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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it looks outstanding for this time of year. 40s and 50s for the moment, but by the afternoon, we are looking at mostly 70s from san jose to the trivalley and san francisco close to 70 and warming up more through the middle of the week.
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coming up in a few minutes. >> a look at the monday morning commute. >> things are moving smoothly according to the normal plan for folks. plan on a little bit more of a delay and northbound 101 approaching a disabled vehicle. with flashing lights come a distraction. we see the slowing north of the 680 and 280 interchange. that's a typical pattern and expect them to follow the delay. north bay, petaluma northbound 101 at washington street and blocking a couple of lanes and adding to a slow down. no delays through novato and an eight-minute drive to the bridge both directions from the richmond side and you are close to the limit towards the toll
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plaza. no metering lights yet, but this will start to crowded right about now. an idea of what we are talking about. the nimitz freeway and moving close to the limit. firefighters mopping up at a recycling center. a lot of smoke in the area near 101 and 10th street about 3:00 this morning. they managed to knock down the fire quickly, but not before it spread to the nightclub close by. no injuries were reported. game five was tonight in texas. live outside of san francisco's civic center plaza where the excitement and something else is building. bob? >> good morning to you, brend. last night after last night's
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game, they are setting up the giants screen in civic center plaza. a jumbotron so the fans can come out here to catch game in the public gathering place. a similar set up provided during the world cup. the city is encouraging you to show up early to secure a spot. and vendors will be here selling food and drink, but there will be no alcohol allowed here. you won't be able to purchase it here. the giants are coming off the win against the rangers in which the rookie pitched the team in a 4-0 shutout against texas. historical for a couple of reasons. the rangers became the first team with the shutout twice since 1966. they lost 9-0 in game two and baumgartner at 21 years old became the fourth youngest to start and win in the world
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series and the youngest ever to pitch at least six shutout innings. the giants could win it all tonight in game five of the series and what will amount to a rematch of game one with tim lincecum starting for the giants against cliff lee for the rangers. the first pitch is just before 5:00 tonight. if the giants were to win tonight and clinch the world series, you can imagine it would be a celebration here in san francisco. we called sfpd to find out what their plans would be for containing the crowds and as of yet, nothing has been announced not to suggest there not plans, but they haven't announced t. if there is a game six or game seven here in san francisco, they are warning people to beware of scams. there have been people taken with fraudulent ticks as much as $1,000 a pop. the only authorized places where you can buy world series tickets are from the team itself or stub
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hub. live here in san francisco, today in the bay. >> even if the series does end tonight, giants fever will not end. you can find everything you want to know about the giant ogs our website, and watch raw video of the interviews with the players and lots more at developing news and learning more details on an attack on a catholic church in iraq. scott? 52 dead? >> 100 catholic iraqiys were being held hostage in that church when iraqi police raided it overnight. at least half of the hostages are now dead. not clear how they were killed. the group al qaeda in iraq claims responsibility. the pope this morning denouncing the hostage takers. there about 300,000 practicing catholics in iraq. saddam hussein cracked down on a
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lot, but christianity was left unimpeded in his reign. we do know 52 out of 100 hostages are dead. today in the bay's chris sanchez is at the headquarters with more. >> let's start by saying poll numbers are only accurate if the folks who say they will vote get out and vote. generally in our state, the poll has to have about 60% to predict a true victory. the latest field poll, that being said gives democrat jerry brown a lead over republican meg whitman and in the california senate race got a bit too close for comfort for barbara boxer. she looks to have a lead over republican hopeful carly fiorina who is out of the hospital. she was being treated for an
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infection. to the big propositions you will find tomorrow, proposition 23 would suspend california's new green house emissions. that is trailing. 48 people surveyed oppose and 33% support until the economy improves. they think it will cost jobs. 19% of people are undecideded on this one. prop 25 which will make passing a budget easier. that would require a simple majority instead of 2/3 to vote. 48% of people say they would support that. 31% oppose it. 21% say they are still undecided. changing the vote to a simple majority doesn't change the 2/3 majority that is necessary to change taxes. obviously a very big talker in the election and it appears to be trailing in the polls this morning. today in the bay's christie
