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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. >> the snow has come and gone and the morning has been those roads. they started off like a sheet of ice but as we look at our cdot camera from is out, it has dried up, much much better. >> a bit of a mess this morning. the crash you see here was westbound i-70 near mile marker 253 near genesee park. the driver of a subaru lost control and then that cdot truck. luckily, there were no major injuries. just minor injuries. >> very fortunate. are we done with this for a while. >> the mountains are drying out
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the high country is in for more snow. >> that's good. >> a much better pattern for us. a live look from dublin -- loveland. for the most part, it's pretty dry. you will still find icy spots. jared has an update on that coming up. good to finally see some snow- covered trees. the mountains picking up 4 to 8 inches. across the plains, around 2 with a few more out west. i will give you more totals in just a 20s, wind chills in the single digits, and right now we are at 30 degrees in city park, 24 degrees in evergreen. i promised you yesterday this would be a fast-moving storm ended is already lifting well to the north and east of us. for the rest of the afternoon, we have sunshine, clear skies, temperatures about seven degrees to 10 degrees above where they are right now. rhode one degrees by 3:00, which means even more melting.
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tonight. jason, we could see some of those sidestreets that are wet freeze back over into early saturday morning. >> i think that's also going to happen here. you can see on the split screen we have broadway 470. it's drying out nicely but with warmer temperatures we could see snow melt and then cause icy spots later tonight. you see i-70 appear at the start of floyd hill. before you go down the hill, you have wet conditions with/. we have had tough driving conditions there but it does look a lot better. take a look at the other split screen. southbound i-25 at 84th avenue, seems like almost every day we have one up there. we have one right here blocking the left side of the highway with backups to 104th. the denver tech center drying up nicely. i hope it's going to be like that later this afternoon. this storm is continuing to make its way to the east causing blizzard like conditions in parts of eastern south dakota and western minnesota.
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blowing around at sioux falls, south dakota, as crews prepare the roads. about a foot of snow was expected to fall in parts of the dakotas and minnesota. the storm was a big sigh of relief for the ski resorts. copper mountain and keystone our opening today. tomorrow, breckenridge is set to open. the good news does not seem to be hitting aspen yet. aspen ski company announced today that they do not plan to open before thanksgiving. we have a full list of all the ski resorts around colorado that are open right now. developing right now, we are getting new details on a homicide investigation at a home just northwest of downtown denver. we are at the scene getting the details. what is the latest? >> reporter: ittlooks like the crime scene will be here for quite some time. police are still here and that got parts of 42nd still blocked off. this is right at k hone. the crime scene van along with investigators gathering
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more details. we know this was a shooting that happened overnight and that an adult man was shot and killed. this is being treated as a homicide investigation. other than that, we don't know much. we don't know anything about a possible suspect or suspects, what the motive was, what happened here. -?those details will come later but as we come back out here along 42nd and tejon you see traffic not allowed to go down this road. police will be here a little bit longer evidence. this just in, investigators say an electrical accident started this fire in aurora earlier this week which killed one person, and critically injured another at that home. the fire was on 7th avenue wednesday morning. the victims have not been identified. the fire was so big it did cause damage to houses nearby. parker police are looking for the person who robbed a gamestop at gunpoint overnight at the parker pavilions. police say the person got away
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police are looking at surveillance video right now hoping to get a good description of the suspect. when we get more information we will pass it to you. this man who escaped from the back of a larimer county deputy patrol car is back in custody now. his name is william morgan. deputies arrested him yesterday at an apartment complex and he is now facing a felony escape charge on top of the other charges from the original warrant. we are still waiting for word on how man will speed behind bars for shorting -- shooting amel -- shooting a police officer multiple times last year. the officer's bulletproof vest seems to have saved his life and he has recovered. he is facing 25 years behind bars for that shooting. we know the two men who admitted to starting the cold springs fire have been put on four years probation and two years work release. the two men pled guilty to
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properly over the summer. that fire destroyed several homes and burned more than 6000 acres. denver fire needs more firefighters in northeast denver. a report released yesterday says the department is lagging behind and safety inspections, hiring, and response teams. denver fire says it needs more stations near green valley ranch, and northfield. one station is under construction but two are only in the planning stage. >> these plans in place. it's making sure get the funding for it. >> meanwhile, firefighters say safety inspections are behind because of the growing marijuana industry and the fire academy was canceled two years ago out oo denver -- budget concerns. resident obama joining leaders from key european countries in germany to talk about security and economic challenges as the u.s. prepares for president-elect trump to
