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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. double holiday trouble. two storms sweeping across the country right now, snow and freezing rain making roads slick in the east. a winter storm warning until west. more than a foot of snow expected in some areas as millions of americans take to the roads and the skies on this thanksgiving. high alert. security stepped up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3 million people are expected to line the streets. sand-filled trucks, thousands of officers on duty and at the ready. concern that isis has called the parade a great target. you're hired. donald trump adds to his cabinet set to pick a billionaire investor as commerce secretary after naming the first two women to top posts as the president-elect calls for unity across the country this morning. >> it's my prayer that on this
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our divisions and move forward as one country. and "deals & steals." the holiday shopping season kicks off as nearly 140 million americans are expected to hit the stores this weekend and solving your turkey troubles. our dream team of experts here to tackle all your last-minute food emergencies. ? i was dead in the water ? ? uh-huh ? but today, you get amy robach and dan harris, right? >> you know it's a holiday if i'm here. >> oh, it's a holiday every day you're here, dan. >> thank you for that. >> good morning, and happy thanksgiving, america. right now millions are gathering for the country's parade and take a look at them now. these are the parade routes in new york and philadelphia, soon to be packed with parade fans. and if you're hosting a holiday dinner today we've got three expert chefs with last-minute solutions to your kitchen nightmares.
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morning. >> all right. i will be taking notes. first to ginger for the latest on the winter storm watches making holiday travel tough for a lot of people, ginger. >> oh, amy, as nice as it is here this will be the busiest travel thanksgiving weekend since 2007 and almost 90% of those traveling are hitting the roads, and they are far from perfect. >> reporter: we are all making the mad dash to get home, and o travel. visibility near zero on i-80 near salt lake city. winds gusting to almost 50 miles per hour. cars wiping out on icy highways as nearly 49 million get on the road this weekend. >> we'll just take it slow and put it in four-fede wheel drive and take it easy. >> reporter: the holiday rush starting as more of a slow crawl in los angeles. this aerial view showing bumper to bumper traffic for the second day in a row on the 405. >> it's crazy, you know, everybody is trying to rush around.
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creep closer to thanksgiving itself, gridlock showing up in cities across the nation. >> just a traffic nightmare. >> reporter: what about those flocking to the airports? in minneapolis, crews racing to de-ice planes and clear snow, long lines wrapping around terminals from denver to chicago to washington, d.c. we are eerily comfortable in philadelphia. you can see hardly flapping in the little breeze we have. let me show you on the radar the northeast does have a few areas that will be slick anywhere you see in pink there mixing over to snow. some of the spots in western and central new york that got hit pretty hard recently getting a little precipitation this morning but even more precip happening, flood watches, winter storm warnings out in the west. those two pockets are not only going to affect air travel but absolutely those folks hitting the road. now today is only one of the days that folks travel. sunday is the big day and it's not looking good in a lot of places, stay with us because i'll have that forecast in just
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amy. >> all right, ginger. thanks so much. let's go to rob for a look at how things are shaping up at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. hi, rob. >> hi, amy. 90th anniversary of this beautiful parade and i come to you live from a place i'm very comfortable with, the doghouse. this is where snoopy usually resides. 1 of 26 floats that begin on central park west and we've got do which snoopy is one of them. he would never fit in this doghouse today. we've got great weather for the parade. looks like the rain will hold off and winds more importantly for those balloons will be tempered down as well. over a thousand cheerleaders and over a thousand clowns, this one is a big one and we'll be coming to you live throughout the morning, right from the start line, getting going at about 9:00 a.m. eastern time. >> they'll let you out of the
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>> well, my wife still hasn't let me out but hopefully my producers will. >> i like how rob did that so seriously from inside snoopy's house. >> it wasn't that serious. rob, thank you very much. we'll be back to you throughout the show. good luck getting out of that doghouse. we should say that along with the balloons and floats, the macy's parade will include massive security today to protect the millions of people who come out to see the show, and abc's gio benitez is right there along the parade route. gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. that's right. they are taking security very seriously here, 500 additional police officers will be out here at this morning, new york city police on high alert protecting the parade and 3.5 million people. more than 3,000 officers on duty. some armed with heavy weapons, while others are in plainclothes hiding among the crowd. >> i'm worried about keeping everybody safe. that's our job. it's an important function. but we're well >> reporter: authorities blocking off crossstreets with
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all to prevent an attack like the one in nice, france. earlier isis propaganda called the parade an excellent target. the fbi issuing this warning holiday celebrations beginning with thanksgiving and the start of the shopping season could be targeted by international terrorists or homegrown violent extremists. >> there's no credible and specific information of any specific threat directed at this parade. >> reporter: but police aren't taking any chances. visiting 135 truck rental locations, suspicious is trying to rent one. just days ago, police in new york arresting this man who prosecutors say talked of attacking times square. so i got to tell you even with all this security so many people here are so excited about this and, amy, one more stat for you. cops outnumber clowns 3-1. >> that's probably a good thing, gio. thanks so much for that. we turn to the trump
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members of his administration including two female cabinet appointees. abc's devin dwyer joins us from washington with those details. good morning, devin. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump rolling out cabinet appointments at a faster pace than president obama did eight years ago. overnight, we learned he filled a key economic post as he also moves to diversify his team. to the donald trump cabinet add a controversial billionaire. >> commerce secretary. >> reporter: abc learned president-elect trump is expected to name 78-year-old wilbur ross to head the commerce department. ross made millions on wall street turning around bankrupt companies for profit. in 2006 when he owned the struggling sago coal mine in west virginia, an explosion and collapse killed a dozen miners. regulators cited safety violations. he told our brian ross it was the worst week of his life. >> were you comfortable sending
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the assurances from our management that they felt it was a safe situation. >> reporter: ross joins a cast of cabinet picks that now include two women and former trump critics. south carolina governor nikki haley, ambassador to the u.n. and for e education department, an agency trump once said should be largely eliminated trump tapped gop megadonor, and school choice advocate, betsy devos, and waiting in the wings. >> the offer possibilities that were considered. >> reporter: ben carson said he's been offered multiple positions including secretary of housing and urban development. he posted wednesday that he's had serious discussions with the trump transition team. trump is mulling his next options while spending the holiday at his luxury estate in florida. before the thanksgiving feast, trump used a youtube video to call for healing. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very, very
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will be at mar-a-lago through the weekend. they are expected to have a turkey dinner today but transition officials tell us he'll be back at work tomorrow interviewing more possible candidate picks. he's met with 60 so far, amy. >> all right, devin. thanks so much. let's bring in cokie roberts in mt. pleasant, south carolina, home, of course -- the state home, of course, to nikki haley. good morning to you, cokie. snes mount pleasant, south carolina. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you, as well. we know nikki haley was a very >> yes. >> to say the least but -- so what do you make of her nomination for u.n. ambassador? >> i think it's very interesting that he is able to go beyond his strict loyalists, because that seemed to be the thing that mattered most to him during the campaign was that somebody was loyal to him and she certainly wasn't, but she is an interesting pick. she really came to prominence
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shootings in charleston where she tried to bring the state together. she insisted on bringing down the confederate flag and ended that controversy for good. and then after hurricane matthew hit, she was also a very strong presence in the state. and trump thinks she can make a deal and he thinks that's a good deal for the u.n. ambassador. of course, her foreign policy experience is april nil, but i think that that job is one of speaking for the president and she can probably speak to the president, as well. >> so u.n. ambassador, education secretary, as well. trump nominating the first two women to his administration. does that do anything to ease concerns many have about trump's attitude towards women? >> probably not. but it would have been a lot worse if it were all white men which is what it was looking like at the beginning. so it does help at least in that regard but, look, the proof is absolutely going to be in the proverbial pudding here.
