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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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the cost of travel. gas prices going up in time for the holidays. >> attack in her home. how to catch the man accused of assaulting a girl in her own berkeley bedroom. this monday, november 22nd, today in the east bay. let's get rollinging with rob in your hour by hour forecast. >> a little chilly outside. temperatures in the 40s and 47
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degrees in livermore. oakland at 51. more mild and a bit breezy as well along 880. still seeing a few showers. the main event with the weather is on saturday night. lingering effects into the morning and a few scattered showers into san jose. a few more here on the coast. this will be the pattern of the day. hit and miss showers with chilly sunshine. high today only in the mid 50s. no matter where you go, looking at low to mid 50s including richmond and oakland. you may notice a dusting of snow from the cold weather we had. coming up, more rain and low temperatures in the 20s and 30s. not in the sierra, but right in the bay area. look at that. >> mike joins us tomorrow or the next day. you will be talking about ice on the road. >> we have rain on the road and
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it will be slick. red roadways and an accident that happened early this morning. on the ramp to westbound 780 out towards vallejo, but at the on ramp. westbound 780 heading over 780. that shouldn't be a result of the accident. going a little slower. meanwhile across the bridges heading into the east bay, you are moving fine with westbound 80 and the east shore freeway and berkeley and emeryville with a nice easy drive. the slick roadways are an issue. lower the speeds. >> new this morning, filling up to go over the river and through the woods to visit grandmother or any other family member will get expensive. a two-tank trip will cost more than $5 more than last
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thanksgiving. bob redell has the story out of fremont. >> gas prices are the highest they have been in six months. the average price for a gallon has gone up a nickel over the past 30 days, putting us well above $3 a gallon. here's a look at the overnight hour. san jose is running around 3.20 for a gallon and oakland is $3.19 and sf at 3:27. we compared the current prices and hitting the road this is 20 to 25 cents more expensive than last thanksgiving. experts blame the rise on two factors. one is the weak dollar which increased the price of oil and two, temporary refinery shut dons in the u.s. and france which decreased supply. the laws of supply and demand dictate that generally price guess up when splice go down. the upside is analysts believe
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prices will stop rising and go down by the end of the year. incidentally, denver might be a mile high, but the gas price there is aren't. right now that city is averaging $2.63 for a gallon of gas, the lowest in the country. here in fremont, today in the east bay. >> police are searching for the person who opened fire on a group of people in an oakland neighborhood. it happened on east 28th street near 12th avenue. they drove themselves to the hospital, but one person died on the way. as of last report, two others were in critical condition. a state-wide manhunt for a man accused of sexually assaulting a girl in berkeley over the weekend. omar sosa climbed through an unlocked window of a home in north berkeley after 6:00 saturday morning and raped a girl sleeping this her bedroom.
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they believe sosa left the bay area and could be headed to mexico. >> he is wearing a light shirt, blue jeans and a black zip up sweatshirt. he has a heavy spanish accent and prominent nose. >> they didn't say how old the girl was, but said she was taken to highland hospital where she was treat and released. police believe sosa is driving a gray 1997 ford ranger pick up with a double cap and a white camper shell. if you have information, you are asked to call crimestoppers. 1-800-222-tips. one last detail, he may have injuries to his hands and fingers. a new trial date for the three uc berkeley hikers. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal said they will face espionage charges, but the judge refused to let him meet with his
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clients to prepare a defense. bauer and fattal and sarah shourd were jailed after allegedly crossing into iran while on a hike. sarah was freed on humanitarian grounds, iran is demanding she return. a new study finds the bay area finds the cq press tallied the crime rates of cities of more than a half million. oakland was the fifth most dangerous in the united states. san jose took the ranking of fourth safest city in the country behind honolulu, el paso and new york city. they combined six categories to come up with the rankings like murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and car theft. people in alameda count ve a place to drop off old and unused
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medication there. will be a drop off at the sheriff's substation. the medication will be properly disposed of without causing harm to the environment and no questions asked about what it is you are turning in. vitamins and supplements, creams and ointments also accepted. the work of one of the best known humanitarians will continue without her. the mother wright foundation is holding a thanksgiving give away on market street. they are giving away chickens instead of turkeys. the founder died in 2009. this is file video of her here. she spend decades feeding the homeless and hungry. her daughter picked up her vision. the packaged food donations for the food bank in contra
