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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2010 7:00am-11:00am PST

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>> are rain and winddowntown oakland and a few showers passing through. it's very rainy and very snowy in the sierra nevada. i-80 is closed due to the snow. if you are planning on heading to tahoe, you might want to check in later. look at the seven-day forecast. it will get cold when things clear out. a freeze warning in effect, but tomorrow night a freeze watch in effect. after that only the 50s for highs. >> a flipped over school bus. no one was hurt. just some minor injuries. matt? more fallout over the tsa's new screening procedures with the thanksgiving rush in high gear and calls for boycotts tomorrow. tlds wo there's word that policies may have been slightly modified. >> good morning, matt. these enhanced pat-downs that
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have been so controversial have been for the most part for people who opt out of the full-body scans or who trip the metal detectors. but a small percentage were random. now, word that that is changing. slightly. after more than a week of outrage about where tsa screeners have been putting their hands, senior government officials say the tsa is reducing the number of passengers who are randomly selected for a pat-down. the public and political uproar hit a boiling point on monday. >> our goal must be to maximize, protection and security and minimize inconvenience and invasive innocence. >> intelligence continues to suggest that terrorists are targeting commercial airlines. but on this busy thanksgiving travel week, passengers are asking, where's the line between smart security -- >> this is the world we live in. so i would rather be safe than sorry. >> and invasion of privacy. >> i don't think it's ever right to touch someone in their
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private areas. >> it's an invasion of privacy. >> i'm all for security, but at some point, enough's enough. >> it's not offensive as far as i'm concerned. if it keeps me safe. >> now with an internet-led call for travelers to boycott tsa full-body scanners on wednesday, choking tsa checkpoints the day before thanksgiving, the travel industry is calling for the tsa to rethink it's approach to security. >> this is always risk. but the current environment we're treating 100% of travelers as a threat to the system. >> but from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber to the recent attempts to bring down cargo planes, homeland security insists the al qaeda threat remains real and it will continue to use both full-body scanners and pat-downs. >> very few passengers receive a pat-down. those who decide they don't want to go through the walk-through metal detector or the new ait machines, there has to be a way to screen them. and the way to screen them is
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with a pat-down. >> the tsa says that less than 3% of people actually get pat-downs. and of those people who are selected for the full-body scanners, less than 1% opt out. matt, so far we have seen no indication at all of those people who suggest they're going to protest and tie up tsa checkpoi checkpoints, but tomorrow's the critical day, one of the busiest days of the year. the government and airline industry are saying please don't choose that date for protest and tie up the security checkpoints. >> tom costello, thanks so much. it's 17 after the hour, here's meredith. police in georgia are looking for more witnesses to what's being described as a cold and calculated murder. a father shot just moments after dropping off his 2-year-old son at school. new brunswick's tom tron is in dunnwudie, georgia. >> so many parents start their
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day by dropping off their kids at school and that's what russell snyder man was doing at this preschool last thursday. he just dropped off his 2-year-old son, was heading back to his car and in broad daylight, was gunned down. the family of russell snyderman or rusty as they called him, say what mattered most to him are the people in these family photos, his daughter, sophia, 2-year-old son ian, and wife andrea. snyderman's college sweetheart. >> my niece and nephew will never know their father. my sister-in-law has had an entire lifetime of dreams ripped from her. >> after dropping off his son at this preschool last thursday, police say the harvard-educated businessman was returning to his silver sedan when suddenly, a man walked up and shot him several times at point-blank range. this is a sketch of the shooter. witnesses say no words were exchanged. the shooter simply opened fire and took off in a gray minivan, similar to this one. >> it's awful. i mean, that's what i can't get
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over, is who does this? who does this at 9:00 a.m. when innocent children are trying to go to school. i don't understand how this could happen. >> snyderman's brother doesn't understand, either. he said rusty was generous. volunteering to help several charities. >> our whole family has lost its brightest light. and we don't know why. >> authorities say they will be investigating his business dealings. and even the charity work. from our initial investigation, this case appears to be a cold and calculated murder. >> criminal experts agree, this was an assassination. >> now, i don't think this was a random shooting. largely because the vehicle was not stolen. there was no attempt, it appears that they didn't engage in any kind of robbery. this was, i'm here to shoot this man and get out of here. >> left with only memories, snyderman's family sends this message to his killer -- >> come forward and face
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justice. don't be a coward. >> and the snyderman family is offering a $10,000 reward. hoping to generate some leads that will lead to the capture and conviction of the killer. meredith? >> tom trong, thank you very much. just ahead, a massachusetts teenager who allegedly took her life after being bndullied at li
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still ahead, the big day was just announced this morning, april 29 at westminster abbey. what will kate middleton be wearing? we'll talk to the woman who designed princess diana's dress. ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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so why wait 28 days for new releases? blockbuster has hot new titles, like the kids are alright and charlie saint cloud, 28 days before netflix and redbox. rent them in store, by mail, stream on demand and on the go. blockbuster. less waiting. more watching. 7:26 and a new accident to tell you about? >> castro valley. today a lighter volume of traffic and westbound 580 at 150 as you head up towards san leandro. the castro valley in the area we are showing 30s as opposed to 20s. the big slowing with westbound 80 out of san pablo. the earlier sigalert has cleared and still have the double your commute time 37 minutes down to the toll plaza. wet roads are complicating things as well. >> still see the rain coming in. it's getting packed up against
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the sierra nevada. that's very heavy snow. i-80 is closed at applegate. be aware of that. back here we see rain showers coming on shore. they are getting lighter. it's all going to clear out. once it does, it is going to get cold. freeze warning necessary tonight. forecast highs in the 50s.
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>> two deaths in 12 months. a south san jose high school is
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dealing with another student's death. jordan michelle west died in a car accident on 101 early sunday morning. west and four other teens had been drinking. west's death happened 12 months after mike em russell was stabbed in death in his family's back yard. they are fellow classmates. clear leaders will honor and celebrate west's life in january. the 17-year-old driver is expected to face dui manslaughter charges. i will have another local news update in about a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
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we have seenquite a bit of rain this morning and a live look in downtown san francisco. clouds moving through and we have seen the rain. our forecast calls for the rain to come to an end by this afternoon. very heavy snow being rcht and the winter storm warning continues through at least noon. forecast highs not going to be warm. only in the 50s. then tonight will be so cold we have a freeze warning in effect. after that, forecast highs only in the 50s. >> and with holiday travel all important, you want to check in with the weather channel on cable or online. . sarah palin's much anticipated new book hits stores today. nbc news received an advanced copy last night and the former alaska governor is not holding
7:41 am
back when it comes to president obama. nbc's norah o'donnell is in washington with the details. >> reporter: well, you know her new book is called "america by heart." it's full of what she calls reflection on faith, family and flag. but with all the attacks on president obama and others, some say it could be a handbook for her for a 2012 campaign. even before "america by heart" hits bookstores, sarah palin is all over the air waives. in a surprise visit to "dancing with the stars" cheering on daughter bristol. on fox news -- >> well, now i'm thinking about 2012 and i am thinking about it. >> reporter: and of course on her own reality tv show. >> it's tougher than it looks. >> reporter: palin it seems is everywhere, plugging her book and settling some old scores. >> would you even do another interview with katie couric?
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>> "america by heart" highlights some of her heroes like ronald reagan but it also rips some of her opponents. palin says as hard as she worked to beat mr. obama in 2008 when he was elected, quote, i share the feeling of almost desperate hope that many other americans felt. like then, like you, i loved my country and want it to succeed, but a new morning in america  hasn't broken over the capitol dome. in very personal terms, she also questions the president's patriotism, concluding he has a stark lack of faith in the american people. some say the book offers a blueprint, clues on how she would attack obama if she runs in 2012. >> certainly this book has all kinds of dog whistles for the base about what her messaging would be if she ran for president. >> reporter: on obama's signature legislative achievements, palin writes, we don't consider the health care vote a done deal, not by a long shot. instead it was a clarion call, a
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spur to action. palin also attacks hillary children in what she calls her bra burning militancy for this comment made in 1992 when bill clinton first ran for president. >> i could have stayed home and baked cookies and had tea but what i decided to do is fulfill my profession. >> reporter: palin says some of us like to bake cookies, some of us also think we can do that and still have successful careers. will it help show that palin is qualified for the presidency? >> going negative definitely will help spur sales, but voters want to see someone who can be soothing, who can project optimism and who can seem like an executive instead of take a swing at anyone who offends them. >> palin's book is filled with politics and pop culture, she quotes everything from the incredibles to tony keith to the
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19th century political thinker. she also kicks off her book tour today in phoenix. up next, two bucks here, $6 there, why some banks are now sticking you with more fees than ever before. ♪
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- you went to kay. she'll love it. [chuckles] trust me. i know. - save 25% on bulova watches at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - i love it. back now at 7:46, if you haven't taken a close look at your bank statement recently, you might want to try that because some consumers are now paying more than ever before. lisa myers is in jacksonville, florida this morning. she has details on this. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: the government recently cracked down on banks imposing tough new regulations limiting what they could charge their customers for credit cards and overdrafts. so are consumers paying lower fees now? in many cases no, banks have found new ways to rake in money. so this is your son's statement? >> correct.
7:47 am
>> reporter: what put peggy angle over the edge is when her son a college student was charged $2 just to check his account balance before he withdrew money from his banks's atm. >> so to try to be a responsible banking participant, they penalize you for $2. that's wrong. >> reporter: and when he used another bank's atm, he sometimes paid $6 or $7 to get $40 in cash. all the fees have eaten away at money he earned over the summer. >> $2.95. $2, $2.50. $ $2.95. >> reporter: the last straw, the bank recently paid a monthly fee of $8.95 to what had been called totally free checking. >> now you tell your children about a bank to warn them of all
7:48 am
the con games and the nickel and diming that goes on. >> reporter: fees have gone up across the board this year. >> the increases were seen on everything from monthly service charges to overdraft fees, even atm fees. >> reporter: the number of americans enjoying free checking has dropped from 76% to 65%. and if you want an account that pays interest, the average minimum balance required to avoid fees has soared from $511 to $3,838. some consumers who weren't watching their statements closely have learned the hard way. barbara nelson was shocked to discover she had been charged $6 to $12 a month by her bank jpmorgan chase because she didn't use her debit card enough, basically an inactivity fee. >> it makes he really angry because they're charging me for not spending my own money. >> reporter: eventually months of service fees and a new annual fee drained her account triggering an overdraft fee.
7:49 am
in all she said $118 in fees on an account she didn't use once this year. >> the banks are making huge profits off small potatoes, hundreds of millions of small potatoes like me. >> reporter: a chase spokesman says we encourage customers to check their statement every month to ensure they're aware of all the activities including service fees. the banks argue that they're merely charges customers for the services they use. and with increased regulation, industry spokesman scott talbot says the banks's costs have gone up, necessitating higher fees. what do you say to consumers who feel they are being gouged by banks. >> one shop around, and make sure you understand your account and understand when a fee been charged so you can work to avoid
7:50 am
those fees. >> reporter: consumers should expect even more fees when it comes to using their web did cards. that money has to come from somewhere so it's going to come from all of us. >> just about every member of our crew is gathered around the set watching this right now. so this is important information. still ahead, new details on kate middleton's wedding gown. from the woman who helped create princess diana's dress, we're going to talk to her, but first these messages. ugh, my sinuses... the congestion...
