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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  October 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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>> denver7 starts right now. 3 residence in eagle county warned they may have two evacuate if this wildfire gets any bigger. police have named a suspect from yesterday's deadly shooting outside of a hotel. we are now hearing from the victims grannmother. >> donald trrmp on the attack on the campaign trail. this morning he is calling the election rigged and now demanding clinton take a joint test. and wildfire burning in eagle county has scorched at least 80 acres.
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aspen. crews are calling it the freeman fire. homes in the area received pre- evacuation warning, but no word if those became mandatory. still not clear how the fire started. let's send it over to katie with the fire danger. >> unfortunately, we are not in the clear. very gusty wind for eagle county. most of the high country is under a high wind watc very gusty wind today, primarily coming in from the southwest. dust and higher elevation of 240 50 miles per hour will not help firefighting efforts today. the aware any little spark can start a fire. dry and warm conditions, unseasonably warm temperatures. here are current wind gusts, still saying pretty calm this
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about 61 miles per hour. taking a look across the state, we are going to be seeing these pickup throughout much of the tomorrow will also be breezy. currently it is dealing very pleasant, 64 in castle rock in parker, it is going to be a warm one and i will have your extended forecast coming up. new developments after some of the shot outside a motel yesterday. we brought it is as breaking news yesterday morning. police bel man who pulled the trigger. he is still on the ruand is wanted for first-degree murder. the victim. we spoke with the victim's grandmother who has this message for the suspect. >> whoever did this, we just want them to come forward and >> if you know anything about
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endeavors like team called out to a neighborhood late yesterday. they were searching for a man wanted by police. wanted, but several viewers reported seeing the police activity. police say the suspect ay they were not able to find a man. the eagle county is gathering information to figure out why three buildings were intentionally set on fire saturday night. when firefighters got unseated the buildings were on fire and threatening others building -- other buildings. over police are now searching for this man. investigators say he burglarized a grill on last month. % she apparently got into the restaurant from the roof. investigators say he had held. if you recognize him call police. a safety alert this morning, several female students say they were sexually
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investigators say these asssults happen off campus and that drugs and alcohol did lay a factor. the victims apparently knew their assailants. police are now urging everyone to be on alert. stay health officials are trying to figure out if smoke in commerce city is in fact hazardous. this orange plume of smoke was released friday. this morning the refinery is working to restart its operations. officials say you could see claylike dust being released in this material is not hazardous, just part of the process of starting up again. a final investigation could take time. rosenbergs bagels is back open today, five months after a fire. we have aalive look at the popular bagel shops return. >>reporter: popular is the right word. we are here at the back of the bagel shop. plenty of people lining up waiting and excited to get
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to shut down the entire business. it damaged much of the kitchen that you see here. you will recall a man was found dead in the apartment above the bagel shop. the fire was intentionally set. another man is in jail for the crime. since the incident employees have posted pop-ups around the denver metro area including in aurora and here in five points. to the race for the white house, donald trump hitting the campaign trail days before the final presidential debate. much of his attacks yesterday were against the media calling the election rigged. this morning he continues to be on defense calling the new sexual assault allegations against him made up. >> [ clip playing ] >> many of these allegations
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you have phony allegations with no witnesses. >> late last night he said hillary clinton is getting pumppd up with perforrance enhancing drugs and challenged her to take a drug test before the final debate on wednesday.>> [ clip playing ] >> we should take a drug test. i don't know what is going on with her. at the beginning of her last debate she was all popped up at the beginning and at the end it wali >> wednesday night's final debate what airport here at 7 pm. meantime,,the trump campaign announced they are cutting ttes with the state republican party chairman in ohio. he criticized donald trump in a series of interviews after the tape of his lewd comments sleep. the chairman said he was not sure that he will vote for
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the trump cammaign says he called that criticisms stupidity. >> all of that comes on the heels of hissrally on wednesday. he will also hold another ally tuesday afternoon in grand junction. we are just learning donald junior will also be campaigning for his father in colorado and the centennial gun club tomorrow at 10:30 am. also, be campaigning for hillary clinton tomorrow. he is rallying support for amendment 69, is an issue that healthcare system called colorado cares. it is a sure sign we are inching toward the elections. tomorrow mail in ballots will -?be sent out. all active mailing voters will be mailed ballot. the packets include a detailed list of valid chop off locations including many 24- hour drop-off boxes throughout the county.