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make women nervous about their rights, then that will be the issue, not a couple of women showing up in the cabinet. but it's a lot better than just going with straight, you know, old white men which is where we were. >> and quickly, we know he may be also adding ben carson to that list as well. what will you be looking for in the next days and weeks to come? >> more of the same. i mean, more of his ability to him, who are -- represent america in a much broader sense, and the place i'm really most curious is secretary of state. >> all right. yes. a lot of people wondering where he'll go with that. cokie roberts, thanks very much. >> okay, amy. >> that is one of the big remaining one, thanks to cokie. one quick little headline.
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since nobody took home the big prize that number will go higher now. saturday's drawing will be worth at least $403 million. that's going to be the ninth largest powerball jackpot ever and it could get even bigger in the meantime, depending on how many tickets are sold. >> right, so, you know, a lot of people may be taking some of that winning and thinking, maybe, if someone does win, christmas is done. holiday shopping. and a lot of thanksgiving deals going on, black friday tomorrow but some major retailers including barnes & noble, costco, nordstrom, dillard's and sam's club -- get this. are take a break and keeping their doors closed, so their employees can spend time with family, but, yes, still big bargains online and in stores and abc's rebecca jarvis is at a walmart in chicago and is walmart open, rebecca? >> oh, boy, is it open, amy. good morning to you. walmart stores across the country are open today and they are ready with 1.5 million tvs in stock, toys, electronics
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black friday on a stomach full of turkey dinner. this morning, it's on. more than 137 million americans expected to shop this weekend. on the hunt for the best deals of the season. like this 40-inch led tv on sale at walmart for $125, and at target, this ipad pro now $100 off for $449. but in this year's battle for your attention and hard earned dollars, retailers are testing >> a lot of the retailers are competing on price, but where they're also competing is toy exclusivity, so what you're seeing, especially online is walmart, target and amazon offering these exclusive toys that you can only get online. >> reporter: but some stores are also doing the opposite. like macy's, the largest department store company rolling out its exclusives on
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get some of the deals. jcpenney unveiling appliance showrooms focusing on delivering a more unique in-store experience and at select neiman-marcus stores a brand-new twist, partnering with rent the runway making clothes available to rent at their brick and mortar stores. other retailers even trying on for size this novel idea, staying closed for thanksgiving. now, for those who have decided to stay closed today, there are still many offers online so you can shop today in your pjs for those thanksgiving day deals or you can try out this idea. hang out with the family, enjoy an old-fashioned thanksgiving, amy. >> i think that's where i'm going. thanks so much. joined by richard barry, toys "r" us executive vice president and global chief. toys "r" us will be open later. around 5:00 p.m., yes? >> we certainly will. >> what are you doing to incentivize shoppers to walk through your doors and enjoy the madness. >> first of all, we have a whole store of awesome.
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ads open from 5:00 to midnight and awesome doorbusters, and part of the strategy is not just to have only the greatest amount of product, but great exclusive items like the nerf -- >> you do have some hot ones. i can see this being a big favorite with little ones but it looks like -- what are the deals on some of these? >> what's different about the nerf time, you're able to take a battle rover with a nerf blaster and use on the screen, fire the nerf blaster. >> oh, wow. i can see that being a big favorite. look. i see a "star wars" character here. "rogue one" movie out in december and super excited about the new content we'll see tonight. this is a 12-inch figure with great technology. 65 lights and sounds and this item is $29.99.
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>> doorbuster tonight, 50% off, $12.49. pokemon is doing super, super well so a great deal for our customer. >> this isn't just a regular stuffed animal, no? >> no, i defy anyone not to fall in love with snuggles, my dream pup. the real pup without the mess. you can feed her and when you touch her nose, her face squinches up and looks ever, ever so cute. >> so cute. all right. what do >> what about five barbie dolls, five fashionista barbie dolls for under $30, amazing deal, and what's different about these barbie dolls, they got different hair, eye and skin tones and different facial shapes which makes them very unique, and of course, they have an accessory and a matching pair of shoes. >> something for everyone. and then i want to get to all this but i've heard this is huge. the hatchimals. this might be the tickle-me-elmo of 2016. >> this is huge with hatchimals
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beginning to hatch and get the surprise of a toy you begin to nurture. >> these are still available, right? not off the shelves? >> available all throughout the holiday season. many more coming. >> were you taking notes? this is your genre right here. >> i have a 2-year-old. i'm hoping he was not watching. no offense. let me change the subject, though. we want to talk turkey. it's time for our thanksgiving dream team of expert chefs, rocco dispirito, amaa and eddie jackson will answer your questions throughout the morning. we want to start off with a few quickies here. my producers are trying to embarrass me, so they made the first question on facebook from s sondra on facebook whos and, where should i put the turkey thermometer, and does it stay in
7:18 am
want to answer that? >> you as a demonstration? >> before we get into anything technical. >> did i tell you my 2-year-old is watching. >> relax. everything is okay. put the turkey in the oven now by the way, now before we get to the thermometer so the thermometer question is really important. good way to know if a turkey is done. you want to cook your turkey until about 155 and let it rest for an hour or half hour until it thermometer right here, right here. right there. in the thigh. >> so in the thigh. >> all the way in. all the way in. let it sit there for a few minutes until it adjusts and it captures the temperature. >> that wasn't too bad. >> wish me luck. this is my last morning here at -- >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you very much. i'm not sure if these guys will be back either, but it says our experts will answer your questions throughout the show so keep it here for that. let's go back to ginger with the weather in philadelphia. save me, please. >> ah, here we are the homewood
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are you guys ready to do this? one, two, three, four. i'm starting it out. left, right, left, right. we're trying. anyway, let's get to the sunny cities brought to you by kohl's. . good morning. on thanksgiving, beautiful but cold start to the day. breezy conditions and winds will be gustier this morning
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higher el skragss, clearing, plenty of sunshine statewide. and snow on sunday and things coming up, the shoulder bump that led to a fierce confrontation with a plainclothes cop. the new charges against the man in this video and the woman who shot it. shot it. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. ?
