll be in that simulator and you'll see it at 11:30. back to you. happening today, this man christopher hutchinson will be sentenced for taking advantage of a 13-year-old girl. he used to work as youth pastors in parker and littleton. police say the victim came to
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that's when he sexually assauuted her. it will be up to a judge to decide if he'll spend any time behind bars. new details about the congressional investigation into the va hospital in aurora. we told you yesterday the va handed over thousands of pages of documents about the hospital, which is a billion dollars over budget now. turns out they didn't turn in enough documents. they only turned in a quarter of the documents congress is looking for. congressional ad cover up their mistakes by doing this. construction of the hospital is supposed to finished now by 2018. turning to the race for the white house now, republican presidential nominee donald trump is extending his stay here in colorado next week. he'll add a stop in pueblo on monday, after that he'll be off to loveland later in the evening. today he's making headlines with this nonendorsement. "usa today" is breaking its no
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its readers to stay away from trump. the publication called trump a serial liar who "traffics in prejudice." but the board is not exactly endorsing hillary clinton or any other candidate. a new poll finds young voters aren't loyal to either party. a recent apgfk poll shows hillary clinton has support from 48%, donald trump 27%, gary johnson 14%, and jill stein 3%. colorado's pot competition could face competitionn maine, massachusetts, nevada, arizona and colorado will consider legalization. >> the more states that legalize it the more potential it hhs to dilute the impact collrado has nationwide and around the world. >> at the same time, there is
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their expertise and possibly expand to those other states. denver police need help stashing confiscated marijuana. the department is asking the denver city council for more than $125,000 in next year's budget to go towards two more staff members and also shelf space for the pot. since recreational marijuana was legalized, theyyve seized more than 5,000 pounds of weed and next year they anticipate 11,000 pounds. starting tomorrow marijuana edibles sold in colorado will have to have a different label. they'll have a red symbol warning there's thc. it's meant to prevent kids from mistaking it for candy. in december all marijuana products will have the same symbols. it was trespasser terrorism
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terror for them coming up. new information on the denver woman and her sister who were found dead during a dream vacation in africa. what the autopsy results
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welcome back. new information on that
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robin korkki found dead in their hotel room in africa. annie was most recently living and working here in denver. we just got the autopsy results and it finds they died of acute pulmonary adeem ma. both had excessive water in their lungs and brains. >> that's really a big deal. use either directly or indirect by somebody else. if this is a murder, then it's somebody that gave them something based on their it's something that they ingested and/or inhaleed that caused their death. >> the pair were on a dream vacation staying nearly a month there in africa just days after posting these pictures, that's when tragedy struck. now jeffco deputies are
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he robbed the key bank in littleton. this happened around noon yesterday. if you recognize the man, call the sheriff's office. and in denverrpolice say two armed men robbed the compass bank on east colfax yesterday. they had no luck finding the suspects. president obama and other world leaders are remembering former israeli leader peres. he died wednesday, he was 93. of a college. crazy story out into the apartment of a university of southern california student and leaves a scary message on the wall. it happened at an offcampus apartment complex. police say the man got past security tuesdaynd broke into a study room. then the man wrote on the wall, likely using his own blood. the message reads, dare to be. next police say he carveed into
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knife. >> looking at it was straight out of a horror movie and i felt so, so unsafe. >> the terror doesn't stop there. the man then broke into an apartment and started screaming that people were trying to kill him. a girl was sleeping inside and locked herself in a closet and called11. students in that building are now demanding an increase in security. the suspect is now behind bars. hurricane matthew is strengthening as it makes its way through the carribean. it's a category 2 it's turning deadly, killing a teenager in st. vincent. power outages were reported in barbados and businesses and schools are shut down. there is a chance matthew could hit florida someetime next week. it is a huge storm. looking at the track now, looks like it could be the east coast of the peninsula. we'll be watching by tuesday into wednesday. a lot can change so we'll keep an eye on it. upwards of 2 to 4 inches in
