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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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? >> 5:00 a.m. aftershocks continued to rattle new zealand the usgs reports of 5.8 magnitude quake. >> people are on high alert. tsunami warning has been lifted but you can see the damage. look at the items just went flying off the shelves. >> yesterday a massive seven- point eight earthquake struck and killed two people and you get an idea of the strength of the quake. today people are more -- urged to move to higher ground to be safe. >> guys this video staating to go viral showing a look at the damage outside in these three cows trapped now on a little grass island after the earthquake triggered landslides. the two adults in the calf were
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quake. is not known who owns the cattle and i have not seen any new so far about what is being done to help them pick it looks like it would be pretty hard to get to them. maybe an aeeial rescue possible and i will let you know if i hear any developments 5:01 with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. a few clouds streaming across northern colorado. you can see the storm hitting the pacific northwest our storm thursday into friday and until then extremely warm and very mild start to our week in the mid 40s at 8:00. 66 by noon and high today of 72 in denver and sunny and warm with a few high clouds. tomorrow about five degrees warmer congress park 72 but mid to upper 70s. aurora 69 in lakewood 72 we will go from 70s to snow and we
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>> we have to turn the sprinkler systems off? >> we are getting closer to that moment. >> we have i 25 drive that looks really nice and you can still see the cone set up on the northbound ssde. a couple of lanes are blocked with traffic able to get around it but the new asphalt here will actually be the southbound side of i 25 and the big lane shift on tuesday night into driving that on wednesday morning and they start the demolition this portion of the arapahoe bridge. a lot of easy driving and road work done on 470 over the weekend and easy driving right now developing across the country. protesters marched for fifth day president elect donald trump say they were out raised -- outraged over his plan to --
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>> this with the yesterday. what organizers called t a peaceful rally at least one state lawmakers said he is not giving the president elect an open mind reading into a new presidency. >> no. you don't go on the campaign trail and you don't demonize communities in the way that he is demonizing them in the laua he used and all of a sudden turn around and say now i will moderate myself. once you put that stuff out there you can't take a >> colorado springs participated in an anti- protest as well. >> as these continue trump continues his transition. >> several announcements made his first hires are rnc chair will be the white house chief of staff. the former head of breitbart news steve bannon will serve as -- i will tell you this guy is a star and he is the hardest working guy
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rest of the ttam in place. he is backtracking on key campaign pledges. on 60 minutes is want to focus on criminal undocumented immigrants. >> people living in homeless camps have two days to move out the city is clearing the caps out again. >> "denver7" jason has the details on the controversy surrounding this week. jason? >> it's becoming controversy for a federal judge to decide the question here should these people behind me right across the street from the denver rescue mission set up camp and live on the city sidewalks or does the city have the right to enforce the urban camping ban and go through and clean them and sweep them off of public property. this is heading to federal court. it's a class-action lawsuit that is waiting for class-action status. that was filed in several
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population calls into question whether or not the suites are constitutional the first sweep happened in march with a warning people put out a warning saying it would happen tomorrow. this -- the argument here is thing that the camps are health hazards. coming up at 5:30 what one of the members of the lawsuit has to say defending the camps like at 5:30 reporting live jason grant out "denver7" 5:05. two sheds destroyed. investigators looking into what sparked it air tracker seven flew over the fire and they said -- homeowner said it's five -- it jumped roads and initially homeowners took it upon themselves until the fire crews got there. >> nobody could find this place.
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they were 144th. i said that's impossible i asked if there was anything in no. it was a contained grass fire. >> still no word on what sparked it. >> one of colorado's most wanted sex offenders. this is the man. he had been living in louisiana for six months he's been help -- being held on several charges. of sexual assault on a childted- a man behind bars after deputies say he shot and killed an 11-year-old boy. this is the 41-year-old. he turned himself in yesterday and is being held on $100,000. he faces several charges including manslaughter. they say the 11-year-old was shot at home and died at the hospital right now the investigation is ongoing and the little boy's name is not being released.
