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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  October 30, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MDT

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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> any reaction to the fbi reopening the investigation? >> october shocker. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> donald trump get thanks to the fbi. hillary clinton fighting on two fronts. >> some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. of course, donald trump is already making up lies about this. the fbi and justice department in open warfare over the timing. of the e-mail announcement. can clinton recover from the bombshell revelation. will it influence the outcome of the election? we're one on one with clinton running mate, tim kaine
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and trump's campaign manager here live. in this unpredictable campaign. >> anything can happen in an election. >> be careful with your votes and watch your votes. >> are there more surprises still to come? from abc news, it's "this week." here now, chief anchor george stephanopoulos. what a wild 48 hours it has been. perhaps the biggest october surprise yet. this one aimed right at hillary clinton. there she is on stage with j-lo last night in miami shaking off the shocking news from fbi director james comey that his investigators found e-mails that could be connected to clinton's previously closed case. clinton also shaking off the latest poll which shows the tightest race in weeks. has her ahead by one point. 46-45. an 11 point drop. from last sunday. the poll is a rolling four day average so it doesn't capture the e-mail effect.
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them less likely to support clinton. most are republicans but early sign that news can energize clinton opponents to press potential supporters. has the race been over taken it's most dramatic turn. it hit 1:00 p.m. friday. hillary clinton on a plane to iowa with shaky wi-fi with no access to the news. 30,000 feet below comey says the fbi discovered new e-mails from clinton's closest aide huma abedin. the e-mails were found on her estranged husband's computer under investigation for sexting a minor. trump does. >> i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. >> on touchdown no answers from clinton. >> secretary clinton, any reaction to director comey reopening his investigation into your e-mails?
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the press. >> the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident, whatever they are, will not change the conclusion reached in july. >> saturday the story splashed across the swing states. trump is energized. >> hillary has nobody to blame but herself. her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful. >> after news breaks that comey defied justice department guidance by releasing the letter clinton counter attacks. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. >> with nine days to go, trump has a new talking point. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate.
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hope that justice at last will be beautifully delivered. >> okay. let's take in this with our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas and dan abrams. let's try to get facts on the table here. what do we know about the e-mails? >> the fbi was investigating anthony wiener the former congressman from new york for an alleged sexting scandal. involving a 15-year-old. in the course of the investigation they recovered devices. one of these device is a laptop. it turns out these laptop has information showing huma perhaps e-mailing with other state department aides and at that point, they wonder could this be connected to the previous investigation. they don't have a warrant to pursue that. so they have to come back to comey and say what do we do now. >> they haven't seen the e-mails? >> they have not done any detail looking at the particular e-mails and that is the issue. they don't know what's in them
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basically acknowledging they do not know what they have. >> we know there are probably several thousand e-mails here. there have been reports suggesting there are no e-mails between abedin and clinton. is that true? do we know that? >> we don't know yet. it's possible. is what one source said. we have a sense there was communication between huma and other state department aides and employees but haven't got the level of detail they would need. >> part of the reason that comey has gotten criticism not just from the clinton campaign but other legal experts is because he doesn't actually know what's in the e-mails and sends this to congress against justice department guidelines to have that kind of communication. about an investigation. >> he's stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of what he should do and how he should do it. even if you believe he should have told congress something, right, fearing what if it leaks, then it's going to be worse, that people don't know exactly
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the note he sent sounded so ominous that the immediate response was oh, my goodness, they're effectively reopening the investigation. >> i thought the rules were this n election a law enforcement official never talks about an ongoing investigation. >> the justice department guidelines suggest that it shouldn't be james comey doing the speaking publicly anyway and that you have to be very careful when it comes a i would say he's in a tough spot because when they find something like this out and they are investigating it, he probably wants to inform them rather than somehow they find out in another way. >> one thing we know is that senior justice department officials told comey don't do this. >> the tradition at the justice department is you don't talk about ongoing investigations and don't do anything close to the campaign that would affect an election. eight words. damned if you do and damned if
