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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. denver7 news starts right now. >> working together, we will begin the urgent task of renewing the nation and the american dream. >> after campaigning and the general elecon spoken. donald trump elected the 45th president of the united states. reaction from around the world and hillary clinton talking about the loss. >> a final look at the electoral college, donald trump, 278, clinton, 218. takes 270 for that win. >> tracking some of the local localmeasures.
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>> we have more on the local ballot mshs and kenneth moton joins us with more. >> good afternoon. hillary clinton and president obama both gracious in defeat. saying they owe the president a chance to leave and this is a time for americans to unite. >> clinton's concession. >> last night, i congratulated donald trump and offered to work country. >> hillary clinton following the concession speech hours after the shocking loss to president-elect donald trump. >> this is not the outcome we wanted and worked so hard for and i'm sorry we didn't win this election. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you i will not let you down. we will do a great job.
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-- >> a major debt of gratitude for hhr service to our country. >> his stance on hot button issues and major criticism is rhetoric as he beat out 16 rivals. and working class white men and women, more than 2012 propelled him to victory. >> want to go in different directions and newea >> to the transfer of the balance of profile, president obama and so many surrogates call him racist and unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> calling for success in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. . >> and tomorrow, president obama will welcome president- elect trump to the white house
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on that peaceful transfer of power. back to you. after donald trump's big win, people across the nation, people took to the streets. this is in oakland, taking to the streets saying, not my president. >> you can see dozens of protestors blocking downtown portland overnight and students marching, seeing that on the right. and many chanting against trump. >> and a different seen when hillary clinton officially conceded. people jumping and hugging each other and miles away at hillary clinton headquarters in new yorkk they were upset about the loss, as the election came to an end.
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the public after being the first female candidate for a major party, though she won the popular vote, lost the election. they saying that we have to give donald trump a chance to lead the nation. >> our campaign was not about one person or one election. it was about the country we america that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted. we have seen that more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america. and i always will. >> clinton said she worked with trump -- talked with trump and working with him on behalf of the country. >> president obama calling donald trump before sunup to congratulate him. going to discuss the white house transition process and
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the last hour, not to get discouraged or lose faith in the country, wanting donald trump to unite this country. house speaker paul ryan saying -- working hand in hand approximate with trump on the g.o.p. agenda in days to come. and reaction pouring in fromover seas. france president, francois holland weighing in, calling for a dialogue of cooperation. and vladimir putin appeared on russian tv to congratulate donald trump and about the russian --. looks like the man in the sketch. hoping to get this sketch for
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waiting on a sidewalk waiting for someone to pick her up. this is in berthoud. described as a white man, last seen with a hooded sweatshirt and hoping to get that to and our app later today. we have more on this election and other breaking news, including some results in some of races. first, let's get to the live look outside. >> it's beautiful. caitlyn has more. >> -- katie lasalle has more. >> under this large ridge of high pressure, a lot of blue skies across the state. statewide this afternoon, cool and unseasonally warm today into thursday. the plains will be a little bit breezier later.
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snow, going to see one lift be open. if you're going to the mountains, it's a blue bird day there. 64 at the airport right now and things are really warming up quickly this afternoon. here are the temperatures for today across the front range. 70s in denver, havrj, groomfield, 71 same in boulder and a slight cooldown coming up. is there any moisture? we'll look at that in just a minute. donald markets plummeting this morning. japan's main index, the nike lost 5%. european, down, but now back. uk, down and stocks in germany and france, down. u.s. stocks opened slightly lower in reaction to the trump victory. sm still some uncertainty on
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like the uncertainty and it shows in the numbers. incumbent senator michael bennet holds on to his seat, holding off darryl glen. and senator bennet, surrounded by family gave his speech earlier this morning. >> well, thank you, colorado. thank you. you live in the most dynamic and beautiful state in the united states of america. . >> and darryl glen issuing a statement earlier this morning, congratulating bennet, said in part, quote, i hope he will work with republican lawmakers to preserve coloradan freedoms and way of life and thanked supporters. mike coffman holding on to
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centennial, littleton and highlands ranch. you can see 52% to carroll's 43%. i'm jason gruenauer, i'm going to be following some of the local races and ballot measures today. the swing, key to balance of power here in senate district 19 , rachel zenzinger and a the vote. and eptive daniel kagan is going to keep that democrat seat democratic. 53% to 47 as of last check in senate district 25, a seat held by a democrat appears to be heading to the republican side of things. and former house majority leader said a split legislature like this is probably actually in the ggvernor's best interest.