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showers as well. here's your first alert headlines, 70s expected through the weekend. we're going to see a few showers both today and again tomorrow. much cooler by next wednesday. that's when temperatures aae really going to feel like fall. if you're heading up to the mountains now, you can see from our loveland ski area camera, the roads might be a little damp, wet innspots. we have showers there on the peaks and even a little light snow possible tonight. futurecast showing most offour showers over the cera we had a few roll over the northern front range earlier, closer to estes park and fort collins. we'll see a few more storm showers rolling through by the afternoon and early evening. that's what it looks like at for any friday afternoon, evening plans, you'll want to have an umbrellaawith you, a jacket, a sweatshirt. it's a little chilly at timess especially when the sun is covered up. overnight tonight skies will clear out and tomorrow morning you'll find a mix of sun and
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showers pop up tomorrow afternoon between 3:00 and our est shot at a littte bit of rain will be both today and tomorrow. it will get drier on sunday. i want to show you the same thing this afternoon, but closer in. you'll notice around 3:00 to about 4:00, likely wet on i-70 as you're heading west into the mountains. then scattered storms and showers here n denver through thh afternoon and earlyyevening commute, with thennclearinn by top out in the low to mid-70s. we've got few spots in the upper 70s today. overnight some mid- to upper 50s with clearing tomorrow. more sunshine expected on saturday. boulder today at 75. ?ighlands ranch 75. and in bennett 76.. we've got denver at 77. primarily 60s for the central mountains. still warm, southern colorado
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to upper 70s through monday. we'll be under a partly cloudy sky saturday. i put the bright spots on -- i'm going to take it off monday, because it's going to get windy monday, that ahead of our next storm. here's your first alert that next week it gets cooler. mid-50s, low 60s, and mitch, even overnight lows a few degrees above frzing. >> wow. thank you. if you're going to heckle the pros, you perform, right? david muir has the story of one man who put is money where his mouth up. >> reporter: the ryder cup this year in minnesota, and rory mcilroy a fan heckling in good fun. after he and a teammate kept missing the same putt on the 8th hole. >> i'll do it. >> reporter: you know what?
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[ crowd cheering ] >> reporter: david johnson puts a $100 bill next to the ball. see what yyu can do. 3 it was his turn. just watch. [ crowd cheering ] and the high fives from the caddd.. the champion be cup even begins. >> i thought for sure he would go out there and miss it. that would have been just as comic comical to watch. the denver scholarship
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. s. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. welcome back to denver 7 at 11:00. the denver scholarship foundation heeps make college possible for denver public school students. they've been doing this, doing
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with a big gala. we are talking about it with the executive director of the foundation, nate easley. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> this has helped so many kids go to college. how does the foundation get them into school with scholarships? >> sure. our mission is college completion for all students that go to denver public schools. we have advisors embedded into dps high schools that will help with the college aid fi aid process and applying for scholarships and our scholarships. we've partnered with 33 colleges across the state. >> last flight was a success, i trust. >> it was a wild success. >> how much did you raise? >> over $1.2 million. >> wow. that all helps kids get into college? >> it will. we give around $4 million a year in scholarships. >> our own anne trujillo was there along with the governor.
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colorado colleges which is great news. >> absolutely. our our students go instate and 977 of the gradteuawork in the state of colorado and in denver. >> do you have anytting special this calendar year? >> yes. it was special to recognize we've invested over $30 million in scholarships and 5,000 denver school graduates. special in the sense we can honor the governor and and bernadette marcus. >> incredible. >> amazing to think those who graduated 10 years ago the first class of grads -- >> now we can start working for them. >> not only that, but some have donated back to help their little brothers and sisters and cousins. >> giving back and helping. >> it's wonderful that way. >> what's headed as more kids start to graduate? >> two things. first we want to get a nice
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graduates with scholarships and we want to have another class of graduates. >> absolutely. the denver 7 app we have more information there. >> that's right. all the information on the denver scholarship foundation. nate, thanks for coming in and congratulations. >> congrats. >> thanks a lot. coming up, a dog is rescued from a coyote attack, but now the dog is in danger of being euthanized.. why the state agency says it's a matter of protocol.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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denver 7 at 11:30 starts with a live look outside. boy did we have a beautiful sunrise this morning to start the day. but we may be in for a bit of rain. >> little cloudy. let'' send it over to lisa hidalgo for your first alert of the weekend ahead. >> we're looking at a pretty nice weekend. more cloud cover today than what we're going to see saturday and sunday. ?ven had a few showers over northern front range just earlier this morning. urs it's been cloudy in denver. live look from the top of our building. mid, upper 60s for most of us now. you're going to find winds shifting out of the northeast5 to 15 miles per hour. it will be a cooler, gray day today. could get a few storms and showers this afternoon. conifer now at 54. evergreen 58. in boulder it's 65.
