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tv   Today  NBC  November 6, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning. overseas under pressure. president obama begins his ten-day trip to asia, but is he trying to distance himself and the big political parties he and his party face back home? help wanted. the state of our economy. what it means for you and your family and who's hiring? we'll tell you. what would you do if your 5-year-old son dressed like this for halloween. a mother lashes out at her parents for scolding her for his a mother lashes out at her parents for scolding her for his decision.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm amy robach. that photo has a lot of people talking this morning. the mom is lashing out at other parents in a blog. that blog has now gone viral. we'll talk to her coming up. >> some think other kids would have teased him. it's other mothers questions her. it opens up a big discussion. that new jobs report is a reality check for washington and all of us. the numbers showed thousands of new jobs were added to the payroll in october, another report on unemployment is sure to add more concern about our struggling economy. we'll take a closer look at the important figures coming up in just a moment. also this morning, it has happened again.
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a mysterious gunman is targeting military facilities in the d.c. area. authorities are now trying to track down the unknown suspect before another attack. this morning, we're going to talk to another fbi profiler about a possible suspect who is shooter may actually be. but we want to begin with president obama's trip to asia. it comes on the heels of his party's crushing defeat in the midterm elections. savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. she joins us from mumbai. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning. the president starts here in india. will be overseas for more than a week. a trip long planned that aides say is all about the economy at home. the president and first lady touched down in mumbai in india for three days, the longest single foreign visit of his presidency. first up, the taj palace hotel, one site of the coordinated attacks that terrorized this city two years ago this month. today, the president and first lady, who are staying at the hotel, paid their respects.
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>> to those who have asked whether this is intended to send a message, my answer is simply absolutely. the taj has been the symbol of the strength and the resilience of the indian people. >> reporter: the president will visit four countries on this nine-day trip, two stops in india, indonesia, where he lived briefly as a boy, then economic summits in south korea and japan. after a battering in the midterm elections where unemployment was a key issue, the white house is working to emphasize this foreign trip is about jobs at home. u.s. officials see india as a major economic opportunity and will press leaders here to increase u.s. exports. the president, arguing in today's "new york times," every $1 billion we export supports 5,000 jobs at home. but the president won't be stopping here. bangalore, india's outsourcing
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captainal. the president has railed against u.s. companies that ship jobs overseas. and visas were hiked. >> jobs go where there is talent. america will have to find new ways to reinvent itself. >> reporter: the president is meeting with ceos from the u.s. and india. today he'll hold a town hall with young people tomorrow and on monday in new delhi speak to india's parliament. >> savannah guthrie in mumbai. now here's amy. >> lester, thank you. now that new jobs report. 151,000 jobs were added in october. that's the biggest gain in months. but the unemployment remained unchanged at 9.6%. what does this all mean for the economy and for you? trish regan is here to explain. good morning. an unchanged unemployment number 9.6%. that seems like it's bad news. yet experts are saying there are signs of life. >> you got to take heart in the
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fact that 151,000 jobs were created. that was twice as much as any economist had actually anticipated. people were surprised and encouraged by that number. on the other hand, 9.6% unemployment not good and it is likely to remain at high levels for the foreseeable future. you need to be adding more than 100,000 jobs every single month to bring the unemployment rate down. on top of that, you need another 100,000 just to keep up with population growth. even though we're adding 151,000 jobs in the latest month, we need to be doing that consistently and even more so over the next several months if we really want to make any kind of dent in that unemployment rate. >> also this week, the federal reserve announcing specifically on wednesday that it was going to buy 600 billion more in government bonds by the middle of next year. obviously, this is not without controversy. there's a potential up side and down side. what are those? >> on the one hand, it's nice
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that there's more money coming into the system. but the down side, you have a federal reserve that's effectively printing money. printing money is not necessarily a good thing because that could lead to inflation down the road. it also leads to a weaker u.s. dollar. and that means higher commodity costs. so you are going to pay more for energy, you're going to pay more for food. you will pay more for energy because, don't forget, oil's priced in dollars. so if you're dollar is weaker, it will take more dollars to fill up that barrel of oil or the gas tank. it does have an effect on the american consumer. the hope is -- this is what the fed is keeping its fingers crossed for -- you keep the economy chugging along and the dollar issue won't really matter until it needs to matter. >> another bit of news for u.s. taxpayers. we hear president obama now saying he's going to work with gop leader in extending the bush tax cuts potentially for everyone. what could this mean? >> investors like the sound of that. because you want a lot of money in the economy. whether from the federal reserve
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effectively printing money or from consumers out there spending. so the more money consumers have in their pockets, the more likely they're willing to spend. wall street cheered that news. we'll see what happens. >> trish regan, thanks so much. o for more on the jobs report, the president and the election fallout, we're joined by senior political analyst for msnbc and also "time" magazine. so the economy picked up a few more jobs. 9.6% still the unemployment rate. does this give at least a softer cushion for the president after tuesday? >> it gives him the ability to argue that things are getting a little bit better but the number is still so high, politically it doesn't change the situation. he needs to prove to people that his policy can work. >> the point is job creation. will the american public make that connection? >> it's a tough argument. the time zone is different, making it hard to reach people.
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he's got to convince people that he is about jobs created. they want free trade agreement as well. this is a two-fer for him. he's working on the economy. >> he's trying to make deals overseas. domestically the election a big deal. does it weaken him at all overseas. will leaders look at him and say, he doesn't have the full backing of congress like he used to? >> it probably shouldn't matter to foreign leaders but it does to a lot of them. they follow american politics closely. a guy two years ago is on the top of the world and now is facing a rough patch. they'll be looking at saying what happened to that obama of 2008? what happened to you at home? >> nancy pelosi huge negative ratings as she says she'll run for democratic leader. does that make sense to you? >> it makes no sense to me. i can't find anybody who thinks -- republicans think it's great news. so are most democrats. personally, it does make sense. nancy pelosi was targeted by
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republicans. she's a very proud person. she sees barack obama staying in his job, harry reid, the democratic senate leader staying in his job. she says, why should i be the one who takes the fall for all of this? but democrats are not happy with that decision. >> one democrat who lost his job tuesday is quoted about pelosi, all i know is i was at 55%, she was at 20%. you do the math. will her allies still win congress? >> she'll most likely become the minority leader. it's good for her personally. i think it's admirable that the first female speaker, she doesn't want to cut and run. on the other hand, it's extraordinary how much she became a symbol of the democratic party in a negative way. and a lot of democrats are saying this is not good for us. this does not give us the fresh start we need to try to recover from what happened on tuesday. >> this could get interesting because you've got james clyborn
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saying he'll run for the number two job. steny hoyer, odd couple there. >> another thing democrats don't need. one of the most prominent african-americans in politics running against a slight sli more conservative democrat. a leadership battle that most of the time people wouldn't pay attention to. but it does show the democratic party after the tsunami comes through, try to figure out who their leaders are going to be. democrats i talked to not happy with nancy pelosi's decision and not happy about having to sit through a leadership fight right now. >> once again, here's amy. >> lester, thank you. hurricane tomas slammed into haiti friday. and the powerful storm brought more suffering to the already earthquake-ravaged country. mark potter is live from port-au-prince. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. here in port-au-prince, the storm came and went without doing much damage although it is raining now and there's some flooding. but other areas were hard hit
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including leogane. >> for the second time this year, leogane, hitty has been hit hard by a disaster. last summer it was at the epicenter of the earthquake. now floodwaters from hurricane tomas have filled the streets. as residents struggle to move about and worry about how high the water would go. some 3,000 people were evacuated to higher ground. in addition to being the epicenter of the earthquake, this town was built on a flood plain and is vulnerable to rain. that's why all this water is now racing through the center of town. rushing water surrounded a makeshift camp for victims made homeless by the earthquake. adults and children now threatened inside their tents, suffering once again. >> it just underlies how vulnerable this country is. it has a vulnerable infrastructure before the earthquake. we had the devastating
