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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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it's 5:00 a.m. this morning, police are searcng for the person who stabbed someone overnight. and what we're learning from police. claims of voter fraud and a rigged presidential election. should you be concerned, we'll talk about that next. a wild fire is state forcing evacuations. are we at a high fire danger this morning. before we get to that. breaking news from overseas, russia and syria said they'll stop launching strikes in aleppo. they have 36 people being killed there just yesterday. several of those children. russia's defense minister says today's pause in
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humanitarian -- there's another pause so civilians can leave aleppo. let's switch gears and talk about weather. lisa is back from some time off. we have changes coming up. >> the weekends are the best. the extra day is so needed. we don't have as high of fire danger today. good news, yesterday we had red flag warnings covering a good portion of the state. wind gust this morning at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour. it's not going to be nearly as warm. the cold front rolling through bringing our temperatures down. you'll morning. 63 by 1:00. so low to mid 60s this afternoo. it's a good 10, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. we could see a few showers this afternoon. so you're going to finally hit 60s by 3:00 to 4:00. and then look, again, same time, 3:30 to 4:00, we could get a few showers, but jasoo, here's your firrt alert. it's across northern colorado closer to fort collins and to greeley. >> that's where we had the nasty winds. we had i-80 closed for a time.
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cheyenne. we had -- for the big rigs, we had empty trailers. it looks very pleasant anywhere you want to go. take a look at the overall map. you can see it on the south side, north side, no issues with other problems getting out to dia. that's an easy drive on peoria boulevard. 5:02. bliss are investigating a police are investigating a shooting. police haven't said who they're looking for who led up to this. they say the victim is in the hospital in critical condition right now. police at du want you to be on the look out for this man, this is samsung whitmore. they say he doesn't go to the school, but he's accused of crimes on the campus. jason grnaw joins us with why officers want to find him. >>reporter: good morning, mitch. there's two main reasons and the first one that du campus police
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graffiti found here on the du campus. the second reason, because he has a violent criminal history, i want to show his picture, this paat of be on the look out for alert september out by du campus police to students on their facebook and twitter page, the 32-year old whitmore is not affiliated with the university according to du police. he doesn't go ttere or work there. yet they believe he's responssble for this vandalism. keep in mind, this is something separate from the other controversy that hap at du a week and a half ago that developed the free speech wall on campus. that's a designated wall for those with social mess ages or advertisements of events on campus. this is graffiti and vandalism. we're not told where it is or what it said. the focus on finding this guy because of his long wrap sheet which includes felony charges and his place on a sex offender list.
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approach or interact with him. call du campus police or 911 immediately. at du this morning, i'm jason ground. active fires is in the pike national forest. it's small. it's 14 acres and it is 50% 50% contained. but the one you're looking at here, this is not tiny by any means. this wild fire is getting a lot of attention. burned in -- it has forced those and dozens of home to leave. the entire town of wet more is under/ -- this woman says this is the second time she had to pack up. >> we have gotten birth certificates and death certificates and insurance papers, licenses, all that kind of stuff. >> the fire is 0% contained and right now, investigators doo't
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could not make water drops because of the high winds. there were gusts up to 730 miles-per-hour. hopefully they can do some today. we're continuing to follow the colorado wild fires on-air and online at the 5:05. today, trump will be back in our state this afternoon. he's going to make an appearance in colorado springs, then he heads to grand junction for a rally at the airport. this comes on the heels of his son. donald trump jr. was at the centennial gun boulder. he told stories about family trips to coloradoofor hunting and vacations and say our next president cannot be someone who will get in the way of our right to bear arms or let liberals on the supreme court continue with corruption in washington. >> we use today have a government that was for the people, by the people and of people. not anymore. you're right. it's over the eld by the elite and for the elite.