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smith will have more on that coming up in about 10 minutes. >> thank you very much, chris. democrats are bracing for republican take over of the house and senate. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll is out this morning showing recent republican momentum continuing. 6 in 10 voters say the country is off track. president obama's approval numbers are down, but he is more popular than both parties and the tea party combined. congressman john boehner could be the next house speaker. over half of likely voters will vote republican tomorrow. two weeks ago democrats held the edge. they need 39 seats to win the house and analysts predict they will win 50 to 65 seats. count on nbc bay area news for coverage. at 8:00 p.m., we will start coverage on 11-2 and comcast
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channel 186. nbc news political team will begin coverage of the races followed by a special 11:00 p.m. hour newscast with your complete bay area and a california election coverage. nbc news will resume after the 11:00 p.m. newscast. there won't be a tonight show tomorrow night. >> the fight over the immigration law comes to the bay area today. that issue goes before the federal appeals court based in san francisco. the ninth circuit court of appeals will hear the appeal of a lower court ruling that blocked part of the new law. arizona's policy allows police to question people in routine stops about their legal status. protesters are expected to be outside of the court all morning long and the hearing is scheduled to start at 9:00 this morning. >> per good morning. it's 6:09 as you get to the roadway. two factors affecting the
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commute. a live look at the bridge shows you one of them. the fog. it's an issue along the commute heading over the water for the golden gate bridge. no major delays through the area, but we will follow it as the volume picks up. a map because i can't show you the shot from san francisco to the bay bridge because of that fog. we see a smooth drive heading towards the toll plaza. no problems with an 18-minute drive and the volume increasing. that's after 6:00 where we see things pick up. we saw this happen about 45 machines ago and almost an hour for the slow down to start over towards horizon lane. getting a breakthrough pittsburgh and bay point. no problem for 680 and 24. here's 580. slowing continues. now 18 minutes out of the pass and speeds closer to 40 and 50, but the blip of red on the right is where the speeds are dipping down.
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it's getting warmer. >> for spring. >> we will be getting into 80s for the next couple of afternoons. we have thick fog around the golden gate bridge. 40s and 50s this morning and that means temperatures will start to warm up and once we load the clouds, this morning mostly 70s and lot of line in the low to mid 70s. wednesday and thursday will be the warmest day of the week. low 80s for the first week of november. 60s and 70s out on the coast through mid-week. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 6:11 and looks like every day could be black friday from now until the holidays. see why you don't have to wait to take advantage of big sales. alcohol is the most dangerous drug in the world according to a study. how researchers came to the conclusion, next. >> we will find out tomorrow what becomes of the pot push in
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california. we will have a live look. >> a look outside to the south bay as rob mentioned, nice temperatures and a little something for everyone. 6:11 right now. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. [ cheri ] fiorina laid off 30,000 people. and she shipped our jobs to china. and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. [ farrell ] one hundred million for herself.
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fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. come on... isn't it time an auto insurer gave it to you straight? that's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million drivers who already have state farm. 40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings.
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and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. >> welcome back. another live shot outside with the start of a beautiful day across the bay area. really mild temperatures. it looks like it will continue. rob will have a look at the workweek forecast. >> a new poll shows the report for the proposal to legalize marijuana in california is fading. christie smith is live in oakland with more on the big
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shift in continues. good morning, christie. >> good morning. the polls show the shift has been happening over the course of the campaign and it's slipping a point or two overtime. still support is highest here in the bay area. you will find signs supporting it in downtown oakland, home to the cannibis college and also strong with voters under 40 years old. prop 19 is the state initiative that would legalize marijuana and you can look at it in two ways. opponents say as voters get more details, they support it as a concept and think there is a better way. supporters say it's a tough subject to even ask a person about because they may be reluctant to tell a stranger they support legalizing pot and it could be much higher when they were questioned by an automated voice rather than a live person.
