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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  November 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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sticker found on the car but other thannthat it appears that the cars were random targets. police are searching for those responsible. hundreds of harvard business school women have disavowed steve bannon and have signed a letter saying he should never have been appointed as president-elect donald trump's chief strategist. is a former executive of breitbart news which many see as a site that pushes racist and sexist ideology. trumps team hasn't commented. won't perrorm at donald's ramps inauguration. he told tmz that the band was uninvited and no word on why and saying i don't know who's playing the party but god bless him. outrage growing this
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whatever leftover snow is on the driveway or sidewalk will be gone after today. temperatures into the mid-60s in and in time for thanksgiving. katie is looking into that one in just a few minutes. you may want to check your refrigerator. sombra is recalling spreads because of listeria contamination. the fda said the products were
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2017 and if you have it you can return it for a refund. a massachusetts funeral director has pleaded guilty to fraud and improperly disposing bodies. he will spend a year and a half behind bars and investigators found improperly stored and decomposing bodies. his lawyer says he had been struggling with substance abuse and depression. bring up such controversy? one did because it's gone viral. the superintendent of a pennsylvania school said it was overcooked but other said it looks inedible. here it is. the burger posted on facebook and some parents say students shouldn't be expected to eat it and demanding changes be made but school officials or speaking out seeing the look of the burger was because of a temperature problem. >> they cooked hamburgers at 170 degree temperature when typically they need to be cooked at 155 degrees. so a pretty good chance the
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lot of the internal ingredients surfaced. >> that's one interview he will probably never do again. something about an overcooked burger. the superintendent said they recently reserved an excellent rating on a health inspection but parents are calling for change and urging food-service workers be fired. let's talk about something more p which is coming up. fire officials cautioned about how to cook the turkey in a safe manner and the do's and don'ts for thanksgiving bird coming up next. >> we talk about deep-fried turkey. and a man being hailed a hero after stopping to get fast ffod and finding two people overdosed on heroin. he live stream the entire thing on facebook and hear what he has to say. temperatures warmer than yesterday. in the 40s and low 50s but today low and mid 60s. should be around 50 degrees and
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9:15 and new video suac fire in a dorm on a new mexico college campus. and officers body camera captures the moment the suspect was shot. the officer walks through the halls telling students to stay in their rooms and as he turns the corner he sees the suspect holding a gun. >> drop the gun! >> pretty crazy there. the suspect is a 28-year-old and a student at new mexico state university henry luce -- released from the hospital and now in jail.
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georgia. patrick carothers was killed during the altercation. the suspect dontrell carter was wanted for attempted murder charges. caruthers entered a mobile home looking for carter and carter shot him twice and caruthers was a 26 year veteran of the marshals service. morning of this alarming confrontation. a police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face. we are looking what happened before the punch. new questions arising because just before the punch the offiiers body camera gets turned on as he walks up to the house. it is later turned on as melissa moore assist put in handcuffs but the moment the officers throws the punches camera is turned off. >> you cannot arrest me without
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the camera off a few minutes before thinking he was about to leave the scene but when he saw morrissey didn't have time to switch it back on. he is on leave during the investigation. thanksgiving is thursday and fire crews remind anyone who's planning to deep-fried the bird to be extra careful. that's why. the deep-fried delicacy can be quite dangerous. it can happen if the turkey is frozen and oil. >> the issue with hot oil propane deep fryers contain large quantities of oil which gets very hot. hundreds of degrees and can cause severe burns. >> here is some advice. the fryer should be set up more than 10 feet away from your home on a level surface. make sure the turkeys thought out and dry and keep an eye on the oil temperature. wings giving is the number 1 day in the u.s. for house fires and its serious when firefighters do a demonstration
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be safe when you deep-fried the turkeys. >> make sure it's completely dry and thought out. and weather-wise looking very good. even some fresh know beforehand. looking at radar and satellite picking up scattered rain and snow showers a chance for mountain showers this afternoon. windy conditions through the mountains and watches and warnings going to affect monday into tuesday. closely watching the sto monday as the front moves through colorado. a lot of people at loveland ski area taking advantage of the beautiful conditions and partly cloudy skies in loveland. a lot of people out enjoying themselves. and copper all open. aspen has to wait a few more days but first snow in the high country monday into tuesday. near sterling partly cloudy skies and cool start to the day. not as chilly as yesterday. downtown denver 49. woods calm from south,
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current temperatures pretty mild but you want to have a sweater or sweatshirt. 49 degrees city park pier 54 in parker. low 50s in boulder. across the front range tempeeatures rise to the upper 50s and lower 60s. boulder 61 degrees. mid 60s across the plains. parker and castle rock low 60s. highlands ranch mid-sixties. high temperatures statewide 57 the western slope valley levels in aspen and eagle and gunnison a high near 51. sterling 56. to the southeast picking up 70 degree temperatures later on this afternoon in lamarr and pueblo and sun and clouds throughout the day but staying dry across the plains. futurecast more clouds than yesterday but stop at 3:30 this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds and clear skies across the plains.
