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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 11:00am-11:54am MST

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south a violent fight last night in fort collins i'm man trying to intervene gets stabbed to death. the good samaritan who rushed to help victims speaking out this morning. >> main is behind bars after being caught going on a rant yelling at ki as young as 10 years old. >> and donald trump outlined his plans for his first 100 days fice and he is going back on some key promises made during hisampaign. >> first, s talk out sn. are seeing iparts of e tro d in the high country. our rly rninraere denver turned into snow few hours ago. this is video wehot rlie this morning. we even had time lapse of the accumulation over oua six- minuteperiod.
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little bit. re is look out at eisenhower tunnel. the conditions there a little more treacherous on the roads. >>e do have team coverage on the snow event so denver 7's amda del castillo is out tracking the road conditions. >> first, let's go to lasalle who hamore on at to expect for the rest of the day. >> this is a very fast-moving system. already, a lot of the moisture shifti off to the east. we'll continue to pick next coup of hours beforea gradual cleang curs by th eving. right now, winds sustained from the north at 24 miles per hour. denver getting up to about 45 degrees today and some rain showers conninuing into bulled we are a high near 44. heres your futurecast.
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mo showers ample lot of shiftinf to the northeastern pla. by 6:00, 7:, we'll start to e atclearing. -- a lot of that aman del castio is keing an eye on things t there. how is it looking? >> reporter: itis looking all right. weare about 40 m of e senhower tuel. we we the ride here as wham prent-elec-- as tually prtymooth. everyone takingit slow on i- which is good ws. sn here acal tohing do andt seemedre wet th ng. meteolist letting you it tuing into wer as onas it hitsthwiid
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slick spots along 70 so take caution when drg through the ea. wel be live at the 11:30 ha current itnsow you sn still coming down here. mav yell thothewoman,i eard heard him screaming i stbed him, oh, my od, i st stabbed m. >> aanakinouafr sayse heard an beeeman and a won turn deadly this happened fort collins. jere ker les in the t mplex on k stre. ss hthe argument heara bistander who tried to intervene. that is en that peon trstabbe tnesses shot this cellne video of meone being detained focos police. the man's shirt coved in blood. several goodamaritans rushed tb viim'shi offand we had him in o arms and tryingo see if weeuld find any type
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ver up a c a pulse a uple ofofcers bende and move t of e way. nd ey their gut. >> t man o s abbed norv the good matan died. police are not releasing hithis hipartment over 20,000fr peodf five ars. kurtoghorkfoth erng firrtmentill now haveo pay ck the money anhel wife's crimin se still ongoin >>w detailabout what led o men apred tog shot andenv la break down the front door home isunnyside. the use. gs angu siinge
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s ug oo enver7.tsraci >>hemexican ds, i'll s them back to . >> thmain the vio a was yellg ata grou no. d 1- chenin denver ey filming a movie scene the founder of torrow maker films believes the hateful rant is no coincidence. feel likeit has of theseike closet cists. ot >>f we we of non- latino children, i don't ttink this would have happened. fi and arst the man in the to
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-- for anyone traveling abroad this week. the warning mentions the usual areas of concern such as tourist sites and public transportation. now, this comes as a man in new york was just arsted accused of pledge ago allegiance to isis and allegedly talkin about atakin times to attack outdoor events such as the new york thanksgiving day parade. isis has this in the pa -- praised attacks like this in the past. donald trump revealing details on what he wants to trump leased a video months in yesterday outlining his goals to his first days on international trade. trump said he would halt the progress on the trans-pacific partnership. he also addressed immigration and national security. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all
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undercut the erican worker. a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyberattacks and all other form of attacks. >> there is another video that is also getting a lot of attention. this recording of so-called alt- right activists celebrating trump's presidential victory and some giving the nazi salute. >> hail trump! hail our people! hail victory! >> trump's transition racism. this more than, multiple sources are saying dold trump has whittl his treasury cretarcandidate down to two people. jonathan gray be, a biioire in charge of real estate for blackstone and steven unich. it hooks like donald trump willnot pursfurther investigation in hiary clinton's ivate e-maal server. hes ing back onone of his campai promises
