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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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making news. hundreds of guardrails across the state may be damaged and unsafe. cdot is going to check them all.>> lance hernandez talked about the issue. t?rko the director said they used for different types of guardrails and end caps and in the past, when one got damaged in a collision, they replaced it with a part that fits. not anymore. last june, the driver struck a guardrail and i 25 and instead of stopping, twisted and ended up inside her car. the head of cdot said it was installed correctly but it had subsequently been hit. crews repaired usual way, that's not what they know now. >> without 2014, crews went out there and kept the end cap it put a trinity guardrail in place. those two pieces fit together but they do not function together.
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he will fit and look and appear as if they work together but they do not actually function in a crush the way they're supposed to. >> reporter: that guardrail twisted around, and that in the ?ictim's car, seriously injjring the driver, cdot is taking all the guardrails on its system. it's halfway done and has identified 144 instances where they don't fit. they're in the process of making those repairs focusing on the interstates first. that's the priority. yourself as male or female? want to travel the world? as of right now, you can't. to get a passport, you have to pick a gender and that's what a fort collins resident is facing. today, judge found the state department was in violation of the law after refusing to issue a fort collins residents. this victory has been long overdue for those that identify themselves as intersex.
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a life of the >> my parents told me i was a boy of bytes i was questioned it. t?rko despite the doubts, he lived mostly as a man brian. she served in the navy for six years and was honorably discharged as a machinist mate 's class. was after divorce and a freshman dana decided to question those constant doubts. >> i thought, what am i? >> reporter: af surgeries to make dinner a male, dana is 58 and referred to as they or them discovered at age 49 they were born as intersex. >> what you think you are? >> i'm intersex. that's how identify. >> reporter: see your female and male ago >> or neither.>> reporter: when dana apply for a passport years ago, it was denied.
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password because you have to check male or female. >> reporttr: data insisted to write intersex on the application.>> it's not just me, there's 6 million of us in the west. >> reporter: a judge ordered the state to reconsider its application process. that it violated federal law, a victory for people like tina. >> reporter: it's the first major step to getting rates for us. truck at the state department doesn't all the orders issued by the judge today, did his lawyer tells me they will be back again in court because this is violation of dennis constitutional rights to fly. we reached out to the state department and they say did not comment on ongoing cases. tragic story, toddler in park county is dead. shot by a government wasn't properly locked up websites, this former adams county deputy
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we're following this the doping story. >> reporter: the boy's mom is facing charges as well? >> reporter: yes she's the helper child abuse and child abuse resulting in death. tonight, we learned the little boy is john paul. he's also known as talk to his loved ones. the ball went down the night of the river 13. according to documents, police arrived they found a toddler shot in the head, dead in the bathtub. partially on the rim of the tub. several other children were also at home. the mother told the deputy, the shotgun was on a shelf in another shot was climbing on a shelf in the shotgun fell and went off. when police searched the home they found for other guns, two of which were loaded. they noted the filthy conditions , dirty laundry, pcs and blood. we checked, the suspect is a
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kidnapping and sexual assault charges his ex-wife brought against him. according to an online obituary, the phenol for chunk is tomorrow in the ridge. this man is under arrest for a deadly stabbing in fort collins last night. at first it was believed david stabbed this good samaritan. new detail simply say he knew the victim was just identified tonight, his name is duane gardne parker street and tonight is facing first-degree murder charges. will you be generate 20. just to be a part of history. cory gardner has tickets to president-elect donald trump's inauguration. you have o email him details about yourself you can find out all you need to know on our app. like about slavery will stay in our state constitution.
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that loss on how the ballot measure was worth it. another close vote in the school district is headed for a recount. this is for the $335 million bond initiative. at last count them has been 123 votes. you can't see too much of this man boulder police hope you can still recognize him. he used the stolen data card during a shopping spree in denver. finally, the sentence handed down in the 1970 urder. thomas egli rocky ford children to johnson utah almost 50 years ago. he is always been a suspect in the last year, he confessed. today he learned he will spend 10 years to life in prison. when can facebook be dangerous? tonight, denver seven investigation exposes a decision by a police chiefs wife, how her post on facebook put a swat team at risk. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski is here with us exclusive investigation. it started with a 911 call from a teenage girl tried to save her mom's llfe.
