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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver 7 new starts right now. >> it is 11 am in the search is on for 13-month-old whose body could have been dumped in a landfill, a trucker 7 is over and we have new details emerging as to how the boy may have died. the clinton campaign is on the defense over the latest investigation into the hillary clinton email server. local leaders are speaking out and why they say the fbi roke the law. braking overnight a man stabbed to death at a house party in brighton, the search is on for the person that committed the crime and this happened around 2 am this
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of blood to find the attacker and the trail has gone cold. lakewood family out of their home after this fire broke out before middight on w. vassar dr. or the couch caught fire and no one was hurt. it was likely electrical. knew this morning a two- year-old in the hospital after falling out of the second story window, this happening castle rock late last night, the toddler pushed the screen to the window child's parents were not at home at the time, it's not clear who was watching the child or the charges will be filed. good morning and thanks for joining us for denver 7 at 11 am. >> it is really a nice day outside. >> pleasant, a bit cooler than yesterday but very dry. a cold front moves in but mostly the mountain should see a bit of moisture today. across the denver metro area we have partly cloudy skies and this was actually the second warmest october ever on record in denver. this week for the start of november we will see a mild and
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10 degrees cooler this afternoon in a site called on for tomorrow. upset right now partly cloudy and 62 with wind out of the cell the 20 mph. this is what you can express -- expect across the front range. we tied the record of 79 yesterday but today we are expecting a high near 67. 50s and the most part in the mountains and a couple of 70s mixed in and dia, highlands ranch in fort morgan. boulder at 65 and a slight cool down. the moisture that we can expect that is the sound of several devices being put up in castle rock last night, too high scores are behind bars. police went to talk with one of the teens parents after a report surfaced of suspicious potentially dangerous and explosive chemicals at the house and they believe the teens were in the process of making an explosive. they were so concerned that they evacuated 30 homes. >> they said the danger may be greater than what they thought
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to leave for a while to be safe.>> all of those people evacuated were allowed home but what is scary is the castle rock police chief has never seen this level of sophistication of someone so young. the man accused of killing a wyoming toddler made his first appearance in court yesterday and we are learning heartbreaking details about the death of silas ojeda. logan rogers was charged with involuntar court endangerment, according to documents he said he was high on a secondhand method smoke and fell and hit his head, he died at the home the next day, october 21. he wrapped him in a white comforter and ditched his body in a umpster in laramie county, wyoming. the search was going on today from a trucker 7. and searches that are looking for the missing little boy's body. in the meantime, the search has
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a live picture. the search was put on hold yesterday and apparently rogers led officials on a wild goose chase over the weekend. they say that his body was in albany county where they buried the body and the search is now honed in on this scene. they have to sit through 200 pounds of trash. new information on a shooting that left two dead, two men shot and killed and they were 27-year-old orlando jackson and terrence ashley. they are looking for the person that pulled the trigger and this happen unqualified and 44th ave., third person is in critical condition and it is not clear what led up to the shooting. nude 11 am, we know the name of the person was hit and killed a a car over the weekend, 28 road karina pollock
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early sunday morning, the driver took off in a white pickup and the car was found that afternoon but no sign of the person behind the wheel. fbi director james comey is being slammed for making public the renewed investigation into the email server and it comes after the discovery of a new email server for anthony weiner, the estranged husband. the campaign manager is saying comment on the potential ties between the trump campaign and the effortssto influence the election. >> we've come to learn that directorrcall me and justice warned him not to do this, it is a break in protocol and yesterday we found out it was dirrctor call me that was trying to prevent the report that the russians were the ones that stole emails from the dnc and
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former atty. general. michael mckay's he is saying that james comey mishandled the situation but pushing back on the claim that omega may have broken the law. former denver mayor and state representative are following suit alleging that the new investigation intoothe private mail is partisan politicking. we are joined after this morning press conference. amanda? press conference wrapped up %- about 30 minutes ago and former mayor webb and state representative are sending this letter to senators asking for their signatures of support. you can read the letter of support on my twitter page that they are calling for a formal investigation into the directors actions. they claim that it's a violation of the hatch act to keep federal employees from directly supporting candidates.
