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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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denver7 news starts right now. 6:00 am and intense morning across the country, pipeline protests in north dakota, police officers targeted in three states and swastikas spray-painted on an elementary school. how families are rising up against it. >> protesters accused of writing in north dakota. first another winter storm headed to our area, here is your first alert forecast. >> we will get snow before the thanksgiving holiday great for the ski resort, a few showers hitting the western slope, across the plains quite a bit of cloud cover. he number of alerts going into
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spot that could get heavy snow right through the central mountains including parts of summit boulder and larimer counties, 5 to 10 inches in denver likely a pretty light system for us. i will show you what that looks like coming up. today you will find quite a bit of cloud cover, highs in the low 60s, a chance for a few showers for the evening commute tooight, more about that coming up. seven-day forecast. you mention the high country snow falling in parts of the mountains. not here at the eisenhower tunnel which is good news. we will have some trouble related issues in the high country. right now the front range looks okay, look from air tracker 7 looking straight down southbound i-25. 270 that way, 36 this way.
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that is what you are seeing into downtown. take a look at the overall map, one accident to the east, eight and monaco not a huge delay we will seem delays on northbound spear between seventh and 10th expect the delays to continue tuesday. some brand-new video of the chaos as demonstrators clashed with police in north dakota overnight at the dakota pipeline access line proteins -- you can see police firing what appear to be water cannons at the people in the crowd, also tear gas was used. organizers say 167 demonstrators were hurt, the number has not been confirmed, police say one of their officers was hit in the head with a rock. at east one person has been arrested. deputies said the protesters were trying to start fires
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overnight one apartment is destroyed and eight others damaged after a fifth floor fire in colorado springs. this is in southwestern part of the city. officials have not said what started the fire. police department's remembering this man detective benjamin marconi police officer who was ambushed and killed while writing a traffic ticket yesterday. breaking overnight an officer shot during a traffic stop the suspected gunman shot also. they may have shot each other both expected to survive. in florida a police officer shot while sitting in his cruiser. the suspect drove up open fire, the suspect was arrested. another drive-by shooter in
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the officer was shot twice in the face. that sparked a citywide manhunt, police tracked down the suspect and killed him and issued a. the suspect has not been identified. in stapleton families are taking a stand against hate scrubbing neo-nazi graffiti off the side of the school. who is behind these swastikas. jason gruenauer joins us live from the school. >> reporter: police investigating, the good news the graffiti has been cleaned up through the community response over 50 people came out community members people in the neighborhood parents of kids who go to the school to make sure the kids did not see it. one photo spread around social medistting all of this. this shows a back gym door of the isabella bird community school with one of the
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we also had some sidewalks spray-painted and a playground covered in spray paint and other messages. and was answered by different messages of love on scrap pieces of paper cutout into hearts and people who came out with scrub brushes and cleaners to help clean this up, they did not want to see this happen in their neighborhood. we spoke to the principal about what happened. >> the outpouring of support have received, the hearts and messages all over has definitely taken something that was unfortunate and said and turned it into something beautiful. >> denver police continue to look for the ople or person that did this to figure out the reason behind it. coming up at 6:40 this morning we will talk to one of the women who was behind bringing the paper hearts out here, and why
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stapleton jason gruenauer , denver7 bias related hate incidents are up. present electron could announce more hires, he met with 20 candidates over the weekend. one big question, waterboarding, vice president elect mike pence says the trump administration will not rule out waterboarding. republican senator john mccain president-elect. >> i don't give a damn what the president wants to do or what anybody wants to dowe will not water board.>> trump says he supports waterboarding and he promised to use much harsher measures against terrorists. >> police are trying to track down a robbery suspect, the men pulling out a gun during a hotel party stole marijuana and cash from everyone present,