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leaders of germany, britain, france, italy and spain today. it's probably his last four leaving office. discussion revolved around nato, trade agreements, and efforts to fight climate change. this meeting comes as donald trump has made more pics for his presidential cabinet. trumps team announced this morning that jeff sessions will be trumps attorney general. sessions was the first senator to endorse trump during the campaign. michael flynn was named national security advisor. he is best known for that infamous lock her up chance relating to hillary clinton at the rnc. a political analyst says these choices cause concerns, especially sessions who has a history of recently charged -- racially charged comments. >> the country is really concerned about diversity and what happened in the campaign. senator sessions could have a real problem getting approval by the senate. >> trump is supposed to meet with mitt romney this coming
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their relationship. donald tru has talked about punishing city seemed -- cities that don't tow the line on immigration enforcement and denver and aurora are saying it's a federal issue, not bears. but cities do get federal funds. last year, denver received $175 million from the feds, much of it going to transportation, housing, and law-enforcement. could we lose out on those funds? >> we accept the possibility of at risk. we as a how strongly we support our residents and our obligations to those residents. if that's the risk, we will face that risk. >> denver mayor michael hancock says a sanctuary city policy was never adopted and says denver cooperates with the feds and does not believe the city will lose money. adams county deputies want to on the lookout for this man wanted for setting a man on ffre earlier this month on east 58th in adams county. the victim is still in the
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attack. a health warning for you if you live near mile high stadium. the owner and chairman of an apartment complex near the stadium is facing charges for putting your health at risk. workers at the overlook at mile high may have released asbestos into the air and 2014. that was during was -- renovations. this all happen close to mile high stadium during a couple of packed broncos games. religion doesn't matter one we are all celebrating the holiday thanksgiving turkey donations were delivered to denver catholic churches. jason gruenauer was at the event with more. >> reporter: they picked a good day to deliver theee because nearly 3000 turkeys are not going to be thawing in this weather. these were delivered on a semi- from salt lake city. the mormon church volunteers are here to deliver to catholic charities and the samaritan
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what this is going to mean to you guys this holiday. >> this is an unbelievable blessing we are receiving from the mormon church. this is going to get out into the community here in northern colorado. we have more than 2000 turkeys are going out into different parishes throughout northern colorado and this will also allow us to help serve our residents at samaritan house but also at our shelters in fort collins, greeley, and out what has happened is we got a call from the mormon church and they said what do you need? we said we could use 3000 turkeys and we have a semi-full of almost 3000 turkeys. truck and these will then be delivered to families. many will also stay here to be cooked in just a couple of days right here at the samaritan house. for now, reporting in downtown denver with 3000 turkeys, jason
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>> christmas is on its way to denver as well. >> the capitol christmas trees ready to be on display at bass pro shops. chp tweeted this picture showing troopers helped the tree truck chain up in vail. the 80 foot spruce, idaho is visiting 25 communities on its path to the u.s. capital. it stopped in glenwood springs the kendall market opens today. the european market is being set up across from the clock tower at the 16th street mall. it will be open from 11 am to 7 pm and 9 pm on fridays and saturdays. we're just getting started. now that we've got our first snow, how are your trees doing? >> you might not need to worry as much as you think. >> the latest video of a samsung phone catching fire all
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about all samsung phones of
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new details this morning on the latest case of a samsung phone catching fire. the latest caused quite a scare for kids in kansas city missouri after the phoneecall fire in a classroom.
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floor just smoking. this is what the phone looked like afterwards. the phone was a samsung galaxy s7 edge, not the same model that was recalled earlier this year. experts say you should replace in the seventh generation galaxy. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed philando castile will appear in court today. officer jeronimo yanez is charged with manslaughter shooting in july at a traffic stop. castile spokle from streamed the instant live on facebook. fiat chrysler is recalling 89,000 vehicles due to fuel leaks. 35,000 dodge durango, and jeep grand cherokee suvs have been recalled because a fuel tube could cause a week and maybe a fire. 54,000 dodge darts are being recalled because they windshield wiper pump could
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california berkeley that could help law enforcement detect when peoppe are smoking pot and driving. pound labs is developing a breath test to detect alcohol and pot and the person taking the test exhales. breath is much better to test pot then urine or blood. >> thc resides in those media for a long time, up to a month. you cannot use those methods very well to determine if someone has recently ingested marijuana or ok >> the breathalyzer could become available next year. the price tag is expected to be just under $1000. new this morning, you could be a denver children in need. feed local %- one in four colorado kids is hungry. >> a seven dollar donation is all it takes to help feed a family for a weekend. sally is live at the security service federal credit union on south broadway with more on our
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>> reporter: i think with all the snow we saw yesterday it finally felt like the holiday season. if you want to get in the holiday spirit, you can do so 3 by pitching to our denver 7 holiday heroes. one in seven coloradoans struggles with hunger every day and one in four children are not guaranteed to have food on the table. these donations will really help you fight that hunger problem we have in colorado. seven dollars can make all the difference. any whole foods store and donating. you can do that online through www.burchinal/holiday heroes or at -- heroes or at the federal union here. >> we want to get into a local organization and make a direct impact. our staff wanted to find an organization where a little contribution can make a big impact.
