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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> bay area students pull an all nighter to protest fee increases. see what they are doing today. good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we want to get you started with a look at the forecast. it's clear and cold too. >> dry skies for most of the bay area which means 30s and 40s. pretty outstanding weather for most of your plans on this veteran's day.
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temperatures into the mid 60s and cooling as we head through the evening. no worries about rain or patchy fog. want to check the morning commute and lighter conditions likely. veteran's day is a holiday for schools and businesses. the bay bridge will see a lighter volume and we see a steady flow. a little bit later than we typically see the lights turn on. an overview shows speeds close to the limit for all of the westbound and northbound commutes. typical 55 off of high 13 for the commute direction for highway 24. the maze of the bart lines. reporting a normal schedule, but a note that veteran's day is say parking holiday. you don't have to pay for parking at the stations. back to you. now this morning, a 38-year-old sacramento county man is accused of running over a 3-year-old with his bicycle.
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this is eric lamb. santa cruz police arrested him yesterday and witnesses saw him swerving to deliberately hit children. witnesses said he told the kids to get out of his way. the 3-year-old only suffered cuts and brusz. >> tensions are running high on an oakland neighborhood after a popular barber was shot to death by police. today in the bay's christie smith is live where a march through city streets is planned. >> good morning. the headline on the event flyer is justice for derek jones. y you see a lot of this out here. supporters say they are going to bather here at the barbershop where he worked and then rally and walk all wait to the bart station. the site of another high profile shooting.
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we are learning more about the father who was shot and killed by police. friends suggested she was shot in the back, but an independent autopsy said he was only shot in the front. friends describe a very caring man who they say would not carry a weapon. police are describing a parolee with a criminal record. this started with reports he was assaulting a woman in a laundry mat. friends say he was trying to cause trouble. officers ordered him to put his hands up and instead they thought he was reaching for his waist band that officers thought he had a weapon. one thought he saw a metal object. they shot him and it turns out he did not have a knife or a gun. police tried to stun him, but jones's family contacted him and
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he is looking into it. supporters saying they will start gathering here this afternoon at 3:00. reporting live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay. >> jean quan is declaring victory in the tight race for mayor of oakland. perotta plans to have a news conference where he is expected to address voter confusion. perotta was the front-runner and the clear winner when it came to vote count. because he didn't get more than 50%, they factor in the voting method. that put qwan in the lead. >> a new poll said people are split over republican plans in washington. 53% said they support cuts that republicans want to extend according to the associated
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press poll. 39% say they agree with plans to repeal or scale back reform. 58% would rather see a few changes or leave reform as it is. they don't want the plan scrapped. >> health advisories for neighborhoods after a power outage forced them to release flame. the fire in turn led to a release of toxic smoke at the refinery yesterday afternoon. we know it started with a power outage. the smoke stacks did what they were supposed to if the plant lo loses power. avon, clyde, concord and ft. chicago. >> bart is now going after rider who is cheat on their fare. clipper cards allow riders to leave the stations without paying the full fare. the number of cheaters increases, bart said it will have to make several changes.
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those include charging a purchase price for the cards, raising the card's minimum value and shutting off the feature that allows riders to leave if they have a negative balance. bart may also make riders link to a credit card or checking account. the ship is expected to be towed by midday. live pictures of the boat right now. an engine room fire stalled, shutting everything down. carnival had to deliver the food and supplies by naval helicopte helicopters. they have been treated to free drinks to help them forget what happened. carnival said it will dock and passengers will be let off around noon. we will have a live report from san diego at 6:frichlt
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a controversial e book has been pulled off of amazon's store shelves. it's a very unusual move. >> amazon said they didn't want to be seen as a sensor. they did relent and pulled it out of the kindle store. pedophilia's guide to love and pleasure. anyone can write and self publish an e book and there probably scores of books on amazon, but this got the attention of bloggers. the book sold just one copy until the news got ahold of it and before it was yanked, it was in the top 100. the governor-elect wants to stay away from controversy. jerry brown is hire asking we looked at the online application after you get through the questions about experience and skills. you will be asked interesting things like whether you have written any controversial books or articles or if you have an association with a person or
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group that could be calling your character into question. politicians hate last minute surprises as they try to build their staff. they want ton what they are facing. >> new things to check out. parents in the south bay may be forced to lock up the liquor cabinets or face fines. a new law is on the table that makes parents responsible for kid who is get caught drinking at home. deadly crashes like this one that recently claimed the life of a leland graduate are pushing lawmakers towards approving a social host law. the measure would punish patients for knowingly or in some cases unknowingly drink at home. other cities have similar laws on the books. >> new york state could be banning high levels of alcohol and caffeine. just one, four loco is equal to drinking four beers and several
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cups of coffee. they want new york to be the third state to bant drink. washington a proved a ban yesterday and michigan did on friday. the makers are challenging the bans and the fda is reviewing whether they think it's safe. it never approved adding caffeine to alcoholic drinks. >> bar. >> we want to check in on the commute. >> things are looking lighter because a lot of schools are off for veteran's day holiday. the south bay showing slowing for northbound 101 north of 680. this is earlier where the slow down is starting. a few cars less on the roadway and lighter probably tomorrow. a lost businesses observe it on friday. today i was going to warn you that there was an event at caesar chavez plaza. downtown san jose starting at 11:00 and the parade at noon and tonight there is a giants game. a lot going on in downtown san jose. watch for additional pedestrian traffic as well.
