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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2010 7:00am-11:00am PST

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nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. good morning. presidential disruption. the president and first lady arrived in indonesia overnight where president obama spent part of his childhood. but a volcanic ash cloud is threatening to cut that visit short. an engine fire knocks out power to a carnival cruise line. and passengers are stuck without air conditioning, phones and hot food. we will ask the coast guard how long the rescue will take.
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and death by lethal injection. that is the punishment for the man who killed a connecticut mother and her two daughters. we will talk to the sister-in-law and family friend "today," tuesday, november 9, sister-in-law and family friend "today," tuesday, november 9, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning, i'm meredith viera. >> and i'm matt lauer. president obama has returned to his boyhood home, indonesia. >> the ash cloud could spewing from mount merapi could force the president to leave a little earlier than he had planned. also, more of our exclusive interview with former president george w. bush this morning. we'll hear from him on some of the most controversial decisions he had to make during his time
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in office. plus, we'll take a close look at cheese. that may sound strange, but a recent "new york times" article claims the government is behind a big push to get you eat even more of it even though it's not really all that great for your health. so how much cheese should you have in your diet? we will get into that in a couple of minutes. nbc's savannah guthrie is traveling with the president. savannah, it was already a short visit. now that erupting volcano might cut the trip even shorter? >> reporter: that's right. we're just hearing this morning that they may have to make the trip a little bit shorter. apparently there's a window where air force one can take off without encountering some of that volcanic ash. they may have to curtail the schedule. today, the president is having a press conference with the head of indonesia and tomorrow the main event, which was a visit to southeast asia's largest mosque and a speech to about 6,000 people at the university of indonesia, depending on what happens at indonesia, they may have to take out the visit to the mosque.
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they say his speech is the priority. >> what does he hope to accomplish? >> reporter: there's no question that it's outreach to the muslim world, it's a trip he began in cairo, egypt, with that major speech. southeast asia, an emerging economy, a place where the u.s. would like to increase trade, so it's part of that as well. >> the president did spend a few of his years in his childhood there. will he see any of the childhood sights while he is in indonesia? >> reporter: not expected now and even less so now that the trip became shorter. he went to school about ten minutes from here. some some of the school children are hoping he will do a drop-by. there are no plans to do that. he lived here until 1971, about four years, came back in the early '90s to write his book, but he hasn't been back since and now, of course, he returns as president, meredith. >> savannah guthrie, thank you very much. let's get a check of the
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rest of the morning's top stories. good morning. and we begin with a developing story, a massive cruise ship is adrift with 4500 people aboard generators and the coast guard is now assisting towing the ship back to port. coast guard attendant, chris john is aboard one of those and joins us by telephone. good morning. are the passengers or crew in any danger? >> good morning, ma'am, thank you for the question. i'm on board the cutter this morning and we just arrived on scene approximately three hours ago. our assessment of the situation right now is the crew and cruise ship is not in immediate danger. they are currently in a safe location 80 nautical miles west of baha, california, drifting
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offshore. >> okay. and what about -- >> go ahead. >> what about water? are there provisions being supplied, since there's no electricity aboard? are there provisions being provided to the people on-board? >> yes, ma'am, we spoke to the master this morning and said they are able to provide food and provisions and reported due to a fire in the aft engine room there is no pro-pumps available to the ship and no structural damage to the ship and no report of flooding. the ship is currently operating on alternate generator power, which is supplying power to the ship and all navigational equipment, emergency detection and suppression systems and basic services such as sewage and water. that's with what the master passed to us this morning. we are currently awaiting arrival of two ocean going commercial tug dispatched from mexico, approximately 90 miles north of our position and we are
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expecting their arrival later this morning. >> is the plan then to move medium aboard these tugs or will you try to pull this ship? and if so, how soon might people reach shore? >> right now, as it stands, the plan is to have the tugs arrive on scene and re-assess the situation and attempt to hook up a tow and actually tow the ship. and once that is hooked up, we estimate approximately 24 hours to get the ship safely into port. right now, with apparent conditions and what we see on board the cruise ship, that's about the safest way to proceed as it stands now. >> we wish you a lot of luck and appreciate your spending time with us coast guard lieutenant kris johns this morning. thank you. also in this news this morning, a federal investigation of this summer's gulf oil disaster found bp did not sacrifice safety for financial
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gain and word former ceo tony hayward said today the response effort was improvised day-to-day. heightened restrictions for shipping cargo are now in effect including suspension of all shipments from yemen and somalia in this wake of last week's attempted parcel bombing and a new lie recovered document indicates in 2004, the u.s. government rejected a tsa proposal to screen all cargo because it would be too costly. cholera has broken out in haiti and they're investigating 120 new cases. the disease has already killed at least 544 people and sickened more than 8,000. 83% of adults in afghanistan support negotiations with the taliban according to a poll out and showing a major decline in support for the taliban from afghan citizenry. a tricky 8th grader in texas may have a future in both
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football and actor. the center non-challantly handed the ball over his shoulder when quarterback jason, baffled the opposing team by walking through the line of scrimmage and then took off with a 67 yard dash to tie the game! give that kid a contract! 7:07. >> [ whistling ] just walking with the football. ah, i'm going! >> too funny. >> that is fantastic! >> all right. good for him. >> anything funny about the weather? >> other than the fact things are fairly quiet, we're pretty happy about that. absolutely. >> out west, we have a pretty good storm moving onshore bringing rain and mountain storms from medford to seattle and we expect to see that storm system working its way in. you can see on the clouds and circulation around the low
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pressure area, bringing moisture a half-inch to inch of rain before this is all over from eureka to seattle. record highs in the upper mississippi river valley, windy conditions in the plains and plenty of sunshine just showed you the storm that will be dropping to us late today. sunshine from oakland to san francisco. highs today in the upper 50s and low 60s. a chilly start to the morning and patchy frost possible through 8:00 this morning. parts of the north day and the salinas valley. maybe a lingering shower this evening into overnight and tomorrow we start to clear out and warm up and dry out into the weekend. >> that's your latest weather, matt. >> thanks very much. our exclusive interview with president george w. bush, his first since leaving the white house. his memoir, "decision points" comes out today and during our
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conversations we talked about some of the tough choices the president made during his eight years in office. >> mr. president, you have remained mostly silent, largely silent over the last couple of years. wry did you remain silent? >> for two reasons. one, didn't want to get out there anymore, didn't want to get back into what i called the swamp. i'm trying to regain a sense of anonymity. the other reason why is i don't think it's good for the presidency for a former president to be opining about his successor. president obama has plenty of critics and i will not be one. >> but he is speaking out now about his own time in office. >> let's talk about waterboarding. >> okay. >> we believe america is going to be attacked again. all kinds of intelligence coming out. one of the high valued operatives was khalid shaikh mohammed, who ordered the attack on 9/11. they say he has information. i said, find out what he knows.
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i said to our team, are the techniques legal? a legal team says, yes, they are, i said use them. >> why is waterboarding legal in your opinion? >> because the lawyer said it was legal, did not fall within the anti-torture act. i'm not a lawyer. you have to trust the judgment of people around you and i do. >> you say it's legal and the lawyers told me. >> yeah. >> critics say you have the justice department to give you the legal guidance and legal memos you wanted. kaine, the former chair of the 9/11 commission said they got legal opinions they wanted from their own people? he obviously doesn't know. i hope mr. kaine reads the book. that's why i've written the book. he can draw whatever conclusion they want. i will tell you this. using those techniques saved lives. my job was to protect america. i did. >> on the decision to go to war in iraq, he says he was the
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decider. in a conversation over lunch you had with dick cheney in this build-up to the war in iraq, he said to you, are you going to take care of this guy or not? >> yeah. >> i was surprised by the tone the vice president would use with you. was it surprising to you? >> no. we have a very frank relationship. he would give me his unvarnished advice. >> his comment leads to the question was dick cheney pushing you to go to war with iraq? >> it doesn't matter whether he was or not. i am the guy who makes the decisions when we move. i was trying to give diplomacy a chance to work. he might have been saying, let's go. but i said, no. >> but he's still haunt eed by e fact the intelligence turned out to be wrong and weapons of mass destruction were not found in iraq. >> your words, no one was more sickened or angry than i was when we didn't find weapons of mass destruction. you still have a sickening feeling. >> i do. >> when you think about it? >> i do. >> was there ever any
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consideration of apologizing to the american people? >> i mean, apologizing would basically say the decision was a wrong decision, and i don't believe it was the wrong decision. >> if you knew then what you know now. >> that's right. >> you would still go to war in iraq? >> i, first of all, didn't have that luxury, you don't have the luxury when you're president. i would say definitely the world is better off without suddam hussein in power as are 25 million people who now have a chance to live in freedom. >> in the summer of 2006, as iraq descended into chaos, he made the unpopular decision to send 20,000 additional troops in. >> what made you think that was going to be successful? give me your thinking on that? >> i wasn't sure what would be successful, i knew what would be unsuccessful, that is the current strategy. i was coming to the conclusion throughout the summer we needed to try something differently. >> the reaction to the surge immediately, one critic called
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it the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam. >> a republican. >> that was a republican. in terms of decision points, how hard a decision was the surge for you? where does it rank? >> it was a very difficult decision. made easier by the fact i had met with many families of the fallen who said to me, do not let my loved one's sacrifice go in vain. i really didn't care about popularity. everybody wants to be liked, but as the commander in chief, i was more interested in success, than my personal popularity. >> you said history is no ready to judge you yet. >> that's right. >> it will take time. >> true. >> when it does come about, president bush, do you think you will be judged a success or failure? >> i hope i'm judged a success. i'm going to be dead, matt, when they finally figure it out.
7:15 am
i'm comfortable knowing i gave it my all, that i love america, and that -- and it was an honor to serve. >> he's at peace with a lot of those decisions. he will be live in our studio tomorrow morning right here on "today." you can submit a question for him on our website, and facebook also. the disturbing kidnapping ordeal, the now 23-year-old took the stand monday took the stand in the trial of the man accused of abducting her in 2002. good morning, janet. >> reporter: good morning. it was a haunting story with a miracle ending. a teenage girl kidnapped from her own bed by a stranger in the middle of the night and then found nine months later. now, after eight years, elizabeth smart is telling her story in detail. slipping into court through a back door, accompanied by her
7:16 am
mother and sister, who also testified about the kidnapping, elizabeth took the stand. but she didn't get to confront the defendant, brian david mitchell, after the judge ordered him out of court for singing. a poised witness, elizabeth turned to face the jury before answering prosecutor's questions, recounting how mitchell abducted her at knife point. i thought i was having a nightmare, she said. it was indescribable fear. smart testified about being tethered to a tree, repeatedly raped and threatened. i would be killed or my family could be killed or anybody who tried to help me would be killed, she said. smart told the jury how she once fought back, biting mitchell on the tongue, how she wouldn't eat when he forced her to drink alcohol, because i didn't want to be sober for what was coming, she said. in his opening statement, defense attorney parker douglas didn't dispute her account but explained his client was mentally ill.
7:17 am
a grown-up elizabeth smart was very composed as she talked to the jury telling them about repeated assaults in painful detail, what happened to her when she was 14 years old. elizabeth smart will return with more testimony at the courthouse here today. >> thank you very much. it is 7:15. once again, here is matt. more now on the volcano causing problems on the president's trip there. good morning to you. >> reporter: the fury of indonesia's most dangerous volcano, just 250 miles east of jakarta. for two weeks, the mountain has been pumping searing clouds of ash and fumes high into the atmosphere and forcing airports to close and blankets entire villages, turning them into eerie moonscapes. more than 154 people killed and more than a quarter million forced from their homes around the volcano in this densely populated part of central java, where people believe the volcano
7:18 am
has spiritual powers. hospitals struggled to cope with injured and many burned and some reluctant to leave their homes and livestock and residents fleeing from a city of half a million people just 20 miles from mirape, which means the mountain of fire. the officials say the city remains for now outside the official danger zone. it was raining in the area today, dampening the ash, but raising fears of another danger, molten mudslides. >> there could be landslides that could be voluminous and flow long distances down the sides of the volcano. >> reporter: a huge volcanic blast friday brought molten rocks and ash barrelling down the mountain at temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees fahrenheit. it's one of the world's most active seismic zones and has scores of volcanos, the pacific
7:19 am
ring of fire. experts fear it could set off a chain reaction. while the president considers his departure plan from indonesia, exp indonesia, experts are warning it is a dangerous and unpredictable mountain. up next, the brutal home invasion in connecticut, we will hear from the victim's family and six members of the jury will join us live in this studio. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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still to come on this tuesday morning, michael jackson's children open up for the first time about their father's death and what their lives are like now. >> six of the jurors in that
7:22 am
horrible connecticut case and decided the defendant, steven hayes should be sentenced to death, a very hard decision for them to make. one thing, life in prison but that is a tough decision. >> i think after these cases, we cover a lot of these, we don't stop to give enough credit to the men and women who serve on these juries, an incredible sacrifice and the decisions they have to make is heart wrenching. >> jennifer's sister is very grateful for them to sitting through that testimony, extremely graphic and very hard for them to go through. what will they go through the rest of their lives? very hard for them? >> it certainly will impact them. we have that and much more ahead on this tuesday morning. first, we go to your local news and weather.
