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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the east bay. where that investigation stands this morning. in oakland, we may finally find out the week after the election who won it. a rule change that could cost people in city a lot of money. >> it's monday november 8th, today in the bay. good monday morning. it's 6:00. >> we start with breaking news that could impact your east bay commute. mike, we have a new sigalert to tell us about. >> 580 westbound and folks here at 580 and dublin, that's a major, major intersection and the volume is building. this accident at hacienda boulevard. seeing traffic jam down and chopper arrived on scene and the
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headlights are heading towards. almost all the lanes are stopped by a big reaction and three other vehicles and one reported wedged under the big rig. despite all the dramatic information, minor injuries reported, but there is major damage to the cars and is stuck under the big rig. it may tyke time to clear and a sigalert has been declare and a half hour too. that will clear. the ohm option is bart and that's the start of that line out of pleasanton. huge delays for the bulk of the morning commute. we will check it carefully and the roadways are dry, dry, but we are watching for the wet roads. how is the forecast? >> some spots about an inch of rain. the rain that fell the day before, the cool temperatures even if the clearing skies are, you want the jacket throughout
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the day. a dry day, but more rain in the forecast. look at that coming your way in a few minutes. . >> thanks a lot and new this morning, police are investigating a shooting. a car crash and a gas leak in oakland. officers say the driver of a car was shot in the head and ended up driving across the front lawn of a home and crashing about 2:00 this morning. it caused a gas leak in the home and forced a.m. eight people to be evacuated. we found out that the leak is capped. we will bring you the latest developments including the condition of the driver. >> fighting crime like that will be a top priority of oakland's next mayor and we should find out who that is going to be. we often see confident candidates ready to claim victory. today in the bay's chris sanchez has the results one can't say
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they understand. good morning. >> elections officials expected that voters might be confused as they navigated the rank choice voting. there is one that said the rank choice voting is a mystery to them. here's how it comes out today. the councilwoman appears to be on track to be the next mayor. she thought she lost. the former state senator had a double-digit lead that day. when rebecca kaplan was eliminated, quan got a boost. that's because most of the ballots listed quan as the success choice for mayor. she said she is comfortable with her lead, but she is not ready to count their chickens before they hatch. the mystery of rank choice voting continues for them. the mystery may come to an end at 4:00 when elections officials
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are ready to release their final tally and we expect it will list kwooen quan as the next mayor of oakland. in oakland, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, chris. >> fran's board of europe visors boat for a new mayor in january. the former mayor has been mentioned, but said he is not interested. other people in the mix include senator mark leno. david chu will take over in the meantime. >> they may force owners to install different smoke alarms. they cost more than the usual and today in the bay's bob redell joins us live to explain what the debate is all about. >> you are talking about a $5 cost difference, a city here in palo alto.
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two types of smoke detectors and that is less common and reloiable. this is photo electric which is less common, but more reliable. the city council will consider a law that would require new homeowners to replace the old ionization smoke detectors with a newer model. this is something that the fire department recommends because of the problem that is the ionization models poise. case in point, that smoke alarm has a small piece of material to reflect fire. ionization alarms have a harder time with smoldering fires. homeowners often deactivate them out of frustration and making it moot to have one. photo electrics are less likely to trigger since they use a beam of light. that light beam can detect
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smoldering fires up to an hour earlier. if passed, the law hires homeowners to change their alarm. hotels and motels and apartment complexes and people who own rental homes will be required to do this when the law goes into effect. they have to do this with any expect detectors. the city passed a similar law in the summer making it the first city to do such a thing. live here in palo alto, today in the bay. >> thanks for the update. >> dale city legislation would allow the city to take over some control of the venue. the state department of food and agriculture operates the cow palace. it comes after 16 people attending a cop frens had to be
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rushed to the hospital. it head to the senate. >> the city cannot pay $110 million worth of new construction at the airport. officials are trying to find ways to raise that money. the shortfall happened when they tried to extend $450 million in credit. four banks agreed to provide $340 million worth of that and some say they may increase credit lines with the city. a firth did no longer help because they are ending business in the united states and that's where the short call comes from. they may ask for an extension trying to buy more time as they try to negotiate a permanent solution. an msnbc anchor and commentator might soon be back to work. keith olbermann was suspended. >> not for long.