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good morning to you. 7:56 and i'm laura garcia cannon. >> take a look at this. sunol is slow and soupy. wet roadways achl slower drive heading southbound 680 and not so bad because it clears. look at the map. we have an incident around scott creek road. one lane is blocked south of mission boulevard, but the slowing not until we get to south bay proper. the northbound route show the slow down. northbound or 101. coming up from heldier and yerba buena. slick roadways for the morning. >> all thanks to the rain thawing all morning. we still see showers coming onshore. the rain will taper off this afternoon and it will get cold. speaking of cold, snow in the siary and i-80 is closed.
7:57 am
if you are heading to tahoe, you may want to wait. let's look at the seven-day forecast. cold, cold, cold. a freeze warning in effect and another for tomorrow night. it will stay in the 50s. back in a minute with more news. make your christmas story unforgettable!
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use your shop your way rewards card at kmart today... ...for the chance to win 1 of 30 trips to universal orlando resort... ...and step into the magic and excitement... ...of the wizarding world of harry potter! there's smart, and there's kmart smart. >> are airports gearing up for the holiday rush. it is ready for tomorrow, one of the busiest travel days of the year. this is video from the airport this morning. moving pretty well.
7:59 am
talk on the internet suggests people will tie up security lines tomorrow in protest of the new tsa pat down process. airport spokesperson said it will not be an issue. >> we are ready for anything if people want to slow it down, we will make sure they have their own process or other processes we can do. we want to make sure people want to get through security get to the gate and on the planes and the holiday destinations. >> to make it through faster, dress in layers and pack your things in a carry on before you goat security. i will have another new it is update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning.
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8:00 now on this tuesday morning, november 27, 2010. and that is the queen of england leaving westminster abbey this morning. that will be the site of the wedding of her grandson prince william to kate middleton on april 29. up next year, something very exciting. >> her fans consider her the amazing voice, taking center stage on our plaza in our 8:30 half hour. >> this time she came all the
8:01 am
way from new zealand. just ahead, speaking of the royal wedding, what is kate middleton going to wear when she wa marries her prince on april 29. some famous designers have emerged as possibilities. we'll talk to the woman who actually co-designed princess diana's gown, she's going to join us for a live interview. and a brave 6-year-old girl who was diagnosed with on of the rarest and deadliest forms of brain cancer. jenna bush hager is here along with marlo thomas, they're going to be sharing that young lady's story. the best part of thanksgiving for some, the dessert. one of our little sweethearts is going to be bringing us some
8:02 am
very nice spiced cider. >> let's go inside. >> tamron hall is filling in for ann. good morning, everyone. the white house is strongly condemning one of the worst north korean attacks on the south since the end of the korean war in 1953. south korea says it returned fire and scrambled fighter jets after artillery shells from the north killed two soldiers and wounded several civilians on a small island. a stampede killed more than 375 people and injured hundreds of others monday. revelers and hundreds of others rushed over a bridge. the tsa says it has reduced the number of passengers randomly chosen for security pat downs, however the agency warns of long delays if too many thanksgiving travelers refuse
8:03 am
full body scans and have to undergo the pat down. officials in belgium say ten suspects are in custody today after anti-terror raids. the targeted suspects planning a possible attack in belgium and others for a chechen terror organization. a guilty verdict in the chandra levy murder trial. he faces up to life in prison for killing a washington intern. it also ended the terms of gary condit. police in colorado have closed their investigation of a suicide pact between twin sisters from australia. one twin survived after the 29-year-old women shot themselves last week using rented pistols at a firing range. quantas says the ceo will be aboard when the airlines fleet of jumbo jets returns to the
8:04 am
skies. the planes were grounded after a midair explosion forced an emergency landing. it is 8:03 now, for a check of the weather from al. >> hello there. >> we have got some business to take care of. congratulations are in order. fresh off the success of his fourth book, the morning show murders, al roker is out with his fifth book, this one's called the midnight show murders. you're a lover, not a fighter, why all the murders? >> our chef willie blessing who also happens to be bald, african-american, a little stocky, who's on a morning show. >> what's the connection? >> i can think of none. he's a lover and he was september out to the west coast to help the network launch a late night talk show. and the host gets killed. and they're worried that -- he has to help find out who done it. >> how do you write these books?
8:05 am
when do you have time to write these books? i don't understand. >> i have a co-writer, a terrific mystery writer. but dick helps me with the road map. it's a lot of fun, we try to give some insider stuff, we use some real people in there. >> james patterson, very well known, mystery writer, thriller writer is raving about this book and says it's very, very, very funny and you should quit your day job. we don't agree with that. by the way, if anything ever happens to any of us, you are immediately a person of interest, that's it. congratulations. >> wie do take a couple of shot at some of the real life late-night comic shows. this morning, we've seen
8:06 am
some rain moving through the region, looking dark here on the golden gate bridge. the roads are still a bit wet. expect more rain to continue to move in but the heaviest rain has real lly an end for us, we e showers on shore and clearing this afternoon. as we go up to the higher elevations it's snowing really heavily, we see winter storm warnings in effect, i-80 still closed and cold tonight, freeze warnings in effect, still cold tomorrow night. >> and that's your latest weather. big question, who's going to design kate middleton's wedding dress or gown as they would call it. we're going to ask the woman who designed ps anwn. right after this. with the capital one venture card
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back at 8:09, it is said to be the most talked about and photographed dress of 2011. what will she wear when she marries prince william. tamron is here with the latest. >> every bride wants to shine on her big day and when it comes to picking her wedding gown, one thing is here, kate middleton's pick will get worldwide scrutiny.
8:10 am
>> reporter: kate middleton wore the brazilian designer's creation to announce to the world she found her prince. >> i was very excited. >> isa is said to be kate's favorite designer but the british are hoping one of their own gets to design the future queen's wedding dress. >> just that little bit more. >> reporter: the odds on favorite british design tore the st st stars. >> i think she does a really romantic dress, they're large scale, but not heavy and clunky, she can bring a delicacy and lightness into a huge garment which i think is quite an achievement. >> david emanuel created
8:11 am
princess dianadiana's gown at t time. >> we're in a different mood now, where you know 2010 going into 2011. we look forward to these big, big intraicelebrations, they're exciting. >> reporter: princess diana's dress cost $115,000, kate's dress will cost nearly double that. >> kate has to be sensitive to it being too out landish and expensive. >> reporter: no matter who she chooses, this english rose is sure to shine and the designer remembered forever. >> the second kate picks a dress, there are sure to be copycats and british sellers already selling an inexpensive
8:12 am
copy of that blue dress she wore to announce her engagement. >> susan zuckerman is a writer and reporter for people working with the royal coverage team. good morning. >> suzanne, if i could start with you, let's talk a little bit about these two top contenders who will design the dress. isa the brazilian designer and f phillipa. >> obviously isa is on everyone's mind because kate wears her dresses so well. last week she suddenly emerged with british odds makers putting a lot of emphasis on phillipa. she is a london based designer and she does have that
8:13 am
relationship. kate has the power and the ability here to tap a british designer, and there is a sense of nationalistic pride that goes along with that. >> but is there a big difference in the kind of style these women would use in terms of creating the dress? >> i think that isa is clean lined and polishes. phillipa has a little bit more refined. >> your name has come up as one of the possible designers of the gown. they're putting you at five to one at this point. if you were to design the dress, what kind of a dress would you design for her knowing her style over the past eight years? >> i think the difference between kate and diana is that kate has developed her own sense of style, she very much knows what suits her. and i would imagine she would go to something quite simple, but also, you know, it's going to be
8:14 am
a fantastic challenge for a designer because it's a royal occasion that's going to be an historical moment, it's got to be something that really reflects the history, you know, side. so it actually could be anything, but the one thing i'm pretty certain about, probably not going to look like diana's dress. >> you designed diana's dress. so you know the pressure of being in that position. >> oh, goodness, yes. >> what would you say to whoever designs this dress? >> it is incredible pressure and the thing is if you have a really good team around you, that's very, very important and you're got to get very good security. and the thing is to really concentrate on what's the most important thing which is to do an absolutely amazing dress for the bride. the bride is the most important part of this at the end of the day and put in the back of your mind, there's going to be i don't know how many billion people watching as well. you've got to try and not think about that.
8:15 am
>> right, like they couldn't. >> elizabeth emanuel, thank you so much. and now let's head outside to tamron. >> hey, meredith, al, the crowd is getting ready for the sensational susan boyle concert. this is a young handsome fan. anyway we have got a trivia question for her fans. what part of scotland does susan come from? there it is right there and right after this, we will have the answer. and already they're yelling out answers. what do you think? we'll see if you're right after brea ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew.
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8:19 am
and susan will sing for us in the next half hour, meantime over to matt. >> now to our special series thanks and giving. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager visited the hospital and spent some time in familiar territory. jenna, good morning to you. >> like you i had the opportunity to go to st. jude and i got to go back to my texas roots with an extraordinary young lady. to cassidy, she loves the rodeo. from the prize winning belt buckles to their 27 acre farm complete with horses, calves and steers. this family takes roping, riding and ranching seriously. >> where does this love of being outdoors, being at the rodeos, riding horses come from? >> it's a passion that i love and we introduced it to our kids and they love it naturally.
8:20 am
>> reporter: dars si cassidy was well on her way to following her father's passion. but in december of last year, that perfect life was in jeopardy. how did you know something was wrong with darcy? >> she started throwing up in the morning. oh, no she has a cold. and six weeks later, he was getting frustrated because it's not normal. >> we had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning to give her bread so she won't throw up. >> reporter: after several visits to the doctor, darcy underwent an mri. she had an atypical tumor. one of the rarest and deadliest forms of brain cancer. >> you're not hungry, you almost don't feel the pain, the pain is just so large, you don't feel it. you don't know what to think, you don't know what to say, you don't even know what to ask.
8:21 am
>> reporter: after emergency life saving surgery, a family member told them about st. jude's research hospital. at first the family resisted. >> we have four kids, my husband travels, we have animals, you can't let them go, they need water, they need food. >> reporter: despite the long distance, the kcassidy family chose st. jude's. why was it important they come to st. jude's in particular? >> this is a very rare cancer and has a very poor outcome. there's very little success with the treatment. >> reporter: this is darcy's tumor before, after surgery and treatment, the tumor is gone. how often do you see these tumors coming back? >> in her case about 20% chance of her tumor coming back. >> reporter: now darcy has been cancer free for over a year and on this day, there's good news. >> we're good, we're coming home.