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>> neal young is dealing with a loss. vintage cars caught fire in san carlos. bob redell is live in san carlos with the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning. the fire invest getter is out here from the fire department trying to figure out what caused that warehouse there to the left to go up in flame before 3:00 this morning. what's significant is you were
7:27 am
mentioning the personal collection of legendary rocker neal young inside of vintage cars. at least two of those from the video did go up in flame. there was also artwork and perhaps guitars and musical instruments and the type of thing a rocker would collect. memorability. they were able to save around 70%, but still the damage est 8 is $7 mist,000. that numberup.ou up. live in san carlos, more news after this.
7:28 am
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. >> we have an accident on southbound 880 at the fly over. a two-car fender bender amount of light volume northbound and southbound approaching the san mateo bridge in fremont newark. slow through livermore and at least it's moving this morning. we have the forecast in a few minutes. here's brent. >> more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 9th of november, 2010. we have got nice looking people out on our plaza. sunshine for the first time in a day or so. we'll go outside and stay hi to them in a couple of minutes. meantime, inside studio 1a. first, michael jackson's children speak out. >> we're going to hear from them coming up. and we all know that eating too much cheese probably could help you pack on the pounds, so
7:31 am
why is a group created by the u.s. government trying to get you to eat more of it, even while warning against obesity? in a moment we will talk to six members of the jury and also hear from the victim's sister and aunt and a long-time family friend. but first, nbc's peter alexander has the details. >> reporter: these murders were really as cruel as any in recent memory. from the very start, prosecutors insisted if there was ever a case that demanded the death penalty, this was that case. now here, more than three years after that crime took place, a jury voted unanimously that steven hayes should be put to death. >> i was really crying for loss.
7:32 am
>> reporter: as the verdict was read, an emotional dr. petit learned that one of the killers will be heading to death row. >> i think the defendant faces far more serious punishment from the lord than he could ever face from mankind. >> reporter: dr. petit's faith and courage in the face of unimaginable grief, his wife jennifer, and their two daughters 17-year-old hayley, and michaela, just 11 at the time, brutally killed in the family's home in 2007. >> it's a hole with jagged edges and over time, the edges may smooth out a little bit, but the hole in your heart and the hole in your soul still there. >> reporter: prosecutors say stephen hayes and joshua komisarjevsky broke into the
7:33 am
home for a robbery and tied the daughters to these bed posts upstairs and forced a terrified jennifer petit to withdraw money from a local bank. the house was set on fire, the girls dying from smoke inhalation. doctor petit barely escaped, but as relived those haunting memories every day in court. >> michaela was an 11-year-old little girl, tortured and killed in her own bedroom, surrounded by stuffed animals. and hayley had a great future. she was a strong and courageous person and jennifer helped so many kids. >> reporter: sentenced to death on all six capital felonies, hayes who has tried to take his own life behind bars, smiled as the verdict was read. >> he is thrilled, he's very
7:34 am
happy with the verdict, that's what he's wanted all along is suicide by state, since he can't kill himself. >> reporter: but dr. petit says this case was never about revenge and always about his loved ones. >> it's a huge void in my life and our family and friends' lives, i was sad for the loss that we have all suffered. >> reporter: in the last 50 years in state of connecticut has executed just one person, and even though stephen hayes wants to die, the legal process could delay that for years or even decades. and the family is not done yet, they have to given this whole process all over again early next year when the second trial is expected to begin. jennifer hawke-petit's sister and long-time friend are with us now. cindy, you have been by your brother-in-law's side throughout
7:35 am
this entire trial. yesterday after the sentencing verdict, he called it a verdict for justice, but he said there could be no closure here, he spoke about the hole in his heart. how is he and your family holding up and how are you helping each other through this? >> i feel like he and my family are both doing very well under the circumstances and how are we getting through this? you know, day by day, week by week, i think it's just something you have to grow accustomed to and it's not easy. >> do you feel that same hole in your heart that he spoke of? >> yeah, i really do. i think that when, you know, when you miss loved ones and they were some of your only close family members, it leaves a huge hole and i only had one sibling and to have that person gone from my life, it's a huge loss for me. >> i know that before all this happened you and your parents
7:36 am
were against the death penalty, but yesterday, your dad was a minister and said that some people just don't belong on god's earth, do you believe that stephen hayes deserves to death penalty, cindy? >> i think that if anyone deserves the death penalty in this life, probably he does. he did such heinous crimes to my family, i just can't imagine a different kind of punishment for him. i think that life in prison would have been just for of the same of what he had been used to. >> megan, i know that you have known jennifer and cindy since you were little girls, you first met when you were 5 years old. how do you want jennifer and her daughters, michaela and hayley to be remembered? >> i think in light of the last few months and all the attention
7:37 am
that's been paid when they passed from this earth, i would like for them to be remembered, jennifer was happy, go lucky, we looked up to her, we wanted to be like her, she was such a helpful, kind person, hayley was so smart and just starting out on her own and michaela was just starting to bloom. i hope in the months to come we can begin to focus on how they lived, not how they died and continue to work through the petit family foundation and the other charities out there. >> in a moment we're going to be speaking to some of the juror who is worked so hard to try and make sure that justice is served here, is there anything you want to say to them? >> thank you for all your time and effort. we know it wasn't easy. it was not easy information for all of us to hear in the very beginning and we know that it couldn't have been easy for them and i know it was a difficult job and they served it very well.
7:38 am
>> thank you. >> you're welcome. and we're joined now by six of the 12 jurors who sentenced steven hayes to death. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i can see how affected you were watching peter alexander's speech and then watching jennifer's sister and friend. i just felt, i could see the tears welling in your eyes, what has been the hardest part in all of this for you? >> the hardest part was keeping any emotions at bay and making a decision within the law. >> how do you do that? >> it was very, very difficult. fortunately, i was with 11 other jurors who supported each other and helped us and we helped each
7:39 am
other keep those emotions at bay so we could consciously make a decision within the law. and that's what we did. >> michael, the decision to sentence him to death, took over three days for this jury. it only took about five hours to determine he was guilty of murder. what took so long? what was going on in those three days? >> obviously everybody had their own opinions and we wanted to make sure that we went through this process professionally and we wanted to make sure that we looked at everything. we looked at all the counts, we looked at all the factors, we followed the judge's orders to a t. our emotions is what we wanted to keep out of it. we wanted to make sure that we followed everything that the law told us to follow and we looked at the defense and we looked a it the prosecution and we made a decision based on the law. >> it wasn't the juror s arguin
7:40 am
and -- >> we just let people sit with us and come to their own decision. >> let me talk about your decision, because you have a man's life in your hands, that's a very difficult place to be. >> very difficult. and that doesn't make anything any better. the loss is still there. the families are broken, but we all felt that this was the best way for steven hayes to maybe take a counting of what he's done. when he's by himself with himself, with his own thoughts, that might be the best punishment for him. >> and steven hayes's lawyer says this is what he wanted. he wants to die, this is what he wanted. when the verdict was read, he's looking at you, some people say he was smiling at the time. what was going through your mind
7:41 am
at that moment. >> first of all i don't believe that he does want the death penalty. i do not. this is a possibility, but i think it's remote. i think he's focused entirely on what he can do to best forward the position he has left in life. i don't think that penalty is what he has in mind at all. >> is this a relief now for you that this is over? >> i think, yes, clearly there is a relief that it is behind us. i think there's also, for me anyhow, an unbelievably high level of accomplishment and the ability to work together. needless to say, i'm probably the most senior of the group and i have certainly sat in, lord knows, enough meetings and this was an unbelievable happenstance is that there was not a single
7:42 am
noncivil word spoken during the entire deliberations, for both periods. i mean we -- how 12 people just came together and worked out the problems of taking another person's life and at the same time realizing that our founding fathers gave us this tool to be used with great care and we deliberated in great care. and, yes, we did use this form of punishment. this man has nothing positive to contribute to the face of this earth. >> there was another man that was there every day, dr. petit and my heart broke for him. was he your inspiration every day? >> well, when i had seen dr. petit, i wanted to be able to do whatever i could do, if it was in my power to try to take some of the pain away from him.
7:43 am
while i knew it wasn't in any power, seeing him there, seeing his courage and seeing his strength after everything he's been through, that transferred to us, that we had to be there and do the right thing. >> at the end of the trial, we, the jurors, ask the judge if we could meet with dr. petit and perhaps the family and the judge went way out of his way to make arrangen' arrangements for us to meet in a basement room at the courthouse and that was probably -- if there's a reward for what we went through, meeting the doctor, seeing him, having him just overwhelmed with thanks for us, but my feeling was, can we ever do anything for this man to return to him some peace on this earth, he is singularly got to be probably the strongest man going. no question about it.
7:44 am
and i encourage everybody to back his foundation. >> i think you're all courageous people at all. >> and we should mention the petit family foundation has been set up in honor of jennifer and her two daughters to show the kind of courage they had in their lives. now let's get a check of the weather from al. "today's" weather is brought to you by the 2010 buick lacrosse, the new class of world class. and good morning, everybody, as we look to the midwest, we have got a slow moving system, ahead of it, temperatures anywhere from 20 to 25 degrees above normal, behind it, five to ten degrees below normal, so in salt lake city, they're going to have a high of only 40, st. louis sees a high of 75 degrees today, the rest of the country with this system, we are going to be looking, behind this front, we're looking at anywhere from
7:45 am
six to nine in by bay area standards a chily start and the sun is out in san jose. later on we will see more clouds coming in and a chance of rain for the north bay late today. 50s to mid 60s with raindroping in tonight into maybe early tomorrow amount of weak system dropping throughout bay area and after it heads out, tie r high temperatures climbing to the 70s towards the weekend. 60s and 70 near the coast. >> and you can track your weather all day long, go to the weather channel on cable or online. up next, michael jackson's children speak out more than a year after their father's death, we're going to hear from them right after this.
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so i wanted a doctor who had done this before. and unitedhealthcare's database helped me find a surgeon. you know you can't have great legs, if you don't have good knees. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. back now at 7:47, with michael jackson's children
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breaking their silence for the first time about their school and memories of their father. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you, watching this, what strikes me most is just how normal they are considering who they are. regular kids who are making fun of each other and joking around, two of them go to school right in this area and talk openly about making new friends, their dreams and what they miss most about their dad, michael jackson. >> prince michael, hi. >> reporter: the jackson kids as we have never seen them before, paris, prince and blanket relaxed and candid speaking with oprah. >> i kind of think nobody understands what a great father he was. he was the best cook ever. >> he was a normal dad. he was the best dad ever. >> we used to wake up early and walk on the beach. >> after michael jackson's sudden death, they seem to be
7:49 am
adjusting rather well, taking vacations together and trips to the amusement park, a far cry from life with michael, the kids shielded from the public. remember the infamous masks? now prince and paris go to class out in the open with other kids at the buckley school in l.a. >> i guess i was just nervous. >> about? >> everything. they said who's new, raise your hands. and a lot of kids raised their hands. >> and then did you feel better? >> yes. >> did the kids react to who you are? >> my friend, she didn't know who we are until we went on oprah. . >> what happens when people find out who you are? >> she didn't care. >> reporter: his older brother and sister were happy to talk about their hobbies and their
7:50 am
futures. >> video games and sports. >> video games and sports. what do you want to do when you grow zbl grow. >> i would like to be an actor. >> you want to study it and take it seriously? >> i do improve. >> you do, where? >> i used to do it with my dad. >> reporter: the conversation also touched on the day michael died. >> the worst day of my life. >> reporter: and reached back into michael's troubled childhood, including accusations of physical abuse at the hands of his father, joe. >> you might as well admit it, that's the way black people raise their children, you use the strap. >> i would have punished them to keep them out of trouble. >> katherine jackson was also ask in that interview, do you think michael was murdered by dr. conrad murray, she said, quote, i can't accuse him of
7:51 am
murder, but we don't know if michael's death was accidental or intentional. >> jeff, as always, thanks very much. still ahead, the woman who wrote the book on princing willi -- princes william and harry about the royal wedding. navigation standard. if you want to talk about it.. call me when you get there. that is if you find there, since you don't have turn-by-turn navigation standard. the all-new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a 2011 chevrolet cruze ls for around $169 a month. call for details.
