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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 19, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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operation safe playground. the bay area, home to nine counties, 101 cities and 2,077 convicted sex offenders. >> police department! >> we tracked law enforcement on
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a state-wide sweep organized by the cal parole apprehension team. >> the raids with a foreign object and -- >> the four-day sting targeted people convicted of sexually violent crime like rape and child molestation. on the list, the home of a former teacher's aid who was wrongly convicted after hugging and kissing a fourth grade girl. they comb through the clutter for any sign of a violation. like most parolees, he is not allowed to have children's toy, alcohol or pornography. >> this is overkill. this is the first time conviction. >> she clean and many others are not. this man will go back to jail tonight. annuals say he was convicted on child molestation and possession of child porn. she still at it. xbox games and stuffed animals
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based on evidence, detectives will open a new felony case on more child porn charges. >> story true that you have alcohol and gang partner in your apartment? >> this man they say is a gang associate convicted of the gang rape of a young woman. >> it's not fair. i have a pregnant fiance they are taking me from. what will provide for my family? >> the gps tracks the offenders and the new challenge is finds out where they are going online and what they are hiding. >> we are finding pornography on their computers. >> sex predators exploit children on the newest playground -- cyberspace. >> it's not just one or two pitchers or videos, it's dozens of videos. >> the software to do checks and agents are facing sex predators.
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for many, protecting the innocent is fuel to keep up the fight. >> we will check up on them and protect our children the best we can. >> today in the bay. >> the results of the sweep are out. since the operation started monday, agents picked up 397 parolees on violations. they captured 51 parolees who cutoff the gps bracelets and went into hiding. tune in tuesday night at 11:00 for part two of the report. we will take you off the grid and into secret tent cities where hundreds live. many of them are untrackable. we will look at the major changes for jessica awe law to better keep tabs on sex predators tuesday night at 11:00. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly accident overnight. it happened on ocean avenue.
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one person died at the scene. one person was taken to the hospital and died there. two others were hurt and expected to be okay. a fifth person was not hurt. right now it's not known if the driver was drinking or speeding, but the intersection was closed t. should be back open this morning. >> two san jose moms are accused of stealing thousands from children including their own. wendy hays and jennifer vasquez took 30,000 dollars from a pta-like group. both oversaw the money that went into the club. they said they used the money at gas stations and for items at jcpenney, old navy and rented movies from netflix this year. today in the bay's george kiriyama caught up with them at a curves fitness studio she
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owns. they refused to say anything. >> hays and vasquez are charged with grand theft. they are to appear in court to face charges on december 16th. >> a jury will deliberate in the case of a man accused of trying to torture a tracy teenager. anthony lived next door to the home where kyle ramirez was being held captive. they said they burned, cut, and beat him unconscious. when ramirez ran to a tracy gym still wearing shackles. three other people involved in the case have agreed to plea deals and will be sentenced december sixth to 30 or more years in prison. >> the man known as spider dan will number court to face the consequences of a protest. police arrested him on september sixth after climbing the outside of san francisco's millennium tower using suction cups. he was trying to draw attention
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to the vulnerability to skyscrapers and raise awareness about cancer. he will be charged with obstructing police among other things. all of the charges are misdemeanors. a former engineer may have to write a check to the city of san francisco. terry childs stole passwords to the city's main computer network and wouldn't give them back. that tied up key networks. childs was convicted in august and sentenced to four years in prison. now the city is looking for nearly $1.5 million in restitution for all of the problems they say he caused. after a few delays, the two teen boys accused of setting trace elementary school on fire will be in court to enter pleas. the previous plea entries were delayed. they caused $10 million in damage to the elementary school. they are charged as adults. >> a new report is taking the wind out of san francisco's sail when is it comes to trying to host the sailing race.