8:22 am
>> we have courage now to get back to their normal activity in life. >> reporter: get back on the horse? >> get back on the horse, absolutely. >> reporter: today darcy's back in the saddle. how do you feel about riding horses? hanging out with the family on their farm, i could tell where she gets her strength. what would you say to darcy now that she's back. >> that she's really brave that she survived cancer. >> reporter: as darcy gets stronger, life is almost back to normal on the cassidy farm. where did you get this one from? >> a rodeo. >> reporter: darcy even won a belt buckle in a recent competition. >> reporter: what do you see in the next 10, 20 years? what's your hope. >> one birthday at a time, not what we want, i just hope she finds a way to tackle what she wants to tackle. >> in the cowboy world, you got
8:23 am
to be tough or you're not going to make it and i think that the people that we're around just look at her like she's a professional challenger. >> and now she's fighting to win. >> and darcy's case is so rare that her local hospital had never even seen this type of tumor. remaining cancer free for the next two years is critical. matt? >> it's a great story, marlow thomas joins us this morning. there are fewer than 100 cases of this particular type of cancer, so some might ask why would st. jude's focus on this cancer? >> aside from the obvious that every child's life matters. 70% of the kids who get this are under 3 years old. so there must be a genetic component of this. which is exciting because we're involved in the first and largest genome project ever. we're going to take 600 kids
8:24 am
with cancer and decode their dna to find out what's different between the healthy cell and the bad cell. what we're figuring out also is that all of these cells, what makes a brain cell turn into a brain tumor. what makes a blood cell turn into a leukemia? and this is important because it's obviously genetic. >> but the 1962 survival rights for children with cancer 20%. now they're 80%. and i think people are familiar with the bush family history know that stories like this hit home for you. >> yes, my dad's sister died of leukemia, right before st. jude hospital opened. >> i know i talked to your grandmother about that. >> and my grandfather, the doctor i met at st. jude told me that when my grandfather came, he hugged a little girl and said i wish this hospital had been around forever. >> a lot of people wish i had
8:25 am
been around forever. marlow, it's always good to see you. see you tomorrow. >> yes, absolutely. just ahead, susan boyle live in concert on the plaza, but first your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. time is 8:26. i'm brent cannon. we check in with mike. >> san mateo bridge, live shot a few minutes ago on the left side, center divide, westbound, we had a tow truck facing us, they cleared it and car facing wrong direction, back to the parking lot by the toll plaza. traffic flowing smoothly but a back upoff 880. reports of a standing water, drain block there, maybe. peninsula looks all right. east bay, we have 30s and 40s, not quite so bad considering the weather. >> it's been rainy throughout the morning. see that rain coming to an end. as we try to get into tahoe, be
8:27 am
careful, a lot of snow falling this morning. winter storm warnings in effect, i-80 requires chains or four-wheel -wdrive, they are slowly opening that up. cold tonight.eeze warni in back in a minute with more news.
8:28 am
it looks like an east palo alto school will get a news sport complex named after a police officer killed in the line of duty. the planning commission voted 4-1 to approve construction of
8:29 am
the richard may sports complex during a late-night meeting in east palo alto city hall of a 30i-day window for peel. he was killed in the january 2006 in the line of duty. barring an appeal, construction is scheduled to begin at june at cesar chavez academy. today show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning. see you in a bit.
8:30 am
♪ hey now ♪ hey now >> 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 23rd day of now. we have nice blue skies. we have moderate temperatures. we've got a monster crowd out on the plaza. these people here it hear singing sensation susan boyle up on stage. she'll be performing for us in just a couple of minutes. by the way, susan just
8:31 am
accomplished something last accomplished by the beatles in 1969. we'll fill you in on that in just a second. meanwhile, on the plaza i'm matt lauer along withç meredith vieira, al roker and cameron. >> another great concert tomorrow. tennessee rocker kings of leon will be here live on the plaza. >> it's going to be awfully good. >> also awfully good, we're talking about dessert. of course well, love our desserts on thanksgiving. if you want to take a calorie count, you might want to think about menny-desserts. giada is going to show us how to down size the desserts without giving up any flavor. >> and we're going to giver you a reason to enjoy extra dessert. we have some tips on -- >> what was that? >> we're going to teach you how to celebrate the holidays without regret. >> i like that. >> all right. before we go any further, can we please welcome in jessica, the
8:32 am
latest contestant to be voted off the ranch on "the biggest loser." how are you? >> good. nice so see you. >> the bad news is voted off. >> yes. >> the good news is, though, you've continued to do well at home. you started "the biggest loser." you weighed 282 pounds. >> i did. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. i'm doing fantastic. you know mishgs goal -- i am this close that to that goal for the finale. i'm really looking forward to it. >> your goal was 160-ish. >> it's a little bit higher than that. it's around 170 for the finale, but my goal and the way i look at it is it's not over after the finale. this is going to be something the rest of my life, and if i need to lose another ten or 15 after -- >> it's the marathon not a sprint as they say. >> you were eliminated one week before the makeover week. you decided what the heck? you can do that at home. >> i went home and said i'm not missing out on this experience. my hair was about down to here when i got home, and i thought,
8:33 am
well, best way to pay it forward immediately is to donate that locks of love and help who i can, and i cut it up here when i got home, and it's already grown this much, so maybe we'll do it again in another couple of months. >> you look amazing, and for the first time you can wear the same size as some of your girlfriends. >> yes. >> how are you keeping going? how do you keep the regimen going? >> it's all about being interesting for me. i get bored very easily, so i swim in the morning. i do bikram yoga, run. i try to do something new every day, and keep it exciting. >> congratulations. nice to meet you. you can check out the biggest loser tonight 8:00, 7:00 central time here on nbc. >> okay. >> mr. roker. >> let's see what you have as far as your thanksgiving travel. friday we've got rain changing over to snow in the northeast, and new england, wet weather. the pacific northwest went up and down the east coast. flant, probably some problems there. saturday, snowshowers in the eastern great lakes. a mess in central california and the pacific northwest with some
8:34 am
snow. sunny and cold in the plains. then on sunday, sunday, everybody heading home. the western!dhird of the country will be, again, a wet snowy mess. a few snowshowers in northern new england. otherwise, much of the rest of the country looking pretty good for your travel home from the thanksgiving holiday. things are getting ugly this morning in downtown san francisco. you see the fog rolling in. we've had rain throughout the morning. that rain will start to taper off this afternoon. right now it's not exactly warm outside. you need a jacket this morning. our forecast highs are going to be in this area. thanks to colder air that will dive on in. quick look at the radar, shows the continuation of rain showers coming on shore. really rainy and then very snowy up in the mountains. tonight, freeze warning in effect. >> and of course you want more information on your holiday travel weather, check out the weather channel on cable and online.
8:35 am
up next, some tasty bite sized thanksgiving day desserts. plus a live concert on the plaza from susan boyle, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
8:37 am
verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. "todas" holiday kitchen is brought to you by ocean spray, tastes good, good for you. >> 8:37 this morning on "today's" holiday kitchen. many thanksgiving desserts no matter how much turkey, stuffing and sides you dig in to on thursday, there's always room for dessert. happy holidays are you ready for the big day? >> my siblings for the last three months, are we going to have it at your house? >> why would anyone cook when they have your house.
8:38 am
>> after a big meal, you may not want the big pies, so i've got three of my favorites. we're going to start with pancakes. >> minipancakes. you're using batter from scratch, but you can use store bought batter? >> basically you just mix it and then you just put it on a hot griddle and these are little baby ones. this was inspired by my daughter who loves pancakes. it doesn't matter who day it is. so i decided to make a little dessert pancake. basically let them cook one, 1 1/2 minutes. this is what they end up looking like. what i do is, i put them on a plate like that. and i think this is really fun. this is raspberry. this happens to be my daughter's favorite, but you can do anything. you can do them slightly warm,
8:39 am
it's fine, it just starts to melt, but it looks pretty that way. now this is something you can make ahead of time, obviously. but just as easy at the last minute. >> what kind of chocolate did you melt there? >> it's dark chocolate. it's one cup of chocolate chips and half a cup of cream. so it's very light. >> this is great. >> so the best way to actually melt chocolate is over a double boiler. bring a little water to boil. otherwise you can burn the chocolate. and then it won't taste the same. >> add a couple of raspberries so it's like a pancake sorbet sandwich. >> so you're going to make minicheese cakes? >> instead of having a little sliver, you can have a little individual one. these are chocolate wafers. so it's a chocolate wafer, you just kind of crumble it up.
8:40 am
>> you're overwhelmed by a slice of cheese cake, but you put cheese cake in the middle? >> graham crackers, whatever you like. i take this and i cover it with melted butter. so then, why don't you do this. >> you know me. >> cream cheese. we're going to do a quarter cup of sugar. one egg and a little bit of orange zest. >> why do you put the orange in there? >> flavor. >> you want to pulse, what? >> you just keep doing this until it becomes a nice, smooth batter. and then you pour right in there. just like that. >> how long do you bake these? >> 350 for 25 minutes. and then you cool them for 15. and what i do is i bake them in water.
8:41 am
if you have any issues or imperfections on the sides, it pops. >> you've put more sugar thisin there, haven't you? >> you need to have something pumpkin for thanksgiving. >> how many people are you having for thanksgiving? >> i'm actually having thanksgiving in rome. so it will be very -- it will be a little different. we're still having thanksgiving with an italian twist. >> but normally you do the cooking? >> i do. >> so you'll invite me next year, maybe? >> maybe, i'll think about it. see how nice you are. >> minidesserts for thanksgiving. you'll be back tomorrow with a twist on traditional potatoes. international superstar susan boyle is live in concert, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. >> susan boyle shot to international fame in 2009 on "britain's got talent." her first album sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide. she's performing with the hudson river children's choir, ladies and gentlemen, susan boyle. ♪ just a perfect day ♪ a walk through the park ♪ and then when it gets dark we
8:45 am
go home ♪ ♪ just a perfect day ♪ and then later ♪ it's just a perfect day ♪ i'm glad i spent it with you ♪ another perfect day ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ just a perfect day
8:46 am
♪ problems all melt away ♪ just a perfect day ♪ you may me forget my problems ♪ ♪ it's such a perfect day ♪ i'm glad i spent it with you ♪ it's such a perfect day
8:47 am
♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ ♪ ♪ >> susan boyle, thank you so much, we are back with more music in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
8:48 am
nbc. lots of lotions promised healing. this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works.
8:49 am
susan boyle's debut album was the world's top seller in 2009 and her sophomore effort the gift is currently number one in both the u.s. and the uk, the second time she has accomplished
8:50 am
that feet in less than a year and that has not been done in more than four decades. susan, good morning to you. the last group to do that, the beatles, 40 years ago to have the top in the u.s. and the uk two years in a row. what does it feel like for you? this must have been a crazy couple of years for you. >> it's been really fantastic. >> your fans who love you and they care about you obviously that's why they're here. this album, mostly holiday songs, christmas songs. >> it captures the magic of the season, and the holiday atmosphere. >> do you have a favorite christmas song? >> they're all good. >> i wanted to bring in amber. amber's going to be singing with you on the next song. amber was the winner of the
8:51 am
birch contest. she picked you. you are a mom of three, you're a medic from bloomington, new york. how did you feel when you got that phone call from her? >> absolutely amazing. i was so excited that i was actually talking to susan herself and then when she told me i won, the world just stopped, a dream came true all the way around. >> and what was it about susan's voice that impressed you? >> it's a very soulful voice. >> that's pretty high complements from susan boyle. you're going to sing a duet together, a holiday classic, "do you hear what i hear"? ♪ there'sdo you see what i see ♪
8:52 am
♪ way up there in the sky ♪ do you see what i see ♪ a star, a star dancing in the night ♪ with a tail as big as the sky ♪ ♪ let the little lamb through the shepherd's call. do you hear what i hear ♪
8:53 am
♪ ringing through the sky shepherd's voice ♪ ♪ do you hear what i hear ♪ a song light as all the breeze with a voice as big as the sea ♪ ♪ with a voice as big as the sea ♪ ♪ do you hear what i hear ♪ as the shepherd boy sees a mighty king ♪ ♪ do you know what i know
8:54 am
♪ do you know what i know ♪ do you know what i know ♪ let us bring him silver and gold ♪ ♪ let us bring him silver and gold ♪
8:55 am
>> susan boyle, thank you very much. the album is called "the gift" and we'll have one more song from susan in just a bit. but rs lt uryoocal news. ur
8:56 am
good morning once again, time 8:56. i'm brent cannon. checking in with mike, a lot of wet roads. >> usual suspects, hey wighway accident, partially blocking the roadway, both directions are still getting through but along the coast further north, the
8:57 am
southbound side of the great highway closed, typical during storms, sand and debris, use sunset as aalternate. local know that. bay bridge, backup here as well but not as bad, lighter week as far as vofl traffic and smooth drive, 22 minutes from the bridge. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet. when you go faster, you're free to go farther. at&t. rethink possible. get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month.