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if you know anything call crimestoppers. lakewood police searching for a homicide suspect, a man found shot dead in his car in a ditch yesterday morning, the victim identified as phillip tod penny, there is no description of a suspect. this man could spend more than 20 years behind bars. he was found guilty of pimping a 17-yeaa-old girl this year. police said the teenager was a runawayy a judge if a greeley man will go to trial for a gruesome murder. the victim was found stuffed in a trunk in her home, the suspect is being held without bond. good news for drivers, gas prices are down $0.04, overall gas is $0.12 cheaper than last year, that is good news if you plan to hit the mountain, today
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a number of locations already open. winter park, steamboat and beaver creek opening in time for thanksgiving weekend. some on thursday others on friday. more than 50 million people will be traveling before thanksgiving. half will be flying. >> it could be a record travel weekend the travel rush is already picking up, amanda del castillo joins how are the lines so far? >> reporter: we have seen them fluctuate throughout the day, right now they aren't too bad. we are over by the north security lines, according to fly denver there is a 13 to 17 minute wait at any checkpoint, you're looking at the north security lines, as we get closer to thanksgiving 1.1 million people will be flying out of the airport and that
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arrive 2 to 3 hours early, some good news for monday travelers all lots and garages are open. but it isn't only the skies seemed a hike in traaelers, wednesday will be the busiest day on the roads, 791,000 coloradans expected to travel at least 50 miles during the holidays. back to the skies, more security. we will talk about specifics in the next half hour. reporting live amanda del castillo denver7. it is monday morning we are tracking another storm, take a look today in the mountains you will find rain and snow as this next storm rolls in, here in denver pretty dry to start, in the low 40s at the bus stop this morning. send the kids with a jacket,
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and a chance for a few showers for the evening commute, tomorrow morning it could get slushy. dry conditions southbound i- 25 at the junction of i-76 starting to bunch up typical slowing making the trip in 20 minutes. the american music awards in the books. we have the highlights after the break. the broncos are
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6:13 on this monday morning a live look from air tracker 7, i-25 and 20th. still pretty dark out there, maybe not too many cars on the roadway.
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turnout according to the state director of elections, within 71% of people in the state voted much higher than the national average of 58%, the election was a hot topic during the american music awards the hostess showed off her melania trrmp impression. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. and our children. >> green day also spoke out against trump starting an anti- trump chanted during the performance. political messages received a mixed reaction from the crowd. >> this is not the best news during fixing travel week, wind causing delays at some east coast airports, laguardia reported two hour delays % because f the wind, the
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advisory gusts up to 50 miles per hour, but me show you how strong the wind is, it has been blamed for two terrible fires on the east coast this morning, both in new jersey, one in trenton where nine homes were damaged, three have collapsed and six others could collapse. people were injured in that. also newberry june -- new jersey homes were destroyed. for the division lead, good news yesterday the kansas city chiefs choked at home against the tampa bay buccaneers. kansas city and denver are tied at 7-3 in the division they will play sunday night at mile high kickoff 6:30. >> that means the broncos will be ahead. the weather looks pretty
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speaking of thanksgiving travel we are tracking a storm today, another one could bring snow to the mountains wednesday into early thursday morning on thanksgiving morning. today and tomorrow temmeratures dropping dramatically from 60s in town to the 40s tomorrow, checking some heavy snow in the mountains could be over one foot west of the divide and above 8000 to 9000 feet here in denver a little snow tonight the eastern plains a little sliver of pink on the camera near sterling, quite a bit of color cover out east and we will see quite a few clouds today, upper 50s to low 60s by 2:00 and then a chance for a few showers by midafternoon. i will show you that in a minute, littleton today 62, lone tree 63, aurora a high of 659.