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good morning. time now is 7:56. checking in with the latest on the morning commute. >> a new accident. i will show ow the map as i tell you what's going on. a new accident in the earlier back up. the old accident is clear and we had to get a replacement. down to mission boulevard on 880. that's a big slow down for the hour. atypical for the area. southbound 680 down through walnut creek and down through san ramon and danville as well. 680 showing speeds below 20 at times, but 40s and 50s down through the dublin interchange. slow through o rippeda and the
7:57 am
westbound area is open and moving. >> weather not getting in the way. a little chilly for the afternoon. 50s and 60s, awe late towards the evening, north bay with a little bit of rain dropping in. the last we will see for a while. to the end of the week, 60s to near 70 out along the coast. 7:57. more news after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>>. >> the race for state attorney general is too close it call, but kamala harris needs more money. it will be used to send monitors to watch the final ballot count. the republican leads by 3/10 of 1 percentage point, but two million ballots need to be count and we may not have an official winner until the end of the month. a spokes person said many of the remaining ballots are from democratic-leaning counties. more news in a half hour and the "today" show returns in less than a empty.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday moin 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, november 9, 2010. it is a clear, cool morning on the plaza here. that music is a reminder that bon jovi will be here for a live concert friday on "today." who says you can't go home? you give love a bad name, or we weren't born to follow.
8:01 am
you can vote on >> interchangeable bookends. do not worry about it. here's the question of the last several years, eight to be exact. prince william and kate middleton, are they getting married? >> oh, i'm sure. >> you really think so? >> why not? sure. >> are they hooking up? what's going on here? >> i have no idea. >> we are going to find out the latest, lots of rumors going around, people reading tea leaves. we'll find out what's going on with that. >> also a talented woman who co-hosted the "today" show with a bitter, frustrated co-anchor. that is the idea behind the new film "morning glory." oscar winner diane keaton joins us. she's playing alongside harrison ford. >> that set looks awful familiar. anyway, we also have a live
8:02 am
performance from jackie evancho. big name for herself on nbc's "america's got talent" and she's going to be here with a performance. >> okay. but first let's get a look at the top stories from ann curry. in the news this morning, president obama is in his boyhood home of indonesia this morning which he praised as a modern muslim nation and a partner in fighting terrorism. this trip came after two prior trips were canceled. and this trip could be cut short because of an erupting volcano. utility crews are restoring power to some 75,000 customers who lost electricity on monday when a coastal storm howled through maine and new hampshire. power lines were torn down by sleet, wind and freezing rain. there is one standout this morning in the world of investment. we have cnbc's erin burnett with us. hi, erin. >> hi, ann. we do have a stand out, and it's gold. you see the advertisements everywhere on the television these days. gold with another record this morning, $1422 up 30% this year.
8:03 am
a 30-year high, lots of highs here, but keep in mind, it's near 40% higher. lots of highs. back to you. >> erin burnett this morning. erin, thanks. it is anything but a pleasure cruise for the 4,400 people aboard the carnival splendor today. an engine room fire has stalled the megaliner 150 miles south of land. passengers have no telephones, electricity or even toilets. drug maker novartis says it will seek approval for a new kind of smart pill. it contains microchip technology will be implanted in patients so that body temperature and heart rate can be sent to a doctor in realtime to make sure that a patient's medications are working properly.
8:04 am
now here's brian williams. coming up tonight, a growing trend in this bad economy, people moving away from consumerism and saving more, we'll show you how some women are coming up with ways to do more with less, our series back to basics continues tonight on nightly news. ann, for now, back to you. >> brian, thanks so much. and finally, a nurse who traps alligators as a hobby now holds the florida state record for catching the longest alligator ever. trace amerman said the 14'3gator was dragged around for nearly an hour before it was captured. just think. some people just collect postage stamps. let's go back outside to matt and meredith. >> i thought you had a big mouth, that's a big mouth, right? >> i just get thrown under the bus every day here. >> i'm only kidding. >> okay, ann thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> this is twice in one open, it's a record.
8:05 am
>> it's unprecedented. >> out from under the bus and back under the bus again. >> revenge is a dish best served cold. >> where are you guys from? >> virginia. >> i like your earmuffs. very nice. >> thank you. >> all right. let's check your weather and see what's happening. pick city today, milwaukee, wisconsin we love milwaukee. home to pensi spices. sunny and mild, 61 degrees. that low pressure area is still spinning off the new england coast, still causing rain for the eastern new england and parts of northern maine. we have also got wet weather making its way back into the pacific northwest. windy and rainy there, snow through the mountains, the wasatch, the cascades, also up into the plains, record highs into the upper mississippi river here's a view of san francisco. sunshine eventually. increasing clouds late today that will lead for a chance of showers. high today mostly 60s south of san frcisco upper 50s around the north bay valeries after a
8:06 am
pretty chilly start to the morning with lots of 30s. for tomorrow morning, maybe a lingering shower or two, and then clearing skies for the afternoon, high pressure building in, warming temperature, 60s to 70s for our valleys and even some near 70 degree temperatures along the coast. >> where are you guys from? >> rhode island. >> rhode island, all right, you know who else is from rhode island? meredith viera. up next, we have rumors of a royal wedding reaching a fever pitch. n money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking(tm) account. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a great interest rate. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the biggest thing in checking since checks. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 open an account at 1-800-4schwab or
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8:10 am
back at 8:09, all the back and forth, will they, won't they? nbc's michelle kosinski is in london with the details. >> reporter: this has been such the topic of speculation for years. remember, william and kate have been dating for nearly nine years now. but recent events seem to suggest that these two young darlings of the global media may finally tie the norknot and ver soon. what everyone seems to really want from prince william is official word that he has finally ask his long-time girlfriend kate middleton to marry him. the couple were seen positively
8:11 am
beaming at a friend's wedding. come called this get together the starting gun for the countdown to a royal engagement. >> my information is that kate and william will be looking to get married next july, the date, the 23rd of july has been penciled in i understand. >> reporter: and royal watchers say the biggest pointer that this is coming soon, scotland yard is looking into a protection officer for kate, which she'll get as soon as william gets around to proposing. >> the fact is, if you marry prince william, a lot will be expected of you, you will be spending the rest of your life in the public spotlight. >> reporter: surrounding all of this, will kate wear the
8:12 am
princess's tiara? prince harry has been able to let his royal hair down, after splitting with his long-time love, he's said to be spending time with a long time friend. some think that maybe prince william will want to do things his own way, maybe even announce his own engagement, maybe even on his facebook page that his grandmother the queen just launched. >> katie niare they are or are they not getting engaged? >> it's very close now, we have been watching everything that's happening in the uk. the meeting at balmoral, that was a buying deal. and if kate goes for christmas,
8:13 am
that will be a big deal as well. >> rumors say they want a more subdued affair. is that possible? >> actually they would like a quiet wedding up in scotland to get away from it all. >> after all the buildup, is the public going to let that happen? >> one thing is the queen loves the weddings, she absolutely does, so she's going to want to make this a big occasion. >> it seems that we're seeing more of william and harry, they're appearing in public more, they're granting more interviews, are they trying to put a more modern face on the royal family? >> that's got to be being more official. i think they're at an age where they almost have to justify their existence now. >> we all know that at times william has been uncomfortable with the spotlight. you write in the book at times when he has had a hard time of
8:14 am
it he goes to the queen, and she was in a unique position to help guide them. you portray a more sensitive side to queen elizabeth. >> none of us get to see this side of queen elizabeth. you have to remember she is a mother and a grandmother and prince william is going to be king and all of the tutelage he has had will have come from the queen. >> you mention this a couple of times. what's the gloss yy posse. >> william and harry call themselves the glossy posse. >> they get together in the basement of one of the homes. >> prince charles allowed them to convert the downstair cellar which should be his wine cellar. >> we mentioned, michelle mentioned in her piece, the on again off again relationship
8:15 am
with chelsea, his girlfriend. are they friends? >> they're very close, you have to remember that chelsea went back to south africa. they're not together. so it's very hard to keep that long distance relationship going. but i tell you, i see them getting back together. they're very much in love. >> didn't she break up with him the last time in a very public way? >> probably as public as it gets. >> as you well know, katie, there's been a lot of books written about the royal family. what do you want people to take away from your book? what's the different take that you offer? >> there's so much about william and kate in this book as well. it's completely unique and you'll get to see a very different side to the princes. i have made them real.
8:16 am
>> again the book is "william and harry behind the palace walls jshlgsz. . up next diane keaton on what it's like to play the anchor of a morning show right after this. . echo! so we earned a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uhoh. we get double miles every time we use our card. i'll take these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring the whole gang. it's hard to beat double miles. no, we ride them. [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? oh, that's the spot!
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so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at we are back. somebody has stolen my seat. academy award winner diane keetson tries her hand at hosting a tv show in the movie
8:20 am
"morning glory "sxoi she isn't afraid of competition from her co-host, a bitter journalist played by harrison ford. take a look. >> excuse me. who is going to say good-bye? >> oh. it doesn't really matter. i mean, mike, you don't mind if colleen says good-bye. >> the public would rather hear from last? someone who has won every broadcast award on the face of the planet or the former miss -- >> it's arizona in case you're interested. i was miss arizona! >> diane, good morning. you are making faces the whole time you're watching that. why? >> what do you mean? making faces now? >> yeah. >> i hate myself. are you kidding? >> you hate looking at yourself? >> it's the worst thing in the world. in fact, what i don't like right now is the fact that i can see myself. everywhere i look it's me. ah. >> this is what morning television is like. you know this. >> you have to -- it's
8:21 am
disgusting. get me out of here fast. >> well -- >> hi. >> let's taik talk about your character. >> let's talk about her. >> vein, superficial, and then i hear you have modelled her out of somebody -- >> other than you. >> i'm one of the people -- >> you aren't. because, number one, you're younger. do you see what i mean? >> not much. >> yeah, but you are younger, because i'm 64, and i assume the person that i modelled my appearance after, diane çsawye is also in her 60s. am i right? >> i believe she is. yes. yes. >> so she's my contemporary. >> who is the narcissistic person you modelled yourself after? >> me. i modelled it after me. >> you? >> me. no, let's face it. i don't know how women survive in their mid 60s being angor women. how many are there? >> there aren't many. there aren't many. those that do it do have t very
8:22 am
well. >> extremely amazing. that's what i like about my character. even though she is narcissistic, she's a hard-working woman, and she really will do anything for the job, so with that in mind, you know, i feel good about her. i like her. she works hard. you know, i feel like it's important that she -- i hear voices. >> that's just you. that's -- >> that's me? >> it's called b roll. b roll. >> she will do anything, including -- i can so relate to this. they put us in ridiculous situations, and in the movie you have to dress up like a sumo wrestler at one point. >> yeah, yeah. >> you say you love that, though. >> i love physical comedy. my father was always teaching me how to do everything right when i was younger. like how to peel the orange to how to, you know, cut the apple. everything i did was wrong. every single thing. it was very frustrating for him, and i realize later on that that problem really was a plus, and so i feel like no one could do
8:23 am
my stunt for me but me because i do them a certain way, and that way is the wrong way, and the wrong way is the funny way, and funny is money. we hope. >> well, good for you. >> it's been very, very good for you. >> pretty good. not bad. >> i didn't realize you had never performed with harrison ford before. >> i never met harrison forred in my life. it's like meeting mount rushmore. >> how could you never have met harrison ford in all these years? >> i don't know. we're contemporaries too. it's not like, you know, show business is, oh, gee, aren't we all friends? it's like a lot of separates. meeting him and working with him is a complete brand new experience. >> was it wonderful? >> it was wonderful because he has a kind of rhythm that is slow and deliberate, which i think is perfect. i mean, i see him -- i picture him sort of playing dan rather. i don't know if he sees it that way. that's who i saw. i saw myself as playing no one except chatty cathy loser type woman who is just, like, you know, balls to the floor. is that incorrect? >> well, i don't know. it's out there, so it's -- >> oh, dear. >> you talk about being in your
8:24 am
60s and you play a morning news anchor in her 60s. you have been around hollywood for a long time. have you seen it change? it used to be called very ageist hollywood. >> ageist? what do you mean? >> not treating people older the way they should be treated. >> being older is always a -- they never want you. if you do survive, then you really have done a good job at somehow managing it. i don't think it's any different at all really. i don't see it. i don't think women were protected then, and now i think actually it's better now. >> that's what i'm saying. is it better? that's what -- i didn't say that very well. >> you said it fine. it's that i need to, you know, brush up on my english skills. >> is this not the right time of day for you? >> this is actually the good time of day. see what i mean? this is as good as it gets, as they say. >> i just wondered if you would ever consider co-hosting with me? >> what? here's the deal. i don't think so.
