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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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witnessed an epic t-mobile finale. >> thank you guys so much for watching. >> good night, everybody. we made it! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: nominations are determined by chart performance in billboard, based on sales, airplay and streaming data tracked by nielsen music and social interactions measured by next big sound. the voting is administered, telescope inc., an independent vote management company and the results remain confidential until the time of presentation. air travel provided by american airlines. ? what didn't you see at the amas? what's been going on backstage? "gma"'s here -- all access with music's biggest stars. now, tomorrow morning, see it all only on abc's "good morning
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takes home the mirror ball trophy when the two-night finale event of "dancing with the stars" begins at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central. ? ? >> announcer: denver 7 news starts right now. a swastika spray painted on a local elementary school, now the community is coming together with a special message. donald trump wraps up his marathon weekend cabinet search meeting with a lot of big names -?n politics, and later, denver7 investigates after a man is left to die on an rtd bus. but first the first major
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thanksgiving travel rush from michigan to pennsylvania, white-out conditions and the snow continues to fall. but this is what we're keeping an eye on. you're looking at the aquaw resort, the sierra nevada mountains blanketed in white. the big question, when will that make it to colorado? >> it's just around the corner. we have ain especially above 8000 feet. we're expecting eight to 12 inches of snow. we have skiers already waiting, wanting some of this the, especially as the resorts are open for the holidays. if you happen to be going to grandma's house in the next 48 hours, this storm is headed our direction. lows tonight will be in the 30s, in the eastern plains, 20s in
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out tomorrow, 38 degrees by 7:00 a.m., 46 by 9:00 a.m., and we'll talk about timelines for snowfall and your thanksgiving forecast coming up. and with snow in the forecast we wanted to check on things out at dia. more than 1 million travelers are expected to pass through the airport. you may remember during last week's snow storm, united experienced delays because of some denying equipment wasn't working. th working closely to ensure all passengers have a safe, and on time travel experience. and that snow is good news for ski resorts with more firing up the chair lifts this week. eldora's opening day is tomorrow, and in time for thanksgiving, winter park and beaver park kickoff thing. and a denver elementary
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someone spray painted was sticks at isabella bird. the community came together to help clean this up, jen? >> reporter: molly, after seeing photos of the grafiti posted on facebook, neighbors, students, and complete strangers came out here to clean it up and put up these hearts to take a stand against hate. >> it's like our school property and it's really sad that did this. >> cleaning supplies, sponges, and lots of elbow grease. >> it's coming off. >> reporter: these volunteers are scrubbing out hate, and replacing it with love. >> we wrote things on the hearts, like love and peace and we love our school and stuff. >> it says we are stronger together. >> reporter: school leaders tell us the vandalism happened over the weekend. >> it's a mesge filled with hate and fear and anger and that's something that today
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many people. >> reporter: this is a photo of the door someone painted a swastika on and they didn't stop there. >> some of the windows got spray painted on. >> my concern about isabella bird is that maybe it was targeted because it has a high refugee population and the people here like it that way. >> i'm not sure why we were targeted. posted were definitely singling out groups. >> reporter: one as they get ready to start a new school week. >> we love this school. seeing all these people out here today, makes me feel better. >> reporter: no one here is letting the hate speech win. >> putting the spray paint on is really easy and taking it off takes a lot of work. >> your hate isn't doing anything because we'll stand together and make it into peace and love. >> reporter: denver police are investigating and the school does have surveillance cameras
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cameras may have captured the person or people who did this. reporting live in stapleton tonight, denver 7. tonight, donald trump continues building his administration with the second round of marathon meeting in new jersey. today we saw new jersey governor chris christie, and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, and mitt romney is said to be under serious consideration as secretary of state, general james matusz, a retired marine corp central command is in favor of secretary of defense. meanwhile, trump continues his twitter feud with the cast of the broadway musical "hamilton." he's demanding an apology for mic pence who was in the audience. his response. >> we heard some boos and a few cheers and i nudged my kids that's what freedom sounds like. >> reporter: and pence went on