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i talked to someone close to comey who talked about the fact he struggled what to do but decided that he could not be in a position where it looked like he was hiding something about hillary clinton. >> dan, comey faced criticism back in july when he closed out the investigation and gave the press conference. people said that was unusual as well. he justified saying it was because there was such intense public interest in this case. does that also lead to the idea now that he should be giving out more details because there's such intense public interest. >> in theory then you had a conclusion. you had the results. and he was explaining what they found and didn't find. here we don't know what they have. but let's be clear about what they aren't doing. what they aren't doing is going back and reviewing all of the old e-mails and reassessing whether they made the right decision in the first place. what they're doing is saying is there anything else that is relevant to our investigation
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hillary clinton's own e-mails, where they found classified information that it didn't rise to the level of a crime, it's an even longer long shot that now with huma abedin's e-mails they're going to find evidence of a crime. meaning the intentional mishandling of evidence or disloyalty of the country. >> and so far no evidence that clinton or her aides withheld information from the fbi? >> that's right. sources are saying they have no information that any crime has ke this is exactly what dan said. they want to know is there anything in this new batch of e-mails that could have impacted the earlier investigation. law enforcement officials are saying that this is an unusual situation, unprecedented. also it speaks to the poisonous nature of washington where you had clinton now criticizing the fbi director, trump was criticizing him a few weeks ago
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he didn't want to be which is right in the middle. >> the fbi gets the warrant today or tomorrow. do they give out information? >> he's under tremendous pressure to give out information. i talked to someone close to him who said everything is on the table. we could see an update about what they found early in reviewing these e-mails once they get the court order assuming they do. unlikely this will be completed in nine days. but he's under pressure to say more than what he said. >> bloomberg is reporting he's briefing members of congress. should h information? >> it depends. if they have a resolution, absolutely. he's again in a difficult position because he's now released the second letter internally to the fbi which was clearly intended for public consumption. that was his follow-up way of saying maybe i wasn't clear enough the first time. >> thank you both. let's bring this to senator tim kaine joining us from richmond, virginia. senator kaine,
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he has pounced on this news he calls this the worst scandal since watergate and hillary has no one but herself to blame. >> look, he's also made all kinds of wild claims that aren't true like the investigation is being reopened. that's not true. he's making claims about these activities that have been debunked by the fbi. when the fbi reached their conclusion three months ago. that no reasonable prosecutor would move forward in this case. director comey was asked about the conclusion which was an unequivocal and said he wasn't close to reach that conclusion. we expect the final conclusion will be the same. now this is an unprecedented move as your folks were describing earlier because it happens close to an election which is in violation of normal justice department protocol and involves talking about an ongoing investigation which violates the protocol. as far as we know director comey knows nothing about the content
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we don't know whether they're to or from hillary at all. this is a distraction. we're focused on winning this race talking about the kind of president that hillary clinton will be and contrasting her stronger together vision with the dark and dangerous vision of donald trump. >> what more do we know about the e-mails? what has huma told the campaign? a source said this was anthony wiener's computer, not her computer and that the first she heard about the e-mails was on friday when the news broke. what has she told the campaign? what do you think is there? >> listen, i'm not going to speculate because the fbi director doesn't know. i mean, he had to issue a second letter internally within the fbi to frankly back up because the first letter created so many misimpressions but i think it's pretty clear that the fbi director doesn't know that there is anything -- these could be duplicates of what's already
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have anything to do with hillary clinton. we can't speculate. we're asking the fbi director, you violated these two protocols, if you put out kind of a letter and had to do a second letter to backtrack you owe the public full information. that's what hillary clinton wants and what the american public deserves. >> what exactly do you want him to do right now? what exactly do you want him to release? >> i think he should release -- if he hasn't seen the e-mails, release the circumstances of those once they have done the analysis. that's what hillary said immediately when she spoke to the press on friday. she said you can't break both protocols and leave it up in the air with a question mark. you owe people the complete information. hillary cooperated with the fbi in this investigation. the fbi reached a rock solid conclusion, that there was no need to take it forward, no reasonable prosecutor would do it.