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back to you. >> the giants are playing again? >> the sharks game. you said giants. >> i got the fever. here are the sharks. >> light it up orange. all right. >> guys are skrak belling to find their gloves. >> now we are moving on to sharks. >> giants with drawl after what happened. >> i know, but it's more like hockey weather. ice and stuff. >> we're opening up ice rinks in san francisco. you know it's chilly this morning. we have 40s and upper 30s and notice fairfield stands out. mild air and the winds are light. 30s and 40s in spots, but the afternoon is looking good. high clouds from the north and high pressure to the west. storm track stays to the north. not just today, but the next seven days as temperatures climb up. today mid 60s and we did have baseball, it would be a great
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day for it. 65 in oakland and 65 degrees and low 60s and the seven-day forecast for a change. the best weather for the weekend. a bit cooler midway through next week. >> that's a good change. >> 6:11 and a grocery store chain will bring jobs to the bay area. where they will be opening new stores. >> a protest could throw a wrerch into your travel plans. >> live here in san jose to show you what college students are doing to let it be known they are not so happy with yesterday's announcement that the tuition fees are going up. we will take you live to san jose coming up. >> a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. a nice looking shot. that's what is nice about the clear mornings. crisp and cool and beautiful. we will track the traffic and weather coming up. [ male announcer ] sizzler's incredible endless salad bar --
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>> good morning. welcome back. a live looking shot. we have been looking at the beautiful shots across the bay. you will notice the camera shaking with a little bit of a breeze. it's feeling chilly and you see temperatures in some places in the 30s and mostly 40s. we will check in with rob and get you started with a look at the forecast in a moment. starting january 1st, cal state university students will pay more than $2200 a semester up 5% from what they pay now. tuition goes up another 10% to
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more than $2600. the university has the final approval for those hikes yesterday. the new increase brought meaning to a protest planned at san jose state university. students camping out to bring attention to the issue of poverty. live at san jose state where students hope that sleeping out will send a message to leaders. >> we are at fifth annual poverty and students come out and they camp out in the cold of the night to get a sense of what it might be like for one night to be homeless and to bring attention to the crisis that is happening in our country right now. of course yesterday they weren't opening, but certainly not planning on it. they got the bad news that tuition would be increasing by fall of yx year. dr. scott meyers lipton, a
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sociology major and you give your lecture to the students. what are you going to say about that? give them perspective on the announcement. >> today's veteran's day and i will be going to bed, but on monday morning we talk about that and we had 150 students out here and i think the message will be what's the direction of our state and our nation? in light of the budget increase, that's on top of the 32% and 10% the previous year for a total of 240%. i think there has been pressure being put on the middle and the working class to pay for the economic crisis. not that people shouldn't -- where is the shared
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responsibility? always rely on them and they are working at two jobs. they are working 35 hours a week on average. how much more can they give without the state coming in and saying what other state solutions can be offered? the students have offered. there was the oil tax they wanted to put on. they pushed that last year and i think it was $1 billion to cut and closed the budget gap. >> congress didn't take that up. >> our assembly did not pass that. that was something that texas had in alaska. the students were trying to push that as a response instead of always going to them and expecting them to be the ones to solve the economic crisis. >> thank you very much. obviously you spent the night out here judging by your. >> an effort to get a protest
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started over body scanners. man started a website calling for a national opt out day. it's a protest of x-ray scanners that shows everything on your body. he said travelers should tell screeners they want physical pat downs instead. analysts say it could cause big delays across the country. some are willing to sacrifice privacy for security. >> rather be safe than sorry i think. >> i'm okay with that. >> pilots object to the scanners. they said the scanners put out far too much radiation. >> washington should do something about the massive debt and the solutions can be tough. scott has more on that. >> i have a list from the bipartisan commission and if these ideas would help. let's take a look.
