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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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romney said the team had a very thorough and in-depth discussion. th controversy. will trump attacked the cast of the broadway musical hamilton. the crowd booed pens as he walked in. the cast delivered a message to mike pence. >> we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious th your new administration will not protect us. we hope this has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on the half of all
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meeting the cast harassed. >> a lot of budget over trumps other early morning tweet specifically about the $20 million settlement over trump university. trumps end quote the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i didn't have the time to go through a long winning trial on trump you. students who sued will get half of their money back. after this election season big stories on facebook became hot topic. sampling social media for outcome. now marcus october the says he's working on a way to try to combat the issue. what is to monitor fake news sites that put out on facebook. they are also considering the way users can report fake articles. facebook will also look into using more fact checking site. your drivers license scored on your phone. colorado is testing a digital license in it -- with a two- year pilot program. pilot program will help show
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has not been announced yet. whether you want to believe it or not the holidays are here. tonight people came out for the lighting of the start in castle rock. it has been a tradition and dating all the way back to 1936. beautiful fireworks there. the star sits on too of the historic wilcox square if you want to check it out. tonight it was the annual south loan small parade and entry lighting in a. one of the biggest guest of this year was everyone there is ready for the holiday season. >> in the spirit of the holiday season volunteers came out to modify toys to make them easily accessible for kids with disabilities. the hack of on it helps the kid to may not have proper motor skills to use toys otherwise. the local nonprofit behind this is that this little hackers which started in westminster. take a look at this. this is some of the food at your 7-dollar donation can buy to put
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family and me this holiday season. whole foods and security service federal credit union are part of the denver seven holiday here is campaign. salon how you can donate is that the denver channel .com/holiday hero. the future of whether tracking is changing forever. what nasa has launched a colorado build weather satellite and it could save the lives of many before disaster strikes. boulder. op 20 battle in those highlights next on
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a surprising twist. colorado says no to marijuana in bars. a new ruling prohibits pot use anywhere with a liquor license. it comes as a blow to denver's newly approved social cannabis valid measure. social pot at coffee shop art gallery our yoga studio. some businesses are interesting in adding marijuana for events. >>o one night where it is like a comedy and music cannabis and we have comfortable chairs and places to chill out. >> businesses would be allowed to apply for a permit only of the surrounding neighborhood sign off. more delays for rtd this time for lines that haven't yet open. first the new light rail that correct -- connects the word to tech center will open at plan. equipment from switzerland it needs to be replaced your
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also want to make the commuter rail connecting wheat ridge and nevada that testing is on hold as engineers wait on a software fix for other commuter lines like to a line to the airport. service may not start until at least march. mansa passed the projected start. we talked to rtd about these issues. >> it is a complicated year. private transit five transit corridors of trying to open up on that has never been done before. it is challenging. and we would rather do it well >> no pacific a start date but we of course will keep you posted. if you have a dog and a lot of us do you know how the book, cherished members of our families. when it comes to say goodbye there haven't been a lot of options. a new choice local pet will owners are embracing. >> in terms of companionship he's been a phenomenal family member. >> this dog has been by her
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is a jack russell for the mix and the bond between them is still strong. >> he's so cute and i fell in love with them right away. >> are his arbors age is catching up. 's time is limited. >> there is no point in getting in the car and traumatizing in 19-year-old dog with more trips to the vet. >> she is doing hospice care for her dog. >> this gives us time. it gives with quality it is -- it gives people a chance to say goodbye. >> this is a new movement. it's only been around for five years. it is not for all families. a veterinarian comes to the home to check on iris general health. the treatment isn't aggressive. it is all about making i was last days comfortable. the cost of this care varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars. >> it is okay for the pad if he
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comfortable and the quality of life is still there. >> lauren lowery is one of the pioneers. >> it gives people the gift of transition. it is so important that that is the very best thing for that pet pet. >> he is checking everything out. >> tomorrow is making most of their time together feeding our retreats treats and relaxing in the backyard. >> this is definitely the right thing. we've had some wonderful days. >> the gradual goodbye on their terms. >> pretty neat. denver-based company is apologizing to florida family. the mall santa they hired just got fired for making political comments to a little girl.
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lap when he told her she was on at the nice list. he followed that up by saying the only person on the naughty list is hillary clinton. that santa has been fired. if you're looking for the perfect christmas tree this year want not cut down your own. to do what you need a permit which are now available. they cost $10. each area has its own deadline and we have all the pacific's on the denver seven map you have a chance 23rd to win dessert for your family. download the denver seven at and enter the contest to win apart from village in. it will be a different prize each year you have plenty of time to win. lift off. >> the way we get our weather forecast is about to change forever. the satellite was launched this evening in cape canaveral florida. the satellitt was built in jefferson county.