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. good morning. we are following multiple m breaking news stories this morning on denver7. a homicide investigation under way here in denver. police say someone was shot and killed this morning near 44th and fillmore. no word for. one dead after a deadly crash on i-25 near highway 27. no word on what caused this. >> denver police trying to figure out why a man died. his body found inside a car on marion and # 13th. the window smashed and door
7:24 am
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happy thanksging. it is now 7:25. we have clearing skies from the mountains to the plains and plenty of snow overnight to the west, now starting to dissipate. beautiful start to our thanksgiving. 37 in denver. winds from 15 to 35 miies per hour as the cold front rolls through the state. justier this morning and breezy this afternoon. and though we're hitting highs near like 40s. congress park, 46 and highlands ranch, in the 50s. mid to upper 50s down south. travel-wise we are pretty good today statewide. the roads are wet and icy this morning. going to see highs near six on black friday for friday and saturday.
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welcome back to "good morning america." you're looking live at the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here in new york city. ah. filled with confetti and all. more than 3.5 million people expected to line the streets to enjoy the floats and the balloons as security is tighter than ever. we learn from gio there are three times more police than clowns on the streets of new york. >> are those babies or little bo peeps? >> i was trying to figure out what they were so that's why i avoided -- >> mentioning it? >> yeah. >> you're welcome. sorry about that. also happening right now, there are two storm systems expected to create havoc for holiday travel, from the west coast to all the way through the northeast. ginger has more on that coming up. and this morning donald trump spending the thanksgiving holiday at his resort in florida, mar-a-lago, with his wife melania and their son barron.
7:31 am
to be back at work as soon as tomorrow with more meetings on his future cabinet picks. we've mentioned ginger. she is at the parade central in philadelphia. the celebration is already starting as people line the streets to see all those fleets and balloons and clowns and little bo peep, et cetera. >> it is, by the way, home of the first thanksgiving day parade ever. that was 97 years ago honoring the holiday, and ginger is right there on the parade route. by the way, i wanted to say love your jacket. >> well, thank you so much. >> me too. >> why not a little hot pink on at thanksgiving? thank you, dan. you can see all the floats behind me. 18 of them right down there, the floats, i'm sorry and the big balloon, we are right at the corner of fun and fun here on thanksgiving. but the weather is not cooperating for some parts of the nation. right in the northeast, though, we're holding off on the rain for much of the morning. you can see the temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s, not too bad. it's where it is in the higher elevations with those winter
7:32 am
road conditions that are going to be a problem. you bring it to later in the night, by 7:00 we're starting to see rain showers connecticut up through and changing over into parts of new england into that mix and snow. so we could have had a lot worse. i have had a lot worse standing on this parade route. i'm going to have many more updates, including a look at the western storm in just a couple of minutes but for now we head back to amy and dan. i'm sure your outfits look awesome too. i just can't see them. >> yes, i'm also wearing hot pink inspired by you. thank you, ginger. appreciate that. >> i bet you are. we'll switch to a much more serious story that arrest of a man that bumped into a plainclothes officer in boston and led to this intense face-off you're looking at. he is facing charges as are the two women who shot this video. linsey davis is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. seconds before the video that you're about to see two men bumped into each other while crossing the street. but then the incident between the plainclothes police officer and the pedestrian ends in criminal charges and some are
7:33 am
about policing and racial tensions in this country. >> show me your badge. >> hey. you are going to get in trouble. >> reporter: a vigorous debate this morning surrounding this video about how two men bumping into each other while crossing the street escalated to this. >> can you get your hands off me? you're supposed to say excuse me when you cross the street. >> reporter: 21-year-old cleon hodge said he was walking across the street after leaving work last month when he looked down at a text message. ended up bumping shoulders with another man who he insists didn't say excuse me. >> i turn back and say some cute stuff, you have to say excuse me before you just walk through people like that, and he didn't like that at all. reached out for my sweater, began to pull. >> reporter: the police officer, sergeant thomas ahern, alleges hodge made eye contact with him and intentionally walked into him. in a police report, ahern wrote, i walked up to him in an attempt to de-escalate the situation and identified myself as a police officer.
7:34 am
hands were clenched into fists, which i interpreted as a preassault cue. now hodge faces charges for disorderly conduct and assault and battery. >> stop. don't reach into his pocket. do you have a warrant to search him? >> reporter: the woman seen here grabbing at the officer's arm is now charged with assault and battery on a police officer. she and another woman who videotaped the incident also face charges of interfering with a police officer. cambridge police department released this statement saying the officer's actions were consistent with his duty obligations. that assault and battery charge carries as much as 2 1/2 years behind bars. all three defendants are due december 21st. it seemed like there was a lot of overreaction here perhaps on both sides but now taxpayer dollars have to take it to court. >> plays into so much stress and tension between communities and police right now. >> you're right, and especially with black men and police and how it's being viewed in america. >> all right, linsey.
7:35 am
families are breaking out those humidifiers. now is a good time to remind you what can happen if you don't regularly clean yours according to the manufacturer instructions. abc's about gio benitez with more details in this "gma investigates." >> reporter: the steam from a humidifier seen as a way to prevent sore throats and dry science -- sinuses, but could that steam germs that could mak you sick? most people don't know how to clean them. >> ew. how gross. >> i don't know how to clean a humidifier. >> it's not the most easy thing to clean. >> i know i'm not reaching all the tiny corners. >> reporter: or don't clean them as often as they should. >> i clean the humidifier about once a month. >> reporter: "gma investigates" collecting ten humidifiers from philadelphia area families to test for bacteria and mold. almost all admit they don't clean their humidifiers regularly. some have asthma and allergies. >> i don't know what you are going to find, but i'm very
7:36 am
humidifiers from six different manufacturers at the lab at thomas jefferson university home and this doctor testing water from inside the humidifier's water tank and the vapor it emits. out of the ten humidifiers, all had bacteria in the tank. two had heavy bacteria growing inside and also in the vapor that our experts say could make our family sick. >> i was surprised by the heavy growth in a few of the devices that you >> reporter: and in three of the humidifiers, mold. [ doorbell ] how are you? ready to see what was growing in there? >> oh, gross. >> reporter: they found some bacteria but more importantly they found mold in the vapor which means the mold was going out. >> that's not good. especially since we have asthma in our house and allergies. >> reporter: mold in this family's humidifier as well.
7:37 am
>> mold can cause nasal congestion, sore throat. if the individual has asthma, it can cause chest tightness or wheezing. >> reporter: now for the humidifier with the most bacteria. and here are the results right here. our experts labeling it extremely dirty and they say what's inside could cause pneumonia. >> it kind of looked like maybe a swamp. >> this is what was growing inside your humidifier. >> oh, gosh. >> reporter: because you're a nurse, you know what that means. >> yeah. it means that my kids are not safe, which is very concerning. >> reporter: bottom line, experts say you need to clean a humidifier every day emptying and rinsing the base and letting it air dry before refilling and every week, you should clean it thoroughly according to the manufactu manufacturer's instructions. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york.
7:38 am
those cleaning instructions. one manufacturer, crane, told us the cleaning instructions are so critical it puts them right on the base of the product itself in big letters. empty base daily and disinfect weekly. dan is at the big board. >> the politics of thanksgiving. a huge question right now. families all over the country preparing to see each other for the holidays. how to keep politics off the table. plus on this black friday eve, the inside track on getting doorbuster sales. our insiders join us in two minutes. keep it here. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition, it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up.