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a police officer recovering after being pinned in his vehicle the grand junction daily sentinel reporting the officer responded to something suspicious on friday and that's when the officer was run over or pinned by a suspect's vehicle suspect is dead but has not been identified. tomorrow marks ne year since the trooper was hit and killed the family is suing the driver. it's one colorado s we join you with the latest dui statistics. are traversing a change? >> the short answer is yes but troopers say that the client can be the result of many different factors including available manpower n the weather. still dui citations were down by nearly 180 in the last year. csp is continuing its push for
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own just last year. the trooper was hit and killed while trying to stop derek anderson who was driving drunk. the incident happened along i 25 last november. in june henderson was sentenced to eight years. he drank before during and after the broncos game and then got behind the wheel her husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the retired colonel in the bar that served him. and while the number year troopers have issued more than 3800 citations for drivers driving under the influence or drugs. we're digging deeper into those statistics reporting live i am with "denver7" right now step outside and you will take a peek at the moon the super moon shining bright this is the biggest
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this is a time-lapse video social media going crazy a live look at the moon. very bright around 6:50 a.m. and that's when the moon will be completely full it's been beautiful. >> disturbing new details about a woman held captive. this is the one inside the medal storage container. >> we are hearing about the rescue. >> there are details that the public does not know and if all the details are made available it will be shocking to the public. >> we will be here -- we will hear from the rescuers plus a new developments into the rescue police calling a murder and execution. >> 40s as you step out the door. look at the afternoon. warm at 72 degrees. tomorrow and wednesday we talked temperatures that could tie or break the record and we will talk about that in a few
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>> welcome back. here is a quick check of the situation the parking lot is open lot. security is prepared to wait seven to 25 minutes. just in. police have arrested a man of pushing another man onto the subway tracks and it turns out there -- they are friends. this happened yesterday in the chelsea neighborhood of 54-year- old man was pushed onto the tracks and ended up pinned under a subway car there is a picture of him being taken away that he is expected to be okay. nypd says a 25-year-old man is turned himself in and he was in a group with the man he is accused of pushing another
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we're learning more about the rescue of the woman held captive in a storage container. for the first time responders are speaking about what it was like to discover kayla brown. >> i think that's a day that will stay with us. >> she said thank you so much for finding me. >> she was found chained up like a dog and told investigators she saw the man kill her boyfriend. police are stretching search. the man confessed to four murders over the course of three years. he's behind bars and being represented by a public defender but has yet to enter a plea in northern california sheriff's department mourning the loss of one of their own this is 53-year-old dennis wallace a 20-year-old executed in the line of duty. -- executed him in the line of duty.
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for fact that the gun used in this crime was in direct contact with his head when the trigger was pulled twice. this is an execution. >> wallace reported the scene of a suspicious person and was killed in seconds. he leaves behind a wife and family and the suspect was under arrest. >> outrage in the streets of cincinnati after a mistrial the shooting death of a black man. police officer rate tenzing is facing charges during the death of sam. the officer said his actions were justified. >> i remember thinking oh my god [ crying ] he's going to run me over in he's going to kill me expect prosecutors claimed he was racist.