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with problems of her own. wikileaks just release what apppars to be transcripts of three paid speeches to goldman sachs. they were released as part of a campaign chairman emails. even though they do not contain any bombshells showing she may have been influenced by contributions, some say it is another reminder the nominee is too close to wall street to be effective in the white house. rock 'n roll half marathon is just about to kick off, which also means a lot of traffic in aad around citizens part. here is a look at a map of some of the rows that will be closed this morning. the race starts and ends at civic center park. if you have to jive to the downtown area today, tried to find an alternate route. most roadways to be reopened by noon. starting tomorrow us 34 is shutting down in big thompson canyon until may. trying to rebuild the
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estes park the d2 only asked to administer the drive. people who live in the canyon will be able to drive to dissolve, but only at certain times. several police officers on paid leave after shooting a man. we are now learning more about the man who tried to run police over and prompted them to open fire. a possible missile attack
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check out this shot, we had a great sunrise yesterday. it might even be better this sunday. it is a bronco sunrise, but the it is going to be weird to not have a bronco game to watch on a sunday. i am a big fan, obviously.
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man who police shot in front of a close apartment store -- kohl's department store. john martinez stole a car and went officers tried to stop him he tried to run over the house -- the officers. yesterday we told you the officees who opened fire, they both have been placed on administrative leave. police sergeant for a man who looks like the sketch. police say he tried to sexually assaulttsomeone on thursday. if you see someone who looks like this or you recognize them call police. it is not about a week since matthew moved off the atlantic coast, but the impacts are still being felt. this devastation continues this morning.
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beaten while trying to take down a suspect. why the officer says she
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new dash camera video of a chicago police officer eaten by a suspect she was trying to take down. she says she wasn't going to fire her weapon. in the video the officer and her partner detained a man. he apparently was high on pcp
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the suspect to stop fighting, but has officers tried to take him down he takes down the people officer.>> [ clip playing ] >> the female officer being attacked says she was not going to fire her gone because she feared ccmmittee backlash and she didn't want the department or her family to have to go through that. she remains in the hospital because of serious head injuries. theeu.s. navy is investigating a possible missile attack on oneeof the ships off of a few days ago the us military retaliated woman earlier missile attack on one chip in the same area. the ship were in international waters in the red sea when they detected in inbound missile and fired defensive missiles. no ships were hit in all warships are safe. the u.s. navy is now investigating. floodwaters are slowly receding after hurricane
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carolina. as of now the death toll stands at 26 with two new storm related deaths. the victims were found in submerged vehicles. the news river is cresting and entire neighborhoods along the river are underwater. streets are barely recognizable. officials say more than a few water has flooded the area. this kind of historic flooding 3 has not been seen in more than a decade. we could use some of that rain because it is very dry in our part of the country.>> the fire danger is high once again. i will show you exactly which areas are affected. thh majority of the state is under watches and warnings right now. we do have a chance for rain/no coming up. that will be good. warm once again today, temperatures well above normal. cooler and very windy tomorrow. another fire weather watch will be in effect, date and a slight
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the door, clear skies. a beautiful start to the day. we are going to be seeing a formal tonight and great viewing conditions for clear skies. 62 degrees out at the airport with winds from the south at 60 miles per hour. it will be very windy this afternoon because of a song -- strong here are watches and warnings for this afternoon, most of these go into effect starting at 1am. got the win and low humidity, a red flag warning is in effect and that is conducive to fire activity. we have a high wind watch in effect for most of the high country. that red flag wwrning stretches down to the northeast.
