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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 11  NBC  July 29, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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laid off. and how people are making money off the iphone 4. right now, a craigslist scam sweeping the bay area. why the police may be looking to talk to you. >> why some in the bay area are paying out of their pocket for their own protection. >> dozens of bay area fire fighters are getting the boot. >> first, police, now fire
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fighters are being burned by budget cuts. starting tomorrow, 50 will be booted off. at least one fire house will close for good it is the first time in history san jose has made such a move. nbc bay area is live with that story, george. >> reporter: the first wave of fire fight ersz will turn their uniforms in on montgomery street. by monday, all 51 montgomery fire fighters will have worked his last shift. >> i am fresh blood. >> it is one of 50 fire fighters laid off because the city doesn't have money to pay them. >> having a family to support, no job, and people counting on you it is hard not to think about that. >> reporter: on saturday, he would turn in his uniform and say good bye to his brother fire
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fighters. >> i am not happy about it being my last day, i will help the people of the community. >> we don't have a lot of choices in the matter. we don't have enough montow keep all the fire fighters on the payroll that is why we asked for concessions. >> reporter: the people who hurt the most will be those who live in san jose. >> the fire fighters will do what they can to respond as quickly as possible there. is only so much we can do. >> reporter: the question mark for sales and his wife. >> it will put a strain on us. we will make it work. >> it is not something i look
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forward to. planned on being here for 30 years, now it looks like i will be here for six months. >> we are learning that number of fire fighters retiring in january, some of those who are laid off are hoping to replace them. others will be looking at other fire departments in the bay area. >> tough spot to be in. thanks, george. if the city can't supply them, they'll get their own, hiring private security, doing whatever they have to keep their customers safe. vicki? >> reporter: merchants taking matters into their own hands, in the telegraph district, they say they are worried about crime going up, now that police presence is down. they will do what they need to do protect their livelihood. >> where did our money go?
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hello? >> reporter: the measure y, money, that was approved to pay police. >> i believe we should have public safety. and the police should be part of what we are paying taxes for. >> reporter: she opened her salon five years ago, and noticed the transformation. 280nesses strong, an oakland hot spot, she is worried that it may lose some of its luster now that officers were reassigned to patrol. now she is reaching in her own pocket to pay for security. >> i am disappointed as a private citizen, i would have to pay for a security guard. >> used to have a walking officer who would remove the transients, and the minor
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nuisances in the area, the reason why people stay away from oakland. >> she said, the merchants are developing a district, we will rely on the walking officer to take care of that. now we fend for ourselves. >> we may not walk around late at night. >> a police volunteer that works with oakland's youth, said this is a wake-up call for merchants and residents to work together. >> if they laid off 200, what if the officer guess on strike, what would you do? >> she said she is not waiting for that. >> i am thinking of running for city council. i am fed up to here. >> the next step happens in two weeks, merchants are invited to august 11th meeting at 8:30 in
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the morning, a captain from the police department, to talk about tips and strategies for crime prevention. >> thank you, vicki. new at 11:00, the oakland city council approved new taxes that could help pay teachers. that means that all property owners pay $195 for the next ten years, it would raise money for teachers and development. a parsell tax would help pay for police officers. >> mandatory evacuations are underway, two brush fires burning out of control. both sides of state route 14. northeast of santa clarita.
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through the community of rattay mona valley, there is a third fire west of lancaster. halted with 30 acres lost. this fire, still raging. arizona's immigration law is a hot topic across the country. this it was the scene in san francisco, the protest in the bay area, demonstrators want to make sure that san francisco remains a sanctuary city. arizona has appealed the judge's stop on that law. they want the immigration law to go into effect while it moves through the courts. a teen-aged girl is suspected to be the killer and her 21 year-old friend r.