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there's a question mark what needs to happen is the fbi director needs to give more information. >> if you don't know what's in the e-mails how can you be sure it's not going to change his conclusions? >> because of the unequivocal nature of the conclusion. this was a lengthy investigation. a very long and elaborate investigation. not a short one. the conclusion they reached as director comey said to congress was not even close. and that conclusion was very unequivocal. no reasonable prosecutor would do anything about it. when donald trump is going around making wild claims about trying to jail his political opponent and all of this stuff, he's just making this up. he doesn't get to decide what the laws of the country are. look, this is a distraction in the last nine days but we're happy this weekend we have had 50,000 volunteers working yesterday. we see very strong trends in early voting. especially in states like ohio, north carolina and florida where
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going to be distracted by this. we're going to power forward to make our case about why hillary will be the next president. >> a lot of democrats are incensed about james comey's action. howard dean, former democratic candidate for president says he may have destroyed the creditability of the fbi forever. put himself on the side of putin. do you agree with that? >> what i said when i talked about this friday was it's just extremely puzzling. why would you break these two protocols? why would you release information so incomplete when you haven't seen the material yourself 11 days before an election. why would you talk about an ongoing investigation? i just have no way of understanding these actions. they're completely unprecedented and that's why i think he owes the american public more
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>> that's what makes this so hard to understand, george. it really does. i worked with jim comey when he was in the eastern district of virginia u.s. attorneys office. and i was mayor here. that's what makes this puzzling. they did a very thorough investigation of this matter and they weren't releasing tentative conclusions along the way. they waited until they got to the end of it and he gave an unequivocal finding. why he would release this sort of tentative letter and then have to back up on it within 24 hours when he hadn't even seen the e-mails himself, i just cannot understand it. >> how about the point that dan abrams was making, he would have been criticized for keeping silent on an issue like this before the election? >> the issue for the fbi is not whether somebody would criticize him. the issue for the fbi director is is he following established protocols for law enforcement investigation. criticism comes with the
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direction or the next to avoid criticism. following established protocols and rules is what you would expect from chief law enforcement official. >> you say you're not worried about the impact on the race. you're seeing strong signs in early states. look at the poll. an 11 point shift according to the abc news tracking poll. you have had stories about wikileaks and the clinton foundation and now this e-mail story as well. aren't you a bit worried this is moving against you? >> look, is the race close? isn't. we always assumed it would be close and working like it's close. we like where we are in the states that are the keys and you do now start to get data george that's even advanced beyond polls which is you get information about who is registering and about who is seeking absentee ballot requests which are being returned and
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the states that have it. that data of that voter participation is more meaningful than polls and we feel very, very good about that. taking nothing for granted. hillary is trying to do something never been done which means she's running into a head wind but we'll run very, very hard and excited about the energy we see from a nation that has more than 200 million registered voters including 50 million who are millennials between 18 and 34. >> no indication this e-mail scandal has shifted the race? >> no. i looked at the poll you discussed ea the folks who are concerned are folks who were not voting for hillary clinton anyway and more than 60% of the folks that you guys polled said this is not a story that concerns them. >> this e-mail issue has just bedevilled hillary clinton. this entire campaign. you say she's learned from it. what exactly has she learned? >> she's learned -- rather than put words in her mouth.
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private server as a matter of convenience and it was about being able to do work 24/7 even when i was at home. but now i've learned i should have done otherwise. that's been an important lesson. i absorb it and she said something that donald trump won't say, i take responsibility for it, i apologize for it and do differently going forward. donald trump won't apologize for going after the khan family from virginia. he won't apologize for trash talking john mccain because of his pow status. he's not apologizing to all the women coming forward with allegations against him. he's saying he's going to sue them if he gets to be president. hillary knows how to take responsibility when she says she made a mistake. that's an important element of the character of somebody in the oval office. >> the clinton foundation has been in the news. should it be shut down or pushed over to another independent entity if hillary clinton becomes president? >> the clinton foundation, the
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salary from the foundation and the foundation receives marks from organizations that look at charities in a very elevated way. higher marks than other great charities like the american red cross. it's doing great work around the world and in this country on issues like hiv aids and opioid addiction. and the comparison in the clinton foundation that's the best one is the trump foundation which had to pay a fine for an illegal campaign contribution. you can't make a campaign contribution out of a charitable foundation but donald trump's foundation did. they hid it. pretended it wasn't a campaign contribution. they got caught. the money was going to the florida attorney general who at the time their office was looking at an investigation at trump university and got fined by the irs. if we talk about foundations we ought to compare a foundation doing good work for people
