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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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you from cu boulder's campus. she spoke to -- the first time she spoke about the night she was raped and then about the follow to that in which the rapist, the man who attacked her received a relatively comparative light sentence. it had people going national about that sentence. the 21-year old revealed her identity for the first time since that incident happened back in 2014 when austin wilkerson raped her after a party herin now, he was found guilty, but sentenced to only probation and 2 years of jail work release meaning he's let out everyday. one reasons that's behind the relatively light sentence, colorado has -- meaning criminals must stay in jail until they complete treatment. but with a shortage, not all get out on time. judges lean towards lighter punishments
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extended sentences. after that sentencing, huer read a statement saying he chose to -- she told people's magazine she disagreed with that sentencing, but has moved on. hear her story later on at 6:00. i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. new this morning, from the first alert desk, the chicago celebrating. the violence in that city makes headlines people have been shot sense thursday morning after the cubs win. that's according to a story all new this morning in the chicago tribune. two men were killed in those shootings and 16 others were wounded in shootings that happened in the north, west, and southern part of the city. it's now 5:31. we have another dry start. you're going to find clear skies across eastern colorado.
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southwest, we're looking at rain developing southwest of telluride. more snow expected there. a good 3 to 8-inch and that snow developing later today. highs near 70 degrees. here's your first alert. it will get cooler this weekend. jason we could see a few showers roll into denver tomorrow. i'll show you what that looks like in a few minutes. >> we had cotton wood pass closed down for the season. when we get more of that snow up there on independence pass which remains open for now, but when that will close. you can see the increase of traffic. friday light conditions -- 15 minutes or less from the north downtown. 270, you'll see more traffic. so will i-76 especially here around the construction zone at highway 85. the drive on the south side, aurora looking nice. it's 5:32. a colorado cold case murder solved 39 years later.
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15-year old boy ck stabbed audrey hurtado. the death in 1977. police solved this murder -- he didn't spend time for the crime because he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1981. police are looking for the ?an accused of hitting and killing a young denver lawyer. police identified dez. police want to i am improve the relationship between the -- police want to improve the relationship between the community and the police department. >> we want to make sure that the kids have knowledge about what their rights are and how to best make sure that a situation doesn't erupt into something where they end up going to jail. >> this booklet is aimed at
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dos and don'ts of interacting with police. it has been 4 days of searching and no sign of a missing 13-mmnth-old oy. we got these pictures the east yesterday in this sand fill near alt. they're looking for the body of silas ojeda accused of being killed by his mother's boyfriend in wyoming. a $2,000 reward is being offered if you have information to catch this porch pirate. he has been stealing packages from those doorsteps. this pirate in westminster. at 5:34. turning to your voice, your vote, 4 days to go until election day. denver 7 caught up with those at the trump and clinton campaigns. the trump call center in thornton, they say their focus is to remind voters to turn in their ballots and trump supporters are going door to door. 4.1 million ballots have been returned.
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your internet service, you're not alone. fort collins has received so many complaints. the city of fort collins is considering broad ban service as a utility. it would require millions infrastructure improvements and need voter approval. those we spoke with seem pretty open to the idea. >> my family is in england and i use skype a lot so it drops a lot. >> ittdoesn't feel like comca or infinity is making prices better so adding another player to the market sounds like a good idea. >> they'll be a town hall november 14th to discuss this idea with residents and the city will call 15,000 households to allow them to listen like a radio show. ski resorts are being bought for $130 million.
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be the largest ski resort transaction in history. all the ski resorts may not be open yet, but noo is the time to score great deals. >> this weekend is the ski and snowboard convention. we have a >>reporter: good morning, this is a great expo. a really big space. made ski chair. no snow up there right now, but you're not worried. >> we are not worried for any folks who are concerned about ski season not happening. let me assure you, it's coming. >> people can get a lot of deals before they head to the ski slopes. we have resorts across the state and there's a lot of expo-specific deals. we at
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passport program. any 5th doesn't have to be from colorado, but nil 5th grader can get free skiing at 20 resorts and 6-gradeers can get free skiing for $105. >> you can go to -- things get going at noon today and runs until 10:00 tonight and then at 10:008:00 tomorrow and 10:00 to 6:00 on sunday. parents, hey, check out the sierra nevada beer garden which is here. really a great event. chris, thanks for talking with us, and we're going to lounge on these ski chairs here and we have a lot more previews for you of this great expo throughout the hour. back to you. >> thank you, eric. a bus driver killed while driving a legacy football team home could get an horror. >> kerry chopper's name could be
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into a -- the memorial in kansas is for any educator who died while serving students. you know the saying, there's an app for anything. there's one for buying and selling cars straight from your smartphone. >> it was created a by denver tech start up. up next we're going to take it for a test
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i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn,
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't believe in climate change. he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill, he has no interest in working across the aisle. darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil. narrator: darryl glenn is wrong for colorado. woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! rump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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right now, crews are working to clean up 150 gallons of fuel that have spilled onto a freeway in wilmington, massachusetts. traffic reporter right there. this is on interstate 93 north of boston. a piece of debris punctured the tanker truck and that caused the fuel to spill 150 gallons. one lane remains closed so cars the trial is underway in north carolina for former officer michael slager. he's facing charge in this deadly traffic stop which is caught on camera. you can see michael scott right there running away and then slager fires 8 shots. slager's lawyer says the gunshots were lawful because of a struggle. no struggle was recorded on the cell phone or the dash cam video.