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accused of killing two men. the suspects fled, abandoning their car. police later arrested isaiah washington on a probation violation. the 17-year-old freemont girl was arrested today as she arrived for a job interview. renters beaware, renting an apartment on craigslist, scammed several out of thousands, collecting deposit checks for a unit she doesn't own. police say they are looking for more victims. >> reporter: this is a double whammy for victims, out thousands, and don't have a place to live. >> found the great one on california street, close by. a bonus. it was dog-friendly. which is a super friendly. >> they were set to move with
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their dog, max, in the richmond district, a three-bedroom apartment found on craigs list for $2400. >> she met with us in the house three times, and we signed a paper. we thought we are signing a lease. it is for #alxreal. and deposit checks, $5600. >> where you are moving? >> richmond. >> what block? what does the house look like? what is the number? what is the landlord's name? it is the same place. >> san francisco police say smith doesn't own the building, falsely rented it to at least eight people. collecting thousands of dollars in deposit checks. telling the victims she couldn't move out yet, her mother was sick. one of their checks bounced, they were able to help police
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make an aarrest. >> i told her that my dad was coming with the cash. they went to the place, gave her the cash, she gave a receipt, and they were able to catch her and latest her. >> the scam turned their lives upside down. >> people lost money, and people with kids. my co-worker has a baby. it is terrible. >> no one is sure if they will get their money back. max and his owners are desperately looking for a place to live. >> tonight, police say, as word of the scam gets out, more victims are coming forward. the district attorney said if smith is convict ed of the charges against her, she could face 16 years in prison. >> what happens in vegas is getting a lot of attention. behind the scenes from the hottest reality show.
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the citi forward card can help you write it. a morgan hill man is accuse the in a bizarre case of animal cruelty. they saw him dragging what seems to be a dig dog in the town's business district on tuesday. when police officers approached him, he told them how he treated the dog is none of their business. >> the officers grabbed the dog from him.
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had to forcefully place him in handcuffs. >> tonight, the doug is at a vet's office in serious condition. the vet said the dog has cancer. the owner has had previous brushes with the law. >> the department held a bone marrow drive for officer brian carter. fellow officers encouraged those to join the registry in hopes of finding him or someone else a match. >> 70% of the time, they will find a sibling match. the other 30% of the time, they won't. it is important to get as many people in the registry as
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possible. >> it is easy as a volunteer, swab your mouth, it is checked for six dna markers. they are planning around fundraiser for him at yacht club. many weare making a stop to see the latest stars, pawn stars. >> bright lights, big cities, las vegas, the hottest attraction in sin city is not a posh hotel or hip night club or a sold-out vegas show. this building is the most popular, and most unexpected tourist attraction in las vegas. >> we will give you a tour. >> yes, a pawn shop. this isn't just any pawn shop.
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four of the most unlikely tv stars own and run this place. >> i am rick harrison this is my pawn shop. >> it is a huge hit, 6 million viewers watch what unfolds at the silver and gold pawn shop. >> they could be worth a lot of money. >> i want the viewers to know how popular you are. >> these people are not here because they want the air conditioning. they are here to see you. >> tourists by the bus load flock here to meet rick harrison, and his family, the pawn stars. rick's dad, they call the old man. rick's son, corey. >> it is weird to be on tv. to be a star. i can't picture myself -- >> and long-time family friend,
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chumley. >> how are you? >> the items for sale here range from the ordinary. >> diamonds. >> to the wild. >> a motor. you may or may not see that coming up. >> to the wow. >> those gold records, my real one. that is my favorite one. frank. >> and the downright rare. >> the number one playboy, with marlin in t. >> the first issue of playboy. >> what you see on tv, rick says, is the real deal. >> after i started doing the tv, other shows aren't that much reality. you can see the things i buy on the show. >> it is has been a boom for tourism.
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like the casinos on the strip. it is a tourist destination in itself. >> they gave me the keys of the city, i am bringing tourists downtown. >> thousands of people line up each day, breaking the intense heat. 110 when we were there. >> why did you come to this pawn shop? >> we live in portland oregon. we see it on tv over and over. we were here, why not stop at the chance. >> you are not from here, i can tell. >> from south africa. >> not only are downtown businesses benefitting from the tourists, so is the freemont street insurance. >> this is like the forgotten part of the strip. i have thousands of tourists a week come in here.