8:25 am
meredith, let's face it, i would have to read, which is hard for me as well. you know, and then i would have to move around, and then what if breaking news happens? then we have a big problem. you do the talking, and i would sit there and do a little smile. counts me out. >> so never ever? >> never ever. >> i would put you to the challenge right now. we're employing to go to a commercial. you just have to do a little bit of reading. >> okay. >> just a little bit of reading. >> you want me to try now? >> where it says vieira -- >> hi. >> it doesn't say hi. >> you're vieira. >> you're diane. >> yes, pretend. >> morning glory. i'm reading it. opens tomorrow in theaters nationwide. just ahead, there's a live performance from our dear 10-year-old who blew the judges away on "america's got ut, firs but, first, your local news, meredith. judges away on "america's got talent." lo
8:26 am
good morning. time is 8:26. once again checking in with mike and getting it any hot spots for your morning commute? >> an accident south bound 101, already very bessie, but made worse because part of a lane is blocked by an accident, been there for about 15, 20 minutes now. so some slowing south getting off the skyway and of course 280, but traffic still flows in most areas about 40 miles an hour. very slow on the east bay,
8:27 am
highway 13, 580 slow, but southbound really jammed up stevenson road another accident already in the mess. >> and the weather is pretty police abili pleasant. chilly start. clouding spilling in and they will continue to thicken up for the afternoon, eventually spilling rain into the north bay and keeping temperatures down north of the golden gate, upper 50s around san francisco, 60s san jose south, we'll see one more chance of showers late today into early for him and then we'll dry up and warm up towards the weekend.
8:28 am
8:29 am
kneel neil young will be assessing his losses at of it a fire. it started just before 3:00 this morning. by the time firefighters got there, the two-alarm fire was under control, but it already damaged a lot of stuff. several of young's vintage cars were damaged as well as paintings and spraperhaps some guitars. investigators are looking in to the cause. more local news in half an hour and the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:30 am
tomorrow on "today," live, president george w. bush continues his candid conversations with matt lauer in our studio and answers your questions.onay." bc n olyn "todon" .bc ♪ it's 8:30 now on a tuesday
8:31 am
morning, the ninth day of november, 2010. this is the just astonishing voice of 10-year-old jackie evancho, she captured the hearts of many people. she sings like an angel. most of these people have voices of angels as well. i'm matt lauer along with meredith viera and al roker. there's a government push to get you to seat more cheese. but how will that affect your diet? >> there's an assertion that eating dairy will actually help you lose weight. this morning, she's the talent behind the humor and the
8:32 am
heart of "when harry met salary j. we have got nora effrin in the house. let's say hello to anna wright, she's a contestant on "the biggest loser." your teammate gained weight and you lost weight, and you got booted. >> why did they want you out? >> when i came in late, i had a big target on me in the first place. so to survive as long as i did, i'm surprised and i'm happy. >> so we need to say congratulations? >> yes, you should? >> we should say congratulations for a couple of reasons, your starting weight was 330 pounds. >> uh-huh. >> and what are you down to now? >> do i really want to say? >> yes.
8:33 am
>> i just said 330, you might as well trump me. >> i have lost 100. >> wow. >> does that even compute for you? >> no, actually it hasn't. i mean i'm still going to the store and buying clothes that are too big. it hasn't caught up really, yet, but i'm trying, i'm trying. >> you go to a store and you think, i don't have to try that on, and then it's too big. >> what do you think your chances are of winning the 100,000? >> i think they're good. >> great to meet you, and you can watch "the biggest loser" at 8:00, 7:00 central time here o good morning around the bay area, a chilly start to the morning and we're see something
8:34 am
sun for now, but we'll see clouds filling in for the afternoon and highs today in the 60s, mainly south of san jose, we'll call for 50s around the north bay where the clouds will fill in after the school start to the morning and we will see an increasing chance of showers later on in the day. the system dropping if on us mainly toward the evening and tonight and for wednesday, we start it clear out and then we see high pressure building in with warming and drying ahead. >> nice to see you, are you having a good time? >> yes, we're having a good time. >> don't forget, you can get your weather any time of the day or night on the weather channel on cable or >> we're back in business with our favorite part of the show. take a look if you will, we got a real winner here.
8:35 am
talk about faith, robert reuter. he had a ticket on the titanic, but because he had the chicken pock pox, he wasn't able to board. ruth blackman, 105, attends church every single week and honored with so many awards you can't list them all. happy birthday to you. we have robert whetham of newcastle, wyoming. he hasn't stopped driving. > and we have charles grimm, 100 years old, he does 500 situps
8:36 am
each morning. and lorena hook, of portland, tennessee. 103 years old. fourth time to be on the show. and her favorite memory is driving a model t. i drove one once. finally margaret pierce, 100 years old, retired insurance agent, the secret to longevity is having good genes and good luck. that's it, back to new york now. >> willard, thank you so much. is the government sending the wrong message by pushing cheese on us? first this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] build your better breakfast at subway
8:37 am
8:38 am
with the $2.50 breakfast combo. get a 16oz. cup of piping-hot seattle's best coffee and a savory new sunrise subway melt built fresh to your order for just $2.50. subway. build your better breakfast. we're now at 8:38, an investigation in sunday's more
8:39 am
times has declared a conflict of interest. on the one hand it pushes an ant anti-obesity -- david zenzenko is the author of the eat this not that series. joy bauer is a registered dietitian. good morning to both of you. it seems a bit schizophrenic here, on the one hand, the government is saying you got to get healthy and we got to cut down on obesitobesity, on the o hand, the government is saying let's get more cheese into people. >> in this case, it is definitely a mixed message, you've got an agency working at cross purposes and we're literally being drowned in cheese. saturated fat is the number through cheese is the number one source of saturated fat in the american diet already.
8:40 am
so now you run into a situation where, you know, one ounce of cheese is five grams of saturated fat. >> is it perhaps, joy, that the government's initial message was working, they were getting people to actually cut down on things like cheese and all of a sudden the cheese producers very crying and saying we need some help? >> that seems to be exactly what's happening and it's very disheartening because we know for health reasons we need to minimize the amounts of full fat cheese that we're eating. it contains a lot of calories, if you eat a lot of calories, it's going to pack on the pounds. >> you said full fat cheese, do we have to be careful not to lump all cheeses into the same category? >> all cheese, if it's full fat, whether it's cheddar or swiss or mozzarella, it's going to have a problem amount of calories and fat. so you want to minimize the amount of full fat you're eating and consider buying reduced fat varieties for the house. >> this is not the reduced fat
8:41 am
variety right here, this is a dominos pizza. what are we looking at in terms of fat and calories. >> this pizza is supposed to feed six, but the problem is it's 670 calories and 41 grams of fat per slice. it's a day's worth of saturated fat right in one place. >> what bothers you the most about this, joy? >> the good news is you could pretty much order a relatively healthy slice of pizza anywhere. you want to ask for thin crust, you want to tell them to go easy on the cheese and add a vegetable topping. >> this is a six-cheese pizza, maxed out cheese, just like the government ordered. again you end up with half a day's fat per slice. >> this is a kids' meal. let's face it, kids love macaroni and cheese.
8:42 am
this is a curley mac and cheese. there's the reason it's named after the dumbest of the three stooges is because this thing has two days worth of saturated fat. >> for parents out there, joy, how do you come up with a healthier alternative for that? >> you make it at home. the bottom line is restaurant mac and cheese is notoriously bad. if you make it at home, you have full control. >> this cheese penne. you think chicken is a safe bet, but in this case, a penne saved is a penne sa erke e earned for weight decline. >> you have the control of putting on two to three tablespoons, you get that cheesy flavor and you save a lot of fat. >> this is a grilled chicken.
8:43 am
>> and it's also grilled in butter. >> you have the fat from the cheese and it's added insult from the butter. >> try and cut down on full fat cheese in your diet. >> when buying cheese for your house, try your best to get the reduced fat variety. >> up next, nora effron on everything from aging to dor toce tec hi! welcome to
8:44 am
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40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. behind some of the world's best loved films is out with her latest book of essays called "i remember nothing" and other reflecti reflections. good morning to you. it upset me because i relate to
8:46 am
this. when you reach a point in your life where you just stop remembering stuff. >> you stop remembering, you're doing this, you're doing this, you're doing this, you cannot believe it and you see people that you absolutely know that you know and that someday you're going to remember where you know them from. you see names coming at you, they're down the road in your conversation, you're going to get to the name of that movie and you are not going to get it and you're going to be going the one with jeremy myers. >> you say in the book that ryan o'neil received a lot of criticism when he talked about being at a funeral and didn't even recognize his own daughter. >> and made a pass at her. i understand because the week before i had been in a mall in las vegas and i saw this woman coming toward me, and i thought who's this woman, i know this woman, her arms are outstretched and shortly thereafter i realized it was my sister.
8:47 am
you might say, well, how was she to know that her sister was going to be in the mall in las vegas, i was meeting her, that's what i was doing in the mall. i know. >> in your last book, i feel bad about my neck was all about getting older. why did you want to go back to that theme? >> you know, weirdly enough, that was about oh, the neck, right, i'm so nostalgic about the days when all i felt bad about was my neck. because sometime in your 60s, it changes and there are other things to feel bad about and one is that you are literally losing your mind, you look okay, you seem to be normal. >> but you're not. >> but your entire life is slowly slipping away and you're so who horrified by the things you do remember. the things -- i met eleanor roosevelt, i met her.
8:48 am
ask me what she was like? >> what was she like? >> i have no idea what she was like. >> what was she wearing? >> i have no idea. there were drapes, this i remember. >> you remember there were drapes in the room. >> there were drapes and i got lost on the state park way. these are the things that are stuck in my head. >> why do you want to share this? because obviously you're light hearted about it as well. there's a message here, isn't there? >> i would like to share while i canhearted about it. but there's a lot written about getting older when you look at it and you go, are they crazy, when they say it's the best time of your time, et cetera, et cetera. it's a little more complicated than that. so i thought it would be fun to write about. >> you do remember that you've been married three times, and your last marriage is a keeper, so people sort of associate you with divorce. >> i think i do too, i do
8:49 am
believe that marriages come and go, but divorce is forever? and that really if i had to identify myself for a huge part of my life, even after i was happily remarried, i would say i'm divorced. i think that happens when you have kids and it's just a fact. there's no slot on the census sheet to quite describe what you are. there's single, there's married, but that thing, divorced but perhaps remarried, there's nothing quite like that. >> will you remember this after? >> i hope so. i will definitely remember your coat. >> i'm memorizing your outfit, black. nora ephron, the book is "i remember nothing and other reflecti reflections." coming up we
8:50 am
8:51 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> she is the pint-sized singer with a very grown up voice. 10-year-old jackie evancho won fan following when she appeared on "america's got talent."
8:52 am
jackie, it is great to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. >> have you had any time to relax over the last several months? or have you been going nonstop? >> i've been going nonstop. it's actually very, very fun for me because i'm doing something that i like. >> what was your reaction when you finally were accepted for that program? >> well, my reaction was oh, my gosh, that's amazing. >> was it a bit of nerves? >> yes. >> i have to tell you something secret, i was eavesdropping on you this morning, you were rehearsing and i was listening and it still is hard for me to listen to this voice coming out of this little girl. do people still find themselves shocked by your voice? >> yes, a lot of times people do find themselves shocked. >> i know you love this kind of music. what's on your ipod? what kind of music do you listen
8:53 am
to? >> i listen to pop and all that stuff. >> do you have a favorite artist? >> i have several, one is lady gaga. >> okay, are you going to change for us now? >> uh-huh. >> ladies and gentlemen, jackie evancho. ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
>> again, the album is called "oh, hy night" and comes out next tuesday. jackie, thank you so much.
8:56 am
good morning. time 8:56. checking in with mike, the latest on your commute through oakland. >> 880 northbound, you'll see things slowing down past the
8:57 am
coliseum, typical pre-9:00 slowing. but the southbound side has really been an issue heading all the way down through flremont. continuing south through fremont and down towards mission boulevard, a problem all morning . also in t pal palo alto. more news after will. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer o
8:58 am
hire tuition may be in store for some bay area college students. only trustees will vote to raise tuition by $100 for the rest of the school year, which is a 5% increase. and then tuition could jump another $440 in the fall. in the uc system, the board
8:59 am
president wants to raise due i go by more than $800. the regents will vote on that fee hike later on this month. another update in half an hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. california voters saw through a lot of the high priced hype this election, but not all. nbc bay area believes the initiative process has to change. i'm suzanne shaw. you viewers shared your frustration with us. why is this on the ballot? we already passed this law. and you're right. the initiative system approved 100 year ago give citizens the power to bring law and fight government corruption has been on many fronts taken away from the little guy and taken over by big money. today we have multinational
9:00 am
corporations writing california law. not for the people, but for themselves. with a new governor and a revamped legislature headed back to sacramento, now is the time to call for full transparency, so voters know who stands to gain from each measure. we hope you'll share your ideas with us at nbc we're back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning, it's the 9th day of november, 2010. turning into a beauty here in the northeast, blue skies, a little wind, temperature about 43 degrees, or 45 degrees, it's nice now and we thank these people for sticking around. out on the plaza is, i'm matt lauer along with natalee morales and al roker. do you guys still believe in the five-second rule? >> absolutely.