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legislature, all of the bills to the right and the bills to the left get peeled off and find middle gunshot wound and as governor, you can get down to it and see what you're going to pass. ?> two of three voters turning in a ballot. denver still with 140,000 ?allots yet to be counted. nation is going to see changings when changes when it comes to marijuana. >> medical on the ballot. arizona rejected the idea of recreationall we hear more on what this means for our state. >> all the states that voted to leelz the use of the drug, whether medically or
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we are no stranger to it, after passing in in 2014. and -- american growth fund serres two. colorado in a sense is a role model for other states, having already gone through challenges and pressures that come along with legalizing the drug. timothy taggart said the state brought in $19 million in sales billion. listed some of the issues that our state is familiar with. . >> keeping the product where it should be in the 21 plus and away from those that shouldn't be having it. and the distribution issue. and pricedfairly with black markets. >> says that there is enormous growth opportunity for our state and now gets to work with
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loosened their marijuana laws. actually joining us from arizona this morning, a state that rejected a marijuana measure. reporting live in denver, amanda del castillo, denver7. if you want to check to see if your vote was counted, you can go to secretary of state site. right there on the site. reasons you were rejected, signature didn't manl match or inproper -- didn't match or ?mproperly sealed. -- 8:30 p.m. our time and access has been spotty since. >> we would like you to join marshall zelinger here and other colorado journalists with the highs and lows of the political coverage of this season.
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is the last one presented by the denver post and other -?organizations. you can find it on on the spotlight section there on the web. still to come, a shooting in california placing several
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. a california polling center placed on lockdown yesterday ?fter police say a man binging on cocaine randomly opened fire and killing a man and injurying a woman. shot and killed by police. the locations were closed and no officershurt in the shootout. to the measures you voted on, first, amendment 69, proposed universal health care, 80% no, 20% yes. amendment 70, raising the colorado minimum wage by to 12 $12 by 2020.
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hour, more than it currently is. others increasing the minimum wage, arizona and washington. national at 7:25 an hour. passing amendment 71, and requires any proposed amendment to the constitution be signed off by a majority of the districts, 57 to 43%. and amendment 72, tripling the tobacco tax. 54 say no, and 46 say yes. colorado voter turnout is looking good. surpassing 2012, 71%. two of three voters cast it in colorado. in the polling center at 8th and downing, a line wrapped around the building at one point. >> really awesome. >> so inspiring.
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>> and governor hickenlooper stopped by to thank everyone for the patience. donald trump mad himself official. changed the twitter page, calling him president-elect of the united states. and now the picture of the white house instead of the american flag. >> 18 after the hour. beautiful day again kroos colorado. >> nothing to complain about. warm. could use the moisture. snow, rain, come on, mother nature. but we have this ridge of high pressure in colorado. clear and dry skies. the drought monitor for right now, the front range is in a drought monitor. all of this in the brown and yellow. . about normally dry.
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the low to mid 70s. and warmer than it was yesterday. 60s in city park and same in bennet, parker 60s and upper 60s in castle rock. and here's what you can expect today, 70s after noon and sunny in the metro area. overnight, staying in the 30s. highs today for the metro, 70s in lakewood and littleton and westminster across the state. mid to upper 60s on the slope and above average temperatures. leadville, 55 and northeastern plains, 71 in sterling and akron. getting down to 38 degrees, not quite as chilly, you definitely
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you're going to cool down for the overnight lows and by tomorrow, as you can see, mostly sunny and breezy on the plains as we see the rain move in. for the most part, warm and dry. friday, a slight cooldown for veterans day and the oefrnth low, around the freezing level on saturday. but sunnier and -- ten degrees above normal in the mid to upper 30s. we do have the slight chance for seeing the next storm coming in the middle of next week. that's looking mild. we have more to come after this historic election. a political science professor
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. welcome back to denver7. the morning after a historic election that has just worn out
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so what's next for us? >> from the university of denver is kind enough to join us after a long night. what's your takeaway? >> it's one of the biggest shocks. one of them, the polls got it so wrong. a bigger mixup than the so- called brexit vote. and the polls sites, hillary clinton with a three our four point lead and all the numbers converged right around there. it just didn't appear. >> so now i saw, what is going to come up in the days ahead. what to you think? >> seems like four to eight years, turn the pillow to the other side. change things up.