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>> if you look closely. >> what do you think happened to all of our heat? >> i pawned it off.7ygñ all right. >> you will be here all week. >> yes, you felt the heat in the east bay and dublin, low and mid 80s, for the north bay, 74 in santa rosa, for san francisco, 61, with 71 in redwood city. again, the fog, and slightly cooler air in the atmosphere. the same pattern we have been stuck in since sunday. we are a bit warmer in concord. the fog, not as easy as a time as it did last night. basically, that will equate to
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more warming as we head into friday's forecast. the fog not as aggressive. we head throughout the weekend, a mild start for august, it won't be cold by any means, just unseasonably cool for this time of year. combining it with fog at the lower levels. afternoon sunshine tomorrow for the coast line. and the fog pattern stays put. flipping the calendar over to august, a lot more 70s than we should. 51 in santa cruz. want something to do this weekend? all about the freemont festival of the arts, is the and sunday. temperatures expected to the in the 70s, they have food, mousse and i can art. we are sponsoring it. come out to see the nbc bay area
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booth and check out all the stuff that will be happening. it is friday, finally. a long as week for many of you. leading over to the eastern portion of the vieng area, 84 in san rattmon. so gradually things slide a bit, all in all, below average for the next seven days. no big heat. the good thing, california with all the wildfires, which is unfortunate. the cooler weather and decreased humidity is helping us out. >> the porn industry is using iphone's newest future.
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the iphone 4 has the porn industry getting excited. live video conversayings, reportedly working on raunchy time for video sex chat services. companies are hiring sex workers to work the phones. apple at odds, trying to keep entertainment aps out of the itunes store.
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>> ellen degeneres is making an exit from the popular singing contest after one year on the job. she said it didn't feel like the right fit. it remains the most-watched tv show, despite a steady ratings decline. one of the replacements suggested? j,-lo. >> in the al west, trying to make it a race for the pen apt, the rangers, not interested in helping out. no hold-outs from the raiders, from the top-sign ede. those people are happy
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it was a crucial stretch for it division-leadingeragers, al west contenders, texas with an opportunity to allow the angels and a's to make it a pennant race or put it away. they chose the latter. the top six, the a's, refusing to go down without a fight. 4-2, texas. and the a's, chipping it away. powell will score. 4-3, rangers. bottom of the inning, texas wasn't into that. teagarten with his home run. and 7-3 rangers that is pretty much t texas wins, eight and a half games ahead of oakland. >> the closer with another problem, bailey met with team
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doctors, and diagnose wide an intercostal strain. he said he feels achy when he pitches, he will be placed on the dl tomorrow. >> and the giants the hottest team in all of baseball in the month of july. they aren't immune to a dominant starting pitcher. the marlins' pitcher. facing the red hot buster posey. the rookie hitter streak, 0 for 3. one shy of the club record it ends. and the second double of the game, scoring cantu, before he got traded. complete game, one-hit shut-out.
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with the trade deadline, it was a day of shoveling throughout the league. oswalt, he waived his no-trade clause in order for the trade to go through. just want aa chance to get back to the world series. >> it is still means the raiders are one step closer to football season. they opened training camp in napa, everybody accounted for. including mcclain. who ciped the contract last night. which mean that early this morning, he was able to meet the players on the field. 23 mil is guaranteed. the raiders have all of their rookies sign. the linebacker is ready for football. >> i thank god for some reason, coach liked me, step up, command
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the defense. >> still to come, they say time heals all wounds. cleveland fans m nayd decades to get over lebron. stick around.
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>> what happens when you wear a lebron james jersey to an indians game in cleveland. security is forced to escort you from the beginning. one guy find it out the hard way. i don't think he minded. you see it, creating a stir in the stands, he was heckled, sworn at. after they left, they went crazy. >> did you see it? >> i had no doubt it went both ways. >> on that note, thanks for tomosing us tonight. bybye. krr


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