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hey, nice of you to join us, dan. thank you. >> i was chitchatting with members of the crew. and i got distracted. >> welcome back, everyone. time for our big board. we're breaking down more of this morning's top stories and let's start with, ah, politics at the thanksgiving table. it can be a recipe for disaster
7:41 am
but today families from around the country are reuniting under one roof and abc's cokie roberts is back with us and i know, cokie, you have covered a lot of presidential campaigns. they are all divisive to a degree. this one, though, perhaps takes the cake. i mean, i know people who aren't going home for the holidays because they don't want to deal with the political conversations. i see becky worley shaking her head on that one too. >> that's probably a big excuse, amy. kind of the tip of the iceberg at thapnksgiving and i remember during the vietnam war, it was war at the thanksgiving table. but think about it. i mean, thanksgiving is little cousin susie coming home and announcing she is now esmeralda and she is vegan and wants to be only referred to as esmeralda from here on out or great aunt dolly saying she's leaving her husband of 70 years because she ran into her high school boyfriend. i mean, thanksgiving is fraught
7:42 am
it's just -- it's just always true. >> yeah, but politics really are as you know, cokie, because we force you to talk about it all the time, top of mind right now. so do you have any advice for people -- how to deal with this across the table? >> you know what? i have been doing this entire political season at mixed tables. talking about dogs i think is a great thing to do. just talk about pull out%s of their dogs, and it's fine. it's just fine. i'm happy to talk about their dogs as well as my dog. and if people don't like dogs, i don't like and then beyond that, it really doesn't work to talk about the
7:43 am
>> if we needed any further proof that cokie roberts is a genius, we just saw it right there. cokie, thank you. let's turn to another huge part of thanksgiving, football. as fans get ready to watch the three big match-ups today the nfl is scrambling to deal with some sagging tv ratings this season. and espn's darren rovell is here with more. hey, darren, so what's going on here? why are we seeing a little dip in the ratings? >> well, listen, the average game is around 3:08. that's been the same over the past couple of years, but i think maybe we've changed. we're looking at our phones more and millennials and what they're doing, and there's a question as to whether there's too m sunday night, monday night, thursday night, thursday night they may look to get out in a couple of years if things aren't going well and talk about the election, did that take away things? the protests over the national anthem. do people think that's too much? there's a lot of things the nfl the looking at, and right now, they're not really sure. >> so they're looking to make some changes and among them could be a pretty big one involving commercial time.
7:44 am
commercials make up 63 minutes, so you think about that. how do they cut that down? can they put virtual signage on the field? can they do anything to get the message out? people have a kickoff, it goes to the commercial. it's going to commercial too much, and there's certainly the sense there. can they do something with play? can someone bring an ipad out to the refs so the refsould look at it and make a play? replay makes up 15 minutes of that 3 hours a playing is 12 minutes. >> whoa. >> there's a lot of things to look at, and there's definitely pressure. if you think this is something new, by the way, in 1993, cover of "sports illustrated" can the nfl be saved? we're talking about this all the time, but obviously, a lot more pressure right now about it. >> i think they should make the commercials like super bowl commercials because that's why i even tune in, so maybe if they could make more creative commercials they wouldn't have to cut their commercial time.
7:45 am
all right. now to some family members who are hunkered down watching football. others ready to head out the door for their own big game. the kickoff to the black friday weekend starts today. so we're making a sports analogy to shopping. all right. just had to follow that. becky worley is with us now. so, becky, where? this is the big question. where can people find the biggest deals? >> we're hoping it's not a full contact sport, but if price is the only thing that matters, focus on doorbusters. these are limited supply they are slashed to the bare bone. let's get to it. right to it. tvs, a 32-inch tv at $85. last year the cheapest sets were $125. they're getting cheaper. leaving tvs. you'll see deals exclusively online. amazon has the kindle fire, 30 bucks off and lionel trains, 50% off and housewares. today's a great day. macy's has a 15-piece knife set,
7:46 am
these are really the bare bones prices, guys. >> what about laptops? i hear they're hot right now. how low can they go? >> we are seeing an incredibly low $99 laptop from the delhomme store. this is not the best computer but it is the best price. >> i like how you said you hear laptops are big now. really? you didn't know that? >> i heard it -- no, that laptops -- i mean they're hot in terms of the sales. the same people who told me to ask that also told me to ask where to put a thermometer in a turk turkey. >> what's the hot toy? >> you've heard about it already, the hatchimal. mine has hatched. you peel it out of an egg. you don't know what variety you're getting. mine is the penguala. you could get an owlicorn. these things are incredibly
7:47 am
tamagachi. it talks to you. walmart says they'll be available for $48 in store tonight at 6:00 p.m. otherwise i found them on ebay selling for up to $300. >> wow. >> hope a contact sport doesn't happen for these. >> great way to defuse the political discussion. thank you to our guests this morning, and happy thanksgiving. coming up here on the show, turkey 911. our team of experts tackling your last-minute dilemmas. in just two minutes we have your answer. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good.
7:48 am
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7:49 am
otezla. show more of you. and we're back with our team of thanksgiving cooking experts. rocco dispirito, a >> good luck with these folks. they are freaky. >> i'm looking forward to it. we've been getting tweets and people posting questions at "gma's" facebook question and our chefs are here to answer. tweeted by tonya, do have a quick go to recipe for cranberry sauce? >> of course, i do. it's a raw cranberry
7:50 am
pit in a food processer. stevia and orange zest and good to go. >> amanda, robin posted this question. green bean casserole can be heavy. do you have a lighter version? >> yes, of course, just make green beans almondine traditional style and a little bit of crouton, put it on top, a little fried shallot to keep it light. >> samantha tweeted how do i cut prep time on desserts? i like where you are going. >> i know there is a grandmother rolling around in her grave right now but store bought crust is fine. they have so many different options out there now so you can cut a little time. getting ready for the football stuff. getting the for bought time. >> how do you make the edges so pretty? >> all with your thumbs. >> the thumbs. >> all right. all right. we have much more from our thanksgiving 911 crew coming up in our next hour answering all the important questions about your turkey, sides and desserts plus we have holiday "deals & steals" with tory johnson who has gifts for everybody on your list. >> all in your thumbs. keep that in mind. "gma's" countdown to thanksgiving brought to you by walmart.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
. cu's religious campus organization has revoked one church's membership claiming it violated the code of ethics. the head of the organization said the church failed to address patterned behaviors that encouraged students to cut personalel one said he was spiritually abused. >> saying that other churches are bad company, their members are bad to be around with. and with the family's views and opinions conflict with theirs,, they say it's bad company. in for a beautiful day today.