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>> that is a pretty regular occurrence. a trend that we see in presidential elections where ii's hard to actually hold on. hard for any party to hold on for two terms. last time was bush and reagan and then world war ii. and -- pretty strong economy, pretty high approval ratings for president obama. >> want a change. and looking at the electoral map, there's a lot of red. and colorado, nice and blue. we voted for clinton. whattdoes that say about politics in colorado? >> we have seep a shift in colorado, the people that have been moving to the state has been making it blue. been red, but blue the last
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or two than the nation as a whole. >> whoever was going to win was going to have a tough go. what about the political gridlock? >> it's going to be difficult. in past cycles, supporters of the two campaigns, different world views from each other and a hard time with ideology and policy. this was an election where either as president. it's going to be a while before talking about compromise. >> going to be hard moving forward. and hillary clinton spent more money, more bodies pushing for her, what happened? >> this is another big takeaway in the next few months and years. and by ever measure. her campaign was better
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jiezed and spent a ton on advertising. didn't matter. and the debates. she dominated them swell. >> interesting political season. scott, thank you for coming in and sharing yoor thoughts after a long night this morning. >> sure. so donald trump is president-elect. and he and mike pence will be in the white house come january. looking at the security measures being put in place
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. so let me say, it is my high honor, and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, -?donald trump. . it is official. at 70 years old, donald trump has become the 45th president of the united states. and he promis a movement that would shake up washington. he is the first since eisenhower to not hold bb office before president. hillary clinton called to concede, but did not address reporters. they gathered for a possible -- a clearer path to the 270
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but donald trump won and taking control of a deeply divided nation. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> and when you look at the popular vote, about 150,000 votes divided the candidates. less than .02%. trump said he will be the president for one america. >> and things changing for vice president mike pence. security beefing up. after the announcement, security beefed up, the security plans not being released because of security, obviously, but it's beefing up,
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drones are prohibited from flying over the mansion, he is still governor until they take office. no matter what side of the aisle you have been on, it's been dry, unseasonally warm and stay that way for the next couple of days. breezier today. enjoy your afternoon. ww could use some moisture. we are under a very clear sky across colorado. steamboat springs, officially started making snow yesterday. and we are expecting the temperatures to stay in 20s and 30s in the loveland ski area. going to start tomorrow 9:00 a.m. to four and a basin has been open. a blew sky and no cloud coverage. the temperatures are mild. 57 in grand junction. 40s and 50s for the most part in the moup tans and 60s in --
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temperatures today, 60s and 70s. lots of sunshine and a slight change for the weekend. . voters in boulder overwhelmingly passed the ballot 2h. that's the sugar tax. 54.7%. $0.02 per fluid ounce excise tax on the distributors with five grams of su ounces. first since berkeley lifornia. and anothhr issue on the ballot, taking life ending drugs with a doctor's prescription. it passed 65 to 35%. now the fifth state in country with such a law. unaffiliated voters will now be able to take part in the primary. 65% say yes, 35 said no.
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unaffiliated voters. and now taking part without having to register with a political party, 64 for, 36 against. and measure b, the scientific and cultural studies district. a .1% sales tax. this one overwhelmingly passed here for and against. saw that. allowing bars and businesses to apply for a permit to bring in marijuana for public consumption. leading by 3300 vote. as of this morning, denver still has 140,000 ballots still left to count. we'll see. >> thanks, jason. we are no stranger to lucid marijuana laws, considering the legalization of the drug in
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other states are doing the same. >> states doing that legalization offit, whether medical or recreational. amanda del castillo has more. >> maine, massachusetts, colorado, and nevada all leelzing recreational use of the drug. florida, north dakota and arkansas, actually expanded the use of medicinal use of the drug. and i spoke with the -- what is currently the only mutual fund in the u.s. says colorado in a sense is a role model for other states, having gone through the challenges and prrssures that come along with legalizing the drug. and one said that the industry
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impacting $2.4 billion, 18 ,000 jobs. a 2% increase compared to 2014 numbers. among concerns, the pot business is big in colorado. >> going to lead to higher my latest stuff i have read on that is it's not true. so i reality will overrome the fear. >> and saying there's tremendous growth opportunity for our state to partner up with the other seven states who have loosened their marijuana laws. he actually joined us from arizona this morning, a state that actually rejected a marijuana measure. reporting in denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver7.
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school, walking out of class to protest donald trump's election. you can see them there. some of them holding signs, saying there's no place for hate. >> others holding a mexican flag and a rainbow colorado flag to represent the lgbt community and another one with a sign, honk for love. to form the shape of something out there right now or all just on the grass. again, live shot from air tracker seven. >> that's in boulder. don't know what caused the site to crash. the crash lasted for 29 minutes. and the ballots couldn't be process. so we went to the secretary of state to get answers >> it's a critical part offthe election process, identifying if an individual has voted,
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election integrity. >> a request to allow longer time. that was denied. in san diego, the chargers will not be getting a new stadium. more c failed by a pretty wide margin. the next step for the chargers is not clear. will they try again to replace their stadium or join los angeles. markets plunging. here, the dow was down before reboundiig. >> and markets will remain volatile as world financial leaders try to assess the impact of the trump presidency. >> here's elizabeth hur with more. >> the numbers seesawing throughout the morning. that much, global market
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>> he's unpredictable. and markets don't like unpredictability. >> the election stunner sending stocks around the world plunging overnight and international headlines this morning. >> a good businessman in the white house, but got some crazy ideas. >> i don't think anyone knows what is going to happen. >> some nervous, overseas, there's mixed reaction to a trump america. >> business -- a moment in the relationship between the united nations. or the united tates. and the european union. >> russian president, vladimir putin among the first to congratulate trump. >> and other world leaders quickly followed suit. >> i look forward to working with president-elect trump to maintain the security and prosperity of our two nations
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that was elizabeth hur reporting there. all morning long, we have been looking at the newspapers and magazines from across the country. you can see there are tto different covers. if clip ton were to win, madam preeident and then president trump. this one, trump triumph. . >> donald trump taking the stage in the early morning hours last night. but his son, barron, hes the one in the spotlight this morning. what he did that had everyone talking on social media after election day. >> the stickers, people are partial cloud of them. be where did they come from?