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earthquake, we had a cholera crisis, now we have the storms. it's clearly, it's clearly -- it's heartbreaking, quite honestly. >> reporter: the medical staff had only 20 minutes to move patients to safety on the second floor before floodwaters came rolling in. in light of the current cholera epidemic, doctors are also worried about the rain water spreading disease. >> my level of concern about cholera, malaria, dengue is incredibly high. the things that spread in this kind of environment with this kind of water, it's a lot worse than cholera. >> reporter: on the edge of leogane on dry land, a group of patients held an impromptu protest rally accusing the government of failing to improve safety and living conditions ten months after the earthquake. and at a local church, residents stood in long lines for fresh drinking water as medical teams promised to distribute relief
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supplies slooas soon as the flo recede. those medical teams will be out today assessing the damage trying to find remote areas in northern haiti to see if they were hard hit. but overall hurricane tomas was a lot less punishing to haiti than they feared it would be. >> mark potter, thanks for the latest. we want to head over to trish regan at the news desk for a look at other stories going on. >> good morning, lester. we begin with al qaeda and yemen. the militant islamic group is taking credit for two recent cargo bombs that were intercepted in britain and dubai on its way to chicago. the group is claiming it had a role in the september crash of the u.p.s. plane. but american investigators say the evidence indicates that the crash was an accident. the death toll now up to 138 after eruptions at indonesia's mt. merapi. it sent many to the hospital with burns over 90% of their
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bodies. 94 people killed in the latest blast. more than 150 people were arrested last night in oakland, california, after an angry crowd protested the two-year sentence given to a former white transit officer for fatally shooting a black man. johannes mehserle could have received years. the hiccup girl is charged with first degree murder accused of luring a 22-year-old man to a vacant home where he was robbed and shot by others. jill clayburgh has died after a long battle with leukemia. her career spanned five decades in film, television and broadway. she was 66 years old. and finally, a little bit of good news for you partiers tonight. you'll get an extra hour of sleep. don't forget to set your clocks back one hour. that's the news. that's one i never forget. the one where i get more sleep. >> it's great because then the
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sun sets at like 4:00. >> thanks for the class half empty. >> bill, you have a check of the weather. >> tomas, we're still dealing with it but we're almost done. this looked like it could have been a horrible scenar foren haiti. it brushed the ground and went right over it. there's still a couple rain bands left over port-au-prince, but it will be moving out during the day today. even the weather in the bahamas will get better as the day progresses. we're just about done with tomas. as far as the weather this morning, a cold start to your day in the southeast, even florida's on the chilly side today. record highs possible from wyoming up through the dakotas and maybe even there in montana and a new storm will watch moving into the pacific northwest as we go throughout your weekend. . good saturday morning to you. we begin this morning dry. laot of cloud cover.
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a little misty drizzle. mostly 50s from san francisco up through napa over to livermore and down through san jose. things get interesting as we go into the evening hours and tomorrow. new storm coming in will bring scattered showers tonight and tomorrow, a rainy sunday. we just talked about setting the clocks back one hour. enjoy that extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning! have a great weekend! that's your weekend forecast, lester. >> bill, thanks. on the health front, encouraging news on the early detection of lung cancer. chris jansing reports, the government says ct scans could save lives. >> take a couple of deep breaths. >> reporter: for 55 years arnold lord was a two pack a day smoker. his doctor says an extra of his lungs came up clean. >> no evidence of cancer at all. >> reporter: but a spiral ct scan kaud caught lord's cancer early. finding this now, what does this mean for the patient? >> it means everything. it means this patient, with good treatment, has about a 95%
5:17 am
chance of having the cancer cured in this area. >> reporter: since thursday's news showing that low dose spiral ct scans can help reduce the death rate from lung cancer by 20%, hospitals have been getting lots of calls about the scanners. many of them made by ge, parent company of nbc, universal, but experts provide caution. i'm very frightened that we'll have a lot of people at low risk or moderate risk for lung cancer go out and demand this test and go out being harmed because of it. >> reporter: one risk, 25% of scans produce false alarms which can send patients on an emotional roller coaster and can mean invasive and expensive tests to then rule out cancer. the high risk group who would benefit most are people over 50 who have smoked what oncologists call 30-pack-years, say one who smoked one pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years. there are other concern, too, most health plans don't cover
5:18 am
the cost. and the chance for early detection shouldn't be taken as a license to light up. >> people should not smoke. this does not give people a card to go out and smoke. >> reporter: but for those who have been heavy smokers for year, the preliminary results have been extremely promising. >> it is not for the c.a.t. scans, i probably would be dead today. >> reporter: chris jansing, new york. now for the pea corps work to war torn sierra leone. we talked to those who served in the corps as it celebrates a milestone. ron allen has more. >> reporter: they've come together to celebrate. back to rutgers university in new jersey where they trained for what was a new volunteer program almost 50 years ago. a group of 62 young men without a real good idea of what they were getting themselves into. >> it's decision time and you're
5:19 am
invited to go to colombia. well, yeah, let's go! when's the plane leaving? >> reporter: they all say they signed up after hearing a young president's call to action. >> we'll send americans abroad who are qualified to do a job. >> reporter: what do you think those two years meant to your life? >> for me, there's no question. it was life changing. at 19, 20, 21, i had no direction. i didn't think about what i wanted to be when i grew up. >> i got to live in different places and meet different people. i loved every minute. >> reporter: they served in colombia, south america, where nbc news first met mike wilson in 1962, riding a forth to work. >> we built roads, basketball courts, wells, water supplies. >> reporter: the group known as colombia one also was credited for having paved the way for over 200,000 americans who would
5:20 am
follow to more than 100 countries often leaving a lasting impression. that's something we saw firsthand while reporting on the peace corps' return to war torn sierra leone. ♪ i'm singing lord, lord, lord snoet snoet. >> reporter: we met a local man who remembered a peace corps teach are from 40 years ago. >> ms. watson. yes, up till now -- >> reporter: we had to pass that message along. ms. watton is marilyn scott. a retired social worker who still volunteers teaching english. >> isn't that nice? i got as much from them as they got from me. >> reporter: many from colombia one stayed with the peace corps training new recruits, directing programs around the world. what do you guys share? >> it was an adventure that made me help some other people and i was part of something bigger for my country. >> reporter: would you do it again? >> in a heartbeat.
5:21 am
>> if i were younger. >> reporter: a brotherhood then and now that came together to try to lend a hand. for "today," ron allen, nbc news, new brunswick, new jersey. >> looked like they're ready to jump back in the airplane. >> what a great story. >> still to come, when will prince william marry his longtime girlfriend? >> reports from london that the nuptials are imminent. come on, kids, come inside. the droid 2. a lightning-fast keyboard,
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i save because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save, including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm. then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm, or go online. still to come here on "today," in search of the d.c. gunman. shootings at military facilities bring back fears to the d.c. area that another sniper is on the prowl. plus, leave my son alone. a mother takes on parents who were enraged because he dressed as a girl for halleen.owow [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout.
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but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it. good morning to you. a couple minutes before 5:30. looking live at san jose, which is going to get a sprinkle or two according to our favorite meteorologist, craig herrera. rain you think? >>gh> tonit, especially,tond into tomorrow. tomorrow will be really wet around here. today, a couple of sprinkles, a lot of cloud cover, mist and drizzle. y, houaveomething to get done outside, today is aav good
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day to get it done. this storm, you can see a little piece headed into southern california. if you are headed to the central coast or southern california, a little bit of rain there. the next big one is just off the gulf of alaska. a piece of it breaks off and heads out tomorrow. tomorrow, we will see showers move on in. tomorrow, pretty rainy around the bay area. if you have to clean out the gutters or if you want to bring the umbrella in or patio furniture, today. temperatures dropping quite a bit back into the 60s and 70s. lots of 60s for the north end of the bay. once we get into napa and sonoma, 60s. seven-day forecast, also, chris, one bonus, a rainy day tomorrow. you get to sleep in. one hour. enjoy. >> that includes us. >> thank you very much, craig.
5:28 am
we'll see you in a little bit. this morning, more than 100 people are behind bars in developing news. rather, we start with developing news in the east bay where a man is dead and two others are injured after someone opened fire outside a house party. this happened on cap stra know drive just about a half mile away from lie nel wilson college preparatory. police arrived at 11:00 last night and found two victims outside a house. one victim had been shot in the chest and died at the scene. it was possible a third gunshot victim fled the scene before police arrived. police are still searching for suspects. more than 100 people are behind bars after protesting on the streets of oakland. their anger stems from the fact that johannes mehserle got the shortest sentence possible for killi killing someone in 2009.
