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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  November 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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no meet reports of fatalities. buildings damaged and roads caving in. there's a warning living on the east side of the island. people are warn to move inland. we'll bring you the latest throughout the morning. a man leads police on a
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several denver neighborhoods near federal and louisiana. it ended near green wood village. amanda amanda de castillo joins us live in studio this morning. >> the man drove eight miles in nine minutes. that should normally take 15 minutes to travel. denver police say they spotted a car involved in an earlier incident out of engineer wud. we have calls to englewood pd for annwers. denver police wouldn't give us the exact route of the chase but directions. we're told the man didn't stop for officers but they used a pit maneuver to get the suspect. the chase ended near bellevue avenue and university. he was the only person in the car at the time. no injuries reported in the chase and no other cars were damaged. police couldn't specify how fast the man was traveling during the chase. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm amanda de castillo.
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bringing increase cloud coverage is cross the mountains and spotty showers which is great news. not much in the way of measurable precipitation but we're seeing breezy year conditions in pueblo. starting the day on a mostly clear note. increasing clouds across much of the mountains. gradually clearing skies but east of dia cloudy and pleasant. 27 degrees in leadville and aspen. 30s on the western slope northeastern plains. we're starting off the day with more cloud coverage than yesterday. temperatures cooler than what we felt but still well above normal. our normal high today is 53 degrees. we'll continue to warm up across the metro area into the mid 60s. littleton at 66. thornton 66 degrees and warmer throughout the next week. .
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as the rehab mogul. he opened illegal half way houses and he was just arrested in california accused of fraud, money laundering and sex assault. new this morning, this man was one of most colorado's most wanted sex offenders in louisiana. investigators say he was living there the past six months and going by the name of james sorio. he's now president-elect donald trump and protests. for the fourth straight day people crowded streets and chanting phrases like "not my president". no one is waking up in jail after a rally in fort collins yesterday. this was as peaceful and considerate as political rallies could be. 1,000 people gathered on the
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justice center. it's possible to disagree and respect from the progress is the take away. >> we can come together in solidarity and figure out what kind of movement to build. >> i wanted to make sure this gatherrng was nonviolent and peaceful. >> the fort collins rally stood in stark contrasts to protests across the country where violence erupted and several other arrests made. several hundreds of people marching in denver yesterday to and congress to work together to solve problems with immigration. the demonstration ended at the immigration detention center. people showed up to show sol i solidarity. mike pence will take over the top position from new jersey chris christie and he will now serve as vice chairman to the transition effort along side five other high profile
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scandal and questions of his loyalty to trump factored in the decision. hillary clinton says director james comey hurt her campaign and the first letter he sent to congress last month halted the momentum after the debates. clinton went on to say his second later may have exonerated her but brought the emails back in the spotlight. voter turn out dipped to nearly the lowest point decades according to the latest tallies. election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes counted means 45% of people cast td their ballot. that's the lowest since 22008. . we're learning schools
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families being targeted over which side their family was on. racist videos and graffiti are popping up in school as cross the nation. cell phone video of students chanting "build that wall". . >> then there's video of a high school trump sporer in california being attacked by another student. it's even happening at the collegiate level at the university of pennsylvania. a group of black freshmen were aided to a racist group account. more shocking racism happening -- racist signed at a florida high school above drinking fountains. one sign reads "white only" and another sign reading "colooed" parents outraged and students worried. >> i used to see that stuff back in the day and i think it's really coming back.