9:01 am
>> anyway, does the five-second rule make sense? how germy is the gym? some of the questions we're going to be responding to in this half hour. the children of michael jackson speak out, in their first interview since their father's death. paris, prince and blanket told oprah winfrey why michael was the greatest dad in the world and we're going to hear highlights from that interview. plus tony robbins calls himself a peak performance strategist. we could all use one of those every now and again. he's got strategies to helping you beat the holiday grief. >> lock yourself in a room for a month. ann is standing by at the news desk. good morning once again, everybody, in the news, president obama is enjoying a long-awaited homecoming arriving at his boyhood home in indonesia today. he said western and muslim nations like the u.s. and
9:02 am
indonesia must do more to build bridges between people of differing beliefs so relations are not dominated by terrorism and security concerns. the president may have to leave indonesia earlier an expected because of an erupted volcano, snarling air traffic and forcing a million people to flee their homes. an investigation into this summer's bp oil disaster finds that bp did not sacrifice safety for financial gains. they could not find a single incident of a action that was done to save money. a megaliner is stalled detd in the water 150 miles south of san diego. passengers have no air conditioning or telephones. it's being towed to a nearby
9:03 am
mexican port. documents dating back to 2004 show the u.s. government rejected proposals to tighten cargo security as being too costly. cholera has now reached haiti's capital city. the disease has previously stayed in the country side where it killed at least 554 people in haiti and sickened more than 8,000 people. health officials are now investigating more than 120 cholera cases in port-au-prince. elizabeth smart testifies for a second day today in salt lake city. on monday she recounted the horror of her abduction at knife point when she was a teenager. now 23. a connecticut man faces the death penalty after he was convicted of murdering a woman and her two daughters. a jury voted unanimously to
9:04 am
apply the death sentence. a world war i fighter bomber is back on dry land. it slid from the uss wolverine in 1953. it's in surprisingly good condition, even the instruments and the cockpit are still in tact. it is now four minutes past the hour, lur, let's go back outsid matt and al. >> extraordinary stuff there, al. thank you very much, mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> still got some marathoners sticking around, we appreciate th. there's that low pressure system bringing rain to coastal new england. another system moving in the pacific northwest, bringing wind and rain there, snow throughout the western rockies, the
9:05 am
cascades. in the upper mississippi river valley, we'll see some sunshine. this young lady skipped school and now you can't spell, just like that, in one day it all just kind of leaked out. it happens to us all the time. well, the story of the morning is patchy frost in a few spots. by the evening, a chance of showers in the north bay. temperatures in the 50s north of the golden gate, 60s further south. increasing clouds and chance of showers later on that will take mus to tonight, tomorrow morning we should start to clear out, then high pressure building in means not only just some sunshine, but warmer temperatures. 70s coming back to the bay area as we head toward the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. inside to natalee now. "today's" healthy home is
9:06 am
brought to you by clorox. help stop germs with clorox disinfecting products. >> there's lots of talk about germs and bacteria, but is all the talk true? dr. raj, good morning. germs we try to avoid them, because we don't want to catch anything out there. but let's talk about the myths. there are a lot of myths right? >> it's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to germs. the first fact, put something on the toilet seat, if you sit on it, you could catch something. >> nobody likings to see a dirty public seat, but the truth is you're really not going to catch any stds.
9:07 am
what it's touching is the skin of your thighs, nothing really internal. urine is actually sterile, so it doesn't have any bacteria. chances are you're going to have more likely catching something from the toilet paper, because when you flush, it actually sprays germs all over the toilet paper. in general, you just want to wash your hands very carefully after you use a public toilet. >> what about toothbrushes, a lot of people, there that's myth if you leave a toothbrush exposed. >> people worry about toothbrushes exposed and catching things in the air. it's really not a big deal. >> wearing foot socks in a public shower will help protect your feet from germs. >> the shower is probably the worst part of it because stagnant water really attracts
9:08 am
germs, mold, fun gug, everything. yes they protect the bottom of your feet, but if you're stepping into a pool of water or a puddle, which you often see in a public shower, it's not going to protect you at all. avoid the shower, don't step in any puddles and actually the walls to the shower don't have any germs. i think the safest bet is to wait until you get home. >> next myth is commonly known as the five-second rule. and those of us who are moms and dads, we live by the five-second rule, if it hit the ground and it didn't stay down there long enough to get any germs. >> if it hits the ground for one second, it can have germs. you've been walking on the sidewalk, then you walked into your home. anything from germs, bacteria,
9:09 am
fungus, one second is enough for it to latch on to that food. wash it very carefully or just throw it out. >> all right, sorry. many air travel -- and a lot of people think about air travel, and they think that the stagnant air in the plane, as it recycles, it's got to be just a haven for whatever is going around, is that true? >> the air on airplanes is recycl recycled, but it's recycled through a filter. it's actually better than the air rebreathe in most office buildings. however you are in close quarters with someone who may be sick. you want to be careful of all the surfaces, the tray table, the armrest. the seat belt. take some cleaning cloths and just wipe down everything when you get there. another comment is that you can keep your kitchen counters germ free by scrubbing them with soap right afterwards.
9:10 am
>> people use a lot of sponges, and sponges are not great, because they actually hold on to things like raw meat juices and crumbs. you want to use an anti-bacterial wipe, just using a sponge is not enough. sponges can spread more germs. if you do want to use a sponge, soak it in bleach water for a few hours. >> can you really catch something on the makeup counter? >> you actually can. you have to be most careful about eye makeup and lipstick, these are touching our mucous membranes, the moist part of our bodies can bring in germs. you can get conjunctivitis. try it with -- >> dr. raj, as always, thanks so
9:11 am
much. coming up, we're going hear how the children of michael jackson are now coping and what they remember most about their famous dad more than a year after his death. but up next, joy's diet s.o.s., answers to your nutrition questions including some simple steps when you're starting a new diet. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us.
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may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., joy bauer registered dietitian. the question is why do men lose weight faster than women.
9:15 am
christy in wayne, pennsylvania for you. >> my husband and i are specifically eating low fat dairy products but we now realize that the fat foods tastes a whole lot better. >> we hear your son in the background. >> you have a whole sort of dairy theme going on this morning. kids up into the age of 2 do need full fat dairy, because they need the extra calories and fat for growth. but it's really worth your while to keep skim milk, low fat milk and nonfat unflavored -- long
9:16 am
story short, i'm so sorry, i know it tastes rich and delicious to you, you should continue with what you're doing, you and your husband should stick, for the most part with the low fat dairy. >> you could splurge? >> you can splurge on full fat cheese and splurge on ice cream once in a while, but keep the high fat things out of the house. >> good morning, erica. >> caller: good morning. i want to get back on healthy eating, i want to know if you have some simple manageable things i can do to get started. >> the simple things you can do with the biggest health return is going to be in incorporate a produce item in every single meal. you could stuff vegetables in --
9:17 am
even pile lettuce and tomato on your sandwich. and with dinner, start with a salad or a soup and then have some sort of sauteed vegetables on the side. and nix the sugary beverages and drink water instead. >> we finally have a viewer email, this one is from abigail. she writes my husband and i started a weight loss program at the same time but he's lost twice as much as i have so far. i'm really getting discouraged. is this true, we always hear men lose weight faster than women, true or false? >> it's true, because thanks to testosterone, men have more muscle than women. and muscle burns more fat. if you're a woman, you don't want to compare your weight loss to a male friend's.
9:18 am
what i would say is stop yourself every time you try to compare your own progress with somebody else's instead revel in your own accomplishments, maybe you run a mile, maybe you don't eat after a fight with your husband. >> itthey fight about losing mo weight than she did. and coming up, from grit s down south, how date of birthto educated food consumer. or severe plaque psoriasis stelarae with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections, like tuberculosis,
9:19 am
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our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start. michael jackson's kids are
9:22 am
breaking their silence after a new school and friends. >> reporter: the kids are amazingly cute and they have really gotten big in the past year as you can see. two of them go to school right in this area in los angeles and they talk openly about making new friends at school, their fears, their dreams and what they miss most about their dad, michael jackson. the jackson kids as we have never seen them before, paris, prince and blanket speaking frankly with oprah. >> i feel like nobody understands what a great father he was. i would say he was the best cook ever. >> he was just a normal dad. >> actually the best dad ever. >> more than a year after michael's sudden death, they seem to be adjusting rather well, living with their grandmother katharine, surrounded by their cousins, going to the movies this past
9:23 am
weekend, taking vacations together and visiting an amazement park. remember the infamous masks? now prince and paris go to class out in the open with other kids at the buckley school in l.a. >> i guess i'm just nervous. >> about? >> everything they said, who's new, raise your hands and a lot of kids raised their hands. >> but then you felt better, didn't you feel better? how do kids react to who you are? >> she didn't know until we went on extra. >> then what did she say? >> she didn't care. >> then there ee's 10-year-old blanket, he's shy, but his older brother and sister were happy to
9:24 am
talk. >> i would like to be an actress. >> really? >> are you going to like study it? take it seriously? >> i sometimes do improv. >> really? where? >> i used to do it with my dad. >> oprah reached back into michael's troubleded childhood, including accusations of physical abuse at the hands of his father joe. >> you might as well admit it, that's the way black people raise their children, he used a strap. >> he used a strap? >> reporter: katherine jackson was ask during that interview, do you think michael was murdered by conrad murray, she said i can't accuse him of murder, but she also said she's not sure whether michael's death
9:25 am
was accidental or intentional. dr. conrad was charged with manslaughter and he has pled not guilty. we have got tony robbins on how to beat the blues, especially when the holidays are coming up. and in "today's" kitchen, we have got some recipes. and all through the house... whoa, that's grandma. [ grandma ] ...nothing was stirring, not kara, not maya... how does she do that? magic. [ grandma ] ...grandma loves you. [ both ] goodnight, grandma. [ female announcer ] be there to read them a story every night. read it to me again. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. this christmas, make it wonderful at your hallmark gold crown store.
9:26 am
everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. a couple minutes before 9:30. hopefully the commute is smooth. >> finally starting to, yeah. no major accidents for much of the morning, but we've finally just seen the speeds get out of the red zone if towards the yellow. so we're looking at 40s where you see the yellow. 85 also slow, but it's all moving and that's the good news. moving much better 880 southbound still pretty slow heading through fremont, but
9:27 am
northbound better the last half hour. highway 13 still close to 20 miles an hour. here's robin with your forecast. >> good morning around the bay area a chilly start to the morning and we're seeing some sun for now, but we'll see clouds filling on in for the afternoon and highs today in the 60s mainly south of san jose. we'll call for 50s around the north bay where the clouds will fill in after the school tart to the morning and we will see an increasing chance of showers later on in the day, the system dropping in on us mainly towards the evening and tonight and for wednesday, we start to clear out and then we see high pressure building in with warming and drying ahead p.
9:28 am
a flood ofs last minute provisional ballots has the oakland's mayor race still on hold. they put off announcing a winner yesterday because it is taking more time than expected to count all the balance ballots.
9:29 am
there wasn't a clear majority which is needed to win. second and third choice were counted, but there are still more 20 be counted and a strategy of anybody but could have why n. to play. >> the consequences are something we've never seen before in california. >> so we may not know who will become the oakland mayor until the end of the week and it may not be the person most people rooted for. mole lo more local news in a half hour.
9:30 am
♪ doorbells and slay bells ♪ wild case of fly with the moon on her wings ♪ >> "the sound of music" is one of our favorite things, our favorite musicals of all time. tomorrow our hills are coming alive because julie andrews and all the kids in the cast are going to be reuniting live right here on "today."
9:31 am
>> and you climbed that hill? >> actually i twirled on the hill and i actually took the "sound of music" bus tour. and you're singing songs and going to all of the locations. it's a lot of fun. i can't wait until tomorrow. meantime, coming up now on this half hour of the broadcast, at of people are going through some difficult times and if you're dreading these times and also specifically the holidays, we have got tony robbins in the house. he's here with his guidelines on how to deal with the blues, avoid them and find a happier way of living. i if you like to eat like a local when you travel, we're going to tell you how to get the best meals in america's favorite cities.