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he was caught violating policy. it's the same policy i assume you and i are under. he was donating money to political candidates. he will be back tomorrow. not counting the weekend, roughly 48 hours. there is a tension between nbc news which tries to stay neutral and msnbc that marketed itself as a left leaning alternative to fox news channel. sean hannity donated to republican canned days. i should point out fbc's policy said any political involvement has to get prior a frufl our bobo >> $100,000 an inch is the price
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tag to fix the san ma te oi bridge. it was sandwiched between two plates of steal. it was closed to traffic. bridge tolls around the bay area will pay for repairs. a bay area toll authority reported it's not save and why the job costs so much. they are determining what caused the crack. . we continue to follow breaking news. >> i want to check in with mike. >> i will take you out there. the chopper is over the scene of a westbound 580. let me see if you can get the shot. this is westbound traffic as you are approaching the interchange. the dark portion of the screen over the lower left, there a couple of cars and stuff has been strayed on to the roadway. i saw the fire truck leave the
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scene and these cars are sideways. significant damage. might be a limo and a sedan. woe don't see the rig big, but a rig big was also involved. the better news is it looks like there is less to clean up. off to the shoulder and no car is under it at this point. we are following minor injuries reported right now for the accident, but a major impact on the commute. westbound is easy past the accident, but look at the folks backed up. this is a huge issue. the effects on the speed sensors and a time there, westbound we will see how things built up over three minutes and the travel time is 19 minutes and it forces more folks out making the area a lot more crowded as well. this is a huge issue for the commute. back to you. >> a rough spot anyway and that on top of it.
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the good news is the weather is better. we are not getting the rain we had the past couple of days. >> look at the maps. we have 30s now. napa with patchy fog and in livermore. the wins backed off a bit and on the radar, things dried out. in between weather systems and you see here the next round of rain will hold off until late tomorrow. fizzle out heading towards santa cruz. 10 to 20 miles per hour and breezy and cool. 50s to 60s for highs despite the fact that the skies will cler, it will feel chilly. 55 around lake port. more chance of showers tomorrow and we warm up and dry out towards the weekend. >> 6:11 and president obama is in india this morning. why his trip could be good news for.
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>> one of hollywood's big stars comes to the bay area. why george clooney is here as an activist. >> november is a fine time to start applying to colleges. how to get accepted to schools at the top of your list. >> look at the shot. a beautiful start and as rob mentioned, it might be chilly a little bit. we will continue to look at the traffic situation, coming up.
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. >> welcome back. nice looking shot here of the
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bay brimming. the sun is starting to come up and the rain is gone and clear and you will notice clear temperatures around the bay area. rob will sort out what's in store in a few minutes. >> this year millions of kids apply to college and the competition could be stiffer than ever. budget cuts are forcing cuts in student services and more students are applying to increase their chances are getting in. how do you set yourself apart? billy downing is the founder of the group to help students through the maze. the top five things seniors need to be doing now to maximize the chances. thanks for joining us. pretty competitive. the competition is tough for kids right now. we will go through the top five things so far. the first is retake the act test. >> coming up in december is the last chance. many of our kids say can we
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retake it and they say no, i don't want to. even that 40 or 60-point increase on the last testing can make the difference. if they have an opportunity in december, even if they already submitted, they can take the december 4 sat or december 11 act. >> starting now, writing your personal statement. what do you put in it? >> many times kids feel rushed. this is not an essay you write where you do it the night before. it takes a few months to put your voice in and who you are and what makes you special. >> prepare your brag sheet. why do you need? >> often times we get busy and forget about what we have done in the ninth, 10th and 11th grade. put it down, your ativitities and leadership. >> be proud of your accomplishments as well. >> it's important to visit the
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schools to try too to make a connection. >> colleges are concerned with the yield. if they accept you, are you going to come? one of the ways to show a demonstrated interest, go and visit and spend time at the info sessions. the tours meet with kids on camps and you any other professors that take time to meet with you. build the connection and build the relationship. >> the schools have so many centers ready to give you a tour. >> apply on time. it's easily missed. >> woor learned our lesson last year. the uc system crashed and the op line application was overloaded with too many kids applying. don't wait until the last minute. november 15th should be the goal. 11/30. >> it's good to practice not being a procrastinatoprocrastin.
