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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> screenings could change as we get ready to start a busy travel week. >> hitting the road is going to cost you a little bit more. actually quite a bit more than last year. we will have the last numbers coming up. >> the pentagon will release a support that could help end don't ask don't tell. >> the bay area is drying out and we will check the hour by hour forecast today monday, november 22nd. >> good morning. it's 6:00. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we want to get you started checking in with rob looking at the hour by hour forecast. dry, but cold still. >> the lingering effects of the weekend and chilly temperatures. you can keep the jacket on with highs mostly in the mid 50s and
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you want to keep it on stand by. you will look at the radar with scattered showers and more rain due in and possibly freezing temperatures. we will loo have a look at that in a few minutes. >> got the warm ups up in the car. let's see if the traffic is starting to back up. >> it's warming up there as well. 880 past the coliseum, a lot more cars. the tail lights up and i saw flashing lights. i thought there might be an incident going on. i have been tracking and no issues are reported. a look at the maps show you speeds reporting at 61 past the coliseum in the alameda exits. into downtown with no major issues. 66 at the top of your screen is the east shore freeway. the speed looks fine and travel time is 18 minutes. a live look shows you all lanes are filling up for the headlights and university avenue. the camera is on a mass.
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no major issues reported. back to you. >> thank a lot, mike. if you stip the air travel and decide to travel by road, you will pay the price. new members a a two-tank trip will cost you more than $5 more than last thanksgiving. good morning, bob. >> good morning to you. the prices here at the pump have been creeping up. you probably don't realize it, but gas prices are the highest they have been in six months. on average here in the bay area, they have gone up a nickel over the past 30 days. that puts us well above the $3 mark. san jose is running around $3.20 for a gallon and oakland is $33.19. sf at $3.27, the highest in the country. we compared the current prices to a year ago.
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hitting the road this thanksgiving is about 20 to 25 cents more expensive than last thanksgiving. they blame it on two factors. the weak dollar in in turn increased the prices and temporary refinery shut down in the united states and france which ended up decreasing supply and the laws of supply and demand do dictate that prices go up when supplies go down. the upside is that analysts believe gas prices will stop rising, even possibly go down. all this by the end of the year. denver might be a mile high as you are well aware considering that's your hometown. a gallon there is averaging $2.63. that is the lowest average in the country. unfortunately san francisco has the highest as i mentioned earlier. not good for us. live here in fremont, today in the bay. >> i don't think they will let
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mom bring home a gallon or two on the airplane. >> a tough time making it through the tsa. the head of the tsa said they could make changes to bat towns, but they are not going to happen this week. people will flood thanksgiving. they said the policies regarding the pat downs are embarrassing. they will take a look and hillary clinton said she doesn't want to go through one. >> would you submit to one of these? >> not if i could avoid it. no. who would? >> they are only for people who refuse to go through full body scanners. only 1% of travelers opted out of the screeners this month. it screens about $2 million passengers a day. >> police are looking for a driver that crashed into a tree and left a teenager behind to die. a silver lexus crashed and
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morning when medic arrived they pulled a 19-year-old passenger from the seat. the passenger eventually died at a hospital later on. witnesses saw the suv speeding before that crash. >> an important reminder for your family. lock your doors and windows as well. police are on the hunt for a 27-year-old who they say climbed through an unlocked window and raped a girl sleeping in her bedroom. the scene played out in north berkeley after 6:00 saturday morning. detectives believe sosa left the bay area and could be headed for mexico. >> he is wearing a light shirt, blue jeans and a black zip up sweatshirt. she said to have a heavy spanish accent and a prominent nose. >> they didn't say how old the girl was, but she was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. police believe sosa is driving a gray 1997 fort ranger pick up
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with a double cab and a white camper shell. you are asked to call crimestoppers at 1-800-222-tips. sosa may have injuries to his hand and fingers. >> are new this morning, the pentagon releases a report they hope will help congress repeal don't ask don't tell. it looks at the impact of the repeal. the pentagon wants to release the report on the 30th. if congress does not repeal the policy, the courts may order changes. that could happen too fast or maybe not properly be thought out the way they think it should be. don't ask don't tell bans homosexuals from serving in the military openly. >> stanford professor said he saw uranium enrichment on a recent visit to north ka rhea. uranium can be used to make
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nuclear weapons this. morning the special envoy for north korea is saying the news is disappointing, but not a crisis. >> this is not helpful to the jointly agreed goals we subscribed to. in terms of the peace and prosperity and stability of the korean peninsula and the region of northeast asia. >> hecker said the program has been built in secret and very fast. one of the grit mysteries of silicon valley, where in the world is the head of hp? perhaps he is going to show up today. >> perhaps. he has not been seen in sometime. one of hp's competitors said he is hiding out from lawyer who is want to interview him in a lawsuit the company routinely conducts a conference call with
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reporters and analysts and for hp that is scheduled for this afternoon. the "wall street journal" points out that he has only been with the company for less than a month. the profits this afternoon can't be credited or blamed on him, but it would be nice to hear from him. markets watching ireland carefully this morning. irish officials are in brussels asking the eu for a massive bailout. if they can get the bank solvent, that could be encouraging news. they have hp this afternoon and a short trading week. markets will be closed early thursday for thanksgiving. >> thanks a lot, scott. charities are seeing a drop in contribution this is holiday season. the need is becoming greater. charity organizers say the demand for food before is a good indicator of what the rest of the season could be like. the food bank is the peninsula's largest food bank.
