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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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it's 5:00 a.m. and there's purple on our map. that means a winter weather advisory. we're talking snow in the mountain. more details coming um new for the irst time, a student raped is speaking out. >> she breaks people's magazine for a feature called "25 women changing the world." >> jason gruenauer joins us live from the campus with her message two years later. jason. >>reporter: she told the magazie , i'm a survivvr and hopes now coming forward will help other people with her story. now, kendra was a freshman in 2014 when it happened after an st. patrick's day party.
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of her after she was drinking and got separated from her friends, instead of took her home and sexually assaulted her. despite being found guilty, he was sentenced to probation and two years of jail work release meaning he can leave during the day to go to work and go to school. so she spoke to people's magazine about why she's coming forward now. >> my sister is a freshman in college this year, and i'm like i don't want her to go through this or any other woman person. if i can do something -- >> so, why was the rapist given a sentence that he was, and what does huer think about that. it may have something to do with colorado judiciary and sentencing law, and i'll break that down at 5:30. live at cu
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and several others injured. explosive blew out businesses and left debris scattered everywhere. two officers and three technicians -- 100 other people were hurt but 7 are in the hospital right now. the local governor's office says the workers party or pkk has claimed responsibility for the attack. turkey considers them hours after turkish authorities arrested 12 pro turkish legislators. it's now 5:02. it's beautiful this morning. we have clear skies across the state for now. the mountains are going to pick up snow. our eastern san juans in for snow. we'll talk about it coming up. right now, you're going to find upper 30s to low 40s early this morning. we'll be at 58 degrees by 11:00 and then another 10 to 12
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near 70 today. very close to where we were yesterday. and it looks similar. plenty of sunshine in store today. lake wood, 70. montclair, that neighborrood close to it, and in lone tree, 69 degrees. this is the storm right here. you can see the rain we're seeing through mexico, arizona, we're going to see that move into the south western mountains and jason, that means some decent snow for the mountains. we'll talk about it coming up, how much in a few minutes. >> you know what's coming up this weekend? the time change. >> oh, yes, sunday, fall back >> we fall back. so it effects our commute because we see the sun in the 7:00 hour, we're going to see it in the 6:00 hourly come next week. be prepared for early sun glare during the 6:00 hour. at 225 and yosemite, it's wide open to the denver tech center. you can see it on thh map. easy driving. 20 minutes security wait time if you're headed o the airport. 5:03. two, 16 year old was
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an explosion in castle rock. one is behind bars on 100-0000 bond for -- the other teen charged with sexual exploitation of a child and possessing a hand gun. we don't know how the crimes are connected. police jay james hope managed to live on aspen mountain illegally for 2 years without being caught. authorities took hone into custody yesterday. they say this is he has a long criminal history including posing as a high school student at the agg of 26-year old and getting a scholarship to princeton as a distance runner and stealing jewels from a museum. bertha high school remains closed after a terrible discovery. a found student dead inside the school. police are working to find out what happened. the teen's identity hasn't been released. turning to your voice, your
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a poll from lewisville base strategy finds clinton has a 6 point lead in our state. as the polls fluctuate daily with which presidential nominee is ahead -- the presidential nominees, their families and running mates canvassing the country. today, former president bill clinton traveling around the state making stop in pueblo, denver, and fort collins. and ben carson is campaigning for trump in colorado springs, castle rock sanders expected to be in town for clinton. forever more details on their visits, head to today, two big talkers on the campaign trail, first you see there on the left, that's melania trump who took to the podium in her first solo campaign stop in pennsylvania. >> this is not an ordinary campaign. it is a movement. [cheers and applause]
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feel included, inspired, and involved. >> she says her priority as first lady is tackling cyber bullying. pence made his campaign in spanish. the colorado green rush is blamed with a rise in the number of homeless in our city. it's hard to say how many people are here for the marijuana exactly or legalized there. local businesses will watch the vote closely. one is live well. >> what i expect to see is morin investment coming into the industry in general and that means all votes will wise. we'll see more investments in california and -- >> maine and massachusetts and california will vote on