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afternoon, still a above normal. upper 70s. castle rock 70. in our foothills low to mid- 60s. coming up, here's your first alert that next week we're talking highs about 15, even 20 degrees cooler. we'll look at when that all settles in. >> it sounds like october. wait a minute, it is. >> tomorrow is october. the denver police department has a new tool to meet the mission of enhancing safety of their officerssand all the people in the >> close to$300,000 simulator gives them the chance to test out scenarios. himself. >> reporter: i introduced you to the simulator at 11:00. this has screens 360 degrees around. audio, video. i wenn through a real-life scenario, a man acting erratically during a traffic stop. >> we can help you, sir. >> can you really? you think you can helppme?
11:32 am
worse on yourself. >> reporter: officers watching told me i did a good job of trying to de-escalate the situation. but i was aiming my gun the whole time, which put the baby in danger and they say it most likely threatened the man we were trying to talk down. they said the best thing to do was to keep the gun in my holster. what a machine. $283,000. $100,000of that was donated by wells fargo. something that will really help when it the police department saying % this is key to getting good officers on the streets. back to you. this former denver officer is facing multiple drug charges. he's on bond now. 3 he was arrested last week after someone called 911 complaining of a pot smell. this man is behind bars, accused of busting into the denver broncos training center. 36-year-old cordell robinson. arapahoe county deputies
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trespassing -- mooday for trespassing. they say he got into the media room, refused to leave. even yelling at a security officer, i'll get you, and john elway. parker police are looking for this man, they say he stole a $1,000 laptop from the costco in parker last weekend. they say he cut the steel cable on the laptop and walked out with the computer hidden in his jacket. chipotle is paying nearry $8 million sexually assaulted on the job. she was just 16. the woman says her manager in inappropriately. a jury decided chipotle was liable for that. authorities believe the manager fled to mexico to avoid criminal charges. a grim reminder to make sure your pet is up to date on its rabies shot. a dog will be ppt to sleep
11:34 am
from coyotes. justine hayes and her mom saved the dog from a pack of coyotes. >> it will have to be put down because of lack of records of rabies. >> now he won't have a second chance. >> state la a secure facility. the shelter can't keep the dog and possibly infecting other animals. a riot caught on camera and inmates go on attack in a juvenile detention center. nine teens are involved. police are now investigating. a highlands raach family
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changes. the name says the douglas county school district didn't provide their son with autism with appropriate education. advocates say public schools often don't deliver proper individualized education programs.. research shows dyslexia is one that's a lot of kids in a school system. so sometimes the support doesn't match their exact needs. >> the high court case in january. your voice, your vote, more trouble for republican presidential nominee donald trump. "newsweek" magazine is reporting that trump broke the law while trying to do business with cuba. the publication saas trump hotel executivessvisited cuba in 1998 and spent more than $68,000 onnthe trip. "newsweek" says the trip violated the embargo at the time. trump said his hotel business
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during that ti. hillary clinton's super pac is extra focused on beating trump. priorities u.s.a. is spending $10 million to air an anti-trump ad and it starts this week. it features a teenager with cancer saying he wants a pressdent who inspires him, saying trump doesn't fit the bill. it shows a clip of trump mocking a reporter's disability. a day after the senate and house voted to override the president's veto, the top says he may regret that decision. the override allows families of 9/11 victims to sue the saudi arabian government from the majority of the attackers came from. but senator mitch mcconnell 3 said nobody thought about the international effects of the law that could put u.s. troops and diplomats in legal trouble abroad. >> i think it was a ball drop. the president, and i don't, but
11:37 am
he, we had a discussion about this much earlier than last week. >> house speaker paul ryan says the house could revisit the law to protect our service members overseas. a victory for injured veterans and their families. congress has given the va the green light to coffin veto row fertilization treatments. now it's covered for active duty, but not injured veterans who have to go tyler and crystal were trying to have a baby for a year but couldn't. the fight isn't over they say, because congress will only the va to cover costs for a year. >> our goal is so that no other couple has to strain, has to go through this struggle when they're already struggling on a day-to-day basis of getting through life paralyzed.
