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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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denver7 news starts right now. it is 5:30 and we he some international breaking news, a car bomb attack targeting a building in turkey killed several and injuries dozens. >> this is the latest in the string of deadly attacks in the area. could be linked to kurds or isis. authorities are still working to confirm that. two missing hikers founn between leadville and vail. the concern was with the snow, only had some camping gear with them but we can tell you that both are safe this morning. >> take a look at things on this thanksgiving. things are nice and quiet and let's check in with lisa. >> usually dark around 5:30ish.
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leading us with an additional one to three ifrngs there oefsht. good fresh snow for the ski resorts. the drive is going to be wet a you get oversome of the higher here's your cheat sheet, the snow to the west is going to clear out. sunshine statewide. the snow is not going to last long. just a few hours. to low 50s. englewood, 48. here's the catch. hour. ten to 20 miles per %- that's going to make it feel like the 30s and 40s. you want to blup. beautiful day. i'll show you how warm it's going to get on black friday and saturday. . an update on a murder.
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involved in a murder of a 44- year-old. officers found him shot inside a car on saturday. it is the largest human trafficking sentence in colorado history. this man has been sentenced to 248 years to life in prison. the greeley car dealership owner ran a child prostitution ring. pimped out adults and minors. one of the victims was 15 yea got the maximum sentence possible for #230 32 counts, including human trafficking and child prostitution. president-elect donald trump adding to the team as his transition to move to the white house. chose south carolina governor nikki haley as ambassador to the yikeses. and a --.
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yesterday, asking the country to come together. >> it's my prior that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> with trump-clinton emotions still high after the election, thanksgiving after the holiday may be trickier. >> how do you stay friends with everyone and talk politics? jennifer kovaleski has more. >> still comes up whether you want it to or not. >> still comes. >> preparing dinner. or after dinner. or the next day. >> this thanksgiving, could be a tall order. >> just want to be la la la la. if it comes up. >> and this viral video says it all.
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you know they're going to bring up hills and trump. >> relieve some tension. always get more. this isn't enough. >> finishing up tte last minute shopping and the political banter. >> especially when you have mixed company at the table, maybe best to leave your own thoughts before you get to the table. >> she's not the only one. >> dinner's going to get bad. americans saa they dread talking politics. >> going to my son's in steamboat. i'm for hillary. he was for trump. i'm not going to bring it up. hope he doesn't. >> what do you do? >> if they do, i'm going to relocate or take a nice big sip of wine. >> i have planned a change of
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i have a couple of them. . >> what do you do? >> so deflect. what's up with brangelina. why did they break up? >> i like that. not the attitude or sar schism, but the special diet. gluten or vegan. conflict with the thanksgiving meal. with ig retail stores, wal- mart, best buy, kohl's and target, their employees are go going to miss out. who else? >> plumbers. they seem to get a lot of calls with all that cooking, i guess? >> right. think about it.
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scraps down the sink, down that garbage disposal. taking some common steps, you can ie void making the call to that plumber. i just talked to the folks at roto rooter. most of them come today and tomorrow. they're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 465 days. going to be all hands on deck. going to each have four to six calls. so first, don't over use the disposal. >> with the starch, going to cause the pace with clogging the line. use the trash instead of reline lionel bienvenuing on your garbage disposal.
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roto-rooter say they even take calls of toilets being clogged. so people take their rips, for instance, into the bathroom and clog the toilet. really heard that yesterday from roto-rooter. >> what? taking the ribs? i don't want to know. we're going go move right along. it is 5:37. there is a group not happy about the expansion plan on 70. it. >> and for the love of butterflies. it's this week's 7everyday hero. >> on this thanksgiving, yeah, don't take a rib to the toilet. get out and enjoy. skipping ahead to the broncos. all messed up now. today, 40s and 50s. the broncos planner, sunny and
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. it is now 5:40 and when you have 5,000 animals you need to . ed, volunteers are a must.
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live a month, but in that time, -?they thrive in the butterfly pavilion thanks to the facilitate and the volunteers. >> with the plants and nectar, we wouldn't have butt irflies. >> -- butterflies. >> a volunteer. >> keeping it primed and ready to go for guests. and also helps outside. >> so amy, did you have to wait to plant bulbs this year. >> vickie gives >> going on seven years in january. >> i don't think we would be able to do what we do, be so successful without o successful without our volunteers. >> love working with the butterfly. so beautiful. >> beautiful even after they die. mount them in shadow boxes so they can be used as a teaching
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>> so i spread and pinned. >> technically, not a scientist. . >> that is the order. one who studies them. >> she is one of many dedicated volunteers at the butterfly pavilion that help us them for all of . >> we want to thank you. inspect choice -- trusted choice, the independent association of insurance agents. s and defr. >> if you want to no, ma''m fwhat nate someone, go to and click on 7everyday heroes.
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life thanks to her son. >> a year ago, she lost her only son in a bike accident. >> always been there and kissed me on the forehead. >> last thing i do. >> wrote sons are the anchors of a mother's life. for herr turned out to be many. he was an organ donor. and nancy ask going to meet them. if know full well that every day, 22 americans die waiting for a transplant. % >> ho how do you tell someone that you've never met thattyou loved them. >> one by one, they get the chance. >> a ten-year-old got his right kidney. . >> feeling better. >> 17-year-old david darling got his left kidney.