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philanthropy and in a foundation of the trump foundation which lead story today is nothing but an effort to not help anybody. >> are you going to be vice president of the united states? >> i take nothing for granted. i've been telling every audience i've talked to i'm 8-0 in elections to this point but i'm the underdog until they call me the winner and that's the same attitude i have and hillary has as we go into the next nine days. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> absolutely, george. >> we are joined by donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. thanks for coming back to "this week." let me begin with tim kaine. your boss seems energized by all this. he called this e-mail issue worse than watergate. how is it worse than watergate? >> he sees there's this constant cloud of corruption that follows hillary clinton around. for the fbi to make this remarkable move means there must be something there. >> there was a criminal conspiracy led by the president of the united states that had 48
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>> if you look at what's happened with hillary clinton and two fbi investigations this year, what jim comey said was we decline to prosecute her and he gave us the list of reasons -- >> said no reasonable person. >> he as a reasonable person went through the list and his public statement of how reckless and careless she was and two days later under oath of congress he went through the list of contradictions of hillary clinton's own words. there was not just one device, there were 13. she did in fact exchange classified national security information. he undercut his own premise. and he certainly undercut what senator clinton had. i think for the voters this plays into the reluctance about hillary clinton anyway. in your own polling where the race is tied a third of voters said this will make them less likely to vote for hillary clinton. there is political currency attached to this. i would also remark in your poll something that's truly
8:22 am
what he had to say about mr. comey. >> the fbi director appointed by republicans said no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case. or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. something happened. >> what happened? >> well, i think somebody talked to him. hey, look, how can president clinton when the attorney general -- >> the head of the fbi is corrupt? >> george, she's so guilty. >> does somebody get to james comey now. >> we don't know.
8:23 am
two separate investigations. in the first one, comey made an unprecedented public statement. he didn't need to do that. he set a public standard for explaining his own conclusion. that brought him under much criticism. this is different. this is him saying do i sit on new information and thereby affect election results by not disclosing the fact that yet again hillary clinton and her top aide are putting this nation and security and people at risk and he decided he would have to come forward. >> should he come forward with more rig mike pence says that all the e-mails pertinent to their investigation should be released. should they? >> sure. we felt that way all the time. we felt hillary clinton could get those 33,000 e-mails back unless she truly bleached them and deleted them. hillary clinton can put this all to rest today by asking huma abedin to tell us all what is in those e-mails. we know this is an investigation
8:24 am
15-year-old girl. this is not the conspiracy or rnc or trump campaign. it's huma abedin's husband. >> she says it wasn't her computer. the first she heard was friday when the news broke. >> we don't know that. apparently jim comey and others disagree. doing the federal investigation into her husband and the fact is -- >> they haven't seen e-mails. >> none of us have. mike pence is calling for full disclosure and transparency, hosty and immediacy and that is a problem that hillary clinton always has. do people trust her to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. her entire career is hillary first. our message is america first. here's is hillary first whether she's representing a rapist in getting him off of a 12-year-old girl back in the 1970s or doing this in the first place. the whole reason you and i are having this conversation is because hillary clinton decided to set up a private server, put on e-mails that jim comey has said were classified and contained national security information.
8:25 am
he said i have no basis concluding hillary clinton was untruthful with us. do you accept that conclusion? >> why then did he go to congress two days later and when asked mrs. clinton said there's one device is that true. no, sir, that's not true. she says there's no classified information. is that true? jim comey under oath, no, sir, there was national security or classified information. he undercut his own conclusion and undercut hillary clinton. look, relationship with the truth and people know that. for these undecided voters including in the abc poll, they're most concerned about her veracity and dishonesty and this doesn't help. >> you like our poll this morning showing a one point race. different from last sunday. still have a tough road in the electoral college and other polls showing hillary clinton with a six point lead and a one point lead in florida.
8:26 am
votes. >> the early election returns in north carolina and florida look promising for our campaign. we're ahead of mitt romney was at this stage in 2012. and in 2012 and 2014 both mitt romney and senator tom tillis were able to put away the race on election day. we like the early voting. we see that bearing fruit. in addition to winning florida and ohio, iowa and north carolina we feel bullish about other states on the map and have >> name one. >> pennsylvania. colorado. mr. trump will be in new mexico today. and michigan tomorrow. we're expanding our map at a time when hillary clinton is spending money on paid advertisements in wisconsin which has been blue for decades and she had president clinton her husband in pennsylvania. >> also going to arizona. >> well but that's a head fake. when she goes to arizona today, she will be asked how do you
8:27 am
arizona through obamacare right now. what will you do about obamacare. people are realizing in the state of arizona they will be on the hook for a 116% increase in their health care premiums. why should arizona be facing should i pay the rent, feed my kids or keep paying for my health care. >> tim kaine mentioned a big story in the washington post that found donald trump's personal giving has di calling 420 plus charities with connecti to trump. the post found one personal gift between 2008 and the spring of 2009. they call into question all of the promises he's made about giving to charity. will trump release his tax returns and show what he's given? >> not until our accountants and lawyers say we should. we're under audit. he has a disclosure form publicly available.
