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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 31, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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69 in san francisco. going to be a beautiful sunny day there. beautiful and sunny throughout the bay area. 80 in san jose. 87 in livermore. we'll show you the seven-day forecast and show you when you can expect a ramp up and a ramp down in a bit. >> thanks. 6:00 now. overnight a scare in the air for hundreds of passengers and crew of a qantas 747 bound for sydney australia. they had to make an emergency landing at san francisco airport. bob redell has the latest from sfo. >> reporter: good morning to you. those 231 passengers on board qantas flight 74 did not have to hear from the captain that something was wrong. they could feel it. about 20 minutes into its journey, qantas flight 74 shuttered. you can see in the still photos what caused that violent movement. one of the right enjoins of the 747 had blown up.
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>> an uncomfortable vibration. a push. feeling like something was wrong. >> it was a strange noise. i don't travel that much but i knew it was very wrong. the staff looked a little bit alarmed. >> reporter: the captain came on the intercom to let passengers know that one of the right engines was out but that the plane was still relatively safe to fly since there were three engines still left in operation. the flight jettisoned its fuel and landed here at sfo. maintenance crews inspected the damage. they don't know what caused that engine to explode. qantas put all 231 passengers up in a hotel. the airline will try to get them out on flights back to sydney sometime today.
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they might have to do this through l.a.x. reporting live at sfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. speaking of l.a.x., another emergency landing. this one there. it happened when a plane hit a bird. the pilot returned to the airport to check for damage and landed safely. no reports of injuries or damage to the plane. president obama will deliver a major prime time speech from the oval office tonight. he will mark the end of combat operations in iraq. today all u.s. combat forces are being pulled out seven years after the war began. the white house will be careful not to declare the mission completely over. on the "today" show this morning, matt lauer talked to robert gibbs. >> i think the president will talk about three different themes, ending the combat mission in iraq, strengthening our security swinternationally d outlining some steps we have to take here at home.
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>> so far 4 sfsh, 400 americans died in iraq. the president's prime time speech will be at 5:00 this eveni evening. a road side bomb attack killed four more u.s. soldiers in afghanistan today. 18 service members have been killed since saturday. there are few details about today's bomb attack. the identities of the service members have not yet been releas released. their deaths today bring august's total to 54 casualties including a marine killed on friday. two airline passengers are in serious trouble after security found suspicious items in their checked luggage. dutch officials say the men are charged with preparation of a terrorist attack. u.s. officials say ahmed mohamed nasser al soofi and hezem al murisi appeared to be traveling with mock explosives in their
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luggage. one of them got on a plane in birmingham, alabama. airport screeners found a cell phone was taped to a pepto-bismol bottle, several watches taped together, three cell phones taped together, a pair of box cutters and three large knives. no explosives were found, so he was allow ed to board a flight to chicago. >> want to check in with scott mcgrew this morning. america does not need more bad news about the housing market. >> it does not. last week the national association of realtors, the home builders told bus record dips in home sales nationwide. real shockers. this morning, literally three minutes ago the case shiller report came out looking at home prices in america's 20 largest metro markets showing a 1% increase last month in overall home prices. you can call that good news, but keep in mind that still looking back when the government was giving tax incentives to buy homes. overall from the big bubble,
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home prices are still down 28%. fears of another recession have driven the value of the dollar down. that's not all bad. a cheap dollar makes our products less expensive, driving up exports. it makes oil more expensive. it hurts people with savings accounts, seeing their savings worth less and less. wall street, the money, the home prices, all tied together. not a lot of good news out there this morning. >> we keep looking for it, too. thank you very much. 6:05 now. in the central valley, sheriffs deputies say a man jealous over a message on his girlfriend's facebook page has been arrested accused of torturing her and imprisoning her for days. 36-year-old anthony rosanno was arrested. he allegedly held his