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49% give them a thumbs down. of those poled, 42% say yes. in july the numbers were 48% against. in september 49% were in favor. those with the field poll say opinions tend to shift on big issues that get a lot of media attention, especially when the election date draws near. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> thank you very much, christie. >> a stunning claim from british researcher who is claim alcohol is more dangerous to your health than crack cocaine and heroin. the british journal released the study and graded 20 drugs with 100 being the most dangerous. alcohol ranked first with a score of 72. heroin, crack cocaine and crystal meth coming out in the top five, but much lower than 72. a panel of experts put alcohol at the top and said it does the most harm to the people who use it as well as others around
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them. >> alarming news about pancreatic cancer. researchers say pancreatic cancer tumors could be present for years or decades before symptoms appear. they focus on the gene mutations on seven people who died. they took 20 years to become deadly. on average it took 11 years for a tumor to mature and another six years to send cancer cells to other organs. from there, the patient had three years to live. this could lead to an advanced screening test. a heads up as you book your next flight. it will take you longer to make that airline reservation. the new changes might mean thaw get through security faster and your flight is more likely to be on time. the transportation security administration calls it secure flight. from now on, domestic travelers flying out of u.s. airportsville
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to provide their full name, birthday and gender as they buy their ticks and the names,. hav to match what's on the ticket and has to appear on a government or passport id. the information will be used to check the person flying against the tsa's no-fly list. they expect minimal delays if >> we are learning more about president obama's top counter terrorism adviser saying he may have supplied devices on december 25th and in august of 2009. he said the bomb maker is someone who has quite a bit of experience. authorities are focusing on al qaeda bomb maker and the packages found last week in the uk originated from yemen and were bound for jewish synagogues in chicago.
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>> another privacy scam for facebook. >> over the past few weeks, we have seen third party companies mining user data. this was the first time we heard of selling it. who you are and what your friends are like. facebook said it caught at least one of the companies selling your information scraped when you use third party aps. facebook said they suspended several companies involved much the company itself never sold and never will sell your user information. one of the biggest soap operas gets under way in oakland in a courtroom. oracle is suing german tech giant sap over corporate spying. employees illegally downloaded computer files from oracle over a project called tomorrow now. each condition seem to escape a
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good scandal and it is involved because the former head at the time of the break in is now the ceo of hewlett packard. they don't dispute this took place. the big question at trial is how much money should oracle get? they want billions and sat is thinking more millions. we'll see. >> a big difference. >> there. >> 6:20 and the 49ers are taking a long trip out of the bay area from london. at least it's a happy trip. the niners beat the broncos. don't have a game next sunday so it gives them time to recover. a break for the raiders. they are getting ready to face the kansas city chiefs. silver and black rolled over, winning 33-3. they are 4-4 on the season. >> the giants are focused on winning a world championship and the a's are trying to figure out
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where they may call home. raj mathai caught up with bud selig at last night's world series game and asked him about the a's potential move to san jose. >> the committee is hard at work. >> they have a lot of work to do and they have been very thorough and examined aspects and continue to do so. >> your gut feeling and you are friends with lou wolf. will the a's get a stadium done? per are when i'm done with the report and we will talk about it. >> when might that be? >> the a's asked if they could move and they are still waiting for word. raj is trying to press the commissioner, but he is staying non-committee. >> go on, kid. you bother me. >> we will have more of his coverage throughout the day as well. >> when it comes to the commute, we will get you out the door.
