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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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breaking news on the northbound side of i-25 before you get to larksburg, we have this fully engulfed car fire. i'm surprised they're allowing the traffic to get by. there was an accident where this vehicle hit a deer right here that ended up on the side of the highway. pull over to the side and caused a fire in the engine compartment. i'll show you that later as i get the video in a little bit. it was fully
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explosions happening here. i don't know -- i don't have information about the driver or how many people may have been in the vehicle. if the people were able to get out or if they're safe. the fire is out. they did start to go into the grass a little bit, but that is also out which is good at this point. we do have big time slowdowns coming from monument trying to go to castle rock. that's where the car fire is. and it will be investigated in the slow spot. everything else is nice and quiet. this is the only big thing going on. >> it here's your first alert at 5:31. sunshhne today, and snow by tomorrow. that's good colorado weather. this is going to be the strongest cold front we have seen of the season, and we're going to get a little moisture, but we have a 24 hour chance of getting rain or snow because things are going to dry back up starting friday. today, upper 70s. near 80 degrees. we're under a mostly sunny sky . cloud cover tonight and a chance for snow. look at our
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40s, we're likely going to see some of our warmest part of the day by early tomorrow morning, and then it's going to get colder as the day goes on tomorrow. highs today, could tie or break a record. we're looking at near 80 at du. broomfield, 77. and lakewood today, a high near 80. now the problem with this is that winds are picking up, so it's dry and warm, so ffre conditioning is higher today. we want to accepted it out to jason gruenauer who is monitoring that. jason, by the end of 13 inches of snow in denver and we haven't seen a thing. >>reporter: the more snow you get, the less risk there is for wild fires. it's ape simple graph when you look at it -- it's a simple graph when you look at it. we have gotten no precipitation at all. wild fire season continues and continues. if you takk a look at the map actually from colorado state wild life, it shows the risk across our state for fires. the yellow is moderate risk for
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red is very high risk. you can see a majority of the state is colored for november. the map is a lot more colorful than it usually is. we saw two brush fires this past sunday alone including one out near dia that covered nearly 300 acres. as for a comparison, november 16th, last year had a low of 31 degrees. an inch of snow fell on that day alone. and the year before, it hit minus 1. not much fire danger, but the opposite is true today. heard lisa talking about high winds, low humidity and high temperatures. all you need is a spark. i spoke to those at the forest service and they say they're monitoring it, they're staffing everything appropriately, but the challenge is they're trying to help out other parts of the country that are dealing with even more severe drought than we're dealing with right now. more on how they are planning to change their game plan because of the uniqueness of this year as well. fire season continues, that's coming up in a little bit. live
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lakewood, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. 5:34. a recent audit has denver park and recreation coming under fire and how they've been using your tax dollars. they have a budget of $93 million. our golf course, concession contract that extends up to 50 years. a house that comes wiih a golf course concession stand and a contract that goes to the license owner estate without city auditors found no documentation. park and rec denied to speak with us at denver 7. here's what they said. >> the picture that's painting is we don't care and it's a mess. if that was the case, we would have had many, many issues which we have not had. >> still denver's auditor is launching a new audit. you can head over to our free denver 7
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those who visit colfax -- denver police add extra 100 hours of patrolling along east colfax between grant and josephine street. numbers shows that their efforts are working. amanda del castillo joins us with the details. good morning, amanda. >>reporter: good morning. dbd tells me they've made significant contacts and significant arrests in the last month along that stretch of east colfax, and they're continuing to work with the business improvement district make sure that they're addressing any problems that people may have around that are stretch of east colfax. numbers out by dpd shows violent crime is down by 9:00. those numbered compared to 2015 numbers. foot patrols are coming after a pilot program found success in september. down from last year, property crime. district 6
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larceny and auto thefts decrease. more can be done. >> you put effort into stuff, sometimes you solve the problem and it totally goes away. other times you wiped wind up movinge -- you wind up moving it. i meet with the community members to keep in touch. >> he's not seeing what he's calling small street level narcotics, although he does there. he says this is a step in the right direction. i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. 5:36. lawrence near samaritan is full of homeless people. they didn't get rid of all the homeless camp. >> so this morning they're calling it take two hoping today's sweep will work better.