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into the state late monday into tuesday. so this is stopped at monday at 9:30 and starting under cloudy skies across much of the front range. by 11:00 monday best chance were picking up mountain showers and then potential forcing showers throughout the day tuesday. rain and snow mixed the mountains could pick up 6 to 12 inches of fresh snow. will keep you updated when we see how the storm develops. 35 low overnight and mostly cloudy. tomorrow mix of sun and clouds and mild low to mid 50s and temperatures dropped throughout the afternoon. 58 expected high monday. late monday chance for a few rain showers turning to snow shower's tuesday morning. overnight lows around freezing and 45 expected high tuesday. clearing out quickly by wednesday and thursday for thanksgiving partly cloudy,
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>> a little chilly but no snow. >> and great traveling weather wednesday. colorado state rams say
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good morning everybody. let's begin with the dream sees them in boulder. the 10th rate buffaloes play the first matchup with the break team since september 2002 and colorado made the most of it. like elvis used to say they took care of business beating the cougars 38-24 for theii ninth win of the season. here comes ralphie. the best entrance in all of college football. top three easily.
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berries a couple with tacklers for a 22 yard gain. next play lindsay to the other side and an anonymous hole nine yards to the end zone and 12 plays for 81 yards and 7-0 colorado. washington state with a touchdown pass to tie it and a player objected for helmet to helmet which is targeting. second-quarter 14-7 and sefo liufau on the option keeps it three yards out and tight at 14. 17-14 washington state before the half davis price not even close. went to the locker room 17-14 washington state. buffalo's first possession second half at sefo liufau on the keeper and cu first leader the ball game 2117. and luke falk throws a party ball for the cougars and a perfect spot for john thompson. 24-21 cougars. back and forth all ball game like a heavyweight fight and
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and this one for 11 yards of buffaloes on top 28-24. after cu field goal lindsay from 13 yards out and second touchdown of the game. over 1000 yards yesterday and the buffaloes rolled up 258 yards on the ground and colorado one win away from the pac-12 division south title. they win it saturday 38-24. >> our guys are battle tested and hardened. they used to say can we win one of much and the younger guyssare stepping in and catching on to what's going on. it's within their heart and soul now. they have fortitude and fight and truly believe in each other. it means the world. >> to go out and win and keep our hopes alive, it's more fun which might be a little weird to people but we been in close games for a long time now and
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better at being consistent and executing. a great feeling to go out and win. >> we have bowl games and we have gold bricks. anytime we beat a ranked team we get a gold brick and this is our first time since we've been ranked thattwe got a gold brick us. we are excited and happy. we have to continue to ride this wave and get ready for this next game. >> we accomplished a lot of stuff during the season but what we haven't done is beat a ranked opponent but that was a big defensive goal and we talked about it and let it be known. we have a gold brick on the wall and something we wanted to do to secure a legacy. that's all i was thinking about the great to see the fans that excited and trying to stay levelheaded on the team because we know our dreams could be gone in a second if we don't beat you talk so on to the next one. we have to battle and prepared
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that's your morning sports report. make it a great day and i know you will. and the end of the and era at colorado state university last night. the rams played in their final game ever and hughes stadium. and before the game the tailgating lots were full when the fans came out to say farewell to hughes stadium. next season they moved to an on- campus stadium still under construction. >> the on-campus stadium is the best thing they have oing for the future of csu. >> hopefully we grow the and the team.>> the new on- campus stadium doesn't have a name yet but will see 41,000 fans which is 8000 more than hughes stadium. 9:30 homicide investigation underway in lakewood after a man found dead in a car and details nextt california police on the hunt for a man who went on a rampage at a bus stop. incident was captured on surveillance video and how it
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tracking breaking news at 9:30. working to learn more about circumstances surrounding a homicide investigation. lakewood police say a man found shot to death in a car found in a ditch near ninth and allison. nocl run. 9:30 and starting off the day on a pleasant note and warmer than yesterday at this time. a few spotty rain and snow showers on the western slope. cloud coverage across the plains and mostly clear skies and the mountainn in great day outside. and in auraria three clear sky and denver city park same story in temperatures 50 -- 15 degrees warmer. current temperatures outside