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they hope to raise $11 million. charities say after the economy went bust, people became too scared to give like they used to. >> an accident and more slowing in the antioch area. let's check in with mike. >> not a good time. as i showed you earlier, it's around a. straight. around hillcrest, reports from the east or westbound side. clearly visible. in the commute direction, it clears by the time you get into pittsburgh and pay point. we are looking at 580 westbound where it started coming out of the pass and slow through livermore. you are all the way to the dublin interchange. it's a steady drive and shows a nice easy drive, but from 880 to
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the san mateo bridge, we are seeing that slow down. we expect to see slowing approaching in the transition. this is the approach to the toll plaza. we are looking at 15 minutes for those to be turned o. no major issues so far. back to you. >> checking the forecast too. >> keep the umbrella handy? >> today and bevel more so for tomorrow. you want a nice winter coat dipping into the low 40s around san jose. san francisco a bit breezy and not much rain. around oakland, this is the mild spot we are seeing. 51 degrees and southwest wind at 9. a few showers along the coast and a few around the north bay like sunday. we had the sunshine and pop up showers is the trend. later on, we will see clouds filling in again and later tonight, widespread rain and behind the system, cold air dropping into the bay area.
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the morning looks frosty. today also cool enough to wear a jacket all day. highs in the mid 50s around the bay area and across the north bay. 48 around lake port. 56 for petaluma. rain to start and the story will be the frosty possibly icy mornings inland and wednesday and thursday, more rain due in midway through the weekend. >> thanks a lot. >> 6:11 right now and former first lady has something to say about sarah palin. >> it's already beginning to look a lot like christmas at some stores. is it too early for crist snas why some people think it is. a plane crashes into a southern california harbor. >> a slilt breeze in the air too. we will be checking in with robba and get the forecast as we move throughout the morning.
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a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? good morning and welcome back. a live look at the hp pavilion and temperatures are less than 60 degrees for a high. a chilly start to the day. we will check the temperatures all morning. >> 6:14 and at least three people are dead after a small plane crashed near newport beach in upper newport harbor. the pilot signalled he was having problems and asked for permission to land in a street before the crash. the names have not been released and did say the plane is registered to a man from palos
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verdes. they think it was headed to torrance from mexico. >> several cigarette stores and tobacco distributors are fighting for the right to smoke in the south bay. santa clara county will vote on a licensing ordinance tomorrow. it would require every to becomo retail outlet to apply for a license and pay a fee. that would enforce laws that make it illegal to sell to kids under 18. it could be funded by $6 million in federal smoking money for campaigns. the city leaders approve a similar law on december 14th. >> people in unincorporated areas of alameda count ve a place to drop off old and unused medication. there will be a drop box at the sfr's department. the medication will be properly disposed of. nonhazardous medication like creams and ointments will be
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accepted. the substation is located at 15001 foothill boulevard in san leandro. a link between hormone therapy and dementia. researchers found women who began hormone therapy late in life at age 65 and older had a 48% increased risk of demendia compared to women never on hormone therapy. taking the hormones early seems to lessen the risk. when they took it in mid-life only, they had a 26% decreased risk of demendementia. >> time is running out for trapped miners in new zealand. there has been no contact with them. the levels are too high for rescuers to go inside. the gas levels are fluctuating. better news from china. chinese miners are safe.