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boulder will vote onna ballot measure to tax all sugary drinks including soda. if it passes, the prices of your favorite soft drinks will go up $0.02. what you may not realize the tax covers juice this -- >> i'm not necessarily for that tax, and i think that you know, as a citizen, i should have the right to choose whether or not i want to drink a whether the state or government telling me you can't drink it, so here's a tax. >> denver 7 spoke with business owners who says the wording is too broad. a big surprise for detective dan bright. the detroit long ones sent him a football signed by every detroit lion player. he's recovering from being shot in the line of duty back in september. congratulations to the cu
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the game wasn't pretty. very ugly. it featured 25 penalties for 224-yard and two blocked kicks and 5 turn offs, but somehow the bucks won. final score, 20-10. you see those stats and you think there's o way they pulled that game off. they did it. >> congratulations to them..3 we need more snow at the slopes. and the a basin is the only colorado slope open. >> that's okay. at the denver and snowboard convention. jason gruenauer is live. >>reporter: i got here and they saw my build and look, and they said you need to be a model for the expo. i told them $500-hour, so they passed on that. as you can see, i really got the model look here in my coat. i'm here with aubrey nice
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have a sale going on. >> we have a big sale going on. we have factor buy outs and 20% off -- quick silver, dn and c as you can see, we ave 60% coat that looks just great like this. >> i'm love this coat. i feel like the parents are here shopping, but there's a lot of stuff here forked kids. >> we have the -- so kids are learn how to snowboard and get that feel under them. there's a ski area how to ski and get that feel too. parents can shop and kids are learn to ski. >> everybody is itching to ski. we got to get snow first. this starts at -- tomorrow, 10:00 to 8:00 p.m. and sunday 10:00 to 6:00. this coat is warm and i have to get it off because i sweat too much. >> there's discounts for coats
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a woman missing for months is found. she's bound and confined inside of a metal storage container and she's alive. >> that suspect is not cooperating. what she told police that has them searching for more victims. a record number of visitors are stopping but the maroon bells, but that's not good news for your wallet. we'll explain next. here's your cheat sheet on this friday. it's a beautiful day. we're going to likely near 70 degrees with again more sunshine. but we have snow and jason, i capitalize and i'm excited. hitting south western colorado, we'll talk about it. >> you need explanation points in there. we have a drive on i-70 going into the foothills.
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just about 5:14 on this friday morning. we want to give you a look at the dia and see how the parking lot and security wait times are looking. things not bad. all lots open. that's except the mount albert t and wait times 13 to 20 minutes, so give yourself extra time. >dramatic new video out of a dakota access pipeline month test. it's caught on camera. an activist shot with a rubber bullet while fflming an interview. >> they're on an ace property. they shouldn't be up there. we have every right. this is sovereign people right there. >> who the [bleep]. >> the activist is aaron. she posted on facebook she was standing there innocently when she was shot. the sheriff's office says demonstrators at the time were getting rowdy and no lethal shots were fired. protestors had been demonstrating forrmonths as we
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trial land. we have our daily abc news tracking poll in the presidential race. let's look at this one. clinton getting a little momentum over this week long poll. she leads trump 47% to 44% in this poll. that's the widest lead she's had all week. we've been bringing you this poll every morning and 3 days ago you saw the lines cross. trump led clinton 46 to 45%, but still a tight race. all of this within the margin of voters on certain issues of corruption and immigration voters who care mostly about those issues. now to the startling discovery in -- brown was found dhaned like a dog in-- she was chained like a dog. officers found them after someone called them saying they heard banging on a container that's was
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fengs. brown and her boyfriend carter were reported missing. registered sexual offend christopher has a lengthy -- >> i have no idea how many people he has lured in and assaulted. he may not have -- he may not have done anything like that, but the possibilities are endless. wonder how he was able to have a realtor's license with a sex offender. in colorado -- a new law went into place. back home at colorado, 4,000 fort collins soldiers are headed to poland. this is the largest deployment to europe since the cold war. heads up to campers in the
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face fees. the u.s. forest service is thinking about creating a permit system because campers aren't cleaning up themselves. the forest service says campers have doubled in the paat decade. you can rent this mansion. the 23,000 square foot home comes with 8 bedrooms and a pool and bowling alley and a gym and a sauna and a -- this is going to cost you. about 8 to 1 for more pictures, you can head to our website >> that would work. >> but 8 to 17,000 a night. >> some peoole could -- you could feed someone with that. >> yes. >> i don't know ny. >> not my friends. you're going to find sunshine this afternoon and highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. it's going to be another