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to give us the latest. >>reporter: you can see the crowding the lawrence and broadway. it's full of homeless up and down the street. when crews come out like they did yesterday, they cleaned portions of the sidewalk. that clears the homeless out of that area, but while some leave, others just move to a different part of the sidewalk, so it becomes a major problem. we have video from last night as after the sweeps happened where people just still spent the night on the sidewalk. police are saying they are out every time with city crews cleaning only to protect the cleaning crews. they say they do not want to make any arrests. they're out to try to help the homeless, give them other options like shelter and where they can put their belongings. they can put their belongings in storage in fact. as we come back here live, du, they released a report recently saying that denver spent close
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2014 trying to get these ordinances, to try to work through these ordinances when it comes to the homeless. clearly not working too well as this area becomes persistent -- becomes a persistent problem on lawrence and broadway. i'm eric luber. this is a live look at president obama delivering a speech in greece. a powerful moment. he's speaking in the birth place of democracy and he's talking about democracy as a form of government.% we have country, in europe with the brexic vote. he said in a multi cultural society, democracy can be difficult, but it's better than the alternative. he says any action by a president or a result of an election that has proven flawed can be corrected in a democracy. this is obama's final foreign trip as the u.s. president. also this morning, one
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college would like to sweep away trump. he's trying to prevent trump from taking the white house. president elect president says he plans to go after criminal illegal immigrants but in colorado, official was saying otherwise. ?he boulder city council says they may look at becoming an official sanctuary city according to our partners at the daily camera. tonight in boulder, the district attorney is holding a meeting wanting to assure everyone they'll protected under colorado law. this is happening at 6:00 at the longmont museum. denver mayor michael hancock says he'll keep the mile high city safe promising to protect women and the lgbt community and he'll work to keep immigrant families together. in aurora, police say they will not change the immigration
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the national protest against the colorado pipeline -- this week at du, there's a conference going on. that includes the pipeline companies, du students are fighting back. >> what we're demonstrating for here is an important intersection of native rights and minority rights, water rights. our right to a clean environment and clean climate. >> the demonstrations also place outside of a wells fargo branch in boulder. you may ask what the bank has to do with it. wells fargo helps fund that project. denise says she visited the construction site in north dakota. >> the last time i was up there, i was asked to go home and do something in your community, so that's what i'm doing. >> by the way, no one was arrested yesterday. happening today, a push to keep the airspace around airports more safe. the faa and
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to identify and control them when flying near airports. drones can pose a threat to planes. we're learning more about the agency's -- it's 5:41. changes underway at the old stanley factory in aurora. developers are working inform make it a place tooeat, to work, and to shop. developers say the goal is to draw people from the suburbs and make it a destination spot. the best part, they say it will soon house 50 new businesses. it will bring 500 new aurora. >> no franchise -- it's a different kind of sort of organic development of like-minded folks. >> some businesses will open in december with more following next year. the colorado buffalos is making history. they have hit a milestone the buffs haven't seen in 14 years. one student going on a stabbing spree. several teens hospitalized and one behind bars. we have the latest on the
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the first lady, i'm sorry. >> city leaders in west irginia apologizing to michelle obama because of a controversial facebook post. coming up, what two officials had to say about the first lady. and how they're now paying for that post. and you can see that the fire crews have now put out the car fire on the northbound side of i-25. right there near larksburg before you get to castle woman. at one point it was a fully engulfed car fire. it was a car verses a deer fire. i saw a couple of people walking around a m i hope those are the drivers or driver-passenger that was in the vehicle. we'll keep an e on this and i'll let you know how to get around it in just a minute. i'm mitch from denver 7, how are you? >> are you guys -- you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprissng outstanding volunteers for 18 years. hi. >> oh, my god. oh , my god. >> so you know what's happening, huh? who is the 7everyday hero
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nominate them at look
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we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. learn your key health numbers, and take control today. this was a little bit ago. a raging car fire on the northbound side of i-25 right there by agree land or by the larksburg area, and we had a
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take a look at the live picture. the backup continues as they continue to put out car fire that goes back to monument hill area. big traffic delays unfortunately. the good news is i saw the two people who appeared to be in the car get out the car. their car is lot longer a car and it's going to some time before it's cleaned up and moved out. expect delays going north towards castle rock this morning. breaking overnight, pizza shop customer armed with a injured another one. this is at a restaurant outside of philadelphia. police at the scene investigating this. apparently the customer took out a gun and shot both men after they allegedly pistol whip him. he killed one of those suspects like i said. the customer and the two restaurant employees, they're the only people inside the shop when the customer -- or when the two suupects came in. the police right now are still
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permit and if he was allow today have that gun. 6 people recovering after a stabbing spree at a high school in utah. investigators still looking into why this attack happened. school leaders saying the suspect had no history of trouble, was even a straight a student. early yesterday morning, police say 16-year old -- says a 16-year old stabbed people in the next and torso before stabbing himself. >> he just stabbed me. >> evvntually tasered the suspect and they took him into custody. this man. they say he stole a credit card and he use it had to buy a home security system of all things. this happened on the best buy on jeffco. if i have information that may help, you're urged to call police right away. this inmate is suing nearly a dozen correctional officers and numbers. 73-year old inmate williams is claiming poor health. he says he's disabled after suffering a series of
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came doow with a mysterious illness calling paralysis. doctors in washington state believe these kids have what they call acute flaccid that lie at thises. it's a condition we told you about on denver 7 a couple of weeks ago. 3 cases started with flu-like symptoms and he became paralyze. he's working to regain movement. 5:38. the chance of snow, yes, down here in the low land. >> i'm talking about 60s and 70s again? >> i'm not the only one excited about this. the mountains really ready for this. we're likely in spots. >> not in denver. >> not down here. we might not see it accumulate down here. today we're going to be near 80 degrees. it will be about 30 to 40 degrees colder though by thursday and friday, so get the jacket, hat, gloves ready for the kids these next couple of days. i know it's a scramble to find where that stuff is. it gets warmer for the weekend. we cool down thursday and friday and we bounce back.
