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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  July 27, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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with blockbuster on demand, this does hit films on a 4.3-inch screen so big, the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generatoen dofs. savings verse versus safety. costing taxpayers millions. big-name stores leaving behind a toxic trail for customers. it's not what you buy but what you're getting in return. > rsfit, a warning along the popular hiking trail. new at 11:00, a rapist targeting bay area hikers. go ahead evening, i'm jessica aguirre.
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a andi'm lease lisa kim. new tonight, we're getting a first look at the suspect still on the run. this is the just released sketch of the man. police say he attacked the women on a popular trail. it's called the gap trail located off highway 35 and sky line boulevard at castle rock state park. that's where our reporter is right now. george, what do you know? >> reporter: just an hour ago a park ranger stopped by with that suspect sketch on it. a park ranger is urging everyone who hikes here to be careful and travel with at least one other person because this man is still out there. warning signs at the entrance of castle rock state park. >> it's been up here a lot. i had two men with me so i felt safe. i probably wouldn't have felt safe. >> reporter: park rangers are looking for this man seen in the sketch. they say he pulled out a gun and tried to rape two women as they
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hiked down the trail last thursday around noon. >> it's horrible and i hope it never happens to me. >> reporter: rangers say the man got ahold of one of the women's backpacks. they say she slipped it off so she could keep running. >> i heard the story about how she ran and that was smart. >> reporter: some hikers say they are surprised the warning signs did not mention anything about a gun. >> they said that he had a gun. i think some people might not go, even if they had two people. two piece, i guess, a gun makes no difference. >> reporter: this incident has definitely made hiking alone a no-no. >> if i was here alone, i probably would not have done the hike. >> reporter: the extra park rangers have patrolled since this happened a few days ago, but no one else has been attacked. live at castle rock state park, nbc bay area news. >> let's hope it stays that way. sfan francisco's iconic skyline will look different tomorrow.
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the signature span of the bridge, a 525-foot tower is going up early tomorrow afternoon. now, construction crews will slide in a 1,000-ton beam, just one of four 150-foot supports that i'll eventually connect to the foundation. the new eastern span is scheduled to be open by the end of 2013. getting across may be the easy part. driving around san francisco might prove tougher and costlier. a controversial congestion pricing plan has a battle over access to the city streets shifting into high gear. see, traffic planners say something has to be done to ease the bottleneck. nbc bay area's jean elie is live in san francisco. really it's kind of a pay to play and work plan, jean. >> reporter: jessica, here's an example of what the city is thinking about. say you have dinner reservations here at the ferry building at 6:00 during the week and you plan to drive to get here. prepare to pay for that drive.
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drivers in downtown san francisco have a lot of idle time. the backup is expected to get even worse as more people move in and commute in for work. the san francisco transportation authority has something for drivers to consider while they wait paying for access. >> it should have been done long ago. >> reporter: supporters and opponents of the plan are choosing lanes. >> it could have a serious effect on all of fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: here's how it works. on the northeast sector of san francisco which is most of downtown would pay $3t, to get and out during peak hours only. using a system of cameras and sensors, drivers would be charged 3 bucks i the morning between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. and 3 bucks in the evening between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. with some exceptions. >> the transit would be exempted but that low-income residents of the zone as well as current toll payers would enjoy a discount- >> reporter: pedestrian
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advocates say full speed ahead. >> a charge can help deter people from driving in, making those express transit lanes faster. fewer collisions between bus and car, between car and pedestrian. >> reporter: business leaders say not so fast. they worry a charge will scare customers away, and they say public transit isn't prepared. >> the "f" line, you can say that's good. and it is good. but there's not enough cars. i mean, they're little cars. >> reporter: planners say $60 million a year generated by tolls will be used to improve the system they want drivers to use. the san francisco transportation authority say it may begin with a six-month pilot program just to see how it goes. if this plan moves forward, that could happen in 2014. live in san francisco, jean elie, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, between 30 and 40 homes burned to the ground tonight by a huge wildfire near the kern county city. the fire erupted about 3:00 this
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afternoon and quickly grew to more than 500 acres. about 150 structures are still threatened. 200 firefighters are still trying to keep those flames at bay with the help of several helicopters. we're learning tonight that former san francisco congresswoman ellen tauscher is battling cancer of the esopha s esophagus. the current undersecretary of state told her staff last week. she announced she's in the early stages of that cancer and that treatment will take place over the next few months. she does expect a full recovery. tauscher spent 14 years representing california's tenth congressional district. the district stretches from san francisco to the california delta. how does a 6-year-old boy drown at the public pool in castro valley with at least three lifeguards on duty? that's what sheriffs want to know. he was found unconscious by a lifeguard at the castro valley swim center just after 2:00 on monday afternoon. firefighters responded immediately, transporting the boy to a nearby medical center. sadly, though, a few hours later