5:29 am
here is where things stand. 152 people have been arrested most for unlawful assembly and disturbing the peace. at one point, a police officer had his own gun taken from his holster and that gun aimed at him. protesters stayed in buildings during the night many of the protesters decided to break way after things got out of hand. coming up at 7:00, we will tell you which city could be handing out more parking tickets and why they are doing it. more local news coming up in 30 minutes. right now, back to the "today" show.
5:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, november 6th, 2010. it is the first full weekend of november. and our thanks to everyone who decided to spend part of their morning with us. we're going to head out and say hi to just a few minutes. but first, back inside studio 1a i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up a story that has shocked the country. will it be life or death for a home invasion killer? >> a connecticut jury is going to resume deliberations this morning. they must decide if steven hayes should be given the death penalty for murdering a mother and her two daughters after a home invasion. we'll be live from the courthouse with more.
5:31 am
>> then defending her son. a 5-year-old boy wanted to dress up as daphne from scooby-doo for halloween and she said other parents bullied her about his decision and she wrote about it in a blog that has ignited a firestorm. we're going to talk live to that mom in just a moment. >> and it's one of the most talked about movies the holiday season. it's called 127 hours. it's the true story of aaron wallsteen and what he had to do to free himself after his hand was trapped under a bolder for five days. we'll hear from him. >> looking forward to that. first we begin this half hour with the hunt for a mystery sniper. this unknown gunman has been targeting military fast facilities in and around the d.c. area. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams reports. >> reporter: the latest target, a coast guard recruiting office in virginia, outside washington. the fbi says it was hit by shots fired from the same weapon used in a recent string of shootings. though no one's been hurt, the
5:32 am
shootings for many echo the attacks by two snipers who stalked a washington, d.c. area eight years ago, killing ten people. >> it's scary. very scary. >> somebody is upset about what's happening. but it needs to come to an end. >> reporter: this latest series began last month, as many as ten shots fired at the u.s. karen corps' national museum outside washington. two days later at the pentagon security officers heard gunshots about 5:00 a.m. bullet fragments were wound in two windows on upper floors undergoing renovation. a week after that the target was a marine corps recruiting office in virginia. also being renovated. then the marine museum was hit by gunfire a second time. the fbi is urging whoever is responsible, presumed to be a military veteran, to turn himself in. >> we do not believe it is the intention to harm innocent citizens or marines. acting out in this way, however, can eventually lead to disastrous and tragic consequences that we all wish to avoid. >> reporter: the four buildings are on or near busy highways. but investigators have found no
5:33 am
witnesses or useful surveillance video. it's because the shots are fired at night that the fbi believes there's no desire to hurt anyone. profilers believe someone with a grievance against the military is firing the shots. >> i bet the most probable right now appears to be a current or former service man, a person who's trying to send a message. i think the challenge right now is to be able to understand that message. >> reporter: for now, the fbi is asking for tips, looking for information about anyone who's suffered a recent crisis, and who's been out late at night, at the times when these shootings took place. >> we believe the subject is engaged in recognizable behaviors and activities during and around the times of the commission of these crimes. >> reporter: no suspect so far in a case the fbi hopes it can crack before the string of shootings takes a deadly turn. for "today," pete williams, nbc news, washington. and for more we're joined by clint van zandt, former fbi
5:34 am
profiler and nbc news analyst. clint, good morning. >> hi, amy. >> we just saw you in the piece there talking about who this alleged shooter may be. but speaking directly to how he or she may be working. what is the sense? are these drive-by shootings? is he shooting from afar? do investigators have any sense of how he's doing what he's doing? >> well, it appears to be a rifle so that would give this shooter a standoff capability. and i think, you know, pete's analogy is something the fbi has to consider, too. could it be like the 2002 sniper shootings in the d.c. area? could we have one driver, and one shooter? realizing that in some of the buildings, the marine corps museum, the pentagon, multiple shots were fired. could someone pull their car off the road, fire that many rounds, and drive off again? or do they have someone helping them? if so, you know, he's probably got, again like the d.c. sniper, a younger person, maybe an older person. one of the two may get tired of this and want to talk. >> and, clint, thankfully so far a distinction between this shooter and the d.c. snipers, is
5:35 am
that this shooter is actually firing at buildings, not at people. but what's the concern that that may change? >> well, there may be an evolution. you know, initially the shooter probably started because some grievance with the military, the fbi suggests maybe a divorce or a loss of a job. but now there's been a lot of international media coverage on this. the shooter may start to get fed psychologically by this and want to continue. but, amy, if whoever did this wanted to really hurt people, last week we had the marine corps marathon right here in the d.c. area. 35,000 people. even though security was increased, the shooter didn't take a shot. so the question is, it's been about a week, will we see another shooting again? or is this particular shooter or sniper smart enough, unlike others in the past, to simply fade away? >> right. and you talk about how the shooter obviously has, or it seems he or she would have a grievance with the military,
5:36 am
with the marine corps. but what would be the motivation to just shoot at a building? >> well, i think it's trying to get attention. you know, whether it's trying to bring attention to the war in the middle east. or whether it's just, you know, shaking or frustrated fist in the air and this is the way it's going to be done. but what was interesting, too, amy, the last shooting was at a coast guard recruiting station, not a marine corps, obviously. so is this the shooter sending a message, hey, i'm angry at all the military? or is it someone, again, as the fbi suggests, a current or former marine. but by shooting at the coast guard, trying to put attention somewhere else so all investigative efforts can't be centered and that one service organization. >> all right. clint van zandt, thanks so much. >> thank you, amy. >> and now let's do a check of your forecast with bill karins. good morning, bill. >> well, good morning, everyone. a lot of cute faces out here this morning. what's your name? >> riley. >> and i told you where i live, right? brooklyn. you're going to come visit brooklyn?
5:37 am
go over the bridge today? it's a nice view. sorry they named the bridge after you. let's talk about this morning's ut there. we have freeze warnings through much of the deep south. coldest morning yet of the season. unfortunately, if anyone left those plants out there last night, they may not be alive. unfortunately, killing freeze in many areas. and talking about brooklyn and all the boroughs of new york. the new york city marathon happening tomorrow. al roker, meredith vieira. spot them in the crowd, hopefully they'll be running fast. 9:00 a.m. is going to be cool for all the runners. as we go into the afternoon hours it will warm up to 50. that's good for marathoners. they don't like it too hot. forecast for the rest of today looks really nice in the middle of the country, in the northwest, that's where the rain will be moving in. good morning to you. welcome to the weekend. we get to sleep in a little later tomorrow morning, set the clocks back one hour. waking up to 50s this morning. low to mid-50s, cloud cover, mist and drizzle. through tomorrow, late tomorrow,
5:38 am
showers start to come in. rainy around the bay tomorrow. raiders at home. wet for their game after that remaining cool for next week. and if you happen to turn 40 and you want to know your hour by hour forecast you can always get that at >> all right, bill, thank you. coming up next, my son's choice. how one mom defended her son for dressing up as daphne from scooby-doo for halloween. we're going to talk to that mom live. >> and bargain buys. barbara corcoran shows us the best housing deals around. but first these messages.