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costa, students from st. patrick, st. vincent high collected them and they will team up at the high school to prep the goods. jack london square will look like christmas later on this morning. the delivery and raisinger is moany is set for 7:00 this morning. a tall 55-foot 8,000 pound red fir tree from mount shasta. you are lighting or did light or somehow involved in a christmas tree. >> friday evening we will do the tree lighting and christmas in the park. i will be there kicking it off. head out if you can. last year it rained. look at the wet roadways right now. westbound highway 4 out of antioch and towards 680. a smooth drive right now. off of the bridge with no problems as well as 580. look for those areas to start
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slowing around 530 for highway 4 and 6:00. pay bridge had an overnight advisory and it was lifted around 2:30 or 3:00. a steady shot and an easy drive from oakland to san francisco. the east bay approach to the toll plaza not a problem. the san mateo bridge. the camera is looking steady as well. we see the wind, but it's steady across the high-rise and a clear view. that's between hayward and foster city. >> when are i got into my car this morning it was so clear, you could practically read by the moonlight. >> when you have the clearing skies visibility improves, but the cold dry air settles in on tuesday and wednesday. chilly temperatures on the way and kind of cold. in oakland a southwest wind picking up. 46 in concord and here at livermore, 47 degrees. the temperature on the cool side
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and clouds sweeping through. scattered showers not so much in the hills, but along the coast and around san jose. this is where most of the showers will hang out. mainly along the shoreline and a few showers. for tomorrow morning, more rain will drop in and behind this system for tomorrow, very cold air will settle in. temperatures by wednesday and thursday morning in the 20s and 30s for inland. patchy frost or ice seems likely around get away wednesday. temperatures running cool. sunny breaks and a few showers. highs pretty much from the coast or inland in the mid 50s. as the morning temperatures drop off, look at the seven-day forecast getting past the rain tomorrow. afternoon highs near 50 on wednesday. morning temperatures in the 20s and 30s and the next chance of rain rolls in on saturday. >> thank you much. coming up, picking up men is a
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sport. one east bay woman has a new title. bucking the trend when it comes to breaking out the christmas decorations. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. back in a moment.
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the oracle arena will be cooler and freezing temperatures. we will check back with him in a minute. home to the state's top cougar, we are talking about the annual california cougar convention. it's annual. it was held in fresno. the event broughting to women of a certain age and the younger men who love them. the two groups mix and mingled and men voted to crown the queen cougar. the winner was amy luna of berkeley. her prize is say free trip to a resort and spa in jamaica. it's not clear whether it's a trip for one or she gets to take someone else. >> some of the guys got dressed up and the spider man t-shirt. way to woo the women, guys. a look over here, they told you
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about the accident and the accident reported as clearing, but a light volume of traffic for westbound 80. the commute direction is fine as far as the speeds go through hercules. no slowing on the sensors. part of the reason is a lighter volume of traffic. slick roadways. the live shot shows you a number of cars and for the east shore, this is empty. westbound 80 through berkeley under university avenue. a little water on the road. back to you. >> a lot of us did the food drive in the pouring rain, but my thanks to everyone who donated food and listen to us even though we are getting rained on.
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>> we can continue straight on through thanksgiving. what a weekend we had. almost two inches of rain and chilly. mainly dry. a few exceptions. 40s outside and a bit breezy. isolated showers down the coast and around the east bay, things are dry. highway 1 this morning and along the coastline, that will be the best bet of showers today. what lies ahead into tomorrow is one more round of rain. this is a cold system dropping down out of british columbia. we will have rain tomorrow, but very cold air sinking into the bay area. you will see what it does to the temperatures. highs in the mid 50s and sunny breaks and a few scattered showers. the forecast more fit for vancouver i think. low 50s around most of the area and mid-sifts around the hilltops. morning temperatures wednesday and thursday. 20s and 30s and highs only near
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50 for the middle of the week. we will be dry and more rain late saturday into sunday. >> business booming for restaurants. the national restaurant association said same-store sales up in september for the first time in six months. it's a sign the economy is coming back. more people are getting back to work and going out. for other news before the bell, let's go to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott. futures were higher and we drpd back a bit. we had some relief by ireland agreeing to bail out from the eu and the imf. it alleviates concerns with the debt crisis that the banks could spread to other places in europe. some countries are we are watching carefully like spain and portugal. details come out on wednesday.