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you see them being loaded into ambulances. crews pulled them out of a flooded coal mine. rescuers made contact and got them out. >> a mississippi boy got himself in trouble. he staged a protest today. the boy is campaigning to turn the demille tear zone. he held a sign for about a minute before police escorted he and his mother away. >> officials at the vatican said pope benedict xvi's comments with condom use is nothing revolution. he said it could be a first step in assuming moral responsibility in reducing the risk of infection. the ban on contraception remains. pope benedict xvi chose to make the statement not in an official
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document, but an interview with a german journalist. >> harry potter made a ton of money. the most profitable yet. >> $125 million in american ticket sales. worldwide is about $330 million. i-max did particularly well with the movie. the top opening for i-max ever. one more potter movie left that comes out in the summer. mega minds came in second over the weekend. some perspective. the data from the first five days of sales for the video game call of duty. $650 million. it makes the game the best selling object of all time. at any given time, 2.5 million people are playing black opes online. netflix will raise prices up $1 for most plans. the extra cost will help pay for
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more instant streaming tv shows. netflix is the place to go not just for movies, but television as well. the company did also add a streaming only plan. we have been waiting for this. as more and more people turn to netflix and they don't care about the dvds anymore. $7.99 and no dvds, only streaming. >> you get netflix for years as one of the giveaways free. >> i don't watch oprah. >> i don't either, but it was on the dvr and i had to watch. >> "desperate housewives" wasn't on that week. >> that was after. >> national retail stores launching christmas after halloween. tempting and hahning with decorations and big sales. now consumer advocates are
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complaining. it's the greedy rush to cash in and thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet. some say that thanksgiving gets overlooked. >> not be slave any longer to the retailers shopping schedule. i think you should own your own thanksgiving. >> at nordstrom, there was no sign of holiday cheer and sales just yet. that store chooses to wait until the day aftering this to put up their decorations. good for them. if retailers are getting hopes up about the shopping season, it play-off everything to do with what shoppers spent earlier this month. mastercard said stronger numbers at the cash register are being tallied up from the sales of boots and sweaters to electronics and jewelry. analysts say the deep discounts on flat screen and home
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furnishings is preventing profits from going up sky high. >> gadgets are a favorite gift, especially cameras. digital photography changed things a lot. what should you look for? an expert said do not focus on pixel size. instead make zoom capability the priority. >> optical zoom instead of digital zoom. it will get in close to that photo. >> and another consideration for you in camera shopping is start up time. point and shoot loaded up with some features are a little bit slow to fire up when you have to get that shot. >> have you noticed it's not that they are fired up, but you click it the moment you want it and it takes a second and whatever it was you were trying to shoot doesn't happen. >> we were looking for cameras and it's not the start up time,
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but when it takes the picture. call us next time. looking out here at antioch, i will tell you that this accident cleared from the roadway and it's not helping the back up happen after the accident around hillcrest. there is slowing and highway 4 will continue. for the rest of the area towards the mazes, it's looking lighter as it continues to lighten the volume through this week. it's a short week and the thanksgiving holiday and folks are extending that. 66 down the freeway and the volume is starting to build. the bay bridge a live look starting to build in the cash lanes. they should be turning on as i speak. expect them to turn on and all of the lanes building. a nice easy drive over the bridge and the lights will keep it so. the back up is quick on this monday and further south, sunol with a steady drive right now. southbound around the bend at
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the top of the hill towards the fremont side. no major slowing, but-a steady volume into the south bay. a look at that after 10 minutes. over to you. >> you can come on downtown to san jose for a little skating. bring your ice skates. hawaiian airlines downtown ice gets under way at 5:00. nbc bay area's sports director raj mathai will be there and jeff ranieri will help. he will skate with olympic gold medallist kristi yamaguchi. no pressure there. it's located at market and san fernando street through january 17th. >> as charitable organizations prepare to feed and clothe the homeless, one institution launched the curbside donation drive. it's in need of a special item. st. anthony's foundation is
6:24 am
collecting hand knit scarves. more than 1,000 have been collected and thousands more are needed. they are helping to feed and clothe the needy for 60 years. >> a genterer kinder nfl. what do you think the punishment will be? >> a beautiful live look and a cool start to the morning. keep the umbrella handy for how long this week and will we have a cl tul fi out o
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6:26 and mostly clear right now. it is chilly. you want the winter coat and 40s and upper 30s. 44 in san jose. keep the umbrella on stand by. it will look a lot like this past sunday with widely scattered showers.