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mmm. -mmm. -mmm. [ female announcer ] hard to say really. new caltrate soft chews, we put the yum in calcium. when a 5-year-old boy wanted to dress as daphne from scooby-doo for halloween, his mother had no problem with it. but it seems other parents at the child's preschool today. and when he showed up wearing the costume, they confronted her about her decision to allow him to dress up as a girl. in response, the mom lashed out on a blog that has since gone viral. joining us now by phone from missouri is the mother of the young boy, sarah, whose last name we're not using. and joining us here in the studio, psychiatrist dr. janet. good morning to both of you. sarah, if i could start with you. i understand your son wanted to be this character for a very long time. when he asked, were you at all concerned that he would be teased or that you would get some teasing from other parents? >> i really did not. i thought, when he first asked,
5:41 am
that he would change his mind, as he is a 5-year-old. so i didn't really think all that much about it. but then he was quite persistent that that is what he wanted to be. and i ordered it. >> and you walked in to school with him that day, and i understand the other kids had no issues with it. tell me what some of the other moms said to you. what their reaction was. >> there were a few looks of disdain. there were a few comments of, did he ask to be that? as if, i don't know, perhaps i had just chosen it for him. i'm not sure. but if you have a 5-year-old, you know that they're pretty strong-minded and strong-willed. >> so these moms question and you chose to blog about it and in blogging about it, you write, my son is gay, or he's not. did you take that leap, or did some of the mothers suggest that, by him wearing a girl's outfit, he was somehow making a statement of being gay? >> well, i'm assuming, i guess, by the fact that they had a problem with it, the only problem i could see was that
5:42 am
they thought somehow i was doing something wrong, or trying to make him into something that he is not. and truly, it was just him wearing a costume. >> and what you put in your blog is essentially, you want your child to be able to express himself any way he'd like. >> exactly. i mean, obviously condition reason and appropriateness, as far as i'm not going to let him run around with knives. but dressing like daphne, his favorite character, is completely appropriate. >> well, i think that's a good point to bring in dr. janet taylor. where is the line between encouraging a child to express themselves and become whoever they're going to become and also protecting them from ridicule? >> well, i mean at 5 it's all about play and fantasy. and also that magical question why. he likes daphne. why can't he dress as daphne? as parents i think our yob is to encourage creativity and individualism, which she did. but on the other hand we have to look at the label in terms of, is my son gay just because he dresses like a girl? he has a right to dress like a girl and dressing like a girl or anything else doesn't mean that your sexual preference is that you're gay.
5:43 am
>> but let me ask both of you, is -- is it not a parent's responsibility at some point to protect their kids from ridicule? we all remember teasing in school. we remember the trigger points of teasing. and whether it's fair or not, and in many cases it's not, do we have to recognize it and protect them? >> well, i think as parents we do as we try to teach our kids self-confidence. they can speak up about choices. when we notice kids are teasing or bullying other kids we teach them empathy and tolerance. >> sarah made the point that if a girl has dressed up as batman, no one would have cared. >> she's absolutely right. double standard because of the society. we're so used to stereotyping and putting people in boxes that when they step out of the boxes, either we label them as something or we have to say something negative about them and that's the issue with homophobia and the fact that at 5 years old because he has on a girl's costume, we're saying, is he gay? we need to back up and look at the choices and lanes that are so destructive in this society. >> let me ask sarah, he is a 5-year-old, and i understand the
5:44 am
teacher said there were no other children that teased him. if he was 9 or 10 years old, would you have allowed him to wear the daphne costume? >> well, interestingly enough, i have heard from several people, via twitter and facebook and online, ruts about in my community, that have specifically said at their child's halloween parade, there were multiple boys dressed in various girl costumes, and nobody said a word. >> and you've done the blog. tell me just quickly the reaction. more positive or negative comments? >> i would say, obviously, i mean we're at about 33,000 comments right now. and i cannot possibly keep up, because i am primarily a mom. so i would say of what i have said, 95% to 98% is overwhelmingly positive. >> well, 33,000 comments, i think it's clear you have struck a nerve and certainly started a conversation. sarah, thank you for coming on. dr. janet taylor, always good to have you here, as well. we appreciate it. and sarah, we'll see you here, by the way, monday on "today."
5:45 am
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♪ we're on our way home ♪ >> on today's real estate, the housing market and you. even with low interest rates new numbers show home sales dipped in september. but if you are looking to buy, we have some of the lowest prices around. joining us is today's real estate contributor barbara corcoran. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the interest rates. 4.24%. it's slightly up from last month but still incredibly low. it's obviously still a good time to buy. >> a fabulous time to buy. if you have a $250,000 mortgage, for example, you'll find that you will save $200 a month just on the difference of one point between 5% and 4%. that's a big savings. >> that's real savings over 30 years, too. we should mention you found some great homes. you mentioned $250,000. on the market for $250,000 and under to share with us. the first one is an 1880s farm house on five acres in
5:48 am
rutgersville, virginia, about 20 minutes from charlottesville. one of my favorite cities. this has a vintage home, with interesting detail. >> it's a blue house that you don't see very often anymore. it was originally painted blue. it was built by the first african-american land owner in greene county, the first healthy land owner. it's an old-fashioned swing on the front porch, as you see. i think that speaks to the south. everybody's image of it. it's original pine-oak floors inside. they preserved them throughout the entire house. you can get a peek at those. the old wood flooring still intact here in the kitchen. the cheerful living room has a wood burning fireplace that works. the library has a wood burning fireplace and two out of three of the bedrooms also have fireplaces. that kitchen is old-fashioned. a little bit funky but charming and that's my favorite part of the house. the big screened in porch out back. >> that's beautiful. all right next up, houston, texas, where you found a four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home for just under $250,000. that's remarkable. it's over 3,000 square feet. >> it's a big home. and i think when you look at it.
5:49 am
it looks like a million dollar home. but remember it's $249,000. outside it's totally brick. real brick. you've got that big sloped roof. there's the entrance foyer with extra high windows, tile floors. the living room, big enough for a piano. the dining room look at the triple windows out back. a brand-new kitchen they just renovated and that is the dining area. plenty of light from both sides. this is a huge house for a cheap price. >> all right. let's move on to spokane, washington, four hours east of seattle. priced at $189,900 in a gated community, and do you end up paying more for that future? >> you do. because it comes with a lot of extra amenties. this one is surrounded by a golf course, a lake and it's right next to the most famous national forest. there's the back side of the house. we went through that quickly. all the bedrooms are large. the bathrooms are new, the kitchen is charming. it has lots of spacious details. >> all right. and finally in coastal,
5:50 am
pennsylvania, a heavnother great home for $235,000. what's special about this one? >> this house is special because it's on a 60 acre lake with fishing, jogging and hiking. it's a contemporary home. it's in perfect condition. seems like a good house to raise a family. there's a great view of the lake out back. remember this price is $235,000. it has a two story foyer, plenty of mature trees all around. the dining room has wood floors. the master bedroom is gorgeous. that's a perfect kitchen. i think again it looks like a million dollar home no matter which room you look at. remember it's only $235,000. >> incredible prices. barbara corcoran, thanks so much, as always. and just ahead, when do prince william and kate middleton walk down the aisle? we'll have the latest. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon.
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5:53 am
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5:57 am
jose. here is the satellite. down to the south, a storm system coming through. that will bring a couple of showers to central and southern california. not a lot but a little. the big rainmaker for us is still spinning out in the gulf of alaska and a piece that tears off and points directly at us. for today, becoming breezy and cloudy later this afternoon and showers later tonight. most for the north bay tonight. as we go through tomorrow, the rain to the north starts to come in. tomorrow is when a lot of the heavier rain starts to come in, anywhere from half an inch to about an inch of rain. for most places. a lot of heavy rainos fro san francisco to oakland and in to the east bay and through the east bay makin f it into the south end of t bay. seven-day forecast, rainy day tomorrow. we drop quite a bit. only in the 50s and a couple of low 60s. change your clocks back one hour tonight. get to sleep an extra hour tomorrow and change the batteries your smoke detectors. a few more showers for the north end of the bay. after that, we will dry out.
5:58 am
>> thank you very much. new this morning, tied up and beaten. a south bay man jumps out of a second-story window to escape the men that held him hostage for a million dollar ransom. they are questioning the men believed to be responsible. police say this happened on far gait circle in valley crest drive. investigators tell us that a 35-year-old restaurant owner left him home to run irnds when i was ambushed by five men and taken hostage. they used his cell phone to call the man's family and demand money. last night, they were able to pinpoint and stake out the hostages location. the victim managed to jump out a window to safety and the five suspects are in santa clara jail on felony, kidnapping charges. tonight, a bay area religious landmark is set to make history. the first woman to lead the grace cathedral in the citizens
5:59 am
and the first openly gay leader. it is one of the largest emiss cop pal churches in the country. it could help broaden perspectives especially in regard to prop 8, which is the sanction ban on marriage. coming up at 7:00, a bay area socialite murdered. how the killer conned the victim into letting him inside her house. month are local news in 30 minutes. right now, more of the "today" show. joourksz i came up with this mobile art gallery to bring art to the people. sharing art is the highest calling for me. if i want to keep doing this i have to start taking care of my heart. so i'm starting with cheerios. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing?