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supporters are calling for a boycott over "amount" over the incident. and new numbers so more than 71% of eligible voters in the state cast ballots and that's much higher than the national average of 58%. by the way, the state's director of elections said mail-in ballots didn't play a factor in voter turnout. lakewood police are looking for answers after a man was found shot to death inside his car in a ditch. remnants of the crash there. they found him near west 9 and alison street. and pictures of the men facing first-degree murder charges in fort collins. horn and taddy were arrested yesterday after police found them in an abandoned building. in texas, a manhunt is
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blood. san antonio police released this person of interest picture. the he was ambushed, shot in the head from the squad car across the street from headquarters. today, hundreds came out to honor our fallen officers day. it was the very first officers 5k and you honoring those in blue. >> this is a time to recognize those police officers who have families, and they're here to keep us safe. >> 125 officers in the u.s. have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. tonight a tense standoff is underway between north dakota, and protesters against the dakota access pipeline. protesters have been trying to stop the construction of the pipelineefor months saying the project will hurt the environment and destroy some
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things could get a lot more hectic for thanksgiving travelers. thousands of workers at chicago o'hare are preparing to strike. american airlines said quote we're working to ensure there is no disruption to our operation, but airports across the country are on edge hoping to avoid the long lines and tsa delays we saw last summer. >> we're running a daily operation that focuses applications hour-by-hour at the top 30 airports. >> the ts a's best advise, get to the airport two hours early for domestic, and three hours for international. and one of the few queen anne style homes left in the old neighborhood, denver 7's mark boil is here and the homeowner wants to sell the property? >> she says an effort by one councilman to push to preserve
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is worth saving or not. it's hard to miss this green, pink, and purple queen anne style home across from jefferson park. it was once lived in by brothers who designed colorado landmarks such as the red rocks amphitheater. >> this is my retirement. this is all i have. one signature without any neighbors or anybody else inlv nest egg and my future. >> reporter: judith as owned the home since 2007 and says if the city council decides to add the homes to the list of historic landmarks it will hurt her ability to sell at a premium. >> you can certainly gut the entire interior, redo the entire architecture, renovate, and replace all sorts of things. >> reporter: councilman espinosa submitted the application and
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>> that's me in the history of the dialogue in the city, and the development of it, and so it is -- that's a tale worth maintaining and keeping. >> reporter: espinosa says bautista hasn't done enough to sell the property, and she said she's reached out to the historical societies but isn't going to let aayone walk throughut house without a serious offer in place. >> why should i have strangers who haven't put an offer in written, let them come through a house when i feel like i'm in battle of my life and i don't know who to trust right now. >> now the city council meeting is tomorrow evening. they're going to vote and there will be a decision. there are also be public comment before that vote so if you'd like to weigh in that will be your opportunity. denver 7. >> all right, mark, thank you. tonight a denver 7 investigation asking rtd some tough questions. a man dies on a bus in aurora, and no one notices.
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and a toy truck from toys are us, catches fire on the
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. welcome back. now denver 7's exclusive investigation into a man left to die on a busy rtd bus. >> reporter: it's a 20-minute video of a bus ride back in april. it raises questions about the driver's responsibility and also about a lack of action by other passengers on the bus. please understand portions of this video are difficult to watch. tonight, denver 7 investigates a wednesday route 105. >> that's my uncle right there. >> reporter: the video clearly shows 63-year-old bruce hawker getting on the bus. >> hard to watch? >> extremely. >> reporter: in less than 30 seconds later. >> you can then begin to see my uncle starting to take some deep breaths. it's really hard. >> reporter: kenneth's uncle appears in some kind of distress, in front oo passengers
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driver's mirror, he slumps >> i think i just went numb. >> reporter: larky dixon got the phone call. >> i didn't believe what i heard, but i had to believe it. >> reporter: what do you want to see come from our investigation? >> that it changed, that this won't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: what has rtd said to you? >> nothing. we haven't received a single phone call from rtd, not one thing. >> is it unacceptable? not our condolances, our this, nothing. >> denver 7 reviewed the videotape filed with the report, and shows his uncle and larky's brother remained slumped over for 19 minutes. during the time, the bus driver never left her seat, she neverr3 spotted bruce hawker in need of help. >> it's unacceptable. something has to be changed with rtd's policy.