6:27 am
the main rain event will be later tonight into tomorrow. this will be the last batch of rain that comes in. a canadian cold front that is dropping down through the bay area. we will see chilly air and cold enough for patchy frost and ice in a few spots. something to watch out for. today's highs in the mid 50s and chilly again today. a chance of seeing isolated showers along the coastline. expect to see rain coming in later tonight into tomorrow. after that really chilly. clear for and the turkey may stay frozen longer. back to you. >> good to know. 6:27 right now. the makers of new underwear promise to guard you from the prying eyes of the tsa. see how they work. >> barbara bush tells us what she thinks about sarah palin and her husband talks about the tea party.
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>> bay area shelters are busier than ever these days. a live report is next. >> a live look outside and the sun trying to peek through the clouds. we are checkinhilly chilly forecast with the numbers coming up. otion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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>> new this morning from san jose where a bay area shelter has to close doors after we get a serious blast of winter. >> a raider apologizes for losing his cool. what could happen to him next. the sun is breaking through some early morning clouds, but it won't warm up the bay area much. a chilly start to the day. today is monday, november 22nd on today in the bay. . >> good monday morning and
6:31 am
thanks for joining us. it is 6:30. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we have a look at this hour by hour forecast. are we warming up? >> if you look at the maps, they are staying blue and green for most of the day. that means we are only going to see highs in the mid 50s around the bay area. we will also have a slight chance of a scattered shower while you might be able to avoid the showers, you will not be able to avoid frost and icy conditions. a look at that is coming up. back to you. >> in the meantime, we want to get you started with the traffic report. checking out the south bay with mike. >> i will take you to the south bay for this report. slowing around actually. close to 40 miles an hour, but that has been like for a half hour. no major issues and a clip as you approach 880 and the 101 there. the volume starts to increase and the slower we saw we discussed that and heading
6:32 am
towards los gatos. holding up nicely and a lighter volume as we expected. the bottom number out of the pass and the bay bridge metering lights are on. brent and laura? >> thank you very much. it's 6:32 with cold temperatures upon us, homeless shelters will be busy. today in the bay's chris sanchez is live and despite the need, at least one shelter can't even take more people. >> for must be the absolute worst thing to do if you know you are the last ditch option for folks and yet more than one bay area shelter for homeless folks is having to do just that. advocate said at least all 88 beds at their shelter are spoken
6:33 am
for. >> looks like we lost the live report. we want to thank you for your help in feeding the homeless and hungry this weekend. thousands of people pitched in to make sure even those hardest hit in these economic times can enjoy. brent and i were out at the safeway store in morgan hill. jessica and tom were in the east bay. a lot of people were willing to give back. this weekend's drive met in local food banks and about 9,000 bags of groceries and safeway is selecting food. you can drop by. buy a bag. it's prepackaged. it goes to local families in need. >> this happened after 8:30 last night on east 28th street and the victims drove themselves to the hospital, but person died on
6:34 am
the way. as of last report, two others were in critical condition. >> for it's difficult for to you help the homeless, there is another way to help by giving blood. they are partnering up. for every two people who donate blood, they will make a donation to provide a homeless person with a bed for the night. they are located at 3373 hill view and 780 welch road. the raiders head coach said that jason campbell is the starting quarterback. after they lost to the steelers 35-3 on sunday. campbell was replaced. it didn't help. the raiders's offense never got on track. oaklandville to look forward to hosting the dolphins on sunday. they could be without the defensive lineman richard see
6:35 am
more. the ejection almost certainly means he will be fined, but we are trying to figure out what will happen if he is suspended as well. he apologized to teammates, but note to roethlisberger. he said i never want to do anything to hurt the team. you want to protect yourself, but there is no excuse. i'm not sure why he ran up on me. i turned around and it was a natural reaction. meantime, 49ers and their playoff hopes are alive. two games behind the seattle seahawks. he wanted candlestick at tampa bay. the short pass made it 14-0 and tampa bay would go on to win 21-0. the first time the niners have been shutout since 1977 and the first time the bucks won since 1980. >> 6:35 and running on to a field can get you tackled, arrested or tazed.