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tolerating this. they're investigating and some say all of this is being triggered because of the outcome of this year's president election. a texas mother is under fire of video circulated of her kicking her 8 year old son out of the house after he voted for donald trump in a mock election. % >> here's your suitcase, bye. >> no, i want to stay. >> get your suitcase and get out. >> [ crying ] . >> the mother tells him to take the sign with him saying "my memo kicked me out of the house because i voted for donald trump." it's going viral and what's now have been just been a joke is prompting an investigation. a michigan police officer is in hot water for something he posted on social media. the officer is accused of
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the department says they are now investigating that post. meantime the officer has been suspended. president obama is asking congress for an additional 11.6 billion dollars 11.(600) 000- 0000 to fight isis. 11.6 1$1.6 billion to fight isis. it brings the total price tag to $85 billion. the money would also fund president obama's decision to maintain a larger troop present in afghanistan into 2017. it's been one year today since terrorists attacked killing more than 100 people in france. how the country is remembering the tragedy. thieves caught on camera
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and saints. 11:00 game this morning. you get up and get coffee and watch football. broncos and ain'ts at 11:00 today -- -- saints. one year ago was a day that shook the nation. the president spent the day visiting each of the attack sites honoring the 130 people killed that friday night and the attacks that left hundreds injured. he also unveiled a mrak and placed a wreath at the suicide bombing. an ohio judge declares a mistrial in the murder of an unarmed black men. the jury deliberated and declared a mistrial. protestors took to the streets not long after. the mayor hopes the prosecutor will retry this case. >> this case is not over.
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throughout the process how deeply the prosecutor feels about the case and about what is right and wrong. >> he says he shot and killed sam due boes during a traffic stop saying he dragged him with his car. denver7 getting our hands on new dash cam video of a traffic stop gone wrong in new jersey. why the officer fired his gun without realizing it. this deer in a dilemma stuck at a retail shop in how it able to escape. >> oh dear. more of that coming up. a week cold front moving through colorado not bringing moisture to the front range, mainly breezy conditions across the plains and fire danger is
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happy sunday. throughout the day, above average, we'll take a look at the weather forecast coming up. a burglary caught on camera, bandits sliced a screen and broke into a california home and one walks through a wall and they're in the house and have their hands on seveeal safes. you can see them rying to roll one out the door. police are now searching for these crooks. a customer barely jumps out of the way as a car crashes into an oklahoma convenient store. you see the car come crashing through the glass door sending the merchandise flying. a man was at the counter and able to escape. the driver says she was trying
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she was not cited but police are still investigating. new video showing dangers of a routine traffic stop after it goes horribly wrong in new jersey. this captures the struggle between a police officer and a driver. the officer seen clinging to the side of the truck. before it slams into a parked car. the officer draws his gun and tells the man to get on the ground b can sew the scuffle here. the gun eventually goes off. the officer didn't know his gun went off. the suspect is facing charges of aggravated assault and he's now on leave. a california thief had a change of heart after stealing an amazon package on someone's doorstep. it took him 24 hours to return it.
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this person's door and realizes then no one is home so he grabs an amazon package and then he takes off. but the next day he does come back and it wasn't to steal another package but to return the one he had taken. >> usually we do have someone home so i was like oh this creep found a small window to steal something. >> the homeowners posted their surveillance video on facebook and within minutes people started to recognize but some said what was inside the box made him give it back. it was expensive supplements, maybe something a thief wouldn't want. this deer crashed through the window of a clothing store. look at that. 3 the entire incident was captured on a cell phone video. the door got stuck inside and after doing laps around the clothing wraps, the best way to escape was to break through the
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wow, got through easily. no kidding. definitely been one to try and go through the door and there was a glass door. >> oh you smashed your face on a glass door. >> tlets let's not talk about that. >> that would be funny to see. >> embarrassing but funny. >> i hope the deer is all right. tracking a weak front across colorado bringing isolated showers to the mountains and across the western slope which is great news. we are starting off the day a mostly clear note on the plains. this is loveland pass where you see snow on the peaks. downtown denver at 43 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds and 44 at the airport where winds are from the southwest at nine miles per hour. temperatures in the upper 30s and mid to lower 40s. castle rock at 45. bennt at 40 and con ford 38. chilly in gunnison, 21 degrees
