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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver7 you starts now. -- news search right now. breaking news excitement spilling out of folsom field tonight. denver7 his life in this is a big deal for fans.>> this is massive. the magic is back. the glory days of the 90s in boulder. the first sellout in folsom field since 2008. colorado took care of business and needed to be utah and they did it. 27-22. this was the play. tied at 13 he drops one into
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throw. they forced four turnovers and this when was good for touchdown by kenneth and the party was on. colorado goes to the pac-12 and their in their 10th win of the season. they will play the washington huskies on friday night at that is where the super bowl was last year. coming up we will have more oo the happy highlights and hear from players and the coach. let's go over to safety be cut -- safety because there's a chance we could see snow. >> chances for snow and light rain early tomorrow. we have a big storm system moving into colorado. we are seeing rain and snow into the southwestern part of
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starting to change. it is going to get really cold up before things improve around here. for tomorrow and monday we have winter weather advisories and purple. winter storm warnings from 16 inches of snow. the advisory for tomorrow morning through monday morning and 6 to 10 inches of snow and for lowe's will have temperatures in the low eye on this snowfall as it continues to moving because it looks like even travel will be tricky into elevations. tonight we not of the name of the truck driver who they say hit and cody donahue yesterday. happened while he was investigating a separate accident. lance hernandez is learning
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u.s. foods truck on i-25 when he cody donahue. we checked his record and the only thing we could find was that he was cited for back in 1995. he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. now he is facing much more serious charges. a trooper killed in the line duty cody donahue was investigating a crash on i-25 when he was struck by this truck.>> there is a criiinal investigation that is ongoing at this point right now. sheriff deputy arrested noe gamez ruiz. investigatoos say they looked
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vehicles and will be looking at video from inside the truck. u.s. foods issued a statement saying we are saddened to learn about the accident involving what of our trucks. we are cooperating with local authorities in our thoughts are with the families of all involved. >> this is an incredibly sad day. one that we are seeing way too frequently. the trooper was an 11 veteran and he has been described as a good family man with two beautiful children and a trooper who worked hard csp. >> friends have set up a and their two children. wife %- the goal is $50,000 and so far they've raised $37,000. pledged. >> such a heartbreaking story. developing tonight a lot of questions surrounding amounts death southwest denver. two car crashed turned out to be a lot more. denver police were called out
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this afternoon. a man was found dead and one car. it appears a man hit a parked car and police are still investigating. tragedy on the roads last night as well two people are dead after a nasty crash. police say a man was driving with two young boys. the make it. they do nottthink speeder alcohol played a role. tonight the world continues reacting to the death of fidel castro. he was both hated throughout his lifetime. many americans hope his death will help the nation move toward democracy. jim ryan is in miami with more. >> reporter: cheering in celebration on the streets of
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the committee is marking the death of fidel castro with open joy and many want to make sure that his legacy is it >> he separated so many families throughout the year. here present -- he imprisoned many. >> came -- the discretion of the population. this is socially and politically. >> rep far cry from the scene in cuba. -?flags at half staff there. the streets are quite as people went to work. this man says his death may or may not bring change but that cubans are ready foo everything. some are bracing the leader but the president of russia and china while others issued
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people must know that they have a friend and partner in the united states. his successor donald trump had a more direct response tweeting fidel castro is dead. he later called him a brutal dictator. lawmakers hope they keep a pressure against the communist regime.>> today it is a reminder of how inevitable it is that the castro dictatorship will soon enough be a thing of the past. jim new details and last week's tragic bus accident in chattanooga. the bus driver is charged with vehicular homicide. records released by the school district shows students have complained about his driving multiple times.
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to fall. clinton want to make sure donald trump won the election fair and square. her campaign is pushing for recounts in several states. clinton team said they haven't found any evidence of hacking of voting systems but they want to assure there are not irregularities in the vote count. the clinton campaign joints green party candidate jill stein. she raised millions of dollars to have votes counted in wisconsin. calling it a scam by the green party. he says it is over because hillary clinton conceded on election night. a new list is out raking the best ski resorts in north america. which colorado ski areas made the cut? a big night in
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welcome back have you tried to decide where to ski? a magazine is out with the top ski resorts in all of north america and you can say right here in colorado. beavercreek and aspen and steamboat and vail made the list. it is exciting to see a lot of
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the state. heavy mountain snow is going to be there over the next couple of days. flores for the front range and they will start tomorrow morning possibly throughout the morning and early afternoon but it will be very cold next week. temperatures staying in the 30s all week long. we have mostly 30s across the front range and some 40s mixed in their. it is cooler toward boulder. for temperatures right now are on the cool side and we have had cloud cover come in from the south. durango already some rain and snow. are we expecting a lot more. 10 to 20 inches of snow with windy conditions here. winter storm warning starting tonight at midnight and lasting through monday. we also have winter storm
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steamboat. everything shaded and puuple and this is for sunday and monday. a couple of storm systems rolling through that will keep the snow going for the next couple of days. we are expecting 10 to 20 inches aspen but the winds could be gusting to 40. travel through these areas is going to be tough for the next couple of days. it is going to be rough here along i-70. 6 to 10 inches from i- under winter weather advisories as well. i wanted to show you the futurecast for sunday morning. a few scattered showers possible here for the front range. that is why we are expecting a mix of rain and snow. tomorrow morning snow throughout western colorado and could see a few sprinkles for the front range. some light rain across
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the higher elevations. that is why i was menttoning that a couple of storm systems will be coming through with cold front keeping us on the cloohesline -- called side. tomorrow afternoon will have between 6 to 10 inches of snow up to our central mountains and then once we get into monday and tuesday we are looking at a foot or so and even more around aspen and eagle. our morning forecast include light rain and perhaps flurries but the broncos forecast looks pretty good. breezy and chilly but it will be cold. temperatures ddopping into the 30s through the game. 32 for our overnight low tonight with mostly cloudy we will have 20s in the
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tomorrow will be 52 with chances of rain and snow. heavy snow continuing for the mountains. highs tomorrow in the 30s for the high country and we will have 30s starting monday lasting through the end of the week. 32 on tuesday wiih cloudy skies. we cannot rule out a few flurries on monday and tuesday. the cold temperatures support any style that may show up. just keep the gloves and the welcome to expend any sports extra. we begin tonight with one of the stories of the year in college football. the colorado buffaloes first and 2016. the buffaloes were in their first s. division title and a day with washington next friday night the championship game.