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. the homicide investigation under way this morning. one person shot and killed and another person shot and fighting for their life. this happened last night on clayton near vasquez. no one in jail for the crime, still not clear what happened to start it. back to the election. donald trump with quite the
11:44 am
this is the victory cake. a full sized bust of trump. delivered last night complete with a secret service escorting of it. some say the bust looks sad and doesn't resemble trump. another headline this morning. donald trump's young son, barron trump, there next to his father. looks like he's rolling his eyes, swaying back and forth. >> we're going to be doing a job that hopefully you'll be so proud of your president. you'll be so proud. again, it's my honor to be president. >> some say barron was struggling to stay aweek. there was like 3:00 a.m.. >> dad, come on.
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>> and the obama girls were doing that. stop talking. >> kids have a hard time. people getting the i voted sticker. but who invented them? >> phoenix realtors claim they invented it in 15985nd in ft. lauderdale, florida -- the national mp >> so who was it? the designs are different across the country, the message is the same, encouraging people to get out and vote. so if you give thanks for voting, more likely to vote in the vuch. >> and proo county i voted stickers. >> different in denver too. >> great randy whitman all the way around for election day and today, the rest of the week
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across the radar and satellite, the region is dry and sunny throughout colorado and the surrounning states. downtown denver, clear and 68. temperature of 64 degrees. sterling, plenty of sunshine, very dry, and our camera from steamboat springs, dry there. there's the first alert. and they started making snow in love land. temperatures in the 20s and 30s and sticking the snow. hopefully open. a basin is opening up. we are in a drought in the front range. dry in the yellow and we are waiting for the system. for the rest of the week aad into the weekend, there will be more. warming up quickly and in the 70s.
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4:50. so dark by the time you get off work. evergreen, 68 and winds should stay relatively calm. 70s in centennial and lone tree. littleton and havrj, 73. statewide, also very mild. 50s and 60s in the mountains. as pence, 36, steamboat, 60 and in the plains, lower 70s. degrees under a mostly clear sky and tomorrow morning, you'll want the sweatshirt r jacket, we'll stay skrr dry and cooler in as we head into the next couple of days. temperatures are still about ten degrees above where they should be. should have temperatures in the 50s. denver should stay mild and should see the breeze pick up. here's the seven-day forecast, not a lottto talk about in
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low to mid 70s and in the next couple of days, gradual cooldown. veterans day, seeing morning lows around the freezing value. cooler in the 60s and a day time high of 70. this weekend, you can still hike. 70 and 67 on sunday. in the seven-day forecass, not looking at any moisture. >> rake the leaves. >> a couple of spots, might have off. >> could water the trees. >> getting the sno tires or traction tires for the winter. not feeling like fall. >> speaking of fall, the holidays are not far away. the holiday hero, you can be one to help feed children in town. one in four is hungry.
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or security service federal. donald trump is america's newest president, but how did he get there?
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. a historic election. now over. >> how did donald trump get there? a look through the years. >> donald trump, making history overnight >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. >> the journey starting just blocks away in 2 >> i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> his road to the white house, the most untraditional in history. the billionaire business man, known as a reality tv star. >> you're fired. >> you're fired. >> hinting at it.
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>> defeating 16 republican nominees in a long shot nomination. >> i didn't take the property. >> accepting the nomination in july. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> it was the 1970s when the real estate mogul first started his business career, marrying ivana and having children. built condos and casinos around the wrorld in the 1980s and becoming a best selling author with his book, the art of the deal. and in the #109 9180s, the divorce from ivana and marrying marla maples. and -- the raelt tv and in 2005, marrying for a
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wedding, even attended by the clinton. and his fifth child, barron. always keep an eye on the politics, the birter movement. president obama taking to the correspond dipper. >> tonight for the first time, i am releasing my official birth video. >> those jokes, thought to have inspired trump to self-fund his run for the presidency. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. >> there you have it. across colorado, it's a beautiful day. >> it is. beautiful and sunny. the first alert, going to be windy tomorrow. here are the high temperatures for this afternoon. 60s and 70s in ft. collins and boulder.
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week, and then next week, 60s and 70s. >> we don't know what to do
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