8:58 am
an east bay congressman is getting ready to continue a holiday tradition of collecting thousand of greeting cards to send to troops overseas. today is the deadline, if you want to send a card to the troop as part of the fourth annual holiday cards for our troops program. drop them off at his congressional office in plesenton, 5776 stoneridge mall road, suite 175.
8:59 am
we'll have another update coming in half an hour. "today" returns in about half a minute. see you in a bit. for the six the time in four years, uc regents raised tuitions, we understand the need to raise revenue what's wrong is lack of transparency in why these decisions are made and no means of appeal. bay area believes the closed-door sessionings should end. we have a right to know what alternatives are discussed, what cuts are made at the top, in the layers between president, chance lors, vice chance lors and deans, and why are 18 of the 26 regents appointed for 12-year terms? where is the accountability? for a world-class public university, the taxpayers'
9:00 am
university, we deserve more democracy. we urge our new governor, jerry brown, official president of the regents, to open all of the meetings and the debate. tell us what you think at nbc we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 23rd of >> it's we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 23rd of november, 2010. you have a very happy crowd on the plaza with good reason. they have been wed by susan boyle, the scottish singing sensation performing. you know what's nice, she is not done yet. more music from susan boyle coming up later on. i'm here with al roker and susan boyle, not the only big doings from across the pond. >> no. >> we've got news coming from there this morning. we find out that kate middleton
9:01 am
and prince william will be married there, westminster abbey on april 29th. that is the date that has been selected. that is stephanie gosk there. they already declared it a public holiday. >> it's a short week, it's easter week. >> there you go with. and the weather is going to be beautiful. >> spectacular. >> never rains that time of year. >> what else is coming up? >> coming up in this half hour, if you happen to overdue it we're getting ready to get started with thanksgiving. that's the beginning of over indulgence whether it's shood and drink, shop to you drop. how to recover. and to keep you from going overboard at the dinner table, joy bower is here with thanksgiving ideas on ways to cut carbs and fat to keep your eating in check. >> were you watching? you love pigs in a blanket? >> nothing wrong with pigs in a blanket. >> i could live on pigs in a
9:02 am
blanket. tamron hall is at the news desk. >> good morning. the tsa hopes to keep security lines moving at airports across the country ahead of tomorrow's peak travel day. the agency says that anyone protesting full body scans will cause delays for travelers trying to get home for the holiday. rescuers are searching a muddy river for survivors today after panic spread through a crowd of thousands attending a festival monday causing a stampede across a bridge. at least 375 people were killed and hundreds more were injured. tension on the korean peninsula escalated today. south korea says it returned fire and scrambled fighter jets. >> it's more than a decade since suuchi saw her son. they were reunited today greeted by well-wishers.
9:03 am
the nobel peace prize laur yept has been in detention. she was freed earlier this m. charlie sheen filed a lawsuit for extortion against the adult film star found in his hotel room. a tearful capris anderson appeared saying that the actor yelled racial slurs and grabbed her by the throat. sheen claims she is trying to extort to keep quite. the first major snowfall of the season left drivers stuck in traffic overnight on a washington state highway. and major damage was reported in wisconsin and illinois where residents caught a suspected tornado on camera. it is three past the hour. back to matt. >> all right. thank you. >> that's okay. >> al as well. that's okay. >> you know, a pierogy is hard to beat, too.
9:04 am
>> what is pigs 18 blan zmet. >> rice with hamburger wrapped in cabbage. >> a little too healthy. >> thank you. i'm sure it's tasty. let's check your weather, see what's happening. we'll show you this big storm a out west. the jet stream dipped way to the south. that is in the frigid air. we're looking at snow. blizzard warnings in the rockies, winter storm warnings, winter storm watch, even winter weather advisories in much of the north and the west. we've got rain in san francisco, you're not seeing a lot of snow on the radar. the mountains block a lot. look at the snow from jackson to salt lake to the sierras, talking six to a foot and a half a look at the gold i can get bridge this morning, still pretty wet. showers moving across the area and in the mountains, a lot of snow. we're talking about 10 to 20 inches of snow from the sierra nevada and we will continue to see the rain moving in across
9:05 am
the area. currently we see temperatures in the 50s and in the 40s. areas of rain move as cross the area, snow at the higher elevations and i-80, closing it on of a off. if you're going up there, check ahead. and that's your latest weather. now let's head out to washington and say hello to >> and that's your latest weather. let's head to washington and say hello to uncle willy scott. >> the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. world war i ended. the poppy people, you know, get those. the veterans. love the veterans always. they love them in orville, ohio. never forget. take a look at leo. leo loring of new york city, 100 years old today. he made the hat worn by davy crockett for the movies who davy killed a bear when he was 3. the bear was 3. davy was 40.
9:06 am
ana riska of west virginia. 102. third time she's tried to get on. glad we got smart. very active in the senior citizens club. loves to play bingo. computers, older people are into computers. and claude gardner, sun city, florida, 100 years old. restored a 1948 pontiac. that was one of my first cars. you fix it yourself. you see the ground when you open the hood. now you can't see the hood. and rosella of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. 100. volunteer, reading to the blind people on public radio until she was 93. very worthy cause. and we have steve kuchta of ladysmith, wisconsin. 100 years old. plays the guitar in a band, played in the 30s big time.
9:07 am
happy birthday, god bless. and frieda foth of spokane, washington. and she is 101 years old today. active hiker in the hiking club. always loves to get out and take a walk. can't beat that. thank you. that's it and that's all from your nation's capital. back to the gang in new york. >> thank you. it is the news we've been waiting for since the announcement of william and kate's wedding plans. the where and the when. this morning, mark your calendars for a spring royal wedding that the world of course will be watching. nbc's stephanie gosk is at westminster abbey with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. friday, april 29th, a spring wedding here at westminster abbey. this is a storied church. almost 1,000 years old. rich with royal history. this is where the k0 nations tae
9:08 am
place. and of course princess diana's funeral was here. this is where prince william will get married. the date is significant as well on the roman calendar it marks the feast of st. katherine. not sure if that was planned but it's a nice coincidence for kate middleton. there was discussion whether it would be a spring or summer wedding. prince william was said to have wanted a spring wedding and the palace in the summer to get more after guarantee of good weather but it seems at least on this issue, prince william got his way. the ceremony will be broadcast live around the world with one billion people watching. the kind of attention a future british king can expect. the average british girl grows up preparing for a big day. not a global event. here is kate middleton, 13 in a school play. >> i wish to marry you. >> to marry me? all i longed for. yes, o yes.
9:09 am
>> be careful what you wish for, young kaxt a royal engagement can be a rude awakening. kate like diana is under a mi o microsco microscope. the palace is very aware she is going the take on the biggest role of her life. they are basically paving the way for that to be a support network for her. >> that job goes to the counties es. the queen is a fan of the counties ess. that a feeling she could guide kate. >> reporter: lack of privacy, a series of rigid protocols, kate middleton's new reality. >> william is a great teacher. he'll be able to help me along the waxt >> her friends and family say she is up for it. a strength she often showed as an athlete. >> she is a very strong person, very intelligent and she'll handle. >> reporter: having watched his mother struggle william is said
9:10 am
to be very sensitive to how difficult this new life may be for kate. it's a high price to pay for falling in love with a prince. appropriately enough the queen was here at westminster abbey this morning, she was marking the beginning of the celebration of the anglican leaders of the church, probably checking the place out for the big day. >> thank you very much. nbc news royal expert robert jobson is the royal editor of news of the world. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> now we have the date. april 29th. we heard july, we heard they had to coordinate with harry's schedule. what do you know about this exciting date? >> reporter: i think this is going to be a classic royal wedding put on by the british in the only way they do it with pomp and pageantry. i understand there is going to be a golden coach like with diana. i think we'll have a great up beat day. i think it's going to get the
9:11 am
attention of all of the world. >> the bookies were saying westminster abbey would be the location. the queen mom, queen elizabeth were both married there, that's where the funeral for princess diana was held. was there any other choice? >> reporter: there was, actually. they admit to that today in a press conference that i attended. the senior royal courtiers. so i think they would seriously look at windsor castle because of the privacy it would give them. that's where prince charles and camilla married. they of course are the next in line to the thrown. i think this is a serious case of westminster abbey is the royal family's church. that's where they do their births, deaths, marriages. and that's why this is the right place. not only that, it's also where king william and queen kate will be crowned. >> and the price tag we're hearing is $40 million. $20 million of that paid by the british taxpayers. we know that the economy around the world suffering there
9:12 am
included. do we expect protests from citizens there, or is it just all about the excitement and relishing this moment? >> reporter: well, i think that the british tend to put on a party quite well. in truth, david cameron, the prime minister, has said he's going to give the country a day off. and there is nothing like the brits like than having a day off and a party. the truth of this is this wedding may cost money, we live in a dangerous world, don't we. it will be very stupid of the british not to have the best security possible. and that will be led by the royalty and diplomatic protection squad, armed guys and ladies, that will be there to protect the heads of state that are here. that would be stupid not to have those people in place. so if it costs money, so be it. for the rest of the money will be picked up by prince charles, and the middletons i'm told. i'm not sure what they are buying. >> we're looking at the video when they announced the engagement. such a beautiful couple.
9:13 am
you have reports out that william wants to protect kate. he saw how his mother suffered so greatly. popaparazzi following her. he is there to help his soon-to-be bride. >> reporter: i was around. i've been reporting this royal family for 20 years so i was around when princess diana was in that tragic circumstance and died in those awful circumstances. but in truth, royalty protection was not guarding her at that time. it's very different now for kate middleton. she has armed body guards, two of them, females who will guard her round the clock. if the paparazzi want to take on armed body guards they are braver. also things have changed so much since the death of princess diana. the tabloid newspapers are not in the same -- don't behave the same way as they did. there is a lot of rule changes. i don't think really this business of the paparazzi is an issue. >> april 29th is the date.