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emails to ultimatelyvote against. this was sent out on friday just 11 days before and the fbi is working to go through all of this to see if any of the emails are imported or classified. we areeone week away from election day and a new washington post and nbc news poll found donald trump up nationally by 1. reporting live, denver 7. learned of the investigation involving hillary clinton emails on friday. according to the lawyer she had no prior month -- knowledge about the mails that were sent or received at the justice department is saying they will dedicate ?esources that could be tied to the email investigation but we
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reportedly deleted and they are likely not gone. nearly impossible to completely erase the emails that are part of the investigation. while denver based company late klee -- likely deleted the containers that could potentially exist in many locations. >> this was used by platte river networks to control and catalog the emails. % they would be able to create an independent backup and like you had a glass of water if you break the glass you get water everywhere.>> we've reached out to the spokesperson for answers but because they pleaded the fifth in front of congress they are still unable to comment on the story. clinton's campaign continues to push for votes in our state and clinton's daughter chelsea will meet with
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bernie sanders will also campaign for clinton in kicks off a 12 state campaign tour tomorrow in colorado is on the list. republicans are not giving up and donald trump has running mate mike pence will be in dublin tomorrow night. the event starts at 5:30 pm at the anch and we are also learning that newt gingrich will be in denver tomorrow. it is illegal to take us help you with your filled out ballot, a federal judge in denver will decide if you will be allowed to take a selfie with your ballot in the this ooe a lot has been on the books since 1891 and it prohibits showing who you voted for but in the last month to month tesh lawsuits have been filed calling it unconstitutional. there are bold statements about recreational marijuana in our state. he sent a letter to the state of colorado -- california and he said to vote no on 64 and he said they asked him to write the letter and they asked two
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gone up? and has allowed police to focus on other crimes x mac in both cases he says absolutely not but pro-marijuana advocates are questioning his motives. >> during this period of time our crime weight -- rate has gone up and we have been more busy with marijuana related crime than any time in the history of the city. >> the da is trying to paint a negative picture of the laws in colorado that does not actually exist.>> since says crime rates have increased 44% in every neighborhood in marijuana er visits are up 49% in the amount of legal weed seized is also up. this morning newly released 911 tapes are getting inside the pulse nightclub shooting in here what clearly points to the shooter's motive. plus these two buses collided in baltimore in six people are dead, what investigators are saying about
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump.
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the content of this advertising. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. a horrific crash earlier this morning in baltimore, six people dead after school bus crashed into a commuter bus,
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the other bus. 10 others were hurt and no kids were on the school bus at the time, thankfully. the bus driver reportedly hit a mustang then kept driving it hit the pole and then he hit another oncoming bus, no skid marks could be seen on the ground and they are trying to figure out what caused the crash. a tragic end to a fun day in mississippi, a mother and her two kids are dead after hayride they were on was rear ended. several other people were hurt in investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. a gas pipeline explosion in alabama has left one dead and five more injured. a contract crew hit the line in it ignited the gasoline and it sparked wildfire that earned dozens of acres in the area. the fire is contained fortunately and it is the largest pipeline in the country. eight children linked by a mysterious illness and doctors are scrambling to figure out what is causing the problem.
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life of one of those kids. all eight have gotten very sick and some have sudden paralysis. the patients were treated at seattle children's hospital and they are from four different counties, none of them knew each other beforehand and doctors have no idea what the illness is. daniel mirus is one of these children and he came home from school with a fever and they thought it was a common flu. >> when we got to the hospital from basically within a couple -?of hours he was paralyzed. >> that was daniel's dad talking with the media a few days ago, unfortunately this morning he passed away. the state health department is investigating and they are not sure all cases are the same. the gunmen at the heart of the multicounty crime scene ma be dead but the investigation is far from over in oklahoma,
