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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  October 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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0 live in evergreen with a look at the clean up effort. >> reporter: we are now four hours away from this big operation to clean up the mess along squall pass road. behind the camera just up the road is where we're going up the pass with tow trucks and trailers, all value tiers trying to clean up that trash. ta a if you haven't seen this, it's horrible. people are pulling off and dumping this stuff. there's tvs and couches and all sorts of debris. old shutters. we talked with tim who stumbled upon the trash with his wife and he said he's found several illegal dumping sites he thinks are coming from construction sites. >> ttey charge the customer x amount of dollars to say it's
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they come dump it here and puts the $250 in his pocket. >> reporter: starting at 9:30 this morning it will be a quite a sight. we'll be there when they are pulling the trash from the banks. the goal is to get signs up saying you can be fined 1 $1,000 if you dump illegally. it's chilly in evergreen this morning. temperatures just above freezing but clear skies statewide this morning. yesterday quite a bi cover for most of the day. today, a lot of sunshine statewide and it's a beautiful afternoon. mid to upper 70s and tomorrow even warmer. closer to 80 on thursday and warm through the end of the week. eerie today at 75 and high lands ranch a high of 75. evergreen chilly this morning and 68 this afternoon. ?o jason, here's your first alert that it's staying warm through the end of october. wwere does that put us when it
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we'll talk about it coming up. a lot of headlights coming at me here on the westbound side. it's getting slower in a bit heading to york street. the eastbound side heading to i- 70 will get heavy around york in a bit. overall about seven minutes or so on the commute. take a look at the drive up through commerce city. we'll start to see construction slow us down closer to highway 85. through centennial, smoky hill wide open now coming in from the southeast side. we just got word the next big assault on isis is set to begin soon. defense secretary ash carter told nbc neez the rack ka offensive will begin in the next few weeks.
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returning from iraq where some 5,000 u.s. personnel are assisting iraqi forces in the battle for mosul -- -- raqquah. . this one mom caught on camera abusinggher two year old son could now spend up to two years in jail. sh january after pleading guilty to charges. a sheriff's deputy out of a job and facing charges for helping a ppisoner. police arrested tyler ason for smuggling marijuana and chewing tobacco inside the jail. he was struggling with money when he agreed to bring the contraband in the jail for a whield hood friend.
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trail. the 22-year old assaulted the woman last year on boulder's university area. he will spend a year in jail and register as a sex offender and undergo ten years of sex offender supervised probation. this year's election unlike any other in history. tensions rising in the race for the white house and controversial ballot issues here in colorado. arapahoe county to explain rfrnlt there are a whole bunch of unknowns going into election day including the number of people turning out to vote in person. that's why poll workers and election judges are being trained to deal with as many things as possible going all the way up to election day. we are here earlier this week on monday when this early location opened through
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over 90% turn out expected when it comes to balance. leaders are unsure how many people will come through the doors. unsure what lines and numbers will be like on election day. another thing these workers are being trained on -- another concern here potentially is security. >> we have reached out to other local law forcement agencies around the county and provided them a guide about what's legal penalties for different violations and some of the locations where we may have had interesting things happen in the past before. so we have tried to be more aggressive in that way in educating our partners about things that may come up. thinking and planning ahead election judges and poll workers in denver and arapahoe counties and others have gone through active shooter training for the first time ahead of this year's election. when he was talking about what
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course electioneering and any kind of voter intimidation pushing you to vote for or against any candidates or ballot measure is illegal and a misdemeanor and punishable by up to time in jail. i'm jason gruenauer, denver7 news. voters in boulder are getting ready to decide whether to tax sugary drinks. this is the most expensive campaign in history spending a total of $1.3 million. more trouble for denver based chipotle. sales fell a fourth straight quarter after the company gave out free burritos. chipotte is struggling to rebound from last year's e. coli obreak. their stock is down 40% since last year. firefighters continue to make progress on the junkins fire. %
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hope to have it fully contained in three weeks. more than 17,000 acres have burned and more than two dozen structures have been destroyed oofrnlt a driver is facing charges after cows go roaming on i-70 after a cattle truck overturned yesterday at rush hour at the georgetown exit. volunteers tried to round up the animals and one of the people was mickey rogers. >> being raised on a ranch you start hollering and waving your arms and tray that's exactly what i did and weedid turn back around. >> so the cattle were taken to the clear creek county fairgrounds. the driver was reporting the cattle from utah. six cattle died and the driver was not injured. no one was hurt when a car backed into a yoga studio in lovelann. the reporter says the driver told them to brakes weren't working.