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make it a way of life. good luck to the students. >> an interesting discussion focusing on the nation of sudan and how leaders can prevent ri lens. they will preside over the student forum on the challenges that sudan faces up to a new vote in early january. the sudanese will determine if southern sudan canny is seed from the rest of the country that experts think if it happens there could be devastating violence. president obama is in india continuing a trip through southeast asia. >> i believe that the partnership between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. >> president obama met with india's prime minister at the presidential palace in new dark elhi. he is from their to promote.
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more than 200 news channels in 26 languages are providing coverage of his visit there. the president and first lady also laid a wreath at the memorial tomb of gandhi. he said gandy is a heavy influence in his and the founder of democracy in india. >> republicans are talking about plans that they are about to take control in congress. the number one goal is to cut $100 billion. democrats claim is means nearly 3,000 fbi agents lose their jobs. they want to reign in the federal reserve. >> our printing, new money equal to 100% of the debt we are issuing. this will not end well if it
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ends in a last disaster. >> health care is a part, but they admit they will not be able to make that happen unless they have a respect in the white house. >> 6:19 and the latest invalleyment with high-powered stars stars in a few hours. >> oracle will will identify later in the lawsuit between his company and german tech giant. they stole secrets from oracle and that is agreed upon in court. how much money should they pay elson. elson is known for his acid tongue not just about sap, but hewlett packard. they cannot stay out of a scandal, especially 1 w a ceo. the new head of hp is the old head of sap. hew want packard has not testified so far in the trial
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even though he was the ceo. this is something that she mad about. replacing marc hurd who left the job after questions arose about his relationship with a b level actress working as a greeter at hp events. the "wall street journal" published beings saying that the saucier details were in print and new allegations that hurd told friends about a deal before it became public. hurd to oracle because after he was fired at hp, he went to oracle. make sense? >> it does. it does. amazing. thank you very much. more credit card fees to being your way and lenders may protect. still others are branching out
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into prepaid cards that carry high fees and protectional cards that are not regulated like personal cards. banks are struggling to maintain revenue after the rules that limit the fees. >> could could revenue. they are considering plates that would shot ads when drivers stop for more than five successes. they are selling with corporate logos. they raise more than $2 million for the general revenue. illinois, florida and virginia. california is the only state considering the digital plates. the raters take a week off with a bye. yesterday they won in overtime against the division-leading kansas city chiefs. the next stop, they have beaten the steelers the last couple of times. the 49ers will be back on the
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field to host the rams at 1:00. the niners 24-6 however they are still having a realistic shot at making playoffs. they have a 4-4 record. >> an update on the accident that happened in dublin. how bad is traffic there? >> 580 and suddenlily bad about this time. the volume increases horribly because of the major accident with a big rig and three others. two lanes are blocked and maybe 7:00 they are hoping for that to clear. the chopper is here at the scene. an earlier fire and it being loose like they had to gut the trunk of one vehicle. now they are starting to sweep up and check for other issues around the area. there was an accident that has to be investigate as well.
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hopefully we villain hit. the damage is done and take you back to the maps. a slow scene as the chopper pans back and expends past north livermore. below 20 where the red indicates. a new accident in the back up will fers more folks south down highway 84 up sunol. expect this to get crowded over the next 15 to 20 minutes. we will track this and have a look at the bay bridge in a second. >> a bay area group needs your help in helping this guy and some of his friends to tatnewhy co, uedhengmip.
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the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. >> good monday morning. a chilly start and a chilly finish to the day. northwest winds drying out around the bay area and keeping the temperatures down with the sun coming out throughout the
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day. 40s for most of us and by lunchtime, 50s to near 60 for most of the bay area and see northwest winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. clouds go back in tomorrow and another chance of rain tuesday and we dry out and warm up for the second. >> they haves a lot. the time is 6:27. the dangers of the so-called drink is going after for loco. cell phone towers newscast east bay. what city may try to do to regulate them. is your smoke alarm good enough. we picture force people to upgrade. a plan in a live report. a live look outside this morning. the nice clear sunny skies to start your day and as rob mentioned, cool. on your morning commute, we have the sigalert and mike latest update in a co latest update in a uple of co minutes.