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23-year-old girlfriend accusing her of having an affair after seeing the online message. the fremont police officer shot in the line of duty last week is now doing a little better. officer todd young is now in serious but stable condition. he was shot friday in oakland as he tried to arrest andrew barrientos on a domestic violence charge. doctors have performed several surgeries and there are more scheduled. police tracked down 20-year-old andrew barrientos to san diego and ended up arresting him just a few feet from the border. police say this he confessed to the shooting. two other people are also now in custody for harboring him as he was on the run. this morning hayward police are trying to figure out whether they have a case of vandalism or a hate crime on their hands. someone broke out the windows at the naacp office on b street in hayward two weekends in a row. police believe rocks and a bb gun were used. police say there's no evidence it was a hate crime and they're investigating, but the civil
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rights organization president is not ruling it out either. >> i'm very familiar with rocks being thrown into people's homes, that happened in birmingham. so when that happened when i walked in this office and saw that, for a moment there i thought i was back in birmingham. >> police are looking at video from a surveillance tape to see if they can put together any clues. >> we have a warning for shoppers on the peninsula after a rash of car break-ins. police tell us thieves have broken into 28 cars in two weeks near downtown palo alto and the stanford shopping center. gps units, cell phones and laptops are being taken. more officers are patrolling that area, but police also say it's best not to leave valuables in the car but lock them up in the trunk. >> good advice. 6:07 right now. want to check the morning commute now and see how things are rolling out there or not with mike. >> they are rolling. that is causing some folks not to roll because a tire came off one of the cars on northbound 87. that tire causing that first car
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that lost it to get into an accident and causing two more to get into an accident. two cars on the right happened shoulder. one at the center divide, northbound 87 at kurtner, as volume is increasing. that should show up as yellow in about a half hour. already 101 below 50 miles per hour between 680 and 880. south bay slowing has started here. east bay slowdowns out of livermore starting right here. it will be crowded coming out of the altamont pass. it may mean a brik for folks out of livermore. watch for reports of 580, that means bad mojo in that area. it's clear right now. here, antioch, that's slow. reports of a bolder over to the left side of your screen coming through pittsburg.
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bolder is a loose definition. might be just some loose rocks. we are look at the east shore freeway also coming through the east bay. look at that volume now. all lanes at capacity before any slowing has occurred. speeds around 60 miles per hour. we will see that slowing start here and then i'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. but that will get congested in just about 10, 15 minutes. >> looks like people are up already. >> oh, yeah. >> we want to check in with kris in for rob. >> we expect a nice day. patchy low fog to start off. but we have this area of high pressure bringing this picture here. that's because it's shoving the nasty cold weather and cold air off to the east. we are left with this. we see some patchy fog, squished in parts of the bay area, those will disappear. there's the high pressure we were talking about. looking at your 8:00 forecast. patchy low clouds and fog to
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start the day. you saw that beautiful sunrise. sun is not up completely yet. by noontime, we expect breezy conditions. so, make sure that you button your sweater. 77 in san jose. 76 in fremont. by 4:00, some warming trends. it will be a nice day even along the coastline. in san francisco, the area is expected to be cooler. nice and warm out in the east bay. 88 for concord. 89 in fairfield. here is the seven-day forecast. still warmer tomorrow and warmer into thursday. then cooling for the weekend. brent and laura? >> thanks, kris. the nation's growing waistline gets some attention from the military. how boot camp is adjusting for new, heavier recruits. and meg whitman taking some unusual detours from the campaign trail. we will show you the civic duty that could cause her to take
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some time off. and one bay area college footballplayer is showing off his skills. >> right now behind-the-scenes look at our nbc bay area news morning studios. the folks rning the show in the control room back there. we are back after this break. i
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welcome back. 6:13 right now. a speak peek behind the scenes here at our nbc bay area studios. looking for a warm up when it comes to the forecast. we will check in with kris sanch sanchez, no for rob today. floodwater in pakistan is causing widespread damage. water from heavy monsoon rains are flooding almost 20% of the country. bridges, roads and homes have