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at least those we but his campaign manager just announced that the president- elect has had a, quote, change of heart. >> trump has changed his mind also on a meeting with the "new york times." early this morning, he tweeted that he was calling offer a scheduled meeting today accusing the times of chhnging the terms and conditions of the meeting. but a few hours later, the time released a statement sayiig the etg thtrump was back on. de blasio worried about the cost of protecting donald trump in new york. the mayor is asking the federal government to reimburse the nypd for costs they're incurring try to keep trump and his family safe. the mayor says he has never been faced with a problem like this before and only thinks it is fair to get reimbursed. a heads up to anyone traveling on the airline lufthansa this thanksgiving week. the airline just announcing they are canceling more than 850 nights because of a pilot strike and that includes
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flight to munich and frankfurt out of dii now canceled. the pilots say high-def gone without a pay raise for more than five years. we have big developments breaking overnight in connection to this horrific bus crash in tennessee that left five kids dead. what investigators are saying about what may have led up to the crash. >> we are getting a look at a man accused of shooting and killing a texas police officer. what he had to say to news ccmeras as he was taken to jail. >> and a violent robbery caught
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breaking overnight, a tennessee school bus driver arrested for the horrific crash that killed five elementary school students and left dozens of others injured. that drive is 24-year-old johnthony walker. the scene yesterday in chattanooga was every parent's worst nightmare. just i miie from school, the bus loaded with kids ran off the road, crashed into trees and ended up on its side. investigators believe the bus was going way too fast. in fact, up to 30 miles per hour above the spode limit. walker is facing charges including vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment an reckless drive jog the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child.
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bring comfort to a mother or a father. and so today, the city is praying for these families. >> there are reports the bus driver asked students, quote, if they were ready to die. one boy and four girl were killed on the bus. also breaking overnight, we have learned yesterday's eartuake that struck near fukushima was an overshock from the deadly earthquake back in in japan but yesterday, the quake triggered tsunami waves. so far, no abnormality or change in radiation levels near the fukushima nuclear power plant. an investigation is under way in alabama after this video of a student being bullied went viral. you can see in the video the student being shoved and chased down the hallway as he gets pushed and hit in the back of the head. the victim tries to make a run
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from his bully. he even gets punch again d someother kids in the llway e encouraging . >> very disappointing. tcits very disturbing wh i i caunderstand the reaction that has really spread about the video. >> the mother ofviim is dending that thsten caught on video punching her son be punishedand suspded. we are now getting a look this morning at this man. his name is is tyrone mccain d is and killing texas police officer benjam marconi. this happweekend. he now fes cameras he was led to ja last night. here is what he d hato say when soone asked if he had anything to say about the crime he had juscommitted. >> anything you want to say being accused of shooting a cop, killing him? >> i just want to see my son.
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is hard to hair. he said he was upset about society not letting him see his son. so it was a custody battle and he says he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve. it the family of the slain police detective released a statement saying they appreciate the tpouring of prayers and support. > is is 19-year-old georgia bush. police say he shot a 46-year- that officer immediately rushed into surgery is expected to be okay. bush then was killed in a shootout with police after he tried to ke a run for it. prosecutor says he plan to retry former universiof cincinnati police officer ray tensing on murder charges. this is in connection to the deadly shooting last year of an unarmed black man. prosecutors say theywill request a new trial but in a different county. earlier this month, a judge
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unanimous verdict. a florida gas station clerk is lucky to be alive after fighting a robber. here is a look at the surveillance video from that encounter. you can seat robber walk in with a metal pipe. the suspect struck the collect in the back with the weapon. both of them fought each other and the employee actually managed to take the pipe away. gee just hit me in the back right here when to the register. basically,he tried to rob the store. and he hit me back. he tried to leave me unconscious. >> the clerk has since recovered but he is hoping police will catch the suspect. a couple in washington on a mission to get justice for a woman they saw being beaten outside their home. the beating caught on a home security camera. so take a look.