9:32 am
speaking of food, it is my season and whether it's thanksgiving, christmas or just a plain old tuesday night, who doesn't love a slice of home made pie? we have got some great recipes from adam rapaport. >> on my daughter's birthday, she said she didn't want a birthday cake, she wanted birthday pie. let's get a check of the weather. >> and it's going to be a little bit soggy in the pacific northwest, with some winds there, rain along the new england coast, we have got sunshine along the gulf, tomorrow showers lingering along the northeastern new england coastlines, otherwise showers in the pacific northwest, wed weather along the gulf good morning. around the bay area, a chilly start to the morning and we're seeing sun for now, but we'll see clouds filling on in for the afternoon and highs today in the 60s mainly south of san jose. we'll call for 50s away the
9:33 am
north bay where the clouds will fill in after the cool start to the morning and we will see an increasing chance of showers later on in the day. this system dropping in on us mainly towards the evening and tonight and then for wednesday, we start to clear out and then we see high pressure building in with some warming and drying ahead. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, motivation for beating the holiday blues right after this. because toyota developed this software that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer. then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world? learn how to share your ideas at
9:34 am
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♪ i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet. [ female announcer ] new tide with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift these tiddetergrgents. for many social examine expectations and family dynamics make for a stressful holiday season. we have got tony robbins who's going to give us some tips. it's nice to see you now here at this moment, as this nation is dealing with so many worries. >> 15 million people really out of work and it's a lot more than
9:37 am
that when you look at people that are underemployed and all the stress that happens. in the holidays, 2/3 of women are prone to depression. >> what's your advice to stay positive, be uplifted even happy in difficult times? >> people say the blues is two emotions, it's either stress or that sadness. they're both coming from expectations. we all have a story about how life is supposed to be, how you're supposed to treat me, how my family is supposed to treat me. we all -- as corny as it sounds, you're going to get real and you've got to stay real with what's really going on. we have had such inflated expectations of how our lives are supposed to be. get perspective by knowing that half the planet lives on $2 a day. so whatever problem you're dealing with, no matter how
9:38 am
severe it may be, maybe it's time to sit the kids down and say this is what the holidays are all about. it's not about eating and giving gifts. so that's one. the second thing is, use the environment around you, people forget the power of things like movement and music. research and science shows now people change the way they feel by eating, they do it by drugs. physical movement changes, for example depression has a tempo. when somebody's depressed, they talk real differently, their shoulders drop, their body drops. so simple things like i'm going to work out three times a week, i'm going to run, i'm going to lift, i'm going to do something i would never would have done. music moves us, people earlier when they watched jackie, people kind of picked up. you got to pick music that will
9:39 am
uplift you. you're going to say what's going to drive me? i had some friends who went to the original titanic opening. a few weeks later, i said why are you so sad all the time? they've been listening to the music in their cars. you have to have an attitude of gratitude. you need to say what am i grateful for, this is a season where people need heppe and with all of these people that are out of work, it's never been worse in the united states, at least not in 80 years. my family when i was 11 years old, they had no money, no food. and somebody came, to this day i tonight know who it was, but it changed my entire life. they brought us a turkey. i didn't just s-when i was 17,
9:40 am
said i got to do this for two families and then it's four, and then it's eight. 33 years later, now we feed 2 million people. if you're in the toughest time of your life, the last thing you want to do is help somebody else that's worse off. there's nothing that will remind you that i've got it better than i think, and i'm made for giving, not just getting or receiving or making things happen. if you go to, you can do this with no money. you can bring your kids and do it. i brought my kids who are 5 and 6 years old. and to this day, he's hooked on contribution. it's part of his life. >> when you're, you know, struggling because you haven't had a job in months. >> yes. >> when you can't pay your mortgage and you're facing foreclosure and you're under so much stress from that, is saying
9:41 am
to people listen to nice music and take a walk and maybe do something for somebody else, do you really think for those peop peop people -- >> you got to get physical, i've been in this place, i slept in my car, i was in a trench coat i got from the thrift store. i went to the library and i fed my mind by reading biographies of people. because if you don't feed your mind, what's going to be there is not going to serve you. i worked out like a banshee, i was fat, i finally got so mad i did it. but when you work out, there's something that turns on you in physically, a different level of energy. and i thought who i'm not sayin light way, i'm saying all the
9:42 am
rest of us, the 85% of us, 95% of us with jobs, to whom much is given, much is expected. just do one little thing for some other person. we have got lots more coming up including howo t ben educated foodie when you hit the road. keurig has over 200 varis of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. ♪ fresh butter taste ♪ yes, that's here ♪ no hydrogenated oils ♪ so there's no trans fats here ♪
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9:45 am
cranberries are the ninja fruit. wh-wh-whoa! ocean spray -- tastes good, good for you. like the cranberry, the pomegranate is a superfruit, prized since ancient times. he would know. [ snickering ] also available in light and diet. regional can yuisine is -- his new book, america the edible. he spills the beans on how you too can be a savvy food traveler. you travel all around, if you distill it down, you've got some tips for us, but what's the one thing you've learned that has held you in good stead in traveling across the country when it comes to food?
9:46 am
>> one thing is always go out your comfort zone, travel in and of itself takes you out of your comfort zone. but it's very easy to fall into the same pattern. go to the ethnic neighborhoods, the china towns, the little italys, the places you don't go when you're home. >> because you're traveling. >> right. even just talking to locals you wouldn't ordinarily talk to. >> you say use social media, you got it, you're on facebook, you're twittering, why not use those? >> especially if there's a city where there's a tremendous university population, or a forward thinking very tech savvy population, you know there's people going to be talking about their favorite bars and restaurants. >> you say talk to the local, but pick the right local. >> if you go to a place, they have told -- sometimes, there's a little bit of a reciprocal
9:47 am
relationship that a -- some palms are getting greased. >> i know a guy who knows a guy who gets you a pizza, exactly. talk to the people that are the salt of the earth and the real life blood of the city. talk to the municipal parking lot attendants, talk to the bellhops. >> talk to one of the maids or the porters. >> those are people like in maryland, a crab cake is not a regional dish, it's a taste of home. >> and farmers markets? >> first of all, it's going to be local produce, local livestock, and more often than not tchefs are going to be ther. >> they do train the mice to probe things out. now you also talked about going outside of your comfort zone, but, you know, is it important to have a strong sense of
9:48 am
adventure? >> absolutely. absolutely. i think taking that walk on the wild side, obviously you make smart and savvy choices when you're in a new city, a new environment. but you have to pretend that you are an explorer, i do think there is an element of being like a culinary conquistador that you have to embrace. because if you keep eating on the same variations of what you usually eat, you're not seeing the horizons. >> and the fact is, you can actually travel in your own hometown by going outside of your comfort zone. it could be right under your own nose? >> i'm a brooklyn boy born and bread. whether it's going to the red hook ball field and seeing the amazing variety of foods there, going to sunset park and having a phenomenal chinese experience, it's really about embracing the
9:49 am
other and taking a risk. >> adam, thank you so much. >> again, a great book, "america the deedible." . and coming up, any time of the diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
9:50 am
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9:51 am
don't be big tobacco's next victim. this morning in "today's" kitchen, it really can be easy as pie. adam rapaport is here with two recipes that will leave your friends and families wanting more. adam, congratulations, big move, you have gone from ties to pies? >> i've traded in my skinny ties for an apron. >> and this is going pack to your roots? >> i actually started out as a restaurant writer as a young man
9:52 am
now i'm going full circle. >> you're going to make some fall favorites? >> we're making fall favorites and i think one thing people are afraid of is home made pie crusts. we're making graham cracker crust, what everyone loves and could not be easier. you take the melted butter, you pour it in there, you can buy a box of graham crackers that are already crumbed or you can put it in a blender. you're going to take that, pour it into a pie plate. you have to pack it down, with the measuring cup. you're going to throw that in the oven, bake it in the oven for about ten minutes at 350. you're getting your cinnamon, your nutmeg and all of your gel
9:53 am
tans. >> this is the only cook involved? >> this is the only cooking involved. you don't want scrambled eggs, so the minute it's thick, it's done. pumpkin filling, not pumpkin pie filling. you're going to mix that in. this is about a cup and a half. so you're going to incorporate that. what you do is, you put it in a bowl, you put it in the refrigerator so it's cool, very simply done. so you've got the pumpkin pie. >> this is pumpkin mousse or the pumpkin chiffon pie. there's three eggs and three egg yokes. you're going to take a little bit of this from here and fold it in. so it's going to incorporate that, until it just starts to incorporate. and then, as we say, you're
9:54 am
going to fold, you don't want to overbeat it. you don't want to beat it up, you just want to nice and gently working without it necessarily -- you want it to be airy and moussy and foamy. >> and you put this back in the fridge? >> i'm trying to incorporate it. you get the idea. you're going to pour it in the graham cracker crust which has come out of the oven and is cooled. so that's it, you give it a little swirl. you can freeze it the night before and you take it out about an hour or two before the meal. where did these guys come from? >> you've got over here, the cheese cake? >> a maple cheese cake, you've got you have cream cheese, we're going to add some reduced maple
9:55 am
syrup for that fall flavoring. you don't have to put all of it in. that gives it a nice fall flavor. you're going to do that, you're going to lift it up, you open it, you pour this in. this is very easy to bake. this you do bake at about an hour and a half at 300 degrees. next you've got the pan. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
9:56 am
good morning. it's 9:56.
9:57 am
let's start with mike. >> we have a motorcycle accident, so a spectators slowing. it's a sport bike about that reports are that three lanes blocked, medical attention going on there and an ambulance soon to arrive on the scene slowing for the last 15 minutes add to go the backup. but notice this is just south of mission boulevard, so this will affect you coming over from 680, as well. still throw on the peninsula both directions of 101 between 40 and 50 miles an hour. no rob has a look at your forecast. >> a fairly cool afternoon. should see numbers in the 50s to near 60 especially around san jose, but the warming will be cut off by clouds spilling into the north bay. areas in the north bay may see some showers as early as the evening commute. tomorrow we clear out and then
9:58 am
we warm up for veterans day all the wae through the upcoming weekend about. today oakland city leaders will take up a controversial program that would head just about anybody have i.d. cards. it's loosely based on i.d. card program. it opens the door to people who might otherwise not be able to get state or federal identification. it will allow them to open bank accounts, establish credit and access other city and county services. some oakland neighbors say monitoring this will be a burden to the city, though it may actually be run by an outside agency. a free health clinic opening in san francisco today will help provide health care to more than 100,000 workers who are currently uninsured. it's called clinic by the bay. the doors open this morning. the clinic will provide primarily preventive medical care, dental, health cleaning, it's based on a successful
9:59 am
community approach to health care that brings together retired doctors, nurses and trained volunteers to provide the free medical visit. more local news in a half hour.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. thanks for being with us. it is booze day. yes you made it to tuesday, november 9th. >> you made it to this desk this morning, which is shocking. >> i want a little respect for this. i almost -- i don't know how i got through last night.
10:01 am
we were shooting something for this -- it will be on this friday, something called trading places, where hoda lives my life for a day -- >> which involves luxury and -- it is the best. go on. >> and i live hoda's, which does not. in a nut shell. >> how was your evening? >> my evening -- i literally do not know how to describe it. let me just tell you what we did. while you were having a nice candle lit dinner with frank in the country with the dogs. >> and the massage. >> i ate at arthur's restaurant, it is fun it beautiful. and down below is a dance area. >> familiar with it. >> i'm with rob shuter who has one way he talks and it is this loud and it is like this. >> right. >> and i love the guy, but he's funny. all right, then melissa, our senior producer here, who is apparently -- has been living a double life for a long time,
10:02 am
there was a little lap action, that's all i'm telling you. >> oh, no. >> i didn't know she, you know, but apparently she does. then next to her -- >> who? >> was anthony mackey. >> mackey. who had to come because i'm living your life and his a long time crush on you, the older woman. >> why did you say that? you could have ended it at crush. he had a long time crush on you. >> he makes a huge thing about the fact that he loves older women, cougar town is his favorite show. >> oh, really? >> so i don't know, i cannot tell you really what time it ended. but the last thing i remember i was literally upside down and being thrashed around a dance floor for, like, a rag doll. >> oh, my god. i can't wait for this piece to air. i can't wait. >> the crazy thing, i started to like it. >> i figured you did. got your groove on. >> all right. it felt good on my neck. so i don't know. it was craziness.
10:03 am
>> this is going to air this friday. >> you have to see it on friday. >> while you were busy living my life, i was doing a couple of things. number one, i listened to our viewers when they complain about something, i pay attention. >> i don't. >> here's what apparently the issue was yesterday. i was holding up something, the ihome, and the nails were nasty. >> they're ratty, no question. >> rattiness. so what, everyone has the issue every now and then. >> no, we don't. >> you don't have to circle every one, i get it. we get it, they're not great. i got a manicure yesterday. here was the frustrating thing, matt was interviewing president bush and i wanted to watch it. i again, with cable issues, i had my remote and pushing the power button and it wasn't coming on. i called the cable people and said what's wrong with the thing. they made me do what they did last time, push the three buttons, it is two minutes to 8:00, i'm getting upset, the thing is starting, the cable is not working, so i go, please, tell me,000 turn it on in the other room, they're going to fix
10:04 am
this one. do you know on those remotes there are two power buttons, a tv, cable, auxiliary. >> it is too much. >> you can't just turn on -- i said, please tell me how to turn on the tv. the man goes, just hit the power. i was literally so frustrated, it was 8:20 before something -- why can't they make a -- they can come up with everything. a remote you hit on and the tv goes on and you hit off and it goes off. and the volume. >> up and down. >> how about you don't -- i had to get up and physically do it on my tv. >> wait, you had to get up? >> that's what happens. >> no. >> what's wrong with the remotes. there are 8 million buttons and nothing works. the cable people are coming to you today? tell him him to come to me after because mine's a mess the. there was beautiful music coming from down here today. this young girl, you saw on "america's got talent," the girl who sings like a dream. >> she's 10 years old. >> jackie evancho.
