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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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. denver7, breaking news. >> an overnight shooting sending one person to the hospital and the suspect leading police on the chase. . >> on the scene with the latest on the chase. darryl? . >>reporter: yeah, guys. police still have this vehicle surrounded here in glencoe and proo here in centennial. this vehicle started out at a chase down 25 throw denver and down the castle rock and police were able to locate this 2010 camaro here at prro and glencoe. they do not believe he's inside, but getting ready to
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the person was born in 1992, the suspect and a tattoo on his face, last seenwaring a dark cap and shirt. possible armed and dangerous and a member of a 13 gang. this is being confirmed as a carjacking with a shooting that did occur at morrison road and kentucky. we're staying on the scene here and keep you updated throughout a little more about what led up to that. there was the first scene, the shooting that happened as we mentioned, the stone nightclub on sher on morrison and kentucky. and one person taken to the hospital after that shooting. the police are still looking for the suspect. a hispanic male, born in 1992 with a tattoo on his face. this is the scene of that initial shooting outside the
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a person taken to the hospital after that and that suspect last seen wearing a blue or black cap. police continue to look for him. . breaking overnight, outrage over the outcome of the presidential election. >> the protests, continuing into the late night hours. the crowds growing larger and larger. >> and a look at the protests capitol building. a fairly small group. that's from another spot, but we did have some protests here. they are taking over, city after city in colorado. you can see the map, the different boxes and scenes of where they're taking place. >> different cities, seattle, chicago, atlanta, dallas and
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protestors say they are disappointed and in washington, d.c., someone burning an american flag outside of american university. >> and burning a pinata of the president-elect. >> i need hillary to stand up right now and walk in and sue the united states of america. >> preparing a foot forward, racist, sexist, islam phobic agenda. >> hurts my heart that people that i love are now fareful of their lives and livelihood. >> in new york, hundreds arrested as well as los angeles. no reports of any injuries. the second ski resort opening here. jason gruenauer is live there coming up in a few minutes. first, let's send things over to our meteorologist, lisa
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no snow, because of the warm weather. >> wish i had better news when it comes to that. it's going to be dry. see that on the satellite and radar. sunshine and clear skies and another day where the temperatures are well above normal. could have a broken record. mid 50s by 9:00. 60s by one. 67 to 68 off tonight. golden, 67 today and aurora, high of 65. the first alert, we could be tracking another storm that could bring a little bit of snow to the mountains next week. we'll talk about that. to the guy that's got the best job, looking good. dapper. jason gruenauer is live at loveland this morning. . >>reporter: yes, good morning to you, lisa. no snow? i don't know what you're
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it's snowing full blast. maybe it's fake. loveland is looking to open up, plowing and shooting snow up there. they are getting ready. set to get ready to on at # a.m.. they have one run here at love land and 1700 feet verl and 18 inches of snow in colorado. that's what we need. it is coal and that'sha wthey have been waiting for to be able to make all this snow. as you mentioned, the snow has not been here. a basin opened first and then love land, others had to delay, including skikey stone and others. that's the next wave, when they open. keystone, copper and breckenridge. and that's friday. conditions out here, they're perfect out here. i want to say, i want to get my board out here aad test it
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with the snow blowing, going to have first chair at 9:00 a.m.. we'll talk to people from loveland to see if it's really a big deal opening this late. spring skiing up there. and it's actually easy driving for us on i-70. don't have any delays here in town. we have one problem, the police situation by the king soopers on arapahoe and holly. going to find that police activity there. the rest of the drive is looking nice, including the north side, take a look at it from the camera there. one of the teenagers facing charges in connection to the is going to be in court. facing charges f sexual exmriation of a child and possession of a andgun.
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court next week. also due in court is this man. the closing arguments today. he was released from prison last december after serving 28 years for a murder and rape he said he didn't commit. the homeless are back in denver. the city plans to drive them out again. that's at the shelter on lawrence street, cleaned out in march and only grown in the and now all belongings must be removed by the 15th. and they say they have no were else to go. >> being september, used to be warm in those areas, nowhere else to go. >> and says the camps are a public health threat. spend ago lot of attention. this morning, the concern
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schools above normal levels of lead are found. >> students and staff are being urged not to drink the water. >> this is at creekside law school, outside of the headquarters, this is the letter sent out to parents for creekside. start from the beginning. it's over fall break when they decided to test the water at higher than acceptable levels of water were reported. so they replaced the faucets before the students headed back to class. wanted to make sure everything was back up to par and nine tests came back with higher than normaa levels. so when students and staff got
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bottled water, they're not cooking with any of the water there, and no word on when the water will be turned on and what the investigation says about the lead situation. big day for president-elect donald trump, meeting president obama at the white house. so what's next? the first step is to repeal and replace obamacare. and building the border wall and the links to terrorism, what he calls extreme vetting. now the big question is how he will do all that. >> looking at the possible cabinet. some analysts say that rudy giuliani could be attorney
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be secretary of state. and some residents in colorado have their resumes under review. >> going to be considered like any other individual in any other state. and we want the best individual s and the best candidates with the best ability. >> and something else, trump will be looking to fill supreme court vacancies. a shooting on the 16th street mall. the suspect was detained as police caught up to him on the rtd bus. >> police hoping to catch these two robbers. two armed men rushing a denver bank, pointing guns at tellers. that happened on the key bank on iliff and south colorado boulevard. a message from department
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from kansas and colorado may have had personal information compromises. , last four numbers of the social security numbers and diagnosis. fort carson, coming home from afghanistan. hugs and tears, these troops deployed in faeb. donald trump was named president of the united states. could already be in trouble. >> an irs audit. >> and the motorcycles -- a man comes out of the car and starting a fight. and now speaking about it and detailing what happened before the brawl. it's 5:11. the first alert, we are looking at another nice afternoon.