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>> how about now? still no update. we had the report of slowing where there was a disabled vehicle. the northbound 101 vehicle cleared and the slowing stuck around and now southbound 680 coming off of that interchange towards southbound 101. there is report of a disabled vehicle there and a to truck arriving on scene. that might be a reason for some, but the volume is increasing throughout the bay. 680 to here from sunol. we will get a live look out and flowing southbound with the tail lights starting to slow. it's building, but no major delays approaching the express lane at the end of the screen. we will see this start to back up over the next hour as we continue to watch. antioch i showed you the back up for westbound highway 4, but there was an issue on the bypass. keep that in mind as you head down. use brentwood boulevard. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. indonesia's most volatile
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volcano continues to erupt this morning, spewing hot ash and spoke into the sky and down towards the villages below. it erupted killing hundreds of people saturday. another eruption could occur later this week. the search continues for missing villagers. a double catastrophe realing for last week's tsunami that killed more than 400 people. >> arizona's immigration debate comes to the bay area. what parts of the law are now up for appeal coming up. >> a live look from the east bay and nice temperatures across the bay area, the llllyor the of november. how hot or cool? we will check in with rob. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies
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layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section [ female announcer ] pure, wholesome ingredients make new simply breads and biscuits a delicious addition to the family. simply... new from pillsbury. >> a live look at the golden gate bridge with an obscured view. patchy fog roaming around and plenty of that where
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visibilities are down to about a quarter of a mile. chilly with north bay valleys and 48 degrees in livermore and high pressure building in and storm track stay off to the north under the ridge of high pressure. you will see gorgeous weather for november. how about 70s later on despite the foggy start to the morning around the north bay. we will see highs in the mid-7s for san jose and close to 70 and low 70 no, sir oakland and from here through thursday, we warm up. 60s on the coast and a few extra clouds towards the end of the week. >> thanks, rob. >> 6:26 and the young guns for the giants went to the veterans for halloween. >> taking over from both teams and a preview of the game that can win it all for the giants coming up. >> rt the bay area is the next stop for the immigration law. we will have details on that fight coming up. a live look outside like we mentioned. nice temps for the first week of
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november. stay with us. more news ahead. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible.
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can we afford to let him fail again? new this morning, border security or civil rights violations that. controversial question comes to the bay area today. >> the giants are one win away. a preview of the game that could take the champagne off the ice. today in the bay. good morning. 6:30 and i'm laura garcia cannon. >> rob has a look at the first forecast of the week and of november for rob. >> it's not going to be november-like around the bay. the high pressure starting to build in over the bay area this morning, giving us a few patches
6:30 am
of fog, but look at the temperatures. mostly 70s around mid-afternoon. san jose climbing close to 74. close to 70 briefly around san francisco before we cool off for the evening. we will talk you through a warm upcoming up in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> i want to check in with mike. his first traffic report of november. >> the first we are talking about, huddling together at the toll plaza. that's the reason why they are not trying to conserve energy. the approach is to the maze and the toll plaza. no major incidents and the tunnel moves smoothly coming through oakland. a live shot past the coliseum and the volume continues to increase and northbound, the headlights equally as far as the traffic flow down towards the bridge. cool the construction project
6:31 am
you will find slowing there from about a street. a nice easy drive over the section and you can see the high-rise. rob has been talking about the fog and many times across the bridge as well. back to you. >> 6:30 and arizona's fight to keep the immigration law takes center stage today. judges with the ninth circuit court of appeals will hear their arguments. we see what to watch for. >> there is so much at stake here not just in arizona as local governments try to deal with an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants. 30 minutes is all each side gets. sb 1070 is across the country and other countries are watching as well. regardless of what happened, many expect it will ultimately end up before the supreme court. the senate bill was intended to
6:32 am
help arizona crack down on illegal immigration there. the law makes it a crime to hire, transport or harbor an immigrant and makes it legal to impound their cars as well. the law would allow them to conduct warrantless searches and arrest or detain people they suspect are in the country illegally. the provisions were put on hold the day before the law went into effect and that's the issue under the microscope today. whether they should uphold or overturn prot visions while the federal lawsuit proceeds. president obama took arizona and that law to court last summer, claiming that the legislation interferes with federal immigration prerogatives and violates the u.s. constitution. the case success held in san francisco of course because the court of appeals handles the cases from western states. that will argue that the law is