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60 degrees in denver. winds are south between a good 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. so it is a little breezy. that mixed with relative humidity dropping below 15%, and highs near 80 degrees means again fire danger, even higher today. overnight tonight, we'll start to see an increase in cloud cover, and early tomorrow morning, more clouds. temperatures today, starting off, near 70 in boulder right now. parker, 54. evergreen, you're at 52. estes highs this afternoon will be in the low to mid 60s. mainly in the mountains, alan's park at 60. deckers 10 degrees warmer. denver, high lands ranch and aurora all around 78 to 78 degrees. so it is warm today. and dry. state wide you're going to find our change arrives early tomorrow morning. future cast overnight tonight is pretty quiet. early tomorrow, you'll notice right around 7:00, that's when snow starts to develop in the mountains. we'll
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still pretty dry in denver by that point. but by the late commute, we should see some rain, a little snow starting to develop here aaong i-25. look at cheyenne, if you come in from fort collins or you head north in the morning hours, you're going to see up in wyoming, mooe snow from this system than what we're going to get down here. it's a rain-snow mix through the day mainly covering -- north of i-70 you can see how dry it is down near the springs until most of the snow from this storm is going to be to the north and west of denver. you'll notice a trace to maybe an inch of snow falling on thursday, and a lot is going to melt on impact. two to 5 inches as you get into cheyenne getting into wyoming and five to 10 inches in the mountain. good snow for the ski resorts. 78 today. 45 tomorrow. and it's going to get colder tomorrow afternoon. upper 30s on friday. and then
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sunday we're at 63 degrees. thank you, lisa. it's 5:50. a big congratulations to the cu buffs. this is the highest ranking they have received in the playoff rankings that started in 2014. >> it's the first time that colorado cracked the top ten in any major poll in 14 years. right now the buffs are 8-2 in of the season and they take on number 22 washington state saturday at folsom fie wrong reasons. now two women are employed over what they had to say about the first lady michelle obama. a break into pizza place, but during the burglary, he loses something on the way. this whole thing caught on camera and why the pizza shot owner is laughing at the suspect. don't forget you can be a holiday hero and feed local children.
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your $7 donation -- it will go to the foot bank of the rockies to help buy items for weekend food banks
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two west virginia official was in hot water this morning because of what they said about first lady michelle obama on facebook. read the quote, it will be -- back in the white house, i'm tired of seeing an ape in heel, end quote. the mayor of clay, beverly commented, quote just made my
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voice their outrage. >> this kind of racism is not what this community is about. >> there's a lot of topics and election cycle about real america not being represented and this is not how we want to be represented and if we want to be seen with respect, we have to earn that respect -- >> the mayor has resigned and the county employee behind the original post is on administrative leave. a burglar caught on camera. take a a man ripped through the roof of pizza place. but his pants gets ripped off and once inside, he decides, i must take off the rest of my clothes. >> everybody's mouth dropped but we can't help but laugh because that didn't happen everyday. it was funny to see that. >> as long as you're not standing there. the suspect did
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>> he's got a few tattoos that makes him easy identifiable. >> let's sanitize that kitchen. it's warm today. 40s this morning, and even 50s. you're going to find 77 by the time your kids are heading home. so it is another t-shirt day today. fire danger is hhgh. winds at 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. fast forward to tomorrow morning at the bus stop. it's going to be colder. by the afternoon, we've got a light rain snow mix and a chance for a inch of snow across the metro area. so jason, it could be our first snow of the season tomorrow. >> the mop up of the car fire down at i-25, the northbound side near greenland before castle rock continues here for us this morning. can't get you an alternate route because it will take too long to get around that. the other trouble -- take a look at the map, you have a lane shift on i-25 at arapahoe road. so it looks different on the southhound trip. everything
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i-25. a lot more news coming up at 6:00 including how you can score some free gasoline today. >> 20 bucks worth. what you need to know to find the gas station. a bol shell announcement from the douglas county school board. why parents will have fewer options on where to send their students to school. trump tweeting taking aim at several media reports denying most of them this morning. we'll have at 6:00 a.m. ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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6:00 a.m. it's a story you'll see on denver 7. illegal marijuana grows busted in the metro area. it's apart of a huge sting operation. more than 30 addresses were search. what inside sources are telling denver 7 about that operation. and right now, here's a live look at downtown denver. you can see the homeless camps, they're back. homeless sweeps, they had little impact. how officer could respond this morning. plus you have seen the anti-trump protest in denver. could a colorado man prevent the president elect from entering the white house. >> it's a long shot, but it's a possibility. we'll explain in a couple of minutes, but first lisa hidalgo joins us with our forecast that has moisture in it. >> it has been 6 weeks since we have seen anything, and now we have a beautiful start, and dry conditions today, but a chance for some rain and some snow


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