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satellite overturn more data than all other stationary satellites have downloaded in the past 40 years. potentially saving lives as peopleet gore notice about disasters. this is a big deal. this will drastically improve weather imaging. >> absolutely. it will be incredible. the imaging is being compared to switching from analog tv to definition. this is going to be something incredible as we start to see the imagery come on in. this is what the satellite imagery is going to look ike. you can see the grainy black and white pictures of that can be hard to read and this is wwat the imaging will look like now with high-resolution pictures all sent from the ghost. this will also lead to more accurate weather forecast and severe weather outlooks. not that they are all already accurate -- not that they
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already accurate. it's can warm up over the next 24 hours. will have sunshine and clouds the storm system is coming our way. that means no for us next week potentially. outside now still pretty chilly at 34 degrees. or humidity level 75% of the wind out of the southwest at 11 miles per hour. are 20 our 24 hour temperature change here has been a lot longer. you see 40 degrees warmer nnw than it was at this time yesterday and the warm-up has occurred all across the state. still chilly warmer than last night. 33 for city park 37 for littleton and 29 for nevada and lakewood. are drought monitor has gotten worse here. off to the north of denver toward fort collins is now a severe drought. across the rest of denver and eastern plains a moderate drought. even with the moisture we had coming through with the last storm it wasn't enough to take us out of this. we will need a lot more. as you can see on our satellite radar picture it's very light
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today but we are just starting to see some rain and snow coming from the west. we have a cold front out over nevada tomorrow. it will be into our state by tuesday. it will bring a lot of rain and snow especially into the mountains here for colorado and even a chance for rain and snow by tuesday here for the front range. as for the winter storm watch we have that in effect from sunday night and tuesday morning. these areas all the way south n of steamboat into ourrcentral mountains down toward telluride and silverton about eight to 14 inches of snow is expected which is great news for ski resorts. temperatures overnight will be in the 30s and then tomorrow afternoon highs in the low 60s. will watch the moisture as it rolls into the states. october tomorrow afternoon and evening and then we will see the rain and snow into the overnight hours is actually sunday night into monday morning. around telluride 11:00 a.m. on monday that's when you will see the most snow that all this
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keep an eye to the sky for that timeframe. 30 degrees tonight partly cloudy. it will be chilly with 20s and 30s across the planes. also 20s in the mountains and the lows tonight in the 20s. greeley 20 degrees to 24 in the platteville. are high tomorrow 6 . it will be beautiful day. a little bit windy in higher elevations if are going being at any of the resorts that have just opened. temperatures tomorrow low 60s. seventy in the western slope. we stay warm for a couple of days than we get the clouds moving in on monday at her next the storm system on tuesday. 45 degrees for high and then will stay right around 50 to 55 degrees for the remainder of the week with sunshine overnight lows will be in the 20s and we will have the degrees of with sunny skies. we will keep watching the storm as it rolls up to the state. it looks like it will take a
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>> the first today it snowed here n town is when i am on crutches. how is that. stick around spx starts right now. >> let's begin with the dream season going on in boulder. it's amazing. the tenth of rain off played number 20 washington today. the first matchup between ranked teams. field since september 20 -- 2002. colorado may made the most of it. they took care of business. beating the cougars of 3224 for the ninth win of the season. >> here comes ralphie. >> maybe the best answer than college football. top three easily.
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lindsay is off tackle. twenty do your game. very next played mr. . lindsay on the other side. enormous hold 9 yards and ends on 12 players seven and off in colorado. touchdown pass. laguna was ejected for a helmet to helmet hit. that's called targeting. second quarter 47. 3 1714 washington state just before the half. davis price not even close. he went to the locker room with the same score 70 like a 14. bluffs first possession second half. to follow file again on the keeper. and see you had the first week of the game 2117. this guy throws a pretty football. he throws it in a perfect spot to john thompson test for john thompson to get the. they went back and forth all
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he scored the first two touchdowns this one from 11 yards box back on top 28 -- 24. the bluffs around the game and finished it off. lindsay from 13 yards from second from 1,000 yards the season. bluffs world of 258 for the yards on the ground with colorado one went away from it pack 12 division south title. they went >> our guys are battle tested hearted. now were able to do this. they been dirt so much and the younger guys are stepping in and catching on to what is going on. >> the chip is within their heart and soul now. the got succ a fortitude and fight and they truly believe in each other. >> it means the world to be able to go out there and when and keeper hopes alive.