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been destroyed, isolating some regions completely from the rest of pakistan. aide has been hampered and helicopters are being used. 1600 people are being killed so far and 17 million have been impacted by the flood. emergency crews are a step closer to starting to rescue 33 minuter s trapped a half mile under ground in chilly this morning. a 31-ton drill successfully drug a shallow test hole. they were trapped august 5th after a landslide blocked their exit. the government says it will take at least three months to reach the trapped men. after a lengthy dormancy, power companies are looking again at using nuclear power. this time the emphases will be on so-called off the shelf designs. there are 104 commercial
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reacttors in the country and none are exactly alike. new rules encourage utilities to pick from a handful of active designs and replicate those elsewhere. supporters say that will produce nuclear plants quick tore build and easier to regulate. you hear a lot about groupons, the group coupons. >> you heard of groupons, you sign up at and get major discounts this morning yelp will get into the act. the first one will be for a yoga place. go to, you can sign up. a new deal each day. this is the first day for yelp. the other kind of deal on the markets, wall street plunged. the dow down 144 points on monday. overseas, the nikkei hit a 16-month low. the dollar is weak. the case shiller report on the
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prices up about a percent. that is nationwide. that's good news. the bad news is that data looks back at when the government was giving tax incentives for home prices. i got a quick chance to look at the san francisco numbers. up 0.3%. if you look at the median price being 650 in the san francisco metro area, that's about $2,000 in pricing. >> those might be lacking a bit behind? >> yes. >> the san francisco metro market is such a wild market. so many variations. it's a little hard to get down to the block by block level. >> thanks, scott. >> 6:16 right now. new this morning, the military reports it is changing how it trains recruits because many are heavier than recruits used to be. the dreaded long run is being tossed aside for exercises like pilates and yoga. the official goal is to reduce injuries and better prepare soldiers for rough terrain.
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one soldier says it is not just an army issue but the nation as a whole is less fit. extra weight is the leading reason recruits are rejected. being famous does not excuse you from jury duty. california gop candidate meg whitman got called in for jury duty. she showed up and filled out the questionnaire. the campaign says she may be called in later this week. the amusing part is that the judge asked if whitman had any scheduling problems with serving. she said, well, i'm running for governor of california. some people who keep the prettiest places clean could lose their job. the 122 workers are paid with federal stimulus dollars. that program ends next month. the department is trying to juggle money to keep those
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workers. it's not more than 2,000 people across the city were hired under that program. a shark warning is posted in a popular pacifica surfing beach. surfers in the water and onshore say they saw an 18 to 20-foot great white shark devouring a seal yesterday afternoon. witnesses report blood shooting into the air and violent thrashing in the water. one man grabbed his video camera and caught a fin quickly moving through the water. he got in a boat and urged surfers to get out of the water. >> blood was just squirting and water was just violently thrashing up in the air. i don't know how high it was going. but it was a very large shark. >> some surfers did go back in the water despite the warning. others say they will steer clear for a while. pacifica police are not sure how long the warning signs might stay up.
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time is 1618. we want to check the morning commute with mike. he has an update on a big rig that was causing problems. if you are coming out of the altamont pass, that big rig has cleared. that's the good news. the bad news, if you were looking for a break because folks were held up over here, they are coming full force through livermore. 15-minute drive out of that altamont pass, past airline road, through livermore and to the pleasanton, dublin interchange. some may be heading north towards the walnut creek interchange if you were, we have reports of debris, metal grading in the road, if there causing problems for folks. that should clear in the next couple of minutes. no major slowing around that walnut creek interchange nor off the benicia bridge. the rest of the maze moving smoothly through the caldecott tunnel. the volume heavy on the east
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shore freeway but speeds close to the speed limit. no metering lights. volume will build over the next ten minutes. a lot of folks coming northbound past the coliseum. no major incidents for 880, but volume increasing there. 101 will start its slowing around 7:30. we will be watching for any disturbance over the next hour. kris will have your forecast in just a bit. >> where is the love? one of the bay area's biggest and least clothed street party finds another location. that is 10-year-old jackie, and she hopes to advance to the finals on tonight's "america's got talent." you can watch it right hart starting at 9:00. jackie is so good that a lot of people don't believe that's her
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real voice. so she gave an impromptu performance for her local hotown nbc station. ♪