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raise the retirement age from 65 to 69. that would save a ton in social security costs. second, reconsider raises for those on social security. cola or cost of living, the government can make the checks bigger and never smaller. reconsider the tax bricks you get for paying a home mortgage. these are tough medicine but unless you raise taxes, recently president obama said he would be willing to reconsider extending the bush tax cuts even to the super wealthy. they would reduce the deficit by 3.8 trillion which is a ton. they are propoetals only. raising taxes or reduced spending. there two more and let's really, really hope the economy gets better. >> here's the last solution.
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pick the can down the road and make the kids deal with it. i'm not a betting man, but we will see what happens. >> thanks a lot, scott. >> 6:19 right now and a global grocery chain is looking to hire workers. fresh and easy will hire 270 people in the next few months at a dozen soon to open stores. they will be located in concord, danville, pacifica, san francisco, and walnut creek. san jose is getting two stores. people will honor veterans with a parade. the veteran's day parade will kickoff at 11:00. the parade starts at west santa clara street and dell months avenue. no doubt a big crowd out there. >> a big crowd to be sure. a little bit of a crowd building and we'll look over here and
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it's 6:20. the meters lies are not yet on. a few cars less, but we see the cash. the time is takes to get down at the bridge. 18 minutes and a light volume out of hercules and berkeley and emeryville. the only real slowing is holding steady around summersville. slowing at a 3 l. that's unusual, but it is one of the slowest spots on a light flow of traffic. taking a look at sunol, through smu walnut creek and no slowing through fremont over the hill. things are nice until you get to san jose. just inside 10 minutes, whether or not that is sticking around for the interchange. back to you. >> you can get into the winter mood, mike. nbc bay area is teaming up with
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the city it get into the spirit of the holiday season. walnut creek on ice will start at 5:30. the outdoor rink will be opened in january. they are sponsoring the kickoff and say thing is free. they will kick it off at 5:00. >> speebing of kickoff, we are halfway through the season. it's always good to have the coach joining thus morning. >> glad to be here. >> before we get started about san jose state and the rest of the season, the quarterback at auburn and i guess there was reports he would take big money to leave and go somewhere else. he's in the heisman hunt. some of the people who vote say we will not vote for him. is it fair when you hear the
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rumors to do those kinds of things? >> what's happened is there is backlash. >> this is the same thing all over again. it's the same because i hope all of it is not true. >> it does put everybody in a tough situation, but maybe it's hard because you let it play itself out and two or years later with the investigation if it turned out to be true. >> for does get sticky. >> for does and it's a shame these things come up in college football. i sure hope it's not. watching the young man, he is a phenomenal athlete. >> let's talk about utah state. >> utah state coming here on saturday at 5:00. it will be a big game and we have all the ex-players coming in. 400 of them and families and an exciting day for us. >> my alma mater who i hate to
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mention, colorado having a tough time bringing the players back to the national championship and it's the anniversary. the younger players with the guys they look up to and respect, it does help. >> listen to the older player who is say they went through certain things and they made it and graduate and went on to great careers. it's awesome for the young people to be around and see there is a future other than daily extra and going to class. it gives a good glimpse on the hope. >> boise state has a phenomenal season going. do you root for them a little bit? their success brings in revenue for the league and in turn to san jose state. >> you do and the conference and you wanted to beat them, but you are rooting for them and they are a heck of a team. if they keep winning and he keeps doing his thing, you might get a championship game and have a trophy winner that. would be
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phenomenal for this area. >> thanks again. i know it's early in the morning and you talk football and love doing that. >> laura, back to you. i think should i point out one thing.
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a pattern change that includes high pressure and taking the storm track off to the north. starting today into the weekend, we will see warping temperatures despite the fact that it's chilly. nice afternoon for the veteran's day plans. mid 60s around santa cruz and low 60s across the north bay. dry and trending warmer. 70s by the end of the weekend and into early next week. back to you. >> 6:27 and coming up, a man accused of riding his bike into a toddler on purpose. >> a proposed 49er in the south
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bay clears another roadblock. see what's happening now. >> a protest through oakland streets starts in a few hours. a live report on tha. the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum.