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>> when i saw them pull that woman out of that car, i thought, this is odd. and then they just cornered her and started beating her. >> neighbors are now concerned that i violent attack happened in broad daylight. police say they are investigating the assault but it is still not clear who the suspects are or even what the motive is. a trucker can be thankful for some good samaritans this week. he lost control riding to avoid a deer on a highway in michigan before this happened. that tanker truck exploded into flames. the truck driver is going to be okay, all thanks toothree passers-by who stopped to pull him away from the fire. >> they put their lives on the line. we wear protective equipment when we do that. they are doing it with just the clothes on their back. the search is on if thieves
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makingoff with watches. you can see they enter, one with a gun. another suspect violently smashes display cases. they ended up getting away with about $300,000 worth of watches there. >> katie joins us right now. even a little windy out there. >> it is really nice to see colorado but this is a fast system so it won't stick with us for very long. but we got a little rain- we'll take it. here is the view right now from our radar and satellite. storm oving off showily but surely to the east. by the time we finish up the day, we'll start to see the clearing skies. this is the view from loveland ski area. the mountains have the potential for pick up more but very cloudy rit now. a mix rain and snow throughout the morning but gradually cheering skies are in
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really cool out there. -- gradually clearing skies are in store for the afternoon. here is your 24 hour planner. high temperatures rising to the mid-40s. so below average but as you can see, overnight lows dropping into the 20s under mostly clear looks like on our futurecast. so as the storm system rolls through t we'll continue to pick up about a trace to an inch accumulation. very dry across the metro as we head into the evening commute. still the chance for a few mother snow showers at higher elevations into the mountains. by 6:30, heading out the door or coming home from work, we will see temperatures very cool but also clearing. so overnight hoes staying very chilly in the 20s -- overnight lows saying very chilly in the
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the potential to pick up a few more snow showers. wednesday, it will be a great travel day and then for the mountains, places like vail, aspen could be seeing a few more inches of snow there and this is what we are oking at . in terms of accumulation. about an inch or two in the valerie levels. here in denver, about a trace to an inch or accumulation. colorado springs, a little bit more. highs today a lot cooler than yesterday. 45 in denver. 44 some boulde stattwidas well, mostly cloudy and cool. asn at 40. the nortte plains feeling the low 40s by this afternoon. tonight, a lot chillier. wave been in the mid-30s, even 40s the last couple of days.
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morning. denver getting down to 25 degrees. aurora and castle rock also seeing low to mid-20s. so cheering skies, chilly conditions. so by tomorrow, statewide, sunny and dry. a few degrees warmer for our daytime highs. so if you are doing any traveling for thanksgiving, should be a great day to do so. in and out of colorado. 50degrees is our daytime high with overnight lows staying cool. for thanksgiving, partly cloudy skies, upper daytime highs so it will feel brisk, fall-like and friday is our bright spot on the seven- day forecast. mid-50s. then this weekend, we do have the chance for another storm system to affect portions of the mountains but here looking athe mostly a cooler day come sunday. >> cool temperatures. >> thank you, katie. we have all heard discussion abouts how dangerous football can be when it comes to concussions.
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invented the next big thing for football play ares to keep them
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the former physician for usa gymnastic has now been charged with several counts of sex abuse. one of the charges involves a child. dr.larry nassar was arrested late yesterday. more than 35 people have come forward accusing him of sexually assaulting them. the first incident dates back to 1998. he served as the usa gymnast ins team olympic games. concussions have been a big issue in football. a company has created a smack cap, it has pressure sensors built-in side. players wear it and anyone can monitor the hits they take during the game in real time in an app. it can show you how many times they've been hit and how hard. >> the results were very
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a regular skullcap, couldn't feel the sensors. >> the company is still working on figuring out a release date and it is still not clear how much the will cost. but parents or coaches can sign up online now to get them once they are available. much more to come in our next half hour including president-elect donald trump working to assemble hhs team and laying out his plans for his first 100 days in office. >> plus, we are hearing from a woman caught surveillance video being tased by police officers in texas while she was in a 3 be done. >> before we go to break, here a live look from our denver 7
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welcome back. we are takoma parking the weather conditions in our second half hour here. another storm system with rain and snow hitting our state this morning. here is a live look from our cameras there at mile high stadium looking towards down >> amanda del castillo has been on the roads all morning long in the high country first. and now she is tracking conditions from genesee. >> reporter: we traveled about 40 miles east of the ice p hour tunnel where we were at this morning. conditions are still wet along i-70. but people are taking it extremely slowly on the roads. i'll give you a live look at what i-07 is looking like right now. snot very much of the same