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it could cost the city as much as 128 million that would offset the benefits. a huge chunk is lost revenue for rights and fee leases to race organizers. the americas cup will be held in 2013 and the location has not been announced yet. the bmw oracle racing team won the last race so it gets to have a voice in choosing a new location. >> hundreds of bart riders are cheating the system. bart said it doesn't plan to do anything about it. a feature lets users register a negative balance. passengers can travel through the system and the negative balance can be paid off the next time they refill a card. the problem is riders can buy the fare on a one-time basis and never pay off the outstanding balance. bart outside average 150 to 200 riders are cheating the system and it's not enough to fix the
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glitch. >> don't forget to drop by and help us fight hunger. nbc bay area personality will be on hand to accept your donations in person. laura and i will be at the safeway in morgan hill. come on by and see us. any donation helps. you can buy a turkey or a ham or nonperishable food. make the holiday brighter for a bay area in need. we will talk about the details throughout the course of the morning. the annual food drive. >> exactly. it makes you feel good for giving back. >> oh, yeah. we will take you back out to the roadways. we have one issue that's not great for person. this is eastbound 80. fitzgerald on the other side of the roadway. a spinout is not affecting traffic. i want to let you know because it's a spinout and slick road y roadways is a note for you.
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a good drive at the maze. you see the speeds approaching coming out of the tunnel and westbound 580 as well as northbound 880. no major issues and it's friday light for the most part. you are watching for unusual reports to pop up. send it back to you. >> a storm coming our way. is it a big storm or a cold storm or are we spoiled? what is it? >> probably the last two. now 50s for the weekend. we will see the sun, but it will be chilly outside. 53 in san jose and cloudy skies. low 50s around san francisco and oakland. we are seeing mist under the clouds and winds picking up out of the southeast. in terms of the heavier precipitation, light to moderate showers across the north bay and areas of drizzle for most of the area. the substantial showers will drop down the coast. rain developing and yes, this is
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chilly. highs in the mid- to upper 50s and cooling down more as we go through the weekend. into the north bay, eyes in the mid 50s. lake port, look for snow. we will see snow levels low as 2,000 felt and heading into monday, the showers shut down and we dry out approaching the holiday weekend ahead. >> speaking of snow, we will talk about skiing coming up. >> 5:09 right now. the lame duck congress is letting the unemployed languish. >> find out how the giants winning the world series helps san francisco feed a few more mouth this is holiday season. partaking a live look outside, the storm is coming. how cold will it get and where and when? we will keep tabs on it. 5:10 right now. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%!
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have they dropped. we were spoiled earlier this week. morgan hill is 60 and fremont 59. >> union square dressing up for the holidays and popular windows are about to get unwrapped. bob redell is live in san francisco with what will be -- >> you don't even have to talk. >> stay on the puppies and you are good to go. >> want me to run it by getting into the shot? >> too early. >> this is tinker toy. that's cindy. that over there is tinker toy. it is shaking, but are you okay? she say friendly dog. the two dogs will be up for adoption at the holiday windows that opens tonight in union square at the macy's store. what they do is deck them out in holiday decorations and animals like cats and dogs and up for
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adoption. i'm curious, what is the demand like right now as far as the supply of animals? >> we have more than we know what to do with. especially cats. the cats tend to reproduce in this season and they had a prolific season. we are looking for homes. >> was this worse than seasons past? >> it was. much larger than science past. a lot of kittens surrender and we need people who are willing to take them home. >> you adopted out over 300. any reason why you won't reach that number? >> 300 through macy's windows would be terrific. macy's windows is a very, very important source of new home for us. we can reach our goal. >> this will be the seventh year at macy's.
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24 years in the definitely. definitely becoming a holiday tradition. >> absolutely. it's becoming a san francisco tradition and we're proud to be a part of it. >> these guys will be out there as well. >> these two will be there today. >> see you guys. by the way, craig will be seeing the kickoff at 5:00 at the macy's in union square. >> how much was the doggy in the window? >> it's friday. >> it is friday. >> thanks, bob. >> thank god. >> adorable dogs to politics. the fight over who will get the government's money. right now there is no agreement on extending tax breaks for anyone. the white house had signalled compromise to temporarily preserve tax breaks for those who earn over $250,000. democrats are planning votes that leave out the wealthy, setting up the showdown with republican who is made it clear they won't support that.