8:28 am
they should. the idea we're going to equate the clinton foundation and the trump foundation. the trump foundation has no family members on the payroll. there's no overhead. nobody takes a penny from it. the clinton foundation takes money from countries that disrespect women. that along with the clinton foundation paying its men much more handsomely than women, i think hillary clinton is hypocritical to say -- >> can you document any contributions to charity over the last several years from the founda you wouldn't respond. >> i'm told by those in charge of the clinton foundation -- >> trump foundation. >> excuse me. the trump foundation, yes george. he's been incredibly generous with his time and money over the years. he started that foundation with just his money and the only contributor for a number of years. >> but nothing over the last five years. >> i don't know that. i would say running for president he's built a movement where people feel like they're included and they feel like
8:29 am
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would you reopen the clinton investigation if you discovered new information? >> in the abstract, we would look at new and substantial information. >> if you discovered information substantial and relevant you would reopen an investigation? would you not? >> i don't think we could answer that in the abstract. what we can say is any investigation that people have new and substantial information we would like to see it so we can make an evaluation. >> now the question is is it substantial? two members of congress who have gotten the letter from mr. comey, the republican chair of the house judiciary committee and the ranking democrat on the
8:35 am
thank you both for joining us. mr. chairman, i understand you were briefed by mr. comey yesterday. what can you tell us about what he said? >> yes. the ranking member of the judiciary committee spoke to director comey yesterday. we both encouraged him to make sure that the american people have as much information as possible before they have to make a decision on november 8th based upon this stunning new development that the bureau is examining new evidence in this completed several months ago. that's very important. but we also asked him -- i asked him if he could do that based upon the fact that much of this is classified material and based upon the fact he cannot in any way jeopardize the investigation. he did not give us any response in terms of what more he could say but he certainly took that under advisement. i also asked him what the status
8:36 am
along with chairman of the oversight committee over potential impeachment -- sorry -- perjury charges to be brought to mrs. clinton and he deferred to the justice department itself. he did not answer that question as well. when people talk about protocol, we haven't heard from the justice department about that in three and a half months since the lett was sent. >> let me follow up. you mentioned classified information. how do you or mr. comey know there's classified information involved if you haven't seen the e-mails? >> we don't know. and we don't know what the basis was for mr. comey making the decision to further pursue the case. we don't know of the informant or have had access to looking at the information. we don't know what the basis was. we know they know something is there and as you saw in the
8:37 am
said he would reopen it if there was substantial new investigations of materials. that's what i think we're looking at here. >> several democratic senators called on mr. comey to give congress more information by tomorrow. what more do you want to see? >> it's hard to say, george. at the outset, i think this was a terrible error in judgment by the director to release this kind of ambiguous letter. these may be pertinent or significant or may not be significant. they may not be pertinent. that kind of bomb this close to an election was a terrible lapse in judgment. the doj policies against making a statement about a pending or closed case is there for a reason. it's designed to ensure fairness and to ensure the fbi is not put in a position appearing to put its hand on the political scales. this may or may not have been in the director's interest but clearly wasn't in the public's interest. what is the public to make of this letter and how is the
8:38 am
it was a terrible mistake. the director ought to do his best to clean it up. >> how? >> it's hard to see how he can. these are e-mails he hasn't seen. we don't know when he'll see them. i would think if the director can't clean this up, if there isn't sufficient information he can give, he needs to acknowledge he's made a serious mistake and there's nothing he has seen that should alter the conclusion he reached earlier that there's no reasonab here. the reality is, in the absence of know what the e-mails say and whether they're significant, he shouldn't be casting doubt in this way that doesn't put the secretary in a position where she can defend against this. >> did mr. comey tell you he would be coming forward with more information? >> he did not. his answer was with regard to a number of questions i asked him that he was not going to answer
8:39 am
meaning during the conversation i had with him and mr. coniers. with regard to mr. comey making a mistake. i think he's conscious of the controversy that has existed in the fbi and justice department. i've talked to fbi agents, former fbi agents who have scratched their heads and were concerned about how the investigation was conducted and the conclusion that was reached three and a half months ago to not indict and wasn't it very wrong for the attorney general to get onboard a plane in arizona with mrs. clinton's husband, the former president. the director is the head of the federal bureau of investigation, not prosecution. why was he stepping forward to announce that decision in the first place rather than somebody in the department of justice who handles prosecutions and make those decisions? why was five of her aides given
8:40 am