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>> outrage spills out into the streets as a march and rally is planned for an unarmed oakland man shot and killed by police. what time they are gathering and where they are going, coming up. >> parents concerned about a cell phone tower approved for the south bay. where that is to be placed, today, veteran's day, on today in the bay. >> good morning, everybody and thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia cannon.
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let's go to rob in the forecast. >> pretty nice for your veteran's day. 30s and 40s and by the afternoon, we are warping quickly. mid 60s and thanks to north winds clearing out and drying out. a bit chilly in the evening. looking warmer and the forecast in a few minutes. >> hopefully your commute is clear as the morning sky. we want to check in with mike. >> we only had one blip of slowing showing up. the image slow down with an accident at 101 moving off to the shoulder, but it is in the slow down. will it start to build, but light. a parade is downtown. you told folks about it. highway 17 at the cleanwood cutoff. they will close in both directions around 8:00 a.m. that could add slowing out of the south bay this morning. the pay bridge because of the holiday, a lighter volume of
6:32 am
traffic. no metering lights or back up. things are moving slowly. we will track this and show you if it occurs. back to you. >> new this morning, police say this 38-year-old man ran over a 3-year-old with his bicycle in santa cruz. withins told police they saw lamb swerve to deliberately hit the children. they say lamb swore at the kids, saying to get out of his way. the good news is the child who took the direct hit suffered only cuts and cruises. pa. >> another deadly officer-involved shooting. a popular barber was shot to death and today in the bay's christie smith is live in oakland where supporters plan to march. >> where the shooting happened, you will see quite a few of these flyers with the headline
6:33 am
justice for derek jones. supporters are saying they plan gather outside the barbershop where he worked and will walk all the way to the bart station, the site of another police shooting, that of bart passenger oscar grant. jones was a 37-year-old father shot and killed by oakland police. first friends suggested perhaps he was shot in the back, but the tribune reporting an independent autopsy that suggests he was shot in the frond. friends describe a caring man who would not carry a weapon. this started monday night with reports he was assaulting a woman at a nearby laundromat friends suggested he was trying to stop a woman who stepped in to cause trouble. jones fled on foot and officers ordered him to put his hans up and instead it looked like he was reaching for his waist band that officers thought there may be a weapon there. one thought he saw a metal
6:34 am
object on jones. they shot him, but it turned out he did not have a gun or a knife. police assaults apparently tried to stun him with a tazer, but that did not work. oakland civil rights attorney said jones's family contacted him and he is looking into it. supporters plan to gather starting at 3:00 this afternoon. live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. >> a san jose family said the nightmare won't go away. dozens of friends and family joined a candlelight vigil. russell was 16 years old when he was found dead in his back yard stabbed multiple times. one year later, his family said the pain is still there. >> we all woke up one morning and our lives were changed forever. forever. there is nothing that is going
6:35 am
to be the same about my family again. the two suspects are classmates. they will stand trial in connection with russell's murder and will be tried as adults. a mountain view church will be allowed to install a cell phone tower, but not everyone is happy about it. they approved a tower to build the tower on top of the first presbyterian church. the wireless company said the radiation will be minimal. many churches make extra money by installing antennas in their bell towers. this should be up by january. >> 49ers have trouble finding the end zone and plans for a new stadium are close to the goal line. santa clara council approved a zoning change to the entertainment district this week that better fits the plan. they signed off on measures
6:36 am
designed to minimize noise from day games and night time concerts. some of the zoning changes call for getting rid of centennial boulevard to put the city closer to a soccer park. troy smith will be the starting quarterback. the head coach made that announcement yesterday. smith led the niners to the second win of the season against the broncos a couple weeks ago. alex smith is recovering for an injury. this week's game is against the rams and starts at 1:00 sunday at candlestick. 6:36 and when something works, stick with it. the raiders have a three-game winning streak since they adopted a new mantra. just cut it loose is the new mantra. they wanted to get the players to stop worrying about the mistakes. the team owner coined phrase, just win, baby. just cut it look seems to be
6:37 am
doing a trick. >> students are sleeping out in the overnight air to try to protest tuition increases. we will have a live report. >> 4500 people closer to dry land right now. we will have a live report on the return of their stranded cruise ship from san diego. it's on the way. >> a rare interview from the widow of native pat tillman on the "today" show. we will have a preview up next. pa. >> a cool start and a pleasant forecast. a look at the gorgeous view. pretty sunrise and a start to the morning. next on today in the bay. our real national pastime -- saving money.