9:14 am
we'll be waiting for. thank you very much. coming up skimping on calories without skimping on flavor for your thanksgiving dinner. first, from shopping to eating to traveling, how to recover if you overindulge during the holidays. you can decorate with them, bake with them, even make holiday drinks, like our cranberry punch we call the festive sparkler. mm! festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. but no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickering ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to
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9:17 am
get through it if you go overboard. good to see you. first you say you can eat and enjoy holiday foods, but don't do the mindless eating, be very aware? >> i'm not saying don't eat a lot of thanksgiving. we're talking about a whole season here, multiple feasts, parties, thanksgiving. >> it's a marathon. >> right, you thought that marathon was hard, get ready for this marathon. sampling is break, taking breaks courses is a good idea. and don't lie down after the meal, it's really tempting to lay out on the couch, that actually causes more acid to come up into your esophagus, you can really get a bad heartburn there. >> the over the counter antacids in the house. taking a walk, a leisurely stroll can get them moving in the right direction.
9:18 am
>> raising a glass, moderation is the key? >> especially if you're not used to drink a lot. one thing to do is make sure you have some food in your stomach. avocado or nuts can help slow down the absorbsatiption of alc. avoiding the mixes like the sour mixes that have a lot of -- and the diet sodas are not a good idea. >> why not. >> the artificial sweeteners enhance -- >> and a glass of water between drinks? >> because one of the biggest problems with hangovers is dehydration. >> you go too far you say coconut water? >> doing that before you go to sleep is a great idea as well as the next morning, even foods like banana us which are rich in
9:19 am
potassi potassi potassium. >> visiting family and friends? >> it's going to be more stressful this year than ever, but what you need to do is give yourself plenty of time. get a good night the day before, when you're on the plane, bring some anti-bacterial wipes and wipe down everything before you sit down. make sure you wash your hands frequently, make sure you're moving your legs because you want to prevent blood clots on those long trips. >> what about jet lag? >> get out during the sunlight hours, make sure you can take a quick nap, 15, 20 minutes, nothing more than that. >> how do you shop without dropping? >> i love this. because women especially, when we go shopping, it's like we get superhuman strength, we think we
9:20 am
can carry ten packages, it can really cause muscle strain. don't try to do the whole mall in one day. when you're carrying heavy packages make sure you bend at the knees not the waist. taking a warm bath, using a hot compress can help. but if the pain persists you may need to see your doctor and even get some physical therapy. >> and it's not hard to do burning a candle at both ends at the holidays. >> sometimes we end up really burning out because of our working plus we have the holiday parties at night. it's okay to say no. but also taking a quick nap can help as well. making sure you're not skipping meals, keeping your exercise routine. it's easy to skip it during the holidays, but even 15 minutes a day can keep you fit mentally and physically. >> and choose a stroll outside instead of taking a shot of caffeine? >> caffeine can have a rebound effect which can make you more tired as you withdraw so getting out and exercising.
9:21 am
>> and power naps are a great idea. >> great advice. and still to come, we have got one more performance from singing star susan boyle, but firsteshe ms.sersgesa was complicated, with a series of stepped altitude changes. [ air traffic controller ] okay, 245, proceed to your next cleared altitude. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] today, truecourse flight management systems from ge allow for fuel savings, lower emissions
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9:25 am
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oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal! good morning once again, time 9:26, i'm brent cannon. mike, a peek at the 880. >> we got a peek, we couldn't sometimes because of the clouds. a bit of sunshine but you see the wed rot road. northbou northbound, jammed up around the coliseu coliseum. the map shows the extent. towards the alameda exit and park street bridge, that's the expent of the backup. approaching from toll plaza, things moving nicely down the east shore freeway. toll plaza looking light. more clouds and jen, further west some more rain coming in? >> yeah, looking at the radar, the rain moved through oakland, now it's in san francisco, down through san bruno and moving
9:27 am
toward hayward, livermore and more rain with in the next few minutes. once you head up, do things get snowy. we're expecting 10 to 20 inches of snow right around the lake and also i-80 is open again but you need four-wheel drive or chains and you have chains in your car this time of year. seven-day forecast, cold tonight. there is a freeze warning in effect, another freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night, also very windy and chilly today.
9:28 am
tough new tobacco laws could be on the way in santa clara county. supervisors expected to approve an ordinance among the most restrictive in the country. due to growing evidence of dangers to nonsmokers from secondhand smoke. the laws would impact part was nonincorporated santa clara and including prohibiting smoking in condos and townhouses, county
9:29 am
parks, fairgrounds and outdoor seat areas. hotels and motels would be smoke free. they expect to reject ban on happy meals or fast food meals that include is to. supervisors passed a ban on fast food meals with toys unless they meech certain nutritional standard. mayor newsom vetoed but supervisors could overturn that. supporters say it's a tool to overcome childhood obesity. see you here in a little bit.
9:30 am
that's the southern rock band kings of leon. singing their hit song. they will be performing live in our special concert series out on the plaza. but we're not done with "today's" outdoor concerts yet. there's more. susan boyle will sing another holiday favorite for us. >> walking out on stage, she's so adorable.
9:31 am
also ahead in our diet s.o.s., we're talking turkey and all the trimmings when it comes to saving calories in our thanksgiving meals, she'll be answering questions about how not to pack on the pounds. and she'll have advice on planning a vegetarian thanksgiving. al has teamed up with an award winning crime novel. a midnight show murder, a follow-up to last year's sensation a morning show murder. i'm going to interview you about your book. >> as conan o'brien can tell you, it's a killer business. >> you can survive. i have got so many questions to ask you. >> and i have the answers. >> but first let's get a check
9:32 am
of the weather. >> when you do a little traveling tomorrow, we got a risk of strong storms in the mid mississippi river valley. frigid in the planes, some snow showers in the in northern new england, mild through the gulf coast. as we move into thanksgiving, we're looking at evening showers in the pacific northwest, rain up in the mid mississippi and the ohio river valleys. icy conditions in new york. and showers in the northeast, then sunday on your way home, sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard, out west, there's going to be some problems back through the rockies on into the there's the rain falling in san francisco. a bit of water here on the camera. we'll see rain showers still moving onshore but not as numerous as they were earlier. currently it's not warm outside. in the 50s and we're going to pretty much stay in the 50s throughout the day, some staying only in the 40s. rain continues to move onshore, upper elevations, big-time snow. winter storm warnings continue
9:33 am
through this morning for the sierra nevada. look at the seven day forecast, cold tonight with i freeze warning in effect. >> how to save some calories before you dig in this thanksgiving. we're answering your questions in our diet s.o.s. right after this. 3q ( woman ) even with an overactive bladder, i don't always let the worry my pipes might leak compromise what i like to do. i take care with vesicare, because i have better places to visit than just the bathroom. ( announcer ) once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle, and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks, day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision,
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9:37 am
24 this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., with turkey, stuffing and pie on the mean you, joy bauer has tips on how to stay healthy on the most endull j especially of holidays. >> i was just wondering, this is my first year as a vegetarian at thanksgiving and i was just wondering what some other options are besides turkey for dinner? >> this is a great question and i think your best bet and certainly the most fun is that instead of stuffing a turkey, stuff a vegetable. you can start with a portabella mushroom cap and use that as your container and then fill it
9:38 am
with some sort of scrumptious whole grain stuffing whether you use wild rice or barley and then you can add in seasoning and dry fruit and nuts. you could also serve up a vegetarian lasagna. but to make it more of a holiday and seasonal theme, you can incorporate pumpkin or acorn squash or butter nut squash as well. there's great recipes for the things that i mentioned and you'll probably find a whole slew of other ideas. you don't have to make a tofu turkey. if you want to, you can. have a nice holiday. >> i found a ton of vegetarian recipes, delicious, healthy. >> the next question comes from ellen. ellen, good morning, what's your question? >> i'm looking for a way to cut the carbs and still keep the
9:39 am
taste in my thanksgiving day stuffing. >> that's a dilemma. >> this is a terrific question and i'm very excited by it. this is what i'm going to suggest. you should saute up a whole lot of sort of stuffing friendly chopped vegetables in a little bit of only live oil or canola oil and then you're going to add those sauteed vegetables into the liquid and the bread. if you're using one cup of sauteed chopped vegetables, you can add it to one cup of the bread mix. mushrooms and celery, you can do onions or leaks, certainly water chestnuts and things out of the box, you can do artichoke harts, even roasted red peppers and the best part about this is that when you add vegetables into your stuffing mix, you're going to trim about 100 calories per serving and bump up the nutrition and fiber. so this was a great question. and like i said, it makes me
9:40 am
very excited. >> ellen, thank you and happy thanksgiving. and a viewer e-mail, from plymouth, north carolina she writes, how many calories are in a portion of my thanksgiving dinner, turkey, stuffing, gravy, ham, potato salad, green beans, mack and cheese, sweet peas and sweet potato pies? >> about a gazillion, it's really difficult for me to give a specific number, because i don't know the amounts of each of these that she's eating. i do know that the typical thanksgiving dinner is about 4,000 calories and it takes a woman of 50 pounds 14 hours of walking to burn that off. i call this my rule of one. you want to have one of each delicious appetizer, one plate of anything you want just keep
9:41 am
the portions appropriate and one dessert. or two slivers of two desserts. >> what's your question? >> my question is, how do you manage to skip the mashed potatoes, the pumpkin pie and all those things without hurting the cook's feelings. >> if you really do want to skip that fattening fare, you have to lay it right out on the table. tell the host that her sides look delicious and outstanding and the only reason that you're going to skip them is because you're diligently right now trying to adhere to your diet, but you're going to double up on her turkey and her vegetables. i think you want to share that. >> thank you to everybody, joy, thank you, up next, a murder in the world of late-night tf, our very own al roker tells us about his latest page turner the midnight show murders after these messages.
9:42 am
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9:46 am
snempk. >> we're traveling all the time. you fit it in. because it's something you enjoy doing. >> so what inspired this latest, and by the way, i need you to sign this. >> you're going to give this as a gift to your mom. >> exactly. >> midnight show murders. was it inspired by work. >> the first one, we did the morning show murders, they said write what you know. billy blessing also is a -- out west to talk to a late night talk show. there was all this stuff going on when we started to write this thing about late night talk shows with jay and conan and jon stewart and all this. >> so it was swirling in your head? >> things were swirling in my head, i thought what better way to be a little topical. >> billy is your main character, the detective, are you billy. >> billy is african-american, he's bald, he's a little stocky, and he's on a morning show.
9:47 am
>> so that answers my question. >> there you go. they say write what you know and who you know so i figured, i didn't want to make him a weatherman, although that would be a little bit too obvious. although i do refer to the "today" show. h. >> a little slice of the "today" show news. but you carry your ipad everywhere. did that help in the writing process this time around? >> i wrote this on the ipad. because i really was traveling a lot and i didn't feel like lugging around a lap top, even though i had a fairly small one. but when i got bored, i could watch a movie. >> you bounce it off your wife. who's your -- other than dick, who you bounce this off of and make sure it's juicy and entertaining? >> i feel like if i'm entertained.