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this was the organization. we could also volunteer to help them stock and stored the food. we really wanted to get involved. >> reporter: where will all the money go? >> to the food bank of the rockies and community food share in boulder. it goes directly to those organizations. that reaches out to the grassroots organizations to feed the hungry. >> reporter: how does it work if i want to donate through your branch? >> just coming to any of the security serviceed branches. just make a donation or contribution and we will get it directly to them. truck there you have it. it snowed yesterday so the holiday season this year. get in the holiday spirit and come out here and donate. well, with the swift change in weather, a lot of you wanted to know if that quick freeze could hurt your trees. tree experts say yesterday's freeze should not expect -- affect your trees. the last time we saw
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thousands of trees were killed. if you are worried, water them and wrap them. >> none of us were expecting it to come so late, even the trees.>> exactly. it's normally mid-october when we get our first snow. >> if we had gone from 80 degrees to 20 degrees, the trees might have been ready for it. >> might not have felt so headlines. we were at 80 degrees just 40 hours ago. a huge change obviously. a big drop in temperatures. we have 20s to start, 40s expected later this afternoon and back in the 60s by sunday. a big change on our seven-day forecast and now we are starting the warm up process. this is across northeastern
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i trace to an inch there but here in denver and closer to the foothills right around 2 to 5 inches. skies in a clearing across the region. fast-moving storm lifting to minnesota. we have blizzard like conditions there. very gusty winds are playing a factor in our temperatures. this is what it feels like right now out side. even the we've got sunshine and highs near 40 degrees, we are going to see 20s and 30s for wind chill. right now it feels like just 23 degrees at city park. it's getting better at berthoud chill was -20. now we are at -19. we will be cold throughout the afternoon. winds will shift direction this week and warmer saturday and sunday. our next 24 hours, clear skies tonight will lead to another cold morning tomorrow. likely some teens to low 20s early saturday. it's going to be one of the 3 coldest mornings on our seven- day forecast. highs today, in the upper 30s
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bright and 40 once again blake wood at 40 degrees by about 3:00. 40s across southern colorado. yesterday we had 60s near pueblo and today, quite a bit cooler. fire danger now lower there. tomorrrw, a good 10 to 12 degrees warmer. on saturday, eautiful with sunshine. i put the bright spot on sunday. it's the warmest day on our seven-day forecast and you will notice our overnight lows are above freezing. not as cold tomorrow the first of next week. we are tracking a system that could bring more snow to the mountains starting monday and potentially a rain-snow mix to denver on tuesday. you will notice this next storm, ot merely as cold as the one that just rolled through. upper 40s and low 50s. >> not quite the shock. thousands of you asked about this story and we have another update. what exactly was behind this 3 mystery plane that was flying
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here is a story people cannot get enough of. thousands of people even from overseas have been logging into our website trying to figure out what this mysterious lane was that was circling over denver. we have found out some answers from the federal government. the needy be -- navy confirms this is an air force command center controlling nuclear submarines, ground and air crews. a high-ranking government official tells us here at denver 7 the plane was on a training mission. is no reason to be alarmed. a denver 7 investigation has led to changes that rtd after a man died on a bus. why didn't passengers or the bus driver noticed the man was dying? tony kovaleski is here with more and portions of the video are difficult to watch. >> reporter: good morning. rtd's board of directors is now
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our investigation about what didn't happen on a bus in aurora earlier this year. 63-year-old bruce hocker's family called to -- called denver 7 to get answers. he died on a bus and nobody noticed. at the driver, not the passengers, and rtd never called the family. >> what has rtd said to you? >> nothing. we haven't received one phone call, not one thing. >> is acceptable?>> not at all. >> reporter: what do you want to see come from this investigation?>> change, but this won't happen to anybody else. >> just assume -- they just assumed that he was a drunk or a homeless person asleep on the bus. it's unacceptable. >> as an rtd board member will you ask rtd to look closer and consider a policy change? >> i know that our staff, our
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this situation as we do with every situation. >> reporter: we invite you to view our entire investigation right now at denver 7 investigates, i'm tony kovaleski. ready or not, we are less than a week away from thanksgiving. >> we are going to take a look at how you can have thanksgiving dinner on a