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word yet if the driver is facing charges. a douglas county maa has to pay more than a quarter million dollars for reckless skiing in keystone. a judge ordered him to pay 263 $263,000 n damages to a skier he crashed into from behind. after a ruling of skiing neg le general ing sejtly, was badly injured. -- -- negligently. we have a story that couples need to hear this morning. one woman trying to teach her husband a lesson to have the tables turned on her. find out why he's cheering this morning. growing concern in oklahoma
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man shot and killed two people and fired at police officers. hear from the officer who confronted the suspect . we're reminding you all morning long, election day is less than two weeks away. what both presidential campaigns are up to in our state. here's your first alert, in for a nice warm day and another 75 degrees for the kids at the bus stop. they almost need sunscreen. do you need the winter coats at all this next week? down on our forecast. so far so good on highway 36. you see the drive looking into boulder.
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an update on breaking news we brought you half an hour ago. we are hearing air raids in mostly children. air strikes hit right outside a school. 17 civilians were killee and most of them were children. the britain based observatory says the raids were carried out by syrian or russian aircraft. we'll wait for confirmation on that. extra patrols now in oklahoma as police search for the man who shot six people killing two. several false alarms but no
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vance who has been on the run for three days. police think me may be dead after being shot by a veteran officer. >> so it's like a gun fight in the movies? >> yeah, he was shooting at me and i was shooting at him. i was luke a mama bear protecting her cubs. when you start shooting at officers the rage went through me. i thought no, not today. >> he's also accused of child sex assault. he was last seen north of okho 543 :43. two women caught on surveillance video stealing from a pastor during sunday services. the women got away with hundreds of dollars worth of items. the pastor says she wants to talk to the crooks. the video of the women -- they went through her wallet and keys and cell phones. >> it's a small thing. losing stuff is a small thing.
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i'm sad for them and i pray for them and i would love to talk to them. >> so she's pleading with the thieves to return the items and if they don't she says she has already orgiven them. relief on the way for 10,000 national guard soldiers ordered to give back money they are fighting overseas. we learned congress was informed of this problem two years ago but didn't act. our presidential candidates and their camps are continuing to focus on voters. trump's running mate mike pence is back in colorado springs trying to win over undecided voters. hillary clinton camp is hosting several events across colorado day. >> reporter: good morning, let's start off with hillary clinton this morning. she's celebrating her 69th birthday today.
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canvassing events throughout the state today from boulder to pueblo. across the aisle donald trump actually tweeted yesterday afternoon "get your ballots in, colorado, i'll see you soon and we will win." we checked his website and didn't find aaheduled stop but both are pushing more coloradans to get out and vote. less than two weeks away from election day so both camps stepping up and campaigning hard in our state which is known to be a but a new report says that we could be turning into the next blue state. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. reporting live in denver, i'm amanda de castillo, denver7 news. a woman in north carolina wanted to teach her husband a lesson about wasting money but it backfires in the best way imaginable. ?he ends up winning the lottery. glenda says her husband wanted to buy two power ball tickets
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10 dollars scratch off ticket and ended up winning a million dollars from it. so now they plan to buy a home with the money and set up college funds for her two grand her and has the last laugh. >> yeah, one million dollars 100-0000 scratch off one million dollars scratch off ticket. >> i was complaining about how boring the weather has been. 1969 in october over 31 inches of snow then. that was the snowieet ever on record. so this isn't so bad i thought about you were going to talk about my new catch phrase, "when lisa is bored, we're happy.". >> yeah, that's true. i'm bored again today so yaw all will be happy. winds coming it of the southwest, light breeze and 43 in denver now. a little cooler than yesterday. clear skies and a lot of sunshine so we'll get an early
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warmer by 3:00. so low to mid 70s today and plenty of sunshine. half of yesterday we were under cloud cover. today you're finding sunny skies statewide all day long. around du, 64. brighton at a high of 74 and in aurora, a high of 71. statewide, more 60s in the mountains today. heading west on i-70. we're at 71 in grand junction and south on i- at 74. so uts a warm one and you'll see on satellite and radar, skies are clear this morning. the mountains hurting and would love snow but not likely seeing much of that on the fork. by 1:30 clear skies through the afternoon and evening. it's still pretty clear. our mountains will likely pick up a few showers later in the week friday into saturday but