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take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. this is what makes me happy, so i'll probably do this until the wheels fall off. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. good morning. passage to india. embattled at home, president obama embarks on a ten-day trip to asia, with a promise to create jobs in the u.s. but will new unemployment numbers make it mission impossible? awaiting his fate. will it be life or death for the home invasion killer who slaughtered a connecticut family? we're live from the courthouse as jury deliberations resume. and royal wedding? new buzz that prince william and his longtime girlfriend are about to make a big announcement. we'll tell you what's got london bookmakers banking on a christmas day proposal.
6:01 am
"today," saturday, november 6th, christmas day proposal. "today," saturday, november 6th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television nice to have you here, everyone. welcome back. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. and speculation continues. prince william has been with kate middleton for quite some time. but the big question is the future king ready to tie the knot? why some insiders believe an announcement could be imminent. although we've been hearing imminent -- >> poor guy, the pressure. have you popped the question yet? oh, good grief. also president obama in india this morning on what he calls a mission to create jobs at home. he is encouraged by some new numbers that are out. but does it mean the economy is on the rebound? and exactly who is hiring these days? we'll tell you the facts you need to know coming up. >> all right, plus to the extreme. remember this? aaron ralston was trapped under a bolder for 125 hours. he was alone. he was helpless.
6:02 am
and he had to do the unthinkable to save himself. he had to sever his own arm. >> his incredible tale of survival is now the subject of a new film directed by danny boyle and starring james franco. what all of them told us about this real-life story. >> and then we're going to talk to willie geist. he is back to discuss his hilarious new book "american freak show." just imagine what some of the famous stars will be up to in the years ahead. we're looking forward to that. >> first let's talk about the economy. with millions of families struggling, new job numbers are released friday. they are bringing some relief to president obama as he arrives in india for his ten-day trip to asia. chief white house correspondent chuck todd reports. >> reporter: minutes before leaving the country for a ten-day trip to asia, the president called the new jobs report in october encouraging news. >> we've now seen private sector job growth for ten straight months. that means that since january, the private sector has added 1.1
6:03 am
million jobs. >> reporter: the october jobs report was the third best month of the year, and best report since may when 432,000 jobs were added. the unemployment rate stayed the same, 9.6%. something the president called unacceptably high. >> but the fact is, an encouraging jobs report doesn't make a difference if you're still one of the millions of people who are looking for work. >> reporter: while some experts are skeptical about the number, others think there's reason to believe things are really improving. >> temporary employment continues to rise. that's usually the first harbinger of permanent employment going up. hours worked is going up. hourly wages are going up. >> reporter: the president, mindful of a message voters delivered tuesday about focusing on the economy, reframed his trip to asia as being about jobs. >> i'm going to be talking about opening up additional markets, in places like india, so that american businesses can sell more products abroad, in order to create more jobs here at home. >> reporter: hours after the president left, outgoing house
6:04 am
speaker nancy pelosi stunned the political world by announcing via fwiter she wants to stay on as minority leader. many democrats are grumbling privately that pelosi, the target of 141 different tv ads run by national republicans -- >> do you want government to be the nanny state? >> reporter: -- isn't accepting blame for what happened on tuesday. >> for the speaker to stay on another couple years, after a life of accomplishments, kind of reminds me of willie mays going over to the mets for a couple of years. hanging on just a little too long. >> reporter: for "today," chuck todd, nbc news, washington. >> well, the jobs report comes as president obama starts his ten-day trip to asia. white house correspondent savannah guthrie is traveling with the president, and joins us from mumbai, india. savannah, the president will be gone, as you mentioned, for ten days. some wonder whether this trip might actually be bad timing politically right after the midterm elections. >> reporter: well, look, the white house knew it was going to get that criticism, that at the moment of this defeat for
6:05 am
democrats, the president's off overseas. but they're really trying to frame this trip as all about the economy. all about the very number one concern of americans, which is, of course, jobs. already, this morning, u.s. companies here meeting with indian companies in conjunction with the president's trip have announced $10 billion of potential new business which the white house claims will lead to 53,000 jobs at home. and they're really trying to frame this trip, to india in particular, as an opportunity for the president to try to get this market expanded. they look at india, its billions of people, as a potential huge resource, a place for u.s. companies to do business, which would mean jobs back at home. >> and savannah, while job numbers might be the actual story there, there are rumors out there about the numbers, the cost of his trip. what can you tell us about that? >> right. well, actually, it started here, quoting an unnamed government official, indian government official in the indian trip. an allegation that the
6:06 am
president's security cost would be $200 million a day. now the white house and the u.s. secret service won't comment. they won't give specifics on how much the trip is actually costing but they do say that number is wildly inflated. grossly overestimated. not close to the truth. just by comparison, the war in afghanistan, to execute the war in afghanistan every day costs $190 million. so the $200 million figure is way out of line. there was also a report that the pentagon was sending 34 warships off the coast here to protect the president. the pentagon spokesman called that comical, that the pentagon would send 10% of the navy to protect the president on this trip. >> all right. savannah guthrie reporting from mumbai. thank you. and now here's lester. >> amy, thanks. this morning a connecticut jury will resume deliberating the fate of a home invasion killer who murdered a mother and her two daughters in the crime that shocked the country. nbc's michelle franzen joins us now from the courthouse in new haven. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, lester. the jury returns on a weekend day, no less, to resume
6:07 am
deliberations. seven women and five men who must decide if the man convicted of killing a connecticut mother and her two daughters should die by lethal injection or face life in prison. he is the lone survivor in the gruesome triple murder case in connecticut. dr. william petit shown walking in new haven yesterday on the first day of jury deliberations to decide if convicted killer steven hayes should receive the death penalty. his wife jennifer, and two daughters, 17-year-old hayley and 11-year-old mikayla were murdered inside their home in 2007. the girls, tied to their beds before the house was set ablaze. their mom, sexually assaulted, and strangled. >> the deliberations feel like they're going very slow to us, but i'm sure that in a process like this, a day is nothing. >> reporter: a difficult wait for family and difficult task for the jury, who convicted hayes on 16 of 17 counts in october.
6:08 am
of those, the jury is deliberating on six capital felonies that make shays eligible for the death penalty, or life in prison. murder of two or more persons. murder of a person under 16. murder of a kidnapped person. one count each for jennifer, mikayla and haley. and murder of a sexually assaulted person. on each count, members must unanimously decide if the defendant has proven mitigating factors, such as hayes' mental capacity at the time of the crime, that would spare him the death penalty. for if prosecutors have proven aggravating factors beyond a reasonable doubt. on friday the jury sent two notes to the judge asking for clarification on the definition of unanimous. a possible split or sign defense attorney says the jury is taking its time. >> these are not killers in the jury room. these are average citizens who we've pulled out of the population to make a very, very serious, and tough decision. >> reporter: hayes testified he
6:09 am
and suspected accomplice joshua komisarjevsky who is yet to stand trial followed the family home from a store parking lot and returned later at night to rob them. jennifer was sent to the bank to withdraw money. it was there she slipped the teller a note that her family was being held hostage and would be let go if she returned with the money. petit escaped the home after being beaten and tied up in the basement. now, three years later, after losing his family, he is still waiting for justice. and inside the courtroom on the first day of deliberations, families of the victims, and even the defendant's brother, were talking and offering comfort and words to each other while they wait. >> michelle franzen this morning. thank you. let's head over to the news desk now where trish regan is following some other headlines this morning. good morning, trish. >> good morning, amy. good morning, lester. good morning, everyone. we begin here in haiti where hurricane tomas hit parts of haiti's northern coast, sparing most of the earthquake-ravaged
6:10 am
capital. mbs's mark potter is live in port-au-prince with more. mark? >> good morning to you, trish. aid workers say that hurricane tomas is a lot less punishing to haiti than they feared it would be. although several deaths have been reported. for example here in port-au-prince, the storm came and went, but very little damage. there was some rain and flooding overnight. but that was about it. to the southwest, though, in the town of leogane, which was at the epicenter of the january earthquake, a widespread flooding did hit that town, and some 3,000 people were forced to evacuate to higher ground. damage and flooding was also reported in the towns of jacmel and laquai, and meanwhile aid workers are out looking for other damage in northern haiti as the weather here now starts to improve. trish? >> nbc's mark potter, thank you very much. the elizabeth smart kidnapping trial resumes on monday after federal appeals court on friday rejected the defense's effort to move the trial of brian david mitchell out of utah.