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>> still chilly around the bay area. sunrise is expected with clear skies. breezy conditions and 10 to 20 miles per hour. we will not worry about rain for sometime. storm track stays off to the north and this will hold off
6:41 am
through the upcoming weekend. mostly 60s around the bay area. 65 degrees and 67 around santa rosa where wins will warm up in the north bay valleys. as we head through the weekend, we are talking 70s by sunday and monday. even near the coast can get close to 70. dry weather through tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> thank you very much, rob. veteran's day is a time to honor the men and women who put themselves in harm's way for our country. pat tillman's widow will do just that in the first television news interview. marie and pat tillman met as teenagers and married after college and lived in arizona while tillman played professional football for the cardinals. tillman opted out of a contract to serve his country and was later killed by friendly fire. marie sees a great deal of pat in the veterans she works with.
6:42 am
>> to leave their families behind and know it's a stressful situation. >> you can see the interview with marie tillman this morning at 7:45 on the "today" show. >> time now is 6:41. people stuck at sea since monday will be on dry land to be. we will have a live report up next. this is a live look at the ship while it's being towed by tugboats. the splendor is not so splendid. hopefully we can hear from some of them later today. >> a live look outside of the cool, crisp skies to start your day. robt's oocak what's using theca chilly forecast coming up.
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>> good morning. a nice-looking shot and live from the south bay. 6:44 and a nice cool start. chilly as a matter of fact. the forecast in a moment. >> a carnival cruise has been somewhat of a carnival ride for passengers stranded at sea with no power. tugboats are pulling closer where it could dog soon. today in the bay is live in san diego with the latest on the slow ride to land. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, laura. as you might imagine, they went wait for the nightmare to come to an end. look at a live picture of the ship being pulled into port. just outside the port, we are
6:46 am
told that it could be another four hours before we see that first passenger get off the ship. he sold us can will take two hours for the tugboats to maneuver the 113,000 ton ship through the channel of the port. another two hours for the docking process. we are looking at four hours before the persons get off the ship. when they dis-em park, they will be taking buss to long beach, about two more hours north from where we are at here. that is where the ill-fated cruise originated from the port on sunday. a fire broke out of course in the ship's engine room and so far the engineer his anything but a luxury cruise. they had no air conditioning or hot food or 7 service. cell service was coming back yesterday for passengers and they were able to call friends and family and talk about the
6:47 am
ordeal. many are making the best of it and looking forward to getting home. that is the latest live in san diego. with that we will send it back to you. >> what did you say about shipping in pop tarts? >> the navy shipped in food to help the folks. among the items on the menu, we had spam, pop tarts and canned crab. we have been speaking to of the other passengers with a colleague of mine in knbc in los angeles. when the bar reopened, folks were drinking warm beer. warm beer is better than nothing. >> you can form that spam into lovely sculptures. thanks so much. >> we don't know about that. >> good for her. >> the economy is making headlines as president obama continues a trip to asia.
6:48 am
back home, proposals from the debt commission stirring up controversy. world leaders will join the president for the g20 summit. president obama said he hopes to announce a trade agreement with south corae in a matter of weeks. they are proposing cuts to social security and budgets as well as raising taxes. that is drawing criticism from the right and the left. >> the chairman of the deficit commission told working people to drop dead. >> for the u.s. is not agreeing, that that's not good for the rest of the world. >> it is unlick lie all of the plans would be approved. 14 of the 18 would have to agree on them before they would go on for the rest of the congress. >> want to check the morning commute to see how things are rolling. >> rolling well except for one spot or an extended spot. northbound 101, we had what turns out to be a non-injury
6:49 am
accident, but four cars takes a while to clear. they are on the right shoulder. moving up towards oakland and that's the extend of the showdown. 40s as you approach 680 and 20s. that's the issue for the bay area right now. livermore is not so bad. 580 in the commute direction and a 17-minute drive and slow from first to the dublin interchange. an unusual flow on vacation days. that will shift towards 680 and the bay bridge. light volume of traffic throughout the east bay. the sun is coming up and we can clearly see the hills. >> no worries about fog. 56 degrees and a northwest wind at 8 miles per hour. some of the spots seeing winds close to 20. san jose 49 and south wind at 7. 44 degrees and the wins showing
6:50 am
up in fairfield and across the hilltops of the winds. we will be dry with high clouds drifting in and it strengthens off to the coast. temperatures climb ing through the weekend. a light jacket should be fine. low 60s for san francisco and across the north bay and for the weekend for a change, we will be dry and warmer with 60s and 70s and dry weather holding on through wednesday of next week. >> thanks a lot, rob. outrage as supporters of a barber who was shot to death by police say they will march in his peoplery today. christie smith is live in oakland with what's ahead. >> good morning. supporters will gather in front of the barbershop.