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dump of snow and not seeing it on the seven-day. 75 today. tomorrow in town we're at 80 on thursday. so even warmer. the winds will pick up a touch as we're tracking a weak cold front friday. that means temperatures will drop a few degrees saturday and sunday, low to mid 70s and then the two cool egs days on our forecast early next week, monday on halloween still mild. we'll see partly cloudy skies and upper 60s toolow 70s fo in the low 60s as you step out the door to go trick or treating on monday. tuesday is when we will see more showers and a change in the pattern. 31 inches of snow in october -- that woull have been nuts. >> that would have been. i like this better. i want to remind you we have road work on spear. starts today and will be there for a week. two of the four lanes will be
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commute. right now easy driving across downtown. take a look at thh map on the south side. we have wrapped up the word on arapahoe. -?the next major accomplishment is finishing the bridge there and then shifting in about a month in a half or so shifting the lanes of the southbound side on to the new bridge and then tear up the other side come early part of next year. the rest of the ride down to the south side through high lands ranch and lone tree, the eaat side looks smooth commute at least for right now. 5:49. a girl from denver is insppring the nation. it's her resilience we can learn from. >> the three year old's story right after the break. my wife is still shaking. when i saw it my jaw dropped. >> men break into a home with two children sleeping inside. we'll hear from the parents next. new information from the chaotic scene at a migrant camp
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more fires breaking out as
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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welcome back. a live look over downtown denver. we have dealing you want to hear about. today you can get into the clifford steel museum. -- clyfford still. for a full list head to our denver7 app and click on the consumer section. watch as a man breaks into
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he roams around looking for things to take and aimed his gun inside. the family shaken by this. >> if one of us got up -- i had my gun and gps and my credit cards and my wallet -- she stole all that. >> the parents were fast asleep in another room. the homeowner says he's installed new locks and getting more lights. the suspects still on the run. from the first alert desk, we're monitoring an intense situation in france. more fires and gas explosions going off at a migrant camp. a journalist on scene posted videos of what's happening there. this has been going on for two the camp is cleared on monday because of the ongoing complaints about the terrible unsanitary conditions there.
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migrants. authorities trans ported 4,000 of the 7,000 refugees staying there at the shelter from the camp. they're going to shelters in france. many migrants are trying to get to britain. if you are headed out the a light jacket. >> today and tomorrow and through the weekend, it's mild. sunrise after 720 tim testimony yesterday finding dry conditions and unlike yesterday it's bright. clou a lot of sunshine. near 70 by 12:00. 75 by 3:00 and upper 60s around 6:00. beautiful wednesday forecast tomorrow even warmer. coming up at 6:00, we're going ?o look at our seven-day forecast and show you when we could funlly get rain here in denver. will it be nice for halloween and when the mountains will get snow all that coming up at 6:00. >> the driver and car on i-70,
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maybe he hit the barrier and it's an accident or a break down here in the right lane of eastbound i-70. the traffic is so light now we're not seeing delays. highway 36 somebody was conked out there on the right shoulder on the eastbound side at federal. a hazard right now. we know uber delivers you to your destination and sometimes even food to your front door but delivering free flu shots. they did so for one day across 16 cities in the country. this is in houston. users could order the health option so registered nurses come in the uber and give you a free flu shot. what a deal. now to a health scare for an olympian. he gets a mole removed because of an eagle eye fan watching him.
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ri. the fan emailed him saying get the mole checked right away and he got it removed. he didn't reveal whether it was malignant or not. more than 3 million americans are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer each and every year. a denver two year old is making national headlines for maturity beyond her years. >> she has a birth mark on her face and went to preschool instead of getting self- conscious, she went straight to her cubby bringing her teacher a book to read to the class about a little boy with birth marks just like her. >> i was just blown away. she demonstrated her resilience and just an understanding that her classmates may have been worried. they weren't trying to be mean. they were just wondering what was going on so i think her way
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it to the teacher was her way of making sure that they knew and everybody could be okay and move on with their day. >> her family travels to california every six weeks for treatment to keep her healthy. it's 5:57 and demarcus ware robbed -- one of his most prized possessions stolen. you may have noticed there are a lot of cubs fans living in denver. we explain the reason why. the poll in the race for the wh battlegr from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him.
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ted cruz and darryl glenn and mike pence, republicans putting on a show here in colorado. >>deputy timothy boxly was doing 100 miles per hour without his sirens on hit another car. the other driver died. deputies say he was on his way to a crime scene and he could spend a year in jail though if convicted. the ceo of colorado based space foundation has resigned on monday after crude comments about hillary clinton surfaced. earlier this year he posted on his facebook page, "it takes a


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