6:11 am
smart was 14 when she was abducted from her bedroom eight years ago. msnbc's keith olbermann has been suspended indefinitely and without pay after it was revealed he made campaign donations to three democratic candidates in the run-up to the election. he was suspended for violating nbc news policy. finally, quite a dust-up at the winner's circle of the breeder's cup. jockeys calvin borel and javier castellano threw punches at each other after the race ended. borel was incensed after castellano ran into the path of other horses which impeded borel. castellano was disqualified and borel ended in third place. that's the news, now back to lester. >> even stranger. a hockey match broke out right after that. just the most bizarre thing. trish, thanks. >> all right. nbc meteorologist bill karins is out on the plaza with a check of your forecast. bill, good morning. >> well, happy saturday morning, everyone. we want to say hello to dixon, and who is dixon? >> dixon is my dog. my baby dog at home.
6:12 am
>> and how old is your dog? >> he's 8. >> so in dog years he's a little older, hmm? about 56 or so, right? >> yes. >> a little older than mom. >> don't say any ages here. let's talk about this forecast out there today. it's going to be a little chillier than we'd like in many areas, especially through the ohio valley and in through new england. look at the west, temperatures in the 70s, 80 near rapid city. west coast you had a pretty nice week. unfortunately a storm system is move nothing the northwest. rain will be moving in to the coastline of oregon and washington as we go throughout the day today. that will stick with you right through your sunday. good rning. get those dogs out for their walks today. tomorrow, its gg.oing to be rainy around the bay area. 50s for most locations, low to mid. we will manage 60s and maybe a couple of 70s. seven-day forecast, a lot cooler tomorrow with the rain and wind coming back in. a storm warning for this area in
6:13 am
nevada beginning tonight through monday. prepare for snow there as well. set your clocks back one hour tonight. owhototrn epura ex rrnimoor and looks like we have a happy birthday. big soccer fun, huh? >> yeah. >> you play soccer? >> yes, i do. >> you look like you're pretty good. let's head back inside to amy. >> all right, bill, thank you. in london, royal watchers are all abuzz this morning after reports surfaced that prince william is on the verge of announcing his engagement to girlfriend kate middleton. we have more details from london. >> good morning, amy. there may well be an announcement, some are even predicting within the next few weeks, because just last week, kate middleton's mother was pictured on a shooting weekend at the queen's balmoral estate in scotland. that's being seen as a sign that kate's parents are being truly welcomed into the royal family. and remember, william once said he would marry when he was 30. well, both he and kate are now
6:14 am
29. and seem to have settled in to a routine. he serves in the royal air force. she joins him weekends. but amy, a word of caution. she, and we, have waited for a long time for this. some supers even unkindly call her waitee katie. so no one will be surprised if we were left waiting a little longer. >> right, but any time there's a royal prediction, i'm betting that london bookies are betting on when the royal nuptials will actually take place. there's money at stake? >> yeah, and the talk here of a wedding next summer. it can't happen a year later because in 2012 that will be the year of the olympics here and the royal family won't want this event to clash with any other big event. there's even a suggestion, amy, that they might already be secretly engaged. certainly, i mean all the publicity and the planning they will be trying to keep some things personal. because, you know, after all, they are, in the end, two young people in love. >> all right, keir simmons we
6:15 am
appreciate it. thanks so much. >> it's a pleasure. >> still to come, a facebook fight between 9-year-old kids. and police say their parents provoked the fight. and then posted it online. also, into the wild. the hiker who amputated his arm to survive. his story is now on the big scre. why people with sensitivity would want to deprive themselves of whi when you do have products out there like the sensodyne iso-active whitening. this is something exciting. basically it's a product that comes in a canister. it's a gel, but as soon as it comes in contact with the temperature of your mouth it bursts into a foam. because it's a foam it's able to seek out those nooks and crannies and really provide patients with all around protection and relief from the sensitivity. when it comes to the sensodyne iso-active whitening you also have a whitening ingredient which is going to help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness. and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves
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[ male announcer ] a big day deserves a better breakfast. choose from a dee-licious lineup of our newest $5 footlong breakfast melts, like the sunrise subway melt. [ strahan ] subway. build your better breakfast. 127 hours is the title of one of the most anticipated films of the holiday season. it tells the incredible real-life story of a grueling decision a young climber made to survive. it's a story of survival. >> my name is aron ralston. >> aron was convinced he was going to die, trapped forrive days, light his arm pinned by an 800 pound boulder in a remote canyon. he videotaped what he thought would be his final message for his family. >> if someone finds this, please make an attempt to get it to them. >> reporter: the film "127
6:18 am
hours" directed by danny boyle, who also directed "slum dog millionaire" and starring james franco, was filmed at the same canyon. it tells the true-life tale of the young mountain climber desperate to live. >> help! >> reporter: in april 2003, adventurist aron ralston hiked into the wild. >> day like this, totally clear skies. >> reporter: canyon lands national park in southeast utah is huge, over 500 square miles. aron had gone there to camp and explore. he had told no one where he was going. >> so, here we are. >> reporter: six months later he returned to the place where he had almost died, with tom brokaw and described his ordeal. aron had only hiked minutes into the canyon when he found a boulder blocking his path. >> i was hanging from the boulder, from the top of it where the hand holds were, and that was when it shifted. so i dropped down here and the
6:19 am
boulder came and it smashed my left hand here, and it smashed my right hand up here. i was trying to get out of the way. and just my instincts were to clear my head. get my head out of the way. it didn't even occur to me that my hands could get trapped. and it happened fast. >> reporter: aron could not free himself. and he knew he was too hidden and would not be found. for five days he agonized about his limited choices. tried to stay hydrated, and struggled to keep up his body temperature and his spirits. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: but his will to live gave him the strength to do the impossible. aron had to break his arm and then cut it off to escape. >> boom. and i wasn't even attached anymore and i fell down like this, and i -- i was free. >> reporter: the movie focuses
6:20 am
on ralstons live, the prism of his predicament. for the filmmakers it's more than a survival story. >> the journey in his heart when he moves back and realizes these people his mum, his girl, friends and family generally, they are the people that will somehow pull him out of there. >> reporter: and for aron ralston, a rebirth. >> it's been such a blessing for me and my life, for my family, for the people around the world that still come up to me on a daily basis to say thank you for the story that has inspired their lives. >> after we first heard that story i think we all asked ourselves, what would i do? >> could you do that? >> i don't think you know until you're in a situation like that. i mean, he probably couldn't have thought he could have done. >> right. you rise to the occasion to live if you want the will to live. >> i was always amazed that he took that trip and went back in there. >> i know. i feel like that would be such a frightening thing. but in a way he's facing his fears like he did all over again. good for him. >> we'll be back with more of "today" after this. but first this is "today" on nbc. i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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6:27 am
them on in. look to the left of your screen. that is the next storm that's getting ready to come on in. that is going to bring us some rain, chris. that's going to happen tomorrow. as we put this into motion, you will notice what happens. some 50s right now. a little storm to the south. that's going to move into southern california. the big bulk of it comes in tomorrow. you get to set the clocks back one hour. you start to see the rain come in. tomorrow, heaviest rain comes in. anywhere from .5 inch to 1 inch. a winter storm warning for the see area tomorrow. another 6 to 12 inches of fresh snow. high today into the 60s and close to 70. most of us are going to be in the mid and upper 60s. chris, tomorrow, lots of rain. back to you. decision 2010, a stunning turn around for the race for the
6:28 am
mayor of oakland. jean quan has catapulted into the lead ahead of don peratta. she received a boost when the third place candidate was eliminated. quan received 75% of those votes. until yesterday, peratta held a comfortable lead and has been expected to lead. the latest tally of votes for quan was 51%. california's attorney general race could take weeks to supply. cooly is trailing by about 12,000 votes according to yesterday's tally. 7 million votes have been counted. more than 2 million late or provisional ballots remain to be counted. the campaign said they are confident they will pull out the win. cooly's camp is not making any predictions. a victory of harris would give
6:29 am
democrats a sweep of statewide offices. they won't have a say on who takes over newsome's place as mayor of san francisco. tuesday, the president of the board will get the ball rolling on setting up the process for choosing an interim mayor. as it stands now, the board president becomes the acting mayor until a majority of the board approves a new mayor. voters will get to evekt a new mayor for themselves in next year's november election. coming up at 7:00, san breaux kn bruno is dealing with the deadly explosion of the pipes but will winter threaten to wash away that neighborhood. we will have more coming up. here is more of the "today" show.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning, november 6th, 2010. here in new york city, thanks to everyone for joining us. have a safe trip out here on the plaza and a good reminder to everyone at home to turn your clocks back one hour tonight. marking the end of daylight savings time. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. and coming up in this half hour, when parents encourage their kids to fight. and not just any fight. >> you hate to see these kind of pictures. we saw this a couple months ago from florida.