6:36 am
rex ryan is going to get a laugh. the fan runs right down the middle of the field between yesterday's game between the jets and texas. in hot pursuit. he laughs about it. that fan made it about 80 yards before he tripped and fell. police led him off the field in handcuffs. >> they had speed too. 6:36. bay area neighborhoods are more expensive. which ones come out on top. >> even the secretary of state said she doesn't want to give a pat down, but we will see if things change. a live report is coming up. >> traveling by car this thanksgiving kuf patting down your wallet. we will see how much prices are on the rise. >> another chilly start with scattered showers today and possibly frosty or icy conditions as we head towards the middle of the week. when to expect the chilly
6:37 am
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skisz >> 6:39 and partly cloudy skies and san jose with a few breaks
6:40 am
in the clouds. it is chilly again this morning. 30s and 40s for most of the bay area. 44 in san jose and 39 in gilroy. breezy in spots. mainly dry and a slight chance of a few showers through the bay area. a lot like yesterday. the chilly sunshine and another system dropping down tonight. right of canada. more rain into early tomorrow and drop the temperatures for the middle of the week. look for highs in the mid 50s and mostly sunny and isolated showers for the afternoon along the coast. for tonight, the rain filling in from north to south and followed up by cold air conditioning. 20s and 30s for the morning. the next chance will arrive late or saturday. >> good weather for the reindeer. you can check out the second string of reindeer. this morning marks the reindeer
6:41 am
romp. hole, vet vet, peppermint and belle. they arrived as santa did and will be around until january. >> i new survey prove that is a bay area city tops the list of most expensive suburbs in america. the most expensive play to buy a home is in saratoga. the median home price is nearly $1.5 million. coming up in second, scars dale, new york. rounding out the top three, winnetka, illinois. a median home will cost you about $1 million. >> if you don't want the tsa to see your privates, check out the security-safe underwear. >> let's take a live look outside and warming things up.
6:42 am
? ll i.belear ft or tkey da ty? y?
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6:44 am
>> good morning. welcome back. another live shot and sun starting to come up, but it looks cold out there. rob will have the forecast in a few minutes. >> new this morning, we are learn being a tragedy at last night's warriors game in los angeles. early this morning a toddler died after falling out of a luxury suite at the game. he was between 2 and 3 years old. he was taking picture when he fell 50 feet on a to a concrete
6:45 am
floor. paramedics took the boy out on a stretcher and he died at the hospital. >> controversial pat downs are so invasive, secretary of state hillary clinton said she wouldn't top the put up with one. the head of the tsa said the procedures could be changed. today in the bay's tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. tracy, there is a planned protest that could mean big back up this is holiday season. >> yeah, but the opt out protest and people travelogue wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year, planning to opt out of those full body scanners which will trigger a physical pat down search and possibly back up things at airports all over the country and cause a lot of people to miss flights. the government said not a good idea. we understand that there is a lot of public outcry about the pat down procedures that kick in if you trigger security after that full body scanner or if for
6:46 am
some reason you choose or refuse to go through it. you have to get the new pat down. they are much more aggressive than they used to be. using the front of the hand and checking private areas. they don't feel comfortable and feel humiliated by it. people with prosthesis and humiliated going through these types of scans. first of all initially they said they wouldn't change and now the chief said we are going to continue this and adapt the procedures as necessary. possibly easing and not necessarily by wednesday. also they emphasize that few people are actually going through these new more aggressive procedures. most people are going right through the machines and heading for the plane. >> check out these underwear. they have a strategically placed
6:47 am
fig leaf. you can see that there. they are made of a certain kind of metal that blocks the extras, but they do not set off the metal detectors. the thing is that the makers say if you get these special underwear, they are not sure. you might have to go through the pat down process. yeah, you can block the screeners out on the extra x-ray, but you might be subject to pat downs. >> this thanksgiving week if you decided to skip hopping on the plane, a two-tank trip will cost you more than $5 more than it did last thanksgiving. the story from fremont this morning. >> gas prices are the highest they have been in months. over the past 30 days, the price for a gallon of gas jump a nickel, leaving us well above the $3 mark.
6:48 am
let's look at the overnight averages. san jose running around 3.20 for a gallon and oakland is up pennies shy of that at 3.19. that by the way is the highest in the country. we put the current prices compared to a year ago and hitting the road this thanksgiving is about 20 to 25 cents more expensive than it was last thanksgiving. nowhere near the $4 prices we had a few summers ago that could explain why drivers don't seem phased by the chump at the pump. >> if you have to pay it, i have to get to work. i have to pay either way. >> is it doesn't hit your pocket book much? >> not really. >> experts blame the raise on two factors. the weak dollar that increased the price of oil and two, temporary refinery slow downs
6:49 am
that decreased the supply. the laws of supply and demand. when supply goes down, the analysts are predictioning that the prices will stabilize if not drop down sometime by the end of the year. if you are wondering they have the lowest gas price. the average is 2.63. >> or not drive. that might be a good idea if you head to the roads. you get more congested. >> we are seeing fewer cars because of a lot of folks planning for the get away commute for thanksgiving. we are seeing a good steady flow achl . the slow down starts and we see a build up in hercules.
