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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  July 28, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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tolls on bridges, now tolls on city streets. the bay area city considering charges commuters even more. >> how did it happen? the question asked after a 6-year-old drowns at a public swimming pool. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. 4:30, wednesday, july 28th. want to check in with nbc bay area meteorologist, rob mayeda. he's got the first look at our forecast. >> off to a start that includes overcast skies. 50s outside as we go towards breakfast time, and as we head
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toward lunchtime, we should see the skies clear inland. yesterday, los gatos, a high of 80. that's going to be as warm as it's going to get around the bay area. out toward livermore and los gatos, 80 degrees. 76, san jose. as we finish off the workweek and head into the weekend, there you see in our seven-day forecast, just a subtle warm-up, but a bit better than the cool temperatures that continue around the bay area today. >> noted bad at all. thank you very much. >> want to check the morning commute with mike. a tipster has called in and told him about some construction in the south bay. >> would that be you? >> yeah. >> thank you, anchor tipster. a look at the southbound side this morning. showing the construction. the reason i always ask folks traveling through the area about that is it's not clear always which lanes are effected. right now, brent, you told me most of the work was between heldier and yerba buena. and that construction will continue through 5:00 a.m., but the off-ramp at yerba buena will be closed until possibly 6:00. the rest of the south bay moving smoothly, but also highway 87, the off-ramps from north and
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southbound side scheduled to be closed for 5:00 for the northbound side and 6:00 until the southbound side. we'll watch that and they usually pick those up early. >> i'll say that the road is very smooth, the way they fixed it. time now, 4:32. two hikers escape a man trying to rape them and now we are learning more about the suspect who's still on the run. we showed you his sketch on the tuesday. police say he attacked two women on a popular south bay trail. it's called the saratoga gap trail. it's off of highway 35 and skyline boulevard at castle rock state park. nbc bay area's george kiriyama has the latest on that investigation. >> reporter: warning signs at the entrance of castle rock state park didn't scare away delayna thompson and her two friends. >> i've been up here a lot. i had two men with me so i felt safe. and even if i had just had a few women with me, i probably would have felt safe. >> reporter: park rangers are locking for this man seen here in this sketch. they say he pulled out a gun and
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tried to rape two women as they hiked down the saratoga gap trail tuesday around noon. >> i hope that's sad and horrible and hope it never happens to me or anyone else. >> reporter: rangers say the man got ahold of the one of the woman's backpacks. they said she slipped it off so she could keep running. >> i heard the story about how the women ran and i think that's smart and i'm proud of them for doing that. i think they're brave. >> reporter: some hikers are concerned that the warning signs did not say anything about a gun. >> i think some people would not go. >> reporter: this incident has definitely made hiking alone a no-no for lori robison. >> if i had been here alone, i probably would not have done the hike. >> now, extra park rangers have patrolled that area since thursday's attempted rape. so far, no one else has been attacked. san francisco's iconic skyline will look a little different by the end of the day. the signature feature for the new eastern span of the bay
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bridge, a 525-foot tower is going up the first segment of the tower will be put in place early this afternoon. construction crews will slide in a 1,000-ton beam, just one of four 150-foot supports that will eventually connect to the foundation of the bridge. the new eastern span is scheduled to open by the end of 2013. crossing the golden gate bridge may be the easy part. driving around san francisco may be a lot more difficult and expensive. a controversial plan to charge tolls on city streets is gaining momentum. traffic planners say something has to be done to ease bottle necks. nbc bay area's jean elle has a look at the plan that's being called to play and work. >> reporter: drivers in downtown san francisco have a lot of idle time. the backup is expected to get even worse as more people move in and commute in for work. the san francisco transportation authority has something for drivers to consider while they wait -- paying for access. >> it should have been done long ago. >> reporter: supporters and
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opponents of the plan are choosing lanes. >> it could have a serious effect, not only on just pier 39, but all of fisherman's wharf. >> reporter: here's how it works, drivers in the northeast sector of san francisco, which is most of downtown, would pay $3 to get in and out during peak hours only. using a system of cameras and sensors, drivers would be charged three bucks in the morning between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. and three bucks in the evening between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. with some exceptions. >> transit and taxi would be exempted, but low-income residents, residents of the zone, as well as current toll pairs would enjoy a discount. >> reporter: pedestrian advocates say full speed ahead. >> a charge can help deter the people from driving in, making those express transit lanes faster and easier and fewer collisions between bus and car, between car and pedestrian. >> reporter: business leaders say, no so fast. they're worried a charge will scare customers away and they say public transit isn't