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man and charged him as an accessory of murder after the fact. michael vance was found in oklahoma city late saturday night. he is accused of letting vance hyde in his home, to others are accused of helping. they apparently give him medical treatment and provided him with more ammunition while he was on the run. he was shot and killed while running from police. >> my name is islamic culture. >> that is the terrorist that shot and killed 49 people at the gay nightclub in orlando. the newly released 911 tape you can hear negotiate in the hours after. he repeatedly blamed airstrikes in the middle east as motivation. >> this is orlando police, who am i speaking with? >> this is the person who has allegiance to the islamic state . >> can you tell me where you are right now so i can get you help? >> no, you have to tell america
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killing innocent people so what am i to do here when my people are getting killed over there? to get what i'm saying? >> he goes on to talk about explosives that he promised to detonate but those explosives are not found. dozens of people were dead or hurt near them. dramatic video police in new mexico rescuing an 87-year- old woman is lame start to consum she did not notice the flames until a police officer yelled at her to get out. the moments captured by the officer's body camera and the woman was driving on a flat tire. the sparks caused the front end of her car to go up in flames. she is thankful that the officer was there to save her life. to a disturbing story out of washington, this mother is accused of injecting her kids with heroine, the youngest is two years old and investigators ssy she used the drug to make
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the father of the kid is already in jail for the crime but the other was on the run and is now caught, she is facing charges after giving a dangerous and illegal drug to -?her children. a bizarre police chase yesterday and it was not the chase that was weird it was the person behind the wheel. the culprit was not legal, he was a 12-year-old boy and refuse to pull over when officers tried to stop him. he crashed into a pole and the 12-year-old may also have been drunk. the investigation is now underway. we had witt you, a veteran pilot made at the intercom announcement of his career, his girlfriend anna was on the flight and they were headed from melbourne to la and he took the time to ask her an important question. >> we have a special guest on board here today, her name is anna, she is traveling back to family and i want to make sure she comes back to me in australia. so now that i have her complete
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me? >> we think she said yes, he asked her in spanish and english and the captain walked out of the cockpit with some flowers and he had a ring and she did say yes. >> isn'ttthat cute. >> it is 62 degrees outside and still retty nice. >> we are stilllabove average today in terms of temperatures we tied a record in the upper 70s and low 80s in spots but today a cold spot is coming in and we will see high temperatures coming and include this afternoon with partly sunny skies. amateurs will still be in the 60s and dryer throughout much of the week.
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that we could desperately use in a cold front is coming in and ushering showers. we will take a look at exactly who can expect the rain and shows houus -- showers later on. we will state mild and partly cloudy throughout much of the afternoon and by 9 pm slightly cooler 54 degrees in a partly cloudy sky. high temperatures across the front range uppe low 70s. highlands ranch at 70, parker at 66 in midshipman 60s for castle rock and aurora. expecting highs in the upper 60s. across the state 67 in grand junction and it stayed pretty cool and 50 degrees is the expected high in that boat and mid-seventies down to the southeast, upper 60s across the northeast plains. we start out partly cloudy this morning and we will continue to see gradually clearing skies
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afternoon. we have a slight chance for picking up a few scattered showers and not much in the way of measured precipitation this is mainly above the timberline and you can expect to see some of these passing rain showers by late tonight and early ttmorrow morning. we will see increasing cloud cover to cross the metro and the planes and a slight chance for showers in the mountains as well but we stay very dry for the first week of november across denver. goodness for the resorts is temperatures will be slightly cooler overnight so 20s and 30s and mainly in the mountains so fo continue to make snow, we have seen warm conditions throuout the mountains and grand junction overnight in the mid- 40s and across the plains upper 30s to lower 40s. a slight cool down and you will have a bit of a chill and 37 is the expected low. mostly cloudy tonight but it will gradually clear throughout the day and through wednesday 60 degrees is the expected high and not looking for much moisture we will break down the next seven days for you and throughout the rest of the week
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sunny for thursday and temperatures really will ram back up as we head to the end of the week and the weekend. saturday we have a slight chance for seeing a shower or two and by sunday partly cloudy and monday showers are possible. the rest of the week will stay dry and we could really use the moisture, we are about 4 inches below what we should be for this time of year. >> it has been dry. for anyone that loves the internet to stream videos or music comcast is introducing a
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig...