6:50 am
a live shot out of the freeway and the reason for the slowing. look at all these lanes at capacity as you come towards university. they are dropping slower than we typically see. the maze times approaching the area with a smooth flow. look at the golden gate bridge. northbound into the city, a beautiful view. >> you can see it looks like towards the north bay, mainly sunny and chilly and highs low to mid 50s. a slight chance during the day, but the main rain event will show update tonight into tuesday. the things turn chilly and no continues to fly. you can see the widely scattered showers around the coast and the coastal mountains. we will see more for the afternoon and today looking like sunday's forecast. the cold canadian front out of the north tomorrow that will
6:51 am
bring another chance of rain and a big time drop in our temperatures, especially the morning for the better half of the week. the rain should start to shut down for the morning. frost and freeze seems likely. not for wednesday, but thanksgiving morning thursday looks downright frosty for most of the bay area. from where you are, 48 in lake port and 56 around vacaville. the seven-day forecast shows this next round of rain late tonight into tuesday and chilly morning with the next opportunity of rain later on saturday. brent? >> thanks a lot. over the weekend, the bay area and safeway stores partnered up for a food drive to help families in need. we want to thank everybody who came out despite the cold and the rain. chris sanchez is live in san jose with how much we collect
6:52 am
and how much more we still need. >> it was nice to see them donating bags. 1400 turkeys and 9,000 bags of groceries. our local food banks report an increased need for assistance. 30% higher than the last two years. not surprising concerning statistics that show one in six americans is at risk of hunger amount of new hospital shows 50 million americans don't know where the next meal will come from. 17 million are children. some of the folks who count on food assistance count on bay area shelters and they are having to turn the folks away. they tell us that all of the 88 beds are spoken for. they had to close doors for lack of funding for the shelter.
6:53 am
>> over 7,000 people out there per night. they have noplace to go. >> first christian church is serving 20% more people this year than last year. at every bay area agency i visited, they say the same thing. they are hoping that while the holidays and the winter are top of mind, remember to donate. the recession is over, but the agency said it won't be over until they have no one waiting in line. chris sanchez today in the bay. >> we got word that novel out of massachusetts will be performed by a private company for more than $2 billion. a piece will be broken off and for a half billion sold over to microsoft. on the marks, dow industrials are down about 30 points this
6:54 am
morning. we are waiting for news out of ireland. they are trying to get the bloud coming from the eu. apple releasing a new operating system for i pad and iphone and ipod touch. this will allow you to do a number of things, including print directly from your iphone or i pad. they have been waiting for this. next time you synch up the device, you will get the new operating system. >> 6:54. sarah palin said she may run for president, but she may not count on a vet from barbara bush. >> what about sarah palin. >> i thought she was beautiful and i think she is very happy in alaska and i hope she will stay there. >> as far as the tea party goes, former president bush said he doesn't understand what the party wants and how it fits into the larger political landscape.
6:55 am
that interview airs on cnn tonight. >> we want to check in with mike for a last look at the commute. >> we talked about building a little bit here on northbound 101. 87 and 85. a slower build here as well likely because of lighter traffic we expect to see all week. reports of an accident clearing. this might present an issue as you head southbound. keep that in mind. 880 with the interstate past oakland. an easy drive northbound. post work traffic there and expect slowing around 98. all the way up to the bay bridge. the choppers looking at the toll plaza. that's the only major slowing. the build up because of the lights on 66:20. we don't travel that every day and we do and it's like eh.
6:56 am
>> hopefully it's warmer there. >> a week ago it was 80 degrees. >> that's definitely my job. bearer of bad news. 50s for highs and scattered showers out there this morning. a few more this afternoon and a continuation of the forecast. cool sunshine and one more round of rain tonight into tomorrow. in a clear case of canadian air conditioning, lows into the 20s and 30s. wednesday and thursday, highs near 50 in a lot of spots. welcome to winter. >> that are is cold. >> thanks a lot, rob. travelers are angry over screenings. "saturday night live" is making fun of the process. >> feeling lonely this holiday season? looking for a little human interaction? >> why not go through security at an airport?
6:57 am
>> tsa agents are ready and standing by to give you something extra to feel thankful about this holiday season. >> the tag line is tsa, it's our business to touch yours. they go on and on and a lot of it is too racy for the morning show, but there is a link posted for the viewer who is want to see the rest of it. >> i'm telling you. >> a busy week for travelers. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is coming up next. the target 2 day sale starts friday at 4am. are you ready?
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