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prepared. >> the "f" line, you can say that's good, and it is good, but there's not enough cars. i mean, they're cattle cars. >> reporter: planners say $60 million a year generated by the tolls will be used to improve the system they want drivers to use. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> the san francisco transportation authority says it may begin a six-month pilot program, charging drivers during evening peak hours, but that is not expected to happen until at least 2014. about 150 structures are still threatened by a monstrous wildfire in kern county. the fire erupted around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and it quickly grew to more than 500 acres. between 20 and 40 homes have burned to the ground. 200 firefighters are trying to keep those flames at bay with the assistance of several helicopters. former san francisco congresswoman ellen toucher is battling cancer of the esophagus. she announced she is in the
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early stages of the cancer and that treatment will take place over the next few months. she does expect a full recovery. she spent 14 years representing california's 10th congressional district. the district stretches from san francisco to the california delta. alameda county investigators want to know how a 6-year-old boy drowned at a public pool with at least three lifeguards on duty. that boy was found unconscious by a lifeguard at the castro valley swim center just after 2:00 on monday. firefighters responded immediately and they took the boy to a nearby medical center, but a few hours later, he died. pool staff remember seeing the boy playing in the shallow end of a large pool and they say they have no idea what went wrong or how long he had been under water. investigators have not said where the boy's parents were at the time of the drowning. clothing time for the blue cube. famed air force station is stalling under the budget act. today the united states air force will officially shut down the sunnyvale station. most people refer to the base as
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the blue cube. it's a satellite operation facility that has supported every space shuttle mission in history. the base was slated for closure back in 2005 and most of the jobs will be transferred to vannenberg air force base in santa barbara county. we'll have more coming up in a live report. and we want to get a live check of the morning commute with mike. >> that blue cube off 237 where folks see all those satellite dishes. changes over there as well. we'll look at the sunol grade, where we have a look at the southbound side with those taillights around the sunol grade. this is moving smoothly, but before you get there, with reports so reports of slowing coming through pleasanton and there's some cloud and gravel because they've graded some of that pavement off the road. we'll watch for any slowing, but that construction continues for that toll lane. meanwhile, further north at l livermore, no problems coming off the area. 14-minute drive, easy drive
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through livermore at the altamont pass. >> what about the forecast? let's check in with rob. >> still looks pretty good. kind of mild again this morning. we've got clouds over san jose. 58 degrees southeast wind at 6. kind of unchanged from yesterday morning at the same time. 58 as well in oakland. san francisco actually using san bernardino mountain camera. the cloud layer, not getting in the way of the mountaintop camera. southwest wind at 7 today. again, we've got the clouds, overcast skies to start off your morning. some drizzle along the coast. sunshine inland and mild again today. but as we head towards friday and saturday, we're going to the see a bit of a warm-up as we get closer to the weekend. keep in mind, if you're heading up to the sierra, you can see areas north of interstate 80. we have some showers and lightning out there by reno this morning. nothing like that around the bay area today. just the low clouds and the all-day sea breeze keeping temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s again. some 80s out by fairfield and probably around morgan hill for the afternoon. seven-day forecast shows as we wrap up the workweek and head
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into the weekend, show some warming inland, not much change on the coast and actually trending cooler again by the end of the weekend and into the start of the first week of august. can you believe those temperatures? >> i can't believe we're in august almost. time now is 4:40. coming up, a controversial new proposal that would save the state a lot of money, but some say it could put your safety at risk. bankrolled by baseball. why major league is offering big bucks to bring the support to san jose.
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welcome back, everyone. and a beautiful live look outside at the glorious bay bridge this morning. folks making an easy commute across the span right now. we'll check your morning commute, coming up. it's 4:43. voters will decide whether or not to increase sales taxes in concord. the city council approved setting a half-set sales tax measure on the november ballot. that makes concord the third contra costra city to ask residents to support higher sales taxes to help prevent layoffs and service cuts. the additional 0.5% tax would make the city sales tax 9.75%, one of the highe esest in the s. would you rather pay for prisoners or teachers? those are the kind of tough decisions facing lawmakers these days. and one bay area lawmaker wants to save a few hundred million dollars by releasing some of the
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state's most dangerous criminals. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez shows us why mark leno thinks they're no longer a threat. >> reporter: if you do the crime, the law says they've got to do the time. but what if a prisoner becomes so sick, they can't possibly pose a threat to anyone. >> they're not capable of eating independently. many can't swallow, none of them can turn, none of them have the capacity to dress themselves, have bowl el or bladder functio. >> reporter: yet these bedridden prisoners are costing the state tens of millions a year to care and guard. that's why mark leno and others are pushing to release severely ill inmates from prison by granting them medical parole. >> someone's in a comatose state and you want to waste all this money on guards standing by their bed as we increase class sizes and cut back on the number of teachers.