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boulder. 40s for the most part in the mountains and 55 and parker with a high of 51 in city park. these are your front range high temperatures for the afternoon. 63 in denver expected high. boulder 61. cooler in greeley. started off in the teens but 53 under mix of sun chance for rain on monday. snow in the forecast and will look at the seven-day forecast in a bit. perfect weather for a special event in denver to honor those killed in the line of duty. first of its kind 5k so we will get out to amanda del castillo bundled up out there and big crowd behind you. >> reporter: a very big crowd behind me and the announcer telling everyone they're
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if your driving next to washington park pull over and find a spot in join us. this is for denver's very first officers down 5k. the 5k starts at 10:00 this morning. in just a few minutes they are getting ready for the kids fun denver7 jacket on i would participate because i think that pass for the size of a kid. everyone's out for a good cause. celebrating officers who put their lives on the line on a daily basis. the line of duty. they are here for this 5k and you see everyone still registering because the 5k starts at 10:00. it has been held in 25 different states since 2013. this is the first time being held in denver and organizers working to get to the event in
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125 colorado officers killed in the line of duty this year and 130 back in 2015. a very busy day ahead and all starts with registration here near mississippi and franklin with the actual race starting at 10:00 in a k-9 demonstration at 10:45 with longmont police department. live from washington park amanda del castillo denver7. 9:33 and yesterday presidents in northwest denver came together to raise money to help protesters at standing rock nor panel trailers to be sent to standing rock. they want to build five trailers to provide electricity and heat to protesters. they have protested to stop the dakota access pipeline. california police looking for a man a video on a violent rampage at a bus stop you see the victim on the bus with his face blurred looking out the window. the suspect in the red sitting across that the victim was looking at him and got mad.
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something that gave the victim an indication that his sexual orientation have to do with what was upsetting the suspect. >> the victim said he looked forward but when he got off the bus he came face to face with the suspect to gave him a big punch and knocked him to the ground. he suffered a broken eye ocket and also had to get several surgeries. the search is on to find the man who attacked him. it after he said his son wws suspended from school for writing trump on a chalkboard. the principal called troy stevenson who is speaking out saying he doesn't think his son did anything wrong. >> that sounds an awful lot like restricting freedom of speech. he said no that's not what it is. >> the rule is that students cannot discuss the results of the election. the district released a statement saying " no student
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wishes his son had not written on the board but feels there would be no issue if it was a different name on the chalkboard . after the election season fake stories on facebook became a hot topic and some blame them for the outcome. now mark zuckerberg says he's working on a way to try and combat the issue. one is to monitor fake news sites that put ads on facebook and also considering away users can repo facebook also said it will look into fact checking sites. a frightening video has gone viral on facebook live. two men overdosing on drugs in a fast food parking lot in ohio. >> when i pulled up i tried to wake up the guy on the ground first. when i tried to wake him up he wasn't moving and wasn't responsive or anything. i touched his face and his face was cold and his hands were
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two men passed out and a first thought it was a joke but wasn't long until he realized he overdosed on heroin. he called 911 and started cpr. since the video surfaced online the family of the two men reached out to thank him. he live stream the video because he wanted others to see how dangerous drugs are. the men are released from the hospital and might face charges. of florida d wayne wagner caught on camera 3 violently taking down a woman after a traffic stop in lying about how it went down.>> gets on the ground! gets on the ground now! >> the deputy claims the woman shoved him but when investigators slowwd the video down they noticed it never happened. the deputy lied on the report about battery and resisting an officer with violence. the investigation is over and wagner fired for excessive use of force and no word on if he faces charges.