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e a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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if snow -- slow internet service is a you could get it faster and cheaper. you could find a residential gigabit service in colorado starting next year and this would explain what it means. >> gigabit internet is way
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comcast is offering right now most people might have 75 or 150 gs per second, this could be big, 1000 megssper second ?nd is great for watching movies on netflix or other streaming video with no buffering or downloading content faster. you can download a movie in a fraction of a minute and comcast offers the service in colorado but it requires special in new technology uses existing wiring and what most people already have in their homes, it will not be as expensive and there is no specific pricing out yet, comcast today as a trial in atlanta for $140 per month or less if you signed a contract. this is not the only option, centurylink offers this in some
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february. a heads up to comcast users as they say they will cap data uses. starting today people will be limited to 1 tb of data per month, most people do not need that much and it could not impact that many people people have different viewing habits like streaming netflix and data uses hatch caught up in his doubling over the past year. we are one week away from election day and i'm sure we have gotten all of these political flyers in our mailboxes and doorsteps, why this flyer highlighting amendment 71 is getting special attention. and local postal workers
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we have breaking news in an update to a story we brought you at the top of the hour, an arrest has been made after a man was stabbed to death the last night in brighton, police ar name but we know that investigators found 34-year-old antonio torres unconscious and bleeding from stab wounds. a fight broke out at a party and it likely lead to this death. take a look at the sketch, older police are asking for your help finding a man that looks like this, he is wanted in connection with the shooting at university hill in boulder in a bar fight led to this shooting and the victim was a
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leg in russia the hospital and is expected to be okay. a denver police officer is okay after being assaulted last night, it happened last night and the suspect has been arrested in his injuries are minor. another denver police officer has been suspended for 10 days without pay, he is accused of caressing -- harassing coworkers and sent them non-work-related emails. forecast and it is more of the same really. it is beautiful out there and we could use some moisture. >> unfortunately in the planes we are partly cloudy and cooler and right now a cold front is it will bring us a chance for showers in the northern front range and partly cloudy across much of the front range and many of the planes are dry and
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normally we should be at 59 degrees. that is the expected high for the day. right now it is cloudy and staying dry across the lanes. the temperature right now is 55 and we are 62 at the airport where the wind is gusty at 20 mph. this will calm down throughout much of the day and this is what you can expect. partly cloudy skies and highs in the midshi overnight increasing cloud coverage and cooler today than what we saw yesterday. 10 to 15 degrees. boulder and 64 in highlands ranch at 70. mainly 50s for the mountains and a cooldown is coming and we will take a look at the next best chance. we're seeing moisture in denver. this denver woman, 37-year- old is behind bars for shooting at police when they were trying to remove protesters, this was the construction side of the controversy old the code access pipeline and if convicted she could place -- face 20 years in
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trail eagle county that vandalized signs, the vandalism was confined to a one-mile stretch and you may remember that they found eight 818 inch wooden strips anchored to the trail with nails facing up, no one was hurt and police are searching for the suspect. to this morning parks and wildlife officials are askinn for your help tracking down the person or people that poached a -?moose. this was found off of county road 3 yosaw anything or heard anything you are urged to call police. former school board member will appear in front of a judge this morning and this is after an attempted child sexual assault. police say that he tried to solicit a girl for sex online and it wound up being a sting operation. turning now to your post
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tighter than ever. >> democrats are trying to make up for lost ground and republicans are trying to jump on the momentum. maggie has the latest. >>reporter: the justice department is tracking the investigation and many are scrambling to keep up. >> there is no case here. >> trump is anthony weiner for their role in the pre-election surprise, the emails could be related to the ongoing investigation into the private email server or they could be irrelevant. on the trail of the democratic nominee is marcy gonzales. >>reporter: trying to draw focus away in the battleground state offflorida as the race tightens.>>reporter: the latest tracking poll shows a one-point
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since may. >>reporter: on gma the deputy campaign manager says they have clooed the gap but clinton's campaign manager calls james comey's public comments on the email investigation a double standard. >> he said what he did with hillary clinton but once a wwody string from donald trump. we are hearing that they are investigating his ex-campaign manager over his connections. and protocol that has been criticized from both sides. breaking down the pull to the decimal point mere .7 percentage of a point separates the two candidates, abc news, washington. locally some of our state's democratic leaders are claiming that director, he broke the law and their claiming that the new investigation is partisan politicking. we attended a news conference this morning