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above normal in denver today, today is the warmest day on the seven-day forecast, a number of alerts in effect today including a winter storm warning and advisory for the central mountains right through some of the ski resort spots set to open up this week a good 5 to 10 inches of snow, again not a big system for us in denver likely one or two inches of snow by midday tuesday. here is what it looks like on futurecast, quite a bit of club cover along i-25 today, rain and snow spreading further east, when the temperatures are near 60 some of the showwrs will be just rain for the evening commute and then we will dry out before another chance or rain and snow into early tuesday morning. right along the palmer divide from denver south to the springs we could get some acumen letting snow over monument hill, slushy or
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by the afternoon things were clear out under a little bit of color cover, but not a storm hanging over the state for long, tomorrow 45 degrees quite a bit cooler, we bounce back to 50 on wednesday, any travel you have in and around town thursday looks pretty good, a mix of sun and clouds, upper 40s to the low 50s, the mountains will likely see snow late wednesday into early thursday. into the weekend beautiful saturday and sunday, some 50s, upper 40s black friday so far looks good. a high of 51 friday. traveling on thursday looking good. southbound side of i-25 looking great this morning, but it is getting busier, a touch lighter than normal in some spots stop and go traffic today as we get
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you can see the northbound side looks good, overall looking busier, one accident, not a huge deal, the rest of the drive to the south side looks good, air tracker 7 is heading that way, colorado boulevard so far 15 minutes to the denver tech center. a suicide bomber targets a shiite mosque in afghanistan. the the mosque several people injured not clear how many were killed. closer to home a pilot being called a hero, his plane crashed during a flight friday night, four people were killed this was probably mechanical failure, the pilot saved lives by steering the plane away from the neighborhoods. at least 150 people were killed after a passenger train derailed in india. more than half of the train's
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least 150 people taken to the hospital for treatment. officials fear the death toll could rise. multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating a mysterious death in colorado, a body was found floating in the arkansas river. the el paso county coroner is performing an autopsy. a waiter in denver was worried about the results of the election until a customer helped ease the tension. >> the waiter got a $100 tip on a $23 bill. there was a message written on there that reads you belong here and i am glad you are here. if you need spending money for black friday you might want to pick up aa powerbbll ticket, there was no winner saturday night as a
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will be worth $359 million. if you take the cash payout it is more than $219 million. if you have extra room at the table this holiday season consider hosting a fort carson soldier. giving soldiers a taste of home away from home, a link for you to sign up on the free denver7 app. you could help out during christmas or thanksgiving. >> it is great to give them an opportunity to have someplace to go. a fiery finish to the season for furniture row racing. a live look from the roof of the denver7 studios about 40
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here is your first alert, quite a bit of club cover a live look from our fiorinal camera you can see hoo cloudy
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in the low 60s between noon and 2:00. a chance for a few showers this% afternoon. by 12:00 all of the rain and snow in the mountains and out west, by 3:00 a chance for a few rain showers for the evening commute and then a chance for snow tomorrow morning more on that coming up. expects some traction and chain laws in place in the mountains today, none right now you can see two tony five near alameda that is getting busier but the mountains will get hit harder ovee the next couple of days. plan accordingly. 6:25, the nascar season is over. the champion a familiar face. jimmie johnson picked up his seventh championship that ties johnson with the most in history. a rough day on the track
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into a nasty wreck. 3 he got out okay. he had an excellent season with four wins now hoping to win the championship next year. the new season begins in february. a man in a ford mustang busted going 208 miles per hour in oklahoma city. >> officialsssay the driver was trying to get away from a state trooper he is now facing a >> the fastest qualifying lap in nascar was to 12 this guy was going fast. he had a really nice mustang. the winter weather is moving in, it caused a 40 car pileup in one state, find out what it means for your travel. >> a homicide nvestigation continues a dead man found in
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breaking overnight, a tragic story in indiana, four -?children have been killed in house fire. they were all ggrls, the oldest, only 11 years old. the mother was airlifted to a hospital. two police officers were hurt trying to help in the rescue situation, witnesses say try to perform life-saving maneuvers on the victims but unsuccessfully. no word on what caused the fire. windy and snowy weather moving across the country causing this 40 car pileup in ohio. people are reporting whiteout conditions from pennsylvania to michigan. >> there could be more winter weather in the next 48 hours, lisa joins us with your first
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trickiest when it comes to travel. if you are flying out tomorrow check ahead a chance for snow in denver tomorrow morning. i will show you what it looks like right now, in the village quiet but we are tracking some potential heavy snow in the mountains. right now most of what we are seeing is west of the divide a rain and snow mixed light at this point quite a bit of club cover in denver and across the plains are totals are in the one are totals are in the 1 to 2 inch ring -- ng that potentially tomorrow morning we could get a few showers today. could get closer to one foot in the mountains as you get down to southwestern colorado. today highs in the low 60s, it will get a lot colder tomorrow, details on that and i will show you what it looks like snow chances coming up. along the front range we are in good shape along i-70 or 285, here on 225