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anything. this which may be where to some people but we have been in close games for a long time now and we've got a little older and a little better be consistent in executing. this is the first time since we have been ranked that we got a gold brick that was a big deal. were excited and we're were happy and were going to continue right next game. >> we have accomplished a lot during the season what we haven't done is be the ranked opponent so that was a big personal goal and defensive goal that we have talked about and let it be known. there were some we wanted to do so we could securely can see here and that's pretty much all i was thinking about. it was great to see the fans get excited and we tried to stay levelheaded on the team because we know that our dreams could be gone in a second if we don't
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next one and we have a battle prepared this week. >> excellent transition. the bluffs next opponent utah against oregon and we had upset. eight seconds at the plate dustin herbert in the end zone for darren current in the second. is in. the review it. he would get one put down and touchdown. came over. the docs shot the youth 30-28. the other big story tonight final football gaae at houston in they move into their new on campus health next season but tonight 49 years of history in fort collins. it would ends with the rams of new mexico under the light with the rams eating there should be the one more win to become bowl eligible. there was no tonight as the rams came out of the tunnel for the last time. already seven nothing csu nick stevens when the option for perfection. >> he smells the goal line there school line. >> he you caps off the second your
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he pulls his own number. he pulled out of this forecast -- portscasters handle their second time in the end zone 21- 7 colorado state. the running game is punishing. is a matthew the matthew on the student body is left tackles the torpedo in it 28-7. 223 yards a wash -- rushing in the first half. it to the third right now. a comfortable lead 28-10 colorado state. and laramie wyoming and san 27-20 as text. josh allen throws a roll to take mel heart and was tied at 27. it gets better for cowboys fans. allen under pressure heaves this one in the direction of mel heart and he comes down with a seven-point lead for the final play regulation at san diego state throws a hail mary. it is complete. they review it and it was ruled a touchdown. thirty-four -- 33.
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incomplete. wyoming hangs on it to win it. 34 -- 33. in lincoln senior day as the huskies tommy armstrong walks onto the start. they carry the load for nebraska. three touchdowns for the senior as the huskers had no problem with the first 28-7.
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as for head coach gary where the broncos stand in late november. >> ten weeks into it with some of the changes we have had playing a first-year quarterback quarterback. defensively the guides we have had down we are right there. we want to great division of this year and there are three teams in this division. you know what is at stake in every game we played this week. we know we have to improve that
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they will be excited. this was a play that help the broncos get to the seven and three mark. they are behind the chiefs and raiders both at seven and two. the broncos if they were to lose the game against the saints it could have been curtains. that improbable win in new orleans also took the focus off the quarterback situation. simeon is a kubiak guy but that doess't mean the coach doesn't have concerns about the qb. >> they have to get wetter. we want to see them continue to lead better and better with his football team. we want to see his play become more consistent. wanting he had done early in the season is protect the ball better than he is protected in the last three weeks so that is a concern. we are addressing those things as we speak. he knows that and he has to continue to play big for this
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big. >> simeon is kubiak sky. don't go to bed just yet because the cold weather is just perfect for some full collision ice hockey.
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a saturday night they've the wild. to nothing while in the th movement. the one time or. they took the lead 2-1. three minutes later soderberg goes to the net gets three wax added. scores the type. the wicked twister 33rd . >> i thought that we kept pushing it didn't matter what the score was we tried to stay with her game.
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the head is had is on the ropes for a while and they give us a lot to handle the net in front of the power play was good. guys dug in and they were able to come back to get the goals in the third . get a win. it was showing the character that you guys have and starting moving in the right direction. >> the pioneers in miami ohio part two piles on the power play joe cantrell the sniper. he puts this where grandma keeps the pean butter. wanted nothing denver. the second goal of the series look for the second straight night they went through a shootout and there was cantrell. he could probably work price paid with the club but he knows how to use it. that was absolutely filthy. the games and in a tie for the get the critical extra point in the standings and so it was a nice weekend over there.
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filthy tonight. >> i didn't know you were a big paula abdul found. >> straight up. >> two steps forward and take two steps back. >> and it's a peppermint schnapps to really get that. >> let's look at the seven- day. it looks awesome. sixty-three degrees and we drop into the 40sn with rain and snow and 50s for the rest of the week. not bad. have a great night we will
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