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more than 2500 in colorado will get the devastating news this year that they have lung cancer. it's striking people younger, nonsmokers. but this weekend you can help in the fight. one colorado woman ays the need for funding and awareness >> it was so hard to take in, you know, because i'd been an advocate for healthy lifestyle. >> a shocking diagnosis for stage four lung cancer. like so many diagnosed with lung cancer, dennis has never smoked. that stigma is still there, yet every day the disease kills men and women young and old, even those who have never picked up a cigarette. >> why? younger women it usually hits, noosmoking women. let's look at that. what's going on with that and why is that on the rise? >> lung cancer gets relatively little government funding, even though it is by far the leading
11:39 am
it's usually not diagnosed until stage three or four, when symptoms show up. peggy had a pain in her chest one night. she's on a mission not only to survive, but see others beat this disease as well. >> i plan on being one of those still around. >> you can join peggy and others in the fight by heading out to washington park sunday for the denver free to breathe 5k run and walk. you can reggster the web site. we'll have a link on about 25% of people killed -?by police have a severe menta illness, this according to a new national study. it's something the aurora planned parenthood is trying change. officers paired up with the aurora mental health center. >> we're not teaching officers how to talk to people. we're teaching officers how to listen and draw information
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>> sergeant will ton says he officer. police and city workers in aurora ame together to form a large pink ribbon in honor of breast cancer awareness month. officers will wear pink ribboos and socks next month. they plan to donate to someone in the city who has been affected by breast cancer and in need of financial help. a video making up the recent rash of police shootings across the country is generating controversy. the people behind the video it's time to ighten up. but not everybody is laughing. especially because of one person taking part in that video. an ironman competitor disqualified over chapstick. it's now 11:40. it's a lot cooler today. temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 70s by this afternoon. we also have a lot more cloud
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we have two major traffic issues here. you're looking at live video from the cdot camera at highway 24 and loveland. this truck was pushed off the highway here. northbound lanes of i-25 are closed down for a couple of spinout crashes at highway 34 and lovely. it is wet as -- loveland. it is wet as you can see. northbound i-25 at least for now is temporarily closed.
11:44 am
downtown at colfax and columbine near north high school, we have colfax closed down for an auto/pedestrian hit- and-run accident denver police are investigating. making for a mess of the roads the east side of downtown as well as going up to loveland. >> no doubt. thank you. tensions are lie across the -- high across the country with each police shooting. some producers are making a parody video. here's a clip. >> can i he sir? h? >> the video is a fake commercial, pitching an anti- on the n word. trying to use comedy as a way to heal, but not everybody is laughing. >> that's not funny to nobody. i find it offensive. >> i don't think anybody who sees it going on, it's not a game. it's happening to people.
11:45 am
with a comedy group called black magic troupe. he is a real officer, with the los angeles port police. his police chief is now investigating. a florida deputy takes a unique approach after being sued for tasing someone. he baked that person a cake. here it is. it says, sorry i tased you. some stick figures there. the former deputy shot a woman in the chest and neck with the stun gun last year. it happened while she was arguing with a coworker over a glass the cake surprisingly did not smooth things over. she is now suing the former deputy. an alert before you take a painkiller. a new study finds ibuprofen and naproxen are linked to heart problems. a study found people currently using painkillers had a 19% higher risk of heart failure. heads up before you compete in a triathlon.
11:46 am
using chapstick. matt smith raced over the weekend and seccnd place finish qualified him for the big event in hawaii. until he was puniihed for taking chapstick from his wife. >> the head referee came up and let me know that my results would be stricken from the record and that i would lose the placing because i'd accepted outside assistance during the race. >> the outside assistance was lip balm. he accepted it, because he said as a coach he tells his athletes all the time to agree with referees instead of fighting back. a deer fighting back after getting hit by a truck. when the woman checked the animal after hitting it, she was attacked. >> he was mad. so mad.