10:05 am
let's just listen for a second. ♪ she was runner up, hard to believe she didn't win, right? >> she came downstairs to say hello to me. very, very sweet of her. and after last night, my voice is shot. >> yes. >> so i said, don't live the way i lived my life with the drinking and the cigarettes and the sailors, just don't do it. god's given you a gift and he expects you to take care of it. >> she's 10. >> she looked at me like -- >> she's 10. >> cigarettes and sailors? >> she's going to be with us. >> her mother was horrified. >> what are you doing? why did you do that? >> if you had the kind of night i had, you would do it too. >> see what i'm saying? did you like it? did you like it? >> i don't know if i have more
10:06 am
respect for you now or less. honestly. it is quite the life you live. they tell me you're a regular there on mondays and thursdays. >> not every monday and thursday, sometimes. >> if you want to talk to hoda about all these things, you're going to do a chat today. >> a live chat, go to and click on how you do, and then i'll be on the other end with my hands on the keyboard, manicured nails on the keyboard and i'll be talking back and forth, any questions you have 11:15 eastern >> here is the thing about it, i understand not having the time, you've been crazy, working your buns off with your book and everything else. but i understand that it takes an hour or so to get a manicure. it takes three seconds to get the sally hansen stuff and take off the offending paint. then you just have a nice clean nail. come on. >> i know. but they weren't filed. they looked bad. sometimes what i do, my alternative is i put band-aids on the ones which -- wait. no, no, no.
10:07 am
>> are you serious? she went to book signings with band-aids over her fingers because she didn't want to people she had chipped nails. >> just two. just on two. >> it is call an emory board and sally hansen polish remover. but now that i've seen your apartment yesterday -- >> hey, hey, hey. >> i understand why you can't find the sally hansen. >> let me tell you the problem there, real quick, i don't have a chest of drawers yet so things are in bags. >> they sure are. >> today i was looking for a sweatshirt and i wanted to shoot myself. >> thank you for leaving a few unmention unmentionalable items out for me to find. >> why? what was out? what was out? i didn't -- >> disgusting socks. >> oh. >> and spanx inside out on the floor. >> that's what happens when you take off spanx. they're inside out. all right. so here's some good news for us. >> see it all on friday. >> yes, you will. so the queen of england has her own facebook page. >> who does she think she is,
10:08 am
the queen of england? >> the new royal family book. there is a new book out called "behind the palace walls." we'll talk to the author later. the queen has her own facebook page. here is good news for us. she has 159,093 fans and climbing. we have 156,934. so we're in the running with the queen. here is the thing, though, you can't poke the queen. she says no to poking and no to -- can you friend her? >> no. >> you can't friend her. >> you can't wall her. >> you can poke us. >> this is another reason i'm so glad i don't have to. >> you tweet, though. you tweet. >> christine tweets for me. and rob says i tweet you every day and you never talk back to me. you never tweet me back. >> does he know that you don't even do any of that? >> he knows that. he's funny. he's a looney tunes. i love him. >> a nut, nut, nut.
10:09 am
>> what else? >> go on, you're doing this one. >> oh, the family jewels? >> yeah. >> this is new research, though i thought i heard something about this before. you know the laptops people use, new research, guys, could we -- >> hello. >> who's over there? is it rob shuter. laptops release warmage that can overheat the testicles within 15 minutes. it is called -- what is it called? it is an interesting name. what is it? spermal hypothermal, something like that. >> anyway, don't leave your laptop -- >> testicular heating up stuff. >> a lot of people do that, on the train or on the subway or sitting at a coffee shop, just put it on their lap. >> what does it do to our ovaries? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> it is research for men. >> always. >> always. >> they'll find out, they don't care what it does to our ovaries. >> it is always about the guys. have you noticed too, i was in the building the other day and either it is super cold inside again --
10:10 am
>> our new building or here? >> you need a coat on and the guys are comfortable in their suits, we're freezing. >> not me. >> if you guys -- this is the double trouble contest, the last day. we need to get your pictures in. if you think you are like kathie lee and me, here's deborah fisher's, she is from indiana. she says she looks like kathie lee after a couple of glasses of wine. >> isn't that cute? >> nice. okay. all right. maria from boca, florida, says the biggest compliment that she gets -- >> oh, my gosh. >> people telling her she looks like you. wait a minute. i'm sorry. oh, yeah. >> okay. >> and her hair too is similar. >> it is similar. >> very similar. >> all right, we'll have a whole lot of fun with you ladies. >> the contest ends today at 2:00. >> get your photos in. >> all righty. >> is that it? are we done? >> i think that's it. >> can we squeeze in the -- hold on, we have to do our props. you need another layer of clothes to put on. >> i can't do it. it's too much. >> this is if you have low rise
10:11 am
jeans and don't want stuff hanging out -- >> they don't make the other kind anymore. you have to get the low rise jeans almost. >> i know, i know. you put this on around your waist. come on up. here's kirstie. hi, kirstie. she has the thing on under. you wear -- that's it? it gives you an extra lay, a little color and -- >> my sweater already has the top, i didn't need a full cammi so -- >> look at you. do you like it? >> i do. >> you don't mind putting one more thing on? >> it is easier, though. >> it is easier. >> okay. and you don't get the plumber crack. >> yeah. that's a good thing. nobody wants that. >> i was at a restaurant the other day and we were sitting outside and the guy's -- just right in your view, thank you, honey, where you can't but look at it and he's leaning over and having a heck of a time and just cracked me up. anyway, we're going to look at the weird photos you sent in and made us go what? >> all right, and look who's
10:12 am
here. poison's bret michaels. he was making all the noise over there. >> natalie, what's going on over there? ♪ no hydrogenated oils ♪ so there's no trans fats here ♪ ♪ whoa... ♪ turn the tub around ♪ talking about nutrition [ female announcer ] "i can't believe it's not butter" has 70% less saturated fat than butter and no hydrogenated oils, so there's no trans fat. "i can't believe it's not butter," butter taste, better health. "i can't believe it's not butter," i am rachel. i was given a bounce dryer bar and asked to try it out and then answer a few questions. the biggest thing was that it's effortless. you stick it and forget it. by not putting in the dryer sheet, it's one less thing that i have to do. it's one less thing that i have to do. naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors
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10:15 am
♪ that was now this is then ♪ >> are you ready to rock? bret michaels is a rock 'n' roll legegend since the glam metal ds and he's still touring and making music. >> and the star of the reall the show "bret michaels: life as i know it," a look at his life raising his two little girls with their mother and his girlfriend. you look great. how are you feeling, by the way? >> all things considered this year, i feel pretty good. it is like you said, if you took a year in your life and said this is the height of raising all that money for diabetes, winning apprentice, it has been a great year professionally, but medically, you know, it has been
10:16 am
a -- probably been the worst year of my life. >> you have another surgery coming up in january that involves a hole in your heart which i was unaware of. >> when i got out of the hospital, after i had the hemorrhage, and i was doing some stuff, i had a tia, a warning stroke, and all this stuff, in a billion years, i would never expect any of this, right? and all of a sudden the whole left side of my body, mouth, left hand, wherever it lodges, everything on the left side went completely numb. went back to the emergency room and they did a bunch of tests, last one an ultrasound air bubble test where they take -- you're sitting there in the hospital going, doesn't air in your veins kill you? is this it? they pump this air into your vein, an ultrasound air bubble test and all the air goes into your lungs and all of a sudden a little hole -- i'm looking at my heart and boom, all this stuff went to the other side. and it went from that moment when there is about two people in the room kind of nonchalantly to all of a sudden about ten people and all looking and at that moment i tell you, i'm one of those guys that tries to stay
10:17 am
positive. but after everything that had happened, that one kicked me in the gut a little bit. >> this could be it. >> it was strange. >> what did you -- did you see your kids, your rock 'n' roll life thinking maybe this -- maybe it caused it? >> no, i had plenty of flashbacks of my life, but this wasn't one of them. i thought this is what happened to me, the night i had -- the night i had the hemorrhage, you know, you don't think about a lot because you're in so much pain. but i didn't have one of these things where i went through my life. i got really, really -- not depressed, but sad, they say bring your kids to the hospital, this could be it, you have a brain bleed, that's the moment life goes in perspective. i'm so happy to be here and living like i'm dying, enjoying life. >> you document a lot of your life, the highs and lows in this reality show. tell us why you wanted to do this. >> here's the truth. when we finished up, when i did "rock of love," had a lot of fun
10:18 am
doing the show, it was great, the girls made it fun, but i was trying to put my relationship and my life back together with christie. we love and respect each other, we're fantastic, but with the kids, reiain and georgia, but i had to make an effort to do it. it is tough because this is your sanctuary. and doing shows like this is -- let me tell you, everything i've ever done this is the toughest thing i've ever done because you're giving up a piece of the home life. but if you don't give people your unprotected reality it scripted and i don't want to do a scripted show. >> sounds like you've grown into a man. >> i think so. i've been working on it for years. finally happened. don't tell anybody. you'll wreck my image. >> you are still playing music, though, a lot, right? tell us what is coming up for me, musically, the new album is called "custom built," all i care about when i do the shows, my true love, professionally, my true love is music, without a doubt. out on the road, if you go to
10:19 am, you can catch every tour date. i've officially toured more this year than i've ever done in my life. i lovemaki making music. >> people are pulling for you. >> thank you for coming by. >> praying for you. coming up next, we'll show you the wild and wacky photos that made us say what? also ahead, she made us laugh, made us cry, watching the dyot heith cassidy "sleepless in seattle," "you've got mail," nora ephron is here with her latest project. so you think your kids are
10:20 am
getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? in a more delicious world, there would be more smoothness, more creaminess, more rich just-for-me-ness, more hershey's bliss-fulness. hershey's bliss. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss.
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10:22 am
all right, we're all excited about our new segment called what the what? >> we asked you to send in photos of anything strange or funny or weird that made you stop and say what? and sara haines has the wildest and weirdest of the bunch. >> we got some doozies in here. this will be a fun one. keep them coming. go to but the first one up we have got -- sent from ashley lucas
10:23 am
from mississippi. my own child in the potty. she's a stay at home mom and carter has been -- that works nicely, thank you. carter has been potty training for about a week, he came up and said he had to go to the bathroom, she was busy, she said go on in yourself. he didn't come out for a couple of minutes and that's what she found. no more unsupervised visits to the toilet. the next one was sent by mary helen from ringwood, new jersey herks caption . she was driving on the through way and couldn't help herself. >> that is what is wrong with our country as well. nobody caught that spelling. >> does no one spell check a sign? >> no one spells anymore. there is no -- nobody spells.
10:24 am
>> it is ridiculous. the next one is coming in from donna marie from ft. lauderdale, florida. her caption is long live the reading running man. she saw him a month after moving there and now she's moving again. her goal is to stop him and ask what, how, why, hello? >> he's reading and -- >> he does it all the time. he's famous among her friends. he reads when he runs every day. >> how can he do that? >> on the treadmill. >> it is not worth the risk of a fall. he trips, no. >> one more. >> this is my favorite guy. this is larry grove from wains borough, virginia, a fan and writing on our facebook wall forever. that's his dog harley. the caption is what the what is on that guy's shoulder. he's clocked in over 12,000 miles since may 2009. cnnod totehi m. harley is connected. >> okay. >> what is harley? >> harley is a little yorkie. >> a dog, okay. bobbie thomas has the buzz coming up. that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off.
10:25 am
neutrogena healthy skiliakqu mideup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics recommended most by dermatologists. they believe with olay you can challenge what's possible and gave us their good housekeeping seal. for smooth, firm, younger looking skin shape up in the shower with olay total effects body wash.
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but the love i have for strawberry shortcake, threw a curve at my curves. so i threw it right back... with yoplait light -- around 100 calories. now i love my curves in all the right places. ♪ 10:26. good morning, everyone. >> not so great morning for someone driving their motorcycle southbound on 880. told you about the accident involving a motorcycle and three lanes that were blocked just south of mission. you wi all lanes are open, but you see how slow it is down towards mission boulevard, past mission boulevard coming over from 680, this this is a problem, as well. consider heading further south and cutting over on callus boulevard because the rest of the south bay moving very clear.