agreement to destroy laptops that contained this information after they looked at it? why were those people allowed into the room with mrs. clinton when she was interviewed by the fbi? there are many, many questions and i think the director is conscious of this and he feels i think in a very difficult situation but one in which he thinks that given the fact that mrs. clinton has been traveling around the country for three and a half months saying the fbi has cleared her of wrong-doi t when there is new and i believe substantial information available why wouldn't he tell the american people this is still under investigation? >> he did make that conclusion. congressman you get the last word. >> the fact is in july the director said no reasonable prosecutor would move forward and there's nothing we have been shown, nothing the director has said to alter that conclusion. and the fact that the director now says that there may be additional e-mails that could be
8:41 am
conclusion and i think to inject this kind of uncertainty this late was a terrible lapse in judgment. if the director can't clean up this mess and i hope he will try, i think he ought to acknowledge he made a serious mistake. and underscore once again that there's nothing that alters that core conclusion he reached in july. but there was really no excuse for dropping this kind of ambiguity into the race. the doj policies are sound and exist for a reason. while i can understand while circumstances closing out the case in july he felt he needed to explain the reason why, the steps he has taken thereafter in providing interviews and drips and drabs to congress and this latest missive and the leaks now coming from the department, i think, don't reflect well on the director or the bureau and i think are a serious mistake. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. we have heard from congress and
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8:47 am
i can't wait to see what happens next friday. it seems like every friday you get this huge bombshell. how significant is this fbi decision? how does it play out over the next several days? >> it gives trump some momentum. republicans were becoming demoralized. this gives them a sign of hope. is it going to change people's minds? probably not many. he said if he shot somebody on 5th avenue there would be people to vote for him. there are still people that would vote for hillary clinton against donald trump. the real question is what does comey do. does he come out and say is this really serious or was he just doing due diligence. >> he is under tremendous pressure to come forward with something especially given the fact he made this decision without seeing the e-mails. >> he should be under tremendous pressure. as an american voter i feel short-changed. i want to make an informed vote. right now we have no information.
8:48 am
when we first heard about it it was jaw-dropping. then we're realizing the fbi director doesn't know much. the reason he can't tell us much is because he doesn't know much. we know more about anthony wiener's sexts. than we do about these e-mails shaking the election. the only thing wiener can run for is president of the national pervert association. >> she told the investigators she turned over al which she had done state department business. >> you mean huma? >> it appears huma did not turn over all the devices. >> according to the washington post and our sources this morning she is saying this was not her computer, it was her husband's computer. >> right. i understand that. but what doj obviously believes is that we don't know what anthony wiener has told them. that there are e-mails on this computer that she did have and she did use this computer.
8:49 am
about did she fully comply. the second question -- >> i want to stop you. all we know is that the e-mails were on the computer and this is the fbi not the doj. the doj said they shouldn't come forward. >> any device she may have used in her professional capacity she was to turn over so they could do the forensic tests. that's what they're now doing. she should have turned this over a long tim as far as what's in these e-mails, this is the frustration because we have been asking for all of this information for over a year. you can see why voters are frustrated. this looks like more stonewalling and comey is in a difficult position. >> this seemed to hit the clinton campaign taking them completely by surprise. they had no idea what was going on. >> i talked to our chair and she said she felt like she was hit by a mack truck. dr. comey owes the american
8:50 am
we have one person saying it's clear that the fbi believes this. or it's clear that. nothing is clear. the only thing that's clear is he's under pressure and he got shook. he acted under pressure that is really trump-esque recklessness to do something like this nine days out and not have anything to back it up. >> some of his critics say the pressure was self-created by the decision comey made back in july to not just put out a statement saying the investigation was closed but to give the press conference. >> that's right. from the beginning he has shown that he is responsive to a, pressure from the republican and congress. by the way, we saw in your earlier segment where the republicans wanted to go and congressman accidentally said potential impeachment and then quickly set himself up. the republican congress wants to get hiary clinton no matter
8:51 am
here that allows me to indict her but i'm going to go out there and say she's extremely careless and turns over raw data. to congress from the investigation. that was unusual. what it looks like is he feels under pressure from republicans on the hill and from some of the reporting from conservative fbi agents who were mad at him for not bringing the case against her. that's a really troubling thing. >> i want to congratulate director comey because he is the only government official who has managed to unite all americans. he was getting trashed by republicans and now he's getting trashed by democrats. [ talking over one another ] >> the democrats trashed him from the beginning. >> he doesn't come out and acknowledge there's this new information and he waits until after the election, well, how did you sit on this? i think the clinton campaign is making a mistake by attacking james comey. in fact if you look at what happened from the beginning, they said the letter only went to republicans in congress. well it was cc'd to ranking democrats as well. he's trying to play it straight.