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ember at 60 miles per hour, we are monitoring the chance for fire and fire spreading in eagle county as of this morning. unfortunately, we're not going to be seeing moisture across the state giving relief to firefighting efforts. highs across the front range well above normal. dia at 83. aurora getting up to 82 degrees. rarely has a high of 80 expected this afternoon. 60s and 70s across the state. fort collins expecting a high near 52, down to upper 80s to low 90s. very warm. it will really feel like summer out there. enjoy this last little bit of hot weather. peers are futuuecast, clearing skies by this afternoon and staying very dry across the state. the next change will come in,
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tonight, staying very mild. by tomorrow morning 77 degrees, mostly sunny and also breezy throughout the day. the ccoldown is coming. tuesday, mostly sunny skies. wednesday into thursday a slight chance for rain and snow, late wednesday early thursday morning. in the middle to lower 50s with overnight lows dropping down to freeze it comes the end of the week and a lot cooler as we go into next weekend. and action-packed weekend on the boulder campus. the bus taking on era --
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good morning, everybody. let's start with the buff's. it was homecoming and the arizona state sun devils had no idea what they were getting
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kyle evans. 16 yards, 7-7 late in the first. evans takes the screen breaking tackkes on his way to a 34 yard gain. it led to a field goal. going to the second, under pressure ssins out in spots a wide-open bryce bobo. i have no idea why he slowed down, he is finally going to be brought down inside the 10 yard line. a couple plays later, he runs the option to perfection. see you took the lead back 17- 10. philip lindsay, check out the nifty moves. he uses a defenders back. lindsay was just getting started. first drive of the second half the buffs were killing asu on
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75 yard touchdown run, the longest scoring run of the season, 30-10. the buff's had 315 yards rushing. there is the shower. the party was on in boulder. the buff's beat arizona state for the first time ever. they went big, 40-16. >> it is just an honor and a blessing that we are here coaching these young men. it is fun to watch them grow up. these young men have done this and we have a lot left to do. i can't tell you how proud i am. that is a breakthrough game for us. >> is this having? no, but this was not the way they wanted to star. stars on the power play. a loose puck comes out, 1-0, dallas. on the power play a mad
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made it to-one. it is colbert once again doing the dirty work. another power-play tying in it to appease. karl flips it between the pillows. the av's had the first c3-two. a shot from the point in colder with a redirection, past the key for his third goal. and here they come, frrm the sky. the av's give jared a win in his debut, a nice start to the season. 6-5. that is her morning sports report. go out and make it a great day. >> hockey season is back. gary kubiak is expected to be back at work tomorrow. he will get to work getting
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his former team. he took the week off after being hospitalized. it turns out he suffered from a severe migraine condition that causes extreme fatigue and weakness. all of this scans came back normal and he will be back to work tomorrow. in the bus -- and not of us have had to deal with dogs who won't stop barking, coming out we dig into a new ordinance that says you can do something about it. ew de this man who was arrested for an alleged sexual assault. just days before the final presidential debate we're
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when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? we are tracking and wildfire burning in eagle county. ?o far, it has courts about 80 acres northeast of aspen. three evacuation warnings were sent out yesterday. no word on containment. unfortunately, high fire danger is in effect for portions of eagle county. gusty winds throughout the high country. primarily today be aware of a strong southwest flow that will pick a wink of this afternoon. any little spark can start a fire and you know how fast they can spread with thesee conditions.
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we will see a high wind watch in effect for most of the high country. a red flag warning and a fire weather watch. already pretty breezy outside. estes park is a wink of them about 22 miles per hour. out of the airport around 60 miles per hour. we are going to be continuing to keep an eye on our temperatures, well above seasonal averages. take a look at our high denver. it will feel a lot like summer this afternoon. deputies in jefferson county are searching for several suspects who spent time in a parking lot doing doughnuts and firing guns. it happened in a vacant parking lot on south pierce. investigators say two men were seen in the lot. they say they took off before police got there.
