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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. . >> two tragedies on thanksgiving day. this morning, we have the latest on the investigation into two deadly shootings that happen inned metro. >> the holiday rush is now underway. >> while some us were sleeping off that turkey hangover, some of us have yet to go to the event. >> let's go to lisa. how is the weather. >> it's pretty mild f you had to stand in line, obviously, a hat, and gloves and jacket. but it's in not going to be bad this morning. a wind chill of just 1 degree this morning.
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planner. we are ending the week on a high note. upper 50s expected for highs today, close to 60 degrees. a lot of sunshine, dry statewide. any travel across the state will be pretty nice. right around du will be at 61. thornton at 59 and inc. willwood, high of 50. we get two days of, this upper 50s, low 60s and a change. we'll talk about that and the broncos >> black friday madness started early again with hundreds of americans cutting the thanksgiving short. many are flocking to cabellas. >> er i can it out there at the cabela's of lone tree. >> this is a treat, everybody.
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here today in line here at cabela's. he can't really speak. >> hunter, how does it feel to be next to the president-elect? >> well, i'm pretty star struck. i am glad he won. ?> here is the problem. he does not talk like that, but he surprised me. >> it's chilly. they'll open the get those door buster deals. people are having fun and joining the event here. >> looks like lots of trouble out there, eric we have a warning for people here after a toy ton truck caught fire on the bed of a truck.
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toys are still on sale. rei is closed. denver 7 is here to help you out. you can go to the denver to talk about when to shop. two thanksgiving shootings are under investigation right now. first in devon, police are still looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man near 44th and fill more. police have not released a description in aurora, police are still looking for who gunned down a man at a lodge. aurora police are interviewing witnesses but they don't have any details. >> one person is seriously hurt and another in custody after a hit-and-run rollover crash. it happened on eastbound i-70. the crash stopped traffic for hour there is. >> in boulder county, a 19-year- old from windsor was killed in a crash on i-25. police say that teen was riding
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on by a wrong way driver near %- highway 7. the 16 yearly is still fighting for his life as well. the wrong way driver had minor injuries. police think that alcohol may have been involved. >> a heads up if you are flying this weekend. more travel trouble is on the horizon. storms on both coasts now threatening the potentially record-breaking day which is sunday. in the pacific northwest, the first of severallstorm systems have moved through. some areas shoveling out of three feet of from the east, out east, rather, from alabama to virginia, firefighters are battling nearly three dozen wildfires. more than 360,000 acres have been burned. and on sunday, expert predict a 240% increase in traffic jams. and thanksgiving is over. many venues are getting into the christmas spirit. over at the denver zoo, you can
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admission is $17 there. they'll also offer value night from tease 2nd to the 15th or check out the brewery light up north. anheuser busch brewery are setting up some display. downtown denner will also be lighting up from union station to the city and counsel sit building. the grand illumination event will be going on. come join us at union station. you can enjoy sculpting demos, carolers and santa will be there and all free. vorns is growing around a deadlyypolice shooting in chicagoo a 19-year-old shot and killed by an officer. why some say this shooting just does not add up. >> and another tragic thanksgiving day shooting. details on violence that broke
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military leaders suicide bomb in iraq. up to 100 shi'ite muslims are dead killed while on a religious pilgrimage. isis has claimed responsibility. the truck bombing went off south of baghdad. authorities are worried that this terror group will continue to retaliate as they lose ground in both iraq and syria. back now with the latess a deadly police shooting in chicago. police say that the 19-year-old
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officer. his family says that he had no guu and now that gun is missing. >> reporter: the surveillance video obtained by abc 7 shows part of the deadly en counsel center. 19-year-old kawan ray running from police. what happens next is not caught on camera, police opening fire. >> if one of your since siblings, one of your family members got shot down, how >> a sergeant responding to a battery in progress approached ray, believing he was an offender. the sergeant telling investigators that teenager, during that foot choice pointed the gun twice. >> the sergeant then interkated he discharged his weapon viking the offender. the sergeant did not sustain any injuries during theincident. >> what's your location, what's your location? >> reporter: ray would later
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including on roof tops turned up no weapons. >> the chicago police department are acting as jury, executioner and judge. >> his life has been up and downchts there is no altercation, no fighting, no argument, no that. so, yeah, it's suspect. >> there are still many up answered questions and we are working diligently to find those answers as we investigate the incident. >> and chicago police could not confirm if the officer involved was wearing a body camera. investigators are now looking at surveillance video cameras in the area there.