8:52 am
job. if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. >> he didn't give out information. that's the problem. >> george, jonathan started this conversation talking about your poll. it's important for people to understand if this race was tightening well before what we found out on friday, if it does not reflect -- >> it does reflect friday night. >> but that's only one day. this race was tightening before this fbi leak and the fact is this is going to have an impact on what people think. if you look across the board, about 5% of voters are undecided. about 4% to 5% seem to be with trump when things are going well and they back away when they don't like what they hear. this is going to have a big impact. >> it is true whoever is in the news seems to do worse. there seems to be unusual volatility. >> i think what's fascinating is it may actually increase turnout on both sides.
8:53 am
there's a chance. but by day two after comey came out, the raw anger you heard on the democratic side, that's why clinton went out there. she knows a lot of democrats are furious at comey for issuing the statement that told us nothing except raised a lot of fears and what is going on here and democrats are mad. i think you can have a much heavier turnout on both sides. >> we have already had a lot of the most important states, florida, north car maybe up to 20% or even more, so even though the poll seems to be tightening, the electoral map stacked against donald trump. >> 20 million people that have already voted and new polls that shows hillary clinton up outside the margin of error in north carolina. florida is tied. he needs to win all the states.
8:54 am
north carolina. it is a very perilous map for trump. >> the state polls lag the national polls. if the national polls don't take into effect friday's news yet, and they are tightening, that means the state polls will tighten. if you look at the earlier voted in the state of florida, we're doing 100,000 votes more than we did. four years ago. we have cut into the advantage substantially. even on the story is better for trump than maybe is well known. >> if you look at the numbers coming out. the variance between the national and state polls. ana, do we end up in the kind of situation that we're back in 2001 when one wins the national vote and one wins the electoral college. >> i can't do this without alcohol. as a floridian. the only thing i'm begging the people from florida is please let us get this right.
8:55 am
the day, this has not changed the supporters on either side. one aye oh -- ioda. the question is what is it going to do to the small percentage of people that have yet to make a decision. does it disgust them to the point they don't participate. they are faced between a bad person or a person with bad judgment. it is a very bad choice for the american people. >> we heard the first lady talking about the challenge of complacency. i think director comey did one thing, was to make sure we get to the polls. there's going to be no complacency. we're not going to allow this election to be taken away from us by an amateur move by the fbi director. >> this also makes it almost certain whoever wins nine days from now it's a much harder job an almost impossible job unifying this country. >> if you look -- if hillary
8:56 am
wins, you'll have an even senate. you'll have republicans losing ground in the house. incredibly closely divided congress. and the country is divided. >> this has given republicans more hope for their down ballot races. >> that could be the biggest effect. they have been losing ground and the senate race is a long shot for democrats to win the house. there was talk of 18 to 20 seats, at least somewhere around there. this could hurt that unless this democratic turnout kind of off-sets that. you talk about every friday something new comes out. we don't know whether there will be another term. [ talking over one another ] >> there's only one day left in october. we can only -- [ talking over one another ] >> it's going to have to be the last word. thank you all very. we'll be right back. rd. thank you all very. we'll be right back. . we'll be right back. m. we'll be right back. u. we'll be right back. c.
8:57 am
and we will be right back
8:58 am
hope you'll join us on i'll be here with our whole political team at 7:00 p.m. plus live coverage on our abc news app, and facebook page. that's all for us today. thanks for sharing your sunday with us. check out "world news tonight" and i'll see you tomorrow on "gma."
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