6:51 am
oscar grant was shot and another high profile officer-involved shooting and friends say they had thought 37-year-old jones may have been shot in the back. the tribune reporting that he was shot only in the front of his body. this happened monday night. police say they were responding to a domestic violence call. jones when confronted told the officers he was someone else and ran. officers apparently tried to stun him with a tazer and failed. he was confronted again and look like he may have been going for a weapon around his waist. they later determined he did not have a knife or a gun. friends describe him as a friendly man who would not carry a weapon. he had a young daughter. the family has already contacted john burris to look into it. live in oakland, today in the bay. >> we will follow that as well. the meantime, jean quan is
6:52 am
declaring victory in the mayor's race. it appears her challenge is not going down without a fight. they will have a news conference at the mall where he is expected to address voter confusion. perotta was considered the front-runner, but the new system put quan in the lead. >> students protect their bottom line. college students are braving the november kmil to protest csu fee hikes and budget cuts. live at san jose state where the students are sleeping for a cause. good morning. >> should be waking up soon too. about 50 san jose state students have been sleeping outside in the cold like someone who was not blessed enough to have a home would. this was part of the poverty under the stars, a protest designed to bring attention to
6:53 am
the crisis affecting the state of california. a 15% poverty rate. does did the students know the eoeconomy would be affecting th. the board of trustees announced a 15.5% tuition hike that would go into effect, raising the price of an education here at san jose state to under $5,000 a semester. >> i work 42 hours and i still have to strug togle to pay my bills. the times i study, i'm on the bus studying and on the trolley. seems like i'm busy all the time and don't rest. >> yesterday's fee increase is on top of a 32% hike enacted over the past year. live here in san jose state, bob
6:54 am
redell, today in the bay. the bond markets are closed and let's take a look at the markets. the opening of the nasdaq and veteran's groups opening there. a number of different veteran's groups. cisco is the one to watch and down almost 16%. after reporting business ahead looked lousy. dow industrials down 16. bad day. oakland a's jose canseco has been many things. the winner, whistle blower. he can be your friend for a price. he posted his phone number on twitter. let's talk. the kicker is you will be charged a small fee. half of that is apparently going to charity.
6:55 am
you want to talk to jose canseco? give him a call. >> that's interesting. >> you can call me and i will charge you. >> what are can i call you? >> let me take you out to antioch. they want to call me something because we have slowing and additional slowing here on westbound highway 4 at summersville. the motorcycle is down there in the lanes and sounds like there might be injuries. this could be the start to big slowing out of antioch, but light through pittsburgh and bay point. highway 4 shows a slight flow. sunol with the light slowing out of pleasanton. highway 84 to about the express lane. paids only down to about 50. no big deal to the south until you get to the south bay. slow out of 680. the bay bridge with no metering lights.
6:56 am
a light volume on veteran's day. the opportunity to clean that. >> i lot of people have the day off and federal buildings are closed. it would be a day to get outside. >> no thaw the sun is up. that's the heating lamp that will help us out. it's chilly and a nice winter coat with 30s and 40s through about 8:00. then mid 60s by noon today. the only weather issue, no worries about showers and breezy at times and winds at 10 it 20. mid-sicks today and good news finally. we can get through a weekend on a dry note. good news if you need to get outdoors. that looks better than last sunday. a lot of rain. >> before we go, implosions are amazing to watch, but this may make you cringe. this tower didn't snap. it department fall the right way. look at the power lines.
6:57 am
>> it's going to take the street lights? >> oh! >> it took down power lines and poles. it knocked out electricity to more than 4,000 customers. it's supposed to fall the other way. >> my goodness. >> good news there. >> crazy stuff there. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is up next. >> a local news update in about a half hour. have a great day. #
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