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denver 7 news starts right now. >> welco back. here is a live look at traffic conditions at six and sheridan. cdot cam is giving a good look at the roads that are a lot dryer, smoother, more enjoyable to dry on -- drive on. >> this is a different scene from earlier this morning. the roads were still covered with ice. the morning commute was a dangerous one. there were a couple of crashes in the metro. >> it's like when don't have a lot, it's deceiving and people speed up and that's where the problems happen.>> you think someone could have gone on vacation winds and come back on sunday and they never would have known that anything happened. things are going to dry out and warm up into the weekend. here is your cici. it's sunny but cold. right now we are in the 20 -- 20s and 30s. it will get warmer for the weekend with more snow possible
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we are in more of a november like pattern. at the beginning of this week, it was nothing like where we should be with 70s and 80s. right now, a beautiful scene in vail village. we've got some snow. the roads mainly dry, plenty of sunshine in the mountains and across the plains and thus to about 40 degrees this afternoon. under some pretty clear skies tonight and then cold again saturday morning. 20s. if you're planning on a walk saturday morning, give it a few hours. we will warm about 9:00 and 43 degrees by 11 am. in just a few minutes, we will take a look at our weekend highs, just how warm it's going to get and the next storm early next week. >> much of the snow remains on the sidestreets but the highways are difficult in a few the accident we have on southbound i 25 near 84th is still clearing from that left two lanes and the latest is coming from the denver tech center at hampden. left lanes are blocked and that
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take a look at the other streaming cameras. it's drying up very nicely but we could see icy spots later on and out to the west seeing some nice improvement. want to remind you that we have a full scheduled closure of arapahoe road a way to monday morning. the bridge demolition should happen over the weekend. is a continue to move into winter and more snowstorms are on the horizon, you might be thinking about chains or snow tires but there's another option, the auto sock. the results show that it's more effective than chains. when attractions are in effect you need snow tires or all- wheel-drive or chains. if you break the rules, causing a delay or an accident, you will face a $650 fine. making sure the roads are safe is no small feat. in denver, the city spends more than $5 million a year just on snow removal.
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fleet of 70 snowplows 15 to 20 times each season which works out to about $.40 per person per storm. we're getting new details about a homicide investigation in a home just northwest of denver. a man was shot and killed overnight. eric lu for on what's next. drug there is still a lot of questions that need answered as we continue to investigate. we do know that an ad and now the investigation continues. still blocked off here at 42nd and tejon. it could be that way for several hours. our tracker 7 was over the scene earlier this moing when police first arrived after getting the call. of course we have ground video as well. investigators have been in and out of the home for several hours. the questions that need to be answered, are there more than one suspect? what is there description? did they get away in a car? did anybody see anything?
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through the date to try to figure out what happened. an aurora woman who used a chain of massage parlors for a front for a prostitution ring was in federaa court being sentenced yesterday. investigators say she also failed to pay taxes for two years. one person is recovering from their injuries after they were hit by of an on 12th and broadway. was driving a white box man and possibly had a ladder on the top. call police if you have any information. police are investigating a disturbing sexual assault at a broomfield rex hunter. a 17-year-old boy inappropriately touched two six- year-old girls a couple weeks ago at the rex hunter on 136 and lowell. the teenager has been arrested but his name has not been released. denver homeless out loud, declaring victory over the police department.
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there are no more homeless sweeps scheduled for now and police appear to be willing to let the campers stay. this is an official state from the denver homeless out loud website. local 100 people have one back the streets for all those in need to survive together." our partners with the denver post spoke with the department of human services say the city's posiiion has not changed and campers are still not allowed to store their things on public sidewalks. the homeless populati nationwide is shrinking. more than half 1 million people were homeless in january of this year, down 3% from the same time last year. it's down 14% since 2010. it's estimated half of the homeless in the u.s. are in just california, new york, florida, texas and washington. the broncos are off this weekend but there is plenty to talk about in the world of college football.