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good morning to you all. taking a live look at san jose. some clouds up above. but those clouds will be going away later on today. headlines today, we expect nice, cool start, then warming for the afternoon, then heating up for the rest of the week. we will show you your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. first the reason why. here is the reason why we have some high pressure that is building across the bay area. that means it will keep the nice warm temperatures and breezy
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conditions for parts of the bay area, in particular along the coastline. patchy low fog to start the day, 56 in san francisco, 58 in san jose. by noontime, we expect breezy conditions. if you're headed outside, hold on to your lunch bag. 70s for parts of the east bay and south bay. warming up for the 4:00 hour as you head off to the bus stop or you start to leave work after that. 88 in concord. 87 in livermore. but the warm-up will happen into tomorrow and then on into thursday. we expect mid 90s for tomorrow and thursday. and then cooling for the weekend. the coast is going to be a bit more stable, but also warm and quite beautiful with lots of sunshine. >> sounds nice. one of the bay area's biggest dance parties has a little over a month to settle on a new location. san francisco leaders will meet with love evolution organizers tomorrow after denying a permit at the usual civic center
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location. the mayor says the event is overcrowd and he's concerned about safety. golden gate park may be another option for the event, formerly known as love fest. organizers say she just want to find a place to she can get the party started. bay area's newest rapper is more accustomed to hits on the football than on the billboard chart. ♪ the football star is showing off that rapping skills to his teammates. a few of tell, they say, has his songs on the ipods. they call him loggy and he is influenced by eminem. the head coach says it's a good outlet as long as he concentrates on school and
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football. cal kicks off play this weekend at 1:00. saturday is the big kickoff all across the country for football. stanford takes on sac state, and san jose state, boy, what a way to start the season, they play the defending national champions, alabama, starting at 4:00. spartan head coach mike mcintyre will be our special guest on nbc bay area morning news thursday at 6:00. 6:26 now. a plane headed to australia was forced to turn back to sfo an hour after takeoff. we'll bring you the latest on what caused a huge hole in the plane. >> plus lawmakers take another shot at the open carry ban. we're back in a couple minutes. >> a live look outside this morning in the south bay. nice temperatures. creeping up once again. summer hanging on. the full forecast coming up. good morning. this is joe.
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check out this plane grounded at sfo right now. some passengers were on board when an engine blew over the pacific. i'm tracking three incidents effecting three bridges. we have the bulk of the commute happening and some slowing already across the water. the latest coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. rob is off this morning. we want to get a check of the forecast with kris sanchez. >> looking at the seven-day forecast. today will be a nice warm day. a bit hotter by thursday, then a cooldown. we'll see drastic temperatures along the inland areas, south bay, east bay, north bay. along the coastline nice and cool.
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if you can make plans to have a beach day i think you'd be in good shape. back to you. >> thank you. the president is meeting with troops in el paso, texas, ahead of a big speech tonight about our role in iraq. his plane took off from andrews air force base less than an hour ago. tracie potts has more on what you can expect to see and hear. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he's expected to call president bush sometime today, likely we're told while he's aboard air force one on the way to texas to address troops at ft. bliss where 7,000 troops have come back to that military installation in the last six months. his speech there beginning the process today of him declaring the end of combat operations in iraq. now we know over the past seven years, seven and a half years of this war there have been 176,000 u.s. troops there. it's down to just under 50,000 now. they will remain in an advisory
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role. the president today expected not to say mission accomplished as president bush did back in 2003. he will declare combat operations are over but we will continue to be an ally. he will speak to the iraqi people letting them know we will continue to support their quest for democracy as they try to form a government there. the time line for today, that speech to troops in ft. bliss, the president is back in washington tonight where he will talk not only about iraq but his administration's plan for afghanistan. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts, nbc bay area news. a sigh of relief after a scare in the air for hundreds of passengers and crew on a qantas airlines 747 bound for sydney, australia. something left a massive hole-in-one of the engines forcing it to make an emergency landing at san francisco's international. bob redell joins us now live from sfo.