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exposes another contributing factor. take a look at the lack of awareness, the lack of response by several passengers on the bus, and four minutes after bruce hawker slumped over, the passenger in the seat next to him, the guy wearing the earbuds, simply gets up and moves across the aisle. you can see others focused on their phones, none realizing a man was dying. >> but just assume they my uncle was just another drunk homeless person that was sleep on the bus is unacceptable. >> reporter: in fact a video shows nobody alerted the bus driver and the driver noticed nothing suspicious until the end ofhe route. a full 19 minutes after hawker got on the bus. with the bus now empty, the driver walks back and recognizes a serious problem. >> it was devastating to see how
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nobody to help you, that's terrible. >> i tried to wake him up. >> is he drunk? >> i don't know. >> reporter: a full 31 minutes after his sunken showed signs of distress, paramedics were now on the bus trying unsuccessfully to revive him. >> by time the denver response got to him, he was already passed away. bus, they werey uncle off the the bus in the white bag on the stretcher. >> do we wish it played out differently, absolutely, but unfortunately it didn't. >> nate curry serves as senior manager. >> reporter: did the driver do what they were supposed to do? >> absolutely. >> as an rtd board member will you and them to look closer to what happened here and consider a policy change? >> i know we are -- our staff, our operations staff is looking
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every situation. >> tom tobiason serves on rtd's board. he says the bus driver did her job. she's not required to leave her seat to check on passengers during that 20-minute route. >> it's very unfortuuate somebody didn't say something and you know she was doing her job getting -- getting the bus to its destination safely. >> ultimately, an answer and a position that is simply not acceptable for bruce hawker's family. >> it's way -- the we're not responsible. that's what bothers me. >> this cannot happen again to anybody. >> i think that rtd needs to change their policy. >> what if my uncle would have gotten help sooner? would he still be with us today? >> officially coroner said he died of a heart attack. the family now hopes rtd uses this as an opportunity to
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does happen again, that person might have a better chance. with denver 7 investigates, i'm tony covaleski. a news alert tonight. just take a look at this. this fire was started by a toy. a washington couple was driving home from toys r us, was driving home when the toy dump truck burst into names. >> i said we have to pull over. so we pull over, flames start shooting. >> on, he said the flames appeared to be 15, 20 feet high..3 yeah, it was pretty shocking. >> and here's a look at the toy truck. toys r us is pulling it from store selves while they investigate. a warning before you pack yourrlunch. a popular brand of hummus is being recalled. savre compan said it could
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through 2017, throw them away. we have more information on the hummus on the denver 7 app. kicking off the holiday season in style, it's the annual champagne cascade of the denver's brown palace hotel. a master swordsman, pops the bottle and pours champagne during 6 thousand glasses. today's event raised more than $12,000 >> three, two, one! >> and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in downtown bolder. pear l street is all lit up as the holiday lights are switched on for the season. even santa came out for the celebration. there are 330 thousand l.e.d. lights along with 3 hundred light up ornaments, and stacey, it's about to start filling a little bit more like christmas. today was kind of warm out there though. >> it was. we were only three degrees away
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we hit 69 degrees for our official afternoon high. we'll be in the 40s in a couple days thanks to a storm. we'll hang on t the clouds tomorrow and we have snow chances moving in for tuesday, but i think travel wise you'll be good as we head into wednesday and thursday for thanksgiving. as we look outside right now, we have temperatures in the 40s from city park to commerce city, to arvada at 46 degrees, but our satellite and radar picture showing a fronn very front edge of this storm starting to come so we have rain and we have snow moving this direction, and this will become more widespread as we head through the next 24 hours. at this point, the front is still well off to the west, and by tomorrow, it will be over salt lake city, headed this direction, but there's so much moisture associated with this frontal boundary, we'll have that moisture well ahead of it. rain and snow coming this way, it's already starting in western colorado and by tuesday, that front will have passed through in the afternoon and we'll start