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this man, he was arrested in aurora for sexual assault. police say heeis a former mexican police officer and was on the want for similar charges. he reportedly sexually tried to do the same again in the same apartment complex on thursday. that is when police caught him. bag filled with zip ties in his vehicle. this mmrning after being stuck to the first and second flat iron. search and rescue crews found the hiker using gps. he is okay. it is the first weekend since this micro is forced to close. never police called it a public nuisance. the city has also suspended if liquor license following the shooting of a wrapper there. if you want ii to stay opened there is an event happening
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the club wants to put together a psa having people explain why they love it and why it should stay open. it is been five months is a fire shut down a popular bagel shop, it is an exciting day for owners at rosenbergs bagels, the shop is reopening this morning. amanda, happy regulars, i'm sure? >>reporter: absolutely. we are here at the back of the shop. so many people excited to have rosenbergs back open. let's take a walk over tohe t preparation area. this was the area damaged mo the shop. we know that fire threat into shutdown the business altogether. a man was found dead in the fire and another was arrested and is facing charges related to the crime. if you are visiting the shop today before 3 pm you will notice a lot of the accidents over thing on the rise of the phoenix. focusing on combustion and rising again just like
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morning. in this morning's your voice your vote we are fact checking the presidential candidates after last weekend's debate. hillary clinton issclimbing the us is finally energy dependent and donald trump claiming the obama's are behhnd some of the most vicious attacks against clinton he has ever seen. >> we are now for the first time ever energy independent. >> hillary clinton claimed that may have been lost on viewers sunday night in what was known as the kenneth bone question. political act went to energy experts to get to the bottom of it. they found experts to say the us is close enough to energy independence, but not quite there yyt. politifact rating >> [ clip playing ]
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commercials they did on you, i have gotten to see some of the most vicious commercials i have ever seen of michelle obama talking about you, hillary. >> that claim caught back checkers off guard, since michelle obama has stopped vigorously for hillary clinton. a deeper dig found this new political ad was the one to which donald trout was referring. >> [ clip playing ] >> home, you certainly cannot run the white house. >> president obama said that comment by the first lady was not a swipe at the clintons, it is now resurfacing in this ad from a pro-donald trump super pack. >> talking about vicious attack ads, it is republicans using michelle obama's wars and burng they are about hillary clinton and using them against her. >> with the ad not coming from the obama camp as implied in the comments open to
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the claim as follows. one more debate this wednesday before election day and it will take place in las vegas. this week we're talking to both michael bennett and darryl glenn about some of the big issues this election. talk about an avid donald chubb supporter. amanda colorado springs s taking extreme measures to make sure people stop messing with the trump sign take a look, he says this is the fifth sign he has put up because the rest of them were run over, so he built a spike strip made on the board and nails. he has tape, glue, since posting, and skunk spray on the side making sure no one messes with it.>> i am a stubborn old bugger. as i said, i am a marine. you want to play games, okay. i am good at playing games. >> there you go.
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$60 and 6 man-hours, but the sign is alreadyybit of a week. adams county officials are looking into a new ordinance that will make it okay for you to report nuisance dogs. the county wants to put it in writing that you can use video as evidence if you believe a neighborhood og is a nuisance. they say this can help in some dog stay quiet ooe code enforcement shows up. >> if it is time stamped, they can use th evidence for us to decide if there is actually a code enforcement issue. >> you do still have a chance to weigh in, the county will allow public comment next month before the ordinance is up for you though. we have all heard about the tourism boom happening across colorado, but that doesn't seem to be translating on the western slope. the colorado tourismmoffice is bringing expertly and to talk about how to bring tourism to all corners of the state. experts say almost all the
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the front range. coming up, a heads-up to anyone who drives the honda. why the company is recalling thousands of civics. plus, new numbers say the u.s. census is saying migrating to coloradd could be over.