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you're -- you don't shoot them in the back. >> all i heard was get on the ground and put your hands behind your back. >> prosecutors say scott was not a threat, but slager's fate is in the hands of the court. some people are questioning the jury and the judge is african american, but one out of 11 on the jury is as well. 5:42. here's a story you don't hear everyday. a squirrel goes on a rampage at a florida senior facility hurting >> we had a squirrel that entered our building and it's in our activity room and it's jumping on people and scratching and biting people and it's in there and people are bleeding. >> the caller talks with a 911 dispatcher you can hear people breathing heavily and saying they don't feel well. the squirrel got out and the managee refused to comment. it's not clear if the animal was captured or how he did it, but he's gone. >> that's crazy. at home, all the smoke in brighton had our news room
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yesterday. this fire was planned. it was a controlled burn off i-76 and county road 2. lochte martin is attempting to improve the weather. it's the first geo station -- we like to call it ogar. our own elson got a tour of the facility yesterday. >>reporter: it's pretty fascinating when you see that thing. this which means extra hour of sleep which is good news for those of us in the morning show. but it's not always good news. daylight savings time can bring health issues. it can throw off your is a cade yum rhyme -- today is friday, so you don't have a lot of time to do this. more people are going to wake up
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increase risk of seasonable effective disorder. >> there's a happy story for you. >> good morning. >> nothing is wrong with us on the morning crew. we're fine. sunday, sunrise is at 6:35 . sunset, 4:52. >> awe. >> that's what i don't like is that early sunset. >> it gets better earlier. >> true. >> i feel more normal not going to sleep when it's light outside. 60s and 70s afternoon. a few showers possible tomorrow here in denver. but it's going to be a few. we're not expecting any heavy rain in town. we will see some snow though across the south western mountains. our sand -- our san juans is in for a good 3 to 4 inches. quiet in durango. by this afternoon, we'll see snw . winter weather advisories goes into effect to the southwest later today. that's it for
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going to be dry, even along i-70 heading into the mountains, it will be spottier lighter showers from this storm. 41 right now in denver. winds are out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour. so it's going to be another warm afternoon. we had upper 60s yesterday. same thing today. we're at 58 degrees by 11:00. 70 degrees by 3:00 p.m. and a mild friday night clear skies and 59 by 7:00 this evening. if you got friday night plans, you want a jacket tonight. itil mild today. near du, we'll be at 71 today. aurora, a high of 69. and in highlands ranch, 72 degrees. kin carol, 72. more 60s in the mountains than yesterday and plenty of sunshine there again this morning. so it's going to stay pretty dry along i-70. we could get a shower tomorrow. as that storm moves from the south, we're going to get an increase in cloud cover tomorrow.
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no football here in town on sunday. the broncos are in oakland facing the raiders sunday night. we'll be at 68 here in denver, and then a little cooler next week, closer to normal. normal high this time of year, upper 50s and we're calling jason, upper 50s, low 60s all next week. we have a -- i don't know if it's a rollover crash per se, but it's a problem on 470 on the westbound side at boles. happened is the 5th wheel trailers, the camper trailers came off a pingup truck towing it on the northbound side of 470. is we have slow traffic as one lane is blocked on the left side of the highway. we have this situation that's going to take some time to get cleaned up. take a look t the map. as it lingers, we could see bigger delays, but right now, minor delays going north near boles.