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a very mild seven-day forecast. . at 5:15, a check o at dia, not bad. low wait times. anywhere from 15 to 20minesses. all the lots are nice and open. right now, following some breaking news denver police searching for a shooting suspect. taking a live look at the scene. at arapahoe and glencoe, right now, proo and holly. this is the end of the chase, want the suspect wanted for a
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two police officers shot in western pennsylvania. and our affiliate is reporting one of them died. this happened in cannonsburg, southwest of purg and they were shot during a swat situation. this was video of them being taken to the hospital by helicopter and the ambulance by the other. we don't ow the worst condition. but we know one of them has died and no names released or what led to that swat situation. a man caught on camera attacking a motorcycle. this happened in miami. this guy jumps out of his car and starts hitting the motorcyclist.
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>> told him to come meet me and fight me and never showed up and fight me like a man. and all i was doing, leaving the scene, and. . >> hoping to come to a civil solution. the president-elect already getting into trouble. now going to face dozens of lawsuits in addition to the irs audit. >> among the most serious, fraud involving trump universe. that's set to begin later this month ch. >> and other things causing conflict, the brand, opening a hotel. he and his children has seen some overseas figures. with his children running the emre. and finally, his taxes.
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make his tax records available. and looking to release it from three decades. should be interesting. loveland, got to resort -- >> no snow from mother nature. even in the next couple of days. >> week? >> maybe. sunshine and 60s today. hour. the two things you're going to notice today is the breeze and cool. the cold front is going to roll in tonight. tomorrow, you'll feel the change. about ten degrees cooler. that's a little something. winds to the southwest at five to ten miles per hour, dry conditions, mid to upper 30s in the foothills. evergreen at 44 this morning, parker 38, aurora, 39 and this
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mid to upper 60s. parker, 65and denver, 65. ft. collins and greeley, close to 70 degrees this afternoon. another very warm one. just a couple of degrees off of where we were yesterday. on fut cast, the front rolling threw, sunshine around 12:00. -?and tonight tomorrow morning, start to see some clouds developing in the easter we could get some moisture and get some fog for the drive and some drizzle with the low lying clouds. tomorrow, a mostly sunny sky in the afternoon. and it is cooler. 58 on friday. heading into the weekend, low to mid 60s with the oefsht lows in the 30s. now, next week, we're edging a week closer to that latest
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thursday and friday in the seven-day forecast, could -- the front bringing itself closer. could bring us rain or snow. cross your fingers. need something. >> that's a good time to promote my new podcast. driving in rain and snow. driving you crazy. you can get it on google play and the app store. you can search for it right now. it's great. listen to the drive you crazy podcast. and right now it's good on 225 and the southbound side. and that police situation on proo and holly by the kinn soopers over there. so far -- slowing us down on highway 25 to bolder.
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chicago had this massive masterpiece to celebrate the world series win. >> it is made from 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate and ten pounds of rice chris pees. right now on display at the pastry school and going to be preeented to the mayor, rahm emanuel. anyone going to eat that? >> not with that much shug. tooth decay. interesting to watch. never know how it's going to 3 end. police were zipping along motorcycle, we have the dramatic end to this chase. a special honor to a world war ii veteran. we catch up with him for the first time. a live look at the loveland
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. new video of a motorcycle crash. police chased him through three cities. you can see him driving through, running, jumping over the wall at one point. not going to give up. and police eventually catch p to the guy. so he was driving 40 miles per hour, not that fast. but they got him. >> helicopter up. no place to go. >> hard to escape that. chilly this morning, mid to
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sunshine and 60s. so this afternoon, 67 degrees, could bike to school again today. a little chilly. wear a sweatshirt or light jacket. du, 68, lakewood, close to 70. golden, 67. tomorrow, it is cooler. and coming up, we'll take a look at the cold front set to come through on friday and details in just a few minutes. not hall of fame lane right now, but it's closed down. going to be doing some work here in the hov lane here at highway highway 46 into downtown. the gates are still closed. i'll t you know when they reopen. 70 looks good and open. past the coliseum. this is the most incredible, political feat i have seen in my lifetime. >> the world is till reeling
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undone. we'll follow the protests from them started by students. >> usually divided into red states and blue states. not just where you vote, but where you eat can be an indicator. announcing 200,000 people on canada's immigration website when it crashed. american ip addresses. we'll have more on that election aftermath.
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. we're continuing to follow breaking news right now unfolding right now.
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who led mission on a chase first. >> starting with a shooting at a nightclub on kentucky and morrison. darryl is live at arapahoe and glencoe. >> that shooting this morning outside of the stone nightclub at kentucky and morrison. and police sent information to the police agos to be on the look hout red camaro. an about 3:30 this morning, police were able to locate this vehicle on i-25. got a high speed chase, in substantial, in arapahoe county. they found the vehicle and a pinging system, an anti-theft device that led police to this vehicle. in 30 minutes, they searched the vehicle and no one in there.


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