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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  October 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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if you were ever to find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event-- . imagine dropping your ballot off and a gunman walks in and opens fire, an unlikely scenario but one that election workers are preparing for. >> they are taking an unusual step. poll workers getting active shooting training in case things turn violent. >> it's an extreme precaution but it makes go time ever, denver's 350 elections judges very to complete training to teech them how to respond to an active shooter and it happens to coincide with one of the most contentious campaign seasons. >> secure your hiding place the best you can. >> reporter: run. hide. and if you have to, fight. the message in this training video. >> turn out lights and if possible, remember to lock doors.
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requirement for elections judges. vu received any specific threats or reason to believe trld -- there would be violence on election day? >> at this point, no. on previous elections, we have responded to threats that have come in and dealt with those in an appropriate manner. >> reporter: the decision to provide training was made about a year and a is active shooter training necessary? >> any emergency situation a key component to our preparation for the election. >> reporter: the training is online. as a last resort it teaches people to improvise weapons, scissors, a stapler. >> it made me nervous. you need to have a plan in any situation
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will not carry weapons but denver police will provide protection at the city's 26 voting centers. mark stewart, denver 7. dramatic video shows the moment that an adams school bus slammed head into a concrete pillar killing the driver. we have new information on the investigation and folks who witnessed this tragedy. >> i almost got runnff the road by the bus, and i thought it was crazy and i drove arou >> reporter: you can see george skinner's pickup in front of the video. >> i tried to dial 911. and i shouldn't be doing that. >> reporter: he saw the bus careened off the road and slammed into support. >> kids were trying to kick out the windows and get out. i could see damaged faces and people screaming for stretchers. >> reporter: he said when the bus started weaving back and forth he initially thought
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after seeing the carnage, he thought she had a heart attack. police said they couldn't find anything wrong with the bus, anything wrong with the environment or anything wrong with the bus driver, kari chopper. but the coroner said that chopper had an enlarged heart. police can't find a cause and are closing the case. >> i am closing this out. unfortunately, as important as this case was, it's not the only important case my office is working on right now. it's time to >> reporter: lance hernandez, denver 7. a greeley man, 25-year-old michael rodriguez, is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend with weights. the victim, 7 months pregnant, said that he kicked and hit her and beat her with two 10-pound did -- dumb bells after she
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the heartbreaking case out of fort collins. aababysitter accused of attempted murder is about to go on trial. caleb collins said he accidentaaly dropped the 7- month-old he was babysitting at a home in june. the facebook was transported to the hospital with severe head trauma resulting in permanent damage. detectivessay that the child's injuries were the result of forceful handling. collins was arrested and his in westminster, you occur rest a little easier now that an armed robber is off the street. policesay that brandon romero got in a woman's car and demanded cash. they were able to track him down today and arrested him on aggravated robbery charges. a lot of you drive around denver every day. we have a warning. an armed carjacker is on the run. policesay someone stole a car
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south perry street. the car is a silver dodge avenger and still no sign of where the suspect may be. and the search is on for those behind an attempted armed robbery at york and aasbury at 10:00 last night. fortunately, nobody was hurt. a campus alert told people to remain indoors and then sent an al if you have any information, ?all police. a bicyclist is fighting for his life after being hit by a car. this crash hatched before 7:00 this morning near wadsworth and 52nd in arvada. you can see the scene on your screen. policesay a 47-year-old man was in the crosswalk when he was struck. the cause of this crash is under investigation. an update on the massive wildfire that is still threatening homes in pueblo in
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the junkins fire was sparked by a power line that was knocked down by wind on to a barbed wire fence on monday and there is still no containment on the flames. it has burned 16,000 acres and destroyed 5 homes and 13 out buildiigs. 400 homes remain evacuated. a shelter is in place at the colorado state fairgrounds in pueblo. you'll love this. time break out the winter clothes and dust off the snowboards because arapahoe basin will be the first resort colorado. a-basin will officially open friday morning aft 9:00. go ahead and start counting down the hours. there will be one intermediate run hope and the a new noon trail accessible through the black mountain lift. and this is the view you'll see driving down u.s. 6 from