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>> reporter: if the state releases the sickest of the sick, it estimates huge savings, up to $50 million, right off the bat. >> these people are not aware that they're incarcerated. these people are not aware that they're being punished. the only people we're really punishing with this continued scenario are the taxpayer. >> reporter: dr. ricky barnette is the chief medical officer for california prison health care services. she says some prisoners are so sick the state is paying private hospitals to pay for them. and each patient prisoner must have two armed guards watching over them, 24 hours a day. >> despite the fact that they are neither mentally nor physically capable of any independent activity or thought, their sentences still stay and they must be guarded. there must be a guard in the room at all times and a guard in the hall at all times. >> reporter: but the families of crime victims say they don't
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care how much it costs. harriette salerno can't imagine her daughter's killer being released even if doctors determined he no longer posed a danger. >> it's just a security for us, that they are not out. even if they were bedridden. and i ask you, so what if they're bedridden, why don't you just leave them there? if they're comatose, certainly they're not going to go anywhere. >> reporter: backers point out, prisoners sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole wouldn't be eligible. if lawmakers give the bill the green light, severely ill prisoners will be released on medical parole, starting in january. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> supporters of that bill say that prisoners sentenced to death or life in prison would not be eligible. the ones who are granted medical parole would wear gps devices. the bill will be heard next week and if it passes, prisoners
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would be released in a matter of months. a world leader in flat screen tvs and mobile phones sees profits fall by a third. courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with more on that story and the other stories that will impact your bottom line. good morning, courtney. >> like you said, lg is really suffering on some of those new orders, or really lack thereof. and futures right now are relatively flat. we've sort of been lower, then higher, and right now we're trading near that flat line. strong earnings from the likes of dupont were offset by economic data which showed that consumer confidence is waning, not entirely surprising at this point in time in our economic cycle. asian markets were higher overnight on a set of positive earnings from that region and europe is a touch positive right now. we'll get data today on demand for durable goods. that's those big-ticket items like heavy appliances, airplanes, and automobiles. the fed also puts out its latest beige book report, which compiles information on the conditions in the fed's 12
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districts of the united states. the dow was up 12 points tuesday to start trading. the nasdaq slipped eight points to 2288. and the u.s. government is preparing a criminal probe of at least three companies involved in the gulf oil spill. "the washington post" reports that bp, transocean, and halliburton are the initial targets. it could be more than a year, though, before charges are filed. the government is assembling a bp squad in new orleans to examine whether the company's obstructed justice or falsified test results on devices like that failed blowout preventer. but they're also looking into whether regulators might have gone easy on companies in return for cash or other incentives. meanwhile, the senate has canceled today's hearing on bp's role in the release of the lockerbie bomber, due to the lack of cooperation from the company. guess they're a little sidetracked. back to you. >> that's a big project too, thank you very much, courtney. a game delay for san jose's big for the oakland, as. san jose's mayor, chuck reed, says he's consider postponing a vote on the major league
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baseball park until next spring. the president of major league baseball asked san jose to back off the idea of a november ballot initiative for a new stadium. major league baseball told reed it would help pay for a special election in the spring. some city leaders say it's a good sign. >> we've been wandering in the desert now for 16 months, looking for some indication that major league baseball was willing to allow the athletics to move, but we now at least know where the lemonade stand is and major league baseball is offering to help pay for some of it. >> the president is asking for a delay so a committee will be allowed to, quote, finish its work before voting on the issue. and that committee will meet this afternoon. the fbi says it has caught the hacker that they believe infected 12 million computers with a virus. a 23-year-old man from slovenia is now in custody. authorities believe he's also part of a larger cybercrime ring responsible for stealing credit cards and online banking information. need to shed some pounds? well, there's an app for that.
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all it takes is the tap of a finger. nbc bay area's scott budman shows us you can limber up with a high-tech twist. >> reporter: there are nearly 6 hourkz health and fitness apps to choose from and developers are choosing more and every day. so we went to c net to try to rate apps that give you health and fitness tips with the tip of your finger. >> follow the herd. people aren't stupid in the crowd, so go with where there are the most popular reviews. >> reporter: when it comes to popularity, body fitness is one of the tops with thousands of reviews, a five-star rating, and it's free. >> the free ones are often really great. >> reporter: one of the more popular diet apps is, lose it. also free. but if you're going to pay for an app, it's best to read the reviews because a high price doesn't necessarily mean a better app. >> the price has no connection, literally, to the app's quality. but it tends to have a connection, over time, to the app's popularity.