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asian markets were higher and europe is mildly positive. all of this week's data is packed into the next two days. reports on unemployment and home sales, durable goods and the gdp growth as well as this month's fed meeting. the market will be closed on thanksgiving day. the market will be closed thanks to the turn around. that means trade starts today at 11,203. the nasdaq added to 2518. retailers are driving to the web before black friday with more specials than ever. call it a door buster. they spent $318 million on thanksgiving day, up 10% from 2008. kohl's best buy, jcpenney will offer deals on the web on thursday. i guess when you are done
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eating, you can start shopping early. >> or take a nap. it is happening earlier and earlier. the national retail stores launching christmas and tauning shoppers and holiday music decorations and enough to draw you in. retailers launch christmas earlier and earlier each year. a lot of retailers go from trick or treat to seasons greetings and a lot of customers don't like that. even consumer advocates complain the rush to cash in on christmas means thanksgiving gets overlooked. >> you should not be slave any longer to the retailers shopping schedule. i think you should own your own thanksgiving. >> it's not an issue at nordstrom. their halls are never decked with bows of holly before the
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turkey is served. >> we want to celebrate each holiday in entirety until we start the next holiday. >> it's a long standing tradition to wait until the day after thanksgiving to decorate for christmas. notices to that effect have been going up in the display windows and to the delight of an appreciative public. >> i agree. >> thanksgiving day. >> i prefer seeing it after thanksgiving. give us time to be thankful. for a day at least. >> foregoing a chance to boost the bottom line, they stick with tradition and probably gets the boost anyway. chris clackum, nbc news. >> in case you are shopping for christmas, amazon is making the kindle e book reader easy to give. they launched a give a gift button that gives them to anyone with an e-mail address. there reading aps for apple,
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mac, androids and blackberries as well. if you want to save money and go shopping to get out of it, leave your wallet at home. a new study said if people don't feel good about themselves, they are proned to splurge and use plastic to do it. it can lower self e statement and form a perfect storm. researchers recommend leaving the credit cards at home and pay with cash. the news on the pat downs with airport security. the secretary of state wouldn't put up with the frisking and the head of the tsa said procedures could be changed. tracie potts reports, a planned protest could back you up at the airport. >> she touched the prosthesis. >> marlene said she was humiliated. she refused the full body scanner and got this instead.
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>> having them come and cup the breast prosthesis and move it around to confirm it was there, that was too humiliating. >> he understanding public outrage over the aggressive new search, but he is trying to detect terrorist who is hide bombs in their underwear. >> we are not changing the policies. >> he said the policies may change as conditions warrant. uncomfortable? hillary clinton thinks so? >> would you submit to a pat down? >> not if i could avoid it. who would? >> they are having an opt out on wednesday, but many say it's a necessary invasion of privacy. >> if we go to cavity search, i have a problem there. other than that, let her go. >> congress wants to look at the procedure and whether tsa is the agent that should be doing it. in washington, tracie potts,
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today in the bay. >> take a look at what's coming up later and say good morning to laura garcia cannon in the newsroom. >> good to see you, scott and good morning, everyone. speaking of the scanners in the pat downs, you had to know this was coming. entrepreneurs are talking about the outrage. see what barb are bush is saying about sarah palin. plus, the snuggie. could the blanket be the key to rekindling romance? those stories and more in the bay. >> i will be leaving that to you. a new study finds a link between hormone therapy and dementia. women who began hormone therapy late in life at 65 and older had a 48% increased risk of dementia
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compared to those who were never on it. taking it early seems to lessen the risk. when women took it during mid-life only, they had a 26% decreased risk of dementia. falls and fractures among the major causes of death in the elderly. now low sodium levels could be to blame. researchers studied 5,000 older adults and those who had low sodium in their bodies had a 60% increase risk for falls. experts say screening for low sodium could be a new fall and fracture prevention strategy. a form of vehicle that almost disappeared from american roads is making a come back. diesels are up to 40% more fuel-efficient and performed much better than the models of yester year. bmw has the 335 d and the top 10
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greenest cars for 2010. the raiders had a coach and said jason campbell is still the starting quarterback even though they lost to the steelers. they replaced campbell with bruce in the second half. neither played particularly well. the raiders will host the dolphins on sunday. the raiders could be without richard see more for at least a game. officials ejected see more for the smack to the face. it happened after a touchdown pass. the ejection means see more will be fined and a suspension could come along with it. they apologized saying i never wanted to do anything to hurt the team. there is no excuse. i'm not sure why he ran up on me. i just turned around and it was a natural reaction. the warrior his a tough night against the lakers and it was a bright spot. jeremy lynn got game time.
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the palo alto high grad had the best game of his career, getting 18 minutes in the game and a couple of steals. lakers win 117-89. hunger reaches a new high in the united states. we will have the latest report on who is going hungry. it may surprise you how many people are affected. >> one bay area city's rat population exploded overnight. leaders don't think it's a big problem. you are looking at live pictures and a windy came coming uon the oth side ofof this break.
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new this morning, a rally for the right to smoke. >> where you can see jeff ranieri strap on skates and go head to head with olympic medallist, kristi yamaguchi. november 22nd, today in the bay. >> are good morning and thanks for joining us. it's 5:00. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to look at the hour by hour forecast. how does it look? >> cold outside. 40 wise a few showers and not going to be warming up a lot.


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