7:57 am
the mountains right now. this shot from loveland, the camera shaking, the front coming through, wind and a few inches of snow in the mountains this morning. going to clear out and see sunshine in the mountains and mrans today. we have -- and plains today. aurora today, 45 and lakewood, close to 50. with the wind, though, going to feel like the 40s and upper 30s tomorrow, calmer and clear skies. highs in the upper 50s near 60 and snow likely next week. saturday and sunday, going to find a change there. let's talk about that. saturday, 60 and tracking a system, a chance for a little snow in the mountains starting sunday and a chance for morr snow here in denver on monday and tuesday. for the broncos game on sunday, we have a high of 48 degrees
7:58 am
and the sun sets, going to be near 40, cold for the game.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. holiday travel alert. move. rain, sleet and snow coast to coast, icy roads in the east and flood watches in the west as tens of millions of americans hit the road this morning. ? story of my life ? it is the season for giving and we've got one woman's mission for families and helping parents from all walks of life. >> if people can't afford to adopt children, what happens to these children? >> her story and how she's making her mess her message. it's thanksgiving 911. we're making sure your meal is done right from the turkey to the side dishes to desserts. our holiday dream team is standing by all morning tackling your last-minute turkey troubles.
8:01 am
tory johnson is here with holiday "deals & steals" starting at just $5. and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. ? and good morning, america. happy thanksgiving, everyone. you don't have to wait until black friday for amazing deals. tory johnson is here with holiday gifts for everyone on your list up to 70% off. and, yeah, he looks really comfortable. >> or uncomfortable. i can't tell which. >> yes, either he's been chained to that chair or he's really happy. >> swallowed by some sort of large fish. >> somebody told him to smile. also today it's our thanksgiving 911 throwdown. expert chefs rocco dispirito, amanda freitag and eddie jackson here in times square to answer your turkey day questions.
8:02 am
as we've said, they tend to work a little nc-17 at times. >> love that. fantastic. they are like the thanksgiving dream team. >> they're amazing. >> if you have questions you do want to tune in. the parades are under way. ginger is in philly with amazing broadway stars and rob at the big macy's parade. we'll check in with them both throughout the hour. >> ginger is doing her "dancing with the stars" stuff out there. >> oh, she can't stop. >> she's amazing. but we're going to get serious first because you have some headlines. >> that's right. good morning, everyone. there could be more travel trouble unfortunately for thanksgiving. snow and freezing rain could delay travel plans. people frothe west coast to parts of the northeast are being affected. let's go back to ginger in philadelphia for the details on what areas are hardest hit this morning. ginger. >> amy, we are so fortunate we are not going to get hit hard here. the rain holding off for a lot of folks in the northeast at least until later on our turkey day but that is not going to be the case for a lot of other people that will be some slick roads especially in higher elevation, parts of person new york and hit so hard with all
8:03 am
falling there but also wanted to point out that storm that moved through salt lake city in through the rockies will keep moving to the east and it's not today that we have to worry about the travel as much because most people are already where they have to be. it's sunday and sunday is that rain/snow mix in new england. that could be an issue so please do plan ahead, perhaps you want to leave a little earlier in the weekend depending on what the forecast is there and then a new area right in the middle of the nation. amy, we have so much more coming up right here from the 97th annual philadelphia parade. we're looking forward to checking back with you later in the broadcast. in the meantime, president-elect donald trump has posted a thanksgiving message to the country and in the youtube video trump called for americans to heal their divisions, trust each other more and move forward as one country. trump is said to be conflicted about the choice between mitt romney and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. trump is expected to name investor wilbur ross, known as the king of bankruptcy, as his
8:04 am
and he has chosen school choice advocate and billionaire gop donor betsy devos to lead the education department and south carolina governor nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador. meanwhile, hillary clinton's lead over trump in the popular vote now tops 2 million. former green party candidate jill stein is calling for a recount in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. she has raised more than $2 million to cover that cost. and some sad news from chattanooga, tennessee, a sixth school bus crash. investigators say the driver was not on the designated route. they say there were no drugs, no alcohol in his system, so they're looking at whether fatigue could have played a role because the driver recently started a second job. back here in new york, a worker at this wine store got the scare of his life when the e-cigarette battery in his pocket -- look at that -- exploded. a colleague thought fireworks were going off. the man was hospitalized with
8:05 am
stable condition this morning. amazon has avoided a potential disruption this holiday weekend. a judge has ordered pilots at a cargo airline who went on strike this week to return to work. the pilots at abx air deliver packages for amazon and want better working conditions but the judge ruled it is in the public's interest to stop the strike because holiday shoppers expect to receive their packages on time. and finally, most people are having turkey for dinner today what are you having for breakfast? how about ice cream. a scientist in japan found tha a person who ate three spoonfuls first thing in the morning had faster reaction time and were better at processing information than people who did not east ice cream. it might have to do with all that sugar but apparently it stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain making you happier and linked to elevated levels of alertness and reduced mental irritation. >> this study brought to you by ben & jerry's.
8:06 am
dessert for breakfast. >> ron claiborne used to eat a pint of ice cream before every show. >> we were just talking about spoonfuls. >> i know. he took it deep as ron is apt to do. he is very sharp. >> one of the best broadcasters in the business. >> speaking of that, "pop news" time with lara. >> thank you very much. wow, that scares me. >> did you have ice cream before this? >> of course, rocky road and get ready for this rocky road. the "la la land" cast and crew offering fans an extended look at the upcoming musical we can't wait t a new behind-the-scenes featurette. director damien chazelle says ryan gosling and emma stone's chemistry in this film which is a massive oscar buzz contender, he says it reminds him of humphrey and bacall and fred astaire and ginger rogers. chazelle put gosling through intense preproduction training to become a true musician and dancer and then he had the whole cast and crew do dance rehearsals every single
8:07 am
it must have worked. oscar winner j.k. simmons says emma and ryan have a rare triple threat combination as singers, dancers and actors. "la la land" dances its way into theaters december 9th. i can see you -- >> i saw it. i saw it. >> amy has been talking about it all morning. >> i have chills right now. i'm not kidding. i love this movie so much for a lot of different reasons and if you don't even like musicals, there isn't -- it's something for everyone. i brought my daughters and we were laughing, we were crying. it's so good. >> do you think it could beat out the more serious movies like "manchester by the sea" or >> those are the -- "moonlight"? >> that's the names we're hearing but i think this one when you can pull off singing and dancing -- >> and you can bring your family and kids. >> i'm excited. all right. i know -- december 9th you have to wait until, sorry. in thanksgiving news president barack obama pardoned two turkeys named tater and tot. for the last time he had this opportunity with some punderful jokes. he was accompanied by his two nephews rather than his
8:08 am
because he said they couldn't stomach another year of dad jokes. he has future plans to make up for their fowl mood. take a look. >> ding, ding, ding. >> we are going to do this every year from now on. no cameras, just us, every year, no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. >> look at that look on his face. >> he was on fire. >> he knows he did it. >> that's how when you do a great pun you just kind of wait. you're like, do you get it? it's all gravy now for tater and tot, though. >> nice. >> from here they're headed to gobblers' rest, a real place, and be cared for by veterinarians and students of the virginia tech science department there. we are rooting for you, tater and tot and, president obama, thanks for all those years of dad jokes. finally, many of us are looking forward to topping our turkey with gravy. it doesn't have to stop at your dinner plate. introducing gravy flavored candy canes. merry christmas, everybody.