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your driver's license stored on your phone in colorado. colorado testing digital licenses in a pilot program to show whether eliminating physical licenses is an option or not. the start date has not yet been announced. a reminder to drivers that cdot has shut down arapahoe road in both directions under i- 25. crews working a bridge demolition and it will stay closed until tomorrow morning so if you had that way plan ahead. go up ahead of the holiday season. what you need to know to keep the payments down. and alabama waitress received a surprise and a bill
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9:39 and got warm quick today and already 60 degrees in
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broncos on a bye week a big game ext sunday night when they take on the chiefs. a big one and an afc rivalry. interest rates set -?to go up after years at recor lows and that means credit card interest rates go up too. there are steps you can take to keep cost down and we have more on that. >> reporter: it's the season for heavy spending and many of us will be paying with plastic. y are good to pay at all off but it's the gift that keeps on givinn. >> reporter: last year americans charging close to $1000 on credit cards around the holidays but this year interest rates on credit cards average over 18% and set to edge higher at the federal reserve raises interest rates next month. >> if you are the type of person who wants to pay for christmas on a credit card and you don't pay off the balance,
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>> reporter: experts suggest looking for 0% apr for the longest term and shop around for cards with low interest rates and rewards. and double check store credit cards because some carry higher rates like on average 23%. many believe the rate will keep increasing in 2017 as experts tell us credit card debt this holiday season is the most expensive since 2009. abc news new york. alaska airlines acquisition of virgin airlines will soon be coming to a close. ?t was held up by an antitrust document but that may come to an end by the end of the month. if approved the $2.6 billion deal would create the fifth- largest u.s. airline. and alabama waitress said two customers left her a huge surprise on their bill and you won't believe what she did next. carly weight stable at a seafood restaurant and has been
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a couple walked in and sat at her table and ordered a burger to split between the two of them. when they left she found a $330 tip. >> i was shaking when i opened up my check from them. it was incredible. it was actually a $330 tip along with the card from faith community fellowship church. >> how cool. on the card it read please accept this random act of kindness and that it that inspired her so she use the money to help pay for people's meals and hope it inspires people to do something nice for strangers especially in the holiday season. in colorado it will be chilly on thanksgiving but no big snow in the forecast which is good. not on thanksgiving but before hand early next week were tracking a first storm system so could have fresh snow and mountainnresorts will like it especially those opening
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feeling very pleasant outside. warmer with highs in the 60s the more cloud coverage today than yesterday. breezy for higher elevations and the next storm system starts to move in. winter storm watches and warnings going to affect monday into tuesday at 6 pm. right now not looking at anything severe yet what bracing for more snow in the mountains. sterling the view of the wireless camera on the plains and partly cloudy skies and snow on the ground with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. loveland ski area and look how many people out and joining the j. keystone open for business and breckenridge yesterday so if heading for the high country you will see pleasant conditions with highs at the valley levels in tte 50s. partly cloudy skies of breezy this afternoon. city park clear blue skies and a very pleasant weekend.
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current temperatures already 58 in boulder. city park 53. parker right now 57. deer trails 62. current temperatures outside very cool the mountains. 40s and 30s and 28 in eagle. upper 30s across the western slope n64 in pueblo. high temperatures today warmer than yesterday. yesterday upper 40s andd50s and today mid 60s in highlands ranch. parker 62. castle rock 61. boulder 61. downtown denver expecting a high near 63. statewide 50s most part in the mountains. steamboat up to 51 degrees. upper 50s western slope and down to the southeast 70 expected in lamarr. futurecast showing what we can expect in terms of moisture accumulation
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by today and into tonight a mix of sun and clouds and chance for mountain showers. very light in nature. monday morning starting the day cloudy and then monday into tuesday next best chance of picking up moisture. snow for the mountaiis in chance for rain and then snow mix in town at stopping early tuesday morning. tuesday tracking the next storm system rolling through colorado bringing 6 to 12 inches of snow for the mountain an inch or two in the vvlley. 35 overnight low in the metro and tomorrow upper 50s. seven-day forecast overnight lows staying mile through tuesday temperatures overnight. into the 20s and for tuesday first alert weather day and storm system affecting the west coast currently bringing wind and rain but here chance for rain and snow mix as temperatures drop down tuesday. wednesday if you travel for thanksgiving plans, 50 degrees and sunning skies and clearing out as a cold front moves through. thursday cool and partly cloudy