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big story, cold temperatures, a freeze warning in effect across denver and up to fort collins and sterling and a frost advisory near burlington and a hard freeze warning in eastern utah and most of the snow that fell in the mountains amounted to 3 to 6" and a few showers around winter park and steamboat and that's about it. temperatures already getting cold out there. the winds are lightening up and the humidity is low and skies are clearing. it will be a chiller. but i'll hunt when we return to the 70s coming up first alert forecast. cleared any of wrongdoing, the lyons town administrator and clerk are going back to work as investigators looked into how they used $36 million in grant money for the flood recovery. these pictur were apparently way too distasteful even for facebook. the costumes and button were
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networking site. >> reporter: there are benign and non-offensive campaign ads like this yard sign that says vote yes on amendment 69 and then there is other campaign material making waves. one of them is this button which says 69, the best blanking amendment on the ballot. and then this, two of them wearing a pr so racy that facebook censored it. the campaagn issue heating up three weeks before election day. >> it's part of a grass roots effort. they have come up with creative ways to get the word out and the millennials are a huge voting block and recognize the benefit of colorado cares. >> reporter: yes. it's trailing by a 2 to 1 margin on the colorado cares issue but they believe they
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tell. it's all about the election right now and we're just under an hour away as the presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump square off one last time in a final debate in las vegas. the format is the same as the first debate with six topics, focusing on debt and the economy, immigration, the supreme court and foreign hot spots. again, the final showdown held las vegas at 7:00 tonight. if you are looking to experience the debate in a different way, your local movie theater might be just the place. you can watch in the cover the of your own home right here on denver7. but regal theaters will show it at 8 colorado theaters. it's free. it's open to the public and you can get your tickets at your local movie theater box office. on the big screen. you won't miss a scene, that's cool. and the election is just 20
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donald trump's running mate, mike pence, campaigning in colorado today and stopped in durango at the fairgrounds to try and win over undecided voterss there. trump and his camp have been pounding the ground here in colorado heavily assed state is up for grabs. parents and students are furious at a local charter school. >> the teachers they have grown to trust were fired with no reason given. and good news ro
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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-? parents of a jeffco charter school say that rocky mountain academy in evergreen is in crisis. >> they are risking losing more
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mark boyle explains why they are so upset. >> reporter: you can see 50 families and children as well as some of the teachers fired marching up to the school and on the school grounds in a show of solidarity for the 6 employees unjustly fired yesterday as well as the staff and students who remain at the school. now, those fired say the reasoning was that they were not team players. also, budget cuts. but they say they had one of what they call an excellent school that has half a million in deficit and there is a lack of leadership by the director, roberta harrell, and we are told some of those fired were award wing teachers. >> i t e a c h - - winning teachers. >> i don't think it's about the
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nobody mentions anything about educatioo. it's kind of sad because that's what we're here for. >> reporter: parents and former employees are asking jeffco schools to step in and remove roberta harrell from her position. 3 jeffco said they will help the school get back on track with the new school board but they don'' want to step in and overstep their bounds by removing her. mark boyle, denver 7. >> we reached out to the for comment but the director did not return our calls. tense moments at a colorado springs high school when a students brought a gun to school. the 15-year-old was arrested and charged with an unlawful possession of a weapon right there on school grounds. there is no credible threat to students or faculty at this time. if you are lookinggto throw away unwanted immediate, it's initial prescription drug
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seven locations around town on saturday. it allows community members to dispose of prescription medications in a way that is environmentally safe and reduces the risk of drug misuse. 500,000pounds was collected at the last takeback day in may. good news for those of you looking to rent in enver. the average rents in the high city has declined since 2013. it signals that the markets could be leveling out a bit at least for a while. there are thousands of new apartments to hit the market this year. and i learned a new word today called beer cation. you don't have to travel far. colorado has four of the best
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factors include brewing locations, it is availability of ride share services and the average cost of lodging. i learn so much. >> isn't true? >> just being with you guyings so great. a beautiful evening but it will be a chilly one. skies are clearing over the we'll have a cold night ahead. this is the view from mile high looking east. looking west, a few clouds in the mountains. up in the mountains, blowing snow and getting ready for opening of the ski resorts. indeed, we'll see a lot of the resorts opening up in the not too distance disant distant future. loveland hasn't announced when they will open but as soon as we get details from them, we'll let you know. there is a little bit of snow falling in the mountains but that will decrease quickly