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why your smoke detector may not be good enough in the eyes of one city on the peninsula. that story in a live report. >> who will be oakland's next mayor. we could find out by the end of the day. >> good monday morning. >> i'm brent cannon. will you need an umbrella today in you may need a heavy jacket. check your hour by hour forecast. >> you want that winter coat heading to the afternoon. skies are clearing around the bay area with cool dry air dropping in out of the northwest. look at today's highs and ohm the warmest spots in the low
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60s. no rain today though we are tracking another storm for tomorrow. a look at that and the forecast in a few minutes. >> want to check in with mike. could be a traffic mess. >> it is out of the pass. out of this wind farm, things are looking normal until you get to north livermore where it screeches to a halt. speeds at best for this is accident westbound 580. right at the dublin interchange. we have two lanes with an accident involving a big rig. the rig is off to the shoulder women saw a flatbed toe truck and these cars have to be moved before they can clear the two left lanes approaching the interchange. that's the reason for the huge back up. they are hoping to get it clear and another on the way. they may be on the way to doing that, but huge issues if you are
6:32 am
heading through the area. sunol will get slower as people take 64 as an alternate out of this back up and a live look as well. the metering lights just turned on as well. >> thank you. new this morning, palo alto city leaders may force owners of new or remodelled homes to install different smoke alarms. they cost more than usual smoke alarms. today in the bay, why did they change? >> not all smoke detectors are created equal. there two type of smoke detectors. relies on ionization, probably the one you have at home. if the city has its way, it could be more common.
6:33 am
the council would require the smoke detectors with the photo electric models. thises something they recommend they do because of the problems that the ionization poses. that type of alarm uses a radioactive material to detect fire. while it's good at alerting flame, ionization have a hard time at smoldering fires. many times, homeowners deactivate it out of frustration. innocent it's likely to falsely trigger since they use that beam of light. up to an hour earlier. if you did make the switch, you are looking at a $10 to $15 price difference. the $5 price difference.
6:34 am
the city wouldn't be the only way to do this in the summer. this makes them the first city in california to do such a thing. it requires homeowners to change out the alarms at the transfer of title when you performed the home. hotels and motels and rental homes when the law would go into effect. they only have to do this with models of ionization models 10 years old or oler. >> bob redell today in the bay. >> we may know the unofficial race by the end of the day. they may make an announcement by 4:00. jean quan has a 51% lead of the vet and she could be the winner, but election analysts say it is possible that former front-runner don perotta could come out on top and because of
6:35 am
rank choice voting, it is even possible that rebecca kaplan could win it. we have to wait and see. we don't know who the next mayor will be, but we know who it will not be. the favorite of a number of people living in the city has taken himself out. pafr i don't think there is a citizen of the city that wouldn't consider being the interim mayor or mayor of san francisco. it's not something i'm after. >> willie brown does not want to serve another term even a short one. the board will vote for a new mayor in january after the mayor heads off to sacramento. he is going to be lieutenant governor. while they consider potential candidates, david chu will take over. some of the other names are state senator mark leno and tom al mi anno. he might consider lef figure he
6:36 am
can get post. it would be tough for him to leave for a temporary job. president obama's drug czar is happy that proposition 19 did not pass. he said that the vote shows america cannot be affected by the spin of marijuana advocates. he thinks that voters saw through false promises. only a little more than half the voters rejected it, but he calls for the end of the war on drugs, however legalizing marijuana is not the answer. >> remember the strange and sad pictures of birds with beer cans around their necks? wild rescue is asking for donations to buy development that would help them catch the buries quickly. they want a $35,000 net lauc launcher. animal experts say with cold
6:37 am
weather coming, the collars make the birds's lives miserable and will likely lead to their deaths. paper people want to update old laws to control new cell phone towers. a meeting is set for wednesday and they are already having a wireless oerd nan regulated. the ordinance was written in 19 sdmechb a lot of people say it's out teatd. the ing departmenta proved a tower in st. steven's church. they have been concerned about their health and about where towers may go up in the future. >> what is the least interesting location for a cell tower. no to not have them, but to do the work and force the companies to prove this is the least of all alternatives. >> the attorney said he understands their concerns, but the city is forced to comply with federal mandates. it's not as simple as rewriting
6:38 am
a local ordinance. >> the latest chapter of the late night wars opens tonight. conan could be perfect. we will bring you. >> drinks with caffeine and alcohol are blamed with making college students very sick. we will tell you who is going after them now. >> plus matt lauer gets an interview with former president bush. >> clearing skies and get ready for a chilly day. a gorgeous view and the next chance of rain, coming up with the forecast on today in the bay. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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>> welcome back. we are seeing clearing around san jose. a few light showers around the hilltops, but the trend is for clearing skies. you can see it from san bruno off to the east. in oakland, all locations 40s to 50s this morning. one thing you notice is the winds picking up. most of the showers have moved on for now as we look towards the futurecast. in the afternoon, the rain will drop in tomorrow through wednesday.