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yell bridge and mississippi that is in good shape seeing good crowd up a little bit very typical. the last of the old arapahoe bridge is gone, piles of rubble as they are continuing to build the new bridge, the southbound side of i-25 as they are continuing to build the new bridge, the southbound side of i-2520 minute heavy stop and go congestion. typical anywhere you want to go. traffic accident eight and monaco. the tradition continues for president-elect donald trump. 60 days from inauguration day and he has plenty of positions to fill. these five men have been named to trumps the staff. steve bannon, michael flyn mike pompeo and jeff sessions, there are other several spots to fill the big one secretary of state. the president elected did meet
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mitt romney james mattis and rudy giuliani. all of the meetings went well he will announce his staff soon. one person recovering from serious injuries after a crash near 26th yesterday morning. a pt cruiser ended up crashing into a home. police have not said if speed or alcohol were factors. a 10-year-old boy could face charges after stabbing his brother over the weekend fountain. this was a dispute over a pack of cigarettes. the older brother has asked police to not press charges. these men are accused of first- degree murder, anthony horne and matthew tatti, they killed a man, dumped his body in an abandoned building. the victim has yet to be identified. police are still investigating. there will be more than 25 million people flying over the
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airline workers at chicago's o'hare airport are planning to strike. >> airports across the country aron edge because delays would create a ripple effect across the country. tsa is doing everything they can to keep things running smoothly. >> we are running a daily operation focusing on screening operations. >> tsa's best advice, get to for domestic flights three hours international. united airlines hoping to avoid problems at dia. the united deicing increment failed last thursday, hundreds of passengers were delayed. united says we are working closely with our service partner to ensure all passengers have a safe and on time travel experience. dia tells us they could break
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been adding extra staff. >> amanda del castillo at the airport this morning, it is starting to get busy isn't it? >> it is, we showed you a live look 30 minutes go where wait times were 10 minutes long, look at the lines right now more peoppe starting to file in. wait times still aren't too bad. it could take 6 to 12 minutes to get through security lines. that most likely won't be the case as we get closer to think. spokesman keith montgomery says the airport is adding contract workers during the thanksgiving and christmas holidays to help with nonsecurity tasks at air point -- portrait checkpoints. staffing is being increased nationwide and extra canine teams are being deployed. as many as 1.1 million people are expected to travel through
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wondering about parking and wait times there are resources avaalable, fly denver online shows parking availability. if you think you have lucked out by choosing to drive we should tell you wednesday is expected to be the busiest travel day on the roads. reporting from dia amanda del castillo denver7 breaking news. this big traffic accident just spot to be. this guys try to ggt folks to slow down, five vehicles involved in this accident that just happened moments ago on northbound to tony five right before alameda. a couple of other cars also up here, you can see the chain reaction accident waiting for police and fire trucks to show up causing a bigger traffic jam
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problem. the broncos were off this weekend but it was a big weekend for football in colorado. find out what is next for the rams and the buffaloes. one
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air. you know the drill you want to drive in denver you have to spend $25 for an emissions test, if you pass your good to go but here's the problem, people do not. some of the vehicles have no business being on the road. but, there are others that straddle the line between what is good and what is not. that is what we looked at, some mechanics came to us telling us vehicles are feeling that
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for instance this woman's rav4 failed time and again, she went -?to a certified mechanic to learn she did not need a single repair before she ultimately passed the test. that sent us taking to see how many other vehicles fail only to pass in the same day sometimes in less than a couple of hours. what kind of vehicles are we talking about? why is this happening? is the colorado emissions growth program worth the $50 million we spent on it last year. i'm ryan luby. check this is the big accident of the morning, you can see two cars here and in the bulk five vehicles in the center lane folks are trying to go to the right and left this is the northbound side of 225 right before alameda, huge backups going
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police and fire to get here. here is your first alert, in the 40s as you step out the door this will likely be the high tomorrow so we have a change on the way, quite a bit of club cover across the plains, a mix of sun and clouds today with a chance for a few showers, a little rain rolling through in time for the afternoon and evening commute. temperatures tay in the 60s, overnight tonight into tomorrow chance of snow tomorrow morning, today a high of 62 at the bus stop a lot of kids off later in the week, what to expect for your thanksgiving travels coming up. look at this video of the five kh review two police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, hundreds of people participating in the event. >> the money raised will go to a variety of police charities, we posted a link wwth more
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three officers targeted in the line of duty overnight, one was killed as he was writing a ticket in his patrol car. what police are saying about this string of violent incidents. swastikas painted on the door of a school in the metro area, we were there as a community cleaned up the
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this is the big problem of the morning, northbound to 25 right before alameda now the blocked with this multivehicle chain reaction crash, right here on the northbound side. a backup going back toward parker road, the map suggests to use chambers or peoria, the accident sits right here and this should be red but the map is trying to catch up to the traffic data, chambers and peoria off mississippi are decent ways to get around.