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61 the high and 38 the low and the normall are 64 and 36 and the record, 86 and the record low, a century ago at 18 degrees. right now, skies are clearing. 54 downtown and 27% humidity and the winds are a bit fresh from the north at'but they will drop off tonight. look at the numbers around the region. 36 at jackson and 40 at casper. cheyenne at 46 degrees and we had a front move through last night with a little bit of lingerin front but the big story is the great big h on the weather upon ma, clear skies, light winds and dry air tonight, the trifecta of cold. 30 in denver and greeley and fort collins, 17 and at leadville and gunnison. 23 at winter park, great news for the snowmaking. walden dropping to 18 and it would be around 30 over most of the metro. dawn will come clear and cold
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sunny and cool but pleasant as readings return into the 60s across most of eastern colorado and mostly 50s expected in the mountains. the front range numbers, 62 at broomfield and boulder and 64 in longmont and estes park at 56. and winter park at 52. the metro area for tomorrow, expect the temperatures to be in the low to midst 60s under a sunny sky. the forecast for clear, cold, freeze warnings and 30s for the low tomorrow and the high, up to 62 after a chilly morning and a pleasant afternoon and then the big warm up with temperatures in the 70s on friday and mid-70s for the weekend, a beautiful weekend with bright sunshine. monday will be nice and a pleasant monday evening for the bronco game. and we will see a bit of a change tuesday and wednesday next week s the jet stream begins to shift. we'll have a ridge overhead over the weekend and then we'll
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from the west coast next week and that dip in the old jet stream means a dip in the temperatures and maybe moisture the middle of next week. >> we have been waiting. >> waitinggon the dip. coming up, spending the day off honoring denver high school kids with dancing. of course. >> of course. he has all the moves and an
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about a year ago, 30 ethiopians were killed by isis. reporter: mass execution of ethiopian christians... mike coffman was the only one that reached out to our community. he went to every ethiopian church. he was there, and he was sharing the sadness that we were actually experiencing at the time. he says what he means, and he does what he says. that means a lot to us and to me. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. welcome to 7 sports xtra. ?he broncos are off today. it's the calm before the storm. monday night football coming
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and former quarterback, brock osweiler, broncos and texans. you know who will be there to welcome back brock? von miller but today he was doing other things like sacking the quarterback, visiting green valley ranch high school with chants of "mvp" ringing in the halls. he was there to honor the school for winning a national blue ribbon excellence. even a teacher with a baby in waiting busted a move for von. he didn't do much dancing, though. von miller got nervous? >> i felt like i was on "dancing with the stars" again with all the kids and the energy was great but it was an amazing assembly, and i was honored to be here. today, got the blue ribbon award and only achieved through great academic success. it just shows you what type of
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and he sports they have from the teacher. all right. avs lost their first game of the season last night and this went viral, matt duchene flipped up and over dimitri orlov, the low hip check that caught matt coming in high. coach said he doesn't see anything wrong or illegal with it. just glad that mattie stuck the landing. he is fine and avs play at indians and blue jays and tulo, the former rocky will have to wait for another world series appearance. he popped uppto end it in foul territory. the indians, cleveland, won 4-1 and champagne dreams in the clubhouse and headed back to the world series for the first time in 19 years. everyone is wearing goggles. >> in the old days, the champagne burned your eyes out
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days. now they are smart. >> i think we should try that. >> does it really burn your eyes? >> champagne? >> yeah. i was in the clubhouse with the
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. >> weave got what's trending now. as you watch the final presidential debate, a couple of things we want you to remember. one, yes, we do have to pick a new president, even though kids like christopher here don't want to. >> i don't want to pick a new president. >> and, number for, no matter what anyone says, our country is wonderful. just ask canada. >> you guys are great. >> you arereally are great. >> we love you >> tell america it's great. canadians are shedding light on the issue and reaching out to us via video with the _#tell america it's great. >> you dream big. >> your quest to be the best creates the best. >> this is very kind, but has us wondering if this is a nice way of saying, sorry, americans, you can't move to our turf after the election. >> when things are tough, you fight to make them bettered. uh-huh. thanks, canada.
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we also like orange juice and oranges, which is why this next story has us a little bit freaked out. ? good morning, good morning ? >> juice lovers are singing the blues. a glass of orange juice could soon cost a lot more green. thanks in large part to mother nature. with hurricanes and disease devastating florida's orange harvest,ing this year's crop is set to be the worst since that means distributors are either going to increase the price of oranges and orange juice, or, work it, reduce the size of cartons or make more drinks that blend orange with water or other juices. wit is y. >> yes way. remember, don't wait to juice, and you might want to be a bit pickier about who you share it with. >> i'm sharing. >> we may be short on oranges, but there will be no shortage of christmas trees this holiday


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