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the claims. amanda? >>reporter: former mayor wellington wwbb and state representative are alleging that director call me violated the hatch act that was passed back in 1939 to keep federal employees from directly supporting candidates. they're saying he timed the release of information regarding emails to ultimately influence people to vote against her or the letter to congress and fbi friday just 11 days before election day. the fbi is working to go through the emails in question to see if they are important or classified. a new national poll shows donald trump ahead by one. the two men are preparing to send this letter to senators asking for their signatures of support and they are calling for an investigation into the director's actions. to read the full actions they
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denver 7. a new poll breaks down how donald trump could have avoided paying taxes and maybe he did this for decades, the gop candidate admitted that he did so during the second presidential debate and they are reporting that these losses came from atlantic city casinos and they say this because they basically deducted someone else's losses. a spokesperson said that there is no news here. there's been a lot of talk about the election bbing raked in growing concern about it beiig hacked by colorado is working with the department of homeland security to prevent this from happening, they are in regular contact with the fbi and have been for months. >just yesterday we heard from donald trump and this morning the head of the union
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denying these claims, doug james joined governor. hick and looper in denouncing the remarks and said that comes comments are an insult to the profession this year is the first time colorado has held a presidential election allowing voters to send in a ballot if you are worried you can check the status online it go vote as we inch closer to election day we have been bombarded with the flyers and certain campaigns, take a look at this fire, some voters in a centennial got these envelopes that appeared to be written by a neighbor and it encourages people to vote for amendment 71 that would make it harder to amend the state constitution. it turns out the flyer is massed produced and is in a handwritten font. >> it bothers me that this irony of grassroots change is
11:39 am
. >> it is a grassroots effort we had over 250 people to volunteer to do it that day. >> yes on 71 has raised millions of dollars the majority from corporations nd businesses like oil and gas but this one group has $18,000 and got help from the naaional teachers union in the public workers union and they contributed money through committees. donald trump's bid for the white house is chronicled in a new comic but, the 25 pager was created by a company called storm entertainment highlights the start of the nominee's of an undecided voter in a red state. the writer says he wanted to create the race in an entertaining manner, the issue will be released tomorrow. to this morning florence colorado man is suing the police chief and sergeant. for excessive force, jeffrey mark tomlinson filed a lawsuit on friday in connection to a
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he admits to resisting arrest and running from officers but says the sergeant. called in a dozen officers for backup and escalated the situation and the police canine that bit him. he is requesting an apology along with damages and compensation for lawyers fees. trial has begun for fort collins couple accused of abusing their seven-year-old daughter, during opening statements yesterday prosecutor said that doug and leah did not top of the care for their daughter who was diagnosed with a seizure condition, the child is in foster care after being taken om years ago. the girl was seven years old weighed under 37 pounds and was unable to speak at closiig arguments will start next week or good news for people where the junk inspire is 95% contained in it scorched 18,000 acres it sparked after a power line fell. wind made this so hard to get under control. this morning a new report says that wake times for ridesharing services could take longer based on your race,
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responding. wells fargo under fire again, what they are accused of doing that some customers trying to get home loans are very angry about. many people could be recovering from halloween festivities last night but will you eat some of your kids candy? we dig into new numbers from the study that says he woman: aer all donald trump has said and done...
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i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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obama care open enrollment starts today and people are bracing for the sharp increases in premiums, others are going with different insurance and different doctors, the challenges facing the affordable care act, about and need in the biggest need is for young healthy consumers. wells fargo has agreed to pay $50 million in a new settlent baking time it -- banking giant is accused of overcharging for appraisals, they were charging three times the normal amount and they were listed as other charges. a spokesman for wells fargo insist that they did nothing wrong but the company wants to avoid a long litigation process. an easy way to get around town, we are talking about uber but how long you wait may
11:45 am
and university of washington sent bla and white students out on the street to requested over or left in black students had to wait 20% longer to get a trip access did -- accepted and 30% longer for them to show up, they said they do not tolerate discrimination and work to ensure equity. zika virus could impact fertility in males and this is definitely true in male mice, they are now trying to see if it is true in humans and they found that male mice the virus had a tougher time in pregnant female mice, the cdc and world health organization or recommending that minute travel to hotspots where condoms for at least six months after exposure. new at 11 pm we love to breathe fresh air but for millions this is hard to come by, most of them are breathing toxic air that could be deadly, a new report says 600,000 kids die every year from air pollution. take a look at this, south asia
11:46 am