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>> you can hear gunfire after gunfire there. a tragic thanksgiving day shooting. a gun fight broke out at a youth sporting event. police are looking for the gunmen right now and a motive. a thanksgiving jail escape. right now, the search continues in san jose, california, who broke out of jail. officers from three enforcement departments are looking for the suspects. they broke through bars, tied clothes and sheets together. two inmates have been found. >> this qualifies as a thanksgiving day miracle. amazing sttry here. a missing mom found alive, vanishing three weeks ago. police say sherrie papini was left on the side of the road about 150 miles from her home.
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abductors is on. she was kidnapped by two women. she was found on the side of the road, in restraints. we now know the name of the sick child killed in the school bus crash in tennessee. he is keonte wilson. his brother saas that he is now in a six children were killed in the bus crash. five children are still in the hospital. and more than 50 students professors and community members from fort lewis college went to standing rock. colorado state rep joe salazar is also there. the sioux tribe says that pipeline goes through sacred land and put their clean drinking water to risk.
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standing with standing rock. protesters will close their bank accounts at u.s. bank, chase, wells fargo, bank of america and city bank. the supporters of standing rock say they are upset with these banks because they are involved. we are saying good-bye to one of america's favorite tv moms. we are talking about florence henderson. she is a great actor did a lot of things, but she known for carol rady for the brady bunch. her manager confirmed she died last night in los angeles at the age of 82. we have a look back at her life and career. ? here's the story of a lovely lady ? >> she would eventually become a tv legend for her work as carol brady on the brady bunch.
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been airing around the word. she took to the floor competing on her favorite show, dancing with the stars, recently. she loved it and loved being a part of the it. she was just in the audience monday night, rooting on her friends. earlier this season, she appeared with her brady bunch tv daughter maureen mccormick in a dancing with the stars number. mow reap said that woman filled with love. she will be in my heart forever. i am so grateful for her friendship. her career lasted more than six decades. >> i've been very blessed in my career. ever since i first started, i love the business. i have never fallen out of love with it. when i think of the lifetime
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>> reporter: she also starred on broadway. she had a beautiful voice and spent decades sharing it. ? heads up now. water canyon is opening for two weeks. it had been of construction projects. denver water says that started today, it will open daily starting on december 11th. and then it will open just on the weekends from then until the end of the year. you have 14 ski areas to choose from here in colorado. for full list and information on each resort, go to our website. >> what's that, about 28 runs then? if you double up?
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>> all the runs are not open. >> sunshine statewide but by sunday, we'll see more snow in the mountains. that's on the first alert headline. cold this morning. for people out shopping, standing in line, it's a cold one. we were in the 20s and 30s early on. we will see plenty of sunshine across our state. so a beautiful, quiet couple of days ahead of us. this friday with the winds out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour, going to feel more like the we have a current temp in concern of 31. we will get to near 60 degrees by this afternoon. some really nice weather. if you have not decorated the house yet, today and tomorrow, likely your best bet because it's going to get a lot colder as we get into the first of near 60 today. same thing tomorrow. we have highlands ranch at 61. platville today, high of 57 and bennett with lit 59 by 3:00 this afternoon.