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didn't lie. now the prosecutor must decide the next step another retrial or lesser charges were dropped the case altogether between now facing charges for killing the other twin. initially the charges were dropped but five months later she's under arrest she intentionally drove off a cliff in hawaii killing her sister anastasia. the lawyer calls it an accident but investigators suggests otherwise. seen -- like the acceleration before the cath -- credits -- crash and devol is being held on $3 million bond. >> fire season raising on 40 wildfires burning from alabama to west virginia and some families preparing to evacuate. >> the smoke almost blocked out the sun. >> investigators say some fires
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here at home. snow in winter park not a lot but we will take it. it's a dusting. they did not even get an inch. we always like to share this. winter park resort doesn't open until november 23rd and again it's because of the unseasonably warm weather and the question is when will the snow come? >> also a very accusatory tone of voice. >> and it's her fault [ laughter ] >> we will get more snow in he >> we promise. >> thursday. it will change here, i don't promise that this next storm is not big. there is a chance for some rain thursday which could turn to snow thursday night into early friday. we will track the storm but until then enjoy the 70s and sunshine and warm today and even warmer tuesday and wednesday we're talking about a
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and i will show you that in a minute. storm hitting pacific northwest% spreading cloud cover you will find mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 50s by 9:00 and by -- by -- between 1:00 and 3:00 we see highs in the low to mid 70s. the kids will still want a sweatshirt or light jacket look at the afternoon. westminster 2. lonetree a high of 70 71 and in evergreen and conifer. 50s for central mountains. aspen 57 in alamosa down through the family is close to 60 today it's low 70s. we are warmer to state wednesday and we have a good pressure of warm air wednesday. i would not be surprised if we see red flag warnings popping up and fire -- or -- fire danger
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degrees. we are close to tying it and maybe even breaking a record on wednesday. this time of year upper 70s common for our records the normal high 52 degrees on wednesday 76 degrees. thursday with the storm moving in we see a chance for rain. temperatures drop 20 degrees and overnight thursday into friday cold enough and if we continue to seeemoisture we could get snow on friday skies will clear but it's 30 degrees cooler tomorrow. >> look at how the super moon is lighting up the sky near greeley. >> we are looking east towards greeley. just off of high to it -- i 25. the super moon is glowing and pretty and you can see it on the map. highway 34 in and out of greeley and up to 87 easy driving and bolder vice versa and 36 looking nice.
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>> the manikin challenge is the latest craze. look at this. that is ralphie and oliver handlers. it's also a perfect time to have fun. they are now ranked number 12 in the new poll so sit ralphie sit. >> the broncos get a big w beating the saints. >> and if you didn't see it you better watch this. when drew brees hit brandon 433 touchdown pass to tie the green and 23 all the saints had to do was kicked the extra point and instead this happen.
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blocked. >> justin simmons blocked the kick and it went into the hands of will parks and he raced down the sideline and the rest decided he stayed in bounds so the broncos when it 25-23. >> what an unbelievable game expect the stadium was crazy. >> when you can't watch it and you're trying to get updates and you are like what is happening. this is unreal. it's cool broncos country this morning and a beautiful sunrise. orange and afternoon. dry across colorado and a few high cloud streaming in. right around 72 and inglewood will hit high of 70. this is about 20 degrees above normal and it will get even warmer come tuesday and wednesday and we talk more about that coming up and the chance for snow that were crossing our fingers for two accident. santa fe looking fine for us
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you have one accident southbound colorado at 23rd and you also have one at the southwest part of the city and neither causing delays but just hazards now at this point. >> a lot more news coming up in our next half-hour including outrage over president elect donald trump. >> expert say there are more crimes happening now than decade. >> an act of kindness will come to an end. and it may and how you can help the >> in the city of denver planning another sweep of the homeless population. clearing out camps and should they and is it even legal and i will break it down coming up. >> a major revelation from cnn about the presidential race coming up. >> i am bench from "denver7". how are you?
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>> "denver7" has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years. >> hi. >> oh, my god. [ laughter ] oh, my god. >> you know what's happening. >> who is the seven everyday hero in your life. nominate them and look under
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>> we have more sweeps with jason. >>reporter: a legal fight and federal court. as you mentioned this is what it is about. the camps the homeless people has set up in downtown near the samaritan house in broadway and lawrence and those streets
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federal court awaiting class action status about the sweeps involving area homeless people when plaintiff we spoke to said he lives on the street because whenever he goes to a shelter he gets sick so he plans on putting up a tent and refusing to move when the sweeps happen tomorrow if that's the case the city will be removing his belongings and moving them to a warehouse and he can claim at some point later and in some cases leftover stuff is thrown out. of lawsuit. again filed in federal court in the legality of the enforcement of the city's urban camping band which means the sweeps. are they legal and constitutional. they say it's a public health hazard and the people behind me say they have a right to rest and the right to stay. as of right now the urban camping band and the enforcement is the law of the land until a judge says otherwise.


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