6:33 am
not about immigration, but state rights to enforce the lay and people who oppose the law say it amounts to racial profiling and anyone who they suspect could be here illegally could be a target. robber leaders and community numbers will join with faith organizations and going to march in saint patrick's church to the courthouse where they will rally before the hearing that begins this morning. laura? >> thanks for the update, chris. >> giants fever could reach a peak. a 3-1 lead heading into game five against the texas rangers. the giants came in as the you should dogs according to las vegas lawmaker, but a win will end it all with the giants being crowned the world champs. it will be a rematch of both of the aces. the game starts before 5:00 tonight, but if the giant should
6:34 am
lose, game will number san francisco on wednesday. >> those youngins. look no further than last night. madison balm gafrtner pitched to a 4-0 win. he is the fourth youngest to start and win. he is the youngest to ever pitch at least shutout innings. they became the first rookie pitcher-catcher team to playing to in a world series since 1947. not too bad. our giants fever coverage continues at 6:45. we will check in from articling in a live report. >> the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer is expected to be in court later today. andrew is changed with attempted murder in the shooting of officer todd young on august 27th. the 20-year-old pleaded not guilty. his mother testified in court that she could not wharm her son told her after the shooting. police say she originally told
6:35 am
them that her son admitted to her that he shot an officer. officer young is recovering at home after seven weeks in the hospital. >> oakland police are looking for a funman who injured nine people at a massive halloween party. someone started shooting at a krout of people at the fright fest event in the historic suites ballroom. all victims are suspected to survive. police don't have a suspect and are not sure of a motive for the shooting. . back to the decision coverage and the race for california governor. meg whitman kicking off her last full day on the campaign trail here in the bay area. she has silicon valley roots at the former ceo of ebay. she will be in men low park outside of a coffee shop. she will be joined by many supporters. as for jerry brown, he is the current attorney general and has
6:36 am
to be at several get out the vote rallies in los angeles, salinas and oakland today. the l.a. rally begins at 11:30 and 3:00 this afternoon, he will be at the stein beck center in n salinas. we are talking about jerry brown. he will wrap up the afternoon with another rally at the jack london square terminal at 5:15 this evening. new video showing the impact budget cuts on the police force of one city. police officers are now wearing sheriff patches. county sheriff office officers are taking the police force. there will be a swearing in ceremony. the former police department employees later today. the sheriff's office is taking control of services in san carlos after they voted to disband the police force in september. >> budget cuts mean changes are coming to the commute.
6:37 am
muni will no longer accept the a fast pass. they use that from muni and bart rides, but starting today they will need a clipper card instead. muni is trying to eliminate paper passes. the fast pass that can ohm be used on muni is scheduled to be eliminated in about six months. ac transit is changing about 70 bus lanes. many of those changes went into effect yesterday. routes have been retooled to save them about $11 million a year. for the list of all the changes, go to ac >> 6:37 and people have spent millions to try to get to you legalize marijuana tomorrow. is that pot-pushing working. see the results in a live report. >> you could be celebrating the world championship by the end of the night tonight. we will have a preview live from articling toppe, coming up. >> the the weather to start off the first day of november looks outstanding. maybe you will have 70s and 80s
6:38 am
and a warm up on the way when we come back. today in the bay. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. what's the worst that can happen? what's the worst thing that can happen?
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>> good morning.
6:41 am
looking over to san francisco with patchy low clouds. a cool start with some spots in the 40s. 45 degrees in napa. north bay at patchy fog around novato. yes, it is a chilly start to the morning and you want to take your jacket outside. no umbrellas and storm track out to the north and temperatures start to warm up. 40s and 50s this morning to wake up to and as we head towards lunchtime, temp furs in the low 70s and as warm as 77. 76 in livermore and mid 70 no, sir san jose. look at the temperatures. 70s and 80s inland and slow cooling as you approach the upcoming weekend. >> thanks a lot. you don't have to wait until black friday, the day after christmas to get holiday deals anymore. stores are taking advantage of early birds so the sales are starting sooner. many sales are already under way. the national retail federation said 40% of shoppers already
6:42 am
started their shopping. >> some people start their shopping the day after christmas. there is often customers thinking about things early on. >> many shoppers expect to spend a little more on gifts than last year as well. according to survey, the average is up to about $460 per gift. >> feel free to start. >> the giants could wrap it up and we could be celebrating. from articling and san francisco up next. >> a live look outside this morning across the golden gate bridge, it will be nice and clear and we can see cran the span already. rob has a look at the forecast coming up. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims!