6:42 am
after that things will stay dry for quite sometime coming up in the seven-day forecast. 50s and low 60s today and about 62 in san jose. for the north bay. 51 around petaluma. after that we warm up with 70s for the upcoming weekend. >> former president bush is about to release his new book called decision points. he sat down with the "today" show's matt lauer to talk about the book. here is part of the candid interview where he talks about his drinking problem. >> i didn't like the person i was. i was drinking a lot and my parents did me a favor. they planted the seed of faith, but i would go to church so i wouldn't irritate my mother. i was a drink. i wasn't a drunk. i am convinced had i not quit drinking i wouldn't be a former president. >> you can see more of that interview coming up on the
6:43 am
"today" show at 7:00 this morning. the president's book decision points comes out tomorrow. >> nearly a week after election day, we will find out who will run oakland.
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6:45 am
welcome back, everybody. time is 6:45 and a live look outside. this is in the truckee area just a little bit east of truckee. there is scales there and you probably know the area. look at all that snow. the rain down here was snow up there. the road is clear for 80, but you might want to be aware if you are headed to the high country, an indication of how
6:46 am
cold the front is. even though the rain is gone, bring a jacket. snow in the high country. >> exciting to see. 6:45 and new developments in the move to ban drinks that have both alcohol and caffeine in them. college students are getting sick across the country from the drinks like the ones called for loco. live in washington, d.c. to tell us more. >> students hospitalized and it's a 24 ounce can that has the amount of alcohol in 4 to five beers plus the amount of caffeine in a small cup of coffee. several states are concerned about this and it seems very popular on college campuses and going by names as blackout in a can or liquid cocaine. michigan has decided to ban the drinks all together. several other states are looking at doing the same thing.
6:47 am
pennsylvania called for a voluntary ban. washington tried, but it didn't work. utah, montana are restricting sales to state liquor stores only. many others are considering doing something about this. in michigan they have 30 days. the manufacturers of these drinks say they are save x they chal the challenge and they are not different than people do on their own, mixing alcohol and caffeine. they requested it last year and the case is still open. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. >> thank you so much. >> right now it is 6:45 and want to get an update on your commute? we have a big mess. >> it's horrible for the east bay. progress reported though. the sigalert still in effect because of the accident with the big rig and an earlier fire.
6:48 am
the back up is from the dublin interchange to livermore. folks were making their way off of first and hoping to get relief, but it built up for almost an hour. the chopper shot is over the scene and we in the last few minute, the car alerted on to the flatbed is hooking up change. off of the roadway, one lane is opened and closed. the chp is discussing that while the to truck driver looks like he is hooking up the vehicle. we will see the last lane reopened before 7:00 as they estimated. there is the bart station. good and bad news. the back up there and bart takes over where the roadway started to clear. it will help take you out of the area and getting to the area is the problem for the morning. the bay bridge back up is the only other issue for the morning. heading back towards the berkry curve and slow from emeryville
6:49 am
and berkeley. a little puddling. >> snow flurries, but around the bay area a gorgeous view. you can see the sunrise there and look at the sun coming up over the tops of the clouds and a pretty shot and a reminder thanks to the time change, time change and not pick up a lot. patches of ice on the roads and still snow flurries around truckee. late afternoon for the north bay and it gets out of here quickly. wednesday things will dry out and we will have a dry forecast for the second half of the week into the weekend. today clearing skies, but it will be cool and brezy. wins northwest and highs only 50s and low 60s. a blustery day and you want the jacket throughout the day. low 60s around the north bay valleys. tomorrow one more chance of
6:50 am
seeing rain and we will stay dry for a while with 70s coming back approaching the weekend. laura? >> looks good. 6:49 and we have an update on the story we are following in the east bay. police are investigating a shooting that left a bizarres en in oakland. the driver was shot in the head and drove across the front lawn. it as youed a gas leak and made phone call and found out that the is capped. we are working to get an update on his continue. >> nearly a week after the election and we don't know oakland's next mayor. several candidates could have a shot at winning. today in the bay's chris sanchez is live in oakland with how the tally stands right now and what we may find out later. >> good morning to you. election officials expect that voters might be confused by the