pollution exceeds quality guidelines with 620 million, africa has 520 million and east africa and the pacific region has 450 million. experts say that everyone should be vigilant to matter where they live. >> i want people in america to understand this is not a developing nation problem, half of the people in the us live in an area where they have unhealthy error. >> researchers say that pollution is caused by some of these things that we see in the us like our missions, fossil fuels and waste. we hope you had a great night celebrating halloween, here's a question, will you sneak some of your kids or grandkids candy from trick-or- treating, are you doing it right now? a new study says that more than 70% of people admit to stealing the stash and 20% are likely to
11:47 am
looking like when they are at school, the survey shows that any form of chocolate is the favorite for halloween candy corn is a distant second. >> i will not go with candy corn. >> of courtship distilled from your kids. you are being a good parent. >> it was really nice yesterday for halloween and abnormally warm and dry. we do have a cold front moving to the state that will bring some moisture through the mountains but we will stay very dry across the metro area, this is the radar and satellite right now it off to the northwest we are picking up a few scattered showers and some moving into the red lakes area but across the denver metro it was the second warmest october ever on record. we will see a dry and mild start to the next month and happy first day of november. we are at about 4 inches below what we normally should see. thhs is been recorded since july 2016 in the current temperatures outsideeare a bit cooler. 56 right now at city park and
11:48 am
50s. boulder midshipman 50s and donning house rock 58. this is what you can expect by this afternoon. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s and broomfield and erie and slightly warmer it 72. highlands ranch itching into the 700 mark. castle rock lightly cooler in the mid-60s in the same in aurora. across the state we will see a few degrees lower in 50s and 60s for the most part, steamboat expecting a high-end 51 and upper 60s across the western slope and northeastern planes. upper 60s aad lower 70s and this is the first alert but normally we should be at a temperature of 59 degrees and this is the future kasper what we can expect throughout the afternoon. gradually clearing skies and a chance for a few spotty snow showers mainly at elevations above the timberline in the mountains and then throughout the evening increasing cloud coverage and a slight chance for pickinup a few more rain and snow howers in the mountains and then clear for much of wednesday.
11:49 am
in the forecaat but not until the weekend and this week across the plains we will be dry. of those for tonight 44 degrees and 20s and 30s in the mountains and we do know that some of the resorts that have not been able to make snow as of above average temperatures overnight will start where it sticks to the ground and 37 in denver under mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning we will have gradually clearing conditions and will start the morning cloudy and by the afternoon 60 is the afternoon high with sunshine in the forecast and 60 degrees for thursday is the bright spot and we will warm up as we head into the weekend. the next best potential for a shower will be saturday and partly cloudy and upper 60s well above average temperatures for the rest of the week. still not a 50 on that seven day. >> it is wild. >> keep an eye on it for you. >> that is coming. >> a massachusetts boy stopped ffr traffic, he rolled up in a custom-made pink and white
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>> i am [ null ] from denver 7, how are you? denver seven has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years. you know what is happening. who is the seven everyday hero in your life? nommnate them at the denver channel?
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scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored aill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible
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my name is charity salazar, and i'm an air force veteran. every election, nancy pelosi and her washington friends launch vicious attacks against mike coffman. this year is no different. they say he's waging a war against women. that's just not true. mike stood up for women in the military, protecting us against sexual assault. he believes in equal pay ure pregnant women aren't discriminated against at work. time and again mike has stood up for women. i know, because he stood up for me. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford
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for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. this halloween costume that we will show you with only trick in no treats -- and no treats. >> check this out, this is a remote-controlled tank and he was born with epilepsy and often uses a wheelchair by his mom wanted him to feel extra special show -- so she created the tank. >> it was nice because everyone saw him as a cool kid in the tank and that was fun. >> as a kid he suffered from more than 20 seizures per day
11:54 am
tank people know who the real fighter is under the costume. >> that is a great job. >> that is cool. >> we will check in and see what s coming up this afternoon at 4 pm on the now. >> recent successful transfer male birth control got canceled and not because it wasn't working but the side effect they could not handle and ladies it will sound familiar to you. strike before we go we have to show you this incredible siding, nasa released this high resolution image that looks similar to a jack-o'-lantern, it was captured earlier this month and it's appropriate as we recover from halloween festivities to show it to you this morning. >> that is cool, i like it. >> cooler today across denver and by wednesday we had partly cloudy sky of -- skies in the next chance of rain will not be until saturday and well above
11:55 am
does the results -- the ski resorts are saying give us some
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advertising. ? >> announcer: today we're saying "good-bye halloween and hello, thanksgiving." michael's whipping up the ultimate thanksgiving dish with wwe superstar, stephanie mcmahon. clinton's revealing his freeze ahead turkey day tips and carla's turnin candy into a tasty treat. oh, and did i mention we're giving away $1 million? thanksgiving prep starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much. it is november 1st, people.


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