8:09 am
channeling their inner willy wonky crossing boundary lines with this neat flavored cane. if you don't want to get on the gravy train, there is a bacon cane and a pickle cane, my personal favorite. 'tis the season where calories don't count and neither do candy cane flavors apparently. >> a great way to cut calories. what do they have horseradish gumdrops? >> you know what, they have a wasabi cane. i just didn't think it was funny enough. >> no it's >> that is "pop news," everybody. >> coming up next, holiday helper "deals & steals" starting at just $5. and our chefs standing by to solve all your last-minute turkey troubles.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. clearer skin is possible. ? happy thanksgiving. we welcome you back. what a great audience we have here and we have some great deals. you do not have to wait for
8:14 am
we got tory johnson in the house. let's go. >> great deals. first up if you are giving toys or expect to receive toys in your household, this is a sanity saver. this is the toydriver and this was started by a mom who was so frustrated with teeny -- watch yourself, lara -- teeny little screwdrivers on the battery -- you know the battery covers on toys. >> i'm well aware of them. >> so she was super frustrated so she invented this to solve that. >> adult -- >> an adult screwdriver. >> but for mini toys. >> specifically for those mini -- >> that's kind of genius. a gift to give yourself. >> absolutely. if you are giving toys, throw one of these in or receiving toys, treat yourself. >> this isn't for children to play with. >> it is for adults, only $10, slashed in half for a toydriver, batteries are included. next up, give the gift of creativity, you can never go wrong when you inspire kids with creative sets.
8:15 am
these are actually disney collections. there's a drum from "lion king." create your own bear, mask and paws from "the jungle book." "beauty and the beast" crowns. "little mermaid" crowns. so many options here. make a little aquarium from "finding dory." so many fabulous assortments here and these range from $25 to $40. they're all slashed in half, $12.50 to $20 and they're all free shipping. >> they seem to like that one. >> you know we love presents. can you see the name on this. give a grandma, a mom, one name up to five names depending on your choice or guy's ties can be embroidered on the back. you can create any kind of message to embroider. really de nominal deals and these range from 58 to 150 depending on how many names. what you're choosing. these are slashed by at least 55%, all of them, $26 to $45. >> really cute.
8:16 am
basic outfitters. this company actually just taped an episode of "shark tank" coming up next year. this team created premium basics for men. everything from tees, joggers, joggers are so hot. underwear, socks, four-pack of socks, our deal is $10, i just gave it away. the socks are really terrific, bright, fabulous socks, all of the assortment ranges from $15 to $30, but it's all slashed in half, $7.50 to $15. and last but not least first we have raquel over there with the crocheted mermaid blankets and then our new best friend, eli here, eley our 5-year-old friend from pennsylvania, he is doing the -- he promises me he's happy, right? you promise me. he says he's happy. he's excited to be here. normally $25, slashed in half, $12.50. can't beat those. >> we got to thank the companies. thank you guys for providing the deals. go to our website,
8:17 am
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8:21 am
oh, yeah. back here on "good morning america," we are in philadelphia live and this parade, the thanksgiving day parade, 97th annual, oldest in the nation. it's about to kick off, and we're about to get started. that's why i got this huge party here. broadway philadelphia's "mamma mia," "dirty dancing," and we're starting to see the ge balloons go past. such an exciting morning and a beautiful moin we're going to have a whole lot more coming up. you guys . good morning and happy thanksgiving. it's gusty out there. wind gusts at 35. 24 in city park and 37 in broomfield. any turkey trots are going to be chilly.
8:22 am
all right. here we are back and i have a couple of clowns. all right. we are back in philadelphia. i got a couple of clowns. it's not a parade till you do that, rob. let's get to rob now at the macy's parade in new york city. >> thank you. all right, ginger, i was at the philly parade last year. it is phenomenal and, of course, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is a big doozy, as well. we're at the start line way down there. that's charlie brown. get things kicked off. central park west and for as far -- clowns too. over a thousand clowns and for as far as the eye can see lined up down central park west we've got, well, 16 floats. can you believe that and what would a parade be without marching bands, over a dozen of those, as well. ladies and gentlemen, one of them right here from kennesaw, georgia, the harrison high school marching band.
8:23 am
[ playing the theme from "ghostbusters" ] >> oh, yeah, who you gonna call, guys, ghostbusters. happy thanksgiving for the start line of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. back to you guys. >> all right, robert, thank you very much. back now on this thankful thursday with an inspirational mom on a mission and rob, robin, rather, has her story. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, all about family and togetherness, so in honor of that i wanted to share the story of a mother right here in new york city that's making her mess her message. after learning she couldn't have children on her own, becky snyder-faucet and her husband kip decided to adopt, but it was a process full of hurdles and surprises and put becky on a mission to help other adoptive parents navigate the system and fulfill their dreams of having a family. >> my journey to become a mother was not what i expected it to be.
8:24 am
pregnant the old-fashioned way and having a child. >> reporter: but becky snyder fawcett and her husband kip did have trouble. both emotionally and financially. after five rounds of ivf, three pregnancies and three miscarriages, they decided to try something else. >> we had just the amount left in our savings that would cover an adoption. it just hit me, how lucky i was to be making these choices on my adoption costs $40,000 in full and up front. >> reporter: after going through the adoption of their first child jake, becky knew she and kip wanted to help others too. >> we had to do something to help these other families become parents and to help these kids get homes because the trick of it all is, if people can't afford to adopt children, what happens to these children? >> reporter: from her apartment she launched help us adopt, an organization now in its ninth
8:25 am
parents from all walks of life. >> we don't discriminate, period. family is family. you want to adopt a child, you have a valid home study, come. >> reporter: and becky has a family of her own. she and kip adopted jake who is now 10 and brooke who just turned 7. >> i have to literally pinch myself to remind myself at points throughout the day that these children did not come out of my body. they are my own. we are a family. they are my son, they are my daughter. we just we different. >> reporter: nine years later, becky and her organization have helped build 179 families and award over $1.5 million in adoption grants. >> i believe that we have changed the way americans perceive adoption. i mean, it really is cool that you can take an idea and make it happen. it's pretty easy to get up and go to work every day.
8:26 am
month, so if you want to learn more about becky and her organization, just visit >> thank you, robin. what a phenomenal story. she's doing amazing work. coming up here on "gma," our panel of expert chefs ready to head into "gma's" turkey 911 stadium tackling your last-minute turkey troubles. and then country superstars garth brooks and trisha yearwood with a very special thanksgiving day performance just ahead. ? ance.
8:27 am
. it's 8:27 and we have new details about a hostage situation south of colorado springs. accused of killing his wife. started as a domestic violence kault yesterday important he shot his wife and she passed away at the hospital. his criminal history include domestic violence and driving while ability impaired. charging a man and woman
8:28 am
. good morning and happy thanksgiving. it's 8:28.
8:29 am
beautiful day. rain and snow and ice overnight. that snow is already clearing up and the skies will be clearing staid state kwiedwide there morning. . 40s and 50s and a pretty thanksgiving. he's what it looks like from on top of our building. the trees shaking around with the winds. the winds have been gusting from sa to 35 miles per hour as the cold front rolls through the state. in the 30s, but feels like 20s. congress park, 50, brighton 49. winds will calm down a little bit once this front moves through. on black friday, if you're shopping early, in the 20s and closer to 60 friday and saturday afternoon. for the broncos game, it's chilly.