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animals to feed volunteers are a must and as mitch jelniker shows us this week's 7 everday heroes up for the challenge. take a look. >> reporter: on average butterflies only live a month but in that short time they thrive at the butterfly pavilion in westminster. % inks to the staff and the plants. >> without the plants to support the butterfly nectar we wouldn't have butterflies. >> reporter: volunteer vicki is here to help. >> horticulture department in this exhibit keeping it primed and ready to go for guests and also helps outside. >> did you have to wait to plant bulbs this year because it's been so warm? >> reporter: vicki gives her time every week. >> going on seven years in january. >> i don't think we would be able to do what we do and be so successful without our volunteers. >> i love working with the
9:47 am
>> reporter: beautiful even after they have died so vicki makes displays in shadow boxes with the butterflies and flowers so they can be used as 3 a teaching tool or sold in the gift shop.>> we have been experimenting with pressing the flowers to use in a shadow box like this with the butterflies that are spread and pinned. >> reporter: technically vicki is not a left her doctor is. >> that is the scientific that include all butterflies and moths in a lepidopterist is one who studies butterflies and moths. >> reporter: she is one of many dedicated volunteers at the butterfly pavilion who elled butterflies drive for us all to enjoy. we put you in the front row for a surprise for you. denver7 and the independent insurance agents of colorado want to make you a 7 everday
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>> to nominate someone as a 7 everday hero go to and click on the community section and then 7 everday heroes. you can help put food on a table of a family in need. here is some of the food your donations help fight and it's for weekend food bags distributed at schools to qualifying families and all your to do is donate to the denver7 holiday heroes campaign. between now and the end of the month your $7 at any whole feuds market, credit union branch or at goes to the food bank of the rockies and community food sure to buy weekend food bags given 200 kids in the community. >> and this is an awesome idea. making christmas special for kids and adults with disabilities. volunteers came out to a hack-a- thon and you take toys from the shelves ofopular stores and adapt them. the goal is for them to be easily accessible for kids with disabilities who might not have
9:49 am
them otherwise. santa's little hackers started in westminster and continues to grow and i talked to them
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>>lc> weome back and 9:51 and we are with terry from the foothills animal shelter with tina a chu she came in to foothills -- >> she is a puppy. >> she came in as a loot dog. >> she came in two weeks ago and she's four months old and very sweet. no owner claimed her so she's ready to be adopted. if this is your dog, please come get er because she's very sweet. she loves walks and very inquisitive.
9:52 am
nibbling on your finger. she will eed a little training for sure. she is very sweet and her adoption fee is $300 and that includes her spayed, health check vaccinations and a microchip >> i love her color. >> and she hasn't barked and that's awesome for a chihuahua. >> we will talk about the holidays. >> thanksgiving coming up and tend to want to spoil our pets with turkey leftovers. bad idea and bad for the digestive system. please don't do that. cooked bones are very brittle and can tear a dog or cat's intestines. that is also not a good deal. 3 also when you decorate for christmas, don't use tinsel because that can cause problems for pets. poinsettia and mistletoe's are poisonous for animals. you need to keep that away from
9:53 am
cutie and i think you will find a home. i will let you nibble. if you want to adopt you can contact foothills animal shelter and here is their number. i will put this on my facebook page per usual and also on our website she's so loving. we're still on top of the biggest stories of the day and everything you need to know before you go out the door sunday plus excited about a successful launch of a weather
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a look at the top stories for you. a man charged with first-degree murder after a man's body fouud in an abandoned building in ft. collins. matthew tatti arrested yesterday and anthony horne also arrested and the victim's identity is not been released. a homicide investigation underway in lakewood after a
9:56 am
and found in a ditch near ninth and allison. the person who pulled the trigger on the run this morning and not clear what led to the shooting. a sad update to a story we are following. a man who ran in a burning home to save his mother has died. gabriel vargas was taken off life support yesterday. on wednesday he tried to save his mom after the house went up in flames but unfortunately she died in the fire as well. two, one. and lift off. america's most advanced weather eye in the sky elevating environmental -- >> we had this on facebook live on the denver channel yesterday and this is the goes-r satellite launched yesterday at cape canaveral. it was built a lockheed martin
9:57 am
say and six months the satellite will return more data than all other stationary satellites have downloaded in the last 40 years when it comes to forecasting weather. it can % save lives as people get more noticeboard disasters and katie, you have to be on cloud nine. >> it's huge for meteorologist and we have higher resolution satellite images given back to us and a lot of progress. excited and six months to a year and we will see a lot of change. looking at our camera network this is something to be grateful for. the snow. loveland ski area, look how many people enjoying the day. a nice time to be at side. denver city park snow melting quickly and highs today in the mid-to lower 60s across the front range.
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