6:31 am
of a mom egging on her daughter to fight. now police in oregon say the parents much 9-year-old children made them attack each other, then posted the brawl on facebook. and then wait until you hear what happened next. we're going to have more on that. >> and then what do lindsay lohan, sarah palin, oprah and tiger woods all have in common? well, they're all part of american freak show. the new satire written by our own willie geist. willie is here to talk about his new book, and, of course, the inspiration for the book. >> then we're going to discuss the truth about fiber. we've seen many foods with the word whole grain and multigrain, fortified with fiber. what does it mean? how much fiber do we really actually need in our diets? we'll tell you coming up. >> all right. but first let's get another check of the weather from bill karins who is out on the plaza with us. bill, good morning. >> good morning. you're not going to hear much of this. we have exchange students here, probably the biggest crowd we've ever had. argentina, ecuador, sweden, netherlands. mexico, france, italy, australia, all the way down to
6:32 am
japan, taiwan, denmark. they're all part of a program in upstate new york. they get together, and they all are a big, rowdy crowd. looks like a soccer match broke out. talk about this forecast out there. we're continuing to watch the middle of the country, vy warm and sunny. nice in so many spots. near record highs up in the northern plains. a little storm moves into the northwest. talk about an international crowd. the new york city marathon has a lot of people at it, too. it will be a beautiful day for running. they like it chilly and colder. your sunday forecast is going to be nice, too, in the middle of the country. of course through the west is where we're watching a new storm moving in. brazil, yeah, the olympic world cup coming up. we do love brazil, too. he was talking about the rain coming to the bay area. the west coast. that will happen tomorrow. meantime, today, cloud cover. some mist and drizzle along the coast. clouds thicken up later this afternoon. a couple of sprinkles later
6:33 am
tonight and into tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, heavy rain. 60s today. mostly dry. tomorrow, the rain arrives and stays with us early monday. snow across the sierra. have a great weekend! >> and talk about the world cup. let's talk about the other football. football we like here on sunday night. we're talking the dallas cowboys, green bay packers, by the way who beat my jets last week. dallas trying to get their season back to the. going to be cool, lambeau field, frosty tune dry. 43 to 47 degrees. nice for football. amy, back to you. >> all right, bill, thank you. in oregon this morning we are learning new details about a fight between two 9-year-old children that was posted on facebook, and police say it was all encouraged by their parents. we showed you this back in september. video of a florida mother egging her daughter on to fight another teen in a brawl that was posted on youtube.
6:34 am
a group, including the mom, surround and cheer the girls as they punch and pummel each other. the mother was arrested and charged with child abuse. the incident is shocking. but as we learned just days ago in oregon, it is not an isolated one. police say these four people are the parents of two children who they ordered to attack one another. the parents allegedly then put the video on facebook, and authorities say the kids forced to fight are 9 years old. >> one of the kids had a bloody nose before it was over, and they were continuing the fight. apparently it stopped when somebody got bit. and in the background the adults are telling them to choke out the other, or do this or do that to increase the intensity of the attacks. >> reporter: the parents were arrested after someone from pennsylvania saw the clip on facebook and contacted the police. the four adults are charged with criminal mistreatment, assault, reckless endangering and
6:35 am
strangulation. their 9-year-old children were removed from their homes, and placed in the care of relatives. it's going to be very tough for the prosecution to prove these charges. because, as bad as the parenting was, they didn't actually get in the fight. >> reporter: what happened in oregon is disturbing. but, it is not new. last may this cell phone video was posted on the internet. on it two high school students in washington punch each other. you can hear adults on the tape, including allegedly one of the parents, telling her to get up and hit her hard. five adults were arrested. and now these parents are accused of doing the same. for more insight we are joined by stacy kaiser, a licensed family therapistance author of "how to be a grown-up." good morning. >> good morning. >> we all know kids get into fights. it happened when i was a kid. it happened when you were a kid. is there ever an instance where it's okay for a parent to let his or her kid fight it out, so to speak? >> there's absolutely never an
6:36 am
instance of that. first of all, parents' job is to provide safety. and that's encouraging the complete opposite of safety. i mean, here's the other thing, and i think this is probably the most disturbing thing of it all, it's one thing to even be there, a part of the fight, encouraging your kid, and it's kind of a whole other thing to put it on facebook as if you're proud of it. >> right. >> what does this say about the parents? >> i mean you actually hit the nail on the head. i think these parents are proud of it. people who post on facebook are posting things that they feel good about. their kids' good grades, a trophy. what we're seeing here is parents who actually are condoning and encouraging this behavior. they feel so good they want the world to see it. >> it reminds me of a bumper sticker i see on cars that says my kid beat up your honor student. and there is this message that they're sending to their kids. what is that message? >> you know, i always say that children learn what they live. and our best role models are parents. what these parents are telling this kids is not only is it okay to fight as kids, but you know what? we're actually raising adults. not children.
6:37 am
and these kids are going to grow up to think that fighting is okay, even when they're grown up. >> i hate when we all blame the media for everything, but in a sense, we're all now watching this, these reality television shows where you see grown-ups fighting and bad behavior is rewarded. do you think that that is contributing to part of what we're seeing here? >> you know, i'm going to tell you something, parents are our greatest role models. so if parents are on target and doing the right thing, the kids are going to turn out okay. if your parents are not on target then kids are going to look to other role models like television stars and reality tv shows. >> what do you think about the age of these kids? 9. you said that's a really important part of this story >> you know, what's really important is when children are 9 years old they're just starting to develop who they are and the way they're going to live their lives. so they're really impressionable. it's really going to make an impact on the kind of adults these kids become. >> do you think parents so changed over the years from generation to generation? and why, unfortunately, are we seeing these types of parents and these aren't just isolated
6:38 am
incidents, as we pointed out? >> i do think that our generation of parents are different. the generation before us, they were much more strict than us. you know, disciplinarians. and i think we went the other way. we've become hands-off parents. and we need to find our center. we need to take control of our children and teach them right from wrong. >> all right stacy kaiser, thanks so much. we appreciate it. coming up next, some comic relief and singing satire from willie geist. relief and singing satire from willie geist. used t to swing over those rocks... took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease.
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6:41 am
celebrities, athletes, politicians, they all crave the spotlight and every step of the way willie geist is watching. >> he makes punch lines out of these public figures with his sharp satire. and now the host of msnbc's "way too early" has written a book called "american freak show: the completely fabricated stories of our new national treasures." willie geist, good morning. >> good morning. >> i was telling, i can't wait to finish the book. i was laughing out loud.