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>> you ought to extend all of the current tax rates for all americans. >> we have to do everything within our power to fixate on those tax cuts for the middle class. >> there is one big check. the government said you can expect bailed out general motors is going public and promising they can get the $50 billion back. >> unemployment benefits can run out for many americans out of work. for more on that news, courtney reagan is joining us live from world headquarters. how are you doing? >> good morning. stock futures are ahead of this opening bell and after yesterday's strong rally, we saw them respond pretty well to gm's return to the stock market a year after going through bankruptcy and a bailout. the stock rose 3% on the first dave trade. we will have to wait and see if it continues when the opening bell sounds today. about an hour and 15 minutes from now. the market is enthused by business conditions on the
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mid-atlantic region and the smaller than expected rise with people filing for jobless benefits. no economic data and the big news out of germany. ben bernanke is aimed at stimulating the economy. feels like deja vu all over again. the house failed to pass a measure extending jobless benefits. the last extension expires december 1st. it's looking iffy at best. lawmakers fighting over issues like tax cuts will get it done in time. republicans say they are willing to vote in favor, but don't want the cost of the bill added to the $13 trillion in national debt. >> thank you very much for that update. >> some of the bay area's homeless will have a happier holiday thanks to the texas rangers indirectly. seven smoked turkeys will arrive at the church for next week's thanksgiving day celebration.
5:19 am
the donation is as a result of a ranger and the president of the texas motor speedway. because the giants won the world series the speedway donated seven turkeys to glide. the time is coming up on 5:19 and we want to take a peek at the morning commute. >> good morning. we will take you out to antioch where we had the earlier accident. that cleared and a new accident with the hit-and-run off-ramp. one of the cars on scene and if you saw anything, call that into chp. speeds close to 60 miles per hour and an easy drive in the member direction. 20 minutes for this to change here around l street and dip into the 40s. we are looking at livermore where we going westbound right now and eastbound out of the area. some folks head towards the
5:20 am
sierra. listen to rob's forecast. there will be snow. you will need to bring the chains. you are looking at oakland and how much moist sur on the road. look at how the headlights are glistening. a little blurry because of the water and the mist in the air. this is a fog, mist, drizzle situation. keep that in mind at the golden gate bridge from the north bay. the sheen on the roadway. you will have slick continues and watch for on ramps and off-ramps. windshield wipers are needed and you have to keep the headlights on. we have a look at the forecast for the changes over the weekend coming up. >> thanks, mike. a couple of new films are out today. we will take a look at both of them and get early reviews on harry po potter. >> this sunday on the talk show about education, teacher tenure. do teachers really get a job for after two years in the classroom and how does it affect your child's education?
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>> why haven't you been taking action to get bad teachers out of the classroom and see to it that they are evaluated on performance. you have not done any of that. >> it gets heated. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] u-verse brings you entertainment across all three screens on your tv, smartphone and online. now get up to $300 back via promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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time right now is 5:23 today
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in the sierra. i-80 near col fax, snow will be flying as low as 2,000 feet along interstate 80 into the weekend. traffic moving along well there. misty skies in a few spots. 53 degrees and in san francisco. oakland with the same story. low 50s this morning and warming up a whopping 5 degrees. maybe for highs today with the clouds and the raindrops spilling in. here's the weekend preview. here are the things we will see including rain up to two inches in the coastal mountains as the cold air drops in. the cold air aloft that and that will see hail. the winds pick up saturday into sunday. winds 15 to 35 and as the coldest air arrives, snow levels dropping down to as low as 2,000 to 2500 feet. places like mount diablo or hamilton get a dusting.
5:25 am
mainly misty skies and light rain and a few pockets earlier this morning. things not too widespread. more of the moisture comes in towards the evening commute with the rain filling in. notice the weekend. it's not nonstop rain, but in and out of the showers that we could have isolated thundershowers into sunday. off and on, in and out of the rain and breezy and cool. highs only in the low 50s through the weekend. today is probably the best travel day. the winder warning will take us all the way through the weekend. the bay area temperatures mainly 50s. mid 50s and a cloudy start and rain on the way through the afternoon. temperatures for places like ukiah and lake port. by monday morning, mendocino county and the upper parts of lake count ke have snow. things calm down monday and we start to dry out and stay chilly approaching thanksgiving. >> because of the cold weather, it could be a great weekend to see a movie and there a couple of new ones out this weekend.