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bob? >> reporter: qua >> reporter: qantas flight 74 took off just before midnight, and minutes into it flyers experienced something unnerving. >> it was very strong shutter on the right-hand side of the plane. and it wasn't turbulence. >> reporter: no it wasn't turbulence. it was what you might refer to as a catastrophic engine failure. this is what mechanics discovered once the qantas 747 was back at the gate. you can see in these still photos an enormous gash in one of the plane's right engines. the captain came on and told passenge passengers that the plane engine had blown up. apparently flames were shooting out at one point. the force of that explosion caused the plane, in the words of one passenger, to thud and bump and veer left. the captain was able to maintain
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control. >> kept everybody quiet. in the end the captain came on and assured everybody that the plane was, you know, still relatively safe, though there was serious damage in one of the engines. we then jettisoned fuel and turned around and came back to san francisco where the captain thankfully made a good landing. all cheered. everybody was a lot happier at the end. very relieved to be on the ground. >> reporter: a lot of emergency vehicles deployed and lined the runway in case there was a problem with the landing. qantas put all 230 passengers up in a hotel. the airport tells us that the airline will try to get them out on flights to sydney today, possibly through l.a.x. we don't know what caused that engine to go out.
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reporting live at sfo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update there. resistance this morning to a merger between two airlines. >> yeah. good morning. if this were a marriage, this is the part where they would say if anyone is opposed to the marriage. today there will be a two-day hearing in san francisco. there is opposition to a merger between united and continental. passengers are worried that the combined airline will result in increased prices and decreased services. the ceos of both airlines are expected to testify. on the markets, can you guess who is opening the markets? yes, it is guess. they have a new fragrance, that won't make things sitink less. dell has until wednesday to counter hp's bid for 3par. the price of that just keeps
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going and going. so far hp has the highest bid. laura? >> we'll check back with you. the next chapter in the plastic bag battle could be written today. the senate today is expected to vote on a bill that would make california the first state in the nation to ban plastic bags at grocery stores and large pharmacies. the bill passed the assembly in june. opponents say the legislation would put a lot of people out of work, though. but some in the recyclable bag industry say not necessarily. if the bill is signed by september 30th by governor schwarzenegger, plastic bags would be prohibited in 2012. the state legislature is also trying to come to terms on a budget. we'll see how they're expected to handle has today at 6:45. state lawmaker also take another shot today at making it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public. the measure fell one vote short of passing yesterday, but state senators say they will consider it again today.
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california gun owners can carry a rifle or a handgun in a holster as long as it is not loaded. the bill would make it a misdemeanor. supporters say it makes people nervous and police often get flooded with calls. this morning, a san francisco attorney and his wife are under arrest charged with several felony accounts. attorney jonathan dixon and his wife barkley lynn are accused of swindling the school district, anthem blue cross and a law firm of $500,000. they sent letters seeking reimbursement from the school distri district. a wallet stolen from a young man in berkeley four years ago as he was stabbed more than 25 times could now be used as
6:37 am
evidence in the rob by an robbe attempted murder trial. that wallet was found and returned to the mother last month. a note was included. now prosecutors in the trial of blake anthony maestro and nicholas flatbush must find out who found the wallet to enter it as evidence. mirabel survived the ordeal but no longer has use of his left hand and part of his right hand. this morning we'll get a first look at a new bike lane in san francisco. city transportation leaders completed the first of 20 new bike lanes. the lane also cover a one-mile stretch from embarcadero to van nuys avenue. it will connect the embarcadero to the waterway. the work comes after the court lifted on a injunction against such bike improvements. >> are some accidents right now.
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6:37. checking the latest on the south bay commute with mike. >> in the last report i told you about the tire that came off a car and caused three accidents. the accidents are still there. one in the center divide. two on the right hand shoulder. the tire has been moved off. there is the slowdown from highway 85 up towards kurtner. that is a bit further south than we expect. catching a break heading into downtown. also catching a break northbound 101 from 680, 880. here is the break, in another 15 minutes, the slowdown again. the rest of the northbound at the limit or close to it through the rest of the south bay. let's look at the san mateo bridge. the first of the bridges i was watching. a disabled vehicle reported blocking a lane around this flat section. i've been watching this for about seven minutes. keep a note as you head over the
6:39 am
peninsula, you might have to head over to the left. it's reported in the slow lane. eastbound moving smoothly off the peninsula. the bay bridge, your second bridge i was focusing on because the metering lights are turned on here. backup back to the 880 overcrossing to west grand avenue. about a 10, 12-minute wait right now. the golden gate bridge, the third bridge i was following because the fog has hit the deck there. that's causing an issue for visibility coming through the north bay. no major slowing, but keep that in mind, it's a safety issue. the peninsula moves smoothly across the area. it will get congested there as well soon. >> foggy by the bridges this morning. >> it sounds like it will get hot, too. we want to check in with kris. >> it will get hot. we expect that tomorrow and thursday. today a cool start.