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that slush prove to be pretty dangerous. we saw somm people swerving to the side when we were at the eisenhower tunnel. here, not too much which is good news. still, you will want to take it very slowly on i-70 as there are still self slick sps. we vanity seen any snow plows this way. you can tell the roads are pretty clear. just very slick. but snow is still falling. it is pretty light though which is good there, it is pretty dense when you get into the fog there but otheise, everyone seems to be traveling at a safe speed and getting through safely, which is good news. and we have a heads up for skiers and snowboarders. beaver creek is pushing its opening day back to friday. the resort will still offer gondola rides to take you to the top of the mountain on wednesday and thursdayy
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basin. the ski area is expanding. they got the go ahead to add 338 acres of ski terrain along with a new chairlift and summer activities. it the will take about three years to complete. it is great to see some of the snow. i know the ski resorts are thrilled to finally be getting this snow. down here, people have mixed esmokes. >> of course. we've seen a mix of rain and snow and like amanda said, the roads are pretty wet but the out. here in town, not picking autopsy i lot more moisture than we've already seen this morning. just a few more spotty showers. -- not picking up a lot more moisture than we've already seen this morning. this is a live view right noo of vail village. they are not open yet but will be as we head into friday. we have another storm system that has the potentiafor bringing in a few more inches
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and vail come early thanksgiving morning. here in denver, here is your cheat sheet for this afternoon. about 2 inches but more closer to a ttace of accumulation here in town. 40s are our high temperatures for today. a little bit warmer tomorrow and then we're dry statewide come wednesday and thursday. we'll stay dry here in the metro. our temperatures if you are head hadding outside, 39 degrees so very chilly in city park.. evergreen at 31. the winds will pick up this afternoon. highs today elsewhere as you can see will stay in the mid- to upper 40s across much of the front range but breezy especially for spots like greeley and fort collins. boulder, a few more rain showers but this storm will be moving out. how much are the mountains expecting over the next 24 to 48 hours? we'll take a look at the snow accumulation potentials coming up in a bit. an investigation under way now to determine whether or not
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policies when they used a taser on a woman in a wheelchair. the whole thing was caught on camera. you can see shakeitha holman in her wheelchair engage with the deputy. you see an officer grab her phone and throws it. minutes later, she gets tasered. she falls for the ground and then police shocked her again after she was in handcuffs. >> i feel like they actually abused the abuse a disabled person that couldn't even fight back. >> the sheriff's department says their investigation leads them to believe that the deputies fil violated policy, there will be disciplinary action. dozens of animals back here at home killed in a barn fire. this was in greeley. firefighters say 28 animals were found dead. workers at a nearby oil facility tried to open the
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animals as they could. still not clear what parked the flames. a man killed in fort collins on friday is 44-year- old benjamin mckinley. he was stabbed to death and found dead inside an abandoned building that was being use as a shelter for several homeless people. hate crimes in colorado seem to be on the rise. 21 cases of criminal mischief been reported in denver so far this year and five incidents just within the last two weeks. presidential election has given lease to some undercurrents of hatred or loathing that have been there the whole time. colorado muslim society says a number of their members have been target verbally and physically. they mentioned a woman shopping just after the election.
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don't belong here. a reference to slavery will stay in the colorado constitution. the measure failed by few are than 16,000 votes. supporters say this measure will be back on the ballot in the future. they believe it failed because of confusing language. the pepsi center under fire right now. 3 some claim it is not friendly for fans with disabilities. and new a local woman is suing. kirsten kurlander is hearing impaired and says without closed captioning on the large her children understand what is going o her lawyer claims the pepsi center is not ad compliant for those who are hearing impaired. >> this affects all deaf and hard of hearing people would live in colorado who travel here for events, for concerts, for sporting events so it is a huge issue.
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community. an undercover prostitution sting in fort collins leads to the arrest of 10 men. police placed ads on web sites like craigslist. they say potential clients contacted them to set up appointments and when the men showed up to an agreed-upon hotel, they were arrested. fort collins police say prostitution is often connected with sex trafficking, illegal drugs and violent crimes. a pueblo police k-9 sniffed ?ut a million dollar cocaine bust. ok police pulled someone over after they noticed the car weaving on i-25678 that 25678 -- on i-25. that is when the dog smelled the cocaine. % president-elect donald meeting as he looks to round out his top administration posts. >> some of those are raising issues. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here.