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fans were protestors some some confronted the supporters, but everything was peaceful. sanders was helping clinton although the -- he encouraged students to get out and vote. >> our people fought and died so that you can help determine the% future of this country and if you sit ittout, you're being extremely unpatriotic. >> he went to cu where he spoke in support of amendment 69. the state wide health care inittative. here's good news. this election season is almost, and i say almost over. we're just 3 weeks away from picking the next president. right now in colorado, the latest poll puts clinton ahead of trump by 8 points. that has a margin of error of almost 4%. the candidates will face off to. this is thh
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it on denver 7. trump claims the upcoming presidential election is rigged. is it an excuse because he's down in most national polls or is he onto something. the spokes woman for the colorado secretary of state is responding to the claim and amanda del castillo joins us with what she has to say about all this. >>reporter: yeah, the secretary of state's communication director len has a strong rebuttal against donald trump's claims. she says that trump isn't offering any type of evidence to support his of a rigged election or voter fraud. she's comparing it by saying that she can tweet out she's a super model but tweeting it doesn't make it true. we reached out to our secretary of republican and he respondeds yesterday to trump's claims of a rigged election saying quote while there's occasional instances of voter fraud, colorado's processes are very good at catching attempts to commit voter fraud. now, our
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posted a poll yesterday asking should u.s. voters be concerned that this year easy lex could be influenced by hacking or fraud or illegal activity. more than 650 people took part in that poll with more than 54 saying yes. live in downtown denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. this next story is a little fun. today, you're going to want to scan the ground for pennies. yes, pennies because you might found out they can be more than >> through the day, there's lucky pennies scattered over denver. each worth $1,000. just one penny. ali bank will drop 100 lucky pennies which you can enter in for cash. they have instructions for collecting the cash. ali bank says they're doing this to start conversation -- >> they hope to teach the value
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poll. what wikileaks e-mails claim. we're tired of the negativity in the race. that's why a -- it's going viral. it is now 5:08. here's your first alert. it's going to be a cooler day today. 40s this morning. a mix of sun and clouds. we could get a few showers across northern colorado north of denver with a high today in the low to mid 60s. here's your first alert. it's going to get warmer by the end offthe week. details coming up.
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it is 5:12 on this tuesday morning. giving you a live look outside our studios. things chilly to grab a jacket as you head out the door. nbc ann billy bush are parting ways after video
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lewd comments with women. the former today anchor hasn't said what he plans to do next, but says he looks forward to the future. trump's wife melania is supporting her husband. she on.d that billy bush egged trum- melania said it was boy talk. listen to the interview. >> i wasn't surprised that the tape came out. i wasn't surprised about that. >> why? >> because as i said, it's many want to damage the campaign and why now. why after so many years? why 3 weeks before the election? of the other reports out there%- about she and her husband are lies and she's taking legal action. 5:13. while clinton leads in the national polls, new wikileaks e-mails could harm ore campaign. the hacking group
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campaign chairman's account. the new e-mails includes transcripts from three paid speeches that clinton gave to a financial firm, gold man -- clinton said banking are used for political reasons suggesting she was -- she's been paid $1.8 million for 8 speeches to big banks over the years. don't like to be hacked. julie went on twitter saying ecuador cut off his access. we spoke with a cyber security expert about the hack. >> all the pieces do fit together for this to be a government attack on it, and this is coming right after we're hearing all of this buzz about u.s. cyber attack or the u.s. launching cyber capabilities against the state actors around the world. so it is possible that it's there.
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cia reportedly been asked to launch a retaliation cyber attack against russia who the u.s. government claims is behind many hacks during this election season. at timms this presidential campaign season hasn't been about issues so the campaign tactic of a woman running for county treasure in monroe in indiana. >> in the ad it says quote i won't steal and i k count. collins's straight forward message seems to resonate with voters there. >> 1 person said how high can be count. >> my years in race he will state -- the voter replied, you got my vote. >> it seems to work. >> it's refreshing to have someone who can joke about it because it is so. >> i can deal with money. i'm running for treasury. vote for me. we talked about fire danger
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red flags ccvered most of colorado. today thhre's a couple of counties to the south. cooler across the state, buts there's going to be gustier winds. we'll see more 70s and flag warnings. current wind speeds, 5 to 15 miles-per-hour. it's a little breezy across orth eastern colorado. not nearly as windy as what we saw at the same time yesterray. and those winds shifting direction, it's we're in the mid to upper 30s near denver. greeley right now, 45. low 40s in colorado springs, and some 20s to low 30s in the mountains. highs this afternoon, anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. greeley you're looking at a high of 64. fort collins, 63. same thhng in denver. still some 70s across south eastern colorado. but a lot cooler than the 80s we saw yesterday. estes park, you're
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and in highlands ranch, 66. so cooler, not wet though. unfortunately this is not a bigs going to bring much moisture.% the cold front rolled through last night. today we're going to see a few building clouds, mainly across the northern quarter of our state. closer to estes park and up through our northern front range mountains, we'll see more clouds by 10:00. a rain-snow mix in spots through the afternoon and early evening. likely if we're going to see rain here, it's closer to longmont, fort collins, greeley, parts of larimer and weld counties could see a few showers this afternoon and even through tonight. by 11:30, we're picking up a little bit of snow in the mountains. so it will be fresh on the peaks early tomorrow morning. mostly sunny to start on wednesday within a few building clouds tomorrow afternoon. it's actually going to be cooler tomorrow. wednesday is the coolest day on our 7-day forest with a high of 58. so
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and then we're in the low 60s on thursday. good looking warmup by friday. it's 10 degrees warmer. mostly sunny. i would say we spread that brigt out through the weekend. saturday and sunday, jason looks great. >> all i see is 35, 30, 35 and that means honey will you get the plants off the front. bring them in. >> she must not be watching. >> are you kidding me? 9:00 in the morningg there's no way she's up. -- 6th avenue at wad walls wads -- walsworth, all wide open. it's time to celebrate. you may noo be able to open cigars
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and bring home unlimited qualities. it's normalize relationships with cuba. here at home, a popular soda is making a change. the pepsi is putting less sugar in its drinks trying to cut down on calories and dyle is looking into that. >> pepsi is hoping to have less sugar by 2025. 40% of its drinks meet that goal. pepsi owns this could have changes and coke is changing its sodas saying it will over low calorie or no calorie options. that's going to be in every city but not until 2020. pepsi'' pledge comes after a week -- adults need to drink less sugar and the organization is encouraging countries to add a tax on sugary drinks. the soda tax was on the ballot in three different city and that includes here in boulder.