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he died. now, staff remember seeing the boy playing in the shallow end of the large pool. they say they have no idea how it happened or how long he had been under water. investigators have not said where the parents were. it's closing time for the blue cube. the famed air force station is falling under the budget ax tomorrow. the united states air force will officially shut down the sunnyvale station. most people in the south bay refer to that base as the blue "q." it's a satellite operations facility that has supported every space shuttle mission in history. the base was slated for closure back in 2005. the air force base in santa barbara county. it's now up to voters to decide whether or not to increase sales tax. the concord city council unanimously approved it tonight placing a half cent sales tax measure on the november ballot. tonight's vote makes concord the third contra costa city to ask residents to support higher sales taxes to help prevent
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layoffs and service cuts. the additional .5% tax would raise the sales tax in the city to 9.75% with the highest in the state. the revenue would be overseen by a citizens oversight committee. at the grocery store, at the department store, even when you buy that morning cup of coffee you get or see. well, new tests from a national environmental group show that those paper receipts contain high levels of bpa. that's a chemical that's been linked to another health problem, too. our vicky nguyen is live in oakland. vicky, when we talk about bpa, we're talking about plastic. >> reporter: blaplastic bottles. stopping for gas, getting dinner, two receipts. it has long been known that bpa is ubiquitous chemical in our society. in fact, it's found in almost everyone's bodies. now this new study suggests a
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link between the two saying our greatest exposure to bpa may be coming from these slips of paper. the environmental working group looked at 36 receipts from major retailers. it found that 40% of the time the papers contained high levelled of bpa. in some cases up to 12 times the exposure limit by the government. safeway receipts were the worst offenders according to the test. but bpa was also found on receipts from mcdonald's, whole foods, walmart and the u.s. postal service. >> after daily exposure, it can mimic hormones and can cause problems. >> reporter: father of three chad pace says he supports the state's efforts to ban bpa from food containers and baby products. he's hoping the next step will be paper receipts. >> i handle receipts just about every day. i've been concerned about bpa for some time now and tried to get it out of the products that my baby bottles and sippy cups and everything is bpa free. hearing it's on receipts, i'd
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like to have as little of it in our environment as we can. >> reporter: the american chemistry council says the levels in receipts are lou and that it is not easily absorbed through the skin. but studies have shown the chemical used to harden plastic and as a liner in canned foods acts like an estrogen and can affect metabolism. he says he handles hundreds of receipts a day. and without any labels on the papers used for receipts, he has no idea how much bpa he may be exposed to. he says he isn't wearing gloves yet. >> i'll probably change my habits. >> reporter: and while it is still early, some health experts recommend changing your habits. they say throw away receipts rather than recycling them and at the grocery store, make sure though don't touch your food products. meanwhile, a state bill here in california to ban bpa from food containers and baby products has passed through the assembly and is expected to make its way to the governor's desk later this
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year. if it passes, it would take effect in january of 2012. reporting live tonight in oakland, i'm vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. the only people we're really punishing is this continued scenario of the taxpayers. >> how far is the state willing to go to save a buck? wait until you hear about a controversial new proposal that would save the state a bundle. but some say it could put your safety at risk. bankrolled by baseball? while major league baseball is offering to spend big bucks tonight to hold a special election, to bring the a's to san jose. it's the secret to a slimmer you. it all starts with the tap of a finger. the new way to slim down for good. and the best part, it's free. brad pitt last night, brous willis this night. see why hollywood is hanging out in the bay area. all right, good evening. kseri.ief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you want 80s? we've got them for you in our
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the budget crisis is forcing some tough choices for one bay area lawmaker says he knows how to save a few hundred million dollars. but it involves releasing some of the state's most dangerous criminals. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us why mark leno thinks these prisoners aren't a threat to you. >> reporter: if you do the crime, the law says you've got to do the time. but what if a prisoner becomes so sick they can't possibly pose a threat to anyone? >> they're not capable, many can't swallow, none of them can turn. none of them, and so bowel or bladder functions. >> reporter: yet these bedridden prisoners are costing the state tens of millions of dollars a year to care for and guard. that's why senator mark leno and others are pushing to release severely ill inmates from prison by granting them medical parole.
