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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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the trip was involved in the crash. sadly, he died at the scene. >> breaking news this hour, black bands across the badges of colorado state troopers to play. the trooper was killed on i 25 in castle rock. we are live at the scene. what a sad story. >> reporter: just about as sad as it can get. as most of us are spending time with our families be thinking about him. he is leaving behind two elementary aged school children. a lot of flashing lights and a
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internet -- interstate -- interstate 25. they investigate the crash that happened this afternoon. they are now launching a criminal investigation as a result of what happened here. they have detained the driver of a small tractor-trailer truck. a commercial food truck, from what we understand. they are going to be looking at cameras inside of that truck. also aside -- inside to -- scene. they had been there with officer donahue. the investigation is going to look to see if the driver of that commercial truck was in -- under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. they are expecting to file charges. we understand the trooper donahue was a 11 year veteran
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when this crash happened. we do not know the name of the driver that investigators are speaking with. we do not know why or how they crash happened. their filing criminal charges as a result of what happened and we will bring more details as we get them. we are live here south of castle rock. >> our thoughts are with trooper donahue's family tonight. this again. she was killed assisting the crash by a drunken driver. behind the wheel waa a retired -- retired colonel. this was near plum creek. this is not too far where the trooper today was hit. we spoke to her mother today. it is too close to hooe and it is just heartbreaking. henderson, by the way is serving eight years in prison
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a chase through the metro has ended with two people in custody connected to a homicide in aurora. aurora police say the suspects are connected to a deadly shooting early yesterday morning. one man and one woman were arrested. and brought to the hospital for injury. and iconic denver restaurant they are shut down indefinitely because of a fire. we are live. a lot of hungry and disappointed people. >> reporter: the looks on some of these customers faces says it all. what it was. pointment, that is- several people came by in hopes of meeting those mouthwatering burgers only to find the favorite spot is not open. it is all because of the kitchen fire that damaged the insulation. at the time, the restaurant was
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no one was hurt and everyone evacuated safely. the big question is when they would open again? that is still unknown. it is upsetting to the customers. >> depressing. because it is nice to comeehere and watch monday night football and have a sandwich. this is a staple. >> cherry cricket, is where i had heard about a friend for years. we finally made it, and close. >> were going to go next? >> we do not have a plan no. i guess we're going to go hungry. reporter: he tells me he was struck in the amount of customers that reached out to him. reporting live from cherry creek.
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working on the white house transition and adding a couple % new names to the team. today, donna con is the assistant to the president and white house counsel. national security analyst casey mcfarlin also. meanwhile, an internal struggle for a decision on secretary of state. trump advisors are split over the romney and rudy giuliani. this is friday is supposed to be about. a fight broke out. they were not great -- quite as crazy here. but exciting it cabelas. opening at 5 am, lone tree important. lots of black friday giveaways and deals. holiday sales are expected to
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shoppers spent more than $1 billion online, yesterday, there is a new way to get around tonight. a taxi company in town. called all cities. most of the drivers are immigrants from ethiopia. the goal is to serve aurora and create jobs. the company has 20 cavs in hopes to grow to 250's. our area has seen three incident of racially charged graffiti. remember this? a trans gender woman's car. swastika and ugly messages. dennis stapleton school was hit right vandals last weekend. swastikas on the door. now, tonight, a family in aurora say they feel unsafe when there apartment door is covered in awful racist remarks. we have the reaction from the community. >> reporter: the woman only one to get her first name.
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when someone spray painted this on the door. k, k, k in the n word. it also had a message that said watch your back. the woman the middle of the victim. >> you are a coward. your behavior is not acceptable. your behavior will not tolerated. if and when they find the people responsible, i want them prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> these type of incidents create here. we want to make sure that we are doing our best to alleviate that there is much as possible. >> at this point, the police do not have information about a possible suspect. but the chief said they are pulling out all the stops.
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the pipeline. they did not take the holiday off. hundreds faced off with law enforcement in north dakota. ?hey areerallying at the plaza in cherry creek. they wanted to convince people too close their bank accounts at local banks that support pipeline. >> skiers and snowboarders rejoicing this morning as they'll celebrate opening day. similar excitement at beavercreek. that reform -- resort finally making it the 14th ski area now open for business in colorado. >> stacy is also happy about that. >> i am so happy about that
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season. we had to delay the openings for so many resorts. there's a storm coming her way for this weekend. that will start saturday night into southern county. it is a winter storm watch. it is from saturday night to sunday. 10 -- 20 inches of snow. north of aspen, the winter storm watch goes from sunday morning to monday night. eight -- 8 to 16 inches hey, look at this. beautiful temperatures in for tonight for the lighting at union station. people are enjoying the lights. >> it looks great. the transition from thanksgiving to christmas. it starts with the grand illumination. were getting ready to watch. look who's there. good evening friends.
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also. it is a great of an four families. in the last 35 minutes i got nuts out here. we have people on the other side of the street. we're going to be on stage at 615. >> we're going to light up union station. there's a christmas tree, i heard santa was here? did you see him? i only heard a rumor, so it is confirmed. hot chocolate giveaways, lots of music, of things to get you in the christmas spirit tonight. even if you meet the actual lighting, the party will go on all night. >> will be out here until 7: the clock. everybody's going to get involved, and we are going to get a little snow effects coming up your sin. >> reporter: come join us and see the lights in downtown denver.