11:47 am
i grabbed a handful of antlers. >> the officer who pulled up on the scene said he had never seen anything like that. % >> like the deer had seen karate kid. up in the mountains today you're going to find a few more clouds, showers that have passed in over i-25. here's your cheat sheet, it's friday, people. >> yes, it is. >> the weekend upon us. it's going to be a nice one. today a touch cooler. past couple of days we've been well into the 80s. we'll see a chance for a few more showers range this afternoon, early evening. and it's going to get even cooler next week. we're dropping into the 60s, even 50s by next tuesday and wednesday. now we're at 66. relative humidity 43%. lots of cloud cover. closer in a few showers through the northern front range mountains will again move east. so by about 3:00 to 5:00 we've got a chance for scattered
11:48 am
and into the early evening we'll see a few showers which will then move out. by about 8:00 to 9:00 some drier conditions from fort collins to denver to boulder. you'll notice on the state-wide perspective, these are going to be widely scattered across the state. along i-25 closer to the springs, so from the palmer divide south likely wet roads ttrough he early evening. skies will clear. overnight we'll get partly cloudy skies and tomorrow morning a mix of sun and clouds and another round of a few storms and showers tomorrow as we head into the weekend, saturday we'll see more sunshine throughout the day. but there will still be a few storms and sunday under a mostly sunny sky. today we'll top out in the mid- to uppee 70s. denver around 74 to about 77. depending on the neighborhood. then overnight some mid-50s,
11:49 am
midday tomorrow. littleton 75 today. longmont at 77. in the tech center we'll top out at about 73. 50s to 60s in the central mountains. still cooler out west. grand junction today at 71. 81 in trinidad. when you look ahead from today through monday, our temperatures are either right at or just above normal. it's going to get windier though monday. that's ahead of our next cood front. winds are going to kick our temperatures down a good 20 to about 25 degrees from tuesday into wednesday with a chance for showers. we have a rockies game tonight. that game expected to see temperatures in the 60s. bring a sweatshirt. it's their last weekend here. we're expecting a few showers potentially for the first part of the game, first few innings. next week we're at 35, thursday 38 for overnight temperatures. kids are going to need a jacket
11:50 am
mornings. >> by now they've loot them at school. >> mine smell. they've been stuck in the time to lace up your sneakers. do they still call them sneakers? you bet your britches they do. you can help raise money to build a memorial for the aurora theater shooting victims. great cause. the 5k starts at 8:00 tomorrow morning at the aurora municipal center. fifty dollars registration fee and that money goes to buil great for the community. still ahead, a mom and daughter meeting is going viral.
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f0 here's an update on breaking traffic news stories. highhay 34 and loveland and i- 25, northbound side of i-25 is open again after a nasty accident under the bridge that was caused they believe by the wet conditions we've had up there. also the denver police tell me there's no serious injuries at this auto/pedestrian crash at colfax and columbine next to north high school. the suspect vehicle has been contacted at colfax and josephine. now one lane is open northbound
11:54 am
a story to make you smile. a fort collins detective met a girl who loves playing the violin. then the detective learned she didn't have a violin of her home. he reached out to his colleagues and in less than tww hours he raised enough money to buy a violin for her. >> wow. it is always going to be an emotional reunion when a child given up foradoption meets their biological mom. this meeting was 60 years in the making. >> wow. the mom was 17 years old when she got pregnant. she says her parents forced her to giver the baby up for adoption. fast forward 60 years later and that baby who was given up started looking for her birth mom. not only did janet find her mom, she learned she has a sister, because mom married janet's father and had more children.
11:55 am
>> 60 years later.
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? >> announcer: today, it's an hour of "the chew's" classic combinations. clinton's in the kitchen with the fabulous fran drescher. mario and carla have the perfect snack and drink combo and an amazing gift for one incredible teacher. the party starts, right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew," everybody. so, what do thelma and louise, wine and cheese, and dinner and dancing all have in common? >> audience: what? >> they're always better when they're together, of course. today, we're talking all about our favorite classic combinations.


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