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>> someone in a comatose state, you want to waste all this money on guards standing by their bed as we increase class sizes and cut back on the number of teachers? >> reporter: if the state releases the sickest of the sick, it estimates huge savings. up to $50 million right off the bat. >> these people are not aware that they are incarcerated. these people are not aware that they're being punished. the only people we're really punishing with this continued scenario are the taxpayers. >> reporter: dr. ricky barnett is chief medical officer for california prison health care services. he said some prisoners are so sick the state is paying private hospitals to care for them. a new patient prisoner must have two armed guards watching over them. 24 hours a day. >> despite the fact that they are neither physically capable of any independent activity, their sentences still stay, and they must be guarded.
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there must be a guard in the room at all times. and the guard in the hall at all times. >> reporter: but the families of crime victims, they don't care how much it costs. harriet solerno can't imagine her daughter's killer being released even if doctors determine he no longer posed a danger. >> it's just a security for us that they are not out. even if they were bedridden. and i ask you, so what if they're bedridden? why don't you just leave them there? if they're comatose, they're not going to go anywhere. >> reporter: backers point out prisoners sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole should be eligible. if lawmakers give the bill the green light. severely ill prisoners will be released on medical parole starting in january. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> backers say that prisoners
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sentenced to death, lifers aren't eligible. they'll be outfitted with gps. if passed, parolees could be out in a matter of months. need to shed some pounds? all it takes is a tap of your finger. you can limber up with a high-tech twist. >> reporter: there are nearly 6,000 health and fitness plans to choose from, and developers are creating more every day. so we went to c-net to try and rate apps that give you health and fitness tips. >> follow the herd. people aren't stupid in the crowd. go where are the most popular reviews. >> reporter: body fitness is one of the tops with thousands of reviews. a three-star rating. and it's free. >> you actually don't get what you pay for. and i mean that in the sense of the free ones are often really great. >> reporter: one of the more popular diet apps is lose it. also free.
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but if you're going to pay for an app it's best to read the reviews because a high price doesn't needily mean better. >> the price has no connection literally to the app's quality. but it tends to have a connection over time to the app's popularity. >> reporter: some apps like runkeeper have a free and paid version. paid for apps gives you features and usually no ads. we went to the embarcardero to ask runners if they use fitness apps. most kept on running. but she took a break in her workout to show us what she uses. >> so i just use my nike plus, keeps the mileage and the time. and it tells you your -- you know, your times at the end of your run. i use it with the ipod. >> reporter: it's the only health and fitness app she's ever downloaded so far, but she'll have no problem finding more if so inclined.
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scott budman, bay area news. >> another piece of advice, if you use your iphone to work out, get a good case. you don't want to bump it or get it all sweaty or wet. that would be bad. >> that one makes sense. i wonder if you had an app. >> i wish. two kites. we were at the preview of the berkeley kite festival that's happening this weekend. >> perfect. thank you. >> very nice. all right. i want you ladies to test that out and let me know how it goes. today's highs. we were out in berkeley today where it was windy and conditions in the 60s. then 70s here that we had in the east bay with 77 in livermore. 78 in gilroy. 84 in the valley. and 76 in san jose. and 64 in san francisco. so a wide array of temperatures and still a lot cooler than we should be about ten degrees off the mark.
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that's the trend we've seen all month. right now we are setting ourselves up for the coldest july in san jose in the record books. the last time we've seen temperatures this cool for this amount of time was 1987. a lot of widespread low and mid-50s. we have the fog and cooler air aloft. fog for the morning. for wednesday. well, we'll see a mild start to august even if our seven-day forecast. a few 80s dropped in there. as for tomorrow, the cool air remains out in the pacific. that combined with the on-shore flow at the lower levels will keep it mild with more widespread 70s inland, 60s at the coastline. thursday, a few 80s coming back into the mix which will probably feel warmer than what we've been starting the week off with. tomorrow morning, the cold spot, 49 in santa rosa. otherwise low to mid-50s. the kite fast val happening this weekend we're sponsoring. cool and windy with temperatures
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in the 60s. we should have breaks of sunshine happening saturday and also for sunday. a little glitch in the graphics. but no glitches in the kites. i promise you. all right. as we look towards wednesday, temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 in the south bay. still very comfortable out there. feeling like fall, maybe early spring. get a break on the a.c. and leave the windows open and you don't have to deal with the 90-degree heat we usually have this time of year. not too bad. 75 in concord tomorrow. north bay, a mix from 72 in san rafael to 85 in lakeport. more at any time on the weather channel. saturday and sunday with mid-80s. >> i think it looks great. thanks, jeff. still ahead, the moonlighting star moonlighting here in the bay area. up is spenhyding ace l wliits is spentldi a lite itimetln san francisco. [ man ] my perfect summer is grilling up a masterpiece.