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they take on number 22 washington state. they haven't performed this well since 2002. we saw was in like second- grade. there is an outside chance they could qualify for the college football playoffs. in fort collins, the csu rams will say goodbye to hughes stadium. they play new mexico at 8:30 pm tomorrow night for the final game ever at hughes stadium. the rams will become bowl eligible. they have made it to a bowl in each of the last three years. some bears may not have gotten the memo that it's time to hibernate. a mama bear got stuck inside an suv and left quite a mess. this happened to an employee at the steamboat today newspaper. black bears usually go into hibernation in october or early november. a special surprise for a family and lyons. three years after their home was destroyed by historic floods, their new home is up
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material, labor and equipment were all donated to build the home from the ground up. keys were handed to the wechsler family yesterday. the new home is twice the size of the original home. >> that's nice. we all love a good deal with thanksgiving just around the corner. we sent russell haythorn out with the cofounder of u grocery to try to get a thanksgiving dinner for under $50. we hit the safeway at 6th and corunna, did some budgeting, got a 15 pound turkey, and two pies, all the trimmings for $41. >> it's absolutely possible to serve thanksgiving for under $50. you have to do your homework, compare product faces before you shop, and you have to know where the best prices are for your shopping list. >> there are a lot of apps to help including u grocery, which helps you shop around for the best deals and create a list.
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deals are better the weekend before thanksgiving rather than the couple days right before the holiday. in the spirit of thanksgiving, new this morning one police department decided to give drivers a holiday gift and that of a holiday ticket. >> bradley blackburn has more as unexpected drivers were surprised with a thanksgiving turkey when they got pulled over. >> reporter: there were sirens, lights, and anxious faces. >> we stopped you this wearing your safety belt. truck but then surprise and joy. >> i thought i was getting a ticket but i got a turkey. >> reporter: police are handing out turkeys instead of tickets for small violations. five teams of officers are on a mission. >> they are ready to give it out to the citizens who need turkeys. >> reporter: officer anthony coulter on lancaster. >> we do have some unpleasant decisions to make. >> reporter: he made five stops including beverly thompson.
11:39 am
wrong state of the roadway. instead of giving you a citation we are going to give you a thanksgiving turkey. >> [ laughter ] thank you.>> you're welcome. >> reporter: charles miller failing to signal. >> here is a thanksgiving turkey. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was on the way to the hospital to pick up his wife.>> she had surgery. >> reporter: and stopped for an issue with registration. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: a chance for these officers to spread happiness and for these citizens to share in it. >> i'm going to tell everybody i got this turkey.>> brotherly love is very inspiring.>> reporter: to talk turkey in these times, that matters.
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a new app is being developed to help veterans suffering ptsd. it's been created by researchers at texas a&m university to monitor a veterans heart rate and alert them if they ptsd attack is coming. it would also let the person know what they need to do to get through it all by using breathing exercises or connecting to someone who can help. >> it intervenes by sking a question. how do you feel? based on the answer, it connects you to a support system. >> 45 volunteers are testing out the app. are you thinking about getting amazon prime? today might be the day to do that. a special deal that might have you going out today to pick it up. and ladies, you probably don't need a study to tell you this but women have been found to be much better at multitasking the amen. >> what? what? >> yeah. >> i'm mitch from denver 7.
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>> reporter: denver 7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years.>> oh my god, oh my god. >> reporter: you know what's happening? >> reporter: who is the seven everyday hero of your life? nominate them at
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have you been thinking
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is a deal you can get only today that might convince you to take the plunge. amazon is dropping the membership from $99 a year to $79 a year. it's only available for individual memberships, not gift memberships. if you're interested, you might want to get on it now. the golden arches is getting ready for changes. mcdonald's will add tableside service starting next year. you will soon be able to order phone -- food on a mcdonald's will change the way it staffs its restaurants to make sure the changes go smoothly. if you know someone struggling with substance abuse one in seven people will become a substance abuser. that's more than the number of people diagnosed with cancer and more people will die of overdoses than in car crashes. in 2014, 15,000 americans died of overdoses. is our new findings from a surgeon general's report.