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steamboat 33 and across the northeastern plains, 47. our high temperatures today, once again very mild across the denver metto area and state for that matter. du area is seeing 65 and same in congress park. littleton up to 66 and same out in highlands ranch. the western slope still seeing low 40s. these temperatures still above average and not quite as warm as yesterday but very mild and about 15 degrees where we should be this time of year. overnight tonight mostly clear skies still staying above average and cool. 37 is our overnight low. tomorrow morning we will wake up to more sunshine and warmer conditions. we will continue to see a ridge of high pressure move across the state. we could use moisture but throughout the next days we will stay unseasonably warm. so 70s back on the seven-day forecast today. today is mild but monday and
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we will see warm conditions and mid 70s come tuesday. we're starting to track this next storm system late wednesday into thursday. this has the potential to pick up winds on wednesday but our first alert weather day is thursday. it's a trough entering into colorado and the slight chance for picking up snow for the mountains and a rain snow mix down in the valley and across the metro area late thursday into friday when wh the temperatures drop to below freezing values. that's when we have a chance for picking up snow. the latest snowfall date recorded in november, november 21st so if we do see the snow come thursday that wouldn't break the record which is something i would be okay with because we could use it. 70s this week -- that's crazy. >> yeah, we can take that and 40s. it's broncos game day. an early start this morning at 11:00 s. we get predictions from our broncos insider who
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good morning, the broncos are waking up in their team hotel right now getting ready for the early morning kick off in the superdome. 0. >> reporter: hello, welcome to the call it, "extremely difficult". they have lost three of their five games. it starts on offense and it's that time to do some heavy lifting. >> we're all frustrated but we're doing good things too. it's tough but guys are working hard and that's the thing. we're not seeing the hard work pay off on sundays like we want
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and we're going about things the right way. >> they're frustrated enough that we can work together and get it fixed. not that they're trying to do it poorly, we're just not in sink. frustration is not a bad thing sometimes. >> we know the broncos can't run the ball righh now but they need to stop the run. no vance walker or excuses -- sly williams told denver7 this week it's time to shut up and play but broncos are allowing that to 83 last year and they need to be better up front. >> our big plays that happened and should be a loss when you have a guy hanging on them and all the sudden they break the tackle and going for 15-20 yards so have to have better tackle and we did that in practice and have been working on that and we'll see that this week. >> there's really not a weak link in the defense.
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going to need a great game of execution and all phases in order to be successful. >> if it weren't bad enough they're ealing with espionage. of course they're going to give up secrets. >> shiloh is singing like a canary. he did it when it came here. >> get your rest, broncos fans. 11:00 a.m. kick off. they haven't lost three straight on the road 2010. >> look at troy haning out on ?he west banks of the detroit river. go with your bad self-. go out and make it a great day. terrifying moments for shoppers in a new york mall. a man walks into the building and opens fire. we have the latest on the investigation. plus, why are women rushing to get their hands on birth control after the outcome of this past week's election? we dig to find the answer. a big night in denver. big name celebrities in town to
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a powerful earthquake has rattled new zealand. at the top of the hour we got reports the quake created a tsunami with waves hitting the
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there are reports of damage to roads and buildings. one man is arrested after leaving denver police on an early morning car chase at 4:30 this morning starting at federal and louisiana and ending eight miles away near green wood village. >> amanda de castillo joins us in studio this morning with details. >> reporter: good morning, the man drove the distance in nine minutes, a route that should normally take 15 to travel. denver police spotted a car in engl specify. we have called to englewood pd for answers. denver police wouldn't give us the exact route of the chase but this map generated common directions taken from start to end. the man didn't stop for officers but they used a pit maneuver. it ended near bellevue and university. he was the only person in the car. luckily there were no injuries reported in the chase and no other cars damaged. police couldn't specify how