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actor bruce willis in the bay area moonlighting as the pitch man. a tasting party was held at the hotel in san francisco earlier this evening. willis is teaming up with the makers of sobieski. the star of hit movies like "die hard" is part owner in the polish company. apparently being a pitch man for that vodka is a lot easier and smoother than being an action hero. >> i used to do that, but now i can't do it anymore. >> why can't you do that
11:25 pm
anymore? >> old. >> willis has a cameo appearance in an action war thriller "the expendables" due out next month. well, a delay in the game plan for san jose's bid for the oakland a's. mayor chuck reed said today he will consider postponing a vote on major league baseball park until next spring. that after the president of major league baseball asked san jose to back off the idea for the new stadium. mlb told reed p iay o pay for it in the spring if they waited. r
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good evening. the giants sent out their red-hot rookie to do damage
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tonight against the guy who hasn't been giving up many runs this florida. florida all-star josh johnson with the lowest e.r.a. in the majors. gets reacquainted with buster posey. the rbi single makes it 2-0. and posey gets caught at second but the hitting streak reaches 20 games. that's two short of tying a giants rookie record. matt cain was looking good. cody ross, two-run homer ties the game. the lead would flip-flop into the eighth where giants homers were uncorked. first juan uribe solo. then two laters later. a two-run number from edgar renteria. it ended up 6-4. san diego losing to the giants. now 2 1/2 back of the padres. big start for the a's in texas. rangers with a 7 1/2 game lead over oakland. cliff lee going for texas. 13 strikeouts. suzuki taking the decision away from lee in the sixth. a single scoring coco crisp. suzuki staying hot in the texas
11:29 pm
heat. this game went to the tenth where michael worth gives up the two-run walkoff to nelson cruz. this one crushed. this one crushing the a's, falling extra innings, 3-1. the raiders report to training camp tomorrow and many within the o will do so with heavy hearts. jack tatum died in oakland this morning after suffering a heart attack. he was one of the most feared players in the nfl over his time in the team. nationally people think of the story know that tatum was always all out and it was a clean hit. at 5'10", 200 pounds, he made his presence felt leading the raiders to super bowl glory and three pro bowls. jack tatum was 61. some of the world's best in women's tennis at stanford tonight. a former world number one, part of the evening session, it's the first round opener from maria
11:30 pm
sharapova. facing her opponent from japan. sharapova, the world's 1th ranked player. the last time she played on a hard court, she lost. avenging that earlier loss and winning for the 15th time. and now into the second round. terrell owens has found a new thome. the bengals giving him a one-year, $200 million year in what could very well be his final year. he's now 36 years old. there's something of an odd couple theme with t.o. and chad ochocinco in the same locker room, plenty of reality television will follow. plus plenty of followers on twitter. ochocinco, a challenge on lebron, d-wade and chris bosh. antonio bryant. i'll take the heat for that one. >> those shows that they do.
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when we come right back, everybody loves a bargain. wait till you hear about the $45 garage sale find that's now worth millions. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way.
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finally tonight, picture this. a find at a garage. an art appraiser said 65 negatives at a garage sale are the work of ansel adams.
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a fresno construction worker bought them for 45 bucks. now they're estimated to be worth at least $200 million. the negatives are believed to be some of adams' early work and were thought to have been destroyed in a fire back in 1937. experts say adams was keeping them in pasadena and somehow ended up in a garage sale. >> wow, what a find. >> talk about a fortune. >> a jackson pollack was found years ago. >> and a rembrandt. we've got to start going to garage sales. >> thank you for choosing bay area news. don't forget to watch tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye.


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