6:40 am
mike mentioned the fog, that will stick around for the morning hours and burn off later on. 56 in san francisco by the bus stop hour. 54 in santa rosa. by the noontime hour, turning breezy and expect the fog to be gone. 68 in san francisco. 77 in san jose. by 4:00, temperatures really hitting close to 90. particularly in fairfield, concord and in liver moore. your seven-day forecast, hotter tomorrow. hotter thursday, then cooling down for the weekend. brent and laura? >> thanks. time is 6:40. hurricane earl is already leaving its mark on the east coast this morning. we'll check in with the weather channel which is tracking the storm. state lawmakers have just hours left to consider dozens of lawyers. a report from sacramento on the votes today that could affect
6:41 am
you. a live look outside. there is the fog and the haze we are talking about. that will burn off and we will see some effects of the summer sunshine hanging on.
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good morning.
6:44 am
nice-looking shot. bright sun coming up this morning. should be a beautiful day on tap. time is 6:43. >> iou again. soon we may start paying bills with pieces of paper, not money, if a $19 billion budget deficit can't be closed. we have more from sacramento. >> reporter: by now nobody here is surprised that there is yet another delay in passing a budget in california. the question at this point is are people at the state capital going to start taking bets as to how long it will last this time? if it goes past september 23rd, it will break a record. the longest delay was 85 days back in 2008. the first four votes take place here today. the budget deficit stands at $19 billion. not nearly as big of a budget hole as the $60 billion last year, but these cuts might be tougher to make because there is
6:45 am
less to cut. there is a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. the republican plan using only cuts. the democrats calling for the cuts and tax increases at the same time. back out here at the catch tall, i can tell you that today marks 62 days without a budget in the state of california. the state comptroller's office telling us in mid-september they may issue ious to around running out of money. running out of money in california could happen as early as october. >> thank you. hurricane earl is beating up some of our country's most beautiful places. >> look at this video just in to our newsroom from the virgin islands. heavy rain is falling as the category 4 storm makes its way across the atlantic it is now moving towards the east coast. stephanie abrams has more on the impact on the people who are in the storm's path. >> reporter: here along the outer banks of north carolina, the surf is up. we anticipate it to be much worse in the coming days
6:46 am
as hurricane earl nears the coast. the winds extend out some 200 miles from the center of the system. those are tropical storm-force winds. hurricane-force winds extend 70 miles from the center. this beautiful beach behind me could be eaten away by erosion. we have two full days to prepare for this hurricane as it barrels towards us. perhaps a category 3, or a category 4 as it nears the tar heel state. behind me, the hatteras lighthouse. that, of course, moved back in 1999 due to erosion. not due to a storm. in the outer banks for nbc news, i'm stephanie abrams. new this morning, thousands of refugees from a volcano in indonesia are overwhelming nearby shelters. we will get to that story in a moment. first the forecast from kris. >> next i'll we are talking abo sunshine, a cool start to the morning. 40s and 50s as you walk out the
6:47 am
door. by lunch time, warmer inland. later on, 70s and 80s. here's why. high pressure pushing that cool weather out of the area and on to the east. so you can expect this for the rest of the day. warming today, the hottest day on thursday. it will be nice along the coastline. we expect sunshine and warm temperatures, even if we see a bit of cloud and fog to start the day. >> all right. normal for here. nice weather here. a lot of people in indonesia are fleeing from a volcano that's been erupting. here are some of the 30,000 people who have had to leave their homes when that volcano started erupting last week. today the volcano is spewing hot ash and rock. shelters are overcrowded and authorities are worried about disease. like california, indonesia is on the so-called rim of fire, the ark of volcanos
6:48 am
and faultlines that trigger earthquakes. these little balls are called sea bombs, they were created by a group of green activi activists in the '70s, they would toss the balls over the fence, it would rain and the flowers would sprout. >> he inherited some gum ball machines. so he said let's take that avocado-sized sea bomb and turn it into something that fits into a gum ball machine. >> one seed bomb contain 500 seeds, costs 50 cents. >> those are the worst-tasting doughnut holes in the world. >> not meant to be eaten. >> we know about bobblehead night at the ballpark, but now they have video camera night.