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treat abuse. this story might stir up a couple arguments in the house. a new study has found women are betterrmultitaskers than men. >> i don't think you read that right. researchers have used brain scan is to find that women can easily do more than one thing at a time like pick up the phone, check the email, but men have to mobilize extra brainpower or they say that so they don't have to hold the baby, so t task at a time. but you are really only multitasking if you're getting all the tasks done. >> what are you saying? >> i'm saying some people in my house to a lot of things but one of them get completed. >> i get in trouble all the time for being on my phone when i'm supposed to be watching the kids. >> i am glad we're getting this
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>> ifill better. a beautiful day today. take a look at the sunshine. snowfall totals in boulder county over 6 inches. folder itself close to 5 inches. littleton, three inches of snow. at the airport, 1.7. season. ur first snow of the a headache now the roads are drying out. 27 degrees in denver. it's going to be chilly. the sunshine does help keep brimfield 23 degrees. these are some of the wind chills so this is what it feels like. at the airport 22 degrees, alan >> 13 degrees -- ellensburg 13 degrees. a wind chill of nine degrees. the winds now coming out of the north so it is continuing to usher in cooler air. we will see these winds shift into the weekend. some warmer weather xpected
11:47 am
lot of snow melt through the weekend. centennial and aurora both at 37 degrees today and some low 30s. evergreen a high just above freezing. coldest day so far of the season, but it's really clear this was a fast-moving storm. once it moved off the coast and through colorado, we had sunshine in the mountains which then turned to snow and then we're back to sunshine. that's what it looks like at 4:30 pm. overnight, a few clouds beautiful day on saturday and some warmer weather for the weekend. saturday obviously got a bus game. we are talking about 1:30 pm, temperatures warm nicely in folsom field. we are expecting low 50s so it will still be chile. where a sweatshirt or a jacket. still chilly compared to the 70s and 80s we've been dealing with. as if that was a big deal.
11:48 am
week another storm. monday, the mountains will pick up more snow. we will see a few showers here in denver on tuesday. looks like it could be a rain- snow mix with upper 50s on wednesday. our seven-day forecast feeling more like it should. now that we are less than a week away from thanksgiving. tomorrow, nasa is launching a next generation weather satellite into space. the satellite was built and prepared to launch in jefferson county. it will provide weather for meteorologist. and here is technology to help you eat a free dessert for thanksgiving. download the denver 7 out for a free pie from village inn. you can be a holiday hero helping children in need because one in four colorado kids is hungry. we are trying to battle that. just a seven dollar donation can help feed a family for a
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this morning. how does this work? >> you can donate at any of the registers. we have 15 stores that are donating so any time you come shop, the cashiers will ask if you want to donate to the holiday heroes program and you can round up your bill, do seven dollars, any amount. >> reporter: how do you use the money? >> we are donating all the funds to two different organizations: the food bank community food share in boulder. they are going to use that money to purchase any kind of food that they want through our brand 365 which will be great because we have high quality standards, no artificial colors or flavors. the food banks are looking for healthier options so they can use that money to purchase whatever they want. >> good nutritious things from you guys. >> exactly. >> who benefits?
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hungry people. one in four children, one in seven coloradoans are hungry. this is really going to help people in our local communities. >> and it's so easy because you don't even have to go look for lima beans. you just by what you want and say i'd like seven dollars and here we go. >> exactly. it's a no-brainer. be a holiday hero. donate any amount. >> it can be more than seven dollars. >> it can be. it can be a whole bunch but we're happy to have whatever you can provide. last year alone we donated over $200,000. so partnering with you guys, we're hoping to reach $250,000. >> you've still got the time to do it, donate at any whole foods, federal credit union branch, or online at bears or mountain lions are animals you'd expect to see in
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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could this be the future of
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walt disney world revealed its first drone light show in orlando. 300 drones maneuvering in the air. what you can see is them eventually shifting into a christmas tree shape. he 5 minute show is expected to run through the end of the year. hiking in the mountains of colorado. you see wildlife, lions, mountain lions, bears.>> but one animal you might not be expecting is a household cat. have you heard of lotus lady? she's an adventure cat from colorado who has more than 14,000 instagram followers. the cats instagram page says she is a ruler of the meowtains. >> she has more followers on
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next friday we're going to be at union station helping them light things up. on the 26th, they got the
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? >> announcer: today, forget the main course. it's an ur packed with incredible appetizers so you can have an "appy" thanksgiving. clinton's making a delicious party punch with the wonderful christina hendricks. michael's hanging with the amazing ziggy marley. and mario's sharing a restaurant-quality starter that's guaranteed to impress your guests. get ready to have an app-solutly fabulous time, right now, on the "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, everyone, and welcome to "the chew". you know, first impressions are very, very important, and that goes for food too, right?


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