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that internal report blasting % the police chief's wife of being reckless and saying, she raises substantial amount of risk and injury or death for the emergency responders. >> hurry up. >> they're coming as fast as they can. >> they are trying to save the daughter. >> do you feel safe hiding in your room? >> there trying to this is a matter of public concern and the public ought to know about it.>> we learn to the next day the call was played out as it happened on social media. but how did you? >> that's fighting. >> did was make a mistake? >> they'll be a question for her. >> i don't because malicious. it was dangerous. >> reporter: the call ended a murder suicide of a prominent county couple. investigation uncovers what happened and why the sheriff sent a scathing report to the
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can be dangerous. that's tonight at 10. the epa is looking to keep a river from looking like this. it was to keep a temporary water treatment plant near the gold king mine. to 3,000,000 gallons of wastewater spilled into the river is looking into long-term options to clean up mines across our state. and iconic home near denver's jefferson park will not become a landmark. that's what its owner wanted. >> this is my retirement. this is my nest egg. this is all i have. by somebody, when councilman's signature without any neighbors or anybody else involved, he's taking with my nest egg and my future. >> she says making the home landmark would violate her rights as a property owner. as she prepares to sell the house that was built in 1890. what are your plans for thanks giving? probably getting together with
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>> surprise! happy thanks giving. they all come on in. come in. please continue. it's nice to meet you. >> the soldiers had no idea where they're going into the front door opened. this is part of usaa's nfl salute to service. yeah they say there's three's a crowd. buif free in those hov lanes. new details, what you need to know to avoid paying these in the new year. features all the activity in sportscaster. we found out what is in store for that now empty iconic building. rain and snow over now as a storm moves to the east. behind it comes clearing. it's already gettinn cold and wind chills drop down to the
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first alert traffic. we have good news. it will not speak ill now be easier to get as despair. highway 34 is reopening tomorrow evening into sunday. has been closed since mid- october. some areas will be down to one lane. there may be some delays. >> smoke from this hate truck fire khosla backups this afternoon. the hay off the truck to make it easier to put out the fire but not before that truck was destroyed. ready for changes in the hov lanesson i 25 and 36. have two people in the car won't cut it anymore. >> now, that will change in a few weeks. denver sevens marc stewart explains violators can face a stiff penalty. >> email seen the signs on your drive. starting january 1, you have to
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is used to express hov lanes between denver and boulder. right now, it just has to be you as a passenger to write for free. >> that's terrible. it should be too. >> reporter: some jars a disappointed. the change to three was decided in 2013 as part of a cdot plan to handle rapid growth. cdot as many growth also or by 47% by 2040. >> seven states already ha three passenger occupancy requirements. cdot official said express lanes are already getting crowded, this change should ease the flow. were moving to 3+ to provide a reliable travel time for people in the lane and also the toll revenue will help offset the cost associated with
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>> reporter: the mediclick that can only be used in the corridor between denver and boulder. formula cdot used as necessary a cash-strapped state budgets are tight and gas tax collections are dependable -- artistic dependable. if you don't follow the rules you could be issued a ticket for $250 pekovi member of law enforcement can write that. i saw a cop bust somebody in the hov lane the other day. >> reporter: they don't want to pay a toll, from someplace to how carpoolers lined a third person. you can ride the bus or use the general purpose lanes. >> new rules on a rocky financial road. if you need someone to join you see you can use the hov lanes, cdot is here to help. check out the story on our denver7 apt to find out. to the season of patients, especially the travel. dia had ground delays because a storm. according to your help, a legal service for travelers. denver the eighth worst for delay times. 16% of flights were delayed in
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flights it has each day. they didn't access you probably missed your chance to meet bruce springsteen at the tattered cover on colfax next week. abbas has a meet and greet for his new memoir. tickets were gone in five minutes. the iconic sports cast in downtown denver is getting a mini makeover. a new temporary tenants for the denver flea is cleaning up the sports authority space as it gears up to host its annual holiday market will feature 200 vendors and entrepreneurs selling all kinds of local products. it's a third annual but obviously the first ever in the sports council.>> was probably the coolest space we been in yet. try to find a unique venue every event we do. we feel denver flea is in line with the way people want to shop these days.>> holly flea is friday, december 2 through sunday, december 4 because receiving a bunch of bruise and
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going on. more information, visit our website for a link to denver lee. after months of repairs, the popular klein on it too is ready. starting december 2 you can climb it again if you dare. as long as the weather corporate's. are blast of winter is moving off the holiday weekend. we're joined to the first alert forecast. it looks good back here. we got from famine to feast. wolf creek pass picking up 16 inches of snow. they open thanksgiving day and meanwhile, purgatory, 17 inches of russian snow. there are the open and great skiing currently over southwestern colorado as well as central and northern lungs. we are in good shape after such a dry, warm fall. not much falling out of the sky. a little shower activity kitties in the form of rain showers over the northeast off into the great lakes with d-
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scattered showers and thunderstorms further to the south. next storm system coming in the pacific northwest where winter storm watch is affecting parts of washington, idaho and montana. that storm, abortion will affect our mountains takes giving day. right now, skies clear in the denver area down to 35 airport, still 39 downtown. 72% humidity. 30.14 in the wake of that storm. north winds at eight. 3/10 of an inch of liquid which puts us over half an inch for the month and over 11 inches for the year. it still behind but we are starting to catch up. 42 and 35 today. normals are 49 and 22. our storm exiting to the east, big high pressure still coming in between the next couple storm systems with al me a clear, cold night with temperatures dropping into the teens and 20s over the states. 25 in denver 18 and linemen.