6:51 am
first experience with the rank choice voting. one candidate's camp said it's still a mystery even to them. here's how it's shaking out as far as this morning goes. it looks like jean quan will be the next mayor of oakland. she went to bed thinking she lost the race. the former state senator had a double-digit lead and that continued for a few days. when rebecca kaplan was eliminated, quan got a boost. with the rank choice voting, that lifted quan to the second choice. she is comfortable with her lead, but not ready to count her chickens before they hatch. her camp said this may be a reversal of fortune and the mystery of rank choice voting continues. election workers worked all weekend and going through the
6:52 am
voting. the officers will be able to make the final taly this afternoon at 4:00 here in oakland. today in the bay. >> we will be watching and looking for it. thanks, chris. >> good morning, everyone. the dow industrials are down and nasdaq as well. we are starting the week at an absolute gigantic high, better than two years on the dow and the nasdaq. they are from sandisk about four blocks away from the bay area studios, ringing the opening bell on the nasdaq. the company is losing moan, but they sold more than expected. it will be a dataless day. starting at a better two-year high. >> 6:52 and 'tis the season for giving. a number of groups are launching annual drives today. caltrain is starting their annual toy drive that takes the place of the holiday train which
6:53 am
was suspended because of budget issues. if you like to donate, toys can be dropped off at caltrain district head lines. the greater richmond program is hosting an overcoat drive. collections will go on through december 3rd. you can drop coats and blankets off at the chapel in richmond. >> conan o'brien makes a return to late night tv tonight nearly a year after nbc drops in. o'brien launches his new show on tbs and only been seen on for promos or 60 minutes for the interview they did over his agreement. his final nights on the tonight show featured jabs at nbc and leno. brian said he told rolling tones
6:54 am
that he will limit them and not eliminate them. >> he will see bashes at his old employer. it happened to him. it's part of his experience. it's going to be part of his comedy. >> o line comes back as "the tonight show" has a dip in the ratings. last week shows that jay lebo lost to them for the first time. it will be a heated debate. they are showing the john daly sh s show. they were showing the demographics of who watches what show. >> things in dublin clearing up? >> the chopper over the scene and we just saw the to truck and the flatbed and the remaining cars from the scene. the lanes are opening just
6:55 am
seconds ago. we have a jammed traffic out of the pass and over an hour and in towards livermore. no great alternate except for telegreating and get over the trains too. highway 84 down to sunol. you see snlowing. sunol is not looking a lot worse. i will track is slowsly because we are bound to see more cars after anything happens on 580, people mess up the commute. not a good start. >> still cold, but we saw the snow in the sierra. >> kind of a tough drive around the bay area. 38 in napa and about 50 in san jose. on the radar things are starting to dry out. as the northwest winds kick in.
6:56 am
even if the sky is having a tough time getting out of the 50s. winter coat weather all day. fid to upper 50s. the is interesting. one more chance of rain and a cool day and after that we are looking dry. the long range models out to the 24th of this month showing us locked in a dry pattern. that's unusual to see that much weather in november. >> we continue it into thanksgiving. >> you don't want dry did you worky. that's another thing. >> texas parked himself at the part station. last week against the texas rangers. >> bart and dart, the dallas area rapid transit placed a bet and gary thomas, the head of dart has to serenade bart riders from 7:15 this morning.
6:57 am
>> when are i come home to you, san francisco. the golden shun will shine for me. >> he even tried? >> he arrived in the bay area last night to make good on the wet and saying i heart my heart in san francisco in case you couldn't tell. he is hanning out safetiy treats. >> no tony bennett there, sorry. >> i left my heart in san francisco, y'all. >> he left his tone somewhere else. good for him for living up to the bet and coming in. >> enjoy your visit. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is next. have a great monday. ♪
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what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? but this is warm, fresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. than ltening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listeng our favorite songs. but our favorite thing isating tono's pizza rolls. buour vorite thing eating tono's piz rolls.


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