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possible, but not until tomorrow. we're going to see good snow across the south western mountain. we could pick up three to even looks like 8 inches of snow. i'll show you that in a minute. right now, temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. if we can take this, i'll let you to see what we're expecting. sunshine today and by this afternoon, again, still plenty of sunshine. temperatures have been well above normal. we're typically in -- looks like the this time of year, but you're going to find today, we're 10, 12 degrees above that. denver, a high of 70 today. under a mostly sunny sky. and you'll find up and down the front range, temperatures above normal. littleton, 72. lone tree, 69. broomfield, a hh of 68. state wide, low 70s again near pueblo and lamar with more 50s and more 60s. more 60s today than yesterday in the mountain. sttamboat springs today, a high of 62. winter
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and again it's going to be 3 to 8 inches of snow in the san juan. we'll watch it over wolf creek ppss and we'll keep you up-to-date when it starts falling. boulder and fort collins, dry today, but fast forward to saturday, and we are expecting some of this wet weather to bubble up a little closer to the metro area. we've got a slight chance for aafew showers saturday into ear sunday and then skies will start to clear out move -- out as the storms move oust. 60s saturday and sunday. next week we drop closer to normal everyday for monday through thursday. we should see upper 50s to low 60s for the start of next week. >> a smooth drive anywhere you want to travel.% if you're going south, north, east or west, you can see vasquez is looking nice if you're making your way across commerce city, that's a 5-minute
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and you can see a lot of green on i-70 and 270 and highway 36, and 85. it hasn't caused big delays. aurora, nice and quiet. -?we have this section of mississippi closed down, broadway over to santa fe and it will be in place until late next week as they're did doing the doing the final -- as they're doing the f we have full information on our website at if you like things to do this weekend, head to our free denver 7 app. >> [indiscernible]. >> a police officer to the rescue saving a woman having a heart attack. dramatic video next. you may have come across toilet paper on the road. it's not littering. it's there on purpose.
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welcome back to denver 7. a traffic stop in oklahoma turns into a life saving mission. this is caught on the officer's dash cam video. >> let's take a closer look. you can see the officer, jones
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side of the freeway. the driver runs towards him and the officer drags the passenger out. she isn't breathing so the officer begins cpr. >> wake up! oh, sweetheart. she's gone. >> no, she's not. deep breath. deep breath. she's right here . >> come on, wakk up. >> finally that sign of hope there, she's breathing and rushed condition. take a look at this. the city of littleton is using toilet paper to fix cracks in the road. >> it's really toilet paper and it's placed over freshly paved area to keep the tar in place and keep that tar off people's cars and tires. >> and your shoes. i have never seen that before. >> i've seen them use other kinds of makeup. not toilet paper.
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it off your shoes. >> air-traffic 7 was flashed by a laser from guys not too far from havana. after she shined the light, denver police went and talked to them and arrested that person that was shining a light at them which is a huge problem for an aircraft. it's a federal crime. the fbi says he could face 5 years because of shining that light at air tracker 7 crew. can you believe that. very serious. >> 5-year, wow. >> we have temperatures this morning in the 30s, 40s, you're going to find on future cast, some pretty clear skies this morning. we are tracking snow that's going to hit south wwstern colorado. i'm going to show you the timing in a few minutes. highs, you guys, to the im -- highs in the upper 60s to near 70s. i'm going to show you that in a few minutes.
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more news coming up in our next hour including a cold case solved later. >> but the aacused murderer will never spend a day in prison, we'll explain why, plus -- >> i don't know if we need an ambulance, but we need care for people here. >> that's a 911 call from an attack at a senior center. you may not believe who was behind that attack. we're working to clean up 1500gallons of fuel that spilled onto a freeway north of boston.
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ll donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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, just about 5:30. denver 7, a cu boulder survivor is having her story heard. >> her attacker was spared hard jail time. we have more of our story with jason gruenauer.
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you from cu boulder's campus. she spoke to -- the first time she spoke about the night she was raped and then about the follow to that in which the rapist, the man who attacked her received a relatively comparative light sentence. it had people going national about that sentence. the 21-year old revealed her identity for the first time since that incident happened back in 2014 when austin wilkerson raped her after a party herin now, he was found guilty, but sentenced to only probation and 2 years of jail work release meaning he's let out everyday. one reasons that's behind the relatively light sentence, colorado has -- meaning criminals must stay in jail until they complete treatment. but with a shortage, not all get out on time. judges lean towards lighter punishments


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