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foothills. ?teamboat, you are at 40. craig, 38 and aspen today, high of 44. so dry today. i want to fast forward our future cast because there is nothing to show you. early this morning, we are still clear, quiet. we'll find sunshine for most of the day across the state. it's really not until late saturday, early sunday that we'll see an increase in clouds across the western half of the state. and early sunday morning, starting to pi u mountains. a better chance throughout the day on sunday but, again, late saturday, we'll start to see it. more clouds spreading east over the plains although it's going to stay pretty dry here in denver on sunday. better chance for some snow early next week. we bumped up temperatures a bit sunday. we'll likely see highs in the 50s. winds will kick up, though, with the next storm. so you'll find more cloud cover
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weekend. as for the broncos game on sunday, that game will start off chilly. half time, 37. bit fourth quarter, just above, looks like, freeziig. so a cd game on sunday, even colder on monday. temperatures will then start to drop. we'll be in the 30s better chance for some light snow and it is a little unsettled. overnight lows will be in the teens and 20s. so the first half of our seven- day forecast, you warm. second half, pretty cold with a chance of snow if you are looking to add furry loved one for your family, today is the day to do it. all adoptions include spay and neutering, vaccines and good health check. shortstops have their
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of course. it's black friday today. what kind of bargains are they looking for. >> the most coveted deals for black friday and cyber monday are tv and entertainment system. clothing rank second. >> those bargain hunters are not hitting the brick and mortar stores as often as the pass. 23% of americans plan to shop in actual stores today. most say black friday used to be one special day. now, it lasts all month >> and cyber monday is expected to be the largest online shopping day in history according to acone digital insight. online shopping will increase 11% this year with nearly $92 billion in total holiday online sales >> and you can do that shopping in your p js. >> you might get a great deal on those, too. >> i may need a loan for that. and coming to the aid of
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thanksgiving. we'll tell you how, ahead. have you thought about trucks giving? probably not because that's new here in denver. i'm mitch have denver 7. how are you? >> you guys really tricked me. >> denver 7 has been surprising volunteers for 18 years. >> you know what's happening? >> who is the 7 everyday hero in your life? nominate them to you by listerien. sh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs
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go to to join the bold percent for the chance to win
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it's 4:53. a bond that stretches beyond the battle lines. veterans serving thanksgiving meals to other veterans. the event was at the vfw post one in denver. veterans at the receiving end were so grateful so bbought to tears. >> i'm very thankful for people. >> a denver army veteran started this tradition four years ago. he passed away last year and his wife decided to continue his mission. and how about there? a new thanksgiving tradition in denver. yesterday was the first of trucksgiving. six foot trucks were out on brighton boulevard handing out meals for those in need. volunteers gave out 400 trucks giving meals. this weekend, we are all
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here we give thanks to someone every week. >> reporter: a simple ride to a doctor's appointment can be life changing. >> there is a million different things to worry about when you help your child fight cancer. >> jerry jones would know. >> her son daniel battled leukemia, though he was only three and a half ar he died. during his brave fight, he as always thinking of others >> late one night, there was a baby crying on the oncology floor. he said, momma, will you take 3 that baby, so that baby not cry no more. and i figure, if a three-year- old knew what its meant to just give of their
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also. >> so jerry started daniel's caravan. >> it provide free transportation to kids with cancer and other life- threatening illnesses if they look transportation. >> kids like six-year-old janey and their dad helped them get to children's hospital in aurora to loveland. >> jerry has been a blessing from god from her picking them up, bringing them back and picking them up again for the last t she's very dedicated to these patients. she sits here sometimes waiting for them to finish their appointment. >> jerry has done this five day as week surviving on donations and a willingness to do this. >> we play with the children,
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and parents sometimes sleep in the back. >> i ssliced jerri jones here. >> we would like to nominate you as a 7 every daye hero. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> good work. >> you can learn more aboutt some of our favorite heroes and nominate someone for the honor on our 7 everyday hero page on the denver >> i usually cry at about 75% of those and that was them. >> right around du, we are at 61. littleton, same thing there. inglewood high, 60. temperatures are going to be a good 10 to 12 degrees above normal. that's today. now, for the lighting at union station tonight, nicole and i will be there, m ing the fun and festivities kicking off at about 6:00. 6:15, 45 degrees under clear skies tonight, you guys. >> sound good. >> here is a quick look at what
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is nine months pregnant shocks everyone when she judges in to save a man in need of help. >> and we are learning more about a crazy missing woman's case in california. it was a kidnapping. she has now been found alive. we'll have the latest. and denver 7 is your one-
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straight ahead on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m., a religious pilgrimage turns deadly in iraq. now this causes concerns for military leaders. and a woman that millions of home on their television screen passed away. and the case of a missing jogger takes a shocking turn when she turns up 100 miles away from her homee on the side of the road begging for help. you know what day it is. some dread it and others can't wait for it. of course, we are talk about black friday. some waited in rain for hours just to get their hand on those


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