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it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down.
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>> good monday morning to you. the first day of november taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco this morning. nice temperatures for the first week of november. electric at that. san francisco's expected high of 71 and san jose is 74. >> could be time to queue up a little queen. they could be singing we are the champions by the end of the night. >> less than 12 hour away from the first pitch. just one win away from the title. >> live in arlington texas with how and what the players are doing this morning. lawrence? >> reporter: brent and laura, thank you very much. they are at a hotel called los colinas relaxing and getting ready. when the giants arrived the other day, off the cart where they brought in all the equipment, they did load in several cases.
6:46 am
i mean several cases. a crate of napa valley champagne. it's on ice. this is probably the time. this is a team of destiny. i don't want to say that it's tonight, but there two games still to be played perhaps in san francisco, but you get the feeling with the giants team, they want to take care of business. i heard brian wilson, fear the beard, walk up into the locker room saying well, we have to keep our focus. texas is a good team, but the giants have something special. you hear about aubrey huff and local ties growing up here in the dallas metroplex. he went to high school here and his mom helped him build a batting cage and i talked to his high school coach. he has seen games here at the ballpark growing up. last night maybe the biggest game of his life.
6:47 am
that home run and the whole situation that let to this team coming on top last night, 4-0, including rookies. where do they get the poise? >> they are young. >> pitching in the world series. >> this team not only resonating with giants fans, but they are like the bay area and come from all over the place. you have southerners and young guys and crazy guys from new england fearing the beard. you have all things that make up this team. it's an international team. like the bay area. odd balls are coming together to make something cool happen. >> it's great. a lot of fun to watch. >> the team has clicked. you talk about a team and you want it to come together at a particular time. they are on fire at the perfect time.
6:48 am
>> baumgartner was saying it was such a great game, they had great hitters too. they are truly a team. >> they do respect the texas rangers and they have to play hard too. raj is here and they are,kp)cqg out the rain gear. we have to be ready. see what happens tonight. >> we will. making your debut on the morning show with us. >> take care. he could be wearing a 10-gallon hat. >> maybe he did. the giants fans are getting ready and the citiville the game available on big screen tvs at civic center plaza. >> get as close as you can. live from san francisco with a little more. good morning. >> i'm sure you met a giant screen tv. the mayor announced after last
6:49 am
night's win against the rangers that the city would be setting up a jumbotron here or standing in civic center plaza. fansville a public place where they gather and watch game five. this will be a similar set up to what we saw earlier in the world cup soccer tournament. a couple of notes. the city encourages you to show up early. there will be vendors selling food and drink, but no alcohol allowed period. they are coming off the win against the rangers. we saw madison baumgartner pitch the team to a win. historical because the rangers were the first team to shutout twice in the world series since 1966. remember the rangers lost 9-0 in game two. baumgartner at 21 years old was the fourth youngest to start and win in the world series and the youngest ever to pitch at least
6:50 am
six shutout innings. the giants could win it all in game and what will amount to a rematch against cliff lee for the rangers and the first pitch just before 5:00. history is on the giants's head. there have been 44 teams prior to the giants with a 3-1 lead in the series. only six failed to clinch. the giants were to clinch tonight, we talked to sfpd to find out what plans they had to contain and the celebration that would happen. they have not made announcements yet. the game 6 and game seven, if you are looking at buying tickets, people have gotten scammed losing as much as $1,000 a ticket. the only licensed people who can sell a ticks are the giants or stub hub. bob redell today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, rob. >> we want to keep you updated.