6:49 am
it looks like a baseball. this is a free video camera from flip video camera in the south bay. tonight at the giants cam, the folks from flip video in the south bay will be wandering around with baseball-themed flip video cameras shooting video of fans and then the video gets put up on the diamond vision scoreboard. the fans with the most spirit or a dog gets the camera. some are cheaper, others have not all airplane flights are the same. some are cheaper, others have connection and delays. there's a travel website called h hipmonk that takes the agony into account. this is like a bar graph. it will tell you when it leaves, the connections. you can sort it by length, price, or this agony factor. it's at punch in a couple of cities and see what waging they give you on agony as far as the length of
6:50 am
the connection, if there is one. the time of day. an end in sight to combat in iraq. the president is getting ready to talk to the country as thousands of soldiers are heading home. >> a scary sight for passengers. we'll tell you what caused a hole in this plane. traffic is picking up here and around the bay. ail show you some spots where we have some slow drives. a
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president obama will deliver a major prime time speech from the oval office tonight. he will mark the end of combat operations in iraq. today all u.s. combat forces are being pulled out seven years after the war began. but the white house will be careful not to declare the mission completely over. the president's prime time speech is slated for 5:00 this afternoon. of course we'll carry it live right here on nbc bay area. first flames shooting out of the engine of a 747 force the plane to make an emergency landing at san francisco international airport. bob redell has more. >> reporter: the word came across the cabin of the quantas flight, and that word was that the engine had blown up.
6:54 am
you can see the damage. last night the plane had taken off from sfo, was about 20 minutes into its long flight to sydney when that engine went out, causing the plane to shutter. a very uncomfortable feeling to say the least according to passengers we heard from the captain and crew reassured all on board that the plane was still relatively safe to fly. it turns out the captain was right. all 231 passengers plus crew turned back. they jettisoned the fuel and landed safely at sfo. no word on what caused that engine to blow up. the other question this morning is when will those passengers get on their way back to sydney. the hope is to get them out on flights sometime today, though they might have to fly through l.a.x. bob redell, nbc bay area news. we have developing news just in our newsroom now on the ongoing fight between the san jose fire department and the city of san jose. we got this notice from the firefighters union.
6:55 am
they say they have an aud xwio e that alleged i will shows that the city knew cutting five fire companies would put the city at risk. this will be released at 11:00 and we'll have more tonight after the president's speech. we want to get the latest update as you head out the door. let's check in with mike inouye. >> this just in. an accident reported on the lower deck of the bay bridge around treasure island. you are blocked heading towards that treasure island exit that will be on your right. on your left, folks slowing to make that exit. just stay towards the middle of the roadway. lower deck moving smoothly. the upper deck, there's a slowdown around the berkeley curve, coming down towards university avenue. a live look at the toll plaza, shows the back-up there. back to west ground. slowing also through antioch.
6:56 am
highway 4 typical there, as well as coming through livermore. another live look outside, we will see how things are moving across the san mateo bridge. the earlier disabled vehicle has cleared up, but this haze has not. >> no. later on today we will say "h" is for happy because high pressure means more nice conditions. patchy low cloud and cloud cover will move out by the noontime hour. we will see breezy conditions, nice, warm temperatures. 68 in san francisco. 72 in oakland. by 4:00, even warmer and we are see 80s in the east bay. the seven-day forecast looks like this. tomorrow the warmest day and cool for the weekend. >> summer trying to hang on it seems like. >> apparently. >> all right. now for a little something to send you out the door with a smile. always fun. look and a listen to a video making its way around youtube and facebook this morning.
6:57 am
♪ >> according to the posting of the young country star in the making, he's just 2 1/2 years old. >> just like that girl on america america, that is not lip-syncing. >> no. >> she's the real thing, obviously he's not. >> oh. >> cute kid. >> the words down like that, so early. >> they start talking and then they don't stop. >> yeah. yeah. >> the trio. something to anticipate. >> thank you for joining us. the "today" show up next. when it happened... [ glass breaks ] ...again. ♪ [ child ] run! [ man ] first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built.
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