8:30 am
around 40 for the start of the >> both: happy thanksgiving, america. >> oh, that was good. [ applause ] >> and welcome back and happy thanksgiving to trisha yearwood and garth brooks and to our incredible audience here this morning. those two have a special message coming up. first the countdown is over been sending your cooking questions all week long. >> so we've assembled our pam of experts here in the thanksgiving -- >> not us. >> we are not that panel. so don't worry. we're calling this the thanksgiving 911 stadium. you can also call it the thanksgiving 911 thunder dome. first up, the turkey guy, rocco dispirito, author of "the negative calorie diet," rocco, get on out here. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> what's up?
8:31 am
this looks delicious. >> rocco and to tackle side dishes, amanda freitag, judge on "chopped." come on out, amanda. [ applause ] >> nice. >> and our dessert doctor and former nfl player eddie jackson in the house. [ applause ] very exciting. >> all right, so each of us is teaming up with each of the chefs so, dan and lara, we'll all move around to our positions here. i'm with you, rocco. so, let's take a look at our football play-by-play to see who is up first in our thanksgiving 911 stadium, so go ahead and let's see, what is it? oh, it looks like that is a turkey. so, rocco -- >> that's me. i'm the turkey. >> you're the turkey. >> i'm the turkey. [ applause ] >> and laurie is asking us brine or not to brine. >> i say, no brine. don't waste your time. there's enough to do. there's enough to do. >> you're getting booed. >> i have a much better
8:32 am
it will keep it moist. >> it's like corden blew over a turkey. >> it's like the most obscene cordon blew you've ever seen in your life and then you use the bacon in the gravy. >> do you have a defibrillator standing by? >> i do and i was merciful on the calories and using turkey bacon. >> do you put olive oil or anything on top of the turkey beforehand? >> i do a garlic and olive oil rub. and then bacon on top of that. >> that's all you have to do. >> throw it in the oven. >> can i get a the dessert table? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> is that to keep it moist? do we eat the bacon? >> it's because it looks great on tv. but it does keep it very moist. it keeps it very moist and gives it a lot of flavor and has a lot of sodium so acts like a type of brine. >> okay. all right. it looks beautiful, it really does. >> at the end -- come on.
8:33 am
let's toss the football now to see where it lands and it looks like -- let's see, oh, green beans, side. >> all right. [ applause ] >> i've always considered myself something of a side dish. amanda, yeah, heidi writes my mom and many old school cooks prepare sides the day before. which are best to do in advance? >> stuffing. >> stuffing? >> stuffing, do it in advance. mix everything together and then bake it, and then you can always pop that in the oven and warm it up. it's just one thing -- one less thing you have to put in the oven. one less thing you have to do. it's so easy. casserole dish. and that's it. i'm making sausage with corn bread and brioche and celery. >> that looks incredibly good. >> this is really, really good stuffing. >> can i get a question from the dessert table? because i'm using brioche too for my stuffing this year. why is it so good? >> because it's really buttery and really light and then when you put the stock and all the flavor, it just drinks it. >> yeah, i got to tell you that it really makes a difference. >> yeah, i highly recommend it. >> yes.
8:34 am
>> so this will not suffer from one night in the fridge. >> not at all. this is just going to get better. it's just going to get better. >> the brioche will keep drinking. >> yes. >> we have to get to our football graphics again because it's going down. >> down the field. >> oh, yes, dessert. >> we have a lateral, a lateral to the pumpkin pie. >> that looks really good. >> you and me, eddie. >> you saved the best for last. >> of course. dessert. here we bonnie's question is, as an english girl who loves american traditions, what would be the top dessert to have in your thanksgiving meal and you say -- >> i say sweet potato pie. where i'm from -- [ cheers and applause ] right? yes. where i'm from you have to have sweet potato pie and not just any sweet potato pie. >> talk to me. how do we do it? >> i'll add a little rum. a little rum. we're going to go a little caribbean twist so first thing, have my sweet potatoes down. >> sweet potato puree. >> yeah, exactly.
8:35 am
so you're helping me, right? >> of course. >> exactly, just going to dump it in there. >> this is not low calorie. >> oh, no, no, it's thanksgiving. it's thanksgiving. >> forget about balanceries on thanksgiving. >> the usual suspects in sweet potato pie, nutmeg. >> i love the coconut. >> exactly. a little caribbean vibe and we're going to add our eggs. somebody likes eggs, right? ginger, then after we have it mixed, it looks like this. >> where is the booze? >> the booze is right there. you want the booze? i got the booze. ad thanksgiving. >> all right, all right, well, i just want to say this is the finished product. >> yes. how beautiful is that? >> we have it on our website. that's the little special twist in ours, amy. back to you. >> question from the dessert table. >> from the side table. >> side table. how soon can i get some of that? >> now. >> i can get it now? [ applause ] >> desserts for the entire audience and we have pie for everybody. dan wants one too and we have
8:36 am
we come back. everyone eats pie. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" countdown to
8:37 am
? sfx: laughter
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d fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. ? ? welcome back to "good morning america." we are getting in the holiday spirit with the uso touring troupe. we are so happy.
8:39 am
but we, of course, are in philadelphia at the the 97th annual and look at this. this parade is kicking off right now. so funny because we were just saying only at a thanksgiving day parade do you hear, where's the turkey balloon? it's right there. went past. the tasmanian devil. so much more coming up right here on "gma" and from philadelphia where we're so happy to be partnering with our favorite affiliates. one of the favorite affiliate, >> and this weather report brought to you by verizon. we're on to "deck the halls." this is good stuff. rob, i know you're up at macy's. can't wait. what a beautiful morning we got.
8:40 am
laurie hernandez, one of a slew of celebrities that are going to be walking down the parade route. congtulations on winning the mirror ball, "dancing with the stars" champion and you're also an olympic gold medalist as well. what did it feel like to take home the mirror ball? >> it felt amazing. so exciting to do something that was so encouraging and so exciting to me so it was great -- i was honored to get it. >> other than that what are you thankful for today on thanksgiving? >> i'm definitely thankful for my family because they've supported me my whole way through. >> that' hey, look, if you had big bird as a partner you would still win. >> i think so. >> congratulations to you and happy thanksgiving to everyone back in the studios. [ applause ] >> all right, we are back to another round of our thanksgiving 911 and we have our roster of experts here. the turkey guy, rocco dispirito, you go by that, author of "the negative calorie diet" tackling sides.
8:41 am
dessert doctor former nfl player eddie jackson, judge. all right, so we have our turkey on the football field as well, right, so that means, rocco, it's you. you're up, and we have a question from la toya in our audience. stand up and ask your question. >> what's a quick way to make my turkey if i don't have -- >> hi, la toya. >> how are you? >> if you don't have enough space in your oven, first of all, take anything that doesn't need to be in the oven out like the stuffing that you can make on your stovetop. otherwise you can cook your turkey on the stovetop. real quick way. this takes 40 minutes, a rolled breast of turkey, you simply roll it, tie up, tie it up. goes into 180 degree olive oil and in 40 minutes you'll have a lly cooked -- >> like a deep frying way? >> poaching. 180 degrees so doesn't absorb as much fat. if you cook something in fat you know it's not going to be dry. right? >> right. >> for sure and you end up with this beautiful turkey. >> nice. >> amazing. >> that's beautiful. >> la toya is looking at me like i'm never going to do that.