10:27 am
oakland 880, a nice flow of traffic. and the bay bridge very light. no metering lights. good morning. our chilly start will be followed by a fairly cool afternoon. around lunchtime, should start seeing fifth and 60s. but our warming will be cut off by clouds spilling into the north bay. areas may see showers as eshl earlies as the evening commute. tomorrow we clear out and then we warm up for veterans day all the way lieu this upcongweek en
10:28 am
10:29 am
fbi agents have arrested 72 people connected to a child and teen prostitution ring in the bay area. the feds have been rounding up pinches and johns and prostitutes. they're also rescuing the children who were alledgedly forced in to sexual slavery here in the bay area. the sting was called operation cross-country. the goal is to rescue child victims and to prosecute those pin pin pimps and johns. governor schwarzenegger praised californians on the various props we voted on and then spoke for a minute about marijuana use in the golden state. >> i think the law should be
10:30 am
passed that makes it from a misdemeanor to an infraction. no one cares if you smoke a joint or not, but proposition 19 went a little bit too far i think. and it was written badly. >> you can check out the rest of the interview at "today" show continues next. you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance. >> i don't see that. >> you don't see that? waiter, i'll begin with the house salad but not the regular dressing. i'll have the balsamic vinegar and oil but on the side and the salmon with the mustard sauce but i want the sauce on the side. on the side is a very big thing for you. >> all right, we all know and love that classic movie "when harry met sally" but it might surprise you to learn that the inspiration for sally was the screenwriter nora ephron.
10:31 am
>> she is a director, journalist, novelist, list goes on and on and she's out with a new book called "i remember nothing and other reflections". >> that book is so funny. i was telling you before i read it the first day i got it and flew through it. you'll enjoy every word. and now i can't remember anything in it, but it was so funny. >> you've reached that time. >> we have reached that point where -- and the things that stick are so weird, you know? the things you remember are not the things you meant to remember at all. >> they're useless the things you remember. >> oh, yes. >> meeting eleanor roosevelt. >> meeting eleanor roosevelt. >> a big deal. >> a hugely big deal because she had been the idol of my home, the icon of my home and all i remember is there were drapes and i got lost on the way.
10:32 am
i don't remember anything. i don't remember anything. i was there for the beatles, i was there when the beatles came to america. i was writing about them. i could look up what i wrote, i suppose, and maybe it would refresh my memory, but i remember being at the ed sullivan show on probably the night the '60s began and i couldn't hear anything. and that's what i remember. i can't hear. >> what used to be senior moments are now google moments. >> yes. because you can take your mobile device, when everyone at the table has forgotten the name of that movie, which -- we're all doing, and you can take out your mobile device and google as close as you can get to that movie, right? jeremy irons, or something, and it gives you the illusion that you are not a geezer because you can use google.
10:33 am
>> and then everybody goes, oh, yeah. >> forget it. you're in trouble. >> reading the book is just like this conversation. that's the best part of the book. >> it is a weird thing to realize that you're kind of ready to write your memoirs because this is a book full of memoirs. and where is it? where, you know -- >> you have been busy. >> one of the things you think you're going to do, eventually i'll get older and i'll write -- eventually i'll get older and i'm going to read a lot. well, you can't see. eventually i'll get older and i'll travel, well, you can't walk. >> not for sissies, is it? >> and you sit down to write your memoirs and you remember nothing. >> i love that there are certain things you don't care to know anything about. the kardashians is on your list. >> yes. >> but it was genius. >> knno, i think you go along aa human being trying very hard to keep up. and i remember when e-mail came along, i knew it was a gauntlet.
10:34 am
i knew it was -- am i going to get -- am i going to -- and i did. i did, by god, i was there, i fell in love with it. and you sort of do very well for a while. and then something comes along and you go, i give up. i give up. and that's how i felt about twitter. >> twitter, yeah. >> i can't give up on the kardashians because the two youngest ones are my god children. >> is that true? >> yes. >> don't tell me. >> i need to get them off the stripper pole. as their godmother, i think that's important. but you do remember some serious things in the book as well. you remember the divorces. >> yes. >> you remember -- bittersweet stuff about your mother. >> i certainly remember obviously and i wanted to write about my mother and about -- about what it is like to have a problematical parent. who starts out one way and ends
10:35 am
up another way and it is so confusing if you are trying to sort out what -- what was this mother of mine? was she a good mother, a bad mother? >> she was your mother. >> she was my mother and she obviously taught me so much and yet, you know, it is that weird thing with alcoholic parents, it is a weird, weird experience. >> i think people will get so much out of this book. >> they'll love it. >> they'll enjoy it. i can't wait to reread it so i can remember what happens. >> great to see you. >> thank you, nora. coming up, the marriage of william and kate and other secrets revealed. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ?
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time for bobbie's style buzz. >> style your outfit right with tights. bobbie thomas is here to help us out to give our legs some extra love. >> what happened to yours. >> i picked the pair that would look look liike the most diffic wear to show that they can livan up a little black dress. i love hoizry. i have a bunch of styles to show
10:40 am
you. everybody thinks of spanx as a supportive garment which they have great ones but they have fantastic hoisery. it holds you in. it also has the sexy patterns. i love rebekah taylor's crystal tights from the runway. and then hue has great textured tights and in the back we love colors is a resource i love because they have every potential color in the rainbow you might ever want. >> and they come in all sizes. >> all sizes. >> those print ones are great, but what would you wear them with? >> that that's what i'm going tw you. >> let's get started. >> i have nancy and her daughter briele. i wanted to show this layering trend on the bottom half. lots of girls like briele will show off this leg layering trend are wearing a lot of knee high socks with the tights, the boots. >> they're cute. two separate things. >> no, on nancy, nancy, look at this. they're right here. see these? these are actually leggings by romeo and juliette couture,
10:41 am
19.99 and this helps her get in on the trend in a more polished way. it looks like a knee high. but briele is wearing it the way her friends would wear it, a little more on trend, a lot of layers but a great way to wear the summer shorts year round and still be covered. i like this. >> those are very cute. >> i love it. what an adorable mother and daughter, by the way. >> you look like sisters. >> briele, we love those sweater knit tights and chunky knee socks from hue. >> so cute. >> thank you, ladies. >> thank you. >> and so see, you can still jump in on the trend even if you're not your daughter's age. this is patterns and prints. >> now, a lot of people ask me about this and on melanie you'll see i put a large bold pattern and i kept it simple on the top. believe it or not, that pattern will elongate your leg because it has the bias cut, this large argyle print. and keep it simple on the top when the pattern is big. but julie has an outfit i wore last week when i did the costume
10:42 am
segment, he wanted to show what i did with the club monaco dress with a pattern. i used a smaller houndstooth tight from kohl's, and you can mix smaller prints and patterns together, stay in the same color family and it actually makes the dress feel a little more modern. >> and an open toed shoe. >> just like that. >> we have 30 seconds. let's bring out our last -- >> our last model. >> thanks, ladies. >> we have gloria wearing a pop of color. >> of course we love when gloria comes. gloria has the -- >> look at the legs on this woman. >> what i love is that you can go for color. berry is a sophisticated color, wear it with a navy skirt, brown shoes on and this is from we love color again. i like that we can experiment, eig add a little something extra to your look. >> should we wear tights? >> yes. >> we never do. >> it is weird for me. >> thank you so much, bobbie, love you. a look at life of thean droi and the details of prince
10:43 am
william's secret marriage pact right after this. get flawless skin, even in harsh, unflattering light. revlon photoready™ makeup. revlon's photoready™ formula bends and reflects light to help diffuse every flaw. revlon photoready™ makeup. find your perfect light. set your pace to island time. rich chocolate over creamy coconut. almond joy and mounds. enjoy more.
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10:47 am
the royal family has always been a source of interest, not to just the british, but to people around the world. and as the sons of diana, the heirs to the throne, they have had every move scrutinized by the media. >> now a new book details their lives and it is called "behind the palace walls." katie nichol is the author. what are we going to learn in this book that we haven't heard before? >> this book brings the story right up to date. so there is a lot of kate, a lot of william and kate, which is great, because it is the question everyone is asking. but i think i've got to see the princes in a way that a lot of people haven't. i've been to clubs with them and i hope you will take away the real princes. >> you like them . >> i do like them. it is a difficult position they're in and i think they do it very well. >> we have been hearing a lot
10:48 am
about are they going to get married, william and kate. and then you talk about a secret marriage pact. which sounds very sneaky. >> what happened is you remember when they split in 2007, and we thought it was all over. they got back together, william whisked her away for this romantic holiday and that's where they agreed they were going to stay together, william basically gave her his word that they would marry, but just as she had to wait, he had a military career, commitments to fulfill and she said, i'll wait. >> how long is she going to wait? >> it has been ten years? >> she's waited a long time. we call her waity katie in the press which she hates. but i don't think she'll be waiting that much longer. kate now having all her dresses made for her, you remember the story about the royal mint preparing a coin, so all of these things, i think, are signs that it is very close and i'm thinking new year i think we'll see an announcement. >> he had to ask his mother. >> he has to ask his grandmother. and that is how it will be done and they all gather together at
10:49 am
her norfolk estate over christmas and that sort of would be the right time where he can say, granny, the time is right. >> tell the story, i know harry has been the nuttier one, the crazier one. tell the story about how queen elizabeth wanted him to leave to set up her voice mail. this is interesting. >> the queen is on facebook and everything now but she's been up to date on technology. she got a new phone and she wanted a standard greeting. she passed the phone to harry who recorded a very personalized message which was one one for her, one for prince fiphilip an one for the corgis. >> what's up, this is liz. >> that is harry through and through. he's great fun, very mischievous, a great sense of humor and wonderful. >> what is chelsea? >> they are on a split at the moment. he's training in the uk.
10:50 am
i'm saying don't rule a reconciliation out because they have been, you know, broken up. and that's why i like her. that's why he loves her. >> and their mother's passing, have they found closure about that? >> they gave an interview recently after we got back from africa with them and they said not a day goes past when they don't think about her. that says a lot. i think diana is never far away from their thoughts. >> we wish you very good luck with the book. >> best-selling author, sitting between you. all the best to you. up next, great gadgets for
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
we are well into the football season, which means that tailgate parties are in full swing. but who wants cold food and warm
10:54 am
beer? >> so steve greenburg, the author of "gadget nation" has brought along some nifty gadgets and this will work out i guess for any party. welcome to our little party. >> always a party here. it is fun. >> okay. this is high tech tailgating stuff. >> this is serious. >> this is cool. this is the margarita grill tailgate grill and what it does is it fits into the hitch in the back of your car. so you can swing it out and use it and transport it anywhere you want to go. >> what do you mean into the hitch in the back of your car? >> we have a photograph to show it. it goes into the hitch at the back of the car. this say great way of tailgating. it has electronic ignition and all that stuff, under $400. a low tech less expensive option, easy grill, under $5, and one match in it and you've got an hour and a half of barbecue time. when you're done, toss it out. >> that's good. >> smart, easy breezy. >> this plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and it can be a cooler or a heater, flip the switch on the back of it, one way or the other, can keep ten or 11 cans nice and cold.
10:55 am
>> that's good nor anytime. >> sometime. plugs into the cigarette lighter. >> how much does that run? >> under $50. >> i like it. >> this is a heated vest. anybody that who has gone to a football game knows it heated up already, plug it in, it has a lithium battery in it. >> cozy. >> people used to do, stuff newspaper in their -- >> i do that in the walls for insulation. >> if you want a comfortable way of sitting back at tailgating this is the sport umbrella chair. >> no one will want you sitting with that chair in front of them. >> no, this is for tailgating you can't take this into the stadium. >> what's wrong with you? >> it would be great on the beach as well. it is under 40 bucks, kind of neat. >> stay in that chair. stay there. stay. >> you go tailgating, you want to look good. if you got a nasty scratch, this
10:56 am
matches your dress, this say nasty scratch, this is from dubla color. it is like nail polish. this company has a match for every color out there. you put it on there, put a clear over it and it disappears. >> that's pretty good. >> it is amazing. it comes with a roller pen as well and this is scratch fix two in one. join us, kathie lee. this is from jobee, the gorilla torch flare. it can wrap around anything. >> what is it for? >> it is a light. it is a light. good to have, important to have. this is a 200 watt cup inverter. plug it into the cigarette lighter and it converts the 12 volt into 110 and you can charge your laptop and fits into the cub holder of your car. >> i will never use this ever. don't even look down here. >> this is for keeping your food nice and fresh. push it right here, plug it in here like this. and it takes all the air out of
10:57 am
it. it makes it last three times as long, it is portable. >> careful. >> i'm not saying a word. >> not today. >> cupcakemaker. cupcakes are hot. this is from sunbeam, the cupcakemaker. >> what does this have to do with tailgating? >> this is all part of -- >> some people like cupcakes at their tailgate party. >> this is from sunbeam. >> we have to go.
10:58 am
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