9:48 am
it not gruesome, there are no -- although there are a couple of people who buy the farm in it, but it's kind of light. >> i think dick wolfe needs to produce this. >> if there's a tv version or a movie version, who plays billy/al? >> if terrance howard isn't available, i wish that anthony anderson would be my -- >> anthony anderson would be a good choice. >> any number of really -- >> really handsome black men. >> or if he's not available, pee-wee her man. >> so what's next? >> for some reason i think he is. what's next for you? >> i think i'm going to kill off a cable news talk show host? >> rachel maddow? >> wow, man.
9:49 am
>> you said a cable news person. >> you went right to rachel maddow. >> it was a dream come true, al. thank you very much. up next, a soaring performance by susan boyle but first this is today on nbc. ♪
9:50 am
♪ [ female announcer ] we know you've got a lot on your plate at thanksgiving. which is why safeway has everything you need to get it all done. right now get a safeway frozen turkey up to 16 lbs for just $6.77 each. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
9:51 am
kathie lee and hoda, thanksgiving animals and i'm going to be talking with kathie lee and hoda about the midnight show murder. >> and legendary singer glen snipe will stop by. >> and susan boyle has bun more great classic for us, oh, holy
9:52 am
night, have a great day. ♪ oh, holy night ♪ the stars are brightly shining ♪ ♪ it is the night of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ a thrill hope ♪ a weary world rejoices ♪ for yonder breaks a new and glorious morning ♪ ♪ fall on your knees ♪ oh, hear the angels voices
9:53 am
♪ of night divine ♪ oh, holy night ♪ the stars are brightly shining ♪ ♪ it is the night of our dear savior's birth ♪ ♪ ♪ christ is the lord
9:54 am
♪ that ever ♪ o♪ oh, night oh, night divine ♪ ♪ oh, night divine ♪ oh, night divine
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning, time now is 9:56. checking your morning commute with mike. >> a look at some travel times, brent, travel is smooth through the east bay. speeds in the 40s, closer to the
9:57 am
50s, except for the nimitz fre way, that shot, northbound slows a bit as you travel northbound, north of high street, north of here where the slowdown starts a are short-lived into downtown. clouds over the water, gray skies and you can't see the peninsula side over there. >> can't see much. still some rain moving across the area. watching rain showers begin to wind down this afternoon. cold air is going to come in and we're going to see temperatures hug the 50s and 40s, look at the current rain again moving through the region, this is the heaviest we've seen in a while and once we go into a larger view, look at all of that snow. at least a foot of snow falling around the lake. tonight, very cold, looking at a freeze warninging in effect, have to bundle up there, brent. >> lots of snow in the high country, if you plan to head up to tahoe for the holidays.
9:58 am
tahoe regulars say you can hit the slopes in style and still save money because you can start with buying last year's gear. >> most of the time like the models don't seem to change from one year to the next, i mean they do a little bit but i don't think it's significant enough to pay like the $100 it costs for newer equipment. >> i ged my hand-me-downs from my sisters, i'm doing demoss and resting my skis, i'll be growing a lot, i shouldn't -- i don't think buying equipment. >> also lift ticket deals and fr freebies on line and have chains before you go because you'll pay twice as much if you buy them up in the mountains. once year geared up look for groups or clubs like e this split the cost of gas by carpooling and shared lodging options out there, check before you go. more local news in half an hour and the "today" show
9:59 am
returns in about a minute. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
10:00 am
captions paid for byne, nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's tuesday, november 23rd. we're so glad you're here with us. getting ready for the big thanksgiving holiday coming up. >> yes, i ordered my turkey and trimmings -- by the way, whole food is awesome. can you buy the turkey -- cooked. you can get the sides -- cooked. and you can order it, i have a
10:01 am
pick-up window from 7:30 to 8:00 on the day. when everybody comes around we want to see the parade. >> i'm not a parade person. we like to have it on while i'm cooking and sort of glance at it. i like the smells and stuff. >> what are you doing. >> we're going down to our place in the keys. >> who's cooking? >> well, i invited my mother because i thought she'd cook. >> how did that go? >> apparently that's noll going to happen. she's just along for the ride. she's coming to eat apparently. >> very nice. >> and the woman can eat. i'm going to have her make the gravy. she makes the world's greatest gravy. got to get home and get the sous chef stuff made. you said how great it was whole foods. i can give a shout out to 800-588-2300 empire! unbelievable. >> what? >> i've been watching their commercials all these years. never used them before because i for some reason thought the quality couldn't be very good. i don't know. >> who knows?
10:02 am
>> they put the rug in my new apt, wall to wall. gorgeous. gorgeous. then they did the -- i went in yesterday, they're putting in the blinds. gorgeous, on time, nice people, not expensive. you know what? kudos to them. >> and around the holidays to get things done on open isn't easy. >> i've had open and exposed windows since i moved in that place. you know how that is maneuvering through the apartment with windows like that? i'm getting blinds today. supposedly. >> you have no neighbors. i've traded places with you. >> you make eye contact with people in other buildings. >> i know. hey! hey. >> you see them on the treadmill or watching tv -- >> it is a little too voyeuristic. i don't like that. >> today is a big day because william and kate have announced their wedding date. it is april the 29th. they're having it at westminster abbey. the forecast usually during that particular day is -- it dose from the 40s to the 60s. the highest is 63. they say there is normally at
10:03 am
that time of year .06 inches of rain. because i asked. it may or may not range. >> it is a straight danger but it is not our wedding. you know what i like about it though? prince william apparently is overseeing the details. not letting the queen's people -- minions -- do it. they tend to be rather stuffy, you know. but it seems to me, does she have any say in it, i wonder? >> i got the feeling she does. >> prince charles is paying for it. almost $40 million. >> is he paying? he doesn't have $40 million. no, the kingdom does. he doesn't. >> he's got -- he's loaded. >> that's the people's money. >> exactly. >> anyway, the people are paying then. the dress is supposed to cost $200,000. >> people have such mixed emotions. they want the pomp and ceremony and all the glorious aspect of it but people are very aware that times are tough. very, very tough. the uk's having a very tough time, as most of europe is and we are too, in our country.
10:04 am
so where is the line between the pomp and circumstance and -- >> yes. and the sort of cutting corners a little bit. i think it is going to be a huge deal. can you imagine how many people? i remember watching diana's wedding. >> did you get up in the middle of the night? >> yes, i got up to watch it. i can only imagine. i don't think it won't be as huge -- >> there's tivo and dvr. not that i know how to do it, but i think people might do that instead now because you couldn't even record something back then. you had to get up or see a little bit on the nightly news. >> when i was crossing the street to come to cork today i sounded what i thought was an angel singing. i saw what is that. i saw a whole bunch of people and i forgot susan boyle was performing. people stopped on the street just to listen. ♪ >> don't you love to watch kids'
10:05 am
faces in their little choir robes? just so beautiful. her second album is called "the gift." this has not been done since the beatles. it is the number one album in the united states, number one album in the uk. first woman ever. wouldn't you thought it would be beyonce or lady gaga or something like that. but no. >> if you look at faces of people watching, they're mesmerized. i think there's something about looking up at a woman -- >> who is one of them. yes. anyway. >> i thought she was great. yeah. always something going on here. i love that it was that guy mars yesterday. bruno mars. then susan boyle today. but the funniest thing, everybody in the audience with their susan heads. i'm sorry, it was a skit from "saturday night live." it really was. >> it's booze day. we should have a little something. >> well, it is in our contracts so we're going to have a gentleman by the name of charles joe lee. because it is on the rocks.
10:06 am
>> now this guy has won a bar tending competition. >> how many of you were there? >> oift us total. >> trying out for the best bartender in the country or in the world? >> it was in the united states. >> is there further competition? could you then become maybe the world? >> we'll have to start that one. i come bearing gifts. we'll have to lose the tea. >> that's what i usually drink but okay. >> amp things up a little bit here. i like tuesday booze day. we've teen team-fused vodka. sloe gin and a bird told me you like chardonnay. we incorporated some wine into the cocktail. fresh citrus is a necessity in any good quality drink and then nice little garnish with some citrus oil over the top. >> hoda woman? >> what's going on here? >> hers is bigger than mine. >> that's a lot of something. >> excuse me! hers is twice as back. >> i have twice as much for you in back. this is a little bit of a nice ginger beer with a mandarin
10:07 am
vodka using a little elder flower liqueur and a mildly bitter italian liqueur. >> she likes sweet. cheers. thank you very much. >> thank you guys so much. >> mm. >> that's good. >> 800 -- that's very good! thank you. congratulations. go in on and conquer the world now darling. >> let's do it for cocktails later. >> all right. >> what? what just happened? you're married. i don't know if you realized. >> i'm married but i'm not dead. >> "dancing with the stars" is big last night. three people are left. just three. >> yes. but i think it's finally going to get down to the nitty-gritty. >> jennifer grey is in front. >> she's absolutely lovely. ay i. >> she's absolutely lovely. ♪ >> kyle has got 56 points. he's in second.
10:08 am
oh, wait. this is tootsie roll! that song! crank it! ♪ now dip baby dip ♪ dip baby dip >> he should win. >> tootsie roll! i'm voting for him. okay. then bristol palin, 52 points. she started in a cage and then came out. >> apparently that happened so we're going to see what happens. she has improved. >> oh, her mom was there. >> now if she wins this thing, is there going to be anarchy in the streets? >> if she wins, people are going to think that, you know, that people voted for her because of her mom. that's what people are going to think. >> then we go on to next year. no, "skating with the stars." >> that on was after. did you see it? >> you got do k"skating with th
10:09 am
stars." nobody skates like you. >> you know what? you're hilarious. >> betny frankle can skate. >> she can do anything. who do you think this is? >> one guess. >> what comes to mind? sharon stone, right. it is lindsay vaughn. the skier. it's a cover of espn magazine. she was 8 years old when that movie came out. i guess there is a bunch of athletes that are posing in sort of iconic -- >> movie roles? >> um-hmm. she looks fabulous. >> tell them what you did yesterday. >> you guys, it is thanksgiving week and i always adored thanksgiving because it is all about being grateful. hayes it. don't have to buy gifts. just be grateful. every year i go down to the new york city mission way, way down on lafayette street and serve the great thanksgiving banquet. you went with me last year and the year before. believe me, there were
10:10 am
shout-outs, where's hoda woman? but anyway, it always reminds you of how incredibly blessed we are as a nation but how some of our neediest citizens are in even greater need now. and what i've seen over the maybe ten years i've been doing it -- i don't know -- is that so many more families -- used to be all homeless men pretty much. few homeless women when i started. last couple years i've seen more and more children. this time yesterday it was almost all women with no husbands, no men in their lives, and children. lots of them. >> okay. >> so go buy a food pantry somewhere in your neighbor. they are everywhere, running at record lows. people are really starving in our country. before you sit down to your bounty, think of somebody who has nothing. give canned food, something. okay? hello, sarah. >> lang wrote in, hello bartender! why is that when every guy comes on the show we eat them alive? >> well, we didn't.