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have a wonderful time up there. coming up, we're going to take a second to remember an icon of telogen -- television. my favorite tv mom. a look back at the life of florence henderson. >> if your credit card has a
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tonight, hollywood are mourning the loss of tvs most beloved mom's. florence henderson, died. we take a look at her levers -- legacy. >> is the story of a lovely lady. who is bringing up three very
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stroke -- >> reporter: she would eventually become a tv legend. the show took the air in 1969 and is pretty much been airing in reruns ever since. in recent years, she took the floor competing on her favorite show, dancing with the stars. she loved it and love being a part of it. she was just in the audience monday night, brooding on her friends. earlier this season, she appeared with her brady bunch tv daughter in an dancing with thursday night, she told me, she was a woman filled with love and goodness. she spread everywhere. she was a dear friend to me, sister, mother, someone i loved and admired so much. she will be in my heart forever. i am so grateful for her friendship. her career lasted more than six decades. >> i have been very blessed my career. ever since i started, i love the business.
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with it. when i think about a lifetime achievement award,. >> reporter: besides tv, she was a broadway star. she had a beautiful voice, and she spent decades sharing it. >> i would swear i was falling. took -- >> reporter: a little piece of your childhood died. >> people putting flowers on her star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> we have consumer alert now. as the shopping season. potential credit card frauds, the little chip is making its safer when you shop in stores,
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online. >> because the chip cards, is a lot more deep -- hard for criminals to do in store fraud. they are doing it online. >> reporter: they are taking advantage of the ship to store. making it easy to charge the items. make sure you take a close eye on the card and bank account it is a connected to. christmas decorations, make sure it is not you. with watch these christmas fails. to avoid this, we have tested tree stands. top-rated for stabillty. the one on the screen. that is a new one, is a documentary? -- dog in the tree? my recommendation is to soak up
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your chances for snow. it will be a nice mild saturday for us, who will have mountains no showing up on sunday and a cold and snow showing up for us across the range next week. right now, 49 degrees for city park. 44 for littleton and 44 for nevada. 33 for conifer. or satellite radio picture is very quiet today. keeping it sunny statewide. mason mild we have winter storm watches as well. steamboat to durango. this is time sensitive, north of i- 70, this will be sunday morning to monday night. the winter storm watch will start from aspen to tally right in durango. it will look for 1 -- 2 feet of snow. all of this moisture is going to technically pull up from the
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start early to the south. and then and later. farther to the north. i want to give you a closer look at the part is going to start first. but build -- aston. it will potentially put down 10 -- 20 inches of snowfall. overnight, into sunday morning, we had snow here all the way from steamboat down to tally right in montrose. they could see some scattered showers monday closely, rainfall here from the front range from across the plains. by the time he gets the bronco game, it looks like chile, but a little bit more clear. we will still have snow in western colorado. snowfall forecast, looks like we will see nine inches around aspen. keep that in mind.
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is a going to monday, mild temperatures for us tonight. union station is going on, but it will be a chilly evening for lows in the 40s. breezy and chilly for the broncos planner. 42 by pick off 37 by halftime and 35 by the fourth quarter. bundle up. 27 degrees tonight, with mostly clear skies and those lows will be in the teens and 20s. single digits in teens in mountains. warm and dry during the day, tomorrow and in the low 60s for the front range. look at how this changes. lesson warm here, then we drop into the 30s. chances for light snow. they will stay in the 30s through thursday and friday. tonight, remembering colorado cody donahue. this is his official picture. donahue was hit and killed
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derek wolfe is ready to go. they will play sunday that against the chiefs. the broncos running game, struggling to say the least. denver ranked 25th in the rushing. ?7 yards a game. that will not cut it. >> things are not always nice in this week. you are going to get hit and
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on your own sometimes. you're trying to show them we did not go down to easy. we're going to challenge the players to get three or four and get five or six. >> were going to break through their arms and get some actual yards. >> the atmosphere should be reminiscent of the glory days of they will not only be when the championship game. a chance to go to the rose bowl. is also senior day. >> i will be emotional on saturday, to put so much into this program, and play for four years especially with this group. in the journey we've been through,,it is going to be pretty upsetting to know that
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>> they are not going for the lasttgame, but only to leave the stadium. it is a whole different mentality. to me, it is a sendoff but it is not an end off. that makes it even more special. >> that guy can coach.
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. >> right now on "the list" totally radd. these 1980s toys are back, but where every with a twist. also, three ways to rake in the cash after you leave the store. then, keep your kids safe on-line. streaming apps that are parent-approved. plus, fill up without the fat. five fast food options to hit the drive-through without regret. that's all coming up on the list. hey, i'm bradley.
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how you're going to burn off all those thanksgiving calories, you might want to think twice about using fitness trackers. >> that's what's trending now. >> wearable fitness trackers have become the go to for people who want to up their physical activity. in the journal of american medicine has some bad news for those that rely on the devices. >> if you are relying on the device, the technolog may be too much. >> yes, some users see all those steps and think it can pick up the pace on their eating. others see their lack of physical activity and get discouraged. overall people who didn't use fitness trackers in the study lost more weight than those who did. so lesson here. keep using your fitness tracker, but just remember, taking three steps towards the frig might actually set you back ten steps. >> whether you use them or not, there's no doubt losing weight is generally a good thing. >> because that lost weight
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need another reason to drop those extra five pounds? then here you go. it will help your chances of getting a job. >> that's something you should take pride in. >> sounds shocking, but it's true. a study from the journal plus one found that even slight weight gain can hurt a job seeker's employment chances. especially if they want to work somewhere that involves customer interaction. >> real people. >> uh-huh. >> study participants rated photos of per with thinner faces about 5% more hirable than those with slightly heavier faces, but when looking at women only, the thinner faces were rated about 15% more hirable. looks like no matter your gender, dropping a few pounds can make you healthier and maybe ielgts wealthier too. >> and once you get that job, why not celebrate with a beer. >> oh, i love that because it turns out having one beer a day, surprisingly, is good for you.


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