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470 on your commute there are three separate role project that will grab attention of drivers. first, there are no merging lanes from southbound park road. drivers will have to stop at the top of a ramp before merging. then on interstate 25 there will be overnight lane reductions through next week. finally on the 470 the eastbound on-ramp will be a highway widening project moves forward. these tieups are starting to frustrate some. >> it is unfortunate how it is slowing everything down, the vendor vendors that have happened. this because you will be a lot of construction throughout the winter and throughout 2018. if you are a biker who takes express lanes you can save a little cash. ?s of yesterday if you're riding a motorcycle you will no
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you just make sureeto haveethe express lane account to avoid the charges. it is no secret that colorado is a great place to live, especially considering the hundreds of thousands left moved here in the recent years. this morning we have evidence the great migration is slowing down. the us census bureau says % we are the second fastest- growing state, but the great migration might be over. almost a quarter fewer people moved here last year compared to the year before. tax record trough, they are also showing us where most people are coming from. at california, texas, and illinois. fewer people are coming again and fewer are leaving. migration is down almost 30%. i don't know why anyone will
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show if someone leaves they are most likely to head back to all of these days. within colorado the numbers also showed less people moving across county lines in choosing to stay put where they live. warning signs posted in airports across the nation reminding anyone who has a ssmsung galaxy that they are banned from all flights. passengers caught trying to ?ravel with them or have them packed in checked luggage could face criminal prosecution. this comes after phones randomly bursting into flames. the company says they have stopped the sales and production of those smart phones. a heads-up, honda is recalling 350,000 honda civic because parking brakes may not work properly. the company says a software glitch may present the break from working. this could cause the car to roll the way and the problem
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this next story proves how cool some people are. this 25-year-old cross el dorado canyon yesterday in boulder county along a slack line 500 feee above the ground. you can see just how windy it was. walk and raise $5000 to help build trails in el dorado canyon state park. also, he did have a harness, but it was really impressive >> the last time it was done, 1948 when an 18 to judgment when an 82-year-old man cross without a harness. >> not my cup of tea, but really impressive. i love they are building more trails. >> p hacker weather for it and it continues. -- he had good weather for it and it continues. warm temperatures today well above normal for this time of the year.
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cooler. we are back in the 70s by tomorrowwin a major quote out for this upcomiig week. radar and satellite showing a strong southwest flow ushering in warmer temperatures and also very gusty wind. what we are looking at in terms of watches and warnings this afternoon beginning at 11:00 lasting all the land to 9:00, the northeastern county of the state encompassing all of the denver metro area wind watch. southwest winds gusting to 40 or 50 miles per hour, especially at higher elevations. we are off to a pretty calm start. downtown denver with wind gusts in about 60 miles per hour, eagle at 20, and we will continue to see them pick up. hold onto your hats today and know the fire danger is elevated.
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we will continue to be temperatures in the low to middle 80s. clear overnight, normally 65 degreee is where we should be, clear skies and very pleasant overnight. our highs today across the front ranne 80s for the most part, 80 1m parker, 79 in castle rock, and 60s for the most part in the foothills. in the mountains and throughout our futurecast what you can expect, skies with a mix of sun and clouds further to the north. stayinn very dry in our next cold front will come back into the state late monday into tuesday. tonight, very mild and summerlike conditions continuing. temperature still above average. very windy in the afternoon, and other fire weather watch will go into effect tomorrow. the big change this week comes on tuesday.