6:51 am
6:50 and mike has an important new accident. >> sorry, your monday morning is off to a bad start. disabled vehicle causes the slow down between the incline and treasure island. in the back up, reports of an accident now. from treasure island and including the toll plaza, you have reasons for it to continue heading back towards the maze. my advice to you, if you are heading to this area and you can try to get to a bart station and take bart into the city. that is not experiencing delay for the system as it takes you under the back up and into the city. a nice pleasant way. to the north or the san mateo bridge to the south. traffic volume is picking up heading towards the clearer view. it's getting misty and fog starting to build. >> fog is the only problem
6:52 am
towards the north bay. we are seeing that at times with 40s and 50s and take the jacket. you will not need it for long. look at the first dave november. mid 70s inland and close to 70. if you like today, you will love the forecast. through at least thursday, 70s and 80s and 60s and 70s on the coast and a few clouds as we approach the weekend. >> thank you very much. support to legalize marijuana in california getting snuffed out according to polls whachl is  behind the dwindling support? >> reporter: pollsters say this happens as we get close the to the election with big issues. if you believe the opposition, they are saying if voters get more information on this, they are more likely to pass on the prop. here in the bay area, support is among the strongest in the state. it's also still a hit with
6:53 am
voters under 40. prop 19 is the initiative that would legalize marijuana with the latest field poll two days before the election. they have a different spin on the sagging support. they say it's a tough issue to ask by phone and expect them to tell a total strangerer that they support legalizing pot. they showed much more support when voters were answered by a machine than a live person. they were asked the question innate october and 49% said they opposed prop 19 and 42% said they are in favor. this is a complete reversal of the numbers from late september. live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> good morning. the dow industrials are up 88
6:54 am
points to 11206. intel in the south bay up better than 2.5% after we learned the company will start making chips for other people. the other thing to watch is the oracle sap trial that gets under way in oakland as the jury tries to decide how much money sap owes oracle. oracle said it should be billions. sap said it should be millions. they will work out what it will be. >> wa is in the middle. >> thanks a lot, scott. tiger woods is waking up in a strange place. he lost his spot as the number one golfer in the world. he reigned supreme for five years. lee westwood holes the title now. he has been slipping since he crashed his escalade and his marriage unraveled before our eyes. it's a loss for america of sorts because westwood is from england. >> we want to check in with mike to tell you about trouble on the
6:55 am
bay bridge and seeing how long that could affect the morning commute. >> i got off the traffic system and the bay bridge, the lanes have cleared from the vehicle and heading towards treasure island. that's better, but it's going back in. that will be a problem and when things sort out back to normal. my suggestion is head south mayba 880 through oakland. we have to deal with the traffic and the volume is coming past the coliseum. bart is the best bet. the lanes have cleared across the upper deck. more slowing and southbound towards the express lane and 680 starting to jam up as you approach the area. fog in the area as well. checking in with rob and fog there after we get rain. >> light winds and fog and near
6:56 am
70 around dallas and ft. worth. we will see 70s here too. dallas is seeing a few clouds and no worries about the weather for the game in texas. for us fog. the real concern. no worries about rain and high pressure is keeping the track way off to the north. what you see here in the seven-day forecast, look at the numbers for november. this is incredibly warm. 80s around san jose. should there be a game six or seven, but if there should be, the weather will be fantastic. >> celebrate when they come home with the win. >> the game will get started before 5:00 p.m. >> we hope to celebrate the win. the weather will be for the celebration. tim lincecum will start against the. last night the giants won 4-0 in game two they won 9-0. the rangers are the first team to get shutout twice in the
6:57 am
world series since 1966. the last team to get swept in four games, the giants fans love this. the los angeles dodgers are the last team to get swept. a rematch coming up tonight and hopefully he comes out on top. >> tough for the parents last night. >> is might be cool to have a costume where you have a television set. they are up 3-0. >> i will put the score on my door. >> that's a lot of fun. a lot of parents tireed from late night trick or treating. >> thanks for joining us. >> the "today" show is next and a local news update coming up in about an hour. #
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