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sierra nevada, on the right snow in upstate new york, here in denver temperatures could hit 60 today. your first alert forecast coming up. several people forced out of their apartment is of a fire in colorado springs. >> the fire started on the fifth floor at the broadmoor park tower. one unit destroyed, eight others damaged, no word what started the fire. officials are helping the more violence against law enforcement officials. three officers in different states were targeted in random attacks in st. louis a 46-year- old officer shot in a drive-by style attack. the driver should suit -- survived. in floriia a similar attack an officer sitting in his car another car drives by and opens fire. that officer should survive as
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officer and a suspect both shot during a traffic stop. at last check both expect to survive. >> nationwide 126 officers have been killed in the line of duty this year including a san antonio officer who was murdered yesterday. closer to home hateful messages spray-painted on a school police are not sure who is responsible. >> the community speaking out against the graffiti. incident. >> it happened over the weekend on the back portion of this school isabella bird community school. talking about a backdoor all over the playground and some sidewalks. then the community responded coming out and cleaned it up before students started arriving for school on monday morning. we will show you the video that prompted this community response
6:46 am
that was one example of several hateful things that were written on this school. parents responded bringing out paper hearts and writing messages on them. we spoke to a parent of three students here she hopes her daughter, she had her daughters make the paper hearts with the messages of love taped up on the wall. take a listen at what she had to say. >> just to show that hate doesn't win over love. we are part of peace and we believe in peace. >> the local jewish life center in stapleton released a statement yesterday condemning these hateful acts, as for who and why police are investigating we hope to reach out to them
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reporting live from stapleton jason gruenauer denver7 it is 6:46 here is your cheat sheet for monday as we head into the holiday week we are tracking a storm moving it to colorado, 60s today across the plains and 40s tomorrow, quite a bit cooler tomorrow with the storm rolling through our best shot at snow in denver is tomorrow morning. a lot of club cover across the plains even sterling and down to the southeast near lamar, mountains will see the brunt of the moisture today here is a live look from loveland, cloud cover righlikely at the divide east along i-70 into the foothills you will likely find some snow by midafternoon, denver under a mix of sun and clouds today by 12:00 we will start to see more rain snow mix on the western slope through
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for the first round of showers this afternoon and evening for the commute. you might find some wet roads tonight, overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies and early tomorrow morning tracking a rain and snow mix that could mess with the commute, for those of you heading out tomorrow morning to get to the airport that will likely be the trickiest when it comes to travel this week, things will dry out and clear conditions by tuesday afternoon, like last week this is a fast-moving storm, most of the snow in the mountains a good 6 to 12 inches down south in through the central mountains and ski resorts 5 to 10 inches. including parts of summit, larimer and boulder county's the western edges of those counties could get decent snow, temperatures today in the low 600, upper 50s and low 60s but
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seven-day forecast, aurora at 60, montclair 63, lakewood 62, tomorrow low to mid 40s, closer to normal tuesday but then we warm up. any trouble wednesday and thursday looks pretty quiet, if you are going to the mountains some snow wednesday night into thursday but pretty dry conditions. getting there on thursday will be fine. >> the optimal time according to google was to leave sunday, the worst time is 3:00 wednesday. that is pretty obvious. the northbound side of 225 before alameda they just move the crash off to the left shoulder, but they are so close to the left lane police will keep the lane closed as they investigate the accident. but it will take some time, there are seven vehicles involved so it will be here for a while expect the northbound