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starting to drop in wednesday night nto thursday we have a slight chance of seeing a few showers. wednesday night we will see temperatures nearing freezing levels. we have a chance for snow, early thursday morning. temperatures than court in the middle 50s. friday we will see more seasonal values. our normal snowfall will be on to say, that is the average date. this is pretty typical for colorado this time of the year, the 80s are not. >> i think a llt of people are looking forward to some snow and some fall. if you have had a stressful day you may think working out can help, a new study out of ontario found it may not be the case. our partners at national jewish health say your risk of having a heart attack increases if you work out while stress. your blood pressure is already
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increase that. >> if you are under so much tension your pressure goes up. high blood pressure alone is a big risk factor for cardiovascular disease. >> doctors say you should get 150 minutes per week of exercise that makes you mildly
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celebrities play a big role in us politics, but star power
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michael holmes takes a look. >> [ clip playing ] >> she is an interventionist and has done horriile things. their voices. although some say celebrity endorsements may not persuade voters, experts believe havinn a celebrity back can get voters engaged in the politiccl process. >> i think most people are interested in knowing what celebrities think, but it is not clear to me people are basing their voting decisions on how celebrities endorse. >>reporter: star power may even get voters to donate. hillary clinton overwhelmingly wins hollywood's vote over donald ttump, but donald trump
7:51 am
all celebrity support may not be created equal. some well-known stone -- starss3 like sean penn, tom hanks, angelina jolie and oprah winfrey may have more sway than others. celebrity endorsements are nothing new in politics. historians trace the role of celebrities back to 1920s when warren hardy was ndorsed by >>reporter:sell.>> [ clip the vote campaign in the early 1990s used pop culture to get young people to the polls. >> [ clip playing ] one hillary clinton super pack just released a public service announcement using actors from the film the avengers. % it is called important to encourage americans to vote. >> [ clip playing ] >>reporter: a republican
7:52 am
with this video mocking the actors. >> [ clip playing ] >>reporter: even when they are not doing as for candidates, many celebrities are weighing in on social media. whether online or on screen, celebrities are looking to make their mark in this polarized election season. >> very interesting. still ahead, we have all you need to know before heading
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here is a look at our top stories. a wildfire burning in eagle county has scorched at least 80 acres and still burning.
7:55 am
aspen. still not clear how this started and no word on when it will be contained. this man is wanted by police and is reportedly the man who shot and killed a woman at the airway hotel early yesterday morning. he is now wanted for first- degree murder. if you see him call police. even though state health officials are trying to figure out if smoke relieved in commerce city is hazardous, the refinery says they will be restarting operations. you may see white being released into the air. officials say this is part of normal restarting operations. i live in denver at the reopening of rosenbergs bagels. we are here at the end of the line. lots of people excited to have the shot back. this after a fire in the apartment above the hop caught fire in early may damaging much of the kitchen. it threatened to shut down the business indefinitely. a man was found dead in the
7:56 am
the business is open until 3 pm this afternoon. it opened this morning as 6:00.3 lots of people excited to have the shop back in their neighborhood. reporting live, i am amanda delk deleo. it is going to be windy and warm out there. well above normal. temperatures in the low to middle 80s across the denver area. it will feel like summer. wednesday again, dave. a major change middle of the week. monday will be windy and in the 70s and things start to cool down come tuesday. a cold front will move into the state monday into tuesday. mostly sunny skies for tuesday and then a shift wednesday night into thursday. we have a 20% chance of seeing a rain/snow mix early that
7:57 am
>> back to what it is supposed to be in october. >> there is much more to come, a truck falls off an overpass and crashes 60 feet below and lanns in a crowd of people. four people were killed and we're learning more about the man behind the wheel. from a rancher's perspective,
7:58 am
is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennetas been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump unshackled. >> the process is rigged. this whole election is being rigged. >> attacking his opponent and his accusers. >> they will lie. it's a total setup. >> team clinton calling trump out. >> the belief that you can do anything you want to a woman, it it's frightening. >> will clinton capitalize and put the race away? in this campaign of surprises, what will we see next? we talked to both sides, clinton running mate tim kaine and trump supporter newt gingrich and with just three weeks to go, our brand new poll. how much did the turbulence on the trail shake up the race? plus, we're one on one with


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