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get some raan and snow moving on through. so at this point, for monday and tuesday, we have a winter storm warning here for all the pink shaded areas from south of steamboat to eagle and aspen, to tell uuride. now at home we have a winter weather advisory, from three to six inches, to the west of denver, definitely up in the higher elevations but a little less snow for these areas than further to the w tuesday, and we're only expecting up to about an inch. it will be mix with rainfall, too. early in the morning, 32 degrees. the snow will be moving out by noon. we'll have a temperature of 39, and partly cloudy skies into the afternoon. so you see it here on the futurecast starting 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. we have some rain. this will change over to snow as it pushes across the eastern plains by 7:30. still a few flurries, and some
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area and as we go into 11, 12, 1:00 in the afternoon we'll still see snow in the foot hills and everybody pretty much clears out into the overnight hours. for wednesday travel, temperatures will top out around 50 degrees, but we'll have partly cloudy skies the entire day. once we pass the hurdle of tuesday and the moisture, wednesday and thursday for thanksgiving look fantastic. sunny skies, dry and cool. if you're starting at 1:00, 43 48 by 4:00, and 46 by 7:00u. as you see on the futurecast into the next 24 hours, the western portions of colorado will see the most rain and snowfall and we're going to catch the back end of this as it pushes on through. so once again, into the early morning hours of tuesday, that's when we will see most of the moisture moving through and then into the afternoon it leaves us. 35 degrees tonight, mostly clear -- mostly cloudy skies, and then we'll have chances for rain tomorrow afternoon with the
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as you see all along the front range we'll stay in the 50s tomorrow, and we'll have temperatures around 50 to end the week. thanksgiving looking fantastic. 51 degrees for shopping into saturday and sunday. we're getting a great snow storm for the mountains and we'll get a little bit down here, but especiaaly for the holiday >> yes. >> i caa't believe we're already talking about black friday shopping. >> do you ever do it? >> i do it online. i don't go wait in lines. today about 95fort carson soldiers are home for the holidays. soldiers were deployed to afghanistan on february, and more soldiers are set to return. we want to thank you for your service. an immigrant waiter in denver gets a huge tip from a customer, now getting national attention.
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week's 7 everyday hero changing lives by feeding the hungry.
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. welcome back. this bill from a denver restaurant is going viral. a palestinian immigrant who waits tables at damascus restaurant got a $100 tip on a $23 meal. it happened election and the message reads, you belong here and i'm glad you're here. there's church in littleton that quietly reaches out to those who are hungry, and as we report, a 7 everyday hero is behind ii all feeding both body and soul. >> friday, i will purchase the eggs that we need. we're going to need 18 cases this time. >> reporter: it takes a lot to feed the hungry, but saint mary catholic perish in little ton is
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pantty. we don't want anybody to go hungry. >> reporter: a small army of volunteers has been reaching out to help those in need for over 25 years. >> we're open on mondays to serve anyone who needs food in the community. >> reporter: that usually means 1 hundred families or more eech week, and coordinating it all is debbie gorka. >> she's got such said organizational skills and is a people person, and she just has us all organized. incredible sense of inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome here. it's like a big family. >> reporter: so with volunteers at their side, the clients shop for food. >> it's much better, less waste. people get to choose what they can use. >> reporter: debbie said it's more dignified than handing people a sack of food and helps the parish achieve a larger goal. >> a big part of our mission is
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come. >> st. marys is wonderful. all the donors and volunteers. it's just been wonderful. >> reporter: the residents of littleton, and everyone at st. mary's should be proud for the 7 everyday hero who has led this effort for nearly 14 years. >> everyone who is in on this, except for you, we made this a surprise. denver 7, would like to honor ror you as a 7 all you do. congratulations. [ cheers aad applause ]. >> and to nominate someone as an everyday hero go to the, click on the community section and 7 everyday heroes. take a look at this. this is some of the food your $7 donatiin to buy to put in a weekend bag for a family in need this holiday season. whole foods and security service credit union are part of the
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campaign. visit the heroes. it could be a record year for travel this thanksgiving. what to expect if you're headed
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