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it's safe to say he was driving at a high speed. this morning we are tracking a weak cold front moving through colorado bringing some scattered snow showers for the mountains and rain throughout the plains and mostly cloudy conditions for the high country, clear throughout the plains but here is your futurecast this morning. we're continuing to pick up spotty showers in leadville and aspen and the winds will pick up by this afternoon across the state. a mix of sun and clouds, dry across the front range and down to the southeast. our 24-hour planner showing a mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy throughout the day not quite as warm. our normal high 53 degrees for this time of year. today we're expecting highs across the denver metro area in the mid 60s and overnight lows still mild in the upper 30s and low 40s. greeley and boulder at 66
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up into next week and tracking this next system and we're keeping our fingers crossed it will bring much needed moisture to the state. a teenager is in jail in weld county for shooting and killing his 23-year old friend. investigators say this happened early yesterday morning near weld county 43 in la salle. a teen is facing criminally negligent homicide charges. scary moments for shoppers in a new york mall. a man opens fire store. fortunately nobody was hurt and witnesses say they heard several shots being fired. the mall was placed on lock down and hundreds were ordered to take shelter inside. police spent the entire night searching for the man. still no word on a motive. some women are rushing to get to the doctor because they're worried what donald trump will do to their birth control if he gets rid of obamacare. this shows how much the surge
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day after election. right now under the affordable care act women can get birth control at no cost but some are concerned the cost and availability will change when trump takes over. protestors gathered in denver last night and it had nothing to do with the election. dozens gathered protesting the construction of the dakota oil access pipeline in north dakota. >> every resource that we're using comes from the earth and we need to keep mother earth as much as possible. it's harr o show our next generations the beautiful land that we all have. it should be able to remain as native american land. >> students from man you well, east organized protests. hundreds came out to honor
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veterans day festival and parade in civic center park: i have such pride in our community and country and seeing so many supporting our veterans i can't express how happy it makes me. >> this is our great asureness as members of being a true servicemen of this country. i'm not a republican or democrat, i'm a patriot. veterans was the forefront of yesterday's gathering. thanksgiving less than two weeks away but for some it can be hard getting a meal on the table. students from ponderosa high school took time out of their weekend yesterday to give back helping less fortunate families have a turkey day to look forward to. >> it's important that those who are more fortunate in the community can come out and donate even if your time to help other people that aren't
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pallets worth of boxes filled with thanksgiving food. a big night in denver last night. some of the biggest hollywood stars gathered and walked the red carpet to raise money and awareness for the global down syndrome foundation. it was this year annual fashion show. >> i hope these kids are celebrated and feel like rock stars on the runway. >> it's an honor for here. i got to hang out with peyton manning for a while -- i me some peyton manning but everybody is here -- jamie and hillary and mario and john. everybody that is coming out from the world i know of acting to be here. we're human beings and have families and siblings and friends and we all have been connected somehow to people
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to be beautiful, be yourself fashion show is the single largest fundraiser benefitting people with down syndrome. a warning for anyone who has a iphone six plus. he says his device overheated and almost caught on fire. plus, as we approach the holidays, many of us choose to shop sales online but is it
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snow at the eisenhower tunnel. the ski resorts are happy. we're hoping for that into next week. looks pretty slim but there's something coming. there's a change and katie is looking into that. a warning for all of you who have a iphone six plus. a texas his daughter's iphone overheated in his pocket and burned her. ok closely and you can see the parts of the phone where it burned. randy says the phone was in his daughter's pocket when it started overheating. she pulled it out and it was too hot to hold so she threw it on the ground and it smoked and smelled like it was burning. >> she could have been asleee or worse, it could have been
7:40 am
this and everyone asleep and caught something on fire. >> yikes, scary situation and we have seen similar incidents. last month a new jersey college student 6 plus exploded in his back pocket. federal safety regulators recalled the samsung galaxy 7 after users reported the device catching fire while charging. dozens of fake apps have been showing up in the app store. they look chains but some have malware in them that will steal your personal information. they come from developers in china and may have slipped through the review process. the company has removed 100 fake apps but now looking for this makes every parent cringe, the thought of your kids wracking up huudreds of dollars in purchases on our cell phones.