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you can see how heavy the traffic is going all the way back to the crash sitting here before alameda some of the side roads are in better shape, the rest of the northbound side of 225 will be wide open in moments, the rest of the drive to the north getting heavier in the usual spots. take a look at the drive on 36, all the way to and from boulder, so far so good bunching up a little bi we get a little bit of sunshine. hughes stadium got quite the farewell look at the fans stormed the field after the rams beat new mexico. more than 29,000 people showed up for the game, a win means csu is ligible for the fourth year in a row. the buffaloes are one win away
6:51 am
a new set of rankings will be released tonight, buffalo hosts utah this weekend. another fire to tell you about, we have had so many this morning a good warning into the holiday weekend this one in maryland, a smoke alarm saved the family living inside the home. officials reported it was a husband and wife and their daughter in the home as well this morning, they were asleep at the time of the fire, they all made it out safely, we have covered three other fires across the country including a deadly one that killed four children little girls in indiana. this is such a happy side, arly 100 fort carson soldiers coming home in time for the holidays, they were deployed to afghanistan in
6:52 am
son for the first time. >> i am looking forward to spending time with my family.>> there are more soldiers that get to come home throughout the week, find these videos on the free denver7 at. >> that is great. this unique event raised more than $12,000 for charity over the weekend, it involved 6000 glasses of fine champagne. as we had to break from air tracker 7. more sn make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, call or visit a restaurant today. a look at this champagne cascade, they do this every year at the brown palace hotel
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champagne glasses into a pyramid. and then he takes the top off with the sabre. not a bad deal, the event raises money for charities, $10,000 went to various charities. >> that is great to see. fabulous. what we are working on. services for homeless people in boulder are disappearing this week, the community prime time -- source of shelter and food is closing. a man accused of shooting and killing his wife came to help faces first-degree murder charges. our sports teams they all sport different colors for the next two weeks pepsi center course field and mile high stadium are turning blue for men's health awareness.
6:56 am
outside our studios four days ago, now we have a live look outside a big difference, still some green on the playground, but that could change in a matter of hours. >> it could the mountains are seeing the snow. we might get some rain for the evening commute. here is what it looks like on futurecast, cloud cover through midday today that is what it looks like around 12:30 and then around 3:00 first wave of wet weather rain this afternoon as temperatures expect to be in the low 60s, 11:30 tonight under loud cover and tomorrow morning early on it starts off as rain turning over to snow this is 8:00, and then skies clear out by the afternoon, another fast-moving system, likely in the 40s on tuesday totals in denver would be one or two inches. a traffic accident on the
6:57 am
a traffic jam going back, heavy stop and go traffic on the northbound side, look at the map you can see other heavy traffic southbound to 25 i-25 a police investigation around 15th and plat the only accident beside that near county road six. a few minutes away from good morning america, coming up the city of san antonno in mourning. this detective shot in the head while writing a ticket. gma has the latest on the search for the gunmen. donald trump picking his cabinet, plenty of interviews over the weekend, mitt romney chris christie. political experts will be breaking this down next. a 55-year-old man makes college football history you will hear from him later on
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good morning, america. the northeast hit by the first major snowstorm of the season. a foot of snow already falling. more on the way. wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. and temperatures plunging from chicago to florida as millions prepare to hit the road for thanksgiving, a new holiday trav w breaking right now. massive manhunt. four police officers shot from st. louis to san antonio. overnight, a cop attacked while driving a squad car, and a 20-year veteran gunned down while writing a traffic ticket. >> getting to headquarters. president trump closes in on new cabinet picks. 21 meetings in two days. an announcement about secretary of defense is imminent. as trump picks a fight with hollyw


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