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the first possession put this went on the ground and huge recover. they did later in the first and utah specialties makes a play. he makes the punt and maybe a block in the back and he barely gets touch 55 yards and utah goes seven-zero. -- 7-0. he is a brute and it second effort kicks in any reaches across the goal line. 73 yards to tie it. he should had a touchdown on this went but george frazier can't hang on. they went to the locker room 13-
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-- 13-7. he recovers that drive. they would lead to a utah feel gold and tight at 13. he drops this went under the bucket and the rainbow in the hands of him and they take the lead right back. the defense was vicious. they may joe williams fumble for the second time. kenneth says thank you very much and runs it in. 27-16 and when -- win number 10. colorado wins the pac-12 champion game. they hang onto when it 27-22. >> it is a great feeling to put in this hard work and to finally get something out of it. i think we been working really hard for all the time that i've been here.
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i cannot tnkhithe defense enough. those guys are stepping up this year and making plays.>> we kept our faith in the coach and each other. it is a blessing to see the excitemeet in the locker room and see the excitement on the coaches face. >> it didn't matter that usc righted notre dame. it could be anymore nonchalant on just watched jackson as he goes 55 yards to the end zone and % more -- he is the quarterback for the irish and he throws a strike right to the trojans. a southern california -- their eighth loss of the season 25-27 the follow. -- final.
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they're going for the seventh win of the season. the offense had it going on early. stevens is running the show. 14-0 colorado state. they make it 21-0. this will be the showstopper. robert -- he turns it into a yes. luis is the as a 91 yard punt return. right now they are in the fourth quarter. 56-24. it was a wild one this year the big ten with michigan state. the wolverines scored a touchdown.
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michigan kicked that she would eventually get u ohio state beat that team 30- 27. that was the worst kept secret in college football. they hired houston head coach. other coaching use lsu coach took over for wes miles but that tag has been removed and he is your new the red stick. the broncos critical game tomorrow night against the chiefs. 3 both teams seven-three. -- 7-3.>> reporter: the bongos defense prepared to take some and put this team on their back again. that means more miller.
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me personally i am ready to go. it rejuvenates me and he gets the energy back. we had a week off and had an opportunity to see other guys play. the guys -- i'm nxious to go out and play. >> reporter: the broncos don't score much in the first quarter but when they do, it is usually pretty spectacular. they have not lost a game this season and it changes how teams approach them defensively. >> you are on the field and every time you comfort -- convert a third down it is a big play. we've done that well and we keep our defense off the field. hopefully we continue with the
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>> reporter: the chief still have the broncos respect these teams in many ways are mirror images. they rely on a stingy defense and they love to take the ball away especially in the rights on. >> they are not giving -- there is no 10 to 12 yard cushion. when they do get their hands on the ball, they are not dropping any balls back there. it is a good challenge for us. >> reporter: broncos is a slight favor and they should be. >> we have a lot more to show you on this episode of expanding sports extra. we are headed to the rink. they continue their homestead tonight taking on vancouver and
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this is beautiful. lucas swatted in out of midair. tied at 1 right now they are in
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they are taking on wisconsin it was tied. he had a 2-1 lead. du nice weekend with a couple of wins. dickks sporting goods park that is going to be rocking this afternoon as the rrpper's take part in the western conference titles. it is affected leg of their playoff series with seattle. colorado is in great position.>> if you would've 3 told us this at the beginning that we had one game i think we would take our chances. i think we are confident going forward. we are going to do what we've done all year. >> we are going to need that
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forward.>> don't go to bed yet.
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>> 21st minute corner kick start is the night but chandler is there showing great creativity. then in the second indirect kick and it is andre sweep absolutely glorious. there headed to the national
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the women's basketball game haley smith she's playing horse all afternoon. smith was 5-7. they get the when 67-50. >> i cannot believe that you could not get that name.>> we have a little light snow and highs in the 30s all week long.
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