5:26 am
>> can you kill a god, leave your kid at a gas station? that's who you have to become. >> russell crowe back on the big screen in the next three days. he plays a man with a perfect until his wife is arrested for murder. he does everything he can to break her out of prison. it's rated pg 13. >> the next installment of harry potter opened at midnight. it's the first in a two-part finale. the boy wizard sets out on the quest and the latest episode is rated pg 13 and several reviews are coming in. >> we checked movie websites and 90% of users say they liked the movie. 77% of rotten tomatoes critics liked the movie and 90 percent per of audience members liked it. the biggest skplant it keeps you
5:27 am
hanging. keeps you coming back for one more. >> still another segment. >> harry potter, his senior years. >> a college degree decades in the making. about the bay area student who waited almost 70 years to get the degree. >> gearing up for the big game. the football forecast as well as where you need to avoid if you don't want to get stuck in the big game traffic. >> how a police department is reaching out to the community trying to stop crime before it starts. >> let's take a live look from the east bay and traffic is picking up with a little sheen. rain coming down whenwher whwe we will check in with rob and mike. [ r brotr ]he tt's the las.
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everything you need to know before you head out the door. >> could volunteers be the key to bringing the crime rate down? about the police chief's new plan and how you can help. >> those stories and your hour by hour forecast and time saver traffic today november 19th on today in the bay. >> good friday morning. thanks for joining us. time now is 5:30. >> rob gets us started with a look at the hour by hour forecast. it's changing. >> you will keep the jacket on today and need the umbrella for the first time in a while. look at the afternoon
5:31 am
temperatures. not much different than what we are seeing. mid- to upper 50s. as we zoom in over the east bay, berkeley and oakland with light rain and plenty more where that comes from. we will show you what to expect for the weekend plans in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> a new pilot program is set to kickoff in oakland designed to try to prevent crime before it happens. trying to reach out to kids to help them feel safer at home and christie smith is live at the police department with more on how it will work. >> good morning. the police chief is calling on oakland residents to step up and volunteer at a middle school. the number of police officers was cut and the city doesn't have the resource it once did and thinks now is the time. we have a new mayor coming in as well. he unveiled an ambitious plan to get neighbors to volunteer at least an hour a week as part of
5:32 am
a pilot program aimed at reaching at risk kids before they turn to crime. he said the idea came from a conversation he had with oakland's public school chief. both believe that reaching young people is the key to bringing the crime rate down. oakland cut 80 officers in july. since then cities faced riots, killings and an increase in robberies. >> my focus was to reduce the murder and homicide rate to a number of 60 from a number of 109 of last year. i thought we were on target until we had to do the layoffs. >> again, he is turning to the public. the four middle schools involved in the pilot program are madison, west lake, roosevelt and frick middle school for the pilot programs. if it works out, the chief is saying he would like to see this expanded to all public schools in oakland starting with all of the middle schools. live in oakland, christie smith today in the bay.
5:33 am
>> thank you, christie. >> activists will call on the district attorney to drop all charges against dozens of people arrested after johannis mehserle was sentenced. the oscar grant committee against police brutality will hold a news conference and rally at 3:00 this afternoon. police arrested 152 people on november 5th after the former bart police officer's prison sentence was handed down. many were on a march headed to the bart station. the news conference will be at the district attorney's office in oakland. >> friends and family are set to remember an oakland man shot and killed by police. oakland police killed derek jones after they say he ran from officers and they thought he was reaching for a gun. it turned out to be an electronic scale and jones was not armed at all. his death inspired hundreds to march and several demonstrations and po pro testers claiming police brutality and likened it
5:34 am
to oscar grant's death. funeral services for jones are set for tomorrow. >> could cell phone towers lead to a health risk. parents want to know before two new towers are put up. neighbors plan to march from a nearby verizon site. they are also getting help to put together their own health study. they gave verizon the go ahead next year. >> ferry fares will go up on the transit system. the board will make it official. after a committee approved the increases yesterday. rate guess up by 10% starting next year. the agencies had wanted to raise them by 30%. they bowed to passenger pressure. the new fares add about a half million for the budget. >> today is national adoption day. the courts will process adoption