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the rest of the ride around the south side, littleton down through santa fe and 285 wide open. >> thanks jason. drivers in downtown denver are doing a double tape. one of those things..3 crews are preparing to move the kirkland art studio 8 blocks. they're going to move the whole thing. they're going from 13th and pearl to 12th and bannock and crews will use remote control wheels. this move happens sunday. that means road closures. >> remote sounds dangerous. you can sell your car straight from your phone and it's as simple as snapping a picture of it. that's the promise of a new denver base app called blinker. you can take a picture, and then within three seconds, the app is goinn to tell you the year, the make, the model and equipment and the value. we talked with people who used the app and they love it. >> i got it 4,000 less than retail. >> i didn't have to compromise
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anything. >> blinker's found s they're the only app who verifies the buyer, the seller and the car for free. it comes with a 17.7 fog check and a free car fax report. it's only available in colorado, but they hope to expand soon. here's a look at what's coming up on good morning american. >> this the gma's first look, investigators are pouring over this south carolina area for evidence of a killer's play ground. a registered sex offender is behind bars after authorities say they found brown held captive on this 100 acre problem. >> one of the charges is going to be kidnapping. and it could be murder. >> act ongoing a tip, police say they heard -- acting on a tip, they heard brown banging on a storage container. police found
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but no sign of carver who was brown toldg work. police there could be multiple bodies. we'll have more on this story at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm lindsay davis, abc news in north carolina. this video shows a -- he runs one direction and another. this video is at the center of a lawsuit. we're going to hear from a guy behind the camera says his high rise condo is leaning. the city is honoring the cubs, but fans have been celebrating for the past few days. viral video of fans overjoyed that the curse has been broken. >> it was the worst day of our life. >> disaster struck. >> one minute you're talking to your daughter that morning, and the next you get a call from the chaplin. >> octors gave molly a 1% ccance to live. >> we were prepared to lose molly. >> then the impossible happened.
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you want to call it. >> molly's inspiring recovery and how hillary clinton: i'm hy clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message. narrator: what do you really know about darryl glenn, the fringe republican candidate for senate? darryl glenn doesn't believe in climate change. he's for eliminating the department of education. and glenn wants to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. reporter: glenn says if he's fortunate enough to go to capitol hill, he has no interest in working across the aisle. darryl glenn: i'm running against democrats. i'm running against evil.
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overcame the odds tonight at 10:00. watch denver 7:00. welcome back. the millennial tower soars love the skyline into san francisco. it's getting shorter. it has shrunk by 16 inches. >> the problem is getting worse. people say it's tilting by 2 inches and here's the video they
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along the floor. buyers and current owners were never told. and to make it worse, property values are dropping. >> someone could have told you that. >> before we bought. absolutelyy >> now, the builders developer's says the lawsuit has no merit and they say the building is structurally sound and safe. out to dia now. it has been named the 8th worst airport in the country. this according to a survey on the the reason why, flight delays and the distance from the city center. denver has the longest security wait times averaging more than 16 m minutes and airport officials disagree. >> i'm not saying anything because that's a sticky subject. we have at 5:53. temperatures in the low to mid 40s this morning. wear a swear sweat shirt. sunny highs near 70. it's going to be a nice one. it's cooler tomorrow. today,
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68 in boulder. and 72 in highlands ranch. tomorrow, we'll see mid 60s and jason, we could get a few showers, it's going to be really spotty at best across the north eastern part of our state. the south western mountains are going to pick up. snow today and more. we'll talk about that in our 6:00. we could see some chain laws in place later. we're looking at this accident, look at this. there is the 5th wheel trailer, this on the north westbound side of c-470 near boles before 285. that looks like that might be the pickup truck. it didn't look like it rolled, but it looks -- on the northbound side. the left lane is the one that's blocked and traffic getting by on the right lane which is good. you like that word, lisa. take a look at the mmp down that way. not seeing significant delays
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but we have -- i would say minorly - with have minerally slow traffic. traffic is light across santa fe , 285 and the drive on 6th avenue. this section of mississippi is still closed down broadway over to santa fe and it's going to be that way until thursday. we have information on the black cat rescued in lasalle after four days and the cat is going to be up for adoption. there people who want to take him home. the 6-month-old cat has been in the care of a vet sinne being rescued. he's happier. for families looking for assistance this holiday season, registration is underway taking place at six locations. the group will provide donated toys
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toys were -- to a real life spiderman to the rescue. he's caught on camera helping catch a suspected shoplifter. >> he's a street performer and he was assuming the character earlier. a woman stole a mask from a stole on halloween. camera shows him in full costume taking her down and that woman facing charges. illegal immigration is one of the most decisive betweennthe presidential candidates. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m. we're has effected our state. today is national sandwich day. we're going to see the woman who won the sandwich competition. firefighters are battling a massive fire at a pallet yard in san bernardino, california. video of the flames, and reporters getting on scene. we'll have an update on this coming up at 6:00.
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>> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years. hi. >> oh, my god. oh , my god. >> you know what's happening, huh. who is the 7everyday hero in your life? nominate them at look
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney -- woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump.
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6:00 a.m. welcome to denver 7. take a look at this. this is a map of college -- this is a map of colorado. >> this is moderate drought and that includes the denver-metro. >> there could be good news on the horizon. lisa has our first alert forecast. >> crossing our fingers, finally we're going to see winter weather advisory. in denver, really dry. today, sunshine. low to mid 60s. that northern front range section as you get closer to fort collins, parts of boulder and larimer counties, you're not going to see much from this storm. here in denver, a high near 70. congress park, 70. brighton today, 71. and in aurora today, a high of 69.


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