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donald trump posted a video outlining his agenda inaugurrted trackingling trade deals and imposing a lobbying ban for all workers in the executive bran. that lobbying ban intended to separate business incident refuse the public interest, an issue that with mr. trump's port foal quo pose as a chhllenge says matt dowd. >> you cannot take advantage or benefit from a foreign state or a foreign government. that is a >> reporter: there have already been a few meetings that seem to bl the line between business and development. first with reaestate developers in india and now a british politician who the "new york times" reports may have been lobbied about the trump lf course in scotland. now, the first house republican is breaking ranks to criticize mr. trump's many business biz entanglements. supporter rudy giuliani says he
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an investigation into his former rival, hillary clinton but he could go either way. >> there is a tradition in american politics that, after you win an election, you sort of put things behind you. i also would be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> regardling of what mr. trump decides, it is worth noting in this country, the presiddnt does not decide who should or shouldn't be prosecuted. that decision is intended to be made by investigators based on evidence incident of politics. this more than, we have new numbers on the cost of fighting the beaver creek fire. that price tag has now grown to $30 million since the fire started back in june. the fire, which issstill burning, has scorched more than 60 square miles in northern colorado and southern wyoming. a juvenile has been charged with starting it. a man who opened fire on police will spend decades behinn bars. the police officer was shot last year.
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years in prison for attempted murder. he shot at a police officers multiple times during a traffic stop last year. today marks the start of a busy travel week out at dia. between now and next monday, approximately 1.1 million travelers will use the airport. >> there is a lot of people that are going to be out there. that is up 10% from last year. the record crowds bring benefits to dia. not only do the stores and restaurants bring in money but part of the salses help with operating costs -- sales help ?ith operating costs. >> over the summer, we set 10 of our top 10 busiest days here at the airport. we are expecting to set one of those records on sunday. >> sunday will be the busiest day over the thanksgiving week. and holiday shopping season is in full swing already but before you buy your kids ties online this year, keep in mind not all toys can you find on the web are safe.
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found that, of the 44 recalled toys from the past year, you can still find and buy 16 of them online. that includes a bike with a front wheel that can break. experts say if you buy in store you should be okay or triple check what you are buying on toy safety around the holidays being a lot of dog owners are boarding pets. we did some digging and found not all doggie day cares are creteated equal. lucky dog resorts in colorado springs failed a recent review after a dog was attack and died. the staff failed to take the dog for immediate vet care. now, no word from lucky dog on that incident. other doggie day cares do have some suggestions when shopping around. they say safety first. >> do they have live web cams? do they allow tours. it is always important to see
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>> if you want to see how your day care did on the most recent inspection, head to our free denver 7 app. yesterday, we told you kanye west was canceling the rest of his 2016 tour. this morning, we are learning more about the reason. >> another obs tax follow chipotle. why someone is suing over what is written on its menu boards. -- another obstacle for
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breaking news just in right now. an update to a story we told but at the top of the newscast. a fort collins police have just arrested a man accused of stabbing a man to death last night after an altercation between a man and woman. >> 48-year-old david strunk is now facing first degree murder charges. this morning wsh learning why can i don't west chose to cancel the rest of his tour including a concert in denver. the rapper has been hospitalized for exhaustion. west abruptly canceled the during just days after he wentt on an on-stage rant about the election and then walked off stage at the concert in sacramento after performing just two songs. live nation reports fans who bought tickets will get refunds. samsung is doing damage cootrol on its flagship galaxy smart phones and new reports surfaced that other galaxy s7 devietsz have also burst into flames. this is very similar to what
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phones. in october, samsung halted production and sales of the note 7 phone after it couldn't fix a problem that seemed to cause the devices to explode. sam -- samsung says the rest of their devices are safe. more trouble fay denver- bested chipotle. three people are suing saying the company is lying about calorie counts. the complaint specifically cites the chorizo burritoo you can see the menu sign herr. it says the burrito is only 300 calories and it is but it turns out the chorizo itself has 300 calories. the whole burrito is actually more than 1,000 calories. it is going to cost you more for your drink and muffin at starbucks. the coffee chain says prices for certain cold beverages and baked goods will go up 10 to 30 cents by the end of the month. the company didn't give a reason for the increase but said the price hike only impacts about 10% of the menu.