5:35 am
paperwork. the day is meant to increase public awareness for the need for adoptive parents and educate would be parents as well as celebrate local family who is open their lives to permanent homes. they have been performing adoptions for 50 years. judges will finalize about 50 adoptions. a long-awaited honor for 14 former japanese college student who is were forced into internment camps. the city college will hold an honorary graduation ceremony that will feature speakers in 2008 honorary diploma recipient and water color artist. >> the warriors back in action after a few days off and will host the knicks, but they will not have former knick david lee. she recovering at home after being released from the
5:36 am
hospital. he accidentally elbowed him in the mouth and that led to infection. he should be better within a few more weeks. the first place raider are back from a week off to take on the steelers. game time is sunday and the raiders are looking to pick up the fourth win in a row. they have beaten the steelers the last couple of times they met. last week kansas city lost and the raid hers beaten them the week before. they are now in first place in the division. meanwhile the 49ers are trying to build and host tampa bay on sunday. alex smith has been cleared to play and as you may know, mike singletary said troy smith will be the starter. the sharks are back home tomorrow night after a rough road trip. the past two game ofs, they have given up two goals and ended up
5:37 am
losing in overtime. last night the stars came back from a 4-2 deficit and won the game in overtime 5-4. the sharks will try to right the ship when they play columbus. >> before the big game, the rivals are taking on a life blood drive. it's a competition between cal and stanford to see who can get the most blood donated. stanford had a chance to tuesday. today it's cal's turn. the blood drive starts at noon. it will be held at the pally ballroom. >> tomorrow finally the big game. the kickoff is at 12:30. stanford is the odds on favorite. they are ranked sixth in the nation and 9-1 on the season. cal it 5-5. >> weather will be a big factor. not only for the players, but the fans if you are going to the game. >> you want to bundle up. breezy and cool conditions around game time after noon on saturday.
5:38 am
scattered showers and a mix of sunshine and i think the winds will pick up through the second half of the game. the winds kicking in and rain off and on a possibility. bundle up. you need an umbrella in spots and including berkeley and oakland. light rain falling and more substantial rain down the coast as we head towards the afternoon and evening. a breezy and cool day and no more 70s. how about 50s from the east bay to san francisco. mid 50s and closer to 60 in san jose. that's about it in terms of mild temperatures. low to mid 50s and the weekend with rain off and on. turning windy saturday night into sunday. snow levels bombing out close to 3,000 feet. scattered showers to follow monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we start to dry out. the weekend of the big game, the rain could cause issues in and around berkeley. >> that are is an issue we have with the conditions. drizzly around interstate 80.
5:39 am
this is just off of interstate 80 where you are showing rain right now. university avenue and buchanan going to be a difficult on ramp. highway 24 at telegraph and college avenue west of the caldecott tunnel moving smoothly. folks are going try to find parking. find parking at a bart station. they will have all of these colors of the routes heading over towards the downtown route over from the south bay and peninsula as well. caltrain over to bart and get over to the downtown station as well. a short walk, but it will be rainy so bring the rain coats and the umbrellas and whatever else you need. whichever team you like. >> take warm rain coats is what you need. 5:39. a disturbing insight into the mental health of america. the details on a new study in a
5:40 am
live report. >> how the mom and pop stores are faring in the era of internet shopping and big buck stores. >> one of the stars of this year's holidays windows displays. find out who they are in a live report. a live look outside, the bay bridge looks like folks are making it across easily this morning. we will check the progress of the commute and the cold front coming in in a few minutes. join the jaguar platinum celebration !
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come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles
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of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. >> good morning, everybody. 5:42. a live look outside.