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36 in aurora and parker. sky start out sunny tomorrow, couple high clouds here and there. will stay with sunny skies throughout the day making for a very nice day tomorrow. later today, moisture from salt lake into the northwest corner of the state. highs tomorrow in the 40s and 50s statewide. it reached numbers will be mostly 40s up in the mountains and foothills with sunny skies and low 50s expected northeast plans for tonight, clearing and colder, 25 with lights northwest winds. tomorrow, the high temperature expected to get to 52. good travel day. looking at, nicer weather coming up as we head into the first part of the holiday weekend. partly cloudy thursday thanksgiving, fume and snow showers, couple inches but nothing down here. sunny friday, 55, 60 saturday. sunday the storr moves in, colder weather coming up, rain
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cold snowy. game in the low 30s. i monday, colder and 38. % by tuesday, 15 in the morning only 32 for high in the afternoon. the warm stuff is on the way oot. >> as much as i pack over thick- skinned, that's fat layer keeps me warm. coming up, broncos off today, still looking ahead to seven minutes game against the chief. we'll hear from brandon marshall and chris harris the last run behind ralphie
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what a scene last saturday. look at this. after the washington state, mayhem and chaos. if the ninth-ranked buffs beat utah you kinds where this feeling. they'll hit 10 wins a trip to the pac 12 title game. mike mcintyre saying the seniors on this team deserve credit for the ride. to get these guys hard earned work, other blood, sweat and tears, body parts. to keep fighting and keep believing. these guys get to do it. not often in life does that happen. we finish this and it's a dream come true for >> if we don't win saturday, we don't become champs. to me, which is one of it to games. it's cool but that's not our ultimate goal. we still have a lot of work ahead of us. was on the court today,
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the legends classic and againstt texas. derek white, third rock blew up a close game but xavier just the cherry on top and rock in the basket. 68-54 final. focus off the list of the day doing off field things, like heading out 2500 turkeys and thanksgiving food boxes at mile high. hoping helping families in need with the denver rescue mission. they should reach their goal of 15,000 turkey donations today. sunday, cheese, high and chew on this. rated 24 the league must a minimum 25. defenses number one and two in takeaways. both coming up this man giving up 80 points a game. the governor, they'll see each other. defense wins championships and will win this game sunday. we're hard-nosed and there were 10 of us. overplays the best on defense wins.
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manageable offense. >> that's what it has been. they, we adopted that same thing kind of what is going to go down overplays it does desmond's defense will win. will be adept defensive huddle and tough weather conditions. >> the cheesehead snow. >> thanks for watching.
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>> right now on "the list" shop smart. three black friday hacks to get great deals without standing in line. and make traveling with kids a dream instead of a nightmare. get wild with ghosts. this hot new workout trend is un-bah-lievable. these shades will change the way you use social media. that's all coming up on "the list." >> i'm bradley. >> i'm christina.
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trending now. >> the holiday shopping season just keeps getting longer and longer every year. >> yeah, it looks like black friday is becoming black november and december. the day after thanksgiving had long been the biggest shopping day of the year, but it's become less popular since so many retailers have sales all the time. >> we all have one thing in common. we want to get good deals. >> you can find those deals a lot more often now. a survey by market trap shows that nearly half of american most of their holiday shopping done before black friday this year. and sports wear says this year's black friday's foot traffic is expected to be down 3.5% from last year. >> you know where there's no line? your computer. on-line sales are expected to grow between 7% and 10% this year. when you think of how much you save on gas, parking, and stops
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>> friday is door busters, but thursday i belly busters. a day where we encourage eating so much that the button on your pants pops off. the average american gains ten pounds during the holidays. i'm going to give you the cold hard calorie facts. do it what you will. >> the typical american will eat anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 calories in one meal. zoom the definition of over eating. the recommended calorie count for most americans is 2,000 calories. >> green bean casserole and pumpkin pie and others at 300 calories a sitting, it can add up. you can spend december on a treadmill. happy eating. >> while people love eating thanksgiving dinner and hanging with loved ones, the cooking


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