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they accuse amazon of making its too easy to use its app to make in-game purchases. amazon must set up a process to alert parents if they're eligible for refunds. this is bizarre. some facebook users say they have been logging on only to discover the social networking site thinks they're dead. people have been seeing a banner memorializing certain profiles. the facebook ceo was declared dead by his own social network. it's likely a bug in the system and facebook has yet to comment on that problem. meantime, the social networking giant is cracking down on advertiser's ability to target users by race. facebook plans to disable an option that allowed advertisers to target or exclude users based on their ethnic affinity.
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last month for this. many users have filed lawsuits. the company that makes mren da is suing dunkin donuts. they used to offer splen da but they cut ties. the chain now offers a chinese off brand that looks like splenda. dunkin donuts has not filed a legal response yet. box star wars. many people are turning to amazon prime for goods for their families. are the deals better than sams or costco? nicole brady price compares. >> sams club or amazon prime or costco. she said she won't buy house- hold items anywhere else i lost costco but lauren and her
7:43 am
>> members mark paper towels, toilet paper. >> and then there's the busy mom who gets everything she needs from amazon prime. >> quick two minutes to order and know it's set and in the mailbox the next day. >> warehouse stores know you can get crock pots and paper towels online these days so they're concentrating on service like tire installation or prescription drugs or hearing aids or eye glasses. consumer re sam's and costco prices are lower than most chains but what if you just want house-hold goods? the crazy coupon lady has compared prices at sam's and coast co and amazon's subscribe and save program that gives a 5% discount on products you order every month. the low price winner was costco with lowest prices overall.
7:44 am
in average price of items when you compare it to amazon subscribe and save. >> sam's club is 5% higher than costco but the high $55 fee for costco means you have to shop more to see the savings. >> you need to be spending 600 $600 or more per year to break even at costco. >> amazon was the most expensive even with free shipping. there's no single n coast co is best if you buy a lot and want organic and sam's is best for services and lower membership fees and amazon is best for convenience and maybe you won't impulse buy as much. >> good tips there. >> very good. >> but if you're not stuck in the house with snow and having to buy online, it will be another nice day. >> it is. it will be great. we're picking up rain and snow showers isolated but still they're there across the
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and western slope. temperatures today across the front range extremely mild in the mid 60s. breezy this afternoon mainly across the plains as we track this next cold front that is moving through. increased cloud coverage across much of the mountain areas and we'll continue to see clouds move west to east as the front makes its way through the state. rocky mountain national clark, we're seeing gradual clearing. partly cloudy skies in limon. 43 degrees downtown where winds -?are calm but currently from the southwest at nine miles per hour and a temperature at dia of 44 degrees. elsewhere throughout much of the state we will be seeing 40s and 45 now in boulder. parker at 44 degrees and 20s and 30s in the mountains. taking a look at temperatures statewide, chilly on the western slope in grand junction 33 degrees and craig at 34 and we're continuing to see 20s in the mountains.
7:46 am
of the plains 40s and greeley cooler in the pper 30s. here's our futurecast through the afternoon. by 11:00 still a chance for picking up spotty showers. not expecting much moisture to make its way on the front range and plains but we're looking at an increased wind. winds gusting up to 20-25 miles per hour in spots but by 5:00 as you can see, things calm down and we see partly cloudy skies and the chance for showers down south in spots like trinidad to dry out on monday. hour highs today, 65 degrees in congress park. centennial, you're cooler in the low 60s. broomfield and littleton at 66 deees today. statewide 53 in aspen and eagle and then low 40s in steamboat. warmer to the southeast. lamar and la junta getting into the low 70s. tonight still feeling similar to what we feet this past evening. 37 by early morning and mostly
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temperaturessrise back into the low 70s. normally this time of year we should be in the low 40s so these temperatures nearly 20 degrees where they should be. we could be seeing record breaking conditions come monday, tuesday and wednesday with these warm dry days but winds increasing come wednesday. we're tracking our next storm system and as you can see temperatures really dropping significantly. 53 is our expected high come thursday. overnight lows dropping the 20s and 30s and as we head to the end of the week, a lot cooler conditions. >> i'm looking forward to the cool conditions i have to say. >> me too. >> it didn't feel at all like fall yesterday. it's hot out here. >> nice this weekend too. a shout out to a good friend of denver7, contributor connor long. there he is last weekend he was