6:42 am
your inspiration for the book was something near and dear to my heart, because this interview with rod blagojevich you said kind of sparked the idea, hey, there might be something to this. >> you had something to do with this book. whether you're proud of that or not. you were interviewing blago right after we heard all these tapes and all these accusations that he was trying to sell the senate seat. and he went on an interview with amy robach and declared that he was a lot like mandela, gandhi and dr. king. and i just thought, whoa, this is a different cat. we need to dig into this guy a little bit. eventually we had him on "morning joe" and he came on and it was clear to me that he didn't care that he was infamous, he was a celebrity. whether you're famous or infamous, it's immaterial. as long as people know who you are, you've got a brand and he was soaking it up and drinking it in. to me he was a great example of our sort of media culture turning a guy who'd done wrong into a celebrity. >> not really aware we were soaking in -- >> exactly. self-awareness is not his
6:43 am
strength. >> the disclaimer to this book is on the cover. these are fabrications. you've got some hypothetical scenarios involving sarah palin giving an inauguration speech, lindsay lohan tweeting a fan festo from jail. some would say these aren't far from reality. are you mocking the characters or really mocking the way we tend to cover them? >> both, both. because it's not just the freaks. the freaks have always existed. but now they have a platform. they have -- >> what do you mean freaks? you mean interesting people. >> interesting people. it's such a negative comment. >> wouldn't make a very good title, would it? >> no, interesting people. but they've got 24 hour cable news, they've got the internet, they've got reality shows. 10, 20 years ago we wouldn't know who the kardashian sisters were. we wouldn't have known who balloon boy was without cable news. so i don't lay the blame purely at the feet of the freaks. it's also the media. >> we covered balloon boy. don't make fun of us. >> all due respect.
6:44 am
another interesting person. >> some might say your book came out a little too early because you missed some of the amazing political figures that have emerged in this midterm election. we can perhaps point to christine o'donnell. did you ever think we'd be at the point in our world where some candidate would come out and say, "i'm not a witch." >> that was a remarkable moment. a real campaign where someone running for the seat held by the vice president of the united states had to come out publicly and declare that she was not a witch. that was a remarkable moment. the book came out and you had linda mcmahon, who when i was growing up watching wrestling, the mcmahons weren't associated with politics as much as flying drop kicks. and we moved into the new york gubernatorial race where we had two stars. sure andrew como won but carl paladino. and jimmy, rent is too damn high" mcmillan. he shows up on a monday. by saturday he's on "snl." the truth is his message was more clear than everybody
6:45 am
else's. yes, the rent is too damn high. >> have you heard from any of these people? >> i haven't yet. either they haven't read the book or they're so furious they're avoiding me. i hope it's the latter. >> this is a fun book. as we mentioned you're getting material for more even as we speak. >> yeah, i think so. the problem is you want people who are going to have long shelf lives. so unfortunately, the christine o'donnells and the carl paladinos and the jimmy mcmillans and alvin greens, they're kind of going to evaporate, i'm afraid. but the good news is there's one important every minute. >> there is. now i have to ask you, where did you find the time to write this book? your way "way too early." you're getting up at what point in the day? >> klee clock. >> you've got two little ones at home. >> yeah. >> and also contributing to "morning joe." when did you wrote this book? >> well, it was a long process, amy. luckily i had a dark room in which to lock myself. as you know a 3-year-old and 1-year-old don't really lend themselves to great creative thinking. so i had to lock myself in a room. >> you write in the last chapter, you describe this
6:46 am
year's induction ceremony into the 15 minute hall of fame, snooki received the honor. my good friend, the situation, did not. >> this is a personal story for you, lester. here you are -- >> i didn't rate? >> lester, you are jacked right there. you got the situation biceps and the whole thing. >> i'm telling you. >> you know, i went with snooki. i regret having left -- the side of your head. i met red, the group from the jersey shore, i thought they might go away. boy was i wrong. they're a good example of how these things come about. a year ago right now, we didn't know who snooki and the situation were. >> this is true. >> now the president knows their names. >> exactly. exactly. >> well, willie geist, a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you, guys. >> up next, you're going to love this, fiber facts. >> oh, my. >> important tips for your diet ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc. quarter.eginning of the 3rd
6:47 am
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. the truth about fiber. from adding it to your diet to getting too much of it, we're giving you the health facts and fallacies on all things fiber. joining me now is women's health contributor and nutritionist carrie blacksmith. >> good morning. >> i think the big question is how much fiber do we actually need? and then how do we get it? >> well, the average person gets 8 to 11 grams. but the average man needs 38 grams a day and the average woman needs 25 grams a day. >> that's a huge difference. >> but that doesn't mean we have to go and take a fiber supplement. there are easy ways to add it into our diet. having a high fiber cereal. having an apple and some peanuts at a snack. both of those foods have fiber. having a legume soup for lunch. and at dinner just doubling up your vegetables. if you normally have a vegetable, adding a salad, as well. >> and there are two types of
6:50 am
fiber. insoluble and soluble. what's the difference? >> you got it. you got it. okay. >> what is the difference between these two? >> fiber is only found in plant foods, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables. it's the indigestible part of the plant, meaning it goes through our body without adding any calories. just adds bulk. insoluble fiber is the thick structure. that's what's really made fiber famous with most people. that's what helps brush the stool through our system. the bulk through our gi tract. you're going to find insoluble fiber in things like high fiber cereals. whole wheat bread. and vegetables. soluble fiber, dissolves in water. so it dissolves in water and that creates some bulk. that's also going to help control our blood sugar levels and also help lower our ldl cholesterol. you're going to find that in foods like oats and legumes and fruits. >> and fiber makes you feel fuller so you eat less. it's a good trick when you're trying to lose weight. >> exactly. because it's adding all of that
6:51 am
fiber and bulk to foods. >> you mention there are some foods, we have them displayed on our table, that have a good amount of fiber. raspberries. i wouldn't have thought that. >> love raspberries. obviously they taste delicious. eight grams of fiber there so an easy way to up your fiber. throw that into your cereal in the morning. >> that is double than this baked potato but still a good portion of fiber in the baked potato. >> a small baked potato is a way to add in some fiber and of course a high fiber cereal. this one actually has 13 grams of fiber. so that's a great way to start your morning. >> okay. >> and then popcorn. one of my favorite whole grains, a great way to get in five grams of fiber in three cups of popcorn. low calorie, a whole grain. >> as long as you don't add the butter. >> exactly, exactly. you want to keep it air popped. >> apples. >> an apple i love, i want to point out all these foods have soluble and insoluble fiber together. the apple has insoluble fiber in the skin and soluble fiber in the flesh. another reason you really want to make sure to get your fiber from whole foods. >> you also have half a cup of
6:52 am
oatmeal. >> exactly. like we already mentioned. those oats have the soluble fiber which helps create that bulk, and then spinach, of course, has fiber as well. seven grams there. beans are a great way to get a lot of fiber in one cup of these black beans is going to have 15 grams of fiber. and then of course another example of a high fiber cereal. >> all right. and then we have foods you mentioned like the cereal and the breads, a lot of them say fortified with fiber. what does that mean when they're fortified with fiber? >> there's a lot of foods out there that are, just what you said, fortified. the companies are adding in fiber to up the fiber grams in the product. however, it's always better to obviously get fiber from whole foods. the foods that have fiber are also naturally lower in calories. and they also have all the different vitamins and minerals. and you'll get the combination of the soluble and the insoluble. that's not to say that some of these foods like a whole wheat bread that's also fortified is going to be bad. it could be even more beneficial. >> carrie ot of , lot of
6:53 am
great tips. we'll be right back. set your pace to island time. rich chocolate over creamy coconut. almond joy and mounds. enjoy more.
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that does it for us on this saturday morning. our thanks to trish regan and bill karins as always. coming up tomorrow on "today," we continue to follow the connecticut penalty phase trial. >> and i'll see you tonight for "nbc nightly news."
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saturday morning. i'm kris sanchez. a bizarre kidnapping case in the south bay. a restaurant owner is held hostage. an outrage gets out of hand. a sentence for former b.a.r.t. police officer turned convicted killer strikes a nerve in oakland. suspects who opened fire outside a house party. those stories plus a rainy ay ibarethe y." "today in the bay." save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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damage control this morning. people in oakland are once again picking up the peetieces for for b.a.r.t. polic


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