8:42 am
if rocco says to do it, do it. >> we're looking at our play-by-play. >> we'll have something coming up that says desserts. >> desserts. >> the show, by the way, "clash of the grandmas." eddie is a rock star. we have a question. a video question from grace and camille. hit it, girls. >> both: hi, eddie. >> my mom and me are working overtime preparing turkey and sides. >> is there any other way we can help prepare desserts? >> ah. >> yes. very good question. >> cute. >> get invited to your friend's house. >> exactly. i have an amazing crock pot slow cooker bread pudding, so easy. everybody say, ooh. you like that, right? ry, very easy. thanksgiving you have a lot of bread laying around, turn night a bread pudding. this crock pot is set at 4 1/2 hours on high. we'll put our bread in. we have some dry cranberry, raisins and -- another raisin lover. pumpkin puree, a little cream, a little egg, a little love.
8:43 am
>> set it and forget it. how long before -- >> 4 1/2 hours. 4 1/2 hours. >> takes a little bit of preplanning. >> exactly. >> anything in a crock pot. >> it's easy. >> all right, dan, you got your sides coming up next. >> yes, i've long said that, anything in a crock pot. amanda, claire has this question for you. i love mashed potatoes for thanksgiving but i hate having to peel. is there a recipe where i don't have to? >> yes, and i don't like to peel potatoes either. it's time consuming and not fun. so i cook them skin on, right, yeah. skin, i use yukon gold because the skin is much more tender. and that's it. then they're ready. i use sour cream in my potatoes. >> nice. >> yum. scallion and maybe a little cheddar cheese. what do you think? [ cheers ] >> i love that. >> it's thanksgiving. why not. >> yeah, i mean i love that you just got applause for saying the words cheddar cheese. phenomenal. >> and that's it, and they're ready to go. don't even bother peeling.
8:44 am
turkey on the football field. that means rocco, and we have hanna with a question in the audience. >> is there any ingredient to add to my gravy to punch it up? >> yes, of course. so i'm all about health except for my turkey today but i'll make up for it in the gravy. so for my gravy i like to use a little wild turkey, pardon the pun. pardon the pun. >> wow. >> but then to really punch it up and give you a little bit of nutrition, i take my protein powder and i thicken it with my protein powder and make a slurry and protein gravy. >> i like that. >> as an athlete you can appreciate that. >> is that chocolate flavored? >> i just want to note that the wild turkey got a bigger applause than the cheddar cheese. >> both. >> rocco, thank you. i want to talk about a transition from food to something else. it's not just the food that brings us together, it's the stories. what? >> oh. >> after the show. after the show, rocco. it's the stories we share with our family and abc news partners
8:45 am
thanksgiving listen and we'll talk about all connecting with loved ones. take a look. ? the story of my life ? >> that was supposed to be -- >> reporter: in prince george's county. >> good morning, everybody. happy monday. >> reporter: -- ninth grade english teacher victoria james is prepping her class to appreciate a little something extra with their turkey and stuffing this thanksgiving. >> take out your great thanksgiving listen packets. >> the words and stories of loved ones. >> i'm going to interview my aunt. >> reporter: after a tough election that haex painful divides around the nation, storycorps is hoping the great thanksgiving listen will provide a national platform for listening and empathy and perhaps a measure of healing. >> it helps us see one another as the human beings, the complex, the beautiful, the complicated human beings that we all are and it celebrates the stories and the voices of everyday people. >> reporter: last year's inaugural campaign resulted in more than 100,000 interviews, many done on the storycorps app. >> hi, i'm lourdes.
8:46 am
participants lourdes rodriguez interviewed her father last thanksgiving. >> when you were younger what did you imagine you would do for work? >> i wanted to be a police officer. >> reporter: for lourdes, it was an unforgettable conversation. >> i felt more connected to him. i felt like i learned more about him and i saw him differently. >> reporter: it's a conversation she looks forward to having this year with her grandmother, an immigrant from colombia. >> i just want to learn more about her and her life story. >> and if you'd like to take thanksgiving listen, you can download the smartphone app and start recording your family's story starting today. coming up next, garth brooks and trisha yearwood.
8:47 am
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[ applause ] we are back now with a special performance for you. garth brooks has a new box set that's called garth brooks: the
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a whopping 134,000 copies in its first week that includes his new studio album "gunslinger" set for a stand-alone release tomorrow. garth and his wife trisha yearwood stopped by our studio recently to sing a special duet. here's "whiskey to wine." [ applause ] ? ? yeah she's nice yeah she's pretty and she's crazy about me ? ? she's what every man's hoping to find ? ? she's always a lady and that's driving me crazy 'cause after you it's like going from whiskey to wine ?
8:50 am
the same high i miss the fire the burning desire ? ? we fought like we loved and we loved all the time ? ? we're no good together but it's sure as hell better than going forever from whiskey to wine ? ? when i talk he listens he
8:51 am
refined he's handsome romantic ? ? but the problem is damn it that after you it's like going from whiskey to wine ? ? whiskey to wine it's just not ? i miss the fire the burning desire we fought like we loved ?
8:52 am
we're no good together ? ? but it's sure as hell better than going forever from whiskey to wine ? ? it's probably best we rejoin the rest and try to have what they call a good time ? ? and hope it's not showing that we're walking in knowing ? ? that we're going from whiskey
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? thank all of our chefs, again for your questions and answering your questions and also helping us celebrate the tenth year of our coat drive with burlington and kids fashion delivers. so, guys, please, your donations into the bucket. >> all right. >> we appreciate it. >> visit your local burlington store for more information about our warm coats warm hearts drive or to find a location near you. logon to on yahoo! >> and, rocco, before we go, i have a turkey right here.
8:56 am
okay. i was wondering whether he would fall for that. thank you for watching abc on this holiday morning. we'll be right back here tomorrow. have a great day. . an alert for students this morning orn the auraria campus. two people attacked and a man
8:57 am
and demanded money. when the victim refused, he hit them in the face and then tried again at the library and hit them and took off. a man accused of killing his wife. brought you this news yesterday morning. he is accusee of holding his her and she later died in the hospital. two children were able to leave safely during the situation. longest human trafficking sentence in colorado history. the greeley car dealership own owner is convicted of a child
8:58 am
cool now and windy. statewide, sunshine this afternoon. upper 40s to low 50s for the plains. du, 49, brrghton, #49d and aurora and centennial, 45 degrees. it is chilly and considering the winds, it is going to feel colder with the windchills. not going to be as gusty this afternoon. windier as the cold front runs through. 60s on friday and saturday and sunshine on sunday. on sunday, going to pick up more snow in the mountains. speaking of sunday, big broncos
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