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the price of some coffee drinks by about 20 cents. the dow hit anew record high this morning hitting university above 19,000 as the market continues to rally since donald trump became president- elect. stocks including coca-cola, wal- mart, microsoft and disney re now up nearly 4% since trump defeated hillary clinton. the s&p 500 and nasdaq are also at record highs. patagonia says it will donate 100% of its black friday sales to environmental groups. that could mean a more than $2 million donation. the company the idea after the election. pat yoko patagonia's president says the country is divided but the environment is something the country can come together on. aaa says this week from wednesday to sunday will be the busiest thanksgiving travel week in the past nine years. mary malopii has tips to save your sanity. >> reporter: for some, nothing says thanksgiving like honking
11:47 am
this year, aaa projects more than 48 million people will travel to their turkey day destination. the tsa says it is prepared. >> i think we are ready for holiday traveler this is year. >> reporter: but are you? if you are one of the 3 million people flying the friendly % skies, arrive early. get to the airport roughly two hours before your flight and if you have to park, give yourself even more time. keep your phone charged and make sure your airline has your number just in case plans change. hitting th that you will probably encounter traffic. after all, aaa says 43.5 million people will go on a road trip. no matter if you use planes, trains or automobiles, check the weather before your trip to see if mothhr nature will affect your travels. for cop assumer watch, i'm mary maloney. slowly starting to see this kind of move right out of the state. >> it has been really quick
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little bit of snow. >> i was inside all morning so i missed the whole thing. >> it was perfect. snow for the mountains. that will continue as we head into the afternoon and a few more snow showers possible for thanksgiving. but if you are doing any traveling over the next 24 hours, by wednesday, this storm will be clear out of the state. we do have a couple of waaches and warnings still? effect through about 5:00 tonightment a advisory for boulder, jefferson, larimer counties. we are airnd mostly cloudy skies. winds are from toronto north at 17 miles per hour. very gusty across the northeastern corner of colorado right now. just hold onto your hats if you are heading outside right now. loveland ski area, still seeing snow showers there. here are current wind gusts.
11:49 am
springs. and sterling seeing wi gusts up to about 41 miles per hour. fort collins, greeley and we'll continue to stay pretty breezy. here is our futurecast. by 3:00, still a mix of rain and snow, mainly on the eastern plains. didn't rear metro area airpd mostly cloudy sky -- denver metro area, under a mostly cloudy skies. we'll see drier roads. we'll be under a partly cloudy sky. the gradual clearing will happen overnight. -- if you are driving this evening. if you are doing any traveling for wednesday, be a great day to do so and for thanksgiving, early, early in the morning, the mountains have the potential for picking up a few more inches of snow so great news if you are doing any skiing or snowboarding on thanksgiving. a lot of the rest of he resorts will open. our high temperatures in the
11:50 am
plains and seeing 30s and 40s in the mountains. our high temperatures are going to really warm up for tomorrow but our overnight lows ahead of that, very chilly. once the storm system moves out t will do so very quickly. we'll be under the clear sky and then by tomorrow, 50 degrees. so thanksgiviig, partly cloudy, upper 40s. a very brisk fall-like, very nice day. so if you are outside, make sure you bundle up. sweater weather for sure. our barbiturate spot on our seven-day forecast for black friday, if you re doing any shopping, sunny skies, mid-50s and warm fore saturday, a high of 60 degrees expected. >> bck friday shopping from your couch and your laptop. doesn't matter what the weather is. >> thank you. the denver broncos getting into the thanksgiving spirit already. they spent the morninn handing out turkeys at mile high. they handed out more than 2500
11:51 am
families in need. a round after plus fay pilot who had the terrifying job of safely landing a plane in some extreme conditions. the entire thing caught on camera. >> that is hard to watch.
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take a look at this. if can you bear to watch. it scary moments for ssengers on a plane. e pilot successfully lands in extreme windy conditions. this landing was captured on cell phone video by an airport employee in gibraltar. you can see the plane swing back and forth but it did correct and made the safe landing. >> incredible pilot there. coming to instagram. i'm just learning the old features. >> the app is now introducing live video streaming. their lives in real time. now, instagram's parent company which is facebook already has the live feature. they also tried to buy snapchat but they rejected the offer. said nope, we'll keep it. >> they're doing fine.
11:55 am
real moving out fast. gradually clearing skies so dry for our evening commute and then the next couple of days, we'll see a little more
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snot ? ? >> announcer: today -- never hosted thanksgiving? don't panic, because we're showing you how easy it is to throw a first-timer feast. mario's in the kitchen with the incredible sterling k. brown. michael's showing a nervous newbie a classic turkey recipe. and clinton's revealing the secret to surprising your guest with how fabulous you are. the thanksgiving fun starts right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much. guys, thanksgiving is only two days away. [ turkey gobbles ]


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