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>> so strong. god bless you. >> but the last recipient to come down the stairs will be by far the most emotional encounter. volunteer firefighter, faced -- face burned on a rescue mission got part of his face. . >> look at you. >> and that poignant rhythm between mother and son goes on. >> this is the second best day of my life. . we're live here at 44th and
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45 minutes. victim shot one time, crawled to this house, knocked on the door to get some help. police were here and transported to the hospital and police are saying that hhs injuries are life-threatening. right now, there is a crime scene set up, closed down to the 34rd block. as soon as we get more information, we'll get it on to you. it's now 5:45. we saw in the mountains overnighh is already starting % to move out and going to get someeclearing in the next few hours. picked up an additional two r one to three inches overnight and clearing out. in winter park, fresh snow and a beautiful scene and good conditions on the mountains. we needed snow, we're going to get more in the mountains next week. i'll show you thht in just a minute.
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airport and 19 in aurora for feel-like temperatures. it is a cold start, the winds coming in, schifting a bit andic shifting a bit. expecting temperatures in the 40s and could at times feel like the 30s to 40s with the winds. a little breezy in the afternoon. dry and cool. by 1:00, 43 and 4:00, a high of upper 40s to low 50s. covering most of the metro area. englewood, 48 and du, 58. aurora, you're looking at 45. 46 in limon and dry conditions. the mountains are a little wet and icy as you're heading west on 70. and highs this afternoon in the 30s as the skies clear.
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by 9-10:00, some showers on the northern front range mountains. clear and cool four to 5:30 and tomorrow, people hitting the roads to get to the malls and shop, clear skies and cold tomorrow morning. cropping to the low to mid 20s early on for black friday. 58 on friday so we have more sunshine friday and saturday and that is statewide so if you're in the mountains and you' friday and saturday, you're going to find dry conditions. we're going to see snow mountains and potentially rolling east. it's going to get a little bit windier onnsunday night for the game and the temperatures in the 40s for the start of your broncos game. with december 1st, culpable it? right around the corner. >> shocked.
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highway expansion on #408 in jefferson county. >> some working to stop the construction. >> the judge ruling that this is going to move forward. what this is designed to do is to alleviate the traffic, but the homeowners in the area haver digging into the ground. traffic by 50%. >> the walls, up and down the highway. this is one component that we feel strongly about. and talking about the next 20- year impact. >> talking about the noise mitigation wall. a judge heard arguments from both sides and decide if the measures are required and more studies of the noise on the high.
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the citizens is to do a noise investigation that is validated and tools to measure it. >> which time, the regulations changed. now cdot says the walls aren't required here. and now the noise is hurting the property values and way of life. >> talk about quality of life and trying to conversation with the neighbors with a barbecue or inside, the nois does affect the quality of life in a negative manner. >> the decision of the judge is expected sooner or later, because cdot is moving forward with that project. it is now 5:49. need a little inspiration this morning? we have just the thing.
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incredible. battling cancer for the sixth time, told you about her yesterday. but we'll have more on what she's doing. you can help kids in hunger. one in four kids in colorado go hungry. your donation at the security service federal credit union or whole foods or
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. cancer has touches most families in one way or another sadly.
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as much as this woman. told you about her yesterday. battling cancer for the sixth time. >> took away her hair, but what ?bout her fear? a story of going over the edge. >> can you see it? >> sometimes, obstacles are in our life to see if we can get over them. for terry, this is anything but normal. this is a scene like in any family kitchen, really anywhere that's lily dancing for the camera. everything down to the cookies seemed normal. their oat male butter scotch. but it's not. >> i want to have it. >> when i first discovered i had a lump, i pretty much knew, stage four breast cancer. spreading pretty quickly.
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>> and a double mastectomy an more cancer in her chest. >> and i think, crap. i don't want to die from this. >> nearly two years of chemotherapy and radiation and thought she had it beat until her last scan and more cancer. >> why do you fight so hard? >> my family. i want to see my grand kids grow up. still things i want to do. >> think five or six bouts would be enough for this grandmother. >> crawling down a building? probably going to do it. >> that brings us here. downtown denvee, 32 stories up. this is the over the edge fundraiser for the cancer league of colorado. spent months of fundraising with her family.
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slowly. and to the point of no return? no way. . >> can change your mindset and get you on the building. >> i don't want to go down. let's go back and fight cancer. that would be eaaier than this. >> after six, that's six, won't stop her, why would this? >> need to do this. that's since by diagnosis. just facing it. >> that's what she did. slowly. her mind on her fear and her fight against cancer. yearlong >> with the epitome of facing my fears. . >> and after 155long minutes, sometimes facing something you
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something you never thought you would have to. >> you do something you don't think you can do, it's kind of giving you that boost you need to get through something else, i suppose. >> over the edge and all the way down, anything but normal. . >> thank you for being in our lives. >> getting back to more of this. >> amen. >> normal. >> amen. >> very good. >> terry has now completed her latest round of radiation. next scan for next month. as for going over the side of the building, she said, god- willing, going to do it again next year. >> we'll be there. >> one tough cookie. a little bit here and in the northwestern country. otherwise, a pretty quiet
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in denver, gusty winds at times. highs are going to be in the 40s to near 50 and the snow that's falling in the mountains, going to stop in if next couple of hours. 60 saturday, colder on sunday for the broncos game. sounds good, lisa. -? a church in boulder, charges of abuse and cult-like behavior. and how a couple used app
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. it is 6:00 a.m. and denver7 begins with breaking news. a shooting sending a man to the hospital, fighting for his life. >> it just happened on 44th and fillmore, let's ge orr with more. >> police got a call from a man who was shot when he knocked on the door of the neighbor's house. found him unconscious, police unconsciouu. the ambulance transported him


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