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5:22. welcome back to denver 7. a beautiful shot of new york city this morning where the sun is gleaming there.
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in a second. first, here's dayle. >> we're looking at alan brandt shot. he's in the hospital after being shot over the weekend. police are looking for the man who did it. the sergeant's dash cam recorded the man before the shooting. he walked in front of the car. if brent hadn't been wearing body armor, a bullet would have hit his chest. officers are accused of attacking -- four men say group of off duty officers hurt them with a baton and taser. a lawyer says it started with one of the men whistled at a female bartender who might have been the officer's girlfriends, and 12 officers could face disciplinary and criminal charggs. the fbi released new documents that only raised more question was the clinton e-mail controversy. investigators wants to know if there were a quid pro quo between the fbi and the state deeartment.
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in the newwy released e-mails, it shows that patrick kennedy wanted to bargain with the fbi to get the e-mails related to the benghazi attack classified and the -- trump says journalist are trying to bring him down. we're learning his son-in-w has talked aboot starting a trump tv network in trump doesn't win the presidential election. the financial times reporting that ivanka trump's husband had a brief condition about the network. since then it hasn't progss we told you about the big stories choosing -- stores staying closed on thanks giving day. so macy's is now doing just the opposite. >> the department store is nounsed it's going to open at 5:00 -- they announced it's going to open at 5:00 on thanks giving. it's going to open at 5:00 on black friday. other retailers are expected to announce their hours.
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when is it too early for christmas decorations to hit the stores. you can weigh in on the >> i wonder if the ememployees work, do employee -- do the employees get time and a half. >> we're looking at clear skies, but clouds will build up across northern colorado earlier this morning by 10:00. you can see a little -- i that would have been awesome. good thing the camera isn't on. you'll find showers closer o estes park. greeley to fort collins accident a mix of ssnn3 and clouds and a chance of a few showers. likely we're going to stay drr in denver for the evening commute. don't rule out a stray. quick shower through the early evening. and then overnight into early tomorrow morning, we'll get some more snow there in the northern mountains. this mooning, we're in the 40s. by this afternoon,
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around denver. looking at that west side of town. not nearly as windy as it was yesterday like along c-470. easy drive along 285 and i-70. nn issues to the west side of town and into boulder. it's an easy smooth commute even on highway 36 right now. 5:26. there's a lot of finger pointing after someone -- and parents, we have news about a popular app that cld
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at village inn, the brightest ideas are always the best. like making the best pie in america free... on free pie wednesday. come in and enjoy a free slice of classic fruit or featured pie. and sweetin' up wednesday. ? donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape orcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel. ? it is 5:30 and thanks for waking up with denver 7. we're giving you a live look outside. everything nice and quiet right now. a little chilly, so you might want to grab a jacket as you head out the door.
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snow on rabbit ear pass on steamboat. some of the cold is headed our way, isn't it lisa. >> although still on our 7-day forecast down here in denver. i know, i know. our average -- it's the 18th, right. today is our average first snnw date. thank you, jason. we have temperatures this morning that are going to northbound the 40s. fire danger not nearly as high todaa. yesterday, via red flag warnings covering the state. you're going to find them to the south today where the winds are likely going to pick up to 30 to 35 miles-per-hour. temperaturrs though, dropping. after last night's cold front you felt it roll through. we're in the 40s this morning. we'll be in the 60s this afternoon. mix of sun and clouds. there is a chance for a stray shower here in town likely though we'll see them further north closer to fort collins and greeley later today. denver 63, you've got mid to upper 50s in the foothills. and in evergreen, a high of 58. jason, here's yours first alert


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