5:43 am
from the south bay and checking out the temperatures? look how much cooler it's going to be. we are not even going to crack into the 60s. rob has the full forecast coming up. >> staggering news about the mental health of america. the government said 1 in five american adults suffered from mental illness this past year. more startling than that, most didn't get treatment. tracy pots is live in washington with a look at how californians and people in the bay area of faring. good morning, tracy. >> good morning, everyone. 38% of calans say at some point in their lives they suffered from a mental health issue. a lot of people are familiar with the issues we are talking about. yesterday at a conference here in d.c., the government agency that deals with mental health put out the survey talking about how many people right now in the united states are considered mentally ill or have a diagnosed mental illness. in five, 45 million people. 11 million have been serious and one million have even attempted
5:44 am
suicide. most of those are women. more often than not, young people ages 18 to 25. these numbers are up slightly from last year and one of the biggest things they found is the rates are depression are up and rates are suicide are doubled for people who lost jobs. unemployment seemingly a big factor here not only in creating the depression and for people trying to get help. people lose their jobs and don't have health insurance. they can't reach out to therapists and other people who can help them with that. substance abuse is a big concern. one in five people dig nosed with a mental illness are at risk for substance abuse. lots of new numbers showing the problem and shedding light on what the solutions might be. >> everyone is educated to help each other out. thank you, tracy. new this morning, live is slowly returning to normal in northern indonesia where a
5:45 am
volcano continues to spew ash. officials are letting them return to some areas after declaring them safe areas although the alert level is at the highest. many are cleaning up and collecting the ash that is caked on city streets. they sent hot gas and ash into the sky and killed more than 250 people. two una serkttended suitcases sf a bomb scare and the owner is quickly found. security is on high alert at train stations and borders after another incident yesterday. a flight from nam bia to munich was delayed after police found a bag with a fuse on it before it took off. officials say it could have been a fake device meant to test airport security. >> it is 5:45 and good morning. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we will get to traffic and weather in two more minutes. a memorial is planned for
5:46 am
9-year-old hayward girl who was kidnap and never found. micheala was missing after being kidnapped in the hayward grocery store parking lot. they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. san francisco police will attend a memorial for police chief alex fagan who died monday in london of a heart attack. he served as police chief from 2003 to 2004. today's memorial will be in san francisco at st. mary's cathedral. he was 60 years old. >> decision 2010 is not completely decided with races still too close to call. that is not stopping the run in 2012 from getting started. responding to sarah palin said he beat his boss. biden said president obama would do just fine in a race against the former alaskan governor.
5:47 am
>> are good morning. it is 5:46. a few notes and the bridges themselves are moving close to the limit. that's off of 780 on to westbound 80. keep that in mind and the transition is open. also the area we had earlier with a fog advisory and the chp said overall it's looking already in the approach from the bridge. you might have slicker roadways because of the fog and the mist and the rain. keep that in mind for the commute. we have speeds dipping down towards the 30s. we have slowing past summersville and clear by pits and bay point. patches out of the central valley, i heard chatter that sacramento is experiencing lower visibility, but coming out of
5:48 am
the pass. you see the speed indicators above 50. the westbound livermore commute is okay. eastbound heading back out of the area will get crowded and you want to be watching the weather advisories as well because of the impending storms and the snow. looking at oakland where we see the lights. the headlights southbound past the coliseum and the lights reflecting off of the roadway and a glow to the lights. there is moisture in the air, but it's moving smoothly northbound where the warriors play tonight. expect game time traffic up to the toll plaza. we have a look at the upper deck. as you get into san francisco, the headlights are moving smoothly and you can't see the top. >> low clouds coming in and as you pointed out on the east bay and up towards the delta, we have fog and pockets of light rain at the airport the last half hour. about 1/100 of an inch of rain to coat the roadways.
5:49 am
mill valley with 4/100s of an inch. light rain is falling. more substantial rain and the area of low pressure to the west of portland will drop in on the weekend and bring the temperatures way down come saturday and sunday. today fog with widely scattered showers for the morning for noon time and cool temperatures. we started the week in the 70s and 80s and may not hit 60s. the rain will start to fill in for the evening. take your pick. scattered thunder and rain and mix of sunshine at times and snow levels to wrap up the weekend. windy as well. gusty winds saturday night to sunday morning. showers lingering into monday. >> a holiday tradition that could leave families hearing the sound of little feet starts tonight. bob redell is live in san francisco with this year's pet adoption. >> you top the see what a kitty looks like on a can of red bull.
5:50 am
>> these two guys right here. the energy drink. one is ban nana ramma and one is hard named after the holiday displays window at macy's union square in san francisco. they will be up for adoption like other cats and dogs. you have so many animals unfortunately. how do you choose which will go to be seen by the people walking by on the street? >> we like to pick the ones who shop for macy's. we want to pick the ones who will be okay with having people look at them. >> these guys are so shy. >> these guys already have their shopping bags and everything. they are ready. >> do you have a screen test you put them through? >> we sort of do. we want to check them out and
5:51 am
make sure they will be okay. there is a lot of people. it's a new environment. that typically will be the younger cats and the really social dogs. >> with macy's, because you have so much people, you have a run up on wind ex? >> there is little children pressed against the window. we look forward to it. when we have them installed, you want to make a run and see what's going on and look at the kids. they are so excite and the pets like these will be entertaining everyone that walks by. >> six windows, what's the theme? >> it's based on yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. it's the skyline of new york city shrunk down to fit in the windows. after the animated feature that is running in december. >> i think brent and laura, katherine made a new friend. the chihuahua. the annual holiday display windows opens tonight at 5:00.