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>> reporter: some apps like run keeper have a free version and one you have to pay for. paying for the app gives you more features and usually no ads. we went to the embarcadero in san francisco to ask runners if they use fitness apps. most kept on running, but brita burke took a break in her workout to show us what she uses. >> so i just use my nike plus. keeps the mileage and the time and it tells you your, you know, the end of your run and i use it along with the ipod. >> reporter: it's the only health and fitness app she's downloaded so far, but if she's ever inclined, she'll have no problem finding more. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> another piece of advice, if you do use your iphone to work out, make sure to get a good case. don't want to get it all sweaty. want to check in with rob.
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it's been great weather to get out and run. nice when it's nice and cool. >> that's a lot of work. and at least the weather's been nice and comfortable. we have still yet to see a spare the air day this summer. it's been one of the coolest summers in the last 40 years. but the air quality's been great, thanks to the sea breeze which is under way this morning. you can see san jose, oakland, and san francisco. we've got the southeast breeze in san jose, northeast wind at 8 in oakland and san francisco. 58 degrees. southwest wind at 7. mild conditions continue around the bay area. look out towards fairfield. southwest winds at 22. the marine air pumping well inland this morning, also giving us those overcast skies that we'll wake up to as we go through the day. the giants game, a little bit of an earlier start today. should see low 60s with patchy low clouds. jacket weather around the fifth or sixth inning, you'll see that breeze start to pick up. allergy report today at home, still in the moderate range. so for trees, that pollen has increased. and with the breezy conditions, again, not so good for
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allergies, but great news for air quality. typically this time of year, we see red on this map. to find it all green here in the last week of july is pretty outstanding for your exercise plans outdoors. now, if you're heading up to the sierra today, areas north of truckee this morning have had some scattered showers and thunder. most of the action in terms of that should continue to head off to the north and east. this is the reason why it does not feel like summer around the bay area. this little bend in the jet stream right across the bay area keeping that ongoing sea breeze. again, weather systems passing by to the north, putting a dent in the ridge of high pressure. so 60s and 70s again today. friday, as we get into the start of the weekend, we should see some warmer temperatures, maybe even near 90 out by livermore. mid-80s inland. so we will see temperatures start to climb as we head towards the weekend, but for now if you want to go in search of summer, you can still find it in parts of california, just not here. 90s around fresno, bakersfield, yosemite.
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85 in sacramento. look at ukiah today. pretty comfortable at 85 degrees, near 80 around south lake tahoe. bay area temperatures should range from the 70s around san jose, 64 for san francisco. 68 in oakland. livermore, one of the warmer spots. we'll see highs near 90 and into the north bay, only low 70s around petaluma and healdsburg, those numbers almost 15 degrees below average. you'll see as we get into the weekend, a bit warmer. not much change on the coast and we cool down again, if you can believe that, the beginning of next week. august looks pretty mild there in your seven-day forecast. back to you. >> sure does, feels like it. want to check in with mike right now. got reports of a car fire. >> so chilly out there, i wanted to point out any warmer spots. joking. talking about a car fire, this is off of your freeway, but it's going to affect some of the folks at grant line road. this is coming out of tracy into livermore. not a major commute issue, because 580 itself continues the smooth drive. 14 minutes out of the altamont pass heading over to the dublin
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interchange. continues to be a nice stretch. the bay bridge, no problems at the toll plaza, in a parking lot, up until about five minutes ago. i saw a caltrans crew right there, that just pulled out. it looked like one of those cone trucks, which may mean the upper deck construction zone will be picking up. we'll get that upper deck shot and show you what we're talking about coming towards treasure island. we have a couple lanes of that s-curve closed overnight. those will pick up in about an hour. no slowing, no problems there. san mateo bridge a little further to the south, an easy drive as well. between both of those bridges is 880 coming past the coliseum. a reminder overnight, for the next week, you'll see bright lights because they are continuing to film scenes from "money ball." keep that in mind. maybe some stars spotted. actor bruce willis is in the bay area, moonlighting as a pitchman for a new brand of vodka. a tasting was held last night. willis is teaming up with the
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makers of one of the fastest growing vodkas in the country. the star of the hit movies like "die-hard," he's part owner of the polish company. apparently being a pitchman for vodka is a lot easier and smoother than being an action hero. >> i used to do that, but now, not -- can't do it anymore. >> why can't you do that anymore? >> willis still has the action bug. he has a cameo appearance in an action war thriller, "the expendables," it's due out next month. an international murder mystery may be solved. a suspected serial killer and his wife are behind bars in nicaragua this morning. how authorities finally caught up with the couple, coming up.
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a major piece of the puzzle is going into place right now. we'll tell you what's happening with the bay bridge in a live report. good-bye big blue cube. more than 100 people will lose their job when the south bay air force base closes. and hello big international orange bridge. traffic flowing smoothly across that golden gate. we'll watch as the morning commute continues to build. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. >> it is coming up on 5:00, wednesday, july 28th. >> busy day of news for you on


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