7:48 am
self-advocacy. you may recognize him from the stories we have done on denver7 -?about special olympics and other groups helping people with developmental disabilities reach their full potential. >> i'm here because someone believed in me in my abilities and potential and my humanity and my right not only to exist but flourish as many. imagine how much better our community was a community of believers. >> we just love him. our congrats to connoo and see you back in the studio soon, buddy. you can help feed local children in need. one in four colorado kids are hungry and between now at the end of the month your $7 donation at any whole foods market or online at the will go to
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give out bags for the community share program. a spernl performance making its way to colorado. we have guests to talk more
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. welcome back. our friends at the boulder ballet are gearing up for the holiday season. there's a unique show called
7:51 am
it's geared towards those living with different abilities. we have julie marshall and her 12-year old daughter is autistic. we have to talk about this unique show. >> it is. i've learned a lot about putting on a performance of this nature. we have house lights, 30% to 35%. the orchestra will keep the sound level low. no spots -- only doing a short version, only doing land of the different production for dancers because they're not used to looking out in the house and seeing the audience. we realize some of our guests will be vocal as they see the performance so it's going to be a unique performance on both sides on the stage and in the audience. >> such a great idea. we have video as wwll of previous shows up there in boulder. they do a great job there. you have a 12-year old daughter julie and how important is this
7:52 am
>> yeah, this is a dream come true. i'm ss grateful. a lot of people don't realize families like mine we can't go to professional concerts and because our kids have different abilities and they might yell out or be vocal, they're compelled to do this because of their different ability and they might need to stand up and take a break. do is createea welcoming environment where e can celebrate the arts together and uts a wonderful opportunity, really a dream come true and i'm so grateful. >> absolutely, it's awesome. talk about when it is and how people can get tickets and all that good sttff. >> it's wednesday november 23rd at 2:00. if i can also interject, we're proud of the former first lady of colorado is the ambassador for this and this is the first production of its type put in on in colorado by two
7:53 am
information on how to get tickets and they're reasonably priced and we're hoping that it's successful so it continues for many years. >> i have a feeling it will be very successful. such a great idea. we are going to put this segment on our website,, with all the information people need to know. we also put it on my facebook page and thanks for being here. we are still tracking the biggest stories this morning. coming up, a full recap of our top stories and tonight night for the first time since 1948 the moon is the closest it's been to earth.
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here's a look at top stories this morning. a teenager behind bars for reportedly shooting and killing his 23-year old friend. this happened early yesterday morning near county road 43 in la sell.
7:56 am
negligent homicide charges. a 7.4 magnitude earthquake has rattled new zealand. the quake has generated a tsunaai and the waves are hitting the southern part of the island. protests rallying in denver last night to protest the construction of the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. the students wanted to show support for the standing rock sioux tribe and fight the the moon tonight or really early monday morning. it will be the closest it's been to the earth since january of of 1948. >> the uper moon will look 14% larger and 30 percent brighter. it won't appear this big and bright again until 2034. it was bright last night. >> yeah, it was. tonight we will see mostly
7:57 am
coverage throughout much of the day. you should get a good glimpse of the super moon tonight. a mix of sun and clouds today, mid to upper 60s across much of the front range and our state today mild under partly cloudy skies and mountains in the 40s.
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>> announcer: starting right now >> announcer: starts right now on "this week with george stephanopoulos" -- >> i love this country. after a stunning victory. >> i look forward to being with you, many, many more types. in the future. >> a president-elect who never served in office prepares to be commander in chief. >> we will build a we are going to drain the swamp. >> how will he separate his business decisions from the oval office. >> and no trump, no kkk. no racist usa. >> question unite a divided nation. we ask the vice chair of trump's transition team. rudy giuliani and our experts. jon karl, martha raddatz, brian


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