5:52 am
craig will be kicking things off at macy's union square and runs through january 2nd. last year they adopted out 300 animals. 320 and they raised $50,000 this year. obviously helping a lot of these animal who is need the help, especially cats right now that need a place to live. >> i know you will take several home today. nice nice of you. >> a good dad takes them to the beautiful daughters. 5:52 and every morning about another retailer offering shipping for things on line. cutting prices for the holidays. we are in the middle of the war between dot-com and big box retailers is the traditional mom and pop store. for them, it will be a christmas like no other. >> sloan used to come into the wooden horse as a little girl,
5:53 am
dreaming of owning every toy in the place. >> i wanted to buy the whole store. i grew up and i did. >> she cashed out her career at apple to be a small business owner, putting her right square between two giant forces. big dot-comes like amazon and so-called big boxes like target. >> flashlights are always good. >> if you ask her how she survives, she gives you the answer you predict. good customer service, quality products and that's the right answer, says retailing expert. >> if in fact the local retailer doesn't offer me anything special in terms of a relationship, in terms of knowing me, in terms of having a better assortment to meet my needs, how else am i going to choose? >> she is going further, taking the lessons she learned in high tech to bring the store into the 21st century. a website of course, but also
5:54 am
new state-of-the-art point of sale computers, measuring and roaring every purchase detail. and sales advertised on twitter and facebook. >> we are just starting to do that. >> there in fact so many new ways for small business owners to reach customers that all of a sudden the little mom and pops can compete with the big guys. >> you have to be innovating in your own marketing and building the relationship with your customers like the large retailers are. the good news is there aps that allow you to do that within the budget of the smaller firm. >> any small business owner can sign up for the services. one of the most powerful is group on. one retailer told me they did more for her business in one month than five years of advertising. back to you. >> thanks a lot.
5:55 am
this weekend nbc bay area is taking on the fight against hunger. we will be at several safeway stores accepting holiday donations and good morning, thanks for coming by. >> good to be here. >> it will be a big event and we should talk about when and where. how many safeways and where are they located? >> 130 safeways over three states and over 100 here in the bay area. >> for starts at 9:00 in the morning some. >> 9:00 in the morning and we will be there through 4:00 in the afternoon. >> we will be at a store in morgan hill. i think we will be there around noon. scott will be one in willow glen. all-around the bay area. tell us what you guys need and what people can donate. >> the big wish list is nonperishable items women want things that will hold in the barrels. we are looking for high protein like tuna and peanut butter and
5:56 am
vegetables and pastas and things that have a shelf life. we are asking people for eggs, meat, fresh produce. >> we are talking about people getting a turkey or a ham. you can do that, but don't drop them in the barrels and leave. you can't have it sitting out for hours and hours. it's better to do the cans in the barrels. >> for saturday only, we will be asking if people would like to donate $10 or $20 towards the purchase of a turkey. we will purchase them and deliver them to the people. >> do you go to the barrel and do that or at the cash register as you leave and pay? >> as you leave when you pay, you can make a donation for specifically a turkey or a cash donation for other items. >> at safeway, some of the things to expect, we want to help people, but this is a food drive that goes through the holidays which is why you need nonperishable stuff to help people for a long time to come.
5:57 am
>> we're are hearing this season especially they are seeing the need increase over the past year. >> thanks for spending a few minutes with us. we will talk to you late or in the newscast as well and get people to come out. it will be cold, but you have to do holiday shopping for thanksgiving, you are at a safeway and stop by. 9-4 throughout the bay area. laura and i will be out there. >> and maybe we will bring our three turkeys. 5:57 and this time next week holiday music will be everywhere. before santa claus comes to town -- music legend carlos santana will be in oakland to play with a symphony. the enchanted forest. it's a new thing by the grammy winner. it will be performed at the paramount theater and tickets are still available. >> the snow is piling up in the sierra and it will be coming
5:58 am
down this weekend. we will see how things are lookinup to e >>e'll be right back. ck ["knock on wood" playing]
5:59 am
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