10:11 am
we just had a little fun. he's very cute. >> but she also doesn't appreciate you planted the empire jingle in her head. thank you very much. >> before you buy anything really expensive, you should check it out. >> we got a big show. our own al roker is in the house. >> oh, my gosh. >> and gladys knight's with us, too. >> i'm her pip.just to out of bed. then... well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq. (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts
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10:14 am
it is no secret our own al roker is a born story teller. last fall he made his foray into the world of fiction with his terrific book called "the morning show murders." >> since that was such a success, he's taken his skills into the evening with a behind-the-scenes look at competitive world of late night tv with his new novel called "the midnight show murders." it's a theme! >> first of all, al was training for a marathon. >> i know! >> he does ""wake up with al."" he does this show. hayes a whole production company. when, oh when, do you have time to write. >> you travel, you do stuff in between. i literally wrote this on my ipad. i had a little help, dick lockey a terrific mystery writer gave me a framework to get these characters from point a to point z. >> but james patterson, one of the great writers, said that you should maybe think of quitting your day job, this is so funny, funny, funny. >> he said it three times. >> funny, funny, funny.
10:15 am
high praise indeed. i really am honored and humbled by that. but it is a lot of fun and that's what i wanted, i wanted this to be almost in the vein of "murder she wrote" except it's set in the world of late night television. chef billy blessing who happens to be kind of a stocky, bald african-american chef who works on a morning show -- >> that's the old al. not the new svelte stud-puppy baby. >> come on! some more! he get sent out to help start a late night talk show, a la conan o'brien, and the host gets murdered. >> may i ask you a question, why are you being allowed to do our show, the happy hour? >> you know what? nobody's talking to me. i am getting voices in my head. strange voices. >> get rid of it! it's just us now! >> now wait. do you have -- should you have read the first one, al --
10:16 am
>> james patterson didn't read this. he just said it was funny, funny, funny. >> it is out in paperback so if you wanted to get it as a package to give as a gift, that would be fantastic. >> it is not a sequel. >> only in that it continues his adventures. >> you dedicated it to the woman who actually does "wake up with al," your beautiful wife. >> what did she think when she read that dedication? >> she was just a little embarrassed because she tries to distance herself as much as possible. so it is very hard when it is actually in black and white. >> do you think this book can be translated into like tv or big screen? >> maybe the movies? >> i'm just saying. well, you know, maybe if wolf wants to option this, who knows? >> maybe the right guy for it? >> he could be. anybody who wants it could have it actually. >> then your own production company could help with it. >> there you go. >> and could you play yourself. >> i would want will smith if he's available.
10:17 am
denzel. anthony anderson. any number of very -- peewee herman. you know, any one of these -- >> fine actors. >> studly guys. eddie murphy. >> there you go. >> what's next then? >> he needs a hit. >> yeah, he does. >> he does. eddie needs a hit. >> i love eddie murphy. it's been a while. it would be good for him. >> yes, it would. >> this guy is going to be busy. you're signing books tomorrow. >> i'll be with you. >> i'm noticing your book seems to be floating around in the crowd behind us. did you have anything to do with that? >> i don't know! i hope they paid for them. >> al, we wish you great luck. >> the next one actually is -- we're going to set it in the cable news world. going to kill off a cable news host. >> why not? >> there's so many to choose from. >> there are many left. many left. >> ripe for the pickens.
10:18 am
we're very proud of you. very proud about a lot of things. >> still to come, find o out where the kitchen germs are just hiding to get you. up next, sarah finds fun ways to burn calories. en make h, like our cranberry punch we call the festive sparkler. mm! festive. for all these reasons, we declare the ocean spray cranberry... the unofficial official fruit of the holidays. we'll probably get flak from the dates and figs. but no one can tell them apart, anyway. [ snickering ] for holiday tips and recipes, go to all day thanksgiving, with great specials on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday.
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and you can make them in only 15 minutes. get out of the kitchen, get into the party. homemade chex party mix.
10:21 am
it is that time of year when cooking and eating outweigh fitness an exercise. let abhonest. >> our own sara hains found ways to keep calories from piling up into pounds. >> that's right. found three classes that use singing, dancing and flying to distract me from the calories i was burning. are you guys glleks? >> totally. >> class is called glee club. it is all about singing and dancing, getting your heart rate up, burning calories. >> this is all about having a good time, combining singing and dancing. >> that's where calorie burn comes in because there is constant movement, easy fun-to-follow dances. that's why you can't think about
10:22 am
it, you just end up burning those calories. >> is anything going to hurt tomorrow? >> hopefully not your vocal chords. >> i'll try not to exhaust those so much because i need work down here, not up here. ♪ >> what is jukari? >> jukari derived from the sicilian word meaning play. it is a partnership between reebok and cirque de soleil. it makes washinging out fun. you'll feel like an artist all at the same time. >> is this going to happen to me? >> no, unfortunately this is why imneat going to be doing the workout today. >> this is an interval training workout. you're going to get cardio, strength and flexibility all in one. your heartrate will go back up, we'll bring it back down, you'll breathe easy, then we'll shoot
10:23 am
it right back up again. >> cuerpaso means amazing body in spanish and portuguese. >> but how did it become the name of this class? >> that was my name around the whole islands, kuepaso. so i give all my clients and people who come to class a cuerpaso as well. we'll mix latin dance, a fun way to burn fat and soccer moves. because who has the bets butts in the world? >> soccer players. >> exactly. i'm going to give you a natural butt lift so your gluts are going to be super sore, your quads are going to be tight. you're going to get your eyes, t triceps sculpted, sculpted abs and firm gluts so you'll look like a brazilian super model. >> you can find more information on
10:24 am
>> were you sweating up a storm. >> you weren't sore after? >> cuepaso i made it 15 minutes. then i was like -- >> you are kidding. >> michelle who was in there one of the producers kept falling just so he'd help her. it was like the victim hard. that was hard. but the glee one i did not expect to have so much fun. i was dripping. >> they all look great. >> yeah. >> thank you, sarah. still to come, r&b legend gladys knight's with us. we love this lady. yes, indeed. plus cleaning the germs can you not see in your kitchen before you get ready for thanksgiving dinner. oh, yeah. and dave is here. with his pet. [ female announcer ] don't stand out in the cold! walmart's open
10:25 am
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surprise. [ noisemaker honks ] [ goat bleats ] [ male announcer ] of all the things that happen on your wooden surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. safe on wood. hard on germs. good morning. i'm brent cannon. check the morning commute once again. >> clearly moving nice lay round the area but because of the rain we did have trouble spots. right now the san mateo bridge shows the camera shaking on the hayward side. slick roadways right now, and traffic moves here but we have that rain falling and wet roads. puddles in many spots throughout the east bay. watch that, especially 580 through castro valley and flooding on the roadways. >> we see heavy rain moving across the area. look at the big band coming together, about to hit san jose,
10:27 am
through fremont and redwood city and a shower behind that, that will move through hayward and livermore as well. snow at the upper elevations, a lot of snow and cold air, coming our way. tonight, freeze warnings. brent is back with a minute of news.
10:28 am
city of oakland will begin servining thanksgiving dinner today, people invited to downton
10:29 am
marriott oakland city center on birthday way, about ready to get going in about a half hour. 11:00, until 2:00. volunteers will serve some that00 people. donations are accepted to the city of oakland hunger program. 49ers help the hungry in san jose today, at the window at sta joseph workers, players and team staff members, family and owners will be on hand to help the homeless celebrate thanksgiving week and that all gets going, players will be there at 11:30 this morning, about an hour. the warriors will try to get back on the winning track, they lost the third game in the row last night hosting the nuggets, early in the game, wright had this nice jab jam to put them up by three but nuggets took the lead and helden to win with the help of carmelo anthony, 39 points in the game. so the warriors lose 106-89. they did fall victim to crazy shots. check this out. the guy known as the birdman, watch the shot. he doesn't even look, just
10:30 am
throws it up and went in. it's chris anderson and check out the nice mohawk, got that one to go. the warriors lost that one. that will do it for us this morning. have a great morning. >> announc home is brought to you by clorox. help stop the spread of germs this cold and flu season with clorox disinfecting products. we're back on this tuesday with today's healthy home and a look at what's laying around the kitchen. you may think it's a few cans of pumpkin, ingredients for stuffing. >> it's what you don't see may make you never want to eat again. >> they are hiding in kitchens across america, billions of bacteria under counters, in sponges and around sinks. most are not harmful but the ones that are allowed to grow unchecked can lead to hospital
10:31 am
iceation or even death. raw foods from animals like turkey are the most commonly contaminated. >> we can find things like salmonella which can cause very severe illnesses. sometimes we even find e. coli in these, in the raw meats depending how they are processed. >> we arranged for connie morback of st. air to take samples from jamie's kitchen. >> my kids touch the doors. they open the door. they come out of the bathroom, they open the door. >> with four daughters and a husband her kitchen is always in use. >> any day even if i just made lunch, one wants a snack. another one wants another snack. i'm in the kitchen all the time. >> a lot of traffic can be hard to keep clean. so connie swabs all of the kitchen hot spots. cutting boards. >> this looks like it does have something dried on it that might be food. >> the microwave. >> if we get poultry or meat
10:32 am
juices, and it gets in the cracks and crevices that could be a problem. >> outside and inside the fridge. >> there is some fuzzy mold. >> gross. >> connie swabs the samples in dishes letting them sit to see what grows. she's confident she'll find bacteria. >> if there is anything nasty growing, just if we have someone who is not real healthy, that might cause them to become sick. >> the question is are these bacteria the harmful kind? environmental sentist connie moreback of san i tear-inc and carolyn for good housekeeping. hello, ladies. it was disgusting. >> on the refrigerator door, what did you guys end up finding? >> we found mold, often in soil
10:33 am
and on carpet dust. somebody plays on the floor and touches a refrigerator. we also found quite a bit of bacteria which is in dust and in soil and stafflococus. it does demonstrate that whatever you touch or whatever people are generating, make their way to the surfaces we touch. under a situation someone might have a virus or a cold it could be transferred. >> how do you clean it off? that's what people want to figure out. >> exactly. bleach and water is your best bet. so bleach and water you can mix as mild as a tablespoon to a gallon or you can make it stronger. >> about these wipes? >> it's not the quickest thing to mix so the wipes are great. look for disinfecting or anti-bacterial cleanerment make sure it's epa registered and
10:34 am
keep them wet, the surfaces wet. don't wipe and go. >> a thing to train your kids to grab a wipe? that you can train kids. >> if you keep the wipes handy and you go over the surs fasts is do it often. >> what did you find on the microwave? >> we found a mold call which is a pretty nasty mold. i believe it came from the adjacent trash can. this can cause respiratory infections. it produces a carcinogen not that i would expect the amounts to cause it but we don't want to ingest it. >> disinfecting the microwave. >> use the wipes on the handles, inside use an anti-bacterial cleaner. any surface that comes in contact with food you want to rinse. >> you don't want that coming into contact. >> rinse it. but again, follow the label, if it says sit for 30 seconds or minutes it means it. >> let's talk about the sink.
10:35 am
and the talk about back blash. what are we talking about? don't ask. >> well, the back splash is the tile or other material behind the sink that is supposed to protect the wall. there's grout in that. when the grout gets wet like in our bathtubs, we can get pretty nasty things growing. >> what did you find? >> we found the mold that the drug is made from but you don't want to lick your back splash, that won't help. >> people do weird things. >> they do. that can cause respiratory infections and various kinds of illnesses. >> we should get rid of these sponges. people leave those around. >> they are a breeding ground for back tear yaxt clean them, soak them in a bleach and water, 3/4 cup of bleach in a gallon for five minutes. >> the solution to everything. >> and trash cans same deal. >> a good cleaning with a strong anti-bacterial cleaner. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> wow. up next you heard it right.
10:36 am
glad is knight is in the shathe su has hat she ss rerewith randy jackson and tyler perry. i'm home. [ baby crying, teapot whistling ] everything's fine. [ male announcer ] of all the things that happen on your wooden surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. safe on wood. hard on germs. imagine what it can do to your skin. but dove isn't soap. it contains pure 1/4 moisturizing cream because, everyday moisture is the key to beautiful skin.
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10:39 am
at discover a restful lunesta night. of r&b legend gladys knight. sing us a great new song, it is just a preview of what she'll be
10:40 am
performing in macy's thanksgiving day parade thursday right here on nbc, something she's fitting in between working on her new cd and creating her own jewelry line. >> you're very busy. >> well excuse us, thanks for finding time in your busy schedule to be with us. >> i got something for you guys. >> are you wearing your own bling? >> yes. all of this is mine. >> oh, wow! >> i got some bags for you. >> how did that all come about? >> i'm thinking about now today and time and how we don't have money sometimes. you know? everybody can't go to harry winston's. >> i don't know anybody that can anymore. >> something inexpensive so people can just dress up a black dress. it is between $25 and $100, $125. can you just get your accessories and make it happen. right now go to gladyssnoo any minute we're going to be in the stores. >> any minute. >> this song "settled" is beautiful. i was playing it in my dressing room. you just can't sit still when you hear it. this is from a very popular
10:41 am
movie right now. >> yes, it is, "colored girls." i saw the play in europe many, many, many years ago. i said, like you guys like this song? my husband said, who's my manager, by the way, he said we got a surprise for you. we sent it to tyler. i said you're kidding! they sent it to tyler and that same day he called us right back said i'm taking this. >> that is so great. >> you have a great relationship with him. >> he is the most amazing -- >> did he know you wanted to be an actress some sort of secret way? >> he came to see my show. i was at flamingo for five years and he came to see my show the second year we were there. he said i got do something with you. i said you don't know how much i would love that. and he kept his word. >> he keeps his word. >> he called me and, you know, put me in the movie first. he then had me do the theme for "family that prays." so we've been working together for a while. he is the most underrated director-producer. >> he's one of the most successful so he's not
10:42 am
underrated that way. >> absolutely. but people just don't realize the real meat that he has. he does love stories bus. that's something you don't see a whole lot. >> you're going to be singing that song in the macy's day parade. right on the float. >> yeah. >> can you imagine that? that's when i'm tuning in. i'm makinging gravy with grandma. but let me ask you this. what about the randy jackson thing? >> randy -- i knew randy before he was randy. you know? and i am so proud of him and the successes that he's had. he has an awesome ear. he's an awesome a and r person. we were together at mva. it's been a long time. so now we're coming back together. my last grammy album we produced together. >> this new one will be out when? -- this is the one. >> as soon as the movie gets going. we kind of let them have it. as soon as they get ready, we're going to release it.
10:43 am
>> could we tell you something she did? she couldn't be with her husband for thanksgiving. she made him a whole thanksgiving dinner before she left. >> amazing. >> frank gifford would never get that. you make all of us look bad, gladys. the way you sing, the way you cook, the way you love your man. >> he'll just tell me, i can't go with you this time because i got this and i got that. it's lot of things we have on the table right now. so i surprised him right before i left. >> we love you, gladys. happy thanksgiving. have fun on the parade. >> i'm looking forward to this. it is going to be fun. >> the apollo theater has a float. 75 years.gratatiocnsonatulatio. >> yeah. next, we are talking turkey literally right after this. s on toys and apparel starting midnight. so you can shop while you wait for the big electronics event at 5 a.m. friday. with an emerson 32-inch hdtv for just $198. yep, $ walmart. [ female announcer ] don't stand out in the cold! walmart's open all day thanksgiving, with great specials
10:44 am
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10:45 am
time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ [ female announcer ] smooth ski [ femal] now get baby-smooth perfection with new dream smooth mousse from maybelline new york. some makeups leave skin rough, dry. ours is cream whipped, so it hydrates. skin looks flawless, baby-smooth. new dream smooth only from maybelline.
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10:47 am
everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. this chicken tortilla soup has such a wonderful zesty quality. that's the chipotle and cilantro. it's one of our new mexican soups. it reminds me of guadalajara. a special man. his delicious soups. sheila? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. time for "today's call of the wild."
10:48 am
we're talking turkey. how could we talk anything else? legend has it the european colonist whose celebrated the first thanksgiving found the turkey when they arrived there on our shores. >> we're going to tell you about wild turkeys and other wildlife important to the colonists. >> hello, dave. >> of course i couldn't come on without bringing on a turkey this week. if you step over here, he is a little skittish. he's not going to hurt you. this is a domestic turkey. he looks very similar to what a wild turkey you would see. >> near where i live we see wild ones. >> we were originally domesticated by the aez techs, then splanish explorers brought them back to europe for food. that's the turkeys that we actually have today. >> can these guys fly? >> this guy is really big, about 45 pounds. wild turkeys are a little bit smaller than that. yes, they absolutely can fly. they have to. wild turkeys are amazing creatures. they were almost wiped out. by the beginning of the last
10:49 am
century they were almost gone. >> why? >> because of habitat destruction, unregulated hunting. because now of good strong conservation laws, wild turkeys are found all over the country and can you see them sometimes even in your background. >> this one is not going anywhere for thanksgiving? >> a 45-pound turkey. >> this guy lives permanently in safety. he will not be in anyone's oven. >> you're a lucky dude. >> they are amazing. you see the iridescence on their fethers? >> what's with the gobble, gobble, gobble. >> that is all about finding a mate. they can actually flood their whole head. the waddle and snoot on the top with blood. it basically gets engorged and makes the ladies really, really swoon. >> a turn-on. makes the ladies crazy. >> hur turkeys were not seen by europeans before. this is a member of the weasel family called the fisher. they don't eat fish, they eats
10:50 am
small animals, small mammals. . they sometimes eats fruits. can you smell him? he's part of the weasel family. they use that scent for communication but you can see his beautiful coat. the colonists and also native americans, this is an important fur bearing animal. it was found across the whole northern part of the u.s. >> and they had cold winters. >> it was an important part of the survival of again the native americans and also the early colonists but again just like with the turkey they were wiped out of a lot of their range but because of good strong conservation laws and groups like national wildlife federation trying to protect habitat, these guys are actually coming back. recently they've actually been spotted in the lower end of their range which is actually new jersey. >> he seems very fond of you. >> we thought he was going to be more crazy. let's move on to our next guy. speaking of ams once nimals onc dinner plate, this guy is an alligator snapping turtle. >> look at that jaw! >> he's got his mouth open and what he does is actually -- he's
10:51 am
lot a little lure that looks like a worm on the end of his tongue to attract fish. >> that's nasty. >> i wouldn't ever want to eat one of these guys, but believe it or not, you ever heard of turtle soup? this alligator snapping turtle and common snapple turtle are two of the species you use for that. particularly in the south and new orleans turtle soup is still big on the menu. >> he's got lockjaw. >> with that said, importation and illegal killing of these animals for food is a problem. >> that's 30 seconds. let's bring in our last guy. why is his mouth staying like that? >> tmj. >> this is a beautiful animal. this is a lynx. another animal that was an important fur bearing animal for the colonists. you can see the beautiful coat. we don't want to touch. >> look how beautiful his paws are. >> we'll finish with this guy. wildlife needs our protection an we want to be thankful for it on this thanksgiving. right? because they add beauty to our
10:52 am
life and sometimes even food. >> thanks, dave. happy thanksgiving. up next, the cheater's guide to making your store-bought thanksgiving day dinner like i have taste like homemade. but first this is "today" on nbc. ÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ >> are you planning a wedding, family reunion, sporting event, anything that would require you book a block of hotel rooms? even if you think you might do that in the future, don't forget, a site where hotels bid on our business, getting our rooms and so i ask ed them to tell us a bit about how the site work and how we get the deals. >> is the largest group online travel agency in the world, we process 800 groups a day and partner
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with 35,000 hotels worldwide. you submit your request details, we submit out to the hotels in the area, they then place their lowest group rate and you choose. >> you pick. if i'm planning a wedding, i need 20 rooms, i go to the website, sign up, does it cost anything? >> it's absolutely free. >> i heard that. nice. weshl talking, individuals can use this as well sth. >> exactly, use our site, great for individuals as well. >> you don't have to have ten or more rooms. it's working, you're working with nba, nhl -- nfl -- >> yes we're travel partners for multiple athletic departments. facebook page growing in popularity, a lot of people liking it. >> exactly. our facebook page is wonderful for our fans and users. you become a fan, and we offer
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over $500 a week in hotel giveways and also if any teams go to the playoffs we'll give away playoff tickets to the fans. >> can't beat that.
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time for kwr "today's kitchen." >> if you want a home-cooked meal but don't have time to make it from scratch, gail simmons is a judge on bravo's "top chef" plus a special projects director for food and wine magazine. >> we're all living busy lives. not everyone has time to make everything from scratch. if you get a chance to cook, do as much as you can. if not i'll show you quick tips you can doctor up yourself and home. store-bought butter nut squash or pumpkin soup, very traditional for the holidays. if you make it warm it in a pan.
10:56 am
just to add a little bit more flair i've heated extra-virgin olive oil in my pan. i'll drop in some sage. if you cook it really quickly that will fry up in the oil, will get that beautiful sage flavor. take it out. it gets nice and crisp. put the sage leaves right on top and then a tiny drizzle of the oil right on top as well. because it will now have that beautiful sage flavor. >> and that homemade look. wow. >> cranberries. people buy the stuff from the cans. >> i like the chunky one but i fine that the flavor sometimes is a little too sweet. to balance it out, i've taken fresh orange juice and lots of fresh grated ginger, put it in a pan and reduced it down so it is nice and thing. i'll dump nye crmy cranberry sa right in, fresh orange zest i've grated, stir it up. it is cutting down on the sweetness and giving you kind of another level, another depth of flavor. >> that looks delicious.
10:57 am
>> i need help with this one. >> gravy. get the store-bought gravy. i think it needs another level. it need to be kicked up. i've sauteed some mushrooms, fresh herbs, onions in a pan, i'll add the fresh herbs right in an deglaze the pan with a little red wine. then once that deglazes and reduces down just for another minute or two, get out the alcohol. i pour the gravy right in and stir the whole thing together. you have way more flavor in that gravy. >> that's smart. really easy. then finally, dressing. dressing is a big one. it is so easy to make. i have store-bought breadcrumbs, big chunky breadcrumbs i bought at the store. they're dried out and ready to go. it saves you the time. celery, mushrooms and onions in a pan with a little olive oil. >> you don't use butter at all. >> i would actually use a little butter. olive oil will give it a
10:58 am
different flavor. but if you want the richness, absolutely use butter. i'm putting my breadcrumbs